Document Sample
					                                            OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY
                                INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE APPLICATION
                                Office of International Admissions, Old Dominion University
                                        129 Koch Hall, Norfolk, Virginia, 23529 USA
                                       Tel- 1.757.683.3701 ~ Fax- 1.757.683.3651

                                                    Fall (August)                   April 15
                                                    Spring (January)                October 1
                                                    Summer (May)                    February 1
Early Deadlines- Certain graduate programs require a specific alternative deadline (SDL) for either admission or
financial assistance. Check departmental requirements for the SDL annotation. Applications received after the
listed deadlines will be processed for the next appropriate term.
International students (seeking or holding non-immigrant visas) intending degree seeking study must complete
and submit this application, along with all required credentials and the $50 USD application fee directly to
International Admissions. The application fee for a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) is $75 USD.
University Identification Number- A University Identification Number (UIN) is generated for every applicant. Your
UIN will be sent upon application receipt. Please use this number in all correspondence with Old Dominion
Name-Your family/surname should be entered as your last name on the application and all supporting documents,
no initials please. It must exactly match your passport in spelling and order.
Credential/Document Evaluations- An official record of all academic studies (post secondary) and results of state
and/or national examinations taken are required. Academic records must include the name of each individual
course, the grade earned, and the grading scale used. Documents must be submitted in one's native language
with an official English translation. International Admissions performs all international credential evaluations.
Foreign documents, credentials and transcripts must be official (sealed and sent directly from the institution). Only
originals or photocopies officially stamped and attested by a school official (Registrar, Principle, or Controller of
Exams) will be accepted. Documents that cannot be accepted as official are faxes, scanned or notarized copies or
copies attested by a department head. All credentials submitted to International Admissions become the property
of the University and cannot be returned.
Letters of Recommendation (LOR)- Letter requirements vary among graduate departments, but generally include
either academic and or employment sources. Photocopy the enclosed form as necessary.
Standardized Test Scores- Official test score reports (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.) must be sent directly to Old
Dominion University. The College Examination Entrance Board (CEEB) code for ODU is 005126.
Essay/Statement of Goals- Unless otherwise specified, an essay (if required) should be approximately one page in
length and describe your personal, academic and professional goals, and reason for seeking graduate study.
Deferments- Admission deferments are available for up to two semesters following initial admission. After one
academic year, the student is required to re-apply with application fee. Submit deferment requests online by the
desired term deadline from the International Admissions web page. If issued by Old Dominion University, any
unused immigration document (I-20/DS-2019) must be returned along with updated financial documentation.
Financial Assistance- International graduate students are eligible to apply for financial aid in the form of
departmental fellowships, scholarships and research and teaching assistantships. Financial assistance deadlines
may be as much as six months prior to the general international deadlines. Inquires regarding assistantship
requirements should be directed to the graduate program director of the desired program of study.

  Citizens and Permanent Residents of the United States should not use this application. Send the domestic application for admission to
                            the Office of Admissions, 108 Alfred B. Rollins Jr. Hall, Norfolk, Virginia, 23529
Graduate Program Requirements                      International Studies M.A./Ph.D.                      Counseling Ph.D.
                                          1.757.683.5700            1.757.683.6695
       Listed by College                             -TOEFL (570/230/88)                                    GRE
                                                     -GRE                                                  -3 LOR (1 former graduate advisor/1 employment)
         College of Arts & Letters                                                                         -Essay (1,500 words on counseling issue)
                                                     -3 LOR Ph.D./2 LOR M.A.
                                                     -Essay                                                -Statement of Goals (500 words on qualifications,
Applied Linguistics M.A.
                                                     -Best example of writing and research                  areas of expertise, research interests and reason 1.757.683.4030
                                                     -SDL February 15/Ph.D. fall admit only                 for seeking admission to program.
  -GRE -TOEFL (570/230/88)
                                                      February 15/Financial Assistance                     -Interview with GPD
  -3 LOR (one evaluating English ability)
  -Essay                                                                                                    -SDL February 1/Fall ; August 1/Spring
                                                          College of Business & Public
  -SDL February 15/Financial Assistance                                                                  Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D.
Applied Sociology M.A.                                                                               Tel- 1.757.683.4584 1.757.683.6833                 Accounting M.S.                                          -GRE
  -GRE                                                                                                     -3 LOR
  -2 or more LOR                                                                                           -Interview with GPD
  -Essay                                                                                                   -Essay (500-words on reason for entering
                                                     -One LOR
  -SDL February 15/Financial Assistance                                                                      program and plans for post graduation.)
                                                     -Essay or resume
                                                                                                           -SDL March 15/fall
Creative Writing M.F.A.                            Business Administration M.B.A. 1.757.683.4770         1.757.683.3585                   Early Childhood M.S. Ed., Ph.D.
  -GRE                                               -TOEFL (minimum 550/213/79)                Tel- 1.757.683.4121
  -3 LOR (one evaluating English ability)            -GMAT                                                  -GRE (PRAXIS for licensure) M.S. Ed.
  -Thirty page sample of creative work               -One LOR                                              -GRE or MAT, Ph.D.
  -SDL March 1/fall admit only                        -Essay & Resume                                      -2 LOR
   February 15/Financial Assistance                Business Administration Ph.D.                           -Interview with GPD, Ph.D.
                                          1.757.683.3547                     -Essay (500 words on academic & professional
Criminology & Criminal Justice, PhD                  -GMAT                                                 goals) 1.757.683.5931                  -Three LOR (two from academic sources)
  -GRE -TOEFL (560/220/83)                                                                               Educational Leadership M.S. Ed., Ed.S., Ph.D.
                                                     -Essay of personal goals
  -3 LOR                                             -Resume                                             M.S.Ed 1.757.683.3326
  -Essay                                             -SDL Fall admit only/April 1                        Ed.S. 1.757.683.3326
  -Writing Sample (minimum 20 pages on topic of    Economics M.A.                                        Ph.D. 1.757.683.4602
                                          1.757.683.3541                   M.S.Ed. & Ed.S.
  -SDL February 15/ fall admit only                                                                        -GRE or MAT
                                                      -GMAT or GRE
English M.A.                                         -One LOR                                              -1 LOR M.S. Ed. (supervisor)
                                                   Public Administration M.P.A.                            -2 LOR Ed.S. (supervisor)
Literature M.A.,
                                                                                                           -Essay M.S. Ed. & Ed.S. (1 page on why you
Rhetoric & Composition M.A.               1.757.683.5695
                                                                                                            are requesting admission into this program.)
Teaching M.A.                                        -GRE, GMAT, LSAT or waiver
                                                     -2 LOR (academic or employment)
Professional Writing, M.A.                                                                                  -GRE
  -5-10 page sample of scholarly or professional     -Essay
                                                                                                            -3 LOR
  writing                                          Public Administration & Urban Policy, Ph.D
                                                                                                             -Essay (1 page on why you are requesting 1.757.683.4032       1.757.683.5130                      admission into this program and a 500-word
  -GRE -TOEFL (570/230/88)                           -GRE                                                    essay on a current topic in Ed. Leadership.
  -3 LOR (1 evaluating English ability)              -3 LOR (academic or employment)                         -SDL September 15/ Ph.D. spring admit only
  -Essay                                             -Essay
  -SDL February 15/Financial Assistance            Urban Services M.S.U.                                 Elementary/Middle School M.S. Ed.
                                                            Initial licensure, Pre K-6 or 6-8/
English Ph.D.                                        -GRE, GMAT, LSAT or wavier                          Licensed Teacher 1.757.683.4032                  -2 LOR (academic or employment)            Tel- 1.757.683.4180
  -GRE -TOEFL (600/250/100)                          -Essay                                                  -GRE (Praxis 1 if not licensed teacher)
  -3 LOR (all evaluating PhD English ability)             Darden College of Education                       -GRE or MAT (licensed teacher)
  -Essay (1500 word statement of academic &
  professional goals)                                                                                    Elementary/Middle School M.S. Ed.
                                                   Counseling M.S.Ed.                                    Library Science K-12
  -Writing Sample (minimum 20 pages)
  -SDL fall admit only-February 15
                                          1.757.683.6695          Tel- 1.757.683.3254
                                                      -GRE                                                   -GRE or MAT
History M.A.                                         -3 LOR (2 academic, 1employment) 1.757.683.3949                  -Essay (500 words on how work/life experiences      Field-Based Program in Teacher Education
  -GRE                                                    influence your academic/professional goals.)   M.S. Ed.
  -2 or more LOR                                     -SDL fall admit only                                Elementary/Secondary Education
  -Essay (500 word statement of academic &         Counseling Ed.S.                             Tel- 1.757.683.5545
  professional goals))                                                                                       -GRE or MAT
  -SDL February 15/Financial Assistance
                                                                                                         Higher Education M.S. Ed., Ed.S
Humanities M.A.                                      -1 or 2 LOR (academic or professional)
                                                     -Interview with GPD
                                                                                                         Higher Education Concentration, Ph.D. 1.757.683.3719
                                                     -Essay (500 words-how your work/life       Tel- 1.757.683.3702
  -3 LOR                                               experiences influence academic/professional       M.S.Ed. & Ed.S.
  -Essay                                              goals.)                                               -GRE or MAT
  -SDL February 15/Financial Assistance               -SDL No summer admit                                 -2 LOR
                                                                                                           -Essay (500 words on reason for entering
                                                                                                            program and post-graduation plans.)
                                                                                                           -SDL fall/spring admit only
Higher Education Concentration, Ph.D.         Physical Education M.S. Ed.
                                              Physical Education                                      Computer Engineering M.E., M.S.
                                     1.757.683.3545             1.757.683.3741
  -3 LOR                                         -GRE                                                    -GRE
                                                 -PRAXIS 1 (w/initial VA teaching licensure only)       -2 LOR (former or current professors or
  -Essay (1500 words on reason for entering
                                                 -3 LOR                                                  employment supervisors)
    program and post-graduation plans.)
                                                 -Essay                                                 -Essay
  -Interview with GPD
  -SDL February 1/ summer admit only                                                                    -Resume
                                              Physical Education M.S. Ed.
Community College Leadership, Ph.D.                                                                   Doctor of Engineering, D. Eng.
                                              Recreation & Tourism Studies 1.757.683.3326 1.757.683.6309                      see respective program contacts
   -GRE or MAT                                  -GRE                                                  Aerospace, Civil/Environmental,
  -3 LOR (1 senior level com. college
                                                 -3 LOR (academic or employment)                      Engineering Management, Mechanical,
  administrator.)                                -Essay
   -Essay/Interview with GPD
                                                                                                      Modeling & Simulation
  -SDL February 1/ summer admit only                                                                    -2 LOR
                                              Physical Education M.S. Ed.                               -Essay
Instructional Design & Technology Ph.D.
                                              Sports Management                                         -Interview with GPD Tel- 1.757.683.3283 1.757.683.5962
   -GRE                                          -GRE                                                 Electrical Engineering M.E., M.S.
  -3 LOR                                                                                     1.757.683.3741
                                                 -3 LOR (academic or employment)
  -Essay (500 words on reason for entering                                                               -GRE
    program and post-graduation plans.)                                                                 -2 LOR
  -Interview with GPD                         Reading Education M.S. Ed.                                -Essay
  -SDL January 15/fall
                                     /Tel- 1.757.683.3283                     -Resume
Literacy Leadership Ph.D.                        -GRE or MAT (not required if masters already held) 1.757.683.3284                                                                    Electrical & Computer Engineering Ph.D.
                                              Secondary Education M.S. Ed.                   1.757.683.3741
                                              Biology, Chemistry, English, General (Music,
  -3 LOR                                      Microcomputer & Art), Instructional Design &               -GRE
  -Essay (500 words on reason for entering    Technology                                                -3 LOR
    program and post-graduation plans.) /Tel- 1.757.683.5545                     -Essay
  -Interview with GPD                                                                                   -Resume
                                                 -GRE or MAT (not required if masters already held)
   (approval pending)
                                                 -PRAXIS 1 (licensure only – if not licensed          Engineering Management M.E.M., Ph.D.
Military Career Transition M.S. Ed.              teacher)
                                                                                             1.757.683.4918 1.757.683.3337                                                                    -GRE
                                              Special Education M.S. Ed., Ph.D.
   -PRAXIS 1                                                                                            -2 LOR (former or current professors or
  -Essay                                                                                                  employment supervisors)
                                              M.S. Ed.
  -Resume                                                                                               -Essay
                                                 -GRE or MAT (Praxis 1 if not licensed teacher)
                                                                                                        -Interview with GPD (Ph.D. only)
Occupational & Technical Studies M.S.            -Essay (400-500 words on why you are requesting
Business & Industry Training, Community            admission into program)
                                              Ph.D.                                                   Environmental Engineering M.E., M.S., Ph.D.
College or Middle School Teaching
                                                 -GRE                                        1.757.683.3753
Occupational & Technical Studies Ph.D            -3 LOR (2 academic) 1.757.683.4305                                                                        -GRE
                                                 -Essay (500-800 word statement of academic
  M.S.                                                                                                  -GRE is waived if B.S. degree is ABET accredited
                                                 and professional goals.)
  -GRE or MAT                                                                                           -2 LOR (former or current professors or
                                                 -Interview with GPD
  -2 LOR (academic or employment)                                                                        employment supervisors)
                                                 -SDL Summer admit only/Ph.D
  Ph.D.                                                                                                 -Essay
  -GRE                                        Speech Language Pathology M.S. Ed.
  -3 LOR (academic or employment)                                                                     Mechanical Engineering M.E., M.S., Ph.D.
                                     /Tel- 1.757.683.4117                   Design Manufacturing
                                                 -GRE                                        1.757.683.6363
Physical Education M.S. Ed.                      -2 LOR (minimum 2 from former professors)              -GRE
Athletic Training                                -Essay (outline goals and objectives)
Human Movement & Sciences Ph.D                                                                          -2 LOR (former/current professors or
                                                 -SDL March 14/fall
                                                                                                        supervisor) 1.757.683.3516
                                                         Frank Batten College of                        -Essay
   -GRE                                                                                                 -Resume (recommended)
  -3 LOR                                                Engineering & Technology
  -Essay                                                                                              Modeling & Simulation M.E., M.S., Ph.D.
                                              Aerospace Engineering M.E., M.S., Ph.D.
  -Interview with GPD (Ph.D. only)                                                           1.757.686.4570
  -SDL M.S. Ed. fall admit only-February 1 1.757.683.4913
                                                 -GRE                                                    -GRE
  -SDL PhD fall admit only -January 1
                                                 -2 LOR (former or current professors)                  -LOR (2 for Master’s, 3 for PhD)
Physical Education M.S. Ed.                                                                             -Essay
Exercise Science & Wellness                      -Essay
                                                 -Resume (recommended)                                  -Resume (Portfolio optional) /Tel- 1.757.683.4514
   -GRE                                       Civil Engineering M.E., M.S., Ph.D.                     Systems Engineering M.E.
  -3 LOR (academic or employment)
                                     1.757.683.3753              1.757.683.4918
                                                 -GRE                                                    -GRE 1.757.683.6309
                                                 -GRE is waived if B.S. degree is ABET accredited       -2 LOR (former professors or employment
  -GRE                                           -2 LOR (former or current professors or                 supervisors)
  -3 LOR (academic or employment)                                                                       -Essay
                                                  employment supervisors)
        College of Health Sciences                                                                         Clinical Psychology Psy.D.
                                                      Biomedical Sciences Ph.D.                   1.757.683.4210
Community Health M.S.
                                                      Biological Chemistry, Molecular &                       -GRE & Advanced GRE
Health Education, Promotion & Management
                                                      Integrative Biosciences                                 -3 LOR (from professors or professional 1.757.683.5900                                                                             persons)
  -GRE                                                                                                         -Essay (statement of goals)
  -2 LOR (former professors or professional              -GRE or MCAT
                                                         -3 LOR (former professors or professional            -Personal Interview
                                                         persons.)                                            -Supplement application required from:
  -Essay (Paper discussing career goals and their
                                                          -Essay                                           Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology
   relationship to the CH graduate program.)
                                                                                                           Virginia Beach Higher Education Center
Environmental Health M.S.
                                                         -SDL Jan 15 (fall), Aug 15 (spring), Nov          Suite 239, 1881 University Drive
                                                         15 (summer)/Maximum funding potential             Virginia Beach, VA 23453 1.757.683.6010
                                                                                                           Tel 1.757.368.1820
  -GRE                                                Chemistry M.S.                                            -SDL January 15/ fall admit only
  -2 LOR (former professors or professionals)
  -Essay (Paper discussing career goals and their                                                          Psychology M.S.
   relationship to the CH graduate program.)            -GRE (waived if ODU chemistry degree)
                                                         -2 LOR (former professors or professional
Environmental Health Track M.P.H.                                                                             -GRE & Advanced GRE (advanced not
                                                          persons.) / Tel-1.757.683.6010                                                                           required if B.S. in psychology.)
  -GRE                                                                                                        -3 LOR (former professors or professional)
  -3 LOR                                                                                                      -Essay
                                                      Computational & Applied Mathematics
                                                                                                               -SDL May 15/ fall admit only
Dental Hygiene M.S.                                   M.S., Ph.D. 1.757.683.5232          1.757.683.3882                  Psychology Ph.D.
  -NDHBE (National Dental Hygiene Board Exam)           -GRE (recommended for MS; required for             Applied Experimental Human Factors;
  -GRE (required for some financial aid)                  Ph.D. without masters degree.)                   Industrial/Organizational
  -4 LOR (1 from UG director of dental hygiene; 1        -2 LOR M.S./3 LOR Ph.D.                  1.757.683.4051
   UG clinical advisor; 2 former professors or            -Essay                                              -GRE & Advanced GRE (advanced test not
   employers.)                                             Applicants should indicate if a primary            required if already bachelors in psychology)
  -Essay (Discuss career goals and their                  interest is applied mathematics or statistics.      -3 LOR (former professors or professional)
   relationship to the DH graduate program.)
                                                      Computer Science M.S., Ph.D.                            -SDL January 15/ fall admit only
Health Services Research Ph.D.
                                             1.757.683.4512 1.757.683.5900                   Computer Information Science. M.S.                   Standardized Tests
   -GRE                                               (joint program with College of Business)             TOEFL-Test of English as a Foreign Language
  -3 LOR (at least one academic and one                            GRE- Graduate Record Examination
    employer or former employer)                                                                           GMAT-Graduate Management Admissions Test
                                                          -GRE (GMAT accepted for CIS only)
   -Essay                                                -2 LOR (faculty or current employers)             MAT-Miller Analogies Test
   -Pre-requisite Competency Areas Form -                 -Essay (Ph.D. only)                              MCAT-Medical College Admissions Test
    contact graduate program director.                                                                     PRAXIS Series-Teaching Licensure Tests
                                                      Ecological Sciences Ph.D.                                          English Proficiency
Nursing M.S.N.
Nursing Leadership                           1.757.683.3606
Nursing D.N.P.                                           -GRE                                              Students must provide evidence of English
Professional Preparation                                 -3 LOR (1 from professor or professional          proficiency if their native spoken language is not
                                                          person)                                          English. Unless otherwise noted, fulfillment of /Tel- 1.757.683.5250
                                                          -Essay                                           any one of the following requirements below will
   -MAT or GRE
                                                         -SDL Fall admit only - February 1 for full        satisfy the English language requirement.
  -3 LOR (former professors and most recent
                                                           funding consideration.
   employer/one from physical therapist for D.N.P.)
                                                                                                           1. Submission of one of the following: TOEFL*
                                                      Ocean & Earth Sciences M.S.,                         paper based (PBT) score of 550, iBT score of
  -Supplement HS application required:                             Oceanography Ph.D.                                   79; GRE verbal of 480; SAT critical
  -SDL Fall admit only, M.S.N./Spring only, D.N.P.                                     reading/verbal score of 480; IELTS overall band
                                                      Tel- 1.757.683.5329                                  score of 6.5; GCSE or GCE “O” level pass in
Physical Therapy D.P.T.
Professional Preparation                                 -GRE                                              English language, or a CPE grade of A, B or C.
                                                         -3 LOR                                            *TOEFL test scores are valid for two years. 1.757.683.4519
   -MAT or GRE                                                                                             2. Possession of a bachelors or masters degree
                                                         -SDL Fall admit only - February 1 for full
  -3 LOR (one must be from a physical therapist)
                                                           funding consideration.                          equivalent from an accredited institution located
  -Supplementary application required:
                                                         These requirement do not apply to current         in a country where English is the native
                                                      ODU M.S. Oceanography students applying              language.
  -SDL summer admit only - December 1 for
                                                      to the Ph.D. program.
    preferential consideration of acceptance.
                                                                                                           3. Successful completion (minimum grade of 'C'
             College of Sciences                      Physics M.S., Ph.D.                                  or higher in each) of two university or college-
Biology M.S.                                 1.757.683.5803                 level English courses at a regionally accredited 1.757.683.3613                      -GRE (advanced GRE recommended for                U.S. institution. These courses must be the
   -GRE or MCAT                                            Ph.D.)                                          equivalent to The University’s English
  -2 LOR (plus a letter from an ODU graduate             -1 LOR (M.S.)                                     composition course and any other advanced
  faculty stating agreement to serve as applicant's      -3 LOR (Ph.D)
  major advisor)                                                                                           composition or technical writing course.
                                                          -Essay                                           4. Successful completion of Old Dominion's
   -Essay                                                -SDL February 15/ fall admit only
  -SDL February 1/ Financial Assistance                                                                    Graduate Bridge Program,
                                                                           INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE APPLICATION
                                                                                           OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS
                                                                                          129 KOCH HALL ~ NORFOLK, VA 23529 USA
                                                      TEL- 1.757.683.3701 ~ FAX- 1.757.683.3651

Please Print
University Identification Number or U.S. Social Security Number
Leave blank if you do not have a U.S. Social Security Number. A University identification number (UIN) will be assigned.
Family/Last Name (exactly as it appears in your passport) __________________________________________________________
First Name                                                                 Middle Name
If any records appear under a different name or in a different order, please enter this name or order of names here:
Mailing Address


          City                                                  State                            Zip/Postal Code

          Country                                                                                Tel


Date of Birth      Month                    Day                 Year                   (mm/dd/yyyy)      Gender       Male      Female
Country of Birth                                                        Country of Citizenship
City of Birth _____________________________________                       Marital Status               Unmarried      Married
Seeking Visa Type           F-1       J-1         Other _________ Visa status if currently residing in the U.S. _______________

SEVIS Requirement for Applicants Seeking F-1/J-1 Visas
          Foreign non-U.S.Permanent Address                Check if same as Mailing Address


          City                                                  State                           Zip/Postal Code

          Country                                                                                Tel
If currently residing within the United States, please state date of entry: ________________________________________
If intending to change your visa status, or if a change is currently pending, list: from ______________to______________
Have you attended another academic program in F-1 or J-1 status during the five months preceding your desired start
date at Old Dominion University? Yes No If yes, specify SEVIS ID & institution: _____________________________/
List start/end dates if currently participatin g in Optional Practical Training (OPT) ________________/________________

Term of Entry                     Fall 20                      Spring 20                          Summer 20_________
Desired Student Status (mark only one)                            Masters               Ed.S.                Ph.D.

Major                                                                                      _______            Degree
                   (List only one Degree: M.A., M.B.A., M.E., M.E.M., M.F.A., M.P.A., M.S., M.TX, M.U.S., M.S.Ed. or Ph.D)
     Educational Background ( Please Print) List in chronological order all educational institutions you have attended beyond secondary / high
     school. Official transcripts must be provided from each institution. Failure to list an institution you have attended is a direct violation of
     Old Dominion University's Honor Code and can result in denial of admission or dismissal from the university.
PROVIDE OFFICIAL NAME AND ADDRESS OF EACH                                                                                                     OVERALL GRADE
UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE/INSTITUTE ATTENDED                                                            LIST NAME OF DEGREE       DATE               ATTAINED
Address must include Street/City/State/Province/Country            DATE OF ENTRY (mm/yr) and     or DIPLOMA RECEIVED       AWARDED/   AGE     Do not convert to U.S.
(Please do not list secondary institutions.)                       DATE OF LEAVING (mm/yr)       or EXPECTED               EXPECTED           GPA.

1.                                                                 Entered:


2.                                                                 Entered:


3.                                                                 Entered:


4.                                                                 Entered:


     How many years of pre-university education did you complete? _________
     Have you previously attended Old Dominion University?    Yes   No If yes, when? _____________________________
     Standardized Tests Indicate if you have taken, or plan to take any of the following tests. Remember to have all official
     score reports sent to Old Dominion University, College Examination Entrance Board (CEEB) code 005126. All test scores
     must be received by the program application deadline.

     Test                                                                  Date(mm/dd/yyyy)

        TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
        GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
        GRE Subject/Advanced
        GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)
     Is English your native language?     YES    NO If NO, list your native language
     See methods of satisfying the English language proficiency requirement in the application instructions.
     Have you ever been suspended from, dismissed from, or otherwise declared ineligible to attend (for any period of time) any
     educational institution?            YES    NO      If YES, attach a statement of explanation.
     How did you learn about Old Dominion University?
     In accordance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), if you wish a third party to check your application
     status, list below:
     Name _______________________________________________Relationship ____________________________________
            Attach $40 USD non-refundable application fee (check or money order) payable to Old Dominion University. No cash please.

     I certify that the information given in this application is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree to comply with all
     University and U.S. immigration regulations. Further, I understand that any information supplied in support of this application will be
     as confidential by the University and will not be divulged to any party except as permitted by law. I understand that if I provide any false
     information to Old Dominion, the University may deny my admission or dismiss me from my studies at Old Dominion University.
     Applicant________________________________________________________DATE ____________________
     Signature required of all applicants


                                               Old Dominion University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.