76_Global trade COT chart by ashrafp


									                                                                                  Global Trade/Interactions
Consider the Following: Major players, dominant vs. dominated regions, how goods traded, technological innovations, what was traded (disease, ideology, religion, materials), role of
                                                                 merchants, currency, routes, cultural exchange

                              8000 – 600 CE                       600 – 1450 CE                         1450-1750 CE                       1750 – 1914 CE                       1914 – Present
    East Asia           China: silk cloth; roads            China controlled east trading         China: many navigational            Opium Trade;1st China greatly       Japanese silk exports reduce;
                        constructed; Han-Silk Road          zone; traded: silk, porcelain,&       inventions[sternpost rudder,        benefits from trade; China          rubber exports damaged; China
                        trading increased; Iron Age;        paper, military tech, Buddhism,       lanteen sails, astrolabe,           opens up to Europe; Japan           prospered during Global trade;
                        modernized army (iron               Islam, Christianity; Japan            magnetic compass]; relied on        industrializes; Japanese ports      Vietnam: leading rice exporter;
                        weapons, etc.); paper, accurate     traded: silver; China refocused       regional trade; Japan: prohibited   open up (1854) b/c second           Japan supplied food &raw
                        sun dials/calendars, use of         on Indian Ocean trade in 15th         foreign trade                       Perry expedition.                   materials, cars, electronics, etc;
                        metals, ox-drawn plow.              century; expeditions by Zheng                                             Industrialization                   Korea: cheap textiles;, steel,
                                                            He; junks; Mongols; Port of                                                                                   cars; Taiwan: textiles;
                                                            Canton;                                                                                                       Singapore: 4th largest port.
Western Europe          Internal trade mostly; trade        Crusades; Hanseatic League:           Trade no longer land based          European dominance of the           Surrenders export dominance to
                        &cultural diffusion by boat; wine   trade monopoly established;           only; Hanseatic League;             world; seized trading networks      US/Japan (WWI); Common
                        and olive products for grain in     begins to trade with Islamic          European exploration and            from local/regional control.        Market; US: huge exports;
                        Greece; barter system replaced      world;                                colonization; new navigational                                          creditor nation; food, wheat,
                        w/ money system;Hellenism;                                                technology utilized for voyages;                                        corn, fast food; NAFTA;
                        roman culture spread; rds.                                                British East India Company;                                             advertising= diffusion of
                        connected to silk rd.                                                     stole info. From                                                        products and culture;
                                                                                                  Spanish/portuguese                                                      development of economic
 Eastern Europe         not much contact with the           Hanseatic League: trade               Russia: forced to establish         Exported grain to Europe for        Still agricultural & exports to W.
                        outside world; traded very little   monopoly established; Mongol          agencies in Moscow/St. Pete;        western machinery; # 4 in steel     Europe; COMECON;
                                                            Empires; crossroads of Europe         traded primarily with nomads of     production;                         industrialization; cut off from
                                                            and Asia; didn‟t have much            central asia; Ottoman Empire:                                           world trade because refusal to
                                                            interest in Western goods;            European traders formed                                                 join “Bretton Woods System”;
                                                                                                  colonies with Constantinople;
                                                                                                  dismissed western tech and
   South Asia           Indian Ocean Trade; Mauryans:       Indian kingdoms controlled            India encouraged to trade with      Exclusive trade over India with     SW Asia joins in int‟l drug trade;
                        promoted trade; rds. connected      Middle trading zone; ports in         West but was more preoccupied       British East India Company;         cheap textiles; exports clothing;
                        w/ Silk Rd.; Buddhist               India; trades: gems, elephants,       with imperial expansion.            increase of urbanization due to     became world‟s largest
                        missionaries sent out; Guptas:      salt, cotton cloth & cinnamon                                             British colonialism; roads and      democracy
                        “Arabic” # system, inoculation of                                                                             canals built in; raw materials
                        smallpox, sterilization during                                                                                exported to Britain, finished
                        surgery, astronomy.                                                                                           materials imported back to India;

 Latin America          Didn‟t trade much yet.              Lots of roads; didn‟t really trade.   Exploration of Portugal; Spain      LA trade increased significantly;   Great Depression kills export
                                                                                                  headed West-Columbus‟s              sugar, cotton, cacao plantations,   economy; US=Cuba‟s leading
                                                                                                  voyage; Reconquista delayed         beef exports-refrigerated           trade partner „til 1959;
                                                                                                  Spanish exploration; Vasco de       boxcars; used for natural           Columbia: int‟l drug exchange;
                                                                                                  Gama, Dias, Ferdinand               resources.                          Brazil: exotic woods; Mexico: oil;
                                                                                                  Magellan; haciendas formed;                                             Venezuela: member of OPEC

   Middle East          Great traders in Mesopotamia;       Arabs dominated trade;                Colonies formed here by             Trade with Islamic world             Oil; westernization; ASEAN ;
                        traded with Egypt some; Silk        controlled western trading zone;      western Europe. Traded with         decreased; dependent on             joins int‟l drug trade; migration;
                        Road Trade; trans-Saharan           traded: textiles, carpets, glass &    West but more interested in         European imports; discovery of
                        trade; adopted Sumerian beliefs;    Arabian horses; Crusades;             expanding empire;                   oil gains lots of money.
                                                            Trans-Saharan trade routes;
                                                            Islam spread; Mongols;
      Africa            East Africa linked to Southern      Trans-Saharan trade routes;           Internal Africa not explored,       Trans-Atlantic slave trade ended    After WWI no money to
                        China through Indian Ocean          salt, gold, honey, slaves, ivory      Europeans too scared.               but slavery still continued         purchase industrial goods, S.
                        Trade; Trans-Saharan Trade:         (exports); copper, horses,                                                illegally; coastal regions          African miners prosper from
                        use of camel/camel saddle;          textiles, figs, iron (imports);                                           important for limited trade:        gold mines; after WWII rely on
                        exchange of salt and palm oil;                                                                                stopping points for merchant        sales of cash crops/minerals;
                        N. Africa supplied Rome with                                                                                  ships; center for slave trade;      Niger: oil producer, member of
                        olives, wheat, and wild animals;                                                                              established outposts, naval         OPEC; exports native arts
                        Egyptian culture spread.                                                                                      bases and small colonies;
                                                                                                         diamond deposits; exported
                                                                                                         cotton to Britain;

    Major        Silk Road; Iron Age   Silk Road connected everyone;     Silk Road connected everyone;   End of trans-Atlantic slave trade;   WWI & WWII; Great
                                       east to west (1200-1600);         east to west (1200-1600);       industrial revolution; European      Depression; globalization;
Themes/Turning                         Crusades; Mongols; Indian         Renaissance; gunpowder;         dominance of world;
    Points                             Ocean trade; Trans-Saharan        European colonization and       communication and
                                       trade; Marco Polo; Global Trade   exploration; Commercial         transportation revolution.
                                       Network; Rise of Islam            Revolution; Atlantic Slave
                                                                         Trade; ships used for trade;

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