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									PROFILE SAP certified BI consultant with more than 10 years of professional experience which includes more than 2.5 yrs in SAP BI 7.0 and BW 3.5. Involved in two life cycle implementations involving design and development of BW objects, Transformations, Business Content configuration, Capacity Planning and Sizing using SAP ASAP methodologies. Have good functional knowledge of SAP R/3 application areas like SD, MM, COPA, FI AR, AP and IM. Also bring to work the perspective gained by education in Engineering, Management and Finance. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY • 2.5 years experience in SAP Netweaver 2004s/BI 7.0 and BW 3.5. 6 years total experience in data warehousing. Involved in design, development and implementation of SAP BI/BW applications. • Experience in leading technical/functional team for technical realization of BI solution. • 2 full life cycle implementation experience on Netweaver 2004s BI7.0 and BW 3.5 Configuration. • Expertise in OLTP extractions from SAP R/3 using LO Cockpit, CO-PA, FI AR, AP, IM and Generic Extractions. Also extracted data from the flat files. • Experience in creating Views, DataSources in SAP R/3. • Developed Update Rules, Transfer Rules and ABAP user exits for transaction & master data in start/end and update routines. • Experience in creating InfoPackage to create Process chains and Scheduling of data loading with Full/Initialization/Delta upload method • Designed queries in BEx Query Designer and created workbooks in the BEx Analyzer using conditions, structures, calculated and restricted key figures, character variables, formula variables and text variables. • Experience in Reporting Agent & Web reporting/ publishing using Web Application Designer and EP. • Expertise in Data Modeling using Entity Relationship (ER), Multi Dimensional/Star Schema and Extended Star Schema models. Strong knowledge of SAP BW architecture and SAP BW data model. • Developed BW BPS Planning environment architecture with Planning areas, Planning levels, Planning packages and Planning functions/sequences

• Experience of Open Hub (Infospoke) to transfer data from Infoproviders to flat files. • Involved in the postproduction support, which required Infocube management using Compression, Rollup, Reconstruction, Indexes and Partitioning and performance tuning using Aggregates/Pre-calculation/Multiproviders. • Experience in data warehousing using Informatica and web technologies like ASP. KEY SKILLS • Data Warehouse: SAP BI 7.0, BW 3.5, Informatica Powermart. • ERP Packages: SAP R/3 4.6, SAP Netweaver 2004s. • ERP Integration: SAP R/3 – SD, MM, FI, CO, SCM modules. • Reporting Tools: SAP BEx, Visual Composer and Web Reporting. • Platforms: Unix, Windows (XP, NT, 2000), VMS. • Database: SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g,9i,8i. • Programming Language: ABAP/4, Java, ASP. • Utilities/Tools: Sourcesafe, Tidal, ARS Remedy System, Erwin, Test Director EDUCATION • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (MBA equivalent) – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India • Degree in Chemical Engineering – UDCT, Bombay, India • Certified in Netweaver 2004s – Business Intelligence (BI 7.0) US Greencard PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES USA Biotechnology Company July 2006 - Present Role: SAP BI Technical Lead Environment: SAP BI 7.0, BEx Analyzer, SAP R/3, SD and SCM Responsibilities: • Lead a team of technical/functional consultants for implementing the SAP BI solution and migration. • Gathered requirements from functional users in Sales and Purchasing for cross-

functional analysis. • Defined work packages and technical specifications for design, development, testing and roll-out. • Monitored the development of data model to satisfy the various functional requirements by implementing queries and cubes using business content. The main cubes developed are Customer (0SD_C01), Sales Overview (0SD_C03), Delivery Service (0SD_C04), Purchasing Data (0PUR_C01) and Vendor Evaluation (0PUR_C02). • Worked with functional consultant for mapping the source data (R3/non R3 ) to target DataSources in BI. Defined the initial sizing requirements based on source data volume estimates. • The team configured Custom cubes, Transfer rules, Transfer Structures, Update Rules, ODS, Cubes, Aggregates, queries and workbooks. • The team customized and maintained DataSources such as Billing (2LIS_13_VDHDR), Sales Order (2LIS_11_VAHDR), and Delivery Order (2LIS_12_VCHDR) for the SD module and Purchasing Order Item (2LIS_02_ITM) for MM. Used process chains to schedule the infopackages and data transfer processes. Also customized primary LO Cockpit structures 2LIS_11_VAHDR, 2LIS_11_VAITM, 2LIS_11_VASCL and set the extraction process using LO cockpit and V-3 updates. Also configured BW objects including generic data sources to extract data from R/3 systems. • Worked with the users for defining the reporting needs and helped design/develop flexible queries and pre-calculated reports using BEX reporting features like variables, exception and conditions in Sales and Purchasing areas. Created SAP BI reports which include Plan/Actual revenue comparison, Order and sales value by sales representatives and Vendor delivery efficiency. • Analyzed report performance for statistics and implemented proposals for aggregate creations and indexing. Tuned queries using Partitioning, Aggregates and Multiproviders. • Extensively tested the developed objects using Test Director. Participated in change control team for defect prevention/correction and approving changed/additional requirements. Defined phases for requirements that were not critical for initial go-live. • Developed prototype and presented the demo session for user acceptance. • Trained users in reporting functions. USA Manufacturer Nov 2005 - June 2006 Role: SAP BW Developer Environment: SAP BW 3.0, BEx Analyzer, SAP R/3, SD and MM, EP

Responsibilities: • Gathered business requirements and deliverables along with functional analysis together with SAP R/3 and SMes in the business areas. • Developed Info Cubes for Inventory Analysis and Service management analysis. The primary cubes were customizations of Material (0IC_C03) and Slow-moving Inventory (0IC_MC01). • Configured and extracted data from the LO Cockpit extractors, SAP Inventory management by making use of the SAP defined datasources like 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_BX. • Developed Transactional Infocubes for the BW BPS Planning • Created BW based BPS Planning environment architecture with planning area, planning level and planning package and sequences. • Implemented BPS scenarios for Whirlpool Sales Planning and budgeting. • Using Bex broadcaster, distributed the customized reports by region and exported to the Enterprise portal. • Extensively worked on custom cubes, used Transfer rules, Update rules (ABAP Routines) to translate the business processes into end reporting objects. • Involved in Designing and Developing the Customer/Vendor Tracking Project which will populate a Data mart with the customer extract information from all SAP business units as well as other business units running Non-SAP R/3 systems. • Generated Export DataSources to transform data from one InfoCube to other InfoCube. • Created InfoSpoke to transfer data from InfoProvider to Flat Files. • Schedule Daily/Weekly/Monthly data loads schedule new jobs. • Created Bex web application templates as iViews and integrated with Enterprise portal. • Performed performance tuning for InfoCubes/Queries through Indexing, Aggregates, Compressing & Reconstruction etc. USA Manufacturer Jan 2005 - Oct 2005 Role: SAP BW Consultant Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3, FI CO,CO-PA.

Responsibilities: • Gathered business requirements and defined deliverables alongwith functional analysis and worked with SAP R/3 technical and SMEs in the business areas. • Implemented Standard Business Content InfoCubes like Line Item (0FIAR_C03), Payment History (0FIAR_C05), and Cost and Allocation (0CCA_11) and customized them using Update Rules. Created ODS, InfoCubes and MultiProvider for queries. • Extracted and uploaded data into InfoCubes from DataSources like Cost and Allocation (0C0_OM_CCA_X), Internal Order (0C0_OM_OPA_X), Account Receivable (0FIAR_AR_4) and Account Payable (0FIAR_AP_4) for the FI & CO modules from the Business content. • Responsible for design, development and extraction from R/3 Source system and flat files to BW for FI & CO. • Worked with functional consultant for mapping the source data (R3/non R3) to target datasource in BW. • Created Queries by defining rows, columns and free characteristics providing drill down functionality in reporting using BEx. Worked with users to understand their reporting needs. • Generated Export DataSources to transform data from one InfoCube to other InfoCube. • Scheduled Daily/Weekly/Monthly data loads. • Managed and monitored data loads with full upload and delta mechanism. • Created Infoset for master data to enabling querying on data. • Created summarized reports which includes display of Plan/Actual variance measures, analysis of full cost by cost center, overdue analysis, and analysis of payment history. • Developed and Tested Web Reports for drill down functionality including updating rules and transfer rules & verifying queries. • Create and extensively used Info spoke to feed data to data marts. • Extensively involved in the scheduling and monitoring using process chain in Administrative Workbench. • Monitoring and implementing the solutions to the errors in the Production System.

• Worked on performance of queries and performed various tuning techniques using Compression, Aggregates and Multiproviders. USA Manufacturer Mar 2003 - Dec 2004 Role : Informatica Technical Consultant Environment: Informatica PowerMart 4.5, Erwin 3.5, Oracle 8i, Cognos Responsibilities: • Requirements gathering, Design and Development and Implementation of a Datawarehouse using Oracle and Informatica for ETL and Cognos as frontend. • Identified the data sources for inclusion in the Data Warehouse and led the effort to document all requirements and data sources for the GL, Labor and AP datamarts. • Conducted interviews with clients' subject matter expert regarding the implementation of Data warehouse applications for inputs into ETL estimating model. • Creation of various mappings from flat file to staging tables with full refresh in every run, developed different complex procedures for ETL process deploying entire business rules into the Process. • Created the naming convention for the Data Warehouse. • Responsible for Requirements gathering and Functional Analysis. • Created the data model for the star schema using ERWIN, creating DDL scripts for static dimensions. • Created ETL Mappings using Informatica and cubes development using Cognos. • Analyzed performance of the application built and tuned and optimized it for better performance. • Designed a dimensional data structures (Star Schema) for the Data Warehouse using ERWIN 4.0 and created it into Oracle database. • Helped in defining the Technical Architecture documents like Disaster Recovery, Test plans etc. • Supported post-golive efforts for correcting data errors and monitoring load performance USA Manufacturer Jun 2001 - Feb 2003 Role: Informatica Technical Consultant

Environment: Informatica PowerMart 4.5, Erwin 3.5, Oracle 9i/8i Responsibilities: • Created and maintained mapping jobs to load the data warehouse and related data marts. • Ensured utilization of data dictionary and Meta data repository when creating maps between existing and newly developed systems. • Coordinated all ETL work in all applications environment. • Optimized Maps performance. • Coordinated the re-use and synchronization of maps and data across systems. • Advised management on potential ETL capabilities which can optimize working environment. • Coordinated with data analyst on any data cleansing and data profiling activities. • Created the data model for the star schema using ERWIN, creating DDL scripts for static dimensions. • Created ETL Mappings using Informatica and cubes development using Cognos. • Analyzed performance of the application built and tuned and optimized it for better performance. • Designed a dimensional data structures (Star Schema) for the Data Warehouse using ERWIN 4.0 and created it into Oracle database. • Provided post go-live support for monitoring data loads and data integrity. • Created mapplets for easier maintenance, reuse and modularization. • Streamlined slow-running mappings to improve load performance. • Ensured to follow standards, policies and procedures set by data management department. • Supported on production jobs under ETL and Oracle procedures related to Data warehouse. • Mapped the Business Capabilities desired by the Business users to existing DW/DM's. • Worked with functional users to correct data problems during data loads.

USA Manufacturer Jul 1999 - May 2001 Role: Oracle/ASP Developer Environment: ASP, Oracle 7/8i, Oracle Reports Server, Big-IP load balancing servers Responsibilities: • Built and maintained employee labor-tracking and time-entry system using Oracle as back-end and ASP as front-end. • Creates ASP websites for time-entry and separate websites for approvers, timecard administrators and payroll administrators to monitor the labor-tracking activities. • Built Oracle star-schema datamart for serving reports faster using Oracle Reports Server. • Completed the data modeling for normalize databases for the time-entry and monitoring systems. • Completed multiple integrations/interfaces during change of accounting system and integrations with other business units and acquisition of new business units. • Built Oracle reports for repoting timecard data. • Used Tidal scheduler to schedule interface data loads. • Built validation rules for validating accounting and pay practice rules. • Built interfaces to accept timecard data from other systems. Configured the websites to work with load-balancing servers and securely opened them for time-entry through the internet. • Trained users in using timecard and administration websites. • Supported integrations and operations for resolving data error problems. Manufacturer Jan 1997 - Jun 1999 Role: Oracle Developer Environment: Oracle 7, Developer 2000 Responsibilities: • Completed modeling using Oracle for building a client-server application for project financing and feasibility analysis. • Designed the front-end screens using Oracle Forms for users to input the various project

parameters. • Created reports using Oracle Reports and attached them to the forms. • Completed the data modeling project monitoring systems. • Created Analysis module for project profitability analysis and payback/IRR calculations. • Created Disbursement module for tracking project completion and assessing the financing needs of the project. • Built various validations for user inputs and business rules. • Developed a approval workflow for approval of projects. • Completed documentation of the system and trained users.

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