Welcome to Scentsy and by liuhongmei


									               Welcome to Scentsy and
               To Team Northern Stars

Welcome, welcome, welcome!! You have just become part of a
wonderful opportunity by joining this rapidly growing party plan
business. Scentsy has become an amazing adventure for me and I
am so excited to watch you grow and develop your Scentsy business
into whatever you want it to be! I am here to support, guide and
cheer you on as you make your dreams your reality!

Your Consultant Handbook is your Scentsy bible and is full of
information that you want to become familiar with. Take some time to
read through it a little bit every day. In addition to your handbook,
there are some things that are important for you to know as you get
started in your business.

The first thing you will want to do is to open up a separate checking
account for Scentsy and to have a debit card with this account. You
should purchase Scentsy supplies with this account only. This makes
it much easier to do your taxes at the end of the year. Also, save
every receipt in a separate location and keep it for up to 5 years. I
have included a tax sheet so you know what to keep track of
throughout the year.

Setting up Your Website Profile
You should become familiar with your workstation as soon as
possible. (Login with your consultant id and password) One of the
most important things to do is to personalize your website. If you go
to the top and click on Edit PWS (personal work station), you can
personalize and decorate your page the way you want. You can
even put a personalized message and update it whenever you
choose to.

Scentsy puts updates and important information under the “News” in
your workstation. Anything they want you to know is under News.
Also, feel free to familiarize yourself with the workstation. Click on
everything and see where it takes you!! That’s a great way to
become familiar! Also, Scentsy sends us an update weekly and it is
VERY important to read through this in its’ entirety!!

You will want to determine what kind of supplies you will need in
order to do your parties. What do you want to store and transport
your party testers in, do you want to use clipboards or folders for the
catalog, order form, Scent of the Month flyers, door prize slips you will
give customers to fill out at parties, do you want a tablecloth and
other decor items to use with warmer displays, etc. Feel free to ask
me and other consultants what they do and what works best for them
and then adapt to what works best for you! (I personally like to make
this SIMPLE, therefore I take only the bare minimum!

Star molds
Star molds are a great way to hook in a potential customer. You take
a bar or a brick, melt it in the microwave, pour the melted wax into a
star candy mold (available for $1.99 on wilton.com) and then put it on
your counter top to harden and then put it in the freezer to shrink to
make it easier to take out of the mold. Then you simply put the stars
in 2x3 Ziploc jewelry bags and staple them to either a teaser, a
catalog, or pass them out as is. I have a star mold swap party every
three months. This is where everyone makes stars from a brick and
we divide them all up so we all have different scents available! You
can even get creative and use molds for different seasons like hearts
for Valentines Day or Christmas Trees for Christmas!

Basket Parties
Basket parties are an excellent investment. This gives you the
freedom of allowing a customer to take a Basket Party to work while
you get paid on it and it frees up a night so you do not have to do a
party! A Basket Party is also known as a catalog party! Let me know
and I can share with you how I do my Basket Parties!

Team Newsletter/Training/Meetings
Each month, usually the fourth Wednesday of every month, we have
a Team Meeting Here, we discuss techniques, policies, different
ideas, and lots of other bits of info that is important to know for this
business. These meetings are not mandatory, but it is a proven fact
that those who attend meetings are more successful in this business!

Every Saturday at 12:00, our Make It Happen Team has a conference
call headed by our Superstar Director Becca Levie. These are
recorded in the event that you are not able to listen. Becca emails
everyone with the phone number and access code. These calls are
AMAZING and FULL of learning opportunities!

All of the above are just some of the important things I want every
consultant to be aware of as soon as they begin their Scentsy
business. There are many other things that are covered in New
Consultant Training and other things that you will continue to learn as
you move along in Scentsy and begin to gain experience. I also
highly recommend that you watch the training videos provided to us
on the workstation. They are fantastic!!

If you have any questions regarding any items in your packet, please
feel free to contact me!

Again, welcome to Scentsy and best of luck as you begin this
wonderful new business adventure! Team Northern Stars will always
be cheering you on!

Corinna Nadeau

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