New Hanover Juvenile Detention Center

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					New Hanover Juvenile
  Detention Center
     3830 Juvenile Center Rd.
     Castle Hayne, NC 28429

          Patricia Stocks
         (910) 675-0594
Their Mission Statement
   Our mission is . . .
    To recruit, retain and develop a diverse,
    productive competent workforce that
    effectively supports the overall mission of the
    Department of Juvenile Justice and
    Delinquency Prevention. We will strive to put
    the “human” in the human resources;
    enabling all or employees to stay focused on
Our guiding principles . . .

 Communication which is effective, open and
  meaningful and constant.
 Partnership with managers, employees, other
  agencies and each other.
 Customer Service which provides timely,
  accurate and useful information and support.
 Integrity in providing service that is confidential,
  exemplifies professionalism and promotes
  compliance with law and policy.
Brief Facts and History
   The New Hanover Juvenile
    Detention Center was built in 1972.
   The center takes juveniles between
    the ages of 10 and 16.
   There are 18 cells in this facility but
    we normally can room more than 18
    individuals by putting 2 or three
    juveniles in one cell.
   Sex offenders, violent offenders, and
    at risk youths are not to have
    Tasks I completed . . .
• Made bulletin boards
• Kitchen duty
• Room checks
• Room searches
• Complete judge reports
• Answered the phone
• Laundry
• Hung out with juveniles in the dayroom during their free
• Suicide watch/Administrative watch
• Completed a suicide workshop
  Bulletin Boards and Hang
           Out Time
• I made two bulletin boards: one in the
  control room and one in the dayroom.
• The kids colored Easter eggs and two tall
  male juveniles helped to put up the
  bulletin boards.
• I taught some of the juveniles the card
  game “Spit” and started a small
  tournament among a few of the juveniles.
Room Checks and Searches

   Room checks are to be done        Room searches are to be
    every 15 minutes (you have         done twice a week.
    to at least lift the flap to      Every room is checked for
    check on the juvenile).            contraband and to see if it is
   The “wand” (as the staff           clean.
    calls it) is used to record       The juveniles beds must be
    what each juvenile is doing        made and they can only
    during the room check              have what is allowed in their
   There is a paper record of         (no trash, hardback books,
    where all the juveniles are        or pens/pencils)
    every 15 minutes also.            A small mirror on a rod is
   For example: 3 secured, 14         used to check the window
    in dayroom, and 1 in court         sill for contraband.
Suicide/Administrative Watch
   Juveniles on Suicide Alert should       Juveniles can be placed on
    be checked every 10 minutes              Administrative Watch if they have
    while juveniles on Suicide Watch         been given a major infraction by
    should be watch at all times.            one of the staff members.
   Both juveniles on suicide               A major infraction might be getting
    watch/alert have to have their           into a fight with another juvenile or
    behavior monitored and recorded          a member of the staff, any gang
    every 10 minutes.                        related activity, sexual
   Juveniles are placed on Suicide          misconduct, or even something as
    Alert/Watch depending on their           minor as spitting on someone.
    rating on the suicide inventory         These juveniles also have to be
    during intake.                           checked every 10 minutes and
   Juveniles can also be placed on          their behavior is to be recorded.
    Suicide Watch if the staff notices      After three days of being in
    suicidal behavior or threats.            isolation they are allowed to come
                                             off administrative watch as long
                                             as they have good.
Suicide Workshop
 There was a required workshop that all interns,
 volunteers, and anyone else associated with the
 juvenile detention center had to attend.
 We learned:
        – what constituted “suicidal behavior”
        – what staff was required to do if we suspected a
          juvenile was going to attempt suicide
        – what to do if a juvenile did commit or tried to
          commit suicide
        – what kind of people were at risk of being suicidal
        – statistics on suicide/attempted suicide and
          substance abuse
Kitchen Duty . . . .

   Make 2 pitchers of Kool-Aid
   Make 1 pitcher of ice water
   Make the trays for the juveniles that have to
    eat in their rooms
   Make the plates for the other juveniles
   Lay out the silverware, napkins, condiments
    and drinks
   Sometimes wash, dry or put away dishes
          Judge Reports
When the list of juveniles going to court
the next day has been finalized, I pull
their charts.
There is a form I fill out with their basic
information and their behavior since they
have been in the detention center or since
the last time they have been in court.
I make copies for their chart and then put
the judge report in an envelope with their
name on it.
Intake Process
  First there is a strip search of    A member of staff sits down
   the juvenile where 2 members         with the juvenile and makes
   of the staff of the same sex as      him/her sign papers
   the juvenile must be present.        pertaining to HIV information,
  Next the juveniles are to            the rules/consequences, and
   shower and get into their            what property was given to
   uniform while staff sets of          him.
   his/her cell and makes the          Suicide assessment is
   intake folder.                       completed by the juvenile and
  The clothes the juvenile was         if he/she should be placed on
   wearing when he came in are          suicide watch/alert the on call
   washed then bagged up with           psychiatrist is called or paged
   the rest of their belongings.        and must come to the
                                        detention center within the
                                        next 48 hours.
Would I Recommend
This Site . . . . ?
• It depends on:
 if you are interested in corrections
  or the juvenile justice system
 if you like kids
 if you have a lot of
  patience/emotional strength
 if don’t have a problem with working
  hands on with kids that have
  psychological disorders and have
  committed some serious offenses