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									Off The Wall is a major feature of Art Melbourne & Art Sydney
dedicated to the promotion of independent artists and their
work. It is a rare opportunity for the work of independent artists
to be viewed by more than 15,000 active art buyers and over
100 high end commercial galleries.
                            off the wall
                                                                     Why do it?
                                                                     > Off The Wall is a unique and inexpensive opportunity to promote
                                                                     your artwork to active art buyers.
                                                                     > By applying, your art work will be reviewed for selection to be
                                                                     included in the Off The Wall feature at Art Melbourne or Art
                                                                     Sydney (some 20 artists selected for each show).
                                                                     > All applications will be displayed on the Off The Wall website,
                                                                     which is promoted to the Art Melbourne and Art Sydney visitors.
                                                                     > The Off The Wall website will be displayed digitally in the Off
                                                                     The Wall feature at Art
                                                                     Melbourne or Art Sydney.
                                                                     > By applying you will also receive two tickets to either Art
                                                                     Melbourne or Art Sydney valued at $40.

                                                                     *Artist’s work displayed in the Off The Wall feature is judged by a panel of

                 the independent                                     art practitioners, gallery directors and art academics. The artistic
                                                                     standard of Off The Wall is consistently high with successful entrants
                   artist showcase                                   gaining representation by major galleries and winning important awards.
                                                                     Visitors look forward to this feature as a way of buying high quality art
                                                                     work by emerging talent at an accessible price and can be confident
                                                                     that the work exhibited has the approval of the experts.

                                                                     Oh and by the way, the media LOVE covering stories from Off The Wall.

What is Art Melbourne
and Art Sydney?                                                      Where the success
Established in 2003 Art Melbourne and Art Sydney bring
                                                                     stories begin
together Australia’s vibrant art scene with over 100 leading
Australian galleries presenting thousands of original artworks       Past artists and their success stories after participating
for sale.                                                            in Off The Wall

With 75% of work under $5,000, Art Melbourne and Art                 Claudia Chaseling
Sydney have a uniquely welcoming atmosphere catering for             > Solo show with Uber Gallery and winner of the Samstag Award
both experienced collectors and the first time art buyer. It’s the   Nicholas Blowers
perfect place to keep up to date with the dynamic art industry,      > Solo shows with Dickerson Gallery
get expert advice and catch up with friends. It’s an art-buying      Jacqueline Williams
opportunity that can't be missed.                                    > Exhibition with South Australian gallery Art Images
                                                                     Jason Wing
The show encompasses established and up-and-coming                   > Best selling Off The Wall artist at Art Sydney 06 and now represented
artists with work on display including -                               by Galleries Direct
paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, indigenous              Rene Grishin-Selzer
works, limited edition prints and mixed media.                       > Work sold to a major international collector
                                                                     Marisa Purcell
For more information visit                                           > Now represented by United Galleries
or email
                            off the wall
“Art doesn’t make itself.                                  Applications should include
Making your work available                                 > A copy of your current CV

for selection in exhibitions is                            > 4 hard copy colour images and 72dpi jpeg images of your work - You do
                                                           not have to exhibit the exact work that you submit as part of the application,
a good way to start getting                                but the images you send in should be representative of your current work.
                                                           These images will be used for selection and website promotion purposes.
your work noticed”                                         > $50 application fee – either by credit card (call 02 9331 7507) or by cheque
Danie Mellor, artist.                                      made payable to Single Market Events.

                                                           Please direct any questions to -
Panel                                                      20 / 94 Oxford st
Stephen Nall, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne                 Darlinghurst
Dr Daniel Mudie Cunningham, University of Western Sydney   Sydney NSW 2010
Ben Quilty, Artist
Barry Keldoulis, GBK
Cash Brown, Artist

How To Apply
Register on our website to
download the application form.
Deadline 9th February 2007

How To Apply
Register on our website to
download the application form.
Deadline 1st August 2007

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