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                                  AGENDA ITEM

   Issue:                 Letter of Agreement                                                                         Back-up:

   Petitioner:            Randall H. Walker, Director of Aviation                                                Clerk Ref.#:

   That the Board of County Commissioners approve and authorize the Director of Aviation to
   sign a Letter of Agreement between Clark County, Serco Management Services Inc., and the
   City of Henderson by and through its Police and Fire Departments to provide airport
   emergency services for aircraft at Henderson Executive Airport.




         In an effort to improve safety through increased coordination and conmiunication, the County is
         proposing to enter into this Letter of Agreement. It specifically identifies responsibilities and roles
         ofthe various partiesto assuremaximum efficiencyin the handling ofaircraft emergencies. Time is
         ofthe essence in any emergency situation, so having a plan in place can be crucial in aiding those
         directly involved and keepingthose indirectly involved out ofpotential danger.

         The Letter of Agreement has been reviewed and approved as to form by the District Attorney’s

 Re     ctfullysybmitteji(”                                                                      Cleared for Agenda

 Director ofAviation
                                                                                                  Item #    4/
Henderson Tower, Clark County Department of Aviation, and City of Henderson Fire Department

    Letter of Agreement Concerning Airport Emergency Services for Aircraft

This Letter of Agreement between Clark County, Nevada by and through its Department of
Aviation, Serco Management Services Inc in its capacity as the Henderson Air Traffic Control
Tower and the City of Henderson, Nevada by and through its Police and Fire Departments is
effective this 1st day of September, 2003.

1. PURPOSE. This Agreement specifies notification procedures and responses, and outlines
   procedures associated with aircraft emergencies at Henderson Executive Airport for initial
   response agencies; the Henderson Air Traffic Control Tower (Tower), Clark County Department
   ofAviation (DOA), and the City of Henderson Fire Department (CHFD).
   a. The On-Scene Incident Commander shall direct activities associated with an emergency
      response by the signatories.
   b. The Tower shall:
      (1) Provide initial emergency notification to the Fire Dispatch Center, the DOA Airport
          Control Center, and the DOA Henderson Airport Facilities on the emergency alarm
          system (Crash Phone) when an actual or potential aircraft emergency exists in the
          opinion of any one ofthe following:
         (a) The pilot.
         (b) An air traffic controller.
         (c) The aircraft owner, operator, or his/her representative.
         (d) The Clark County Director of Aviation or his/her representative.
      (2) During the initial emergency notification, relay the following information, as it becomes
         (a) Alert category and nature of emergency.
         (b) Aircraft ID and type.
         (c) Number of persons on board (POB).

         (d) Quantity of fuel on board (FOB).
         (e) Presence of hazardous cargo or explosives.
Henderson Airport Traffic Control Tower                                    Page   2
Clark County Department of Aviation
City of Henderson Fire Department

      (3) Direct emergency equipment and other essential vehicles to the emergency scene.
      (4) Use the crash phone to identify major medical emergencies to other agencies.
   c. The Department of Aviation shall:
      (1) Initiate/relay emergency notification to initial response agencies.
      (2) Insure that information provided by the Tower is forwarded to the City of Henderson
          Police Department or the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, as appropriate, to
          ensure security on scene.
      (3) Assume Incident Command until relieved by or as directed by CHFD.
      (4) Support all emergency response activities at Henderson Executive Airport through the
          On-scene Incident Commander.
      (5) Provide emergency materials/supplies as required, as available.
      (6) Relay and/or initiate requests for assistance and services, as necessary.
      (7) Close the airport, or portions of the airport, as determined appropriate, coordinating such
          closure information with the Tower.
      (8) Direct activities in such a manner as to mitigate the emergency’s effects and to continue
          maximum allowable operations and services until normal operations can be restored.
     (9) Establish liaison between the aircraft owner, operator or his/her representative, and
         appropriate governmental agencies, and with the news media for the purpose of
         information sharing.
     (10) Determine when the emergency situation has been neutralized and the airport can
             return to normal operations.
  d. The City of Henderson Fire Department.
     (1) The response of Fire Department units shall become the responsibility of the City of
        Henderson Fire Department after initial notification. The amount of equipment and the
        number of personnel responding to the Alert will be determined by the Fire Department.
        After receiving notification, emergency response, operations, tactics shall be determined
        by the Fire Department Incident Commander until the incident is resolved. At that time
        the Incident Commander will relinquish responsibility to Airport Management.
     (2) As the airport is not completely secured, the incident site may need protection. It is the
         responsibility of the Incident Commander to determine if police protection is necessary
         and to request assistance.                                                                     )
Henderson Airport Traffic Control Tower                                   Page    3
Clark County Department of Aviation
City of Henderson Fire Department

   a. Emergency equipment will be alerted in the following manner. Alert Fire Department
      Dispatch, Department of Aviation, and McCarran Airport Control Center by activating the
      Crash Phone. Tower shall provide the Alert Category and the nature of the emergency.
   b. Categories of Alerts: The following categories shall be utilized to identify the nature of an
      emergency or accident on or immediately adjacent to Henderson Executive Airport.
      (1) Alert One —Aircraft ground emergency.
      (2) Alert Two Aircraft airborne emergency.

      (3) Alert Three An aircraft accident or imminent accident, such as a ground/ramp

          accident, smoke/fire similar emergency.
      (4) Alert Four A bomb threat against a specific aircraft or flight member.

      (5) Alert Five A bomb threat against a specific airport building or facility.

      (6) Alert Six An attempted or actual aircraft hijacking incident.

      (7) Alert Seven A structural fire on the airport property.

      (8) Medical Emergency A medical emergency on board an aircraft (air or ground) or on

          the ramp or movement area.
  c. Airport Staging Area.
      (1) Airport personnel shall respond to the approved airport staging area to provide
         assistance to responding Fire Department units.
      (2) Responding Fire Department units shall upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the
          designated staging area. The Incident Commander shall be responsible for coordinating
          the movement of responding units beyond this point All vehicles entering the aircraft
          movement area shall be in contact with the Tower or be under escort by an airport
          vehicle in contact with the Tower.
     (3) Upon receiving approval, the Incident Commander shall escort the responding unit to the
         incident site or to appropriate standby positions on the airport.
     (4) In the event of an off airport incident, the incident location shall be determined by
         reference to streets and highways.
Henderson Airport Traffic Control Tower                                  Page   4
Clark County Department of Aviation
City of Henderson Fire Department

    d. Testing of Emergency Communication Equipment.

       (1) When time permits, as soon as possible after 6 a.m. each day, Tower personnel will
           activate the Crash Phone system and inform those personnel answering the Crash
           Phone that “This is a test”. Ensure that all agencies respond to the test: if an agency
           does not respond, contact that agency by land line and inform DOA Airport Maintenance

    e. After Hours Notification. If an incident occurs after the normal business hours of the
       Tower, it becomes the responsibility of the DOA personnel to notify the Fire Department in
       the most expedient manner. This may be accomplished through the Crash Phone or by
       dialing 911 on any telephone.
4. This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect until modified or rescinded by a subsequent
   written agreement executed by authorized representatives of the signatory parties.

This Agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their
respective heirs, personal representatives, successors, or assigns, as the case may be.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, County, Henderson Fire Department and Serco Management Services,
Inc. have executed these presents the day and year first above written.

APPROVED AS TO FORM:                           CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA
S                     DISTRICT ATTORNEY

Shauna Hughes, City of Henderson

~ftor~UJ4~                                     ~C~ri          Qfi~Q   AJM
                                               Fire Chief, Henderson Fire Department

BY: ___________________                        BY: ___________________
Mike Maybérry~                                 Charlie Halterman
Police Chief, Henderson Police Department      Air Traffic Manager, Henderson Tower
                                               Serco Management Services, Inc.

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