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					VirtuLab: Web Based Flow
    Visualization Facility
         Midpoint Review
         Team 6 Members:
             Justin Scott
             Karen Davis
             Sydni Credle

    Mentor/Client:          Professor:
    Dr. Shih                Dr.Luongo

                                         November 2, 2000
 Objectives/Client Statement
Design and build a towing tank facility
and the associated imaging process.
Provide visualization enhanced
information to supplement the teaching of
fluid mechanics.
Create   computer interfaced instrument
control for remote operation via the
System Configuration Diagram

 Courtesy of Optical Flow Systems (OFS),
      Work Breakdown Structure
   Project Management Activities
   Refinement of Client Statement
   Web Camera
   Imaging Camera Mount
   LabVIEW - Motor Controller
   Simulation/Testing
   Web Page Publishing
             Project Management
   Development of project plans
   Weekly Design Team Meetings (2)
   Bi-weekly client meetings
       Progress Reports for client
       Refinement of project plans
    Refinement of Client Statement
   Clarify customer statement completed
   Research prior designs ongoing
   Review with client completed
                       Web Camera
   Research software and equipment completed
    (VC-C3 camera and WebVIEW software = $)
   Order interim software and components completed
     (Intel Camera and Microsoft Netmeeting
   Performance tests (Teleconference) completed
            Design of system setup
            Intranet/Internet capability testing
           Imaging Camera Mount
   Concept Generation completed
   Design Selection completed
   Final Design Review completed
   Fabrication: ongoing
       Ordering materials and components
       Assembly
              System Configuration
                                        Camera mount location
Towing Tank
                                              Web Cam Location

                  Motor Controller
Existing Camera Mount

   Adjustable Pole   Camera Mount Location
Camera Mount Design: Morphological Chart
   Specifications for the Camera
                                 Pin/Slider   Dovetail   2 Track
Easily manufactured                  +           --        +
Cost efficient                       +           --        +
Lightweight                          +           --        --
Easily used                          --          +         +
Capable of supporting camera         --          +         +
Appearance uniform w/ existing       --          --        +
Locking mechanism included           --          +         +
Long lasting                         --          +         +
Total Positive                       3           4         7
Preliminary Design: Exploded View
Detailed Designs: 1st Plate and Slider
Detailed Designs: 2nd Plate and Slider
        LabVIEW - Motor Controller
   LabVIEW
       Software Acquisition completed
       Introduction to software ongoing
               Tutorials
               Attend educational seminars (Nov. 9-Orlando, Fl)
       Design of the User Interface           ongoing

   Motor Controller
       Introduction to motor controller ongoing
       Velocity Profile Manipulation ongoing
       Programming using LabVIEW ongoing
Simulation/Testing of Towing Tank
   Preliminary test of existing system   pending

   Performance Analysis pending
   Design Modifications pending
   Final Testing pending
   Calibration pending
           Web Page Publishing
   Concept Generation ongoing
   Design Selection ongoing
   Final Web Design ongoing
   Comprehension of problem statement has
    been achieved
   Upon of completion of camera mount
    fabrication, can proceed with
    simulation/testing of the towing tank
   Next: Modifying and calibrating the
    existing system

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