WITHIN YOUR FIRST 70 DAYS Scentsy has a program called the

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					                                WITHIN YOUR FIRST 70 DAYS
Scentsy has a program called the Scentsational Start Awards program.
Within your first 70 days you have the opportunity to earn incentives from Scentsy for reaching
certain goals.

You need $1250 to reach Scentsational Level 1 OR 3 recruits.
You need $2500 to reach Scentsational Level 2 OR $1250 and 3 recruits.
You need $5000 to reach Scentsational Level 3 OR $2500 and 6 recruits.

Remember, you get certain incentives for the different levels.

If you reach Level 1, you get:
$50 in Product Credit
Green Scentsy Lapel Pin
Certificate of Achievement
Name in Monthly Newsletter

If you reach Level 2, you get:
$125 in Product Credit
Purple Scentsy Lapel Pin
Certificate of Achievement
Name in Monthly Newsletter

If you reach Level 3, you get:
$200 in Product Credit
Blue Scentsy Lapel Pin
Certificate of Achievement
Name in Monthly Newsletter
Recognized at Convention
Name on Scentsy Wall of Fame

                                     SCENTSY NEWSLETTERS
This newsletter set-up is WONDERFULLY!!! When you get an email address from a custom-
er, make sure you add it into your newsletters! After you log into your workstation, on the up-
per right hand corner, you'll see "Newsletter." Click on that, follow the prompts and enter email
addresses. Make sure you put their first and last name. Every month on the first Wednesday,
your customers get a personalized newsletter with the latest warmer, scents and Scentsy in-
fo. You also have the opportunity to go into the newsletter content and change the message!! If
I'm having an upcoming Open House, I usually add that to the first line to catch their eye!! If the
customers want to check anything out, it automatically leads them to your website!! Then,
Scentsy emails you how many people and clicks there were on your website directed from the
newsletter!! So make sure you enter, enter, enter those email addresses!!!
                                  WHAT TYPE OF WAX DO WE USE?
We use food-grade petroleum wax....the same wax that's on the outside of an apple. However, when
it's warmed, it's only warmed at a temperature slightly above body temp. The scent is what's being
released into the air, and not the wax. So there's NO SOOT that will adhere to your walls! AND,
there's no lead!! It's NON-TOXIC!! No one can get burned from Scentsy wax when it's at it's warm-
est temperature because it's only warmed with a 25 watt light bulb!! That's why our motto is "We
Practice Safe Scents!"

If you have any questions regarding fundraising tax exempt info, please contact

                                           HALF PRICED ITEMS
When placing an order, Scentsy has given us an extra half-priced item! You may use this for any
previous hostess or for yourself if there was NO previous hostess. Half-priced items can be used for
any item/package UNDER $50. If you choose NOT to use this half-priced item, you will be charged
$5, so even if you buy a $1 light bulb, make sure you use it!! (Remember: if Lucy had a party and
Maggie booked a party off Lucy's party, then Lucy will receive a half-priced item at Maggie's par-
ty, and so on.)

                                 CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-877-855-0617
CUSTOMER SERVICE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!! Call them if you need anything!!! They are so unbe-
lievably helpful and kind!! The Scentsy family is amazing! We are so lucky to be part of this fami-
ly! It's really not a company...it's a family!

                                           NEW RECRUITS
A while ago, we used to be able to offer new recruits incentives for joining our team. That is no
longer an option. We can NO LONGER offer ANYTHING to consultants to join under us. You can be
terminated if you you give a free warmer/basket testers/plug-ins (anything) or offer to pay for a
starter kit for anyone joining Scentsy. "Scentsy needs to ensure that contracts for new recruits
signing up as consultants are strictly between Scentsy and the new recruit."

                                      HOW TO USE OUR WAX
When burning the Scentsy wax, ONLY BURN 2 CUBES at a time in large burners and 1 cube in a plug
-in. DO NOT add fresh/new wax to your "old" wax! You should dispose of the 2 cubes of "old" wax
once it doesn't smell good. We have the highest concentration of fragrance to wax that you can
make and by mixing fresh and old wax, you dilute the new wax and it doesn't last nearly as long!!!

You can either make your own labels or you can order them from Scentsy Success. Just remember
to put your label on EVERYTHING...catalogs, bars, warmers, etc.
                                            STAR MOLDS
Star molds are a great way to "hook" in a potential customer. You take a bar or a brick, melt it in
the microwave, pour the melted wax into a star candy mold (available for $1.99 on wilton.com), let
sit on your counter for about 15 minutes and then put it in the freezer to harden for about 30
minutes. Then you simply put the stars in 2x3 Ziploc jewelry bags and staple them to either a teas-
er, a catalog, a business card or pass them out as is. I have a star mold swap party every three
months. This is where everyone makes stars from a brick and we divide them all up so we all have
different scents available! You can even get creative and use molds for different seasons like hearts
for Valentine's Day or Christmas Trees for Christmas!

                                     SCENTSY SELLING POINTS
The BIGGEST selling points........
*NO soot or wax in your house!
*Soot is toxic to cats! Many cat lovers don't have candles because it is so toxic to their cat!
*NO FIRE DANGER!!! I have met a person who's house burned down from a Yankee Candle!!!! I also
know of someone who's 3 year olds nightgown caught on fire when
running past a candle...major burns!
*They are approved by National Fire Fighters Association
and allowed in DORM rooms!!
*Much more economical! A brick is equivalent to 8-10 large candles and is only $20!!!!!
*The warmers are hand crafted in the USA!!!!!
*4 easy ways to change wax...
         *stick in freezer,
          *turn off or pour back into the package...it's not hot, so it won't crack warmer or melt
          *pour onto cardboard egg carton, stuff with dryer lint and pour melted UNscented wax on
the top-this makes great kindling for camp fires!!
          *Or just pour melted wax into the trash can...it won't melt your plastic bag!!

                               SCENT AND WARMER OF THE MONTH
You have the opportunity as a consultant to subscribe to Scent and Warmer of the Month. *You
do get paid commission on this!! You can subscribe to it every month by the 28th OR you can have
it delivered automatically every month. It comes around the 14th or 15th. What's included in this
deal? For $35, you can get the Scent of the Month, which includes, One Brick, Six Bars, One Basket
Tester, One Party Tester, One Room Spray, and 50 Monthly Fliers. For $60, you get the above PLUS
a warmer! This is a retail value of $90.75 and you can get it all for $60!!

You will want to open up a separate checking account for Scentsy and to have a debit card with
this account. You should purchase Scentsy supplies with this account only. This makes it much easier
to do your taxes at the end of the year. Also, save every receipt in a separate location and keep it
for up to 5 years.
You can always use your Scentsy Pay Card, but keep in mind you are charged for each tansaction
made with that card. Also, I recommend that you keep personal and business spending separate.
                              SETTING UP YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE
You should become familiar with your workstation as soon as possible. (Login with your consultant
id and password) One of the most important things to do is to personalize your website. If you go to
the top and click on Edit PWS (personal work station), you can personalize and decorate your page
the way you want. You can even put a personalized message and update it whenever you choose to.

Scentsy puts updates and important information under the "News" in your workstation. Anything
they want you to know is under News. Also, feel free to familiarize yourself with the workstation.
Click on everything and see where it takes you!! That's a great way to become familiar!

You will want to determine what kind of supplies you will need in order to do your parties. What do
you want to store and transport your party testers in, do you want to use clipboards or folders for
the catalog, order form, Scent of the Month flyers, door prize slips you will give customers to fill out
at parties, do you want a tablecloth and other décor items to use with warmer displays, etc. Feel
free to ask me and other consultants what they do and what works best for them and then adapt
to what works best for you! (I personally like to make this SIMPLE, therefore I take only the bare

                                           BASKET PARTIES
Basket parties are an excellent investment. This gives you the freedom of allowing a customer to
take a Basket Party to work while you get paid on it and it frees up a night so you don't have to do
a party! Simply use a basket (or anything you'd like to hold the supplies) and put some party testers
in it, one room spray, one car freshener and a warmer along with some star molds for sam-
ples. You'll also need about 3-5 catalogs, 10 order forms and some hostess information, which can
be found on the team website Basket parties should last no more than one week so the customers
can get their product in a timely manner.

                                           TEAM MEETINGS
Each month, usually the second Tuesday of every month, we have a Team Meeting at my house in
Wales. Here, we discuss techniques, policies, different ideas, and lots of other bits of info that is im-
portant to know for this business. These meetings are not mandatory, but it is a proven fact that
those who attend meetings are more successful in this business!

                                             TEAM CALL
Every Saturday at 12:00, our "Make It Happen" Team has a conference call headed by our Super-
star Director Becca Levie. These are recorded in the event that you're not able to listen. Becca emails
everyone with the phone number and access code. These calls are AMAZING and FULL of learning
All of the above are just some of the important things I want every consultant to be aware of as
soon as they begin their Scentsy business. There are many other things that are covered in New
Consultant Training and other things that you will continue to learn as you move along in Scentsy
and begin to gain experience.
Again, welcome to Scentsy and best of luck as you begin this wonderful new business adventure!