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Environmentally Friendly Monuments & Grave Markers are Conserving the Resources of our Earth and Create a Green Funeral


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									Environmentally Friendly Monuments & Grave Markers are Conserving the Resources of our Earth and Create a Green Funeral
A new method has been created to make monuments and grave markers in an environmentally friendly way. Research and development has taken this product to the front lines on construction sites and now it available to cemeteries across the county. a front runner in the Memorial & Funeral Industry is bringing you these types of Grave Monuments.
Corpus Christi, TX (PRWEB) June 30, 2009 -- A new line of grave markers is available on which promises long-lasting durability in an environmentally friendly way. The new upright monuments are made with a German innovation that creates a weather-resistant, sturdy material -- comparable to granite -- out of plants. The monument of the new material have sold it to construction companies for use on commercial buildings and homes, and now it is available as an environmentally friendly material for grave markers sold on The new monuments have the appearance, and long-lasting strength, of traditional granite and marble grave markers -- and they are competitively priced with granite markers -- but they have the additional benefit of being made from a renewable resource whose harvesting is easy on the Earth's environment. The markers are available in a variety of colors and styles ranging from "Onyx Black" to "Picasso Red" to "Pearl Blue." While there is no wide-spread concern that the Earth's supply marble, granite and other natural stone that is typically used for grave markers will run dry any time soon, the fact is that those materials are not infinitely available. So many environmentally conscious consumers will likely be interested in the grave markers made from the new material that promises to be a material of first choice for monuments and construction projects of all types in the future. The new upright markers available through are just one of several new cemetery memorial products that have become available on the website in recent months. also now offers Cremation Memorial Pillars, which include an urn and can be installed in cemeteries as an "upright" monument memorial for anyone who has been cremated. The site also now offers Cemetery Benches which can be installed in cemeteries to compliment just about any family's collection of plots or other type of memorial display. These new grave marker products are all added to what customers for years have come to find is among the best selection of memorial products available on the internet. has long been known for its high quality customer service and competitive prices on traditional "flat" grave markers of all sizes (from individual to companion), and now the site offers a stable of new products as well. Many of the new products, such as the upright markers and the cemetery benches can be wonderful compliments to those who have (or plan to) purchase one of the company's flat grave markers. Family's often use upright markers, for example, to mark entire plots of individual graves, each of which are marked with a flat marker. is based in Corpus Christi, Texas and has been offering memorial products on-line for several years. owner Ralf Heckenbach has been in the memorial & funeral industry since 1999. Besides grave markers, sells cremation urns, cremation jewelry, caskets and a variety of other memorial products. ###

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