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									                             Sodexho Prestige
                                                    Mobile Hospitality
                                        Name                                              Business Challenge
                                        Sodexho Prestige                                  Hosting a calendar full of high profile corporate hospitality
                                        Industry Sector                                   events – such as Royal Ascot, the Chelsea Flower Show
                                                                                          and Wimbledon – at the UK’s most famous, yet often remote
                                        Corporate hospitality                             venues, Sodexho Prestige required a safe, secure and mobile
                                        Location                                          method of accepting card payments from guests.
                                        National programme of
                                        social and sporting events
                                        at world-famous venues.

                                                                                          Nick Gristock, Manager at Sodexho
                                                                                          Prestige, said:
                                                                                          We have been using the Ocius terminals
                                                                                          at all of our major events this year,
                                                                                          including Royal Ascot, the Chelsea
                                                                                          Flower Show, The Derby Festival and
                                                                                          Hampton Court Flower Show, and they
                                                                                          have always been reliable.
                                                                                          Commidea is the only firm around that
                                                                                          offers systems with the kind of flexibility
                                                                                          we rely on every day.

Without a reliable credit or debit card processing solution,
Sodexho Prestige could not check for fraudulent or failed
transactions in real-time – potentially costing thousands in lost
revenue. To overcome this, the firm chose Ocius terminals from
Commidea – a unique, 100% mobile, Chip & PIN solution that
requires no bank testing. A mobile GPRS connection provides
real-time authorisation, which means transactions are completed
in seconds.

Business Benefits                                    Easy to install and operate
 100% mobile Chip & PIN solution                    Fully hosted and managed service                          Solution
 Secure GPRS connection                             Cost-effective to run, no call charges                Mobile Ocius GPRS
                                                                                                            Chip & PIN terminals
 Safe method of accepting Chip & PIN
  card payments
 Requires no bank testing
 Access to advanced web-based Management
  Information System
Sodexho Prestige is the UK’s largest event
caterer and provider of corporate hospitality
packages. The firm operates at some of the
UK’s best known sporting venues, visitor
attractions and special events, such as
the Chelsea Flower Show, The Open Golf
Championship and Royal Ascot.
With an annual calendar full to bursting,
Sodexho Prestige required a safe, secure and
mobile method of accepting card payments
from guests that could be used for multiple
events in the same day.
To meet all these requirements, the firm opted
for the mobile Ocius solution – by far the
simplest and most cost-effective route to credit
and debit card acceptance. This flexible solution
could be used to pay for drinks at Ascot’s
hospitality tents or at the 19th hole of the Open.
Sodexho currently operates around 40
handheld Ocius terminals, each one
programmed to accept a series of PIN numbers
unique to every event.
Developed by leading card payment processing
provider Commidea, this bespoke solution
enables Sodexho Prestige to calculate the
value of event transactions from each terminal
– and even use them at a different venue later
that day. For example, 10 Ocius terminals
used at Ascot can later be re-deployed to the
Chelsea Flower Show – utilising a different log-
in PIN code to keep the transactions separate.
Using GPRS for connection and no call
charges, transactions are completed in a matter
of seconds. This makes the solution ideal for
corporate hospitality events where the users
are not operating from a specific fixed location.
Fully hosted and managed, the service is
backed by Commidea technical support
seven days a week and utilises X.25, the
fastest card authorisation communications
network available. Pre-certified by all major
UK Acquirers, the solution is ready to accept
card payments on delivery, and can be rented         Commidea’s acclaimed WebCom system also           down to the transactions of a specific user. This
on both short and long term contracts. This          provides Ocius customers with comprehensive       can then be exported in a variety of formats.
makes Ocius by far the safest and most               management information on their card payment
versatile method of accepting debit and credit       transactions.                                     With accessories, such as car chargers, carry
card payments, while effectively eliminating the                                                       cases and charging cradles, customers can
threat of fraudulent transactions.                   The browser-based Management Information          tailor the solution to their exact requirements.
                                                     solution gives merchants a massive variety of
                                                     reporting data for use in reconciliation, right

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        T: +44 (0)8444 828 200 F: +44 (0)8444 828 210 E: W:

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