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					X-Series Systems

X-RAM – Compressed air system
for medical equipment

Central compressed air supply –                                              •
                                                                                 Comprehensive logistics
                                                                                 On-time delivery
safe and reliable                                                            •   Quick response times
                                                                             •   Designed and manufactured
                                                                                 in Germany

                                                                                                         Vacuum & Pressure

All Elmo Rietschle compressed air systems are tested and assembled in
accordance with medical CE regulations and are ready to install on delivery.
The machines bear the CE mark for medical products (class II b medical equipment)
complying with the requirements of the European Directive dated June 14, 1993
Compressed air system for medical equipment X-RAM
Compressed air systems with 1, 2, 3 or more compressors, one or more compressed air vessels
and a pressure control system complying with the NF EN 737-3 standard.

Screw compressor                                                             Control system
•	 Air cooled with oil injection                                             •	 System programming by way of operator display
•	 Volume flow from 13 to 390 Nm3/h                                          •	 All motors feature independent
•	 Operating pressure 10 or 13 bar                                              power supply circuits
•	 Sound insulating enclosure included                                       •	 Load alternation circuit as standard
                                                                             •	 Digital pressure display
All compressors are fitted with                                              •	 Function monitoring by way of LCD display
                                                                                (on/off, fault, maintenance, operating hours meter)
•	 Inlet screen filter

                                                                                                                                                       Vacuum & Pressure
•	 Non-return valve                                                          •	 Option: remote monitoring
•	 Manually operated check valve                                             •	 Adjustable for day/night operation
•	 Option: electrically operated check valve
                                                                             Each filter unit consists of
Pressure vessel for
medical compressed air                                                       •	 Coarse filter, 99.999 % efficiency at 0.01 µ
•	 Vertical or horizontal configuration                                      •	 Fine-grade microfilter (aerosol filter)
•	 Vessel capacities from 100 to 5,000 liters                                •	 Adsorption dryer
•	 Interior and exterior galvanized,                                         •	 Activated charcoal filter (deodorising)
   exterior painted white                                                    •	 OX filter (CO catalyser)
•	 With pressure relief valve, pressure gauge                                •	 Anti-bacterial filter (sterilisable stainless steel
   and automatic condensate drain                                               filter), 99.99999 % efficiency at 0.01 µ

Compressed air quality monitoring                                            Accessories
•	 Continuous monitoring of air humidity                                     •	 Homogenizer container, interior and exterior
   with alarm function                                                           galvanized, exterior white varnish
•	 Automatic condensate drain

                                                                  Gardner Denver Schopfheim GmbH                        Gardner Denver Deutschland GmbH
                                                                  Roggenbachstraße 58                                   Industriestraße 26
                                                                  79650 Schopfheim · Germany                            97616 Bad Neustadt · Germany
                                                                  Ph. +49 7622 392-0                                    Ph. +49 9771 6888-0
 Elmo Rietschle is a brand of the                                 Fax +49 7622 392-300                                  Fax +49 9771 6888-4000
 Gardner Denver Blower Division

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