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					      List of IAS Officers of Jammu and Kashmir Cadre presently on Central Deputation

S.    Name of the officer    Year of     Present Designation            Date of appointment on central
No.   S/Sh                   Allotment                                  deputation / DOPT notification No.
                                                                        & date.
1.    Anil Goswami           1978        Additional Secretary to        No.6/5/2010-EO(SM.I) dated 27th
                                         Government of India,           February, 2010 relieved vide Govt.
                                         Ministry of Home Affairs.      Ordr No. 430-GAD of 2010 dated
2.    Pankaj Jain            1978        Additional Secretary,
                                         Ministry of Statistics and
                                         Programme implementation
3.    P.G.Dhar Chakraborty   1980        Executive                      6/6/2005-EO(SM.I) dated 25.04.2005
                                         Director,NCDM,GOI              relieved vide Govt. Order No. 835-
                                                                        GAD of 2005 dated 18.07.2005.
                                                                        Vide Department of Personnel &
                                                                        Training’s OM No. 27/24.2010-
                                                                        EO(SM.I) dated 15th July, 2010, the
                                                                        central      deputation  of    Shri
                                                                        Chakraborty has been extended
                                                                        24.7.2010 and upto 31.3.2011 or
                                                                        untill further orders.

4.    Rakesh Kumar Gupta     1986        Additional Secretary, Union    380/1/2004-AVD.III              dated
                                         Public Service Commission.     24.11.2006 relieved vide Govt. Order
                                                                        No. 202-GAD of 2006 dated
                                                                        11.02.2006 for three years extendable
                                                                        by two years
                                                                        He was posted as AS Union Public
                                                                        Service      Commission          vide
                                                                        21/02/2009-EO (SM.1) dated 27
                                                                        July, 2009 and was appointed for the
                                                                        balance of five years tenure i.e.

5.    L.D. Jha               1986        Joint Secretary, Ministry of   20/G/3020-AD.I Dated 06.01.2009
                                         Home Affairs                   for five years. He is due to repatriate
                                                                        after 06.01.2014.

6.    P.K. Tripathi          1987        Advisor, National              6/19/2005-EO       (MM.I)       dated
                                         Management Authority,          12.9.2005 relieved vide Govt. Order
                                         Ministry of Home Affairs       No. 1176-GAD of 2005 dated
                                                                        22.9.2005. His tenure has been
                                                                        extended till 05.07.2012 vide
                                                                        Department      of    Personnel    &
                                                                        Training’s No. 6/29/2010-EO(SM.I)
                                                                        dated 21st September, 2010.
7.    Sundeep K. Nayak       1988        Joint Secretary, Ministry of   17/04/2009-
                                         Mines, Government of India     EO(SM.1)dated:11.12.2009 for five

8.    Arun Kumar Mehta       1988        Chief Vigilance officer,       A-22012/1/2004-Adm.I            dated
      (RR)                               Dedicated Freight Corridor,    15.12.2005 relieved vide Govt. Order
                                         Corporation of India Ltd.,     No. 1488-GAD of 2005 dated
                                         New Delhi                      02.12.2005. for five years. The latest
                                                                        posting of the officer was made vide
                                                                        MUD       Notification     No.     A-
                                                                        22012/1/2005-Admn.1             dated
                                                                    21.02.2008.His tenure was upto
                                                                     Vide Notification no: 386/1/2010-
                                                                    AVD-III dated 1.2.2011; his tennure
                                                                    has been extended till 4.12.2012.

9.      Ashok Kumar Parmar    1992   Director, Ministry of Health   Department     of     Personnel    &
                                     & Family Welfare, GOI          Training.s No. 5/5/2008-EO(MM-I)
                                                                    dated 6th February, 2009 for a period
                                                                    of five years.

10.     Dheeraj Gupta         1993   Private Secretary to Defence   6/3/2006-EO(MM.I)               dated
        (RR)                         Minister, Government of        01.03.2006 relieved vide Govt. Order
                                     India.                         No. 361-GAD of 2006 dated
                                                                    24.03.2006. He is likely to revert to
                                                                    the State Government in the year
                                                                    2013. The State Government has
                                                                    conveyed no objection / cadre
                                                                    clearance in favour of the officer for
                                                                    his appointment to the post of
                                                                    Director (Tea Promotion) Grade-I in
                                                                    the Tea Board’s Office at London till
                                                                    January, 2014.

11. .   Navin Kumar           1994   Advisor to Executive           18/1/2005-EO(MM.I)             dated
        Choudhary                    Director (India)               14.02.2005 relieved vide Govt. Order
                                     International Monitory         No.      299-GAD        of     2005
                                     Fund, Washington D.C.          dated16.03.2005
                                     USA.                           He has been deputed on foreign
                                                                    service for his appointment as
                                                                    Advisor to Executive Director (IMF)
                                                                    in USA for a period of three years
                                                                    w.e.f. the date of his taking over
                                                                    charge of the post or until further
                                                                    orders. He shall revert to State
                                                                    Government in October, 2011.

12.     Rohit Kansal          1995   Private Secretary to the       Department      of      Personnel  &
                                     Minister of New and            Training’s No. 4/24/2006-EO(MM.I)
                                     Renewable Energy               dated 08.08.2006 relieved vide Govt.
                                                                    Ordeer No. 997-GAD of 2006 dated
                                                                    17.08.2006. He is presently posted
                                                                    as Plrivate Secretary to Minister of
                                                                    New and Renewable Energy at the
                                                                    level of Director till 12.10.2012.

13.     Shalindera Kumar      1995   Deputy Secretary,              9/14/2008-EO(MM.I) dated 20th
                                     Department of Agriculture      October, 2008 for a period of four
                                     Cooperation, Government        years. The officer was relieved on
                                     of India                       14th November, 2008. He shall revert
                                                                    to the State Government in 2012.

14.     Farooq Ahmed Factoo   1997   Director Censors Operations    04.11.2009
                                     Ministry of Home Affairs,
                                     J&K, Jammu.
On inter-cadre deputation

1.    Hirdesh Kumar          1999        Inter-Cadre Deputation To
                                         Uttar Pardesh.

With Government of India :-

1.    Mandeep         2004          Addl. Private Secretary with Hon’ble   04.08.2009
      Kaur (RR)                     Union Minister for Health and
                                    Family Welfare

On study leave:-

1.    Parvez Dewan           1977        On study leave                11020/02/2003-AIS   III  dated
                                                                       13.10.2004. He is due to revert
                                                                       somewhere in 2011.

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