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									The Definitive Guide to
    Making Quota
    Presented by Find New Customers

                                  By The Fearless Competitor
                                       Jeff Ogden, President
                                        Find New Customers
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● Section 1 - Executive Summary                         3

● Section 2 - Introduction                              5

   The Slow Death of Interruption Customer Engagement   5

   Key Sales Challenges                                 6

● Section 3 - Problem Assessment                         7

● Section 4 – Recommended course of action              9

● Section 5 – Case Study                                12

● Section 6 – About the Sponsor                         13

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO MAKING QUOTA                         2
Section 1 - Executive Summary

CSO Insights, experts on the world of sales and
marketing, recently surveyed over 2,800 companies.
They found most were raising quotas, despite low
quota attainment the prior year. In fact, quota
attainment has been steadily declining for years and
CSO Insights expects it to drop even more.

Undoubtedly, you’ve experienced these kinds of
challenges firsthand. Top executives ask for more
and more, looking for revenue growth, however:

•   Lead flow has dried up

•   Decisions are delayed

•   Budgets are tight                                       “It’s like you’re a high school
                                                             track coach. 1⁄2 of your high
                                                          jumpers can’t clear 6 feet. Yet
•   No one returns calls                                    we move the bar up to 6’ 3’.

One way to look at this is to compare sales quotas to          How’s that going to help?
                                                             If most of our jumpers can’t
a high jump competition. You used to clear 6 feet,          clear the first height, why will
but it’s getting harder and harder. Now the bar’s                           raising it help?”
going up.
                                                                             Jim Dickie,
                                                                       Managing Partner,
If it was tough before, now it’s nearly impossible.                        CSO Insights
What’s a sales leader to do?

In this white paper, we’ll examine the root causes of these challenges and explore how the
best companies have adapted to deliver superior results. Our goal is to provide you with a
road map you can use to put steps in place today for improved fiscal results.

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO MAKING QUOTA                                                        3
Fortunately, you don’t just get ideas from Find New Customers,      Our All-Star cast:
but also from some of the brightest minds in sales and
marketing. Many top sales experts contributed to this white              Jill Konrath,
                                                                        Selling to Big
paper.                                                                   Companies

In this paper, you’ll learn how smart companies are rethinking        Kevin Temple,
                                                                    Enterprise Selling
the whole approach to sales. Dave Stein said “Companies need
to start running sales as a business, rather than as a weekend           Jim Dickie,
pickup football game.” And you’ll learn how the best are using          CSO Insights
technology to deepen relations
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