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original felt art and paintings


                    design     2011
    original felt art and paintings

1   Mel Anderson Design 2011
welcome                        Welcome to my exciting new
                               interactive brochure showcasing a
                               range of my textile and mixed media
                               artwork, homeware and jewellery.
                                                                                beautiful accessories

                               This bright, vibrant and visually exciting
                               collection is handfelted using Merino
                               wool, natural and un-natural fibres too                             A                            B                             C
                               sometimes! The nature of the wool
                                                                            A Hand felted button bracelet. S/M/L      S/M/L £15 G Hand felted ribbon
                               and the techniques I use create highly
                                                                            £18.50 B Hand felted pair of cuffs.       bracelet. Brown & cream. S/M/L £15

                               textured and tactile pieces. I often
                                                                            S/M/L £45 C Choker/Lariat. One size.      H Hand felted ribbon bracelet. Natural.
                               incorporate dress and vintage jewellery
                                                                            £65 D Hand felted ribbon bracelet.        S/M/L £15 I Hand felted cuff bracelet.
                               elements, beads buttons and ribbons,
                                                                            Cream & gold. S/M/L £15 E Hand            S/M/L £30
                               so each piece is unique! Original
                                                                            felted ribbon bracelet. Purple. S/M/L £15
                               acrylic paintings on box canvas are
                                                                            F Hand felted ribbon bracelet. Pink.
                               available by commission. Please don’t
                               hesitate to contact me for a chat.

                               Mel Anderson

      I love to use bold iconic images in
     bright and vivid colours, or striking,                                                        D                            E                             F
     surreal monotones. I’m inspired by
      innovative design, everyday things
       around me and family & friends.

                                                                                                   G                           H                              I

2   Mel Anderson Design 2011                                                                                                             Mel Anderson Design 2011   3
    framed felt                                    art
                                                                                         Choose from
                                                                                         a variety of
                                                                                         mount and

                                                                                         frame colours
                               A                        B                           C

    A Hand felted daisy green wall art.        E Personalised hand felted cupcake wall
    Framed. £99       B Hand Felted poppy wall art. Framed. £49 F Hand felted ‘Love’
    art. Framed. £99 C Hand felted daisy       wall art. Framed. £105
    pink wall art. Framed. £99                 G Personalised hand felted bunting
    D Hand felted skull n crossbones.          picture. Framed. £99 H Hand felted
    Framed. £99                                ‘Love x’ wall art. Framed. £59



                                                        D                           E                                         H

4   Mel Anderson Design 2011                                                                             Mel Anderson Design 2011
                                                                                                         Mel Anderson Design 2011   5
                                                                     adapt each
                                                                  design to your
                                                                                                                       by commission
                                                                     own colour
                                                                       scheme -
                                                                    choose from

                                                                    a variety of


    A Striped heart hand felted wall art 100% C Personalised hand felted graffiti
    merino wool, lilacs pink white turquoise   heart. Personlised with you and your
    lime and blue. Choose from three sizes     sweethearts initials. Framed. £125
    and your preferred base colour. £59        D Personalised hot lips hand felted wall
    B The Birdcage. Framed. £75                art. 100% merino wool. Framed. £99


                                                                                          E Hand felted mono tree wall art. Striking black and white line design, hand felted from
                                                                                          100% merino wool. The wool is really allowed to do its own thing during felting and it
                                                                                          adds to the lovely free flowing surreal nature of the design. Also available in a larger
                                                                                          windswept landscape version.    £105

                               B                         C                            D

6   Mel Anderson Design 2011                                                                                                                                 Mel Anderson Design 2011    7
                                                   original                        paintings

                                       Original acrylic paintings on box canvas are available to commission in a wide
    commissioned acrylics on box       range of sizes starting from £110.
    canvas to any size                 Please use the contact information to discuss your requirements.

                                       prices start from £110

8   Mel Anderson Design 2011                                                                    Mel Anderson Design 2011
                                                                                                Mel Anderson Design 2011   9
 where to buy                                                                                     felt interior
 Please visit my online shop

 or contact me at

 virtual boutiques                                                             A
                                                     A textural and sculptural vase and candle
                                                                                                  a removable dress or vintage brooch.

                                                     collection with vintage or dress jewellery   Small 16x8cm £24.99 Large 18x12cm        elements, buttons, beads & organza           £29.99 B Wrap around design with
                                                     roses. Beautiful and tactile, the wrap-a-    glass candle. Embellished with a dress or
                                                     round ‘jacket’ is hand felted using merino   vintage brooch. 9x9cm £19.50       C Vase
                                                     wool hand dyed silk, and angelina fibres     with wrap around jacket, hand sewn and
 in store                                            for added sparkle.   A Wrap around Vase      beaded organza rose, assorted colours
                                                     design (various sizes). Embellished with     available. Small 16x8cm £24.99 Large
 Gaysey Maisey                                                                                                  18x12cm £29.99
 21 Borough Street                                                                                              D Simple vessels, for
 Castle Donington
                                                    alternative colours                                         storage or display. Use with
                                                                                                                glass candles, vases or
                                                    available, please ask                                       jam jars for pencils, utensils
                                                                                                                etc. Small 8x9cm £18.50
 If you would to become a stockist or supplier of                                                               Large 11x20cm £21.50
 Mel Anderson Design, please contact for further information.

                                                                                                            A                              D

10   Mel Anderson Design 2011                                                                                      Mel Anderson Design 2011    11
 terms and                                        conditions
 Please see website for full terms and            All orders are very carefully packaged. Gift
 conditions.                                      wrapping available for an additional £2.00.

 Price Guide                                      UK orders under £30 will be charged a
 Prices shown may be subject to change            standard delivery rate of £2.99.
 at anytime. A guide price is given but
 personalised/commissioned items may vary         Please contact me for P&P rates outside the
 slightly.                                        UK Mainland.

 Payment                                          Refunds
 Preferred method of payment is through           Please note that personalised items cannot be
 paypal, cash or personal cheque, please note     returned unless they are faulty or an error has
 work will not begin on your order until the      occurred on our part.
 cheque has cleared and this can take up to 5
 days.                                            In the unlikely event of a fault in the goods,
                                                  please notify us within 48 hours. Items should
 Timeframes and Delivery                          be returned to the address supplied in the
 As each item is handmade to order, dispatch      dispatch note and we recommend that you
 may be anything from 3-10 days depending         obtain proof of postage, as we cannot be held
 on the item and other influences such as         responsible for goods that fail to reach us.
 framing requirements for wall art and busier
 periods such as Christmas. So please try         Copyright and Trademarks
 to order well in advance. That said, if you do   All designs remain the property of Mel
 require something in a hurry we will do our      Anderson Design and may not be reproduced
 best to accommodate you, please let us know      or copied in any format without the originators
 if you have a tight timeframe.                   (Mel Anderson Design’s) permission.

 UK Mainland orders over £30 include free         Any images supplied by you the customer, for
 delivery. Once complete, all UK orders are       reproduction must be free of copyright, your
 sent Royal Mail or Parcel Force special          property or supplied with the permission of
 delivery and should take 1-3 working days,       the originator at your request. Mel Anderson
 you will be contacted with your tracking         Design reserves the right to refuse to
 number and a signature will be required on       reproduce anything of an offensive or illegal
 delivery.                                        nature and will not accept any responsibility
                                                  for breech of copyright on any materials

                                                  supplied by the customer.

 Mel Anderson
 Registered address:
 110 Park Lane, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2JG, GB
                                                                                    Brochure design by

12   Mel Anderson Design 2011                                     

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