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(Desmond Centric)

Corey M

An eye opens, and blinks. We zoom out. It’s Desmond in the jungle, looking confused. He sits up. He is wearing a suit shirt with a black tie. He looks almost identical to Jack’s wardrobe in the pilot. Desmond’s left arm is badly wounded. He rolls up his sleeve to reveal a huge gash running up to his elbow joint on his forearm. He winces. He

gets up and starts to look around. He’s running through the jungle, mouth moving but no words are coming out. He stops abruptly. The camera begins to revolve around him, and he starts yelling. DESMOND: “Penny! Penny!!!” LOST TITLE CARD

Act Two

Off island scene is next, a flashback. Desmond, Charlie and Penny are checking out of the hospital. It’s the night after Eloise came to see them. They begin walking down to the marina. CHARLIE: “Mommy, how did Daddy get hurt?” PENNY: “Well, Charlie…” Desmond takes over. DESMOND: “A man, a very mean man, did this to me. But he’s gone now. Far, far away from here. We won’t see him again, I promise.” Cut to the three walking onto the bridge leading onto the boat. Desmond is about to bring the bridge in, but Penny insists. DESMOND: “I’ll get it, Pen.” PENNY: “No, Love, go get your bandages changed. I’ll tuck Charlie in and be down in a flash.” Desmond has flashes of him seeing Charlie die.

PENNY: “Love, where are you?” DESMOND: “Just a little tired, that’s all. Good night, Pen.” Desmond goes into the cabin, into the bedroom and falls asleep. The next morning, Penny is gone. There’s a note on the nightstand. DesWent to the grocery, Be back in a flash. Pen. PS, Feed Charlie for me, will you? Desmond rolls out of bed and walks down the corridor. He peers into Charlie’s room and opens the door to find that he is gone. Des rushes up to the deck. Charlie is nowhere to be found. DESMOND: “Charlie?” CHARLES(From behind): “He will be safe, Desmond.” Desmond turns to face him. DESMOND: “You? What are you doing here? Where’s my son?” CHARLES: “He’s somewhere safe. I promise.” DESMOND: “Why are you here?” CHARLES: “Because, Hume, you and Penny are coming back to the island with me.” Desmond looks angry and confused. DESMOND: “No! I am not going back to that bloody island. I wasted three years there. I could have had those years with Penny.” CHARLES: “No, you couldn’t have, Desmond. You’re lucky I’m letting her come.”

DESMOND: “You’re talking like you have a plan, Charles.” CHARLES: “I finally found the island. It’s mine for the taking. It’s divided by war. If you help me un-divide it, you and Penny will be free.” DESMOND: “It was hard to get off once, I’m not gonna be able to get off the bloody thing again. It’s too complicated.” CHARLES: “It will be simple enough, Desmond.” DESMOND: “Where’s Penny?” CHARLES: “Come with me, Desmond.” Two henchmen emerge from behind Desmond. They grab him. He struggles to free himself, but they pull him off the boat and into an SUV, which Charles sits in as well. CHARLES: “It’ll be painless, Desmond, you won’t be away from Charlie for long.” Desmond cringes. DESMOND: “Don’t say his name again or I swear to god, brotha, I will kill you.” CHARLES: “Very well.” (To the driver) “Let’s go. We don’t have long to be there.” The driver nods, and the car leaves.

Act Three The car pulls up to the LA church where Desmond had been to find Hawking, Faraday’s mother. Desmond gets out. DESMOND: “I figured we’d be coming here.” As they walk forward, Charles questions. CHARLES: “Have you been here before, Hume?”

DESMOND: “Yeah. I was here the day they all went back to the island. How could they just go back willingly?” CHARLES: “You haven’t seen it yet, Desmond?” Desmond looks confused. CHARLES: “So many people who have been to that island have decided that their destiny is to be there, Desmond. After all the things you did there, I’m surprised you don’t see it too.” Charles opens the door, and they walk in. Hawking is waiting for them. HAWKING: “I didn’t expect to see you so soon.” CHARLES: “I’m anxious, Eloise. This is the window we have to go through. Tonight.” HAWKING: “Very well, let’s get down to business.” She leads them into the basement, in the pendulum room. HAWKING: “Look, I’m just going to get straight down to business. Oceanic is closing its doors next week. Tonight is one of the very few nights we can catch you a plane that goes straight through your window.” DESMOND: “Window? What do you mean?” Hawking sighs. HAWKING: “Long story, Desmond. Let’s just get going. We’re heading for Ajira Airways flight 632, departing tonight at 8:15.” CHARLES: “We?” ELOISE: “I’ll be driving you, and the girl.” Desmond looks confused.

ELOISE (Chuckling): “Yes, yes, Desmond, we have your wife. She is safe and she is returning to the island with us.” Desmond sighs with relief. DESMOND: “What about Charlie?” ELOISE: “Oh, Charlie won’t be coming to the island.” CHARLES: “It’s for the best, Desmond. I promise you’ll see him again.” DESMOND: “Let’s just go get this over with.” Someone walks down to meet Eloise. MAN: “Car’s parked out front. Silver Escalade, license plate AJI 0316.” He leaves. Eloise nods to herself. ELOISE: “Let’s go, then, shall we?”

We cut to the parking lot of the church. Desmond, Charles, and Eloise approach the Escalade. Charles and Eloise get in the front seat. Desmond takes one last look at the church, and then a deep breath. He opens the door looking surprised. The camera turns to show Penny, gagged and bound. Through her gags, she tries to speak, and what she’s saying is audible. PENNY (Muffled): “Desmond?”

Act Four We are in the car as it is on the road, driving. Desmond is unbinding Penny. He removes the gag.

DESMOND: “Are you okay, Pen?” PENNY (Angrily): “I can’t believe any of this. I can’t believe it. Charlie’s gone, and I’ve gotta take a flight to Indonesia for some stupid business meeting. And they had to tie me up to do it? I can’t believe my father.” DESMOND: “He told you we were going to a business…” He is interrupted. CHARLES: “LAX is just a few exits down, ready to go?” Desmond tries to speak yet again, but figures he is not meant to say what he is trying to say when Eloise interrupts him as well. ELOISE: “I’ll take that as a yes, then. You’ll be flying on a somewhat empty plane, with just a few of Charles’s business colleagues on it.” She pulls up to the airport doors. As the three step out and Eloise starts to drive away, someone shoots. The car stops. Eloise’s head is on the car horn, which is blasting. Charles is flabbergasted. He tries to run to her to see what happened, but Desmond pulls him away. They hurry inside the airport. As they are walking, someone in a ski mask is following them. The man pulls a gun out, but is shot by a police officer. More masked men begin running toward them. They start running. DESMOND: “We’ve gotta get to security before they do.” CHARLES: “They…they just shot Eloise!” PENNY: “Look what you put me through every time I see you, father. Just stop talking to me.”

They reach security. Desmond eyes the clock. It’s 8:01. They pass through safely. The ski masked men are gone. They are still walking when Desmond stops Charles. DESMOND: “Who the hell were those people?” CHARLES (Reluctant to answer): “The island…there’s an internal dispute going on. It has been for centuries. It’s happening off of the island as well. We are on the right side in this, Desmond. But the wrong side just tried to attack us. I feared this would happen.” DESMOND: “What war? Between who?” CHARLES: “It started as just two men, but it has spread widely. One side represents fate, and the other one represents free will.” DESMOND: “So it’s just a bloody religious war?” CHARLES: “However you’d like to think of it, it doesn’t change the fact that you are coming back to the island to help me end it.” He begins walking “Oh, and I forgot to tell you, we’re on the fate side, Dezzy.” Desmond reluctantly follows him.

We are now on a plane in the air. Desmond is sitting next to Penny. Charles is in the back side of the plane, which is curtained off. DESMOND: “I’m gonna go back there and find out what’s going on.” He gets up. Penny tries to stop him, but gives up right away. Desmond walks through the curtain to see Charles sitting next to a familiar face. Walt. WALT: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Desmond thinks for a moment.

DESMOND: “You…You were on that plane, yeah! Oceanic 815. I know you and your dad.” WALT: “Did you see him? After he went back?” DESMOND: “Yeah…I did. He was on a boat. But it…” Turbulence. It starts getting worse and worse until, massive jolt. Desmond hits the ceiling and blacks out. We repeat the opening scene. Desmond waking up, running through the jungle and calling for Penny. He keeps calling and calling for her, when he hears someone walking through the jungle. He looks over. It’s Fuliet (Fake Juliet). Desmond looks confused. FULIET: “Hey, Des.” LOST

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