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                           MIT List Visual Arts Center presents

                                     Markus Hansen
               Other People’s Feelings are also my Own–Soul Drawings
                                DVD loop, 23 portraits

                                    on the Media Test Wall

                                   June 2–August 18, 2006

                               Viewing hours: Daily 24 hours

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The MIT List Visual Arts Center (LVAC) is pleased to announce a
presentation of recent work by artist Markus Hansen, a Paris-based, German-born artist. Other
People's Feelings are also my Own–Soul Drawings (2004-06) pairs the artist with various other
subjects–men, women, and children of different ages. This series of double portraits is an
exercise in empathy and evocation. Hansen strives to resemble and assume–as closely as
possible–the posture and emotions of the other sitter. By dressing like and adopting the facial
expression of his partner subjects, he uncannily expresses their feelings. He chooses subjects
of different genders and races in an attempt to erase difference, or at least draw attention to the
artificiality of that concept. Hansen has said that "these portraits are about how we inhabit each
other, reside in each other, and how we always leave traces in each other." In this way,
Hansen's portraits capture emotional rather than physical likeness.

Markus Hansen is interested in how information is communicated and transmitted between
individuals, and in a larger sense, across generations. In his videos and photographs, Hansen is
concerned with indirect, nonverbal ways in which people are indelibly connected by shared
experience in particular, the traumatic impact of postwar German history on the emotional,
social, and political sensibilities of his generation. In Other People's Feelings are also my Own–
Soul Drawings Hansen investigates the way in which his perceived sense of the other is
destabilized. He is asking us to consider what we have in common rather then simply insist on
what divides us.
The Media Test Wall program, begun in January 2002, permits the LVAC to present solo
presentations and thematic compilations of videos by a range of established and emerging
artists. Located on a busy interior passageway on campus, this 24/7 projection gives visitors
and casual passers-by the opportunity to view a selection of video works outside the confines of
a traditional art setting.

The Media Text Wall is located in The Whitaker Building (21 Ames. St, Bldg 56) on the MIT

About the artist

Markus Hansen lives and works in Paris. He was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1963. At age
nine his family moved to Liverpool, England. After his art studies at the University of Reading,
he assisted German artist Joseph Beuys on the installation Plight. He then lived in Colombia
with the Waunana Indians, to pursue his anthropological interests in the creative healing role of
the Shaman.

Upon his return to London he started working with Interim Art in London and exhibiting
internationally, including shows in New York, London, Paris, Hamburg, Zurich, Croatia, and The
Czech Republic. He moved to Paris after a residence at the Cartier Foundation. Markus Hansen
works with performance, sculpture, installation, photography, film, and video. His recent
collaborations have included live video performances with the improvisational musical group
Bateau Lavoir from Antwerp together with the legendary Archie Shepp, and Two Shot Seven
from the U.S. made up of Billy Bang, Hamiet Bluiet, and Kahil el Zabar. He also collaborates
with London-based artist, Chris Dorley-Brown, on video installations. Their last collaboration,
Lewes, was shown at the Brighton Photographic Biennale. He recently had a solo exhibition at
the Virgil de Voldère Gallery in New York City. His recent work has also been shown at The
Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Queens Museum of Art, P.S.1 Museum of Contemporary Art, The
Brooklyn Academy of Music, and as part of the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center.

Press release information is courtesy of Virgil de Voldère Gallery.

This presentation of the Media Test Wall is generously supported by the Massachusetts Cultural
Council and the Council for the Arts at MIT.