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					          Yamaguchi Prefecture
Yanagiya Co., Ltd.      (Ube City)
  Kanikama (imitation crab meat) Manufacturing Machines have
conquered the global market

Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd.        (Sanyo Onoda City)
  Palletizing Robots (stacking machines) with the worlds fastest
processing capacity

Tokki Ltd.    (Shunan City)
  Large pressure vessel heads manufactured with using large steel plates
processing techniques

Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.        (Kumage Gun)
  Gear pumps for ships, which was adopted in the South Pole Explorer

Kanikama (imitation crab                                  Co., Ltd.
 meat) Manufacturing                                   189-18, Yoshiwa, Ube City,
                                                     Yamaguchi Prefecture
Machines have conquered
                                                           Established in 1950
   the global market                                      TEL +81-836-62-1661
                                                                                             Yoshio Yanagiya

70% share is possessed of the world-wide market for manufacturing machines of
“Kanikama” that is a successful seafood paste(Surimi) product in the world.
In recent years, the most advanced manufacturing machine has been developed for such
crab taste kamaboko having reproduced fine fibers that has been appreciated as better than
Shift from the production of power-saving kamaboko(fish cake) manufacturing machines to
the production of a series of production lines
  While the production of “Grinding Kneader” to grind fish meat, the first machine to mechanize the production of
kamaboko triggered the mechanization of past products, a series of equipment of the production lines of kamaboko
are started to be manufactured, including a machine to mold pasted material on kamaboko plates.

Reproduction of the texture of crab by artisan
   Since the domestic kanikama market matured and the sales amount thereof stalled in 1990s, the company started to
improve the kanikama to resemble more to the taste of real crab. Pursuing texture of “claw meat” and more real
texture of “limb meat” and taking advantage of the performance of manufacturing kanikama manufacturing
machines, the company successfully reproduced them. Machines in various patterns have been manufactured for
kanikama from the first generation to that of the current fourth generation.

Conquest of the global market
  Kanikama that was developed in Japan has come to be eaten in various areas, such as Korea, the US and Russia,
and especially due to the BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) problem, as the demand for processed seafood
has soared, consumption of kanikama has also increased rapidly, as a result of which the export of machinery and
equipment to the European countries has been growing. Today, more than 200 lines of “Kanikama Manufacturing
Machines” are delivered in Japan and foreign countries, and with the exclusive distributorship agreement in 25 EU
countries with a Spanish company, about 70% world-wide market share has been possessed.

                 Kanikama Manufacturing Machine                                  Kanikama Products

                                                             Fuji Yusoki
     Palletizing Robots                                        Kogyo
 (stacking machines) with                                     Co., Ltd.
     the worlds fastest                                      2327-1, Higashi-Takatomari,
                                                                 Sanyo Onoda City,
    processing capacity
                                                         Yamaguchi Prefecture                    “Frontier Spirit &
                                                              Haruo Fujishige President
                                                                                                 Fine Technology”
                                                                 Established in 1942
                                                                TEL +81-836-83-2237

Fuji Yusoki has developed for the first time in Japan palletizing robots (stacking
machines) that have the world fastest processing capacity and emulate the movement of
human joints, and has a 60% market share in Japan.

Robots that emulates the movement of human joints
  Production sites have gradually shifted from mass production to small quantity and large variety production and
have come to be required to be space-saving. In order to meet such needs, the Japan’s first palletizing robot was
developed in 1982. The movement of extended arms to grasp products well faithfully emulates that of human joints,
and the flexibility and high accuracy has been realized. Since then, a share of 60% or more in Japanese market has
been always possessed.

1,600 cycles of loading per hour
   “Fuji Ace EC-201” that was developed as the latest type with high capacity can handle 1,600 cycles of loading per
hour, which is the fastest in the world, and as a result of weight-saving and revision of the pathway of movement,
significant saving of energy has been achieved, comparing with conventional machine. Furthermore, the different
hand grippers are available for transport of various products, such as printed matters, 18 liters cans, poly cases and
bags, and since they can fully exercise their grasping capacity, they are utilized to machines for beer cases or cement
bags as well as machines to pack tomatoes in fireboard boxes or to automatically produce pastes for dumplings.

Application in various industries
   Since the application ranges of the robots are wide,
they are used in factories of various industries, such as
chemistry, fertilizer, feedstuff and printing, or electric
power companies. While environmental problems
become serious recently, the robots attract attention for
the use of automatic loading of PET bottles or empty
cans that are compressed in recycling facilities.

                                                                    Palletizing Robot (Pallets loading machine)

                                                          Tokki Ltd.
  Large pressure vessel                                      11-1, Minato-machi,
                                                                Shunan City,
heads manufactured with                                Yamaguchi Prefecture
 using large steel plates
                                                             Established in 1934
  processing techniques                                     TEL +81-834-63-1234

                                                                             Mikio Okada

With good technology in design and manufacturing of petrochemical plants, Japan’s
leading manufacturer especially of heads (hemispherical components at both ends of a
pressure vessel)  with extra thickness and large diameter

Design, manufacturing, and maintenance of petrochemical plants
   Started as a iron works in 1934, Tokki started in earnest the production of pressure vessels in around 1965, and
after the production of cranes or heads, it is now engaging in the design and manufacturing of petrochemical plants as
well as the installment and resident maintenance thereof. With technologies and facilities to manufacture very large
equipment, for example, a tubular process equipment can be manufactured up to 60 meters in length, 400 tons of
weight, and a head up to 30 meters in diameter and 100 tons of weight.

World’ leading large steel plates processing capability
   In February 2006, the world’s largest tubular reactor (390 tons of weight) was shipped. Tokki has world’s leading
large steel plastic working capability and manufactures products of all materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel
and special steel material. Since only few national and foreign manufactures can manufacture heads with extra
thickness and large diameter, Tokki effectively oligopolizes the market. Orders and manufacturing are mainly from
national complex companies, but there have been many exports to Southeast Asia, Africa, and Middle East.

1st approval under the New Collaboration Projects
   In addition, a traverse guide that enables to lengthen the life of blades through friction has been developed. Tokki
is seeking to commercialize a equipment of chips conversion for resin that significantly lengthens the blade’s life,
with using this technique in collaboration with techniques of other companies in different industries (1st approval
under the New Collaboration Projects of the Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry).

                                                                     Upper roll   Rotating   Fixing   Lower   Traverse   Strand
                                                                                   blade     blade     roll    guide

               LNG Ship Tank Dome Head                                Equipment of chips conversion for
                                                                      resin incorporating a traverse guide

                                                         Taiko Kikai
 Gear pumps for ships,                                    Industries
which was adopted in the                                   Co., Ltd.
  South Pole Explorer                                     209-1, Oaza Shimotabuse,
                                                          Tabuse-cho, Kumage Gun,
                                                       Yamaguchi Prefecture
                                                             Established in 1956               Kenji Matsumoto
                                                            TEL +81-820-52-3111                     President

Development of innovative “Segmental Gear Pump” that has less wearing and noise and
has longer lifetime. World’s top market share of the largest main lubrication oil pump for
mega container ships. Manufacturing 6,100 various kinds of pumps.

Core technology “Segmental Gear” which is also adopted in the South Pole Explorer
  While a conventional gear pump has square tooth, “Segmental Gear” has tooth in a form of continuous circles that
characterizes less wearing and noise and enhanced lifetime and efficiency. Appreciation to this advanced technology
and superiority, all Japanese shipyards use Taiko products or similar kinds. A gear pump company share in Japanese
ship industries is 60%, and the South Pole Explorer “Shirase” also adopts it.

               Conventional gear pump          Segmental gear pump

World’s top market share of the largest main lubrication oil pump
   Taiko Kikai possesses the world’s top share of the largest main engine lubrication
oil pump for the Mega Container ships. A main engine lubrication oil pump is a pump
to supply lubrication oil to ship’s motive engine, and Taiko has come to manufacture
the world’s largest pump as a ship size becoming bigger.

6,100 various kinds of pumps
   Since products are manufactured in accordance with the specification from each
ship or factory, there are 6,100 kinds of products. Pump applications are not limited
for marine industries, but also for flat panel display manufacturing industries that pay
attention to its dry vacuum pump. In this field, the world standard products with the
lowest speed as a screw type product have been also developed and appreciated.

                                                                 Main engine lubrication oil pump for a container ship


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