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2003 Fall Newsletter


                                                                                                                 S e p t e m b e r, 2 0 0 9

                                                 Northwestern Ohio Education Association

                                                                                                                         10,000 Members

      New Grant Opportunities To Increase Local Involvement
      101 West Sandusky - Suite 302                       G   Findlay, Ohio 45840      G   Tel: 800-366-9632     G   Fax: 419-422-3417

   The recently established Engage Grant                incentives for a local to conduct a FCPE        be given to delegates who attend the OEA
NWOEA Ad Hoc Committee is                               drive. This grant will reimburse up to $150     Fall RA and whose local has the highest
announcing four new grant opportunities.                each to two locals per NWOEA unit whose         percentage of member participation in
At its June retreat, members of the                     FCPE percentage of member participation         FCPE as of December 31, 2009. Any
NWOEA Board of Directors gave this ad                   was 5% or less last year (2008-2009). The       delegate interested in applying for this
hoc committee the charge to build                       grant application was mailed to local           grant should submit a letter of interest,
capacity for greater involvement of                     presidents and can also be found on the         including delegate contact information and
NWOEA members. As a result these new                    NWOEA website                    local association president’s signature, to
grants will provide the opportunity for                    The Local Delegate Assistance to             the NWOEA Center by November 1, 2009.
more NWOEA locals to be involved in the                 OEA Spring RA Engage Grant will                    The Cluster Delegate to NEA RA
Fund for Children and Public Education                  reimburse $100 for overnight lodging and        Engage Grant will provide funding for an
(FCPE) and to be represented at the OEA                 $50 for mileage to a delegate attending the     additional cluster delegate to attend the
RA and the NEA RA.                                      OEA Spring RA from a local that has not         2010 NEA RA. Locals of 75 or fewer
   The FCPE Drive Assistance Engage                     sent delegates to an OEA RA in the              members who have not had a NEA
Grant will provide training, support, and               previous five school years. Preference will                            continued on page 2

Treasurers Attend Annual NWOEA Workshop                                               NWOEA Training Prepares Local Leaders
    Thirty-five teachers                                                                       for New School Year
representing thirty-three                                                              Twenty-two local leaders
locals attended the annual                                                         representing twelve locals
NWOEA Treasurers                                                                   attended the NWOEA Local
Training presented by                                                              Leaders Training on August
OEA Secretary-Treasurer                                                            11 at the University of
Jim Timlin on August 11                                                            Findlay. As the presenters
at the University of                                                               for this workshop, OEA
Findlay. Attendees                                                                 Labor Relations Consultants
learned the proper           Amy Aldridge-Ritchey from Upper Sandusky (left) and
                                                                                   Annette Kubiske from the
procedures and legalities Adrienne Gurney from Lake (right) were the two local     Defiance OEA Office and
of being a local             treasurers whose names were drawn at the NWOEA        Todd Jaeck from the Mentor OEA Office brought book bags,
                             Treasurers Training presented by OEA Secretary-
association treasurer. The Treasurer Jim Timlin (center). These two teachers       materials, and plenty of food for thought for each participant.
level of experience of the will have their 2009-2010 OEA dues paid by OEA.         They covered a variety of topics, which included recieving the
treasurers present ranged                                                          responsibilities of the different local association leaders,
                                                                                   advocating for the members of the local association, knowing
from no experience to that of twenty years. Each participant
                                                                                   the contract, understanding duty of fair representation, and
received a copy of the 2009-2010 OEA Treasurer’s Manual,
                                                                                   sharing tips on how to represent members at hearings.
which became his or her textbook for this session.
                                                                                       Vicki McAfee from Fremont won the Longaberger basket
    Using the highlighters, tags, and pens provided by the                         door prize donated by NWOEA Professional Development
NWOEA Professional Development Committee, the teachers                             Committee member George Doyle. Pictured above, in front left
marked important pages of the manual as policy and procedures                      to right are Joe Fetzer from Danbury and Jeff McIntire from
were explained by OEA Treasurer Timlin. He also distributed                        Maumee and in back are Robin Frederick from Tiffin and
material about OEA’s Fiscal Fitness Award Program, which is an                     Shawn Chalfin Ochs from Rossford. In the photo, participants
incentive program offered by OEA that could award a local                          become acquainted with the valuable information contained in
treasurer $2,000, if he or she meets the “best practices” outlined                 the OEA Member Resource Guide distributed to all members in
in the program.                                                                    the August issue of Ohio Schools.

           Bricks, Mortar, & Craftsmen - Foundation Building
    Northwestern Ohio Education Association

                      Careful what you wish for…
                            Notes from
                                                  legislation that we had a great deal of           realize the most success.

                            President Jerry
                                                  influence in crafting. Perfect it is not, but          Is it easy work? No. Is it work that we

                                                  it will significantly move education in a          are familiar with? Possibly not. It may
                                                  very positive direction, if implementation        even be work we are not comfortable
                                                  responds to the opportunities that the            with, but the opportunity and the
                                “To be the        legislation presents.                             responsibility is ours. We must be the
                             architects of            Yes, this is a big IF. Over and over at       professionals that craft the framework into
                             education            OEA Summer Leadership I heard the                 a strong resilient system. We must be the
                             reform… to be        questions repeated in different sessions          professionals that own the
                             the voice of         from numerous individuals, “How will it           implementation.
                             education… to        be implemented? Who will see that it is               We all know that no governor will stay
                             be the crafters of   implemented appropriately according to            in office long enough to sustain the
change that makes a difference.”                  its intention? How will the reforms be            substantial systematic change envisioned.
   For years we have been subjected to            sustained?” It is a new and perhaps scary         Who will sustain the reform before we
following the “do this,” “jump here,” “do         position to be the crafters of change in          veer off in yet another direction? We will!
that,” “this is better this way,” from so         our profession. HB1 provides us with a            Who will supply the momentum to sustain
called reformers outside of the profession.       framework, a plan, and the building               funding? We will! With a vibrant 21st
It was an easier time: we criticized, said        blocks for the foundation of a new                century education system that is
“no,” argued how they did not know what           education system. One that is focused on          transparent to lead the nation. We are the
they were really talking about.                   what it takes to provide a high quality           professionals in the buildings and driving

      NEA Member Benefits
   Now, we have a historic piece of reform        education system for every learner,               the buses. We were here long before this
                                                  instead of one based on what can we do            opportunity was presented to us, and we

      Web Site Giveaways
                                                  with what is left over.                           will be here long after current politicians’
                                                      So here we are. We have become                terms expire. What will not change, the
                                                  largely the architects of the plan. Now we        constant that will continue to drive us
   NEA members can now register in the            have the opportunity to be the builders to        forward, is our passion and our
“ENTER TO WIN” area of the NEA                    form the pieces and the craftsmen to put          commitment. We must be the mortar that
Members Benefits web site (             it all together in a system that works. It is     is as strong as the brick. Together we will
twice each month to win prizes!                   our opportunity to utilize the framework          build a much better system with a positive
                                                  of the plan to be sure that each                  legacy for generations to come!
                                                  foundation block is laid carefully to build           What an exciting way to start the
         September 1-15, 2009                     the system which helps each student               school year! Welcome back!
  Four New School Year Wardrobes!

                                                   New Grant Opportunities
    Win one of four new school year
wardrobes! Each prize consists of a $500                                                            contact information and local president’s
      gift certificate from Macy’s.                 continued from page 1                            signature, to the NWOEA Center by
                                                                                                    February 20, 2010.
                                                   delegate in the past five years are eligible
           September 16-30, 2009                                                                       For more information about the
                                                   to receive this grant. Small locals
     Four New Dell Laptop Computers!                                                                Engage Grants, visit the NWOEA website
                                                   interested in clustering and applying for
    Be one of four lucky members to win a                                                 , call the NWOEA
                                                   this grant should follow OEA guidelines.
    new Dell laptop computer and start the                                                          Center at 1-800-366-9632 or email
                                                       Local Delegate Assistance to NEA RA
            school year off right!                                                        
                                                   Engage Grant is designed to provide

                                                                                                              OEA 2009-2010
                                                   funding of $750 for the 2010 NEA RA to a

                                                                                                         Representative Assembly
           October 1-15, 2009                      delegate from a local of 76 members or

                                                                                                              Dates and Site
 Lunch for You and Your Colleagues!                more that has not had a NEA RA delegate
There is such a thing as a free lunch! Win         in the past five years. To be eligible for this
  lunch for yourself and 25 colleagues             grant, a local would have to hold a NEA                        OEA Fall RA
           courtesy of Subway.                     RA delegate election and send delegates to              Saturday, December 5, 2009
                                                   the NWOEA RA with the intent that the
               October 16-31, 2009                 actual applicant attends the NWOEA RA.                       OEA Spring RA
                 Ten Gas Cards!                    Any delegate interested in applying for this        Friday and Saturday, May 7-8, 2010
    Just in time for Thanksgiving win one of       grant should submit a copy of his/her
                                                   local’s NEA RA election form as sent to                Veterans Memorial Auditorium
             ten $200 Shell gas cards!                                                                           Columbus, Ohio
                                                   OEA and a letter of interest, including

                  NWOEA Board of
                                                                                                                       N ew s l e t t e r, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 9

                 Directors Retreat
   NWOEA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs met for
their annual retreat on June 16 at the Tiffin OEA Office to
conduct NWOEA business and to plan the 2009-2010 year.
   Many board members started their day early with a tour of
Crystal Traditions, the only glass factory where blowing glass,
hand cutting crystal, sandcarving, acid polishing and glass crystal
repairs are done on the premises. Members watched Eric
Cromwell, a glass blower and Master Gaffer, create a beautiful
piece of custom art glass
and Aidan Scully, Irish
Master Brilliant Cutter
and Designer,
demonstrate the art of
hand cutting crystal.
Scully also designs and                                                        NWOEA sent eighteen first-time attendees to the OEA Summer Leadership Conference.
cuts custom crystal                                                            Seated from left: Christina Bowden (Ada), Holly Chappuies and Heidi Downs
                                                                               (Eastwood), Marnie Prigozen (Apollo), Karri Ashbaugh and Lynesa Knick (Defiance),
pieces upon request. In                                                        and Paula Giovanoli (TAWLS). Standing from left: Nancy Stafford and Laura Eubanks
the showroom at Crystal                                                        (Anthony Wayne), Stephanie Dell and Erin Roberts (Tiffin), Tim Bowers (Liberty
                                                                               Center), Karen Smoyer (Eastwood), Jolene Kreh (Old Fort), Jan Kohart and Debra
Traditions board            (From left) NWOEA Board of Directors members

                                                                                 Listening, Learning, Leading: Keys to
                                                                               Paputsakis (Paulding), Sue Work (Fostoria), and Michael Diglia (Apollo).
                            Shawn Chalfin Ochs and Roberta Neff start their
members shopped for         busy day at the June Retreat by enjoying a glass

                                                                                        Empowering Members
personalized crystal        blowing demonstration by Eric Cromwell of
                            Crystal Traditions in Tiffin.
giftware for all
   During the late morning and afternoon meeting, the Board
accepted the resignations of Angela Thomas, current Past                          Twenty-nine NWOEA members representing eighteen local
President and former NWOEA President from 1997-2006, and                       associations attended the 2009 OEA Summer Leadership
Laura Herroon, OEA Board of Directors Unit 1 Representative.                   Conference held August 3-5 in Dublin, Ohio. They joined
The 2009-2010 calendar was adopted, and the NWOEA                              over four hundred educators to hone their skills of “Listening,
committee appointments were approved. The following two ad                     Learning, Leading: Keys to Empowering Members” – this
hoc committees were established: Engage Grant Committee to                     year’s conference theme. Leadership conference sessions
build capacity for greater involvement of NWOEA members and                    provided training across a spectrum that included political
NWOEA Policy Revision Committee to revise the policy                           action, Association leadership, union advocacy work, and
handbook to bring it in line with the newly adopted budget.                    information about saving for retirement. Participants also had
NWOEA Committee Chairs and NWOEA Representatives on                            an opportunity to learn and share from one another.
OEA Committees, who were in attendance, gave reports and                          Governor Ted Strickland addressed conference participants,
updates to the Board of Directors. A dinner at Pioneer Mill                    thanking the OEA for its support in creating a state budget to
followed the afternoon meeting.                                                make education Ohio’s first priority and challenging educators

                  Spotlight on Members
                                                                               to monitor, support, and participate in the implementation of
                                                                               these education reforms. The opening speaker for the
                                                                               conference was Deborah Delisle, Superintendent of Public
Jessica Freeborn (Penta County Vocational EA) was elected to a                 Instruction. She discussed her larger challenges, challenges
position on the National Career Tech Caucus at the NEA RA.                     shared by all educators, in helping to transform Ohio schools
                                                                               for the 21st century. Closing speaker was Dennis Van Roekel,
Angela Thomas, NWOEA President from 1997-2006, has                             NEA President and leader of the nation’s largest labor union.
resigned as NWOEA Immediate Past President. She has also                       Van Roekel emphasized the need for members to understand
resigned her position at Seneca East to pursue a new career path               the connection between what happens in the classroom and
of teaching at the university level. Starting this fall she will be            what influences decision making. He urged members to listen
instructing classes at Bowling Green State University.                         to public education professionals and parents talk about what
Laura Herroon, NWOEA Unit I Representative on the OEA                          they want and then work through political action, lobbying,
Board of Directors, has resigned her position due to her retirement            bargaining, and instructional advocacy to get members and
from teaching as of June 1, 2009. Laura has joined NWOEA-R                     students what they need.
and will stay active on many NWOEA committees.                                    Each year the NWOEA Professional Development
                                                                               Committee offers scholarships to the Leadership Conference.
Jack Shumaker, NWOEA President from 1972-1973, passed                          These scholarships are available through the NWOEA Office,
away August 6, 2009. He was a teacher at Columbus Grove and                    and they cover the cost of registration, lodging, and food.
was also active on various NWOEA committees even in retirement.

                                                   Retirement Update
                            By Tim Myers,          allocations of more than $5.4 billion to the    their impact on our pension and health care
                            STRS Board             health care fund, have increased the            funds. However, unless changes are made,
                            Member                 system’s liabilities over time.                 STRS Ohio will eventually be unable to
                                Last spring, I         At each board meeting, we have looked       pay members’ projected benefits. As
                            shared that my         at sample scenarios that give us some           fiduciaries, your Retirement Board must
                            fellow Retirement      sense of the cumulative effect various          make the changes necessary to ensure the
                            Board colleagues       combinations of changes can have. The           long-term solvency of the pension fund.
                            and I had begun a      board’s overarching goal is to strengthen          A recently completed study by the
                            thorough review of     the pension fund’s solvency, while also         National Institute on Retirement Security
                            STRS Ohio’s            freeing up additional money to go into the      notes, “Defined benefit pension income
    pension obligations and options for            fund that supports the health care program      plays a critical role in reducing the risk of
    addressing our future liabilities. That        for retired and disabled educators. This        poverty and hardship among older
    process took on even more importance           has been a formidable task, to say the          Americans. Rates of poverty among older
    when the Ohio Retirement Study Council         least.                                          households lacking pension income are
    (ORSC) gave each of Ohio’s five pension             Options on the table include:               about six times greater than those with such
    systems a September 9, 2009, deadline for          • Increasing contributions from the         income.”
    presenting board-approved plans for            current 10% from active teachers and/or            Our own STRS Ohio members have
    achieving or maintaining a 30-year             14% from employers;                             seen the value of their Defined Benefit
    funding period. The ORSC is the                    • Instituting a minimum retirement age      Plan during this economic downturn.
    legislative oversight body for Ohio’s          of 60;                                          While the value of their personal
    public pension plans; it consists of three         • Increasing the number of years used to    investments undoubtedly has declined
    state representatives, three senators and      calculate final average salary to five from     during this recession, their pension check
    three appointees of the governor.              three;                                          continues to arrive on time, every month.
        The impact of the recession has                • Changing the formula for calculating      Our retirees know they cannot outlive their
    significantly reduced the market value of       pensions that has the enhanced 35-year          pensions and their pensions don’t change
    STRS Ohio’s investment assets. But before      benefit; and                                    based on market volatility. As the
    the economic downturn, STRS Ohio was               • Changing the annual cost-of-living        Retirement Board goes about its long-
    already being impacted by other economic       adjustment (COLA).                              range planning work, its goal is to help
    and demographic factors. For example,              Any of these changes would have to be       ensure that continued financial security for
    while the life expectancy of STRS Ohio         approved by the Ohio Legislature. It is         not just current retirees, but generations of
    members has increased over time, age and       expected that once the ORSC receives            future educators.
    service requirements have not changed          plans from all five systems, one piece of           We will continue to use the STRS Ohio
    since 1976, resulting in pension benefits       legislation will be drafted and introduced.     newsletters, Web site (
    being paid for longer periods of time.             As we look at possible changes, we          and e-mail news service to share the
    Additionally, there has been steady growth     realize that very few people will be happy      results of our discussions as well as the
    in the benefit formula (including the           with the final decisions that the board          decisions of the ORSC. Once future
    enhanced 35-year benefit) and cost-of-          makes. In our discussions, we are mindful       changes are more defined, STRS Ohio will
    living adjustments over the years. Finally,    of the significance of our decisions — and       be holding meetings around the state to
    improvements to already granted retiree        we continue to assess the impact of each        provide additional information to active

                               NWOEA-Retired Offers Many Opportunities
    benefits, as well as “13th checks” and          change on our members as we also assess         and retired educators.

        A roundtable discussion of STRS                NWOEA-R will present the break-out         serving on NWOEA committees.
     health benefits will be the subject of the     session, “STRS Update: Learn Today             NWOEA-R members can continue to use
     OEA-R sponsored conference on                 What Tomorrow Will Mean for You,” at           the benefit programs offered through
     September 24 at the STRS building in          the NWOEA Fall Workshop on                     NEA Member Benefits and the
     Columbus. A question and answer period        September 29, 2009. Tim Myers, State           continually increasing shopping
     will be allotted for further discussions.     Teachers Retirement System Board               advantages of the OEA Access Card as
     Other topics will include STRS policies       Member, will update active as well as          long as they continue membership in
     and other benefits. In addition to STRS        retired teachers on the latest options and     NEA/OEA. They can also participate in
     staff and Executive Director Michael          changes needed to provide long-term            lobbying without the hassles of asking
     Neff, OEA officers Pat Frost-Brooks,           solvency of the pension fund and health        for time off! Life memberships for
     Bill Leibensperger, Jim Timlin and OEA        benefits.                                       NEA/OEA-R are $300. Yearly dues for
     Executive Director Larry Wicks will also          Retired members of NWOEA                   NWOEA-R are $5.00 per year or $50 for
     speak. Registration will start at 9:30 a.m.   continue to receive the district newsletter    lifetime. For membership forms call the
     with the program starting at 10 a.m.          as well as one just for retirees. They may     NWOEA Center at 1-800-366-9632 or
     Registration includes lunch. The              continue to be active at the district level,   e-mail Joyce Wisebaker at
     conference will conclude at 3 p.m.            attending NWOEA workshops and        

                     NWOEA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

              Jerry Oberhaus                         Jerry Schlick                                      Stephanie Braun                                       Tim Myers
                  President                          Vice President                                         Secretary                                Immediate Past President
               Liberty Center                          PDC Chair                                      Public Relations Chair                         Unit II OEA Rep • IAC Chair
                                                      Seneca East                                            Delphos                                Nominating & Elections Chair
                                                                                                                                                    Screening Com. Chair • Elida


Joyce Wisebaker                 Shawn Chalfin                Julie Grime                                                                       Dianne Carter                       Lynn Lawrence
    Executive                       Unit I                     Unit I                                     Unit I                                  Unit II                             Unit II
Director/Treasurer                 Rossford                  Wauseon                                                                           Awards Chair                      Credentials Chair
  Budget Chair                                                                                                                                  Lima City                        Resolutions Chair
    NWOEA-R                                                                                                                                                                           Leipsic


 Melinda King                   Jennifer Long             Gary Kapostasy                           Joni Jordan                                Unit I OEA Rep                       Roberta Neff
    Unit II                         Unit III                   Unit III                              Unit III                                                                     Unit III OEA Rep
  Lima City                        McComb                   Findlay City                         Hopewell-Loudon                                                                    Kenton City

Michael Jordan              Marj Castanien                 Rhea Young                              Chris Menier                             Trisha Heestand                       Rita Croy
NEA Director #6             OEA Retired Rep                  At Large                       At-Large Education Support                      OSEA Consultant                   Convention Planning
     Bath              Constitution & Bylaws Chair         Minority Rep                           Professional Rep                         University of Findlay                    Chair
                         OEA-R Representative                 TAWLS                           Danburg Non-Teaching                                                                NWOEA-R

                                                                                    NWO EA R EP R ESENTATI V ES ON O EA COMM IT T EE S
                                                            O E A S t a n d i n g Co mm i t t e e s                Cor e Fun ct i on Com m i t t e e s
                                                            C o nv e n t i o n P l a n ni n g                      C o l l e c t i v e B a r ga i n i n g          O r ga n i z i n g S t r a t e gy
                                                            Ilse Marie Goertz                                      Darrell Bryan                                   Dee Groman
                                                            TACLS                                                  Elida                                           Findlay City
                                                            Leg is la tiv e                                        Lo ca l D e ve l o pme n t & Tr a i n i n g     P r of e s s i on a l E f fi ca cy
                                                            Gary Kapostasy                                         Jennifer Long                                   Melinda King
                                                            Findlay City                                           McComb                                          Lima City
                                                            R e s o l u t i o ns                                   M e mb er R i gh t s & P r ot e ct i o n
   Mary Hart               Emilee Whetstone                 Lynn Lawrence                                          Dianne Carter
Fundraising Chair           Scholarship Chair               Leipsic                                                Lima City
   NWOEA-R                     NWOEA-R
                                     NWOEA Delegates Attend 2009 NEA RA
    Northwestern Ohio Education Association

        Seventeen NWOEA delegates joined
    the almost 10,000 delegates from across
    the nation for the National Education
    Association’s 147th Annual Meeting and
    89th Representative Assembly the first
    week in July in San Diego. In addition to
    discussing, debating and voting on critical
    issues facing public education, the teachers
    and education support professionals set
    Association policy for the coming year.
        NEA President Dennis Van Roekel
    presided over his first NEA RA with
    delegates approving new business items.
                                                           First row from left: Shawn Chalfin Ochs (Rossford), Laura Herroon (Swanton), Jessica Freeborn (Penta County
    The first new business item requires NEA                Vocational), Rhea Young (TAWLS), Tim Myers (Elida), Jennifer Gent (TAWLS), Michael Jordan (Bath), and Melinda King
    to develop two action plans this year: 1)              (Lima); Second row from left: Gary and Kathy Kapostasy (Findlay), Lynn Lawrence (Leipsic), Darrell Bryan (Elida),
                                                           Matthew Durham (TAWLS), Jerry Oberhaus (Liberty Center), Roberta Neff (Kenton), and Don Traxler (NWOEA-R), Not
    to inform President Obama’s proposal to                pictured: Marie Wetzel (TAWLS)
    turn around 5,000 low-performing
    schools with $5 billion and 2) to promote               across America to the NEA Annual                            honored 2009 NEA Friend of Education,
    a new No Child Left Behind law that                     Meeting. The secretary fielded questions                     Linda Darling-Hammond, education
    moves beyond the old “one-size fits all”                 and heard directly from hundreds of                         adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential
    formula. Another business item, which                   educators about their experiences, the                      campaign and currently a Professor of
    also passed overwhelmingly, directs                     challenges, and the resources needed to                     Education at Stanford University. NEA
    NEA’s energies toward national health                   educate the next generation of students.                    General Counsel Bob Chanin bid farewell
    care reform that provides high-quality,                 Also addressing the delegates were 2009                     to RA delegates as he is retiring after 41
    affordable, and comprehensive health                    Education Support Professional of the Year                  years as NEA’s top attorney who worked
    benefits for all.                                        Kathie Axtel from the state of Washington                   on critical issues such as collective
        Secretary of Education Arne Duncan                  and National Teacher of the Year Anthony                    bargaining, desegregation, vouchers, and
    brought his “Listening and Learning” tour               Mullen from Connecticut. The Association                    education funding.

    NWOEA Offers Assistance to                                                                  2009-2010 Service Awards
      Locals for FCPE Drive                                     NWOEA Provides Locals the Opportunity to Honor Outstanding Members
                                                                   Do you know a member in your local who deserves to be recognized for the contributions he
     The OEA Fund for Children and Public Education            or she has made to the local association? Do you know a new teacher who has stepped forward to
(FCPE) provides educators in Ohio a way to support
                                                               make contributions to his or her local association? Help these outstanding members get the
those in state government who advocate for public
education. Everything in public education from the             recognition they deserve by nominating them for an NWOEA service award. Your local president
chalk and dry erase board markers to one’s retirement          will receive nomination forms in November or you may call 1-800-366-9632 to have nomination
benefits and health care is dictated by the state              forms sent to you. Forms will also be available at
legislature in Columbus.
     Through FCPE, public school teachers are able to                   Members chosen for awards will be honored at the 26th annual NWOEA
support those who support them. Candidates are invited              Awards Banquet to be held on Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at the Findlay Country Club.
to interview with a screening committee, and those who                                                                    .
truly advocate for strong public schools, Democrats and                 ANY MEMBER CAN PLACE A NAME OR NAMES IN NOMINATION AND

Republicans alike, are supported. Thanks to the hard                     ALL MEMBERS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND THE AWARDS BANQUET.
work of OEA members through FCPE, the state has seen
fit not to drastically cut funding for public education.
     To ensure that the voice of public education
continues to be heard by state legislators will mean                        Local Service Award                                       Promising Leader Award
support of FCPE funds. Dues dollars cannot be used to                       This award is to recognize an individual                  This award is to recognize a person, who
                                                                            for distinguished service to association                  within the first five years of teaching has
help elect those who advocate for public education.
                                                                            work in his/her local and having local-                   shown initiative in his/her local
Currently 56 out of the 102 local associations in the
                                                                            wide implications. Up to three members                    association. Each local may nominate
NWOEA district showed zero funding for FCPE. No
                                                                            per local may receive this award per                      ONE person per year. A person may
one from 56 locals participated in a FCPE Drive this                        year, and a member may receive this
past school year to donate to the fund.                                                                                               receive the award only once.
                                                                            award every five years.
     NWOEA encourages all locals to hold a FCPE
Drive. Many locals offer members the option of                              District Service Award-Active                             District Service Award-Retired
payroll deduction to donate to FCPE. Locals that did                                                                                  This award is to recognize a retired
                                                                            This award is to recognize a person or
not hold a drive last year or locals that would like to                                                                               person who has remained active in
                                                                            group actively involved in education
increase participation from their members can contact                                                                                 association work and has contributed
                                                                            who has contributed distinguished
the NWOEA Center (1-800-366-9632) for assistance                                                                                      service on the NWOEA district level or
                                                                            service to association work on the
in conducting an effective FCPE campaign for 2009-                                                                                    having district-wide implications since
                                                                            NWOEA district level or having
2010.                                                                                                                                 retirement.
                                                                            district-wide implications.

            Local Use of NWOEA PR Grants
                                                                                                          N ew s l e t t e r, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 9

                                                                                                  Visit the NWOEA Website
   As part of its program, “Proceed to          of the MTEA Executive Committee                 
Read,” the Seneca East EA (SEEA)                designed the shirt, which included a             View individual pictures of the
presented books to its school library.          picture of the panther mascot and                NWOEA Local Leaders and
Books were purchased using NWOEA PR             statement “We Are Panthers, We Are               Treasurers Trainings, OEA Summer
Grant money and SEEA funds. The                 ‘Excellent’.” The shirts arrived in time for     Leadership Conference, NEA RA,
elementary library received books written       the McComb Middle School teachers to             and NWOEA Board of
by children’s author, Heather Forest, who       wear them on the morning of the first Ohio        Directors June Retreat.
visited the school as shown in the photo        Achievement Test in April.
below. The junior high and high school
section of the library received books that
had been suggested by SEEA members.

                                                                                               Northwestern Ohio Education
                                                                                               Association Important Dates
                                                                                               September 29         2009 Fall Workshop
                                                                                                                    Findlay Inn & Conference
                                                                                                                    Center 5:15 – 8:30 p.m.
                                                   Using funding from its NWOEA PR
                                                                                               November 1           Deadline for submission of
                                                Grant, Kenton EA (KEA), in conjunction                              Local Delegate Assistance to
                                                with the Board of Education, hosted its                             OEA Spring RA Engage Grant
                                                first Staff Appreciation Banquet at the                              Application
   The McComb Teachers EA (MTEA)                Harding County Armory. The entire staff
                                                                                               November 6           Deadline for submission
received a NWOEA PR Grant to purchase           was invited to celebrate the hard work and                          of NWOEA Public Relations

t-shirts for its members. Each member           dedication of staff members who have                                Grant Application
was awarded a T-shirt to publicize its first-    reached milestones in their careers. The
time “Excellent” rating the district received   evening included a catered meal,               January 15           Deadline for submission
on the 2007-08 state report card. Members       entertainment, and an awards recognition                            of NWOEA Awards
                                                program with recipients shown above.                                Nominations
                                                   Books, t-shirts, and a recognition          February 1           Deadline for election of
                                                program are just a few examples of how                              NWOEA RA Delegates
                                                eight local associations used NWOEA’s                               and Alternates
                                                2008-2009 Public Relations Grants to
                                                                                               February 1           Deadline for submission of
                                                enhance the image of their local                                    NWOEA Graduate Memorial
                                                association among members and/or                                    Scholarship Applications
                                                within the community. Other locals
                                                receiving NWOEA PR Grants were                 February 10          Deadline for submission
                                                                                                                    of NWOEA Delegate &
                                                Bellevue, Elida, Hopewell-Loudon,                                   Alternate Election
                                                Leipsic, and Lima.                                                  Results to NWOEA Center

                                   To Apply for PR Grants
                                                                                               February 10          Deadline for submission
                                                                                                                    of Local Delegate Assistance to
                                                                                                                    NEA RA Engage Grant
      Apply for grants from the NWOEA           September local presidents will be                                  Application
   Public Relations (PR) Committee and          receiving grant applications for the
   finance local association activities! The    2009-2010 school year. The PR                  February 12          Deadline for submission of
                                                                                                                    Local Delegate to NEA/RA
   PR Committee invites you and                       Committee will evaluate                                       Engage Grant Application
   your local association to                             applications and approve grants
   receive some of your NWOEA                             up to $500 until a total of          February 20          Deadline for submission of
                                                                                                                    Local Delegate Assistance to
   dues dollars back in the form                           $8000 has been awarded.                                  OEA Spring RA Engage Grant
   of an annual NWOEA Public                               Requirements for the grant                               Application
   Relations Grant. The grants                        include attendance at two
                                                                                               March 2              Awards Banquet
   are designed to allow locals                        NWOEA activities, plus
                                                                                                                    Findlay Country Club 6 p.m.
   that wish to enhance the                            attendance at the NWOEA RA
   image of their local association among       and both OEA RA’s. In addition, the            April 15             NWOEA Representative Assembly
   members and/or within the community          local must conduct a successful drive                               Findlay High School 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                    Light dinner served
   an opportunity to receive funding to         for the OEA Fund for Children and
   finance a public relations project. In       Public Education.                              August               PDC Training Sessions
                                                                                                                    Date and location to be determined

    Northwestern Ohio Education Association

101 W. Sandusky - Suite 302
Findlay, Ohio 45840
                                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                          Findlay, Ohio
                                                                                                                                           Permit #24

Diana Brogan (left) from Ridgemont and
Vicki McAfee from Fremont won the
Longaberger basket door prizes donated by
NWOEA Professional Development
Committee Member George Doyle at the
NWOEA Summer Workshops.

                                            NWOEA                        Fall Workshop
    When:            Tuesday, September 29, 2009                                Ce
                                                                                                         Where: Findlay Inn and Conference Center
                                                                              Att rtifica
                                                                                 en      te
    Program:         5:15 - 5:45            Registration                       1. danc of                Cost:   $8.00 for NWOEA & NWOEA-R members
                                                                            hou 5 con e for
                     5:45 - 6:45            Dinner                              rs a   tac                       $5.00 for college student
                                                                                    vai t
                     7:00 - 8:30            Break Out Sessions                         lab

    BREAK OUT SESSIONS – Choose one:
    A. Educators, Beware When Using the Internet & Other Forms                                   C.   Getting the Most for Your Dues – What NEA
        of Electronic Messaging!                                                                      Member Benefits Can Offer You
        Rachelle Johnson, OEA Assistant Executive Director – Member                                   Guy Kendall-Freas, NEA Member Benefits
        Services/Program and OEA Director of Legal Services
                                                                                                 D.   STRS Update: Learn Today What Tomorrow Will
    B.    How the Legislature Is Affecting Your Job                                                   Mean For You

                                                NWOEA Fall Workshop Registration Form
          William Leibensperger, OEA Vice President
                Ê                                                                    Ê                Presenter: Tim Myers, STRS Board Member     Ê

         Your Name                                                                        Local Association

         Your Address                                                                                             Phone
                          Street                                     City                              Zip

                   Circle your session choice:            A      B   C       D                  Please choose: Chicken          or Salmon
                             Please return this registration form & your check (made payable to NWOEA) to the
                NWOEA Center, 101 W. Sandusky St. - Suite 302, Findlay, Ohio 45840 • Questions?? Call 1-800-36-NWOEA
              REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 • You may register online at

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