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									                                   Index to University Clippings

                                    University of West Florida

                                April 4, 2010 through April 31, 2010

University News

  Daily Advertiser - 4/10 - Marlin Adds Hardin To Coaching Staff - Neil Hardin - Alumni
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/10 - 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Topic Of Meeting At UWF -
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/10 - On What Day Did God Create The iPad? - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/110 - Relay For Life AT UWF Is Both Celebration And
   Battle To Fight - Christina Gillar - Students
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/10 - Pensacolian Part Of Traveling 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
   Tour With Stop At UWF - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/9 - Pensacola JazzFest - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/9 - The Calendar - Gina Cestaro - Faculty/Research
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/9 - Seven Days Out - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/9 - Milton Softball Team Edges Jay - Sports
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/9 - Calendar - General
  TendersInfo - 4/9 - United States: SGA Goes Green With Energy Fund - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/8 - Calendar - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/8 - Things To Do Friday And Saturday - General
  Targeted News Service - 4/8 - UWF John C. Pace Jr. Symposium Series Continues
   April 14 - General
  Targeted News Service - 4/8 - Women's Wall Of Honor Nominations Due April 15,
   2010 - General
  TendersInfo - 4/8 - United States: Gas Prices Set To Surpass $3 A Gallon For Sum-
   mer - Rick Harper - Faculty/Research
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/7 - School Buzz - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/7 - Leadership To Be Focus Of April 17 Teen Summit -
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/7 - Meetings Today - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/7 - Calendar - Jocelyn Evans - Faculty/Research
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/7 - School Buzz: Santa Rosa - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/7 - Julio's Best Bet - General
  Targeted News Service - 4/7 - UWF Department Of Music Presents Film Music Con-
   cert - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/6 - Things To Do This Week, Weekend - Jocelyn Evans -
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/6 - PJC Baseball Downs Chipola - Sports
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/6 - Meetings Today - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/6 - Calendar - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/6 - People On The Move - Alison Griffith - Alumni
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/6 - Summit To Focus On Teen Leadership - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/5 - Calendar - Jocelyn Evans - Faculty/Research
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/5 - Letters To The Editor - General
  News Herald - 4/4 - Bankruptcies Hit Thousands In Bay County - Rick Harper - Facul-
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/4 - Business Calendar - Rick Harper - Faculty/Research

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  Pensacola News Journal - 4/4 - Area Track Athletes Excel AT Mobile Challenge Of
   Champions - Sports
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/4 - Meetings This Week - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/4 - Calendar - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/4 - Argos Softball Defeats N. Alabama In Extra Innings -
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - Calendar: April 4, 2010 - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - School Briefs - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - Gulf Coast CC Tops PJC Baseball Team - Sports
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - Muggles Unite For Harry Potter Event - James Wood-
   son - Students
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - Coming Together For Survivorship - General
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - Chamber Of Commerce Begins Search For CEO -
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - Pensacola Opera Presents Musical Showcase - Gen-
  Pensacola News Journal - 4/3 - A Slow Boat Ride To Our Bayfront Development -
   Judy Bense - Administration
  Mobile Register - 3/31 - Art Students Work To Be Displayed - Samantha Williams -
  Mobile Register - 3/30 - Get To Know Valerie Eberlein - Valerie Eberlein - Alumni
  Mobile Register - 3/28 - ArtsCalendar - Samantha Williams - Students

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                    Daily Advertiser
April 10, 2010 Saturday                                                        Lafayette, LA: SPORTS

Marlin adds Hardin to coaching staff
Joshua Parrott                        Louisiana Tech associate head
                                      coach Nikita Johnson would join     After that, Hardin followed Marlin
Neil Hardin struggled with the        the Cajuns.                         to the University of Alabama,
decision because he had two                                               where he was a graduate assis-
strong options.                       All of those moves are pending      tant until getting his master's de-
                                      approval from the University of     gree in 1998.
Stay at Sam Houston State for a       Louisiana System Board of Su-
13th year as an assistant men's       pervisors, which must first re-     Sam Houston won a school-
basketball coach. Or follow for-      ceive recommendations from UL       record 25 games this past sea-
mer Bearkats head coach Bob           athletic director David Walker      son and the Southland regular
Marlin to UL.                         and university president E.         season and league tournament
                                      Joseph Savoie.                      championships to secure a berth
After some serious thought,                                               in the NCAA Tournament.
Hardin ultimately decided to re-      Marlin has declined to comment
unite with Marlin by moving his       on any personnel moves.             Set to rejoin Marlin again, Hardin
family to Louisiana.                                                      is eager for the chance to turn
                                      Hardin, a Florida native from       around a Cajun program that
News of his decision was first re-    Pensacola, has a long-standing      has posted five consecutive non-
ported Friday by The Daily Ad-        connection with Marlin.             winning seasons.
vertiser at
                                      At Sam Houston since 1998,          "I've worked for Bob for 17
"We had two really good op-           Hardin helped Marlin build the      years, so I obviously have a lot
tions, and I kind of flip-flopped a   Bearkats into a Southland Con-      of respect for him and everything
couple of times," Hardin said.        ference power. Sam Houston          that he's accomplished," Hardin
"On Tuesday night, I called Bob       won 225 games and three             said. "He's a great guy to work
and told him I was going there.       Southland Conference regular        for. I'm really excited about what
Then I slept on it and called him     season titles as well as earning    we can do there."
Wednesday morning with the            the program's only two trips to
news that I wasn't going to           the NCAA Tournament with Mar-       Prior to taking the UL job, Marlin
leave.                                lin and Hardin on the sideline.     was quoted on the Sam Houston
                                                                          athletics web site as saying this
"Last night, I called him back        Hardin was a student and un-        about Hardin: "Neil has been
and told him that we decided          paid assistant under Marlin from    one of the main reasons for our
that going to Lafayette was the       1992-95 at Pensacola Junior         success (at Sam Houston). He
best choice for us."                  College. That included the 1992-    has done a good job in all areas,
                                      93 season when the Pirates won      but specifically in our offseason
The addition of Hardin would ap-      the NJCAA Division I national ti-   individual workouts. He has re-
pear to complete Marlin's coach-      tle. Hardin attended the Univer-    cruited good players and helped
ing staff for next season. Multi-     sity of West Florida during that    make them better."
ple sources have told The Ad-         stretch before earning his bach-
vertiser that Sam Houston un-         elor's degree in 1995.              Circulation - 45,675
paid assistant Darby Rich and

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Pensacola News Journal
April 10, 2010 Saturday                                                                  NEWS

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' topic of meeting at UWF
From staff reports                                  ness.

An event at the University of West Flori-           The event will feature a screening of the
da on Wednesday will explore the mili-              Public Broadcasting Service documentary
tary's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, and its      "Ask Not," and a panel discussion by mili-
effects on military servicemembers.                 tary veterans who served under "Don't
                                                    Ask, Don't Tell."
At 7 p.m. Wednesday, the University of
West Florida Gay-Straight Alliance will             The tour is organized by the Human
host "Voices of Honor: A Generation Un-             Rights Campaign in partnership with Ser-
der 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' " in the Student       vicemembers United and the University
Commons conference room in Building                 of West Florida Gay-Straight Alliance.
                                                    Details: Contact the Gay-Straight Alliance
Voices of Honor is a national tour that             at
highlights what organizers say is a dis-
criminatory law that hurts military readi-          Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 10, 2010 Saturday                                                                       NEWS

On what day did God create the iPad?
Troy Moon                          recent weeks? Didn't you           More than convenience
                                   read about it on your iPad?
This iPad worship is getting                                          Maybe I should ask that
silly.                             Didn't you hear ...                question today at the 18th an-
                                                                      nual Physics Olympics at the
I know the world is gadget         Didn't you hear about the          University of West Florida
crazy, but it's just a computer    Large Hadron Collider at           Field House.
thingie - and really, the new      CERN and its record-smash-
opiate of the masses. It will      ing, proton-smashing day a         I have a feeling the middle
not make your life any better,     week ago when it sent two          and high school students
no more than last year's big       protons colliding into each        there look at science much
gadget did, or the one the         other creating seven trillion      differently than the people
year before. If your life is       volts of energy?                   who value science solely for
"better" than it was a few                                            the convenience - an opiate
years ago, I doubt it's be-        That's three times more than       for sure.
cause you can watch a Lady         the previous record, and
Gaga video on your phone.          brings us a step closer to un-     Students will compete in a
                                   derstanding not just the origin    number of contests, from
New York Times media writer        of the universe but maybe          Physics Jeopardy to Heat
David Carr actually wrote a        what preceded that origin.         Transfer and Bridge Building
column about the gadget enti-                                         endeavors, for prizes, glory
tled "A Savior in the Form of      Didn't your iPad tell you that a   and the sake of knowledge.
a Tablet."                         group of quantum physicists
                                   at the University of California    The event is from 8 a.m. to 1
For weeks now, I've been           Santa Barbara last week an-        p.m. and while the outcome
reading stories from re-           nounced that they have sci-        might not approach the
spectable news outlets using       entific research that suggests     majesty of the Hadron Collid-
words such as "lust" and           that a quantum state is ob-        er or the quantum state dis-
"drooling" to describe peo-        servable, meaning that any         covery, it is a start.
ple's reaction to the iPad.        visible object exists simulta-
                                   neously in a parallel state?       And I know many of the
Look, I love science and tech-                                        youngsters there will love the
nology. I just think technolo-     Yes, they made an object - a       iPad just like everyone else.
gy's best feature is its ability   small paddle the width of a        But they also know the fron-
to push the frontiers of sci-      human hair - move and stand        tiers of science don't stop at
ence, and not vice-versa.          still at the same time. Is the     YouTube.
                                   iPad more impressive than
Have you even heard about          that?                              Circulation - 63,342
the big news in technology in

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Pensacola News Journal
April 10, 2010 Saturday                                                                              NEWS

Relay for Life at UWF is both celebration and battle to fight
Erin Kourkounis                      It's important for young people to     "It's changed my whole outlook
                                     become more informed about             on life."
The track at the University of       cancer, Gillar said. In fact, sev-
West Florida buzzed with ener-       eral Relay for Life steering com-      Relay for Life events
gy and excitement as hundreds        mittee members, all younger
of college students gathered         than 24 years old, are cancer          -- UWF track: April 9-10, 6 p.m.
with one common goal - to cele-      survivors.                             Friday to noon Saturday
brate and remember survivors
and victims of cancer.               Survivor Chair Liz Wright, a           -- Jay High School track: April
                                     UWF sophomore, was diag-               16-17, 6 p.m. Friday to noon
UWF's Relay for Life event be-       nosed with Wilms' tumor, a type        Saturday
gan at 6 p.m. Friday with a cere-    of kidney cancer, when she was
mony and "survivor lap," in          4 years old. Wright started be-        -- Navarre High School track:
which cancer survivors were          coming     involved       in  ACS      April 16-17, 6 p.m. Friday to
honored and walked the first lap     fundraising events when she be-        noon Saturday
of the relay.                        came cancer-free 15 years ago.
                                     She said Relay for Life is a cele-     -- Hellen Caro Elementary Track
The 31 participating teams will      bration, but it also is a good way     (Perdido): April 16-17, noon Sat-
have at least one member walk-       to raise awareness, especially         urday to 6 a.m. Sunday
ing around the track until the re-   among young people.
lay ends at noon today. With a                                              -- Pace High School football sta-
fundraising goal of $35,000, the     "Cancer is real," she said. "It        dium: April 16-17, 6 p.m. Friday
proceeds will go toward the          happens to children, and it hap-       to noon Saturday
American Cancer Society. At 7        pens to people who are 78 years
p.m. Friday, more than $16,000       old."                                  -- Old Century High School foot-
had been raised.                                                            ball stadium: April 24-25, noon
                                     Committee member and UWF               Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday
Event Chairwoman Christina           freshman Sarah Norman has
Gillar, a UWF graduate student,      participated in relays in Pace,        -- Gulf Breeze High School foot-
said the relay is a great way to     but this is her first year to attend   ball stadium: April 23-24, 6 p.m.
raise money toward cancer re-        the event at the university. She       Friday to noon Saturday
search and to participate in help-   said the atmosphere is different
ing a cause that affects almost      from other relays because most         -- Tate High School Football Sta-
everyone.                            of the participants are college        dium: April 30-May 1, 6 p.m. Fri-
                                     students.                              day to noon Saturday
"I have four members of my fam-
ily who are currently considered     Norman said Relay for Life didn't      -- PJC Milton Campus track:
survivors," Gillar said. "Hopeful-   become personal for her until          April 30-May 1, 6 p.m. Friday to
ly, more people will use the pre-    she   was    diagnosed      with       noon Saturday
vention methods that are out         leukemia.
there so they don't get diag-                                               -- PJC Main Campus track: May
nosed and are too far along (to      "It was never spiritual for me be-     7-8, 6 p.m. Friday to noon Satur-
do anything)."                       fore," said Norman, who has            day
                                     been cancer-free since 2008.
                                                                            Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 10, 2010 Saturday                                                                  NEWS

Pensacolian part of traveling 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' tour with stop at UWF

Louis Cooper                                       forum with gay veterans of the Iraq and
                                                   Afghanistan wars, alongside average
A Pensacolian will be among those                  Americans fighting for repeal of "Don't
speaking at the local stop of a national           Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
tour intended to shed light on the military's
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on gays             Air Force Master Sgt. Jay Boda, a native
serving openly in the military.                    of Pensacola and former human intelli-
                                                   gence collector and Iraq veteran who re-
The national gay rights advocacy group             tired in 2009, will speak at the event. Oth-
Human Rights Campaign, in partnership              er speakers include Walker Burtschell, a
with Servicemembers United, will visit             Miami native and veteran of the U.S.
Pensacola on Wednesday as part of the              Army who was discharged under "Don't
"Voices of Honor: A Generation Under               Ask/Don't Tell," and Army Spc. Jarrod
'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'" monthlong tour that       Chlapowski, who opted to not re-enlist be-
also includes stops in Orlando, Tampa,             cause of the policy.
Miami and Jacksonville.
                                                   More than 13,500 Americans have been
The event is set for 7 p.m. at the Student         denied the ability to serve - including more
Commons building at the University of              than 800 specialists with vital skills like
West Florida.                                      Arabic linguists, according to the Human
                                                   Rights Campaign.
The event will include a screening of the
PBS documentary "Ask Not" and a public             Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 9, 2010 Friday                                                   WEEKENDER; Pg. E4

Pensacola JazzFest
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Satur-            School Jazz Band.
day;                                                             1:10 p.m.: Phillips Piano
                                    11:35 a.m.: University of    Competition Winner.
10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday.           West Florida Jazz Band.
Pensacola JazzFest, now                                          1:45 p.m.: Aaron Wein-
in its 27th year, is a family-      12:25   p.m.:   Abraham      stein/Howard Alden/Russ
oriented festival that cele-        Baldwin   College   Jazz     Kassoff Trio.
brates all types of jazz.           Band.
The artist line-up includes                                      2:50 p.m.: Russ Kassoff
prominent national jazz             1:30 p.m.: Russ Kassoff      with Steve Gilmore and
artists, regional and local         with Dennis Mackrel and      Dennis Mackrel.
artists and area college,           Steve Gilmore.
high school, and middle                                          3:35 p.m.: Aaron Wein-
school jazz bands. There            2:20 p.m.: Russ Kassoff      stein/Howard Alden.
is a "Jazz Jam for Kids"            Trio with Howard Alden
both days at 2 p.m., with           and Aaron Weinstein.         4:25 p.m.: Loren Pickford
harmonicas and kazoos                                            Quintet.
provided free. An arts and          3:10 p.m.: Loren Pickford
crafts exhibition is includ-        Quintet.                     5:20 p.m.: Donald Vega
ed. Seating is provided,                                         Piano Trio.
though many attendees               4:05 p.m.: Aaron Wein-
take lawn chairs and picnic         stein/Howard Alden.          6 p.m.: Guffman Trio.
baskets or purchase food
from one of the vendors             5 p.m.: Kathy Lyon Trio.     Headliners
on site. Free. Seville
Square, downtown Pen-               Sunday                       Howard Alden: Alden was
sacola. Kathy Lyon, 433-                                         voted "Best Emerging Tal-
8382, or visit                      10 a.m.: Escambia High       ent - Guitar" in the 1990
                                    School Jazz Band.            JazzTimes critics' poll and                                           "Talent Deserving Wider
                                    10:30 a.m.: Navarre High     Recognition" in the 1992,
Schedule                            School Jazz Band.            '93, '95 and '96 Downbeat
                                                                 critics' polls. He was Sean
Saturday                            11 a.m.: Tate High School    Penn's guitar coach for the
                                    Jazz Band.                   movie "Sweet and Low-
10 a.m.: Ransom Middle                                           down," and performed the
School Jazz Band.                   11:30 a.m.: Northwest
                                    Florida State College Jazz   solos in the film.
10:25 a.m.: Pine Forest             Band.
High School Jazz Band.                                           Russ Kassoff: An accom-
                                    12:15 p.m.: Pensacola Ju-    plished pianist, conductor,
11    a.m.:     Bailey     Middle   nior College Jazz Band.      composer,      orchestrator

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                      Electronic Clipping
and arranger, Kassoff                                              likes of the Chamber Jazz
toured as pianist to Frank         · Donald Vega: Vega's first     Quintet, Tom Waits, Mose
Sinatra from 1980-91 and           album as a bandleader,          Allison and the National
served as pianist/accom-           "Tomorrows,"      was re-       Jazz Ensemble.
panist for Liza Minnelli           leased July 2008 with rave
from 1982-01.                      reviews. The disc includes      Kathy Lyon: The president
                                   six original tunes, showing     of the Jazz Society of Pen-
Dennis Mackrel: Mackrel            that Vega has evolved into      sacola, Lyon toured exten-
has performed with the             a creative composer and         sively with Two's Company
Dizzy Gillespie Alumni             arranger.                       and the Kat Lyon Band
Band, the Carnegie Hall                                            during the early '80s. She
Classic Jazz Orchestra,            Aaron Weinstein: Named          has recorded two CDs and
the Smithsonian Jazz Or-           a "rising star violinist" by    is an in-demand performer
chestra, John Pizzarelli,          Downbeat Magazine, We-          throughout the Emerald
Harry Connick Jr. and              instein is quickly earning a    Coast.
Quincy Jones, among oth-           reputation as one of the
er career highlights.              finest jazz violinists of his   The Guffman Trio: The trio
                                   generation.                     began performing in 2003
Loren Pickford: A Gram-                                            and has been featured at
my-nominated saxophon-             Steve Gilmore: Bass play-       festivals    and    venues
ist, flutist, pianist, vocalist,   er Gilmore has anchored         throughout the Southeast.
composer and recording             the                             Their eclectic sound is a
artist, Loren Pickford has                                         blend of straight-ahead
had a multifaceted career          Phil Woods Quartet since        jazz with blues, funk, Latin
ranging from modern jazz,          1974.                           and folk.
blues, R&B, Brazilian mu-
sic and New Orleans R&B.           He has performed with the       Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 9, 2010 Friday                         WEEKENDER; Pg. 14E, 15E, 16E, 17E, 18E, 19E, 20E

The Calendar
Ms. Northwest Florida Senior         early to get a tattoo applied by a   Road. Brenda Van Brussel, 698-
Pageant                              pirate lass. Tickets: $20; $5 for    7856, or visit www.btwbaseball.-
                                     ages 9 and younger. Visitors In-     com
1 p.m. Friday. This pageant is       formation Center, 1401 E. Gre-
the only time of year that mostly    gory St. 435-0914, or visit www.     'The Art of Giving' viewing and
all nursing homes and assisted                   reception 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday.
living facilities get together.
Each facility had its own beauty     Spring Fling                         University of West Florida De-
pageant and the winners go on                                             partment of Fine Art lecturers
to the Ms. Northwest Florida Se-     11 a.m. shopping; 11:30 a.m.         and artists Gina Cestaro and
nior Pageant. Every participant      tasting luncheon, Friday. The        Marzia Prendergast, together
is a resident of a nursing home      Navarre Garden Club presents         with Pensacola business owner
or assisted-living facility. Free.   its signature fundraiser. Atten-     and artist James Amerson, are
Sacred Heart Hospital, 5151 N.       dees will get to sample food         organizing an online art auction
Ninth Ave. Melissa Parker, 477-      from area restaurants, shop for      to raise funds for the people of
6400, or e-mail map@creek-           crafts, plants and baked goods       Haiti. A pre-auction viewing and                           and watch cooking demonstra-         wine-and-cheese reception for
                                     tions by area chefs. Take-out or-    the artists will feature several of
Yuri's Night Pensacola               ders will be picked up at the        the pieces in the auction. Hair
                                     door. $8. Navarre Conference         Do, 402 E. Wright St. E-mail
6 p.m. Friday. Yuri's Night Pen-     Center, 8700 Navarre Parkway,
sacola features a variety of         Navarre. 939-8720.
shows and displays on space                                               International Migratory Bird Day
exploration. Attendees are en-       Emerald Coast Flower & Garden        program
couraged to wear sci-fi cos-         Festival
tumes or space-related clothing                                           8 to 10 a.m. Saturday. Ornitholo-
to celebrate humanity's achieve-     Noon to 5 p.m. Friday; 10 a.m.       gist Lynn Ogden will give an in-
ments in space past, present         to 5 p.m. Saturday; 10 a.m. to 4     troduction to birding and binocu-
and future. Yuri's Night is named    p.m. Sunday. The 13th annual         lars at the Florida Trail kiosk.
after Russian cosmonaut Yuri         Emerald Coast Flower & Garden        Ogden will lead a walk to look
Gagarin, who, on April 12, 1961,     Festival is a sure cure for spring   for migrant neo-tropical song-
became the first human in            fever. The festival offers indige-   birds, resident woodland birds
space. Free. Pensacola Junior        nous and exotic plants, annual       and shore birds. Participants
College Planetarium, 1000 Col-       and perennial flowers, citrus        should wear walking shoes and
lege Blvd. Jay Gallops, 293-         trees, garden art and acces-         take insect repellent and binocu-
8237, or visit www.usscontinu-       sories, educational exhibits, arts   lars. The program is free, but                              and crafts and tours of the cam-     there is an $8 entrance fee to
                                     pus gardens. Pensacola Junior        the fort area. Fort Pickens. 934-
'Pirates of Pensacola' trolley       College Milton campus, 5988          2600, or visit
tours                                U.S. 90, Milton. Gina Jogan,
                                     587-2621.                            Physics Olympics
6:30 to 8 p.m. Fridays through
June 18. The Red Trolley sets        Washington HS Baseball Boost-        8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Four-
sail every weekend on the seas       er Club golf tourney                 teen student teams from seven
of adventure. Along the way,                                              middle schools and six teams
passengers will face rival pi-       1 p.m. Saturday. Entry fee for a     from three high schools will be
rates, find clues, and learn the     team of four is $300, or $75 for     competing in seven separate
Secrets of the Seven Seas. Dur-      single entries. Registration in-     events. Medals and trophies will
ing the voyage, you'll learn how     cludes golf, range balls, refresh-   be awarded. University of West
to tie a pirate bandana and wear     ments, dinner, awards and            Florida Field House, 11000 Uni-
an eye patch and a hook. Take        prizes. Scenic Hills Golf & Coun-    versity Parkway, building 54.
your pirate gear along and arrive    try Club, 8891 Burning Tree          Sharon Meador, 474-2267, or e-

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                  Electronic Clipping
mail                    event, sponsored by the Santa         brary, 1060 Shoreline Drive, Gulf
                                       Rosa County Health Departmen-         Breeze. 916-1200.
Run for Their Lives 5K                 t's Women, Infants and Children
                                       program will feature 19 booths        Free book swap
8 a.m. Saturday. The 5K on             with information for adults and
Pensacola Beach will benefit           activities for children, including    10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The
Lakeview Center's programs for         face painting, prizes, a special      Blackwater Heritage State Trail
survivors of rape and other vio-       appearance by McGruff the             Citizen Support Organization is
lent crimes. A post-race celebra-      Crime Dog and other local mas-        inviting the community to partici-
tion will feature food, live music,    cots. Free. Blackwater Heritage       pate in the free book swap.
door prizes and an awards cere-        State Trail Visitor Center, 5533      There will be no limit to the num-
mony with multiple awards being        Alabama St., Milton. 983-5250,        ber of swaps. Blackwater Her-
given in the run and walk divi-        or visit www.healthysantarosa.-       itage State Trail Visitor Center,
sions. The race begins and ends        com.                                  5533 Alabama St., Milton. Phyl-
at the Casino Beach parking lot.                                             lis Garrett, 626-0009 or 983-
Registration is $15 for adults         Pensacola's      Largest       Baby   5338., or visit www.blackwater-
and children through Friday and        Shower                      
$20 on race day. The first 300 to
register will receive a T-shirt.       9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Learn      Carden    Christian      Academy
Pensacola Beach. 469-3800.             the basics for keeping moms           Spring Market
                                       and babies healthy and enjoy a
We Believe      in   Children    5K    fun-filled educational day featur-    1 to 5 p.m. Sunday. The market
Run/Walk                               ing exhibitors, refreshments,         will include food vendors and
                                       speakers and prizes. Pensacola        playgrounds that are open for a
8 a.m. Saturday. The 22nd an-          Junior College Warrington Cam-        family afternoon. If you want to
nual We Believe In Children 5K         pus, 5555 U.S. 98 West, Health        participate as a vendor, set
Run/Walk will benefit the Es-          Science Building 3700. 474-           aside your quality, used items
cambia County Public Schools           5333.                                 and take a table. For $10, you
Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit                                            can sell your items for yourself
organization. Money raised will        Fishin' With a Mission charity        or donate them to the school.
support teachers and students          bass tournament                       Entry: Free. Carden Christian
special projects. A free family                                              Academy, 3290 Bauer Road.
fun fair conducted by The Es-          Saturday. United Way of Santa         492-4873.
cambia County Council of PTAs          Rosa County presents its fifth
will follow the run with a bounce      annual Fishin' With a Mission         Pancake Breakfast
house, bubbles station, jump           charity bass tournament. The
rope station and Scoop the Peli-       first place prize is guaranteed       7 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday. The
can blood pressure checks.             $3,000 along with payouts to the      Holley Navarre Senior Associa-
Registration: $20 for students;        top 10 boats. Entry: $110 per         tion presents its pancake break-
$10 for military. Longleaf Ele-        boat, includes an event T-shirt,      fast. Enjoy pancakes made from
mentary School, 2600 Longleaf          mullet    dinner   donated    by      scratch. A stack of one is $2,
Drive. Sue Kennedy, 595-6975           Smokey J's Seafood and door           three for $3 or all you can eat for
ext. 227.                              prizes. Toes N' Sand Marina,          $4. Stacks come with bacon or
                                       6876 Quinn St., Milton. Kendra        sausage and coffee or tea. For
Fifth annual April Nicole's Ride       Parson, 623-4507, or e-mail           50 cents more each you can add
for Autism                                  blueberries or juice. E.H. Pullum
                                                                             Senior Center, 8476 Gordon
11 a.m. Saturday. The escorted         Great American Cleanup                Goodin Lane. 936-1644.
ride will depart from Gulf Breeze
High School and end at Coco-           8:30 to 11 a.m. Saturday.             'The Powerful Concepts of Huna'
drie's Restaurant on Navarre           Cleanup of the Luzon Heights,
Beach. The event features mu-          Bel-Air and Wynn Oaks neigh-          2:30 to 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Learn
sic and food. Registration begins      borhoods. Walmart, 501 N. Navy        how to heal yourself using the
at 9 a.m. Gulf Breeze High             Blvd. Gwinn Corley, 438-1178,         ancient methods of Hawaiian
School, 675 Gulf Breeze Park-          or e-mail director@cleanand-          Huna healing. Marcus Linde-
way, Gulf Breeze. Rae Jean                                mann will present the concepts
Kerr, 291-6830, or e-mail char-                                              of Huna. A $7 donation will be                      Friends of the Gulf Breeze Li-        requested. Gulf Breeze Recre-
                                       brary book sale                       ation Center, 800 Shoreline
Walk for Mommy & Me                                                          Drive,    Gulf   Breeze.    Visit
                                       9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The
10 a.m. to noon Saturday. The          Friends of the Gulf Breeze Li-
Blackwater Heritage Trail in Mil-      brary presents its book sale.         'Bach to Basics: Go Baroque at
ton is the site for the third annual   Hardbacks: $2. Paperbacks: $1.        Our Auction'
"Walk for Mommy & Me." The             Oversize: $1.25. Gulf Breeze Li-

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                     Electronic Clipping
6:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday. The                                               take place at 6 p.m. April 16 at
Choral Society of Pensacola will     Jazz Combo        and    Ensemble    the Pensacola Beach Yacht
offer patrons a wide array of        Spring Recital                       Club, 715 Pensacola Beach
auction items. The evening will                                           Blvd., with the Skippers' Meeting
feature live and silent auctions     7:30 p.m. Wednesday. The             for big boats at 7 p.m. Small
filled with merchandise, gift cer-   UWF Jazz Combo starts the            boat registration is at 9 a.m.
tificates and services. There will   evening by presenting jazz from      April 17 at Quietwater Beach on
also be free food and bever-         the likes of Miles Davis, Dizzy      Pensacola Beach, followed by
ages; entertainment courtesy of      Gillespie, Thelonious Monk and       the Skippers' Meeting at 10:30
pianists Kenneth Karadin, Ivy        Antonio Carlos Jobim. The UWF        a.m. Racing for all classes be-
Modjeski and Darlene Mosley;         Jazz Ensemble follows with vo-       gins at 11:55 a.m. April 17. The
and some musical surprises.          cal and instrumental works by        race will be followed by a post-
More than 45 items will be up for    Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Nat       race meal and awards ceremony
bid. Free. Pensacola Opera, 75       Adderley and Sammy Nestico.          at 5 p.m., or as soon thereafter
S. Tarragona St. 484-1806, or        Free. UWF Center for Fine and        as practical. Tickets for Thurs-
visit    www.choralsocietyofpen-     Performing Arts Mainstage The-       day's food and auction at the                          atre, 11000 University Parkway,      Fish House are $30, or $50 per
                                     Building 82. 857-6285.               couple. Registration fees for Sat-
East Hill Guitar Instruction con-                                         urday's regatta are $50 for big
cert                                 Rheta Grimsley Johnson work-         boats and two-manned small
                                     shop and reading                     boats, which includes two tickets
6:30 p.m. Wednesday. East Hill                                            for the Thursday night silent auc-
Guitar Instruction is presenting a   2:30 p.m. workshop; 6:30 p.m.        tion and two regatta T-shirts. For
spring concert at Madison's Din-     reading and reception, Wednes-       one-man small boats, registra-
er. Twenty or more students will     day. Meet award-winning South-       tion is $30, which includes one
be performing for friends and        ern author Rheta Grimsley John-      ticket for the Thursday night
family, showcasing what they         son as she kicks off a book tour     silent auction and one regatta T-
have learned in their private        for her latest memoir, "Enchant-     shirt.    416-4660,    or     visit
lessons. Madison's Diner, 1010       ed Evening Barbie and the Sec-
N. 12th Ave. 607-7798, or visit      ond Coming." A writer's work-
www.easthillguitarinstruction.-      shop takes place in PJC's new        Golf Tournament
com.                                 Chadbourne Library. An evening
                                     reading followed by a reception      11:30 a.m. registration; 1 p.m.
Fashion Show/Card Party              and book signing takes place at      shotgun start, Thursday. The
                                     PJC's Ashmore Auditorium at          Pace Rotary Club will present its
8:30 a.m. Wednesday. The             6:30 p.m. Signed copies of "En-      11th annual golf tournament at
Newcomers Club of Greater            chanted Evening Barbie and the       Stonebrook Country Club. Mon-
Pensacola will present its annual    Second Coming" will be avail-        ey raised from the tournament
fashion show and card party.         able at both events for a $30 do-    will support the community initia-
The fashions will be by Chico        nation, with all proceeds benefit-   tives of the Pace Rotary Club.
and this year's theme is "Step-      ing PJC's Department of English      Cost: $400 for a team of four;
pin' Out." Raffle baskets and        and Communications. Work-            $100 for an individual. Includes
door prizes will be available.       shop: free. Reading and recep-       lunch, fish fry dinner, cart and
$25. New World Landing, 600 S.       tion: $10 at the Ashmore Audito-     greens fees, range balls prior to
Palafox St. Sherry Parrish, 475-     rium box office, building 8. Pen-    start, soft drinks/water, two drink
0445, or e-mail srparrish@-          sacola Junior College, 1000 Col-     tickets, two mulligans and one                              lege Blvd. 484-1560, or e-mail       tee buster. Stonebrook Golf
                                              Club, 3200 Cobblestone Drive.
'Rejuvenate and Design Your                                               Sheriff Wendell Hall, 304-1823.
Yard & Flower Beds'                  Preemie Cup Regatta and Silent
                                     Auction                              Clubs
11:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednes-
day. The event features informa-     Thursday through April 17. This      · Santa Rosa County Democrats
tion on landscaping and rejuve-      annual event benefits the            monthly yard sale: 8 a.m. to 2
nating your yards by Mike's Gar-     Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at      p.m. Saturday. Items for sale will
den in Gulf Breeze. The event        Sacred Heart Children's Hospi-       include toys, stuffed animals,
also features a performance by       tal. The festivities will begin      books, kitchen items, glassware,
singer Danielle Fryman and           Thursday with a silent auction,      tools, technology, furniture and
guest speaker Jean Harron will       appetizers, and a cash bar from      garden equipment. Santa Rosa
share why she "traded in her         6 to 9 p.m. at The Fish House        County Democrats, 5746 Stew-
boots and spurs for a smoother       Deck Bar, 600 S. Barracks St.        art St., Milton. Martha Smith,
ride!" Cost: $13.50. Tiger Point     The silent auction will feature      623-2345, or visit www.san-
Golf Club, 1255 Country Club         jewelry and spa treatments.          tarosa
Road.     932-2308,    or    visit   Registration for the regatta will                                                 Gold Wing Road Rider's Associ-

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                  Electronic Clipping
ation: 8 a.m. second Saturday.       Florida. He will speak about          Gulf Isle Neighbors:
FL1-D presents its monthly so-       "Patriot American Revolution
cial. All bikes are welcome, but     Leaders." Sonny's Real Pit Bar-       11 a.m. Wednesday. Social peri-
members are mainly owners and        B-Q, 630 N. Navy Blvd. Ed             od followed by a program, lunch
riders      of    Honda     Gold     Young, 473-1176.                      and business meeting. The pro-
Wing/Valkyrie        motorcycles.                                          gram is entitled "Where's the Sil-
Golden Corral Buffet & Grill,        South Santa Rosa Writers              ver Lining in the Recession of
2260 Langley Ave. Mike Walker,       Group: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tues-        2009-10?" The business meet-
572-0042, or visit www.fl1-d.-       day. Local novelist, poet and         ing will include election of offi-
com.                                 short-story writer Nelson Otten-      cers for 2010-11. Lunch: $10.
                                     hausen will be the featured           Reservations are required by
Newcomer's Club of Greater           speaker at the meeting of the         Friday. Pensacola Civic Center,
Pensacola: 9 a.m. second             South Santa Rosa Writers              201 E. Gregory St. Joyce Low-
Wednesday. The meeting fea-          Group. Ottenhausen has written        ery, 916-0229, or e-mail joyclow-
tures      games        and      a   several novels including "The
luncheon/meeting. The club is        Killing Zone," "Civil War II" and
open to women who have resid-        "The Blue Heron." He has been         Travel Club: 6 p.m. Thursday.
ed in Pensacola two years or         published in many national mag-       Norwegian Cruise Lines will be
less. Monthly activities include a   azines and has published a col-       conducting a presentation on
book club, Bunco and bowling.        lection of short stories and po-      their cruise products and a
$14. Pensacola Yacht Club,           ems. St. Augustine's Episcopal        Greek Isles cruise with Turkey
1897 Cypress St. Nancy War-          Church, 7810 Navarre Parkway.         and Croatia. Attendees are eligi-
renfeltz, 995-0051.                  Joyce Porter, 936-7527.               ble for a drawing for a free
                                                                           cruise for in the Eastern
Senior Dance Meeting:                Pensacola Archaeological Soci-        Caribbean, to take place in
                                     ety: 7 p.m. Tuesday. UWF Ar-          September. Bayview Senior
2 to 4 p.m. Mondays through          chaeologist Margo Stringfield will    Center, 2000 E. Lloyd St. E-mail
April 26. A meeting to discuss       speak on St. Michael's Cemetery
starting a senior dance in the       and the Legacy of Vicente S.
Milton/Pace area. Volunteer mu-      Pinatdo, Surveyor General for         Listen & Learn
sicians are welcome to jam and       Spanish West Florida. Also
practice. Retired Senior Volun-      speaking will be John Phillips. J.    Tea Ceremony Workshop: 2:30
teer Program Club House, 6294        Earle Bowden Building, 120            p.m. Saturday. The workshops
Buckskin Drive. Billy or Pat         Church St. Martha Ridlehoover,        will be conducted by Kazuko
Rogers, 626-1826.                    433-0656.                             Law, a master in Japanese tradi-
                                                                           tional arts. The workshops will
Friends of the Southwest Branch      Autism Society of Pensacola           allow participants to learn the
Library: 6:30 p.m. Monday. Gulf      Parent Chats: 9:30 a.m. Tues-         basics of practicing Japanese
Coast author Patricia Edmisten       day. Village Inn, 4843 U.S. 90,       tea ceremony. Workshop partici-
will speak at the quarterly mem-     Pace. Rae Jean Kerr, 291-6830.        pants are encouraged to attend
bership meeting. Edmisten will       E-mail          a free tea ceremony demonstra-
share her experience as a                                                  tion on April 16. Registration:
Peace Corps volunteer in Peru        Music Study Club of Pensacola:        $15. Participants may elect to
in the early 1960s and in various    10 a.m. Wednesday. Selected           purchase a basic tea ceremony
Latin American countries.            members of the Music Study            tool set for $50 plus tax. The tool
                                     Club will entertain in a program      set includes a fukusa, kobukusa,
She will have her books avail-       titled "Members Mix It Up!" Vio-      sense, fukusaire and kaishi.
able for purchase. Southwest         linist Richard Cannon will per-       University of West Florida
Branch Library, 12248 Gulf           form, accompanied by his wife         Japan House, 11000 University
Beach Highway. 453-7780, or          Judy. Vocalists Gail Crume and        Parkway, building 71. 474-3363.
visit    Vivian Lamont will perform, each
brary/friends.asp.                   accompanied by pianist Emilie         Turtles of Northwest Florida: 10
                                     Bova. Crume sings with the Pen-       a.m. Saturday. The Department
Pensacola Rose Society Rose          sacola Opera Chorus. Lamont,          of Environmental Protection's
Lovers: 7 p.m. second Monday.        president of the club, is partners    Big Lagoon State Park is pre-
Tryon Branch Library, 1200 Lan-      with bassist Rudy Pendleton in        senting its Turtles of Northwest
gley Ave., Room A. 476-1901, or      the Pendleton Duo Plus. She is        Florida interpretive program at
e-mail                 also emcee at the regular Tues-       pavilion No. 39 at the East
                                     day night jazz jam at Belmont         Beach day-use area. Park ad-
Pensacola Chapter, Sons of the       Arts and Cultural Center. Free.       mission: $6 for vehicles (up to
American Revolution: 5:15 p.m.       First Baptist Church of Pensaco-      eight individuals) and $2 for
Tuesday. The speaker will be         la, 500 N. Palafox St. Vivian La-     pedestrians and cyclists. Big La-
Dr. Derek S. Zumbro, military        mont,     458-6744,      or   visit   goon State Park, 12301 Gulf
history coordinator, Department               Beach Highway. 492-1595, or
of History, University of West                                             visit

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                   Electronic Clipping
                                     deal with too many clothes, too     since its premiere in 1972. Tick-
Judge Andrew Napolitano lec-         little space and how to get that    ets: $16 for adults; $12 for se-
ture: 7:30 p.m. Thursday. The        closet organized. The class is      nior citizens and active military;
University of West Florida will      taught by Pensacola profession-     $10 for non-UWF students and
present a lecture by Judge An-       al organizer Lea Schneider.         UWF faculty and staff; $5 for
drew Napolitano, constitutional      Cost: $20. Registration deadline:   high school students; free for
scholar and legal analyst for Fox    Wednesday. Breathe Yoga Stu-        UWF students with Nautilus
News Channel. Napolitano will        dio, 503 S. Adams St. 477-2582,     cards. UWF Center for Fine and
discuss, "Whatever Happened          or visit www.organizerightnow.-     Performing Arts, 11000 Universi-
to the First Amendment?" A           com.                                ty Parkway. 857-6285, or visit
book signing will start immedi-                                
ately following the lecture in the   Theater
lobby of the Conference Center.                                          Deadline for submissions to
Free. University of West Flori-      'Grease': 8 p.m. Thursdays          Weekender is 5 p.m. Fridays. All
da Commons Conference Cen-           through Saturdays through April     submissions must include a pub-
ter, 11000 University Parkway,       17; 2:30 p.m. Sundays through       lishable phone number, e-mail
Building 22. Jane Halonen, 474-      April 18. The University of         address or Web site address. If
2112.                                West Florida Theatre Depart-        you have questions concerning
                                     ment presents "Grease," one of      submitting an item, please con-
'Organizing Handbags, Heels          the most famous and entertain-      tact Chemarryn Thornton at 435-
and Closets': Noon to 1 p.m.         ing pop-culture musicals of our     8600.
Thursday. Get ready for warm         time. "Grease" has been enter-
weather by finding out how to        taining audiences of all ages       Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 9, 2010 Friday                                                       WEEKENDER; Pg. 12E, 13E

Seven days out
9 FRIDAY                              Panhandle Community Theatre          'A Sunday of Soundside Splen-
                                      at Storage Masters, 4614 Wood-       dor'
'A Midsummer Night's Dream'           bine Road, Pace. 221-7599.
                                                                           4 to 7 p.m. Sunday. Join the
7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays       Extraordinary Women Confer-          Children's Home Society of Flori-
through April 17; 2:30 p.m. Sun-      ence                                 da for the fifth annual "A Sunday
days through April 18. When                                                of Soundside Splendor," honor-
young lovers avoid an arranged        7 to 10 p.m. Friday; 8:30 a.m. to    ing past board chair Nina Camp-
marriage by fleeing into a nearby     4:30 p.m. Saturday. The Extraor-     bell. The evening features a live
forest, they run afoul of the fairy   dinary Women's Conference            and silent auctions and a menu
king Oberon and his mis-              features a variety of speakers in-   featuring unique wines hand se-
chievous assistant Puck in            cluding Angela Thomas (author        lected by Chef Jim Shirley. Tick-
Shakespeare's popular comedy.         and speaker), Karen Kingsbury        ets: $100.
Director Michelle Hancock is          (award winning fiction writer),
adding a few pop-culture twists       Chonda Pierce (Christian come-       Portofino Island Resort & Spa,
of her own in this joint produc-      dian) and Sheri Rose Shepherd        10 Portofino Drive, Pensacola
tion of Treehouse Theatre and         (speaker).                           Beach. 266-2705.
the Southeastern Teen Shake-
speare Company. The Bard              The event also features music        PJC Celebration of the Perform-
sprinkled his script with allusions   artists Mandisa, Jeremy Camp         ing Arts
to characters from literature and     and Adie. Registration: $89.
mythology. Hancock is replacing       Pensacola Civic Center, 201 E.       7:30 p.m. Saturday. The Pen-
a few of those with references to     Gregory St. 432-0800, or visit       sacola Junior College Music and
1980s pop culture. For more de-                      Theatre department presents the
tails, read today's "Front Row"                                            second annual "Celebration of
column on page 9. Tickets: $20,       10 SATURDAY                          the Performing Arts," a live con-
$18, $16 and $14 for adults; half                                          cert that helps support fundrais-
price for children ages 12 and        Wiener Dog Race                      ing for PJC's fine and performing
younger. A $1 handling fee is                                              arts student scholarships.
charged for each ticket printed.      Noon Saturday. The sixth annual
Pensacola Little Theatre, 400 S.      Wiener Dog Race benefits the         The show features original musi-
Jefferson St. 432-2042, or visit      Florida    Dachshund    Rescue       cal compositions performed by       Foundation, a non-profit organi-     PJC faculty and students; dance
                                      zation dedicated to providing        presentations by the Swerve
'The Glass Menagerie'                 love, rescuing, fostering and        Dance Co.; dramatic scenes
                                      adoption of the dachshund            from "Topdog/Underdog," the
7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and        breed. Beverages and hot dogs        Pulitzer Prize-winning off-Broad-
Thursday through April 17; 2:30       will be available.                   way play; and poetry readings of
p.m. Sunday and April 18.                                                  original PJC student poems by
                                      Take your lawn chairs and a          PJC theater students. Free; do-
This play is a family drama writ-     camera.                              nations requested. Pensacola
ten by Tennessee Williams and                                              Junior College Ashmore Fine
set in the 1930s. The four-char-      Donations are requested from         Arts Auditorium, 1000 College
acter play is directed by Rick        spectators, and the $10 racer        Blvd. 484-1847.
Ready.                                entry fee includes a trainer and
                                      a pet crew member. Pleasant          Suspect Terror in concert
Characters include Gail Ready         Grove Motorsport Track, 9221 S.
as Amanda, Jennifer Godwin as         Loop Road.                           5:30 p.m. Sunday. Mobile's Sus-
Laura, Cliff Pressley as Tom and                                           pect Terror will take headlining
Jeremy Hosbein as Jim. Tickets:       Cat Warfield, 492-6224, or visit     duties as some of hardcore and
$12.                                      death metal's up-and-comers
                                                                           converge on The Ready Room.

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                  Electronic Clipping
In support for the evening are        nal arrangement or composition       presents a new take on Hamlet
Oh Messiah, Pacifist, Is That A       for a maximum of 20 minutes          at Phineas Phogg's in Seville
Ninja?, Buried At Sea, Beneath        performance time. The overall        Quarter. The presentation fea-
These Waves, In the Beginning         winner also will be featured at      tures performances, refresh-
and Sniper on the Ridge. The          the 27th annual Pensacola Jaz-       ments, costume prizes, a raffle
music will be aggressive, but the     zFest on Sunday. Free. Saenger       and contests. Admission: $10;
vibe will be positive. Most of the    Theatre, 118 S. Palafox Place.       $7 for students; $2 for students
bands on the bill are either          474-2147,         or        visit    in costume. Seville Quarter, 130
Christian, straight-edge, or both.      E. Government St. 572-6124, or
The Ready Room, 22 S. Palafox                                              visit
Place.     912-8644,    or    visit   Repticon Pensacola                                                Seventh  annual    Pensacola
ror.                                  10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday; 10       Open Wheelchair Tennis Cham-
                                      a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Repticon      pionship
Pensacola JazzFest                    presents its reptile show featur-
                                      ing an alligator show with a 10-     7 p.m. Tuesday; 9 a.m. Wednes-
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday; 10        foot alligator. There also will be   day through April 17; 10 a.m.
a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. Pensaco-       chameleons, bearded dragons          April 18. This year's open fea-
la JazzFest, now in its 27th year,    and snakes. Educational semi-        tures the world's top players as
is a family-oriented festival that    nars and exhibits will also be       part of the NEC Wheelchair Ten-
celebrates all types off jazz. The    hosted. Tickets: $8 for adults       nis Tour. In the men's open,
artist line-up includes several       and $5 for children ages 5           eight of the top 10 players are in,
prominent national jazz artists,      through 12 for single-day pass-      as well as five of the top 10 for
regional and local artists and        es; $10 for adults and $5 for        the women and quad divisions.
area college, high school, and        children ages 5 through 12 for a     The kickoff exhibition doubles
middle school jazz bands. There       two-day pass. Pensacola Inter-       match on Tuesday features the
is a "Jazz Jam for Kids" both         state Fairgrounds, 6655 W. Mo-       two highest ranked open players
days at 2 p.m., with harmonicas       bile Highway. (863) 268-4273, or     with pros Michael Edge and Will
and kazoos provided to the chil-      visit              Morris. Admission: Free. Roger
dren for free. An arts and crafts                                          Scott Tennis Center, 2130 Sum-
exhibition is also included. Seat-    11 SUNDAY                            mit Blvd. David Mayo, 572-3000,
ing is provided, though many at-                                           or visit www.pensacolaopen.-
tendees bring lawn chairs and         Tim McGraw in concert                com.
picnic baskets or purchase food
from one of the vendors on site.      7 p.m. Sunday. Tim McGraw is         14 WEDNESDAY
For more details, see our Jaz-        one of the biggest names in all
zFest guide on page 4. Free.          of music today. The country mu-      'The Soul Plays'
Seville Square, downtown Pen-         sic star has sold more than 40
sacola. Kathy Lyon, 433-8382,         million albums and dominated         8 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday,
or visit       the charts with 30 No. 1 singles.    April 16, April 21 through 23,
                                      Since the release of his debut       April 28 through 30 and May 5
Kathleen T. and Philip B.             album in 1993, he has won three      and 6; 7 p.m. May 7. The Soul
Phillips, M.D. Jazz Piano Com-        Grammy Awards, 14 Academy            Plays feature three plays, three
petition                              of Country Music Awards, 11          casts and lots of soul. See
                                      Country     Music    Association     William Shakespeare's "Othello"
7:30 p.m. Saturday. The Univer-       Awards and 10 American Music         on Thursday, April 21, April 23,
sity of West Florida Depart-          Awards. Lady Antebellum and          April 29 and May 5; or "Dutch-
ment of Music will showcase stu-      the Lost Trailers will open the      man" by Amiri Baraka and "Birth
dent musicians from across the        show. Tickets: $57.75 to $98.95,     of a Blues" by Ben Caldwell on
United States at the sixth annual     available at the Wharf box office,   Wednesday, April 16, April 22,
Kathleen T. and Philip B.             Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmas-     April 28, April 30 and May 6. The
Phillips, M.D. Jazz Piano Com- or charge by phone at        finale on May 7 includes all three
petition. This performance is the     (800) 745-3000. Additional fees      shows. Tickets: $10; $8 for stu-
final round of the competition,       may apply. The Amphitheater at       dents and seniors. The Pen-
with the five finalists competing     the Wharf, 23101 Canal Road,         sacola Improv Event Center, 375
for cash prizes totaling $10,000.     Orange Beach, Ala. (251) 224-        N. Pace Blvd. 291-2718, or visit
Entrants include currently en-        1500, or visit www.thewharfal.-      www.hurreyupstageandfilmwork-
rolled undergraduate and gradu-       com.                       
ate students, ages 17 through
35, at colleges and universities      13 TUESDAY                           15 THURSDAY
throughout the United States.
                                      'The Play's the Thing: Hamlet'       Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
Each finalist will play three con-
trasting pieces with or without a     7 p.m. Tuesday. The University       5:30 p.m. Thursday. The Com-
jazz combo, including one origi-      of West Florida Book Club            munity Redevelopment Agency

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                   Electronic Clipping
music and entertainment in          1 p.m. Thursday through April         ane M. Henderiks, for a special
Plaza de Luna until the sun sets    17. The Farmers' Opry in Chu-         cooking class at Jackson's
over Pensacola Bay. This week       muckla is presenting the White        Steakhouse. The class will cover
will feature musical entertain-     Sands Music Festival. The festi-      everything from shopping to
ment by the Shades. The char-       val features world class blue-        preparation to presentation of a
acter will be the Chic-fil-a Cow.   grass music, food and refresh-        healthy, nutritious four-course
Free. Plaza de Luna, at the         ments, jam sessions in the            meal. The cost covers the cook-
southern end of Palafox Street.     campground, CDs and tapes             ing demonstration, tastings of
Terri Kuvach, 435-1695, or visit    and a full-service restaurant with    the dishes, wine pairings, and a        down-home country cooking. For        take-home recipe booklet so you
                                    more details, see our festival        can try your hand at Henderiks'
Drew Davidsen in concert            guide on page 7. Admission:           recipes in your own home. Hen-
                                    $20 per day; $55 for a three day      deriks is a leading U.S. nutrition-
6 p.m. Thursday. Smooth jazz        pass at the door; $50 for a three     ist, personal chef, culinary edu-
guitarist Drew Davidsen is fea-     day pass in advance. The Farm-        cator, fitness expert, television
tured in Smooth Jazz maga-          ers' Opry, 8897 Byrom Campbell        personality, contributing editor to
zine's April 2010 issue. He will    Road, Chumuckla. 994-6000.            national publications and a For-
also be playing at the Seabreeze                                          tune 500 nutritional consultant.
Jazz Festival in Panama City on     Cooking Class with the 'Dietitian     $100. Jackson's Steakhouse,
April 16 and 17. Free. Bad Ass      in the Kitchen'                       400 S. Palafox St. 217-2347, or
Coffee Co., 1014 Underwood                                                visit
Ave. Ed Lemox, 478-2081.            5 to 6:30 p.m. or 7:30 to 9 p.m.
                                    Thursday. Join visiting celebrity     Circulation - 63,342
White Sands Music Festival          culinary educator and nutrition-
                                    ist, "Dietitian in the Kitchen" Di-

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Pensacola News Journal
April 9, 2010 Friday                                                           ONLINE SPORTS; Pg. C3

Milton softball team edges Jay
From staff reports                    At Tate Tate 1 Mercy Academy
                                      (Ky.) 0 Mercy 000 000 0-0 3 0          If the Crusaders win, they clinch
The Milton Panthers defeated          Tate 020 000 0-1 9 1                   the No. 1 seed in the tourna-
the Jay Royals, 8-5 on Thursday                                              ment.
night.                                WP-Heather Schaff (12-6) 7 IP,
                                      3 H, BB, 4 K.                          At Catholic Catholic 16 Liberty
Alyssa Larson picked up the win                                              Tech (Tenn.) 2 LT 200 00- 2 2 3
for the Panthers, improving to 6-     LP-J. Francis 6 IP, 9 H, R, ER,        Cath (11)50 0X-16 12 2
4 on the season.                      BB, 5 K.
                                                                             WP-Nick Miller (4-0) 4 IP, BB, 3
Milton (15-7, 6-3 in 1-5A) will       Mercy Academy          hitters:   P.   K, 2 H, 2 ER.
play its final District 1-5A game     French 2-3, 2B.
of the regular season tonight                                                LP-Attaway 2 IP, 4 BB, 12 H, 13
when it hosts Pine Forest.            Tate hitters: Schaff 3-3, 2B; Kim      ER.
                                      Baker 1-3, R; Amy Seifert 1-2,
At Milton Milton 8, Jay 5 Jay 002     RBI.                                   Catholic hitters: Drew Labounty
000 3-5 9 6 Milton 304 001 0-8                                               2-2, 3B, BB, 3 R, RBI; Devin
10 3                                  Escambia 3, Trinity (Ky.) 2            Dukes 2-3, HR, 3 R, 3 RBI;
                                                                             Blake Quillin 1-3, 2B, R, 2 RBI;
WP-Alyssa Larson (6-4) 7 IP, 9        Escambia edged Trinity (Ky.) on        Logan Hill 2-2, 2B, HR, R, 2 RBI;
H, 4 R, 5 K.                          Thursday to improve to 18-4.           Wade Wass 1-2, HR, R, 2 RBI,
                                                                             BB; Stuart Todd 1-2, 2B, R, 2
LP-Sidney Lowry 10 H, 8 R, 2          Escambia will play again tonight       RBI.
BB.                                   when it hosts Tate at home.
                                                                             Liberty Tech (Tenn) hitters: A.
Jay hitters: Olivia Bright 2-4;       At Escambia Escambia 3, Trinity        Taylor 1-2; Brown 1-3, R.
Tessa Hendricks 2-4.                  (Ky.) 2 Trinity 000 110 0-2 2 1
                                      Escambia 102 000 0-3 11 2              Central 11-17 Poplar Springs 0-
Milton hitters: Tiffany Boisvert 2-                                          6
4; Alyssa Larson 1-4; Katie Wor-      WP-Ashley Peters 7 IP, 9 K, 2
ley 2-4; Ashlyn Pace 1-1; Mikey       BB, 2 R, ER.                           The Jaguars needed only five in-
Drinkard 1-2; Leanna Land 2-3;                                               nings in each game to sweep
Ashley Johnson 1-3.                   LP-Wilkerson 6 IP, 4 K, BB, 3          the doubleheader against their
                                      ER.                                    district foe.
Tate 1, Mercy Academy (Ky.) 0
                                      Escambia hitters: Mandy Heider         Nick Waters for 4-for-5 com-
The Tate Aggies edged Mercy           2-4, R; Ashley Peters 2-2, R;          bined during the two games for
Academy to improve to 14-7 on         Daniele McCastle 2-3, RBI, SB.         Central.
the season.
                                      Baseball                               The Jaguars jumped out to big
Heather Schaff, still riding high                                            leads in both games, scoring six
from her performance last week        The Catholic Crusaders defeat-         runs in the first inning of the
at the Kissimmee Classic, im-         ed Liberty Tech (Tenn.), 16-2 in       opener and 13 in the first frame
proves to 12-6 with the win,          five innings on Thursday night.        during the second game.
pitching a complete game and
striking out four.                    The Crusaders put the game             Central returns to the field at 6
                                      away early on, outscoring Liber-       p.m. today when it travels to
Tate plays again tonight at Es-       ty Tech 11-2 in the first inning.      Laurel Hill.
cambia in the Aggies' last Dis-
trict 1-5A game of the regular        Catholic (13-4) will play again        At Central Game 1 CENTRAL 11
season.                               tonight at Chipley in a District 1-    POPLAR SPRINGS 0 Poplar
                                      3A game.                               000 00- 0 1 2 Central (9-6, 4-3)

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641 0x-11 11 0                      Gulf Breeze hitters: Justin Ratte     Tennis
                                    1-3, RBI; Stephen Robbins 2-2,
WP-Wendell Cooley (1-0) 5 IP,       2B; Robin Hoffpauir 1-3, 2 RBI;       The West Florida High girls ten-
H, 0 R, 0 ER, 6 K. LP-Williams.     Ben Lively 2-3, HR, 2B.               nis team earned a 7-0 win
                                                                          against East Hill, ending its reg-
Central hitters: Nick Waters 2-3,   Freeport 20, PCA 5                    ular season.
2 R, 3 RBI; Daniel Nordstrom 1-
2, 3 R.                             The Bulldogs used three big in-       The Jaguars return to the court
                                    nings to get past the Warriors.       Wednesday in the first day of
Game 2 CENTRAL 17 POPLAR                                                  the District 1-2A Tournament at
SPRINGS 6 Poplar 102 03- 6 7        PCA returns to action Saturday        the University of West Florida.
2 Central (10-6, 5-3) (13)30 1x-    at Ponce de Leon.
17 15 0                                                                   At Roger Scott
                                    At PCA FREEPORT 20, PCA 5
WP-Hunter Phillips (3-0) 5 IP, 7    Freeport 560 90-20 14 3 PCA           Girls
H, 6 R, 6 ER, 6 K, 2 BB. LP-        (2-10) 030 02- 5 1 6
Forehand.                                                                 WEST FLORIDA 7, EAST HILL
                                    WP-Degaff Erilly 5 IP, H, 5 R,        0
Central hitters: Daniel Nordstram   ER, 5 BB, 2 K. LP-Trevor Shoe-
2-2, 3 R, RBI, 2B; Nick Waters      maker 2 IP, 8 H, 11 R, 5 ER, 2        Singles
2-2, 3 R, 3 RBI, 2B; T.J. Beasley   BB.
2-2, 3 R, 4 RBI, HR.                                                      Melanie Lewis       def.      Sharon
                                    Freeport hitters: Graziani 2-5, 3     Flemming 8-0
Gulf Breeze 5 Panama City           R, 2 RBI; Porter 2-2, 2 R, RBI;
Bozeman 0                           Fannin 3-4, 2 R, RBI; Eads 3-4,       Aspen Martin def. Amelia Lane
                                    3 R, RBI.                             8-2
Ben Lively had a double and a
home run and Jackson Yares          PCA hitters: Brandon Sharp 1-2,       Kendall   Montisanto              def.
scattered four hits over five in-   2 R.                                  Meaghan Doyle 8-5
nings to lead the Dolphins to the
win.                                At Navarre Escambia 8, Navarre        Brieaun Cage def. Maddy Demp-
                                    0 ESC 000 320 3-8 9 0 NAV 000         sy 8-2
The Dolphins travel to Choctaw      000 0-0 2 2
today.                                                                    Shelby Lindley def. Sophia Chen
                                    WP-Trussell 7 IP, 2 H, 7 K, 3         8-3
At Gulf Breeze GULF BREEZE 5        BB.
PANAMA CITY BOZEMAN 0                                                     Doubles
Bozeman 000 000 0-0 5 3 Gulf        LP-Jordan 4 2/3 IP, 5 H, 7 K, 2
Breeze (13-4) 004 100 x-5 8 2       BB, 5 R                               Lewis-Cage def. Flemming-Lane
WP-Jackson Yates (4-1) 5 IP, 4      Escambia Hitters: Meekins 2-4,
H, 0 R, 0 ER, 5 K, 5 BB.            Pokrandt 3-4.                         Martin-Montisanto      def.   Doyle-
                                                                          Dempsy 8-3
LP-Porter 6 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 3   Navarre Hitters:     Bolivar   1-2,
K.                                  Hagewood 1-2.                         Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 9, 2010 Friday                                                ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Today                           E. Gregory St. The two-        woodland and shore birds.
                                day conference will feature    Participants should wear
--    Creative  Learning        a variety of speakers in-      walking shoes, and take
Academy's spring art festi-     cluding author Angela          insect repellent and binoc-
val: 11:30 a.m. to 2:45         Thomas;       award-winning    ulars. The program is free,
p.m. at the school, 3151        fiction writer Karen Kings-    however there is an $8 en-
Hyde Park Road. Call 432-       bury; Christian comedian       trance fee to the fort area.
1768.                           Chonda       Pierce;    and    Call 934-2600.
                                speaker Sheri Rose Shep-
-- Emerald Coast Flower         herd. Tickets are $69 in       -- Water Safety Day: 8:30
and Garden Festival: Noon       advance, or $89 at the         to 10 a.m. at the pool at
to 5 p.m. today; 10 a.m. to     door. Visit www.ewom-          Pensacola Junior College,
5 p.m. Saturday; and 10                        1000 College Blvd. Youths
a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday,                                         ages 5 to 14 can learn
Pensacola Junior College        Saturday                       about water safety through
Milton campus, 5988 U.S.                                       lifeguard demonstrations,
90, Milton. Three varieties     -- 18th annual Physics         floating exercises, kick
of blueberry, three vari-       Olympics: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.,    board exercises, and wa-
eties of thornless black-       University of West Flori-      ter games and safety
berry and two varieties of      da Field House, 11000          skills. Free. Reservations
muscadine grape plants          University Parkway. The        requested by today to the
will be available for pur-      competition will involve 14    Greater Pensacola Aquatic
chase. Master Gardeners         middle school and six high     Club at 484-1312.
will be on-site to answer       school teams competing in
plant questions. Call 623-      egg drop, bridge building,     -- 14th annual Pensacola's
3868.                           air cannon, paper airplane,    Largest Baby Shower: 9
                                heat    transfer,   physics    a.m. to 1 p.m., Pensacola
-- 10th annual Ms. North-       jeopardy and examination.      Junior College Warrington
west     Florida     Senior     Call 484-1104.                 campus, 5555 W. U.S. 98.
Pageant: 1 p.m., Sacred                                        Moms can learns the ba-
Heart Hospital, 5151 N.         -- International Migratory     sics for keeping them-
Ninth Ave. Winners from         Bird Day program: 8 to 10      selves and their babies
nursing home and assist-        a.m. Gulf Islands National     healthy. The educational
ed living facility pageants     Seashore will host the pro-    event will include ex-
will compete. Call Melissa      gram on the Florida Na-        hibitors, speakers and
Parker, 477-6400.               tional Scenic Trail at Fort    prizes. Call 474-5333.
                                Pickens.       Ornithologist
-- Extraordinary Women's        Lynn Ogden will give an        -- Santa Rosa County
Conference: 7 to 10 p.m.        introduction to birding and    Home Expo: 9 a.m. to 4
today and 8:30 a.m. to          binoculars, and will lead a    p.m., Santa Rosa County
4:30 p.m. Saturday, Pen-        walk to look for migrant       Auditorium, 4530 Spikes
sacola Civic Center, 201        neotropical song, resident     Way, Milton. The Santa

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                    Electronic Clipping
Rosa Board of Realtors'          with purple       bows.       Call   be on site with solar
home expo will feature           516-1495.                            scopes and free sky
home improvement and                                                  charts, and costumed
building vendors, food and       ·-- Third annual Walk for            group members with the
children's carnival. Admis-      Mommy & Me: 10 a.m. to               Star Trek and sci-fi fan
sion is free. Call 623-5309.     noon, Blackwater Heritage            club USS Continuum will
                                 State Trail Visitor Center,          be on hand for pictures.
-- Scout Jam 2010: 9 a.m.        5533 Alabama St., Milton.            "Hubble" is shown daily at
to 6 p.m., Northwest Flori-      The event, sponsored by              10 a.m., noon, 2 and 4
da      Fairgrounds,   1958      the Santa Rosa County                p.m. Call 453-2389.
Lewis Turner Blvd., Fort         Health        Department's
Walton Beach. The Gulf           Women, Infants and Chil-             -- A Flip Flop Run: 6:30
Coast Council, Boy Scouts        dren program, will feature           p.m. beginning on the gulf
of America 100th anniver-        19 booths with information           side of Pensacola Beach.
sary Scout Jam will in-          for adults, and activities for       The run is the lead-in to
clude public activities and      children. Free. Call 983-            the Gulf Coast Half
events such as games, ex-        5250.                                Marathon, a 13.1-mile run
hibits,      demonstrations,                                          that starts 7 a.m. Sunday
contests and competition.        -- Program about turtles of          on the beach. Both events
Visit www.gulfcoastcoun-         Northwest     Florida:   10          are fund-raisers for the          a.m., Big Lagoon State               American Cancer Society's
                                 Park, 12301 Gulf Beach               Relay for Life events. Visit
-- 27th annual Pensacola         Highway. The state park    
JazzFest: 10 a.m. to 6           will host the interpretive
p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.        program at pavilion 39 at            -- Second annual Celebra-
to 7 p.m. Sunday in Seville      the East Beach day-use               tion of the Performing Arts:
Square. The family-orient-       area. The talk will include          7:30 p.m., Ashmore Fine
ed festival, which cele-         some of Northwest Flori-             Arts Auditorium at Pen-
brates all types of jazz, will   da's freshwater and brack-           sacola Junior College,
feature music from nation-       ish water turtles. The pro-          1000 College Blvd. The
al jazz artists, regional and    gram is free, however                live concert will feature
local artists, and college,      there is a $6 fee per vehi-          original music composi-
high and middle school           cle for admission into the           tions performed by PJC
bands. Admission is free.        park. Call 492-1595.                 faculty     and    students,
Visit www.jazzpensacola.-                                             dance presentations by
com.                             -- Far Out Hubble Day: 11            the Swerve Dance Co.,
                                 a.m. to 2 p.m., National             scenes from the play "Top-
-- Paint This Town Purple:       Naval Aviation Museum on             dog/Underdog," and poet-
10 a.m. Members of the           Pensacola Naval Air Sta-             ry readings of original PJC
Milton and Pace Relay            tion. The museum will host           student poems. Donations
committees will decorate         the event to highlight the           are suggested. Call 484-
the stretch of U.S. 90 from      IMAX film, "Hubble." The             1847.
the Lowe's in Milton to          Escambia Amateur As-
Woodbine Road in Pace            tronomers Association will           Circulation - 63,342

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April 9, 2010 Friday

United States: SGA goes green with energy fund
At the Student Government Association               of support at UWF. Asa result of the in-
Senate meeting on Friday, March 26, the             creasing support for the Student Green
SGA passed a resolution in support of the           Energy Fund campaign, the Florida Legis-
Student Green Energy Fund bill (Fla. Sen-           lature is once again considering the bill,
ate Bill 778) that is currently in the Florida      which will give students at Florida s public
Legislature.                                        universities the ability to choose whether
                                                    to implement a small fee ($0.25 $1 per
The campaign for the Student Green En-              credit hour) that would be used for energy
ergy Fund is a statewide, student-led ini-          efficiency and renewable energy projects.
tiative that has been gaining support at            To clarify, the bill itself does not mandate
many universities in Florida, and it has            any fees, it simply allows the students at
been gaining support on the University of           each individual university to choose for
West Florida campus, in part, due to the            themselves whether to implement a fee,
efforts of the UWF Student Environmental            and that choice would be made by a refer-
Action Society. SGA President Amanda                endum of the entire student body. For a
Clonts, SGA Vice President Josh Finley              small amount of money per credit hour,
and Senator Erica Greene have also got-             students will be able to contribute to a
ten involved with the campaign and                  fund that has the potential to provide over
worked with SEAS to co-author the reso-             $100,000 per year for energy efficiency
lution that passed on its first reading with        and renewable energy projects. Energy
a 15-4-0 abstention vote. Thewide margin            efficiency and renewable energy projects
of victory for those in favor of the resolu-        are particularly advantageous because
tion clearly shows that the campaign for            they will reduce utility costs and allow
the Student Green Energy Fund has a lot             UWF to save money for academics.

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Pensacola News Journal
April 8, 2010 Thursday                                               ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Today                           ucation and science. A re-      · Yuri's Night Pensacola: 6
                                ception begins at 5:30          p.m. in the planetarium at
· Sunsets at Plaza de           p.m. Reservations recom-        Pensacola Junior College,
Luna: 5:30 p.m. in Plaza        mended. Call 202-4462.          1000 College Blvd. Yuri's
de Luna. Watch the sun-                                         Night Pensacola, an event
set while listening to musi-    · "Beauty and the Beast":       hosted by the Escambia
cal entertainment from          7:30 p.m., Saenger The-         Amateur Astronomers As-
The Charred Melon Cher-         atre, 118 S. Palafox Place.     sociation and the USS
ries. Scoop, the Pensacola      Watch Disney's "Beauty          Continuum, will feature
Pelicans' mascot, will be       and the Beast," the Broad-      various shows and dis-
on-hand to meet children.       way musical based on the        plays on space explo-
Free. Call 435-1695.            Academy Award-winning           ration.      Free.    Visit
                                animated feature film.
· "Night at the Museum:         Tickets are $67 and $52.
Battle       for       the      Call 595-3880.                  · Extraordinary Women's
Smithsonian": 6 to 9 p.m.,                                      Conference: 7 to 10 p.m.
Sanders     Beach-Corrine       Friday                          Friday and 8:30 a.m. to
Jones Community Center,                                         4:30 p.m. Saturday, Pen-
913 South I St. The movie       · Navarre Garden Club's         sacola Civic Center, 201
will be shown for youths        Spring Fling: 11:30 a.m. to     E. Gregory St. The two-
ages 11 to 14. The cost,        2 p.m., Navarre Confer-         day conference will feature
which includes the movie        ence      Center,      8700     a variety of speakers in-
and dinner, is $5 for City      Navarre            Parkway,     cluding author Angela
of Pensacola residents,         Navarre. The club's spring      Thomas;       award-winning
and $7 for nonresidents.        event will feature a cook-      fiction writer Karen Kings-
Call 436-5198.                  ing demonstration from          bury; Christian comedian
                                Tuscan Grill executive          Chonda       Pierce;    and
· Exploring the Cosmos          chef Stephanie Corneal,         speaker Sheri Rose Shep-
from the Moon: 6 p.m.,          and food sampling from lo-      herd. The event also fea-
Florida Institute For Hu-       cal restaurants. Tickets        tures music artists Man-
man and Machine Cogni-          are $8. Call Jo, 939-8720.      disa, Jeremy Camp and
tion, 40 S. Alcaniz St. Uni-                                    Adie. Tickets are $69 in
versity of Colorado profes-     · 10th annual Ms. North-        advance, or $89 at the
sor Jack Burns will present     west     Florida     Senior     door. Visit www.ewom-
the public lecture. Burns'      Pageant: 1 p.m., Sacred
teaching and research fo-       Heart Hospital, 5151 N.
cus on extragalactic as-        Ninth Ave. Winners from         Saturday
tronomy and cosmology,          nursing home and assist-
supercomputer numerical         ed-living facility pageants     · Water Safety Day: 8:30
situations,    astrophysics     will compete. Free. Call        to 10 a.m. at the pool at
from the moon, and public       Melissa Parker, 477-6400.       Pensacola Junior College,
policy issues in higher ed-                                     1000 College Blvd. Youths

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                    Electronic Clipping
ages 5 to 14 can learn          is free. Call Jill Young-        for adults, and activities for
about water safety through      blood, 623-5309.                 children. Free. Call 983-
lifeguard demonstrations,                                        5250.
floating exercises, kick        · 27th annual Pensacola
board exercises, and wa-        JazzFest: 10 a.m. to 6           · Fifth annual April Nicole's
ter games and safety            p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.        Ride for Autism: 11 a.m.
skills. The free event is       to 7 p.m. Sunday in Seville      beginning at Gulf Breeze
presented by USA Swim-          Square. The family orient-       High School in Gulf
ming, the Greater Pen-          ed festival, which cele-         Breeze and ending at
sacola Aquatic Club and         brates all types of jazz, will   Cocodrie's Restaurant on
the University of West          feature music from nation-       Navarre Beach. Registra-
Florida. Reservations re-       al jazz artists, regional and    tion begins at 9 a.m. Call
quested by Friday to            local artists, and college,      Rae Jean Kerr, 291-6830.
GPAC at 484-1312.               high- and middle-school
                                bands. Admission is free.        · Washington High School
· Santa Rosa County             Visit www.jazzpensacola.-        Baseball Booster Club's
Home Expo: 9 a.m. to 4          com.                             second annual golf tourna-
p.m., Santa Rosa County                                          ment: 1 p.m., Scenic Hills
Auditorium, 4530 Spikes         · Third annual Walk for          Golf & Country Club, 8891
Way, Milton. The Santa          Mommy & Me: 10 a.m. to           Burning Tree Road. Entry
Rosa Board of Realtors'         noon, Blackwater Heritage        fee for a team of four is
expo will feature vendors       State Trail Visitor Center,      $300, or $75 for single en-
such as Majors Home Im-         5533 Alabama St., Milton.        tries. Registration includes
provement, Coastal Storm        The event, sponsored by          golf, range balls, refresh-
Shutters, ADT Security          the Santa Rosa County            ments, dinner, awards and
Systems and Innovative          Health       Department's        prizes. Call Brenda Van
Designs     of   Northwest      Women, Infants and Chil-         Brussel, 698-7856.
Florida, food and a chil-       dren program, will feature
dren's carnival. Admission      19 booths with information       Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 8, 2010 Thursday                                                                            NEWS

Things to do Friday and Saturday
FROM STAFF REPORTS                                                      den, conservation chairperson
                                    -- Extraordinary Women's Con-       with the Francis M. Weston
Calendar items have been up-        ference: 7 to 10 p.m. Friday and    Audubon Society, will give an in-
dated as much as possible, but      8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday,    troduction to birding and binocu-
the times, dates or venues for      Pensacola Civic Center, 201 E.      lars, will lead a walk to look for
certain events may change or        Gregory St. The two-day confer-     migrant neotropical song, resi-
cancel. Call the contact number     ence will feature a variety of      dent woodland and shore birds.
before attending any event.         speakers including author An-       Participants should wear walking
                                    gela Thomas; award-winning fic-     shoes, and take insect repellent
Friday                              tion writer Karen Kingsbury;        and binoculars. The program is
                                    Christian comedian Chonda           free, however there is an $8 en-
-- Navarre Garden Club's Spring     Pierce; and speaker Sheri Rose      trance fee to the fort area. Call
Fling: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fri-    Shepherd. The event also fea-       934-2600.
day, Navarre Conference Cen-        tures music artists Mandisa,
ter, 8700 Navarre Parkway,          Jeremy Camp and Adie. Tickets       -- Run for Their Lives 5K: 8 a.m.
Navarre. The club's spring event    are $69 in advance, or $89 at       Saturday beginning and ending
will feature a cooking demon-       the door. Call 1-800-526-8673,      at the Casino Beach parking lot
stration at 12:15 p.m. from Tus-    or visit            on Pensacola Beach. The 5K
can     Grill   executive   chef                                        will benefit Lakeview Center's
Stephanie Corneal, and food         Saturday                            programs for survivors of rape
sampling from local restaurants.                                        and other violent crimes. A post-
Luncheon tickets are $8. Call Jo,   -- 18th annual Physics Olympics:    race celebration will feature
939-8720.                           8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Uni-     food, live music, door prizes and
                                    versity of West Florida Field       an awards ceremony. Registra-
-- Emerald Coast Flower and         House, 11000 University Park-       tion is $15 for adults and chil-
Garden Festival: Noon to 5 p.m.     way. The competition will involve   dren through Friday, and $20 on
Friday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Satur-    14 middle school and six high       race day. Call 469-3800.
day; and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sun-     school teams competing in egg
day, Pensacola Junior College       drop, bridge building, air can-     --    Santa     Rosa      County
Milton campus, 5988 U.S. 90,        non, paper airplane, heat trans-    Democrats' yard sale: 8 a.m. to
Milton. Three varieties of blue-    fer, physics jeopardy and exami-    2 p.m. Saturday, 5746 Stewart
berry, three varieties of thorn-    nation. Call Joseph M. Zayas,       St., Milton. Items like toys,
less blackberry and two varieties   484-1104.                           books, glassware, tools and fur-
of muscadine grape plants will                                          niture will be available for pur-
be available for purchase. Mas-     -- 22nd annual We Believe In        chase. Call 623-2345.
ter Gardeners will be on-site to    Children 5K: 8 a.m. Saturday,
answer plant questions. Call        Longleaf Elementary School,         -- Water Safety Day: 8:30 to 10
623-3868.                           2600 Longleaf Drive. Proceeds       a.m. Saturday at the pool at
                                    from the 5K event will benefit      Pensacola Junior College, 1000
-- Yuri's Night Pensacola: 6 p.m.   Escambia       County      Public   College Blvd. Youths ages 5 to
Friday in the planetarium at Pen-   Schools Foundation Inc. A free      14 can learn about water safety
sacola Junior College, 1000 Col-    family fair will follow the run.    through lifeguard demonstra-
lege Blvd. Yuri's Night Pensaco-    Race entry is $20 for students,     tions, floating exercises, kick
la, an event hosted by the Es-      and $10 for military. Call Sue      board exercises, and water
cambia Amateur Astronomers          Kennedy, 595-6975, ext. 227.        games and safety skills. The
Association and the U.S.S. Con-                                         free event is presented by USA
tinuum, will feature various        -- International Migratory Bird     Swimming, the Greater Pen-
shows and displays on space         Day program: 8 to 10 a.m. Gulf      sacola Aquatic Club and the
exploration. People are encour-     Islands National Seashore will      University of West Florida.
aged to wear sci-fi costumes or     host the program on the Florida     Reservations requested by Fri-
space-related clothing. Free.       National Scenic Trail at Fort       day to GPAC at 484-1312.
Visit         Pickens. Ornithologist Lynn Og-

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                Electronic Clipping
-- 14th annual Pensacola's           day, Santa Rosa County Animal          sored by the Santa Rosa County
Largest Baby Shower: 9 a.m. to       Shelter, 4451 Pine Forest Road,        Health Department's Women, In-
1 p.m. Saturday in the Health        Milton. Cats will be available for     fants and Children program, will
Science Building, Pensacola Ju-      adoption for $15, and dogs may         feature 19 booths with informa-
nior College Warrington cam-         be adopted for $20. A free             tion for adults, and activities for
pus, 5555 W. U.S. 98. Moms           spay/neuter voucher will be giv-       children. Free. Call 983-5250.
can learns the basics for keep-      en for any unaltered animal. Lo-
ing themselves and their babies      cal rescue organizations and           -- Program about turtles of
healthy. The educational event       vendors will be on-site. Atten-        Northwest Florida: 10 a.m. Sat-
will include exhibitors, speakers    dees who wish to adopt a new           urday, Big Lagoon State Park,
and prizes. Call 474-5333.           pet and currently have pets at         12301 Gulf Beach Highway. The
                                     home should bring proof of ra-         state park is hosting the inter-
-- Friends of the Gulf Breeze Li-    bies vaccination for each animal.      pretive program at pavilion 39 at
brary book sale: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.    Pets on leashes and wearing            the East Beach day-use area.
Saturday, Gulf Breeze Library,       current rabies tag may attend.         The talk will include some of
1060 Shoreline Drive, Gulf           Call 983-4680.                         Northwest Florida's freshwater
Breeze. Hardback books will be                                              and brackish water turtles. The
available for $2, paperbacks for     -- 27th annual Pensacola Jaz-          program is free, however there
$1, and over-sized books for         zFest: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Satur-        is a $6 fee per vehicle for admis-
$1.25. Call 916-1200.                day and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sun-         sion into the park. Call 492-
                                     day in Seville Square. The fami-       1595.
-- Navy-Marine Corps Relief So-      ly-oriented festival, which cele-
ciety's 5K/10K fun run: 9 a.m.       brates all types of jazz, will fea-    -- Far Out Hubble Day: 11 a.m.
Saturday at Whiting Field Naval      ture music from national jazz          to 2 p.m. Saturday, National
Air Station. The 5K and 10K fun      artists, regional and local artists,   Naval Aviation Museum on Pen-
runs are open to the public.         and college, high and middle           sacola Naval Air Station. The
Awards will be presented to the      school bands. A Jazz Jam for           museum will host the event to
top men and women in each of         Kids will take place at 2 p.m. on      highlight the IMAX film, "Hub-
the seven age groups. There will     both days. Admission is free.          ble." The Escambia Amateur As-
be a hamburger and hot dog           Visit           tronomers Association will be on
cookout, and children's activities                                          site with solar scopes and free
after the race. Day-of-race regis-   -- Free book swap: 10 a.m. to 2        sky charts, and costumed group
tration is $25. Check-in begins      p.m. Saturday, Blackwater Her-         members with the Star Trek and
at 7:30 a.m. Call 512-6653.          itage State Trail Visitor Center,      sci-fi fan club U.S.S. Continuum
                                     5533 Alabama St., Milton. The          will be on hand for pictures.
-- Santa Rosa County Home            Blackwater Heritage State Trail        "Hubble" is shown daily at 10
Expo: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday,     Citizen Support Organization is        a.m., noon, 2 and 4 p.m. Ticket
Santa Rosa County Auditorium,        inviting the community to partici-     prices are $8.50 for adults, and
4530 Spikes Way, Milton. The         pate in the free book swap.            $8 for military, seniors, Naval
Santa Rosa Board of Realtors'        There will be no limit to the num-     Aviation Museum Foundation
semiannual home expo will fea-       ber of swaps. Call Phyllis Gar-        members and children ages 5 to
ture home improvement ven-           rett, 626-0009.                        12. Call 453-2389.
dors, food and a children's carni-
val. Vendors will have promo-        -- Repticon Pensacola: 10 a.m.         -- Fifth annual April Nicole's Ride
tions and gifts to give away. Ad-    to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.         for Autism: 11 a.m. Saturday be-
mission is free. Call Jill Young-    to 4 p.m. Sunday, Pensacola In-        ginning at Gulf Breeze High
blood, 623-5309.                     terstate Fairgrounds, 6655 W.          School in Gulf Breeze and end-
                                     Mobile Highway. The two-day            ing at Cocodrie's Restaurant on
-- Scout Jam 2010: 9 a.m. to 6       event will include reptile pet         Navarre Beach. Registration be-
p.m. Saturday, Northwest Flori-      products and supplies, educa-          gins at 9 a.m. Call Rae Jean
da Fairgrounds, 1958 Lewis           tional seminars and exhibits,          Kerr, 291-6830.
Turner Blvd., Fort Walton            reptile and amphibian breeders,
Beach. The Gulf Coast Council,       and an alligator show. Single          -- Greyhound meet and greet: 11
Boy Scouts of America 100th          day tickets are $8 for adults, and     a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Books-
anniversary Scout Jam will in-       $5 for children ages 5 to 12; two-     A-Million, 6235 N. Davis High-
clude public activities and          day passes are $10 for adults,         way. Meet retired racing grey-
events such as games, exhibits,      and $5 for children. Call (863)        hounds that are available for
demonstrations, contests and         268-4273, or visit http://repti-       adoption through Greyhound
competition.   Visit www.gulf-                               Pets of America, Emerald Coast.                                              Call 458-8353.
0.                                   -- Third annual Walk for Mommy
                                     & Me: 10 a.m. to noon Saturday,        -- Northwest Florida Blood Ser-
-- Sixth annual Santa Rosa           Blackwater Heritage State Trail        vices' blood drives: 11 a.m. to 3
County Animal Services Adopt-        Visitor Center, 5533 Alabama           p.m. Saturday at Hooters restau-
a-thon: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Satur-      St., Milton. The event, spon-          rants at 5052 Bayou Blvd. and

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                    Electronic Clipping
400 Quietwater Beach Road,          purchase. Attendees should           trasting pieces. The overall win-
Pensacola Beach. Blood donors       take lawn chairs. Donations are      ner will be featured at the 27th
will receive a Hooters coupon for   requested    from   spectators.      annual Pensacola JazzFest on
a free appetizer with the pur-      Gates open at noon. Call Cat         Sunday. Free. Call 474-2147, or
chase of an entree, and a T-        Warfield, 492-6224.                  visit
shirt. Donors should weigh at                                            jazz.
least 110 pounds, be in good        -- A Flip Flop Run: 6:30 p.m.
health and present picture iden-    Saturday beginning on the gulf       -- Second annual Celebration of
tification. Donors can be 16        side of Pensacola Beach. The         the Performing Arts: 7:30 p.m.
years old if they present a         run is the lead-in to the Gulf       Saturday, Ashmore Fine Arts
signed parental consent form.       Coast Half Marathon, a 13.1-         Auditorium at Pensacola Junior
Call 473-3853.                      mile run that starts 7 a.m. Sun-     College, 1000 College Blvd. The
                                    day on the beach. Both events        live concert will feature original
-- Meet and greet with Rep.         are fund-raisers for the Ameri-      music compositions performed
Dave Murzin: Noon to 5 p.m.         can Cancer Society's Relay for       by PJC faculty and students,
Saturday, Jerry's Cajun Cafe &      Life events. Visit www.pbhalf.-      dance presentations by the
Market, 6205 N. Ninth Ave. Call     com, or call Jill Pait, 266-2288.    Swerve Dance Co., scenes from
380-8249.                                                                the play "Topdog/Underdog,"
                                    -- Kathleen T. and Philip B.         and poetry readings of original
-- Sixth annual Wiener Dog          Phillips, M.D. Jazz Piano Com-       PJC student poems. Donations
Race: 1 p.m. Saturday, Pleasant     petition: 7:30 p.m. Saturday,        are suggested to help support
Grove Motorsport Track, 9221 S.     Saenger Theatre, 118 S. Palafox      PJC's fine and performing arts
Loop Road. The event will bene-     Place. Five student finalists from   student scholarships. Call 484-
fit the Florida Dachshund Res-      across the U.S. will compete for     1847.
cue Foundation. Beverages and       cash prizes totaling $10,000.
hot dogs will be available for      Each finalist will play three con-   Circulation - 63,342

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     Targeted News Service
April 8, 2010 Thursday

UWF John C. Pace Jr. Symposium Series Continues April 14
Targeted News Service                              Change in Atlanta and has served on the
PENSACOLA, Fla.                                    executive council of the American College
                                                   Personnel Association. In the spring of
The University of West Florida, a com-             1998, he served as a member of the Stu-
ponent of the Florida state university sys-        dent Life Staff with the Semester at Sea
tem, issued the following news release:            program, accompanying 600 students on
                                                   a voyage around the world. In addition to
The University of West Florida contin-             several other honors, Wall is the 2000 Di-
ues its John C. Pace Jr. Symposium Se-             amond Honoree Recipient for outstanding
ries with special guest Vernon Wall April          contributions to the field of student affairs.
14 at 6:30 p.m. in the UWF Commons Au-
ditorium, Building 22. This event is free          The author of several articles, Wall has
and open to the public.                            co-edited two books on issues of inclusion
                                                   on today's college campus. His award-
Wall has accumulated 20 years of profes-           winning programs and presentations have
sional Student Affairs experience at Iowa          been seen by thousands of students, fac-
State University, the University of Geor-          ulty, and staff on campuses across the
gia, UNC-Charlotte and UNC-Chapel Hill.            country.
He has experience in Greek life, new stu-
dent orientation, student activities, leader-      The John C. Pace Jr. Symposium Series
ship development, global education and             is designed to bring distinguished schol-
university housing.                                ars, artists and leaders to Pensacola for
                                                   lectures, performances and a variety of in-
One of the founders and facilitators of the        teractions with faculty, students, staff and
Social Justice Training Institute, Wall is a       the public.
nationally known speaker in the areas of
social justice and leadership styles. He           For more information, contact the Office
has been a trainer for the Martin Luther           of Diversity and International Education
King Center for Non-Violent Social                 and Programs at (850) 474-2479 or visit

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     Targeted News Service
April 8, 2010 Thursday

Women's Wall of Honor Nominations Due April 15, 2010
Targeted News Service            tributions to our county's         lyn Joan Young.
CRESTVIEW, Fla.                  growth, health, education,
                                 welfare and culture," says         The Okaloosa County Com-
Okaloosa County issued the       Lois Hoyt, chair of the OCC-       mission on the Status of
following news release:          SW. "This is a great opportu-      Women (OCCSW) was es-
                                 nity for family members, co-       tablished by the Board of
The Okaloosa County Com-         workers and employers to           County Commissioners in
mission on the Status of         honor the women in their           1995 for the purpose of rec-
Women (OCCSW) is taking          lives that contribute so much      ognizing and honoring wom-
nominations for the 2010         by bringing these dedicated        en who have made significant
Women's Wall of Honor. The       everyday women to our citi-        contributions to the improve-
nominations are due April        zens' attention."                  ment of women and citizens
15th. Each year, the OCCSW                                          of Okaloosa County. The
holds a ceremony to honor        The nomination form and            OCCSW membership is com-
special women in the county      more information can be            posed of appointments by
who have contributed to the      found     at   http://www.occ-     county commissioners and
well-being of children, fami- The form, a        representatives of various
lies and the citizens of our     short paragraph (100 words         women's organizations. Each
community. This year, the        or less) about the woman you       year they take nominations
ceremony to honor the nomi-      wish to honor, her photo and       for the Okaloosa County
nees will be held at 10:00 AM    a $100 donation to the OCC-        Women's Hall of Fame, con-
on Tuesday, May 4th, in the      SW should be submitted to          duct special activities during
community room in the ad-        the Okaloosa County Com-           Women's History Month, pro-
ministration building at the     mission on the Status of           vide a speakers bureau ad-
University of West Florida       Women, Post Office Box 681,        dressing various women's is-
Emerald Coast, Fort Walton       Niceville, Florida 32588. Or       sues, and partner with Jobs
Beach Campus.                    for more information and a         Plus and the Workforce De-
                                 nomination form, contact           velopment board in the "Suit
The honorees' names are          Shirley Pigott at 651-3095 or      Up to Move Up" program to
placed on a plaque located in              provide appropriate clothing
the library at the Fort Walton                                      for ladies trying to get off wel-
Beach campus of the Univer-      In 2009, 11 women were hon-        fare and into the workforce.
sity of West Florida with a      ored including Sharilyn Dar-       For more information, contact
nearby book containing a bio-    nell, Jeri M. Ghosh, Nancy         Lois Hoyt, or
graphical page for each wom-     Grigsby,     Martha      Miller,   visit the organization's web-
an.                              Shirley Pigott, Kimberly Quar-     site,
                                 tel, Lisa Jo Spencer, Carol
"Women in our community          Stearns, Joyce Stepp-Lath-         Contact: Shirley Pigott, 651-
have made tremendous con-        rop, Marijo Strauss and Mari-      3095,

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April 8, 2010 Thursday

United States: Gas prices set to surpass $3 a gallon for summer
Retail gasoline prices again are expected            prices) go up, Bates said. Obviously, it af-
to climb past $3 a gallon this summer, ex-           fects our pocketbook. Currently, it costs
perts said Wednesday, handing another                Bates about $80 to fill up. Still, prices are
painful forecast to drivers already strug-           better than the $4 per-gallon prices seen
gling to fill their tanks. Every time that gas       about two years ago, he said. Regular gas
pump dings, it s money coming out of                 was $2.83 a gallon Wednesday afternoon
your pocket, Checker Taxi dispatcher                 at the Chevron at 11th Street and Jenks
Shawn Peterson said of the news.                     Avenue, just under the state s $2.86 aver-
                                                     age. The average price for retail gasoline
When gasoline prices rise, taxi drivers              in the Panama City area is about $2.80
earn less because they pay their own fuel            per gallon, according to Florida State Gas
bill. The retail prices likely will increase to      Prices, which lists prices online. Brady
$3 in certain areas or even pass $3.15 a             said gasoline prices are expected to de-
gallon as investors pour more money into             crease once the summer driving season
crude oil, AAA Auto Club South                       ends. Gasoline prices typically increase
spokeswoman          Jessica    Brady      said      during the summer, Dr. Rick Harper of the
Wednesday. Gas prices had fallen about               University of West Florida s Haas Cen-
20 cents from highs near $3 along the                ter for Business Research and Economic
beach earlier this year, but those prices            Development said in e-mail. The effects
are once again on the rise as experts pre-           locally are that we re happy because this
dict a stronger tourism season. Positive             is a sign that the economy is strong
reports about an increase in manufactur-             enough to cause growth in vacation travel,
ing and international trade also are                 which will benefit us, but we re unhappy
spurring investors to buy. Investors are             because it also means higher gas prices,
betting the U.S. is in an economic recov-            Harper said. Taxi drivers and others buy-
ery, Brady said. OnWednesday, Medical                ing gas out of pocket aren t happy about
Examiner s Office Investigator Michael               higher gasoline prices, but as long as
Bates stood outside the Chevron Express              those prices go back down this summer,
Lane in downtown Panama City, filling up             everything will be fine, Your Taxi owner
his Ford-250 pickup. He drives about                 Brandon Terry said. Im concerned about
30,000 miles a year for his job without re-          it, but we ll work around it, he said.
imbursement. Ialways worry when (gas

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Pensacola News Journal
April 7, 2010 Wednesday                 ONLINE NORTH SANTA ROSA PELICAN; Pg. 7E, 13E

School Buzz
Essay contest can lead to $5,000 scholarship
FROM STAFF REPORTS               tobacco less appealing to        competed in the Sunshine
                                 teenagers                        State Association of Christian
High school seniors can com-                                      Schools' High School State
pete for a $5,000 scholarship    Santa Rosa County Students       Competition in Clearwater.
by writing a 500-word essay      Working Against Tobacco re-
on ethics.                       cently celebrated Tobacco        The following students were
                                 Free Florida Week and Kick       recognized:
Junior Achievement and De-       Butts Day.
loitte are having their sixth                                     · Kyle Harwell, first place, bio-
annual Excellence through        The goal of Kick Butts Day is    logical science fair; first
Ethics essay contest. Seniors    to empower youth to take ac-     place, world history examina-
can apply their knowledge of     tion against the tobacco in-     tion; second place, English
ethical decision-making and      dustry.                          examination.
sharing views on the impor-
tance of ethics in business.     School District gets a health    · Ryan Brainard, first place,
                                 policy manual                    algebra/geometry examina-
To enter, seniors must have                                       tion; first place, advanced
completed at least one Junior    The Santa Rosa County            mathematics examination.
Achievement        Excellence    School District now has a
through Ethics lesson in ethi-   comprehensive health policy      · Ashley Frenk, third place,
cal decision-making. A lesson    manual.                          sculpture division.
can be downloaded at www.-                   The manual is a collaborative    · Missy Watson, third place,
                                 effort between officials with    digital photography division.
Deadline is April 30.(Physics    the district and Santa Rosa
Olympics is Saturday             County Health Department. It     · Jennifer Creamer, third
                                 has the approval of the dis-     place, monochromatic draw-
The 18th annual Physics          trict's school health advisory   ing.
Olympics is 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.     council and board members.
Saturday at the University of                                     Harwell and Brainard will ad-
West Florida Field House.        "It meets a lot of our needs,    vance to the national level of
                                 but will be an ever-changing,    testing in the American Asso-
The competition will involve     fluid document," said Debbie     ciation of Christian Schools'
14 middle school and six high    Price, nursing program spe-      National Competition this
school teams competing in        cialist.                         month at Bob Jones Universi-
egg drop, bridge building, air                                    ty in Greenville, S.C.
cannon, paper airplane, heat     The manual can be viewed
transfer, physics jeopardy       on the district's Web site at    School Board gets check
and examination.                from Division of Forestry

The Physics Alliance of          Santa Rosa students com-         The Santa Rosa County
Northwest Florida is the         pete at state competition        School Board has received
sponsor.                                                          $171,000 from the Division of
                                 Students from Santa Rosa         Forestry.
SWAT members try to make         Christian School recently

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                         Electronic Clipping
The money represents 15                Florida Department of Music         to submit resumes and writ-
percent of timber sales in the         will showcase student musi-         ten assignments. A recom-
Blackwater River State For-            cians from across the United        mended list of candidates
est.                                   States at 7:30 p.m. April 10 at     were provided by Gulf Breeze
                                       the Saenger Theatre.                High, and Campbell and Dal-
Each year, the Division of                                                 ton were selected as primary
Forestry donates a portion of          The Sixth Annual Kathleen T.        delegates.
the sales to the district.             and Philip B. Phillips, M.D.
                                       Jazz Piano Competition, is          Boys State is a comprehen-
Egg-Drop competition is May            free.                               sive one-week course in state
29                                                                         and local government devel-
                                       "Each year the talent pool          oped to offer youth a better
Elementary, middle and high            gets deeper, and it becomes         perspective of the practical
school students have a                 harder and harder to choose         operation of government and
chance to participate in a             the five finalists as well as the   to show that the individual is
Planetary Lander 'Egg-Drop'            winners," said Kyle Marrero,        responsible for the character
Competition at Universal City-         interim vice president, univer-     and success of the govern-
Walk on May 29.(Each team              sity advancement.                   ment. Delegates learn by do-
will design and build a lander,                                            ing as they progress through
in which a raw egg will serve          The performance is the final        the various phases of govern-
as the payload and must sur-           round of the competition. The       ment.
vive a drop of nearly 20 feet.         five finalists compete for cash
                                       prizes totaling $10,000.            Teen leadership summit and
Awards will include free ad-                                               college fair this month
mission to the Kennedy                 American Legion Post selects
Space Center Visitor Com-              delegates for 68th session of       Jack and Jill of America's
plex, an invitation to attend a        Boys State                          Pensacola chapter will have a
space shuttle launch and one                                               teen leadership summit and
complimentary one-day, two-            Gulf Breeze High School ju-         college fair from 9 a.m. to
park ticket to Universal Orlan-        niors Bill Campbell and Colby       noon, April 17.
do.                                    Dalton have been selected to
                                       represent the local area at         The free event will be the
Deadline to register is May 7.         the Florida American Legion         Pensacola Junior College
                                       Boys State in July at Florida       Ashmore Auditorium, 1000
Details: Contact Emma Rad-             State University. Campbell is       College Blvd., Pensacola.
er, Space Florida education            a cadet in the Air Force Ju-
manager, at erader@space-              nior ROTC, and Dalton is ac-        Contact: Maxine Smith, chap- (Student musi-             tive in student government.         ter vice president and teen
cians showcased on April 10            The boys went through a se-         sponsor, at geosmit@aol.-
                                       lection process including an        com
The    University      of       West   interview and were required
                                                                           Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 7, 2010 Wednesday                                          ONLINE LOCAL; Pg. D1

Leadership to be focus of April 17 teen summit
Carmen Paige                    Smith said.                                                Whether he is tutoring, as-
                                The University of West        sisting with a book drive or
Maxine Smith wants young        Florida, Florida A&M Uni-     helping with a school mar-
people to become leaders        versity, Florida State Uni-   keting program, Dominic
fired up about serving their    versity and Harvard Uni-      Smith leads by example.
community.                      versity are among the col-    As the chapter's teen pres-
                                leges to be represented at    ident, he hopes youths will
On April 17, Jack and Jill      the college fair.             have a good time while
of America's Pensacola                                        learning how to be lead-
chapter will have a teen        Community leaders at the      ers.
leadership summit and col-      summit will speak on their
lege fair.                      successes and failures.       "I hope teens will find di-
                                                              rection as far as establish-
"We pride ourselves on          "There might be one word      ing where they want to go
teaching children how to        somebody might say that       to college or what career
become leaders," said           will change a teenager's      choice they want to make,"
Smith, chapter vice presi-      life forever," Smith said.    he said. "It promises to be
dent and teen sponsor.                                        informative and fun."
"We want kids to be en-         Among the speakers will
couraged     about   their      be Alma Littles, chief aca-   Want to go?
lives."                         demic officer for the FSU
                                College of Medicine.          The teen leadership sum-
Jack and Jill is a nonprofit                                  mit and college fair are 9
group that creates educa-       Bentina Terry, a Gulf Pow-    a.m. to noon April 17 at
tional,   cultural,   civic,    er Co. vice president, also   Pensacola Junior College
health, recreational and        will talk about making        Ashmore Auditorium, 1000
social programs for chil-       good choices.                 College Blvd., Pensacola.
dren.    The     Pensacola
chapter is 55 years old.        "My parents taught me to      The event is free.
                                think long-term and under-
"Although we are an             stand the impact of my        Contact: Maxine Smith at
African-American     family     choices and to believe I
organization, we are trying     am the one who controls
to reach every teenager,"       my destiny," she said.        Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 7, 2010 Wednesday                                               ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Meetings today
Escambia                                       ty Parkway. Details: Alan Brian, 474-2214.

-- Escambia County Construction Industry       -- Pensacola Downtown Improvement
Competency Board: 9 a.m., Escambia             Board Special Events Committee: 4 p.m.,
County Building Inspections, 3300 N.           DIB, 41 N. Jefferson St., Suite 104. De-
Pace Blvd., Suite 300. Details: 595-4933.      tails: 434-5371.

-- Escambia County Development Review          -- Escambia County Healthy Start Coali-
Committee: 1 p.m., Escambia County             tion board of directors: 5 p.m., Escambia
Planning and Zoning Department, 1190           County Healthy Start Coalition, 5626 Dixie
W. Leonard St. Details: 595-4933.              St., Suite 2. Details: 474-5333.

-- Escambia County Wellness Committee:         Santa Rosa
1 p.m., Room 8202, Escambia County
Government Complex, 221 Palafox Place.         -- Santa Rosa County Housing Coalition:
Details: 595-4933.                             1:30 p.m., conference room, Santa Rosa
                                               County Public Services Building, 6051 Old
-- University of West Florida Director of      Bagdad Highway, Milton. Details: 983-
Research and Sports Services Search            1877.
Committee: :30 p.m., recreation center
conference room at UWF, 11000 Universi-        Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 7, 2010 Wednesday                                             ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Today                           chapter: 11:30 a.m. Thurs-     sacola Pelicans' mascot,
                                day,    Franco's    Italian    will be there to meet chil-
-- Chamber music concert:       Restaurant, 523 E. Grego-      dren. Free. Call 435-1695.
Noon today, Old Christ          ry St. Meeting guest
Church, 405 S. Adams St.        speaker will be retired        -- "Night at the Museum:
University of West Flori-       Army Major Ron Hall. Call      Battle       for      the
da students will perform a      Joe Brewer, 453-9291.          Smithsonian": 6 to 9 p.m.
variety of solo and cham-                                      Thursday, Sanders Beach-
ber works. Free. Call 857-      -- John Appleyard lecture:     Corrine Jones Community
6285.                           Noon Thursday, J. Earle        Center, 913 South I St.
                                Bowden Building, 120           The movie will be shown
Thursday                        Church St. Historian John      for youth ages 11 to 14.
                                Appleyard will discuss how     The cost, which includes
-- Milton Garden Club,          Escambia County's elec-        the movie and dinner, is
Morning Glory Circle: 9:30      tion processes have pro-       $5 for City of Pensacola
a.m. Thursday, Milton Gar-      gressed in 190 years.          residents, and $7 for
den Center, 5256 Alabama        Lunch is $10; the lecture is   noncity residents. Call
St., Milton. The club's pro-    $5 for non-Pensacola Her-      436-5198.
gram will be on the Florida     itage Foundation mem-
National Scenic Trail and       bers. Call Debbie Adkins,      -- Exploring the Cosmos
Northwest Florida Nature        438-6505.                      from the Moon lecture: 6
Trails. Updates on Bagdad                                      p.m. Thursday, Florida In-
Park, and local green           -- Tapas for Tatas: 5 to 9     stitute For Human and Ma-
ways and parks will be giv-     p.m. Thursday, Pensacola       chine Cognition, 40 S. Al-
en. Call Lynn, 675-6744.        Little Theatre, 400 S. Jef-    caniz St. Jack Burns, a
                                ferson St. The Susan G.        professor in the astrophys-
-- Democratic Women of          Komen Breast Cancer            ical and planetary sci-
Escambia County: 11 a.m.        Foundation       fundraiser,   ences department at the
Thursday, Tryon Branch          presented by the D-Cup         University of Colorado, will
Library, 1200 Langley Ave.      Divas, will feature food,      present the public lecture.
Jocelyn Evans with the          wine, a silent auction and     Burns' teaching and re-
University of West Flori-       raffle prizes. Tickets are     search focus on extra-
da department of govern-        $25.       Call     Jessica    galactic astronomy and
ment will discuss the rec-      Hackathorn, 572-5891.          cosmology, supercomput-
onciliation and filibuster                                     er numerical situations, as-
processes of the U.S.           -- Sunset at Plaza de          trophysics from the moon,
Senate. Call Judy Coe,          Luna: 5:30 p.m. Thursday       and public policy issues in
475-0703.                       in Plaza de Luna. Watch        higher education and sci-
                                the sunset while listening     ence. A reception begins
-- Distinguished Flying         to musical entertainment       at 5:30 p.m. Reservations
Cross Society, Pensacola        from The Charred Melon         recommended. Call 202-
                                Cherries. Scoop, the Pen-      4462.

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                    Electronic Clipping
                                ing demonstration at 12:15     disa, Jeremy     Camp and
-- "Beauty and the Beast":      p.m. from Tuscan Grill ex-     Adie. Tickets   are $69 in
7:30     p.m.     Thursday,     ecutive chef Stephanie         advance, or     $89 at the
Saenger Theatre, 118 S.         Corneal. Attendees can         door. Visit     www.ewom-
Palafox Place. Watch Dis-       watch and sample banana
ney's "Beauty and the           egg     rolls    made    by
Beast," the Broadway mu-        Corneal, and sample food       Saturday
sical based on the Acade-       specialties    from    local
my Award-winning animat-        restaurants. Tickets are       -- International Migratory
ed feature film. The musi-      $8. Call Jo, 939-8720.         Bird Day program: 8 to 10
cal love story is filled with                                  a.m. Saturday. Gulf Is-
characters, sets and cos-       -- Extraordinary Women's       lands National Seashore
tumes, and production           Conference: 7 to 10 p.m.       will host the program on
numbers including "Be Our       Friday and 8:30 a.m. to        the Florida National Scenic
Guest" and the title song.      4:30 p.m. Saturday, Pen-       Trail at Fort Pickens. Or-
Tickets are $67 and $52.        sacola Civic Center, 201       nithologist Lynn Ogden will
Call 595-3880.                  E. Gregory St. The two-        give an introduction will
                                day conference will feature    lead a walk to look for mi-
Friday                          a variety of speakers in-      grant neotropical song
                                cluding author Angela          birds, resident woodland
-- Navarre Garden Club's        Thomas;       award-winning    birds, and shore birds. The
Spring Fling: 11:30 a.m. to     fiction writer Karen Kings-    program is free. However
2 p.m. Friday, Navarre          bury; Christian comedian       there is an $8 entrance fee
Conference Center, 8700         Chonda       Pierce;    and    to the fort area. Call 934-
Navarre           Parkway,      speaker Sheri Rose Shep-       2600.
Navarre. The club's spring      herd. The event also fea-
event will feature a cook-      tures music artists Man-       Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 7, 2010 Wednesday                           SOUTH SANTA ROSA PELICAN; Pg. 12E, 13E

FROM STAFF REPORTS               Kick the habit
                                                                  The following students were
Essay contest                    Santa Rosa County Students       recognized:
                                 Working Against Tobacco re-
High school seniors can com-     cently celebrated Tobacco        · Kyle Harwell, first place, bio-
pete for a $5,000 scholarship    Free Florida Week and Kick       logical science fair; first
by writing a 500-word essay      Butts Day.                       place, world history examina-
on ethics.                                                        tion; second place, English
                                 The goal is to empower youth     examination.
Junior Achievement and De-       to take action against the to-
loitte are having their sixth    bacco industry.                  · Ryan Brainard, first place,
annual Excellence through                                         algebra/geometry examina-
Ethics essay contest. Seniors    School District gets a health    tion; first place, advanced
can apply their knowledge of     policy manual                    mathematics examination.
ethical decision-making and
sharing views on the impor-      The Santa Rosa County            · Ashley Frenk, third place,
tance of ethics in business.     School District now has a        sculpture division.
                                 comprehensive health policy
To enter, seniors must have      manual.                          · Missy Watson, third place,
completed at least one Junior                                     digital photography division.
Achievement        Excellence    The manual is a collaborative
through Ethics lesson in ethi-   effort between officials with    · Jennifer Creamer, third
cal decision-making. A lesson    the district and Santa Rosa      place, monochromatic draw-
can be downloaded at www.-       County Health Department. It     ing.                   has the approval of the dis-
                                 trict's school health advisory   Harwell and Brainard will ad-
Deadline is April 3.             council and board members.       vance to the national level of
                                                                  testing in the American Asso-
Physics Olympics                 "It meets a lot of our needs,    ciation of Christian Schools'
                                 but will be an ever-changing,    National Competition this
The 18th annual Physics          fluid document," said Debbie     month at Bob Jones Universi-
Olympics is 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.     Price, nursing program spe-      ty in Greenville, S.C.
Saturday at the University of    cialist.
West Florida Field House.                                         School Board gets check
                                 The manual can be viewed         from Division of Forestry
The competition will involve     on the district's Web site at
14 middle school and six high         The Santa Rosa County
school teams competing in                                         School Board has received
egg drop, bridge building, air   Santa Rosa students com-         $171,000 from the Division of
cannon, paper airplane, heat     pete at state competition        Forestry.
transfer, physics jeopardy
and examination.                 Students from Santa Rosa         The money represents 15
                                 Christian School recently        percent of timber sales in the
The Physics Alliance of          competed in the Sunshine         Blackwater River State For-
Northwest Florida is the         State Association of Christian   est.
sponsor.                         Schools' High School State
                                 Competition in Clearwater.       Each year, the Division of

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                         Electronic Clipping
Forestry donates a portion of       will showcase student musi-         ten assignments. A recom-
the sales to the district.          cians from across the United        mended list of candidates
                                    States at 7:30 p.m. April 10 at     were provided by Gulf Breeze
Egg-Drop competition is May         the Saenger Theatre.                High, and Campbell and Dal-
29                                                                      ton were selected as primary
                                    The Sixth Annual Kathleen T.        delegates.
Elementary, middle and high         and Philip B. Phillips, M.D.
school students have a              Jazz Piano Competition, is          Boys State is a comprehen-
chance to participate in a          free.                               sive one-week course in state
Planetary Lander 'Egg-Drop'                                             and local government devel-
Competition at Universal City-      "Each year the talent pool          oped to offer youth a better
Walk on May 29.                     gets deeper, and it becomes         perspective of the practical
                                    harder and harder to choose         operation of government and
Each team will design and           the five finalists as well as the   to show that the individual is
build a lander, in which a raw      winners," said Kyle Marrero,        responsible for the character
egg will serve as the payload       interim vice president, univer-     and success of the govern-
and must survive a drop of          sity advancement.                   ment. Delegates learn by do-
nearly 20 feet.                                                         ing as they progress through
                                    The performance is the final        the various phases of govern-
Awards will include free ad-        round of the competition. The       ment.
mission to the Kennedy              five finalists compete for cash
Space Center Visitor Com-           prizes totaling $10,000.            Teen leadership summit and
plex, an invitation to attend a                                         college fair this month
space shuttle launch and one        American Legion Post selects
complimentary one-day, two-         delegates for 68th session of       Jack and Jill of America's
park ticket to Universal Orlan-     Boys State                          Pensacola chapter will have a
do.                                                                     teen leadership summit and
                                    Gulf Breeze High School ju-         college fair from 9 a.m. to
Deadline to register is May 7.      niors Bill Campbell and Colby       noon, April 17.
                                    Dalton have been selected to
Details: Contact Emma Rad-          represent the local area at         The free event will be the
er, Space Florida education         the Florida American Legion         Pensacola Junior College
manager, at erader@space-           Boys State in July at Florida       Ashmore Auditorium, 1000                         State University. Campbell is       College Blvd., Pensacola.
                                    a cadet in the Air Force Ju-
Student musicians           show-   nior ROTC, and Dalton is ac-        Contact: Maxine Smith, chap-
cased on April 10                   tive in student government.         ter vice president and teen
                                    The boys went through a se-         sponsor, at geosmit@aol.-
The University of West              lection process including an        com
Florida Department of Music         interview and were required
                                    to submit resumes and writ-         Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 7, 2010 Wednesday                                                  ENTERTAINMENT

Julio's Best Bet
Julio Diaz                                       meant, either. says it's "a
                                                 conference at which scholars or other ex-
Today's pick isn't really about "fun," but       perts present papers on, analyze, and dis-
it's still important.                            cuss a specific topic.")

Take Back the Night, an annual event to          Get more info at 474-2420.
raise awareness of sexual violence, gets
going at 5:30 p.m. at Martin Hall, building      Check to find out
920, on the University of West Florida           what's hot on the bar and nightclub scene
campus. Participants will march to the           tonight.
University Commons Great Hall, building
22, where there will be free food, give-         Or if you're just looking for cheap drinks,
aways, poetry readings and a colloquium.         check's list of today's
                                                 drink specials.
(Yeah, I didn't know what "colloquium"
                                                 Circulation - 63,342

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     Targeted News Service
April 7, 2010 Wednesday

UWF Department of Music Presents Film Music Concert
Targeted News Service                            from fantasy films including "Lord of the
PENSACOLA, Fla.                                  Rings." As in the past, video clips from the
                                                 films will accompany the band's perfor-
The University of West Florida, a com-           mance. The concert will be held in the
ponent of the Florida state university sys-      Mainstage Theater of the Center for Fine
tem, issued the following news release:          and Performing Arts, Building 82, on the
                                                 University of West Florida Main Cam-
The University of West Florida Sym-              pus. The concert is open to the public and
phonic Band will present its annual film         free of charge.
music concert on April 24 at 7:30 p.m.
and April 25 at 2:30 p.m. This year's con-       Seating is limited so reservations are rec-
cert will be entitled "Lights, Camera, Fan-      ommended. For reservations or more in-
tasy," consisting of an evening of music         formation, call the CFPA Box Office at
                                                 (850) 857-6285.

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Pensacola News Journal
April 6, 2010 Tuesday                                                                      NEWS

Things to do this week, weekend
FROM STAFF REPORTS               Tuesday,     First   Christian
                                 Church, 6031 Goodrich Drive.      - Democratic Women of Es-
Calendar items have been         Guest speaker Zack Waters         cambia County meeting: 11
updated as much as possible,     will speak on the topic,          a.m. Thursday, Tryon Branch
but the times, dates or          "Robert Bullock: Florida's        Library, 1200 Langley Ave.
venues for certain events        Forgotten General." Waters is     Jocelyn Evans with the Uni-
might change or cancel. Call     a fifth generation Floridian      versity of West Florida de-
the contact number before at-    who has written more than 20      partment of government will
tending any event.               articles about Florida's Con-     discuss the reconciliation and
                                 federate soldiers. Free. Call     filibuster processes of the
Tuesday                          968-6094.                         U.S. Senate. Call Judy Coe,
- Leisure Learning Society's     Wednesday
lunch 'n' learn: 11:30 a.m. to                                     - John Appleyard lecture:
1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Angus         - Pensacola Symphony Or-          Noon Thursday, J. Earle
Seafood Meats Spirits, 1101      chestra Guild luncheon meet-      Bowden Building, 120 Church
Scenic Highway. The Univer-      ing: 11 a.m. Wednesday, An-       St. Pensacola historian John
sity of West Florida Leisure     gus Seafood Meats Spirits,        Appleyard will discuss how
Learning Society's program       1101 Scenic Highway. The          Escambia County's election
will feature Oz Nunn dis-        program will be presented by      processes have progressed
cussing the location of Gen.     Audrey Naffe playing the vio-     in 190 years. Lunch is $10;
George S. Patton during the      la, and Maeanna Naffe on the      the lecture is $5 for non-Pen-
Invasion of Normandy on          violin. Luncheon cost: $18.       sacola Heritage Foundation
June 6, 1944. Nunn will ex-      Call 475-5816.                    members. Call Debbie Ad-
plain what role the general                                        kins, 438-6505.
played, and how the results of   - Chamber music concert:
D-Day could have been dif-       Noon Wednesday, Old Christ        - Tapas for Tata's: 5 to 9 p.m.
ferent without him. The cost,    Church, 405 S. Adams St.          Thursday, Pensacola Little
including lunch, is $17.50.      University of West Florida        Theatre, 400 S. Jefferson St.
Call 474-3491.                   students will perform a variety   The Susan G. Komen Breast
                                 of solo and chamber works.        Cancer Foundation fundrais-
- Inside Healthcare town hall    Free. Call 857-6285.              er, presented by the D-Cup
meeting: 7 p.m. Tuesday,                                           Divas, will feature food, wine,
WSRE's Jean and Paul             Thursday                          a silent auction and raffle
Amos Performance Studio at                                         prizes. Tickets are $25. Call
Pensacola Junior College,        - Milton Garden Club, Morn-       Jessica Hackathorn, 572-
1000 College Blvd. The meet-     ing Glory Circle meeting: 9:30    5891.
ing topic will be on medical     a.m. Thursday, Milton Garden
technology. The meeting is       Center, 5256 Alabama St.,         - Sunsets at Plaza de Luna:
part of WSRE's ongoing           Milton. The club's program        5:30 p.m. Thursday in Plaza
health care initiative to ad-    will be on the Florida National   de Luna. Watch the sunset
dress important health is-       Scenic Trail and Northwest        while listening to musical en-
sues. Doors open at 6 p.m.       Florida Nature Trails. Up-        tertainment from The Charred
Call 484-1211.                   dates on Bagdad Park, and         Melon Cherries. Pensacola
                                 local green ways and parks        Pelicans mascot Scoop will
- Pensacola Civil War            will be given. Guests are wel-    be on-hand to meet children.
Roundtable meeting: 7 p.m.       come. Call Lynn, 675-6744.        Free. Call 435-1695.

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                         Electronic Clipping
                                    tions about plants. Call 623-    schools registered for the
- Exploring the Cosmos from         3868.                            competition. Call Joseph M.
the Moon lecture: 6 p.m.                                             Zayas, 484-1104.
Thursday, Florida Institute         - Yuri's Night Pensacola: 6
For Human and Machine               p.m. Friday in the planetarium   - 22nd annual We Believe In
Cognition, 40 S. Alcaniz St.        at Pensacola Junior College,     Children 5K run/walk: 8 a.m.
Jack Burns, a professor in          1000 College Blvd. Yuri's        Saturday, Longleaf Elemen-
the department of astrophysi-       Night Pensacola, an event        tary School, 2600 Longleaf
cal and planetary sciences at       hosted by the Escambia Am-       Drive. Proceeds from the 5K
the University of Colorado,         ateur Astronomers Associa-       event will benefit Escambia
will present the public lecture.    tion and the USS Continuum,      County Public Schools Foun-
Burns' teaching and research        will feature various shows       dation Inc. A free family fair
focus on extragalactic astron-      and displays on space explo-     will follow the run. Race entry
omy and cosmology, super-           ration. People are encour-       is $20 for students, and $10
computer numerical situa-           aged to wear sci-fi costumes     for      military.  Call   Sue
tions, astrophysics from the        or space-related clothing.       Kennedy, 595-6975, ext. 227.
moon, and public policy is-         Free. Call Jay Gallops, 293-
sues in higher education and        8237, or visit www.usscontin-    - International Migratory Bird
science. A reception begins                         Day program: 8 to 10 a.m.
at 5:30 p.m. Reservations are                                        Saturday at Fort Pickens.
recommended. Call 202-              - Extraordinary Women's          Gulf      Islands     National
4462.                               Conference: 7 to 10 p.m. Fri-    Seashore will host the pro-
                                    day and 8:30 a.m. to 4:30        gram on the Florida National
- "Beauty and the Beast":           p.m. Saturday, Pensacola         Scenic Trail at Fort Pickens.
7:30 p.m. Thursday, Saenger         Civic Center, 201 E. Gregory     Ornithologist Lynn Ogden,
Theatre, 118 S. Palafox             St. The conference will fea-     conservation chairperson with
Place. Watch Disney's "Beau-        ture a variety of speakers in-   the Francis M. Weston
ty and the Beast," the Broad-       cluding author and speaker       Audubon Society, will give an
way musical based on the            Angela Thomas; award-win-        introduction to birding and
Academy Award-winning ani-          ning fiction writer Karen        binoculars at the Florida Trail
mated feature film. The musi-       Kingsbury; Christian comedi-     kiosk. Ogden will lead a walk
cal love story is filled with       an Chonda Pierce; and            to look for migrant neo-tropi-
characters, sets and cos-           speaker Sheri Rose Shep-         cal song birds, resident
tumes, and production num-          herd. The event also features    woodland birds, and shore
bers including "Be Our              music artists Mandisa, Jere-     birds. The program is free,
Guest" and the title song.          my Camp and Adie. Tickets        however there is an $8 en-
Tickets are $67 and $52. Call       are $69 in advance, or $89 at    trance fee to the fort area.
595-3880, or visit www.pen-         the door. Call 1-800-526-        Call 934-2600.                  8673, or visit www.ewom-
                                                    - Run for Their Lives 5K
Friday                                                               run/walk: 8 a.m. Saturday be-
                                    Saturday                         ginning and ending at the
- Emerald Coast Flower and                                           Casino Beach parking lot on
Garden Festival: Noon to 5          -    18th   annual Physics       Pensacola Beach. The 5K will
p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.      Olympics competition: 8 a.m.     benefit Lakeview Center's
Saturday; and 10 a.m. to 4          to 1 p.m. Saturday, Universi-    programs for survivors of
p.m. Sunday, Pensacola Ju-          ty of West Florida Field         rape and other violent crimes.
nior College Milton campus,         House, 11000 University          A post-race celebration will
5988 U.S. 90, Milton. The           Parkway. The event is spon-      feature food, live music, door
University of Florida IFAS          sored by the Physics Alliance    prizes and an awards cere-
Santa Rosa County Master            of Northwest Florida. The        mony with multiple awards
Gardeners will have three va-       events are egg drop, bridge      being given in the run and
rieties of blueberry, three vari-   building, air cannon, paper      walk divisions. Registration is
eties of thorn-less blackberry      airplane,    heat    transfer,   $15 for adults and children
and two varieties of musca-         physics jeopardy and exami-      through Friday, and $20 on
dine grape plants for sale.         nation. There are 14 teams       race day. Call 469-3800.
Master Gardeners will be on-        from seven middle schools
site available to answer ques-      and six teams from three high    - 14th annual Pensacola's

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                           Electronic Clipping
Largest Baby Shower: 9 a.m.        pets at home should bring           Beach. Registration begins at
to 1 p.m. Saturday in the          proof of rabies vaccination for     9 a.m. Call Rae Jean Kerr,
Health Science Building at         each animal. Call 983-4680.         291-6830.
Pensacola Junior College
Warrington campus, 5555 W.         - 27th annual Pensacola Jaz-        - Sixth annual Wiener Dog
U.S. 98. Moms can learns the       zFest: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sat-       Race: 1 p.m. Saturday,
basics for keeping them-           urday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.         Pleasant Grove Motorsport
selves and their babies            Sunday in Seville Square.           Track, 9221 S. Loop Road.
healthy. The educational           The family-oriented festival,       The event will benefit the
event will include exhibitors,     which celebrates all types of       Florida Dachshund Rescue
speakers and prizes. Call          jazz, will feature music from       Foundation. Beverages and
474-5333.                          national jazz artists, regional     hot dogs will be available for
                                   and local artists, and college,     purchase. Attendees should
- Friends of the Gulf Breeze       high and middle school              take lawn chairs. Donations
Library book sale: 9 a.m. to 3     bands. A Jazz Jam for Kids          are requested from specta-
p.m. Saturday, Gulf Breeze         will take place at 2 p.m. on        tors, and the $10 racer entry
Library, 1060 Shoreline Drive,     both days. The winner from          fee includes a trainer and a
Gulf Breeze. Hardback books        the Phillips Jazz Piano Com-        pet crew member. Gates
will be available for $2, paper-   petition on Saturday will per-      open at noon. Call Cat
backs for $1, and over-sized       form at the festival at 1:10        Warfield, 492-6224.
books for $1.25. Call 916-         p.m. Sunday. Admission is
1200.                              free. Call Kathy Lyon, 433-         - Washington High School
                                   8382, or visit www.jazzpen-         Baseball Booster Club's sec-
- Navy-Marine Corps Relief                         ond annual golf tournament:
Society's 5K/10K fun run: 9                                            1 p.m. Saturday, Scenic Hills
a.m. Saturday at Whiting           - Free book swap: 10 a.m. to        Golf & Country Club, 8891
Field Naval Air Station. The       2 p.m. Saturday, Blackwater         Burning Tree Road. Entry fee
5K and 10K fun runs are            Heritage State Trail Visitor        for a team of four is $300, or
open to the public. Awards         Center, 5533 Alabama St.,           $75 for single entries. Regis-
will be presented to the top       Milton. The Blackwater Her-         tration includes golf, range
men and women in each of           itage State Trail Citizen Sup-      balls, refreshments, dinner,
the seven age groups. There        port Organization is inviting       awards and prizes. Call Bren-
will be a hamburger and hot        the community to participate        da Van Brussel, 698-7856.
dog cookout, and children's        in the free book swap. There
activities after the race. Reg-    will be no limit to the number      - Kathleen T. and Philip B.
istrations made by Wednes-         of swaps. Call Phyllis Garrett,     Phillips, M.D. Jazz Piano
day are $20; day of race fees      626-0009.                           Competition: 7:30 p.m. Satur-
will be $25. Check-in begins                                           day, Saenger Theatre, 118 S.
at 7:30 a.m. at Whiting Field      - Third annual Walk for Mom-        Palafox Place. Five student fi-
Naval Air Station's pavilion       my & Me: 10 a.m. to noon            nalists from across the U.S.
parking lot. Call 512-6653.        Saturday, Blackwater Her-           will compete in the sixth an-
                                   itage State Trail Visitor Cen-      nual event. Finalists will com-
- Sixth annual Santa Rosa          ter, 5533 Alabama St., Milton.      pete for cash prizes totaling
County     Animal     Services     The event, sponsored by the         $10,000. Entrants include un-
Adopt-a-thon: 9 a.m. to 2          Santa Rosa County Health            dergraduate and graduate
p.m. Saturday, Santa Rosa          Department's Women, In-             students ages 17 to 35. Final-
County Animal Shelter, 4451        fants and Children program,         ists will play three contrasting
Pine Forest Road, Milton.          will feature 19 booths with in-     pieces. The overall winner will
Cats will be available for         formation for adults, and ac-       be featured at the 27th annu-
adoption for $15, and dogs         tivities for children. Free. Call   al Pensacola JazzFest on
may be adopted for $20. A          983-5250.                           Sunday. Free. Call 474-2147,
free spay/neuter voucher will                                          or                          visit
be given for any unaltered an-     - Fifth annual April Nicole's
imal. Local rescue organiza-       Ride for Autism: 11 a.m. Sat-       jazz.
tions and vendors will be on-      urday beginning at Gulf
site throughout the day. At-       Breeze High School in Gulf          - Second annual Celebration
tendees who wish to adopt a        Breeze and ending at Coco-          of the Performing Arts: 7:30
new pet and currently have         drie's Restaurant on Navarre        p.m. Saturday, Ashmore Fine

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                              Electronic Clipping
Arts Auditorium at Pensacola       sentations by the Swerve      support PJC's fine and per-
Junior College, 1000 College       Dance Co., scenes from the    forming arts student scholar-
Blvd. The live concert will fea-   play "Topdog/Underdog," and   ships. Call 484-1847.
ture original music composi-       poetry readings of original
tions performed by PJC facul-      PJC student poems. Dona-      Circulation - 63,342
ty and students, dance pre-        tions are suggested to help

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Pensacola News Journal
April 6, 2010 Tuesday                                              ONLINE SPORTS; Pg. C1

PJC baseball downs Chipola
UWF climbs to No. 30 in poll
From staff reports                                Alabama, the University of West Florida
                                                  baseball team climbed into the latest
The Pensacola Junior College baseball             Ping!Baseball national poll at No. 30.
team overcame a seven-run Chipola lead,           Playing in one of the toughest regions in
scoring nine unanswered runs to down              NCAA Division II, the Argos have posted
the Indians 9-7 on Monday at PJC.                 a 26-13 overall record and 7-2 mark in
                                                  GSC play.
Blake Brown, Tyson Workman and Josh
McDorman had home runs for the Pirates            The Argos currently have six opponents
in the win. The teams will face off again at      on their schedule ranked inside the top 25
5 p.m. Wednesday at Chipola.                      and eight overall teams in the rankings
                                                  from the South Region.
After three wins last week, including a
Gulf South Conference series win at West          Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 6, 2010 Tuesday                                                 ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Meetings today
                                               -- University of West Florida Vice-Presi-
-- Pensacola Downtown Improvement              dent for Student Affairs Search Commit-
Board: 7:30 a.m., DIB, 41 N. Jefferson         tee: 2:30 p.m., Alumni Room, Building 12
St., Suite 104. Details: 434-5371.             at UWF, 11000 University Parkway. De-
                                               tails: Alan Brian, 474-2214.
-- Coffee with Mayor Mike Wiggins: 8
a.m., Scenic Heights Elementary School,        -- Escambia County Tourist Development
3801 Cherry Laurel Drive. Citizens can         Council: 3:30 p.m., Pensacola Civic Cen-
talk with the mayor about what's happen-       ter, 201 E. Gregory St. Details: 595-4933.
ing in city. Details: 435-1609.
                                               -- Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations
-- Workforce Escarosa Finance Commit-          Commission task force: 4 p.m., Escambia
tee: 10:30 a.m., Workforce Escarosa,           County Administration Building, 2257 N.
9111 Sturdevant St. Details: 473-0939.         Baylen St. Details: 438-0510.

-- Escambia County Environmental En-           Santa Rosa
forcement special magistrate: 1:30 p.m.,
commissioners meeting room, Escambia           -- Santa Rosa County Marine Advisory: 5
County Government Complex, 221                 p.m., commissioners board room, Santa
Palafox Place. Details: 595-4933.              Rosa County Administrative Center, 6495
                                               Caroline St., Milton. Details: 983-1877.
-- City of Pensacola Employee Executive
Committee: 2 p.m., Whibbs Conference           Circulation - 63,342
Room, Pensacola City Hall, 180 Govern-
mental Center. Details: 435-1606.

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Pensacola News Journal
April 6, 2010 Tuesday                                               ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Today                           -- Chamber music concert:      chine Cognition, 40 S. Al-
                                Noon Wednesday, Old            caniz St. Jack Burns, a
-- Inside Healthcare town       Christ Church, 405 S.          professor in the depart-
hall meeting: 7 p.m. today,     Adams St. University of        ment of astrophysical and
WSRE's Jean and Paul            West Florida students will     planetary sciences at the
Amos Performance Studio         perform a variety of solo      University of Colorado, will
at Pensacola Junior Col-        and chamber works. Free.       present the public lecture.
lege, 1000 College Blvd.        Call 857-6285.                 Reservations recommend-
The meeting topic will be                                      ed. Call 202-4462.
on medical technology.          Thursday
Doors open at 6 p.m. Call                                      -- "Beauty and the Beast":
484-1211.                       -- John Appleyard lecture:     7:30     p.m.     Thursday,
                                Noon Thursday, J. Earle        Saenger Theatre, 118 S.
-- Pensacola Civil War          Bowden Building, 120           Palafox Place. Watch Dis-
Roundtable meeting: 7           Church St. Pensacola his-      ney's "Beauty and the
p.m. today, First Christian     torian John Appleyard will     Beast," the Broadway mu-
Church, 6031 Goodrich           speak on the topic, "Our       sical based on the Acade-
Drive. Guest speaker Zack       Voting Privilege," and how     my Award-winning animat-
Waters will speak on the        Escambia County's elec-        ed feature film. Tickets are
topic, "Robert Bullock:         tion processes have pro-       $67 and $52. Call 595-
Florida's Forgotten Gener-      gressed in 190 years.          3880.
al." Waters is a fifth gener-   Lunch is $10; the lecture is
ation Floridian who has         $5 for non-Pensacola Her-      Friday
written more than 20 arti-      itage Foundation mem-
cles about Florida's Con-       bers. Call Debbie Adkins,      -- Yuri's Night Pensacola:
federate soldiers. Free.        438-6505.                      6 p.m. Friday in the plane-
Call 968-6094.                                                 tarium at Pensacola Junior
                                -- Sunsets at Plaza de         College, 1000 College
Wednesday                       Luna: 5:30 p.m. Thursday       Blvd. Yuri's Night Pen-
                                in Plaza de Luna. Watch        sacola, an event hosted by
-- Pensacola Symphony           the sunset while listening     the Escambia Amateur As-
Orchestra Guild luncheon        to musical entertainment       tronomers Association and
meeting: 11 a.m. Wednes-        from The Charred Melon         the USS Continuum, will
day,     Angus    Seafood       Cherries. Pensacola Peli-      feature various shows and
Meats Spirits, 1101 Scenic      cans mascot Scoop will be      displays on space explo-
Highway. The program will       on-hand to meet children.      ration. People are encour-
be presented by Audrey          Free. Call 435-1695.           aged to wear sci-fi cos-
Naffe playing the viola,                                       tumes or space-related
and Maeanna Naffe on the        -- Exploring the Cosmos        clothing.    Free.     Visit
violin. Luncheon cost: $18.     from the Moon lecture: 6
Call 475-5816.                  p.m. Thursday, Florida In-
                                stitute For Human and Ma-      -- Extraordinary Women's

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Conference: 7 to 10 p.m.                                        for adults and children
Friday and 8:30 a.m. to          -- International Migratory     through Friday, and $20
4:30 p.m. Saturday, Pen-         Bird Day program: 8 to 10      on race day. Call 469-
sacola Civic Center, 201         a.m. Saturday. Gulf Is-        3800.
E. Gregory St. The confer-       lands National Seashore
ence will feature a variety      will host the program on       -- Sixth annual Santa Rosa
of speakers including au-        the Florida National Scenic    County Animal Services
thor    Angela    Thomas;        Trail at Fort Pickens. Lynn    Adopt-a-thon: 9 a.m. to 2
award-winning fiction writ-      Ogden,         conservation    p.m.     Saturday,   Santa
er Karen Kingsbury; Chris-       chairperson with the Fran-     Rosa County Animal Shel-
tian comedian Chonda             cis M. Weston Audubon          ter, 4451 Pine Forest
Pierce; and speaker Sheri        Society, will give an intro-   Road, Milton. Cats will be
Rose Shepherd. The event         duction to birding and         available for adoption for
also features music artists      binoculars, and will lead a    $15, and dogs may be
Mandisa, Jeremy Camp             walk to look for migrant       adopted for $20. A free
and Adie. Tickets are $69        neotropical song birds,        spay/neuter voucher will
in advance, or $89 at the        resident woodland birds        be given for any unaltered
door. Visit www.ewom-            and shore birds. The pro-      animal. Call 983-4680.                          gram is free. However,
                                 there is an $8 entrance fee    -- 27th annual Pensacola
Saturday                         to the fort area. Call 934-    JazzFest: 10 a.m. to 6
                                 2600.                          p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.
-- 22nd annual We Believe                                       to 7 p.m. Sunday in Seville
In Children 5K run/walk: 8       -- Run for Their Lives 5K      Square. The family-orient-
a.m. Saturday, Longleaf          run/walk: 8 a.m. Saturday      ed festival, which cele-
Elementary School, 2600          beginning and ending at        brates all types of jazz, will
Longleaf Drive. Proceeds         the Casino Beach parking       feature music from nation-
from the 5K event will ben-      lot on Pensacola Beach.        al jazz artists, regional and
efit Escambia County Pub-        The 5K will benefit Lake-      local artists, and college,
lic Schools Foundation Inc.      view Center's programs for     high and middle school
A free family fair will follow   survivors of rape and other    bands. Admission is free.
the run. Race entry is $20       violent crimes. A post-race    Visit www.jazzpensacola.-
for students, and $10 for        celebration will feature       com.
military.     Call        Sue    food, live music, door
Kennedy, 595-6975, ext.          prizes and an awards cer-      Circulation - 63,342
227.                             emony. Registration is $15

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Pensacola News Journal
April 6, 2010 Tuesday                                          ONLINE BUSINESS; Pg. B8

People on the move
Alison Griffith has been named guest ser-      Before joining Simon, she served as the
vices manager at Cordova Mall, a Simon         public relations specialist for Ideaworks.
Property Group Inc. Griffith will work to      Griffith is also member of the Florida Pub-
provide concierge-level service to cus-        lic Relations Association.
tomers and merchants, while managing
the guest services team. She will also         Griffith is a graduate of the University of
manage and coordinate the efforts of the       West Florida with a bachelor's degree in
Simon Giftcard sales staff through the         communications with a concentration in
creation of sales goals, sales strategies      public relations.
and cooperative efforts with related mall
management and marketing activities.           Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 6, 2010 Tuesday                                                                  NEWS

Summit to focus on teen leadership
Carmen Paige                                      speak on their successes and failures.

Maxine Smith wants young people to be-            "There might be one word somebody
come leaders fired up about serving their         might say that will change a teenager's
community.                                        life forever," Smith said.

On April 17, Jack and Jill of America's           Among the speakers will be as Dr. Alma
Pensacola chapter will have a teen lead-          Littles, chief academic officer for the FSU
ership summit and college fair.                   College of Medicine.

"We pride ourselves on teaching children          Bentina Terry, a Gulf Power Co. vice
how to become leaders," said Smith,               president, also will talk about making
chapter vice president and teen sponsor.          good choices.
"We want kids to be encouraged about
their lives."                                     "My parents taught me to think long-term
                                                  and understand the impact of my choices
Jack and Jill is a nonprofit group that cre-      and to believe I am the one who controls
ates educational, cultural, civic, health,        my destiny," she said.
recreational and social programs for chil-
dren. The Pensacola chapter is 55 years           Whether he is tutoring, assisting with a
old.                                              book drive or helping with a school mar-
                                                  keting program, Dominic Smith leads by
"Although we are an African-American              example. As the chapter's teen president,
family organization, we are trying to reach       he hopes youth will have a good time
every teenager," Smith said.                      while learning how to be leaders.

The University of West Florida, Florida           "I hope teens will find direction as far as
A&M University, Florida State University          establishing where they want to go to col-
and Harvard University are among the              lege or what career choice they want to
colleges to be represented at the college         make," he said. "It promises to be infor-
fair.                                             mative and fun."

Community leaders at the summit will              Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 5, 2010 Monday                                                 ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Tuesday                         al." Waters is a fifth-gener-   processes of the U.S.
                                ation Floridian who has         Senate. Judy Coe, 475-
From staff reports              written more than 20 arti-      0703.
                                cles about Florida's Con-
· Leisure Learning Soci-        federate soldiers. Free.        ·   Distinguished    Flying
ety's lunch 'n' learn: 11:30    Call 968-6094.                  Cross Society, Pensacola
a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday,                                      chapter: 11:30 a.m. Thurs-
Angus Seafood Meats             Wednesday                       day,     Franco's    Italian
Spirits, 1101 Scenic High-                                      Restaurant, 523 E. Grego-
way. The University of          · Pensacola Symphony Or-        ry St. Guest speaker will
West Florida Leisure            chestra Guild luncheon: 11      be retired Army Maj. Ron
Learning Society's pro-         a.m. Wednesday, Angus           Hall. Call Joe Brewer, 453-
gram will feature Oz Nunn       Seafood Meats Spirits,          9291.
discussing the location of      1101 Scenic Highway. The
Gen. George S. Patton           program will be presented       · John Appleyard lecture:
during the Invasion of Nor-     by Audrey Naffe playing         Noon Thursday, J. Earle
mandy on June 6, 1944.          the viola, and Maeanna          Bowden Building, 120
The cost, including lunch,      Naffe on the violin. Lun-       Church St. Pensacola his-
is $17.50. Call 474-3491.       cheon cost: $18. Call 475-      torian John Appleyard will
                                5816.                           discuss how Escambia
· Inside Health Care town                                       County's election process-
hall: 7 p.m. Tuesday, WS-       · Chamber music concert:        es have progressed in 190
RE's Jean and Paul Amos         Noon Wednesday, Old             years. Lunch is $10; the
Performance Studio at           Christ Church, 405 S.           lecture is $5 for non-Pen-
Pensacola Junior College,       Adams St. University of         sacola Heritage Founda-
1000 College Blvd. The          West Florida students will      tion members. Call Debbie
topic will be medical tech-     perform a variety of solo       Adkins, 438-6505.
nology. The meeting is          and chamber works. Free.
part of WSRE's ongoing          Call 857-6285.                  · Tapas for Tata's: 5 to 9
health-care initiative to ad-                                   p.m. Thursday, Pensacola
dress important health is-      Thursday                        Little Theatre, 400 S. Jef-
sues. Doors open at 6                                           ferson St. The Susan G.
p.m. Call 484-1211.             · Democratic Women of           Komen Breast Cancer
                                Escambia County: 11 a.m.        Foundation       fundraiser,
· Pensacola Civil War           Thursday, Tryon Branch          presented by the D-Cup
Roundtable: 7 p.m. Tues-        Library, 1200 Langley Ave.      Divas, will feature food,
day,      First   Christian     Jocelyn Evans with the          wine, a silent auction and
Church, 6031 Goodrich           University of West Flori-       raffle prizes. Tickets are
Drive. Guest speaker Zack       da department of govern-        $25.       Call     Jessica
Waters will speak on the        ment will discuss the rec-      Hackathorn, 572-5891.
topic, "Robert Bullock:         onciliation and filibuster
Florida's Forgotten Gener-                                      · Sunsets at Plaza de

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                     Electronic Clipping
Luna: 5:30 p.m. Thursday        Saenger Theatre, 118 S.         space exploration. People
in Plaza de Luna. Watch         Palafox Place. Watch Dis-       are encouraged to wear
the sunset while listening      ney's "Beauty and the           sci-fi costumes or space-
to music from The Charred       Beast," the Broadway mu-        related clothing. Free. Visit
Melon Cherries. Call 435-       sical based on the Acade-
1695.                           my Award-winning animat-
                                ed feature film. The musi-      · Extraordinary Women's
· Exploring the Cosmos          cal love story is filled with   Conference: 7 to 10 p.m.
from the Moon lecture: 6        characters, sets and cos-       Friday and 8:30 a.m. to
p.m. Thursday, Florida In-      tumes, and production           4:30 p.m. Saturday, Pen-
stitute For Human and Ma-       numbers including "Be Our       sacola Civic Center, 201
chine Cognition, 40 S. Al-      Guest" and the title song.      E. Gregory St. The confer-
caniz St. Lecturer will be      Tickets are $67 and $52.        ence will feature a variety
Jack Burns, a professor in      Call 595-3880, or visit         of speakers including au-
the department of astro-        www.pensacolasaenger.-          thor and speaker Angela
physical and planetary sci-     com.                            Thomas;       award-winning
ences at the University of                                      fiction writer Karen Kings-
Colorado. Burns' teaching       Friday                          bury; Christian comedian
and research focus on ex-                                       Chonda       Pierce;    and
tragalactic astronomy and       · Yuri's Night Pensacola: 6     speaker Sheri Rose Shep-
cosmology, supercomput-         p.m. Friday in the plane-       herd. The event also fea-
er numerical situations,        tarium at Pensacola Junior      tures music artists Man-
astrophysics     from  the      College, 1000 College           disa, Jeremy Camp and
moon, and public policy is-     Blvd. Yuri's Night Pen-         Adie. Tickets are $69 in
sues in higher education        sacola, an event hosted by      advance, or $89 at the
and science. Reservations       the Escambia Amateur As-        door. Visit www.ewom-
recommended. Call 202-          tronomers Association and
4462.                           the Star Trek/Sci-fi fan or-
                                ganization USS Continu-         Circulation - 63,342
· "Beauty and the Beast":       um, will feature various
7:30    p.m.    Thursday,       shows and displays on

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Pensacola News Journal
April 5, 2010 Monday                                                    ONLINE LOCAL; Pg. C6

Letters to the editor
Patriots, display the Gadsden                                       50 percent.
flag                                - James Karl Otto Sr.
                                    Pensacola                       We have a son in the sixth
Helpful research by the Uni-                                        grade. My wife and I dedicate
versity of West Florida indi-       Teacher performance             many hours to support and
cates that a flag with a yellow                                     push. Sadly, not all students
field, a snake and the words        This is my 13th year as a       get that level of support at
"Don't Tread On Me" was             math teacher. My first career   home.
credited to colonial Gen.           was 31 years in the Navy.
Christopher Gadsden, who            How can you properly evalu-     Teachers should be tested on
was appointed to a three-man        ate a teacher's performance     subject matter every three
committee to direct the use of      using the results of student    years. Principals should do
colonial naval infantry (later to   exams when those results        unscheduled classroom eval-
become America's Corps of           are impacted by many other      uations, then document and
Marines).                           factors?                        correct unsatisfactory perfor-
Colonial ships of war and           The third quarter of school
gunboats flew such a flag           year 2009-2010 just ended.      - Jimmy D. Anderson
when they engaged British           This data is for students who   Pensacola
ships in their efforts to land      earned a failing grade in my
fresh troops, Hessians and          classes:                        Interesting occupations
war supplies during the Revo-
lutionary War.                      · Absences: The average was     I find it interesting that the
                                    six. The median was four.       "Tea Party" members inter-
Our nation has fallen upon          The top number was 29.          viewed in the recent PNJ arti-
hard times in several areas,                                        cle consisted of a retired U.S.
and it is not going to get bet-     · Quiz Repair: I permit my      Air Force officer, a retired po-
ter anytime soon. We have           students to "repair" quizzes    lice commander and a retired
lost most of our hard-won           and earn back half of the       civil service worker - all of
freedoms that were gained           points missed. The number of    whose jobs would not exist
from the defeat of the British      repair opportunities averaged   without government spend-
at Yorktown.                        four. Sixty percent submitted   ing.
                                    zero repairs; 25 percent sub-
In these troubled times, the        mitted one; 10 percent sub-     It's probably fair to say that
Gadsden Flag should be dis-         mitted two; 5 percent submit-   these complainers wouldn't
played by all true American         ted three.                      be comfortably retired without
patriots, along with our na-                                        government funds.
tional ensign.                      · Homework: I grade home-
                                    work on percentage of prob-     - Greg Hancock
Our nation is in a bad way,         lems attempted. The home-       Pensacola
and anarchy looms ahead.            work average for my students
                                    with a failing grade is below   Circulation - 63,342

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                The News Herald
April 4, 2010 Sunday                                 Web Edition: STATE AND REGIONAL NEWS

Bankruptcies hit thousands in Bay County
Scarlet Sims,                     Devastated   and     worried      "It goes across all class lines,
The News Herald,                  about money, Presley re-          all ages, all race lines. It's as
Panama City, Fla.                 turned a car for which she        close as we can get for it to
                                  had taken out a loan. She         be a depression," attorney
Apr. 4--PANAMA CITY -- Af-        owed more than it was worth,      William Von Hoene said.
ter struggling for years, Crys-   however, and had to pay the
tal Presley filed for bankrupt-   balance.                          Panama        City    attorney
cy Wednesday. She joined                                            Michael Reiter said his work-
thousands of Bay County res-      Then things got worse.            load has increased by about
idents drowning in debt and                                         25 percent in the last two
forced to file bankruptcy as      In early 2007, her ex-husband     years.    All    chapters   of
the Great Recession stripped      lost his job, and Presley         bankruptcies are going up,
away savings, investments,        helped him out with a loan        but those filing Chapter 7,
employment and medical            from her savings account. By      seeking a clean slate, are up
benefits.                         November 2007, Presley was        the most.
                                  laid off. It took her three
"I didn't always have bad         months to land a job in the       Bankruptcy numbers have
credit or a history of not pay-   Washington,      D.C.,   area,    risen to a level near what they
ing my bills, but when you ex-    making about $15,000 less         were before the federal gov-
perience so many things one       than she had just a year earli-   ernment added requirements
after another, when every-        er.                               for people to prove they can
thing is mounting against you,                                      pay for what they finance.
something has to give," the       Presley's case isn't unique,      People might have taken ad-
35-year-old Presley said.         local bankruptcy attorneys        vantage of the system in the
                                  say.                              past, but that's not what's
She has a college degree                                            happening now, Reiter said.
and worked in broadcasting        The number of people filing
for 15 years before switching     for bankruptcy has skyrocket-     "It's all now need-driven," Re-
to financial services. She had    ed since 2007, when the re-       iter said.
a savings account and paid        cession took hold. Nation-
her bills on time.                wide, bankruptcies were up        People such as Presley held
                                  about 32 percent last year        out as long as possible be-
Presley's problems started in     from a year earlier. The North    fore filing bankruptcy, but the
2005 when she and her then-       Florida district, covering Pen-   economy continued to worsen
husband divorced. All the         sacola to Gainesville, saw an     through 2008 and most of
debt was in her name, she         increase of 27 percent during     2009.
said, and although her ex-        the same time. Florida is now
husband helped pay, the debt      ranked 15th nationwide for        In 2008, Presley had just
was her responsibility.           personal bankruptcies, but        enough money to pay rent
                                  that might change as unem-        and utilities and groceries
She remarried, but a little       ployment and foreclosure          when her company cut
more than a year later, she       rates continue to rise.           bonuses at the end of that
awoke to find her husband                                           year. By May 2009, her pay
dead beside her. He had re-       Bankruptcy attorneys across       was cut again by 10 percent.
acted to prescription medica-     North Florida are watching        She then discovered she was
tion and died during the night.   cases go through the roof.        pregnant with her third child
                                                                    just as her company decided

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not to pay for things such as      those who have given up job        Haas Center for Business
maternity leave.                   hunting or are underem-            Research and Economic De-
                                   ployed brings the unemploy-        velopment Director wrote in
Eventually, Presley moved          ment rate up to nearly 20 per-     an e-mail. People can't make
home to Bay County so her          cent in Bay County.                their house payments, and
mom and sister could help                                             they can't sell their home,
with the children -- now ages      "Jobs are hard to come by          Harper said.
12, 8 and 8 months -- while        nowadays," Wynn said.
she went back to school for                                           The way banks handle loan
nursing.                           For the most part, those filing    motifications is driving some
                                   bankruptcies got caught up in      families    into   bankruptcy,
"When I decided to come            layers of problems where           Wynn said. Lenders tell bor-
back home, I felt defeated,"       they had no control over,          rowers they can't work with
Presley said. "I just had to       Wynn said.                         them until they are behind on
suck up some major pride."                                            payments, but then begin
                                   Two or three years ago, many       foreclosure       proceedings
The face of bankruptcy             credit card companies enact-       when payments fall behind.
                                   ed a policy that raised interest   When they do negotiate, the
Attorneys say hard times are       rates even if the holder paid      bank usually wants all back
hitting everyone.                  on time, Wynn said. Rates          payments paid off even after
                                   jumped from 3 percent to 29        agreeing to lower payments
Recent bankruptcy filings in-      percent, and some people           and modifying loans, Wynn
clude a doctor in Lynn Haven       couldn't keep up when they         said.
and people who just couldn't       lost jobs or experienced wage
keep up when their home val-       cuts.                              "That's forcing people into
ues plummeted, interest rates                                         bankruptcy," Wynn said.
rose and wages were cut.           "I've had people coming to
Reiter said people who made        my office crying and feeling       Florida allows people filing all
$100,000 before the reces-         terrible about themselves,"        forms of bankruptcy to keep
sion    are   now     making       Wynn said. "And I go: 'Wait a      their homes.
$40,000. Engineers once            minute. You didn't do any-
working at large companies         thing; they changed the rules.     Attorneys say things aren't
are now dollar store man-          You didn't cause the econom-       getting     better.    Despite
agers.                             ic crisis in America.' "           economists' declarations that
                                                                      the market is starting to re-
Attorney Charles Wynn, who         Another group of people            cover, Bay County's median
has a satellite office on Jenks    declaring bankruptcy decided       home prices slipped again in
Avenue, said he had clients        to invest in real estate before    February. Median home val-
with college degrees who are       the market collapsed.              ues were 17 percent below
lying about their education to                                        what they were about a year
get lowwage jobs. Court-           Then real estate market's val-     ago for February, according
house records show those fil-      ues plummeted, sometimes           to the Florida Realtors organi-
ing are anyone from doctors        by more than 30 percent.           zation.
to construction workers.           Owners tried to hold on by
                                   using their savings and pray-      People are more desperate,
"You take a look at the unem-      ing for the market to stop its     too, said Susan Hawley, a
ployment rate, and there is a      freefall, but that didn't hap-     paralegal with Jones Gaglio
direct correlation there," Reit-   pen.                               PA in downtown Panama
er said.                                                              City.
                                   Why file now?
Florida's unemployment rate                                           "We're seeing a lot of older
is the state's highest on          Two things are happening:          people," Hawley said.
record at 12.2 percent. Bay        People are filing bankruptcy
County's rate was at 12.1          to avoid getting evicted from      Ellen, 74, filed for bankruptcy
percent in January but fell to     their homes and because            Friday after struggling for
11.6 percent in February, ac-      they can't sell homes and          about 20 years. She asked
cording to the most recent         downsize, Rick Harper, Uni-        that her last name be with-
figures available. Adding in       versity of West Florida's          held for this story.

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                            Electronic Clipping
While raising her grandsons,        On Tuesday, Lewis filed          The number of bankruptcies
Ellen took out credit in the        bankruptcy paperwork for         affects everyone, not just
1990s. Then when the econo-         seven people. Last year, his     those who file, Harper said.
my began to sink about two          law firm filed more than 1,000   The U.S. economy is 70 per-
years ago, she ended up tak-        cases. In one year, his law      cent built on people buying
ing in one grandson and two         firm handles about 30 percent    goods and services.
sons. One son is an alcoholic       of all bankruptcy cases in the
and the other is diagnosed          North Florida region and 80      "If they don't (buy) because
with    schizophrenia.   Her        percent of his business is in    they are in bankruptcy or
grandson found a part-time          the Panama City area, he         have no home equity, it af-
job and pays his bills, but         said.                            fects the health of businesses
Ellen has been covering for                                          and jobs for others who de-
her children.                       Most cases are individuals,      pend on the spending of oth-
                                    but businesses aren't escap-     er consumers," Harper said.
When Ellen realized she             ing the pain, either.
couldn't restructure her debt                                        Presley said she didn't do ev-
and that bankruptcy was her         "My Chapter 11 cases have        erything right. She shouldn't
only option, she cried.             just mushroomed; just around     have let the car go back; she
                                    Panama City look at all the      shouldn't have used her sav-
"All my life I've always paid all   vacant stores," Wynn said.       ings while looking for another
my     bills,"     Ellen   said.                                     job. She should have saved
Bankruptcy "is humiliating,         Wynn said he hasn't seen         more and maybe moved
degrading. It's not something       this number of business          home earlier.
people should do lightly. It's      bankruptcy cases since he
something you never get             began as an attorney 32          "You can't go through life with
over."                              years ago.                       mediocre savings," Presley
                                                                     said. "You never know what's
Hawley's law firm is seeing         Businesses are feeling the       going to happen."
more people 55 or older filing      squeeze as customers fail to
for bankruptcy than in the          pay and they find they can't     To see more of The News
past. The number of elderly         pay their own creditors and      Herald or to subscribe to the
forced into bankruptcy is ex-       payrolls, Valerie Simmons,       newspaper,       go         to
pected to remain high as re-        with the Gulf Coast Commu-
tirement funds dry up and in-       nity College's Small Business
vestment property remains           Development Center, wrote in     For reprints, email tm-
unprofitable, attorneys said.       an e-mail.                       sreprints@permissions-
                                                           , call 800-374-
"It's just everyday, normal         Recent business bankrupt-        7985 or 847-635-6550, send
people,"     attorney    Martin     cies included Horton's Chip-     a fax to 847-635-6968, or
Lewis said. "It's the hamburg-      ley Heating and Cooling in       write to The Permissions
er flippers and the policeman       Marianna. The company did        Group Inc., 1247 Milwaukee
who just issued you your tick-      not return a message by Fri-     Ave., Suite 303, Glenview, IL
et."                                day.                             60025, USA.

Feeling the squeeze                 Who is affected?

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Pensacola News Journal
April 4, 2010 Sunday                                            ONLINE BUSINESS; Pg. B3

Special events
From staff reports              Pensacola Junior College,       topics such as why health
                                1000 College Blvd. PJC          is affected in stressful
· 10th annual Gulf States       Student Job Services and        times, morale and produc-
World Trade Conference:         Workforce Escarosa have         tivity, how to reduce stress
5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednes-       invited the public to their     and posture-related com-
day; 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.     spring career fair. Job-        plaints in the workplace,
Thursday; and 7:45 a.m.         seekers      should      take   and what can be done to
to 1 p.m. Friday, Hilton        copies of their resume,         reduce absenteeism in the
Pensacola Beach Gulf            and come dressed for suc-       workplace. Cost: $10 for
Front, 12 Via de Luna,          cess. Participating employ-     student members, $15 for
Pensacola Beach. The            ers include Gulf Power          GPSHRM members, and
Gulf Coast Trade Alliance       Co., Escambia County            $25 for guests. Reserva-
is an association of eco-       Utility Authority, Navy Fed-    tions requested by April 12
nomic development agen-         eral Credit Union, U.S.         online at
cies from Alabama, Flori-       Census Bureau, Lakeview
da, Louisiana and Missis-       Center, Advanced Com-           · National Association of
sippi that showcase re-         munications,        Clearwire   Insurance and Financial
sources of the Gulf Coast       and Santa Rosa Medical          Advisors, Pensacola chap-
to compete in the global        Center. Details: Call 484-      ter: 11:45 a.m. April 15,
market. The conference,         1653.                           Pensacola Civic Center,
titled "The Future of Trade                                     201 E. Gregory St. Rick
in the Northern Gulf of         Meetings                        Harper, director of the
Mexico," will focus on in-                                      University of West Flori-
termodal      transportation    · Jay Chamber of Com-           da Haas Center for Busi-
and trade developments,         merce: Noon Monday, Jay         ness Research and Eco-
trade opportunities in the      Community Center, 5259          nomic Development, will
Gulf Coast aerospace cor-       Booker Lane, Jay. Details:      share his insights to the
ridor, international market-    Call 623-2339.                  economic challenges and
ing, tourism and interna-                                       opportunities of the com-
tional Website design.          · Greater Pensacola Soci-       munity. Cost: Free for
U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller will      ety of Human Resource           members and first-time
attend along with industry      Management: 11:15 a.m.          guests, and $10 for non-
experts. To register or for     to 1 p.m. April 14, The An-     members.      Reservations
more information, call 438-     gus, 1101 Scenic High-          requested by April 12 on-
4081, or visit       way. Guest speaker will be      line at www.naifapensaco-            chiropractor Llaird Likens, or by calling Pru-
                                who will speak on the top-      dence Caskey, 623-4023.
· Spring career fair: 9 a.m.    ic, "Health in the Work-
to 1 p.m. Friday, Hagler        place: A Doctor's Perspec-      Seminars/workshops
Auditorium, Building 3 at       tive." Likens will address

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                     Electronic Clipping
· "Rules of the Road": 11       da, 401 E. Chase St.,         Allstates Employer Ser-
a.m. Tuesday, Bayview           Suite 100. During the four-   vices will present the free
Senior Center, 2000 E.          part workshop, attendees      seminar. Pre-registration
Lloyd St. The free semi-        will learn how to keep        is recommended. Details:
nar, presented by Edward        records, develop financial    Call 595-0063.
Jones financial adviser         statements, asset depreci-
Rick Lambert, will cover        ation schedules, under-       · "Construction Bonding -
keys to successful invest-      stand tax records, and        Why Is It Required? How
ing. Factors such as com-       plan for business continu-    Do I Qualify": 11:30 a.m.
mon investing mistakes,         ity. Cost: $55 for the pub-   to 1:30 p.m. Thursday,
investing strategies to         lic, and free for UWF stu-    Florida Small Business
reach long-term goals, and      dents and faculty. Pre-reg-   Development Center/Pro-
what can be done now to         istration is recommended.     curement Technical Assis-
prepare for retirement will     Details: Call 595-0063.       tance Center, 401 E.
be addressed. Reserva-                                        Chase St., Suite 100. The
tions requested to Brena        · "Workers' Comp 101":        free workshop will explain
at 429-8403.                    Noon to 1 p.m. Wednes-        the different types of bond-
                                day, Small Business De-       ing, the use of each type
· "Record Keeping in Small      velopment Center at the       and qualifications to ob-
Business": 6 to 9 p.m.          University of West Flori-     tain. Pre-registration is
Tuesday and Thursdays,          da, 401 E. Chase St.,         recommended.         Details:
April 6-15, Small Business      Suite 100. Adelene Taylor     Call 595-0063.
Development Center at the       and Andrew Sowell with
University of West Flori-                                     Circulation - 81,220

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Pensacola News Journal
April 4, 2010 Sunday                                             ONLINE SPORTS; Pg. D6

Area track athletes excel at Mobile Challenge of Champions
From staff reports              and 43.9 seconds, respec-
                                tively. Both marks set a       At Kissimmee Classic
Several area athletes took      new school record for the      Bracket semifinal TATE 6,
to the track in Mobile on       Gators.                        KEYSTONE HEIGHTS 0
Saturday during the Mobile                                     Tate 010 000 5-6 9 1 Key-
Challenge of Champions          West     Florida     High's    stone 000 000 0-0 2 2
track meet at St. Paul's        4x800-meter relay team
Episcopal School.               earned a third-place finish.   WP-Heather Schaff (10-5)
                                Jeronda Springfield, Jas-      7 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 5 K.
The Pine Forest girls led       mine Branche, Jamie Sut-       LP-Skipper 7 IP, 9 H, 6 R,
the area's charge with a        ton and Bria Upsher com-       5 ER, 3 BB, 6 K.
pair of first-place finishes.   bined to finish in 9:49, a
                                new school record.             Tate hitters: Ashton Vin-
T'Keya Parker won the                                          cent 2-4, RBI; Crysta Paul-
girls shot put with a throw     Softball                       son 3-4, R, 2 2B, 2 RBI.
of 39 feet, 4 inches, and
the 4x100-meter relay           The Tate Aggies ad-            Bracket     championship
team consisting of Latoya       vanced to the white brack-     PEMBROOKE PINES 8,
Bell, Alexis Jackson, La-       et championship at the         TATE 4 Tate (12-7) 211
porshia Gould and Na-           Kissimmee Classic on Sat-      000 0-4 8 5 Pembrooke
toree McMillan won in a         urday with a 6-0 win           100 025 x-8 8 2
time of 47.49 seconds.          against Keystone Heights.
                                                               WP-Sacramento 7 IP, 8 H,
Darroneshia Lott and the        Heather Schaff earned the      4 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 4 K. LP-
4x400-meter relay team          win, allowing only two hits.   Heather Schaff (10-6) 6
earned second place fin-                                       PI, 8 H, 8 R, 4 ER, 3 BB,
ishes. Lott ran the 800 me-     The Aggies fell to Pem-        K.
ters in 2:16. The relay         brooke Pines in the brack-
team consisting of Lapor-       et's championship game         Tate hitters: Shelby Myers
shia Gould, Johna Whitak-       after allowing a five-run      2-4, 2 R; Amy Waters 1-4,
er, Alexis Jackson and Da-      sixth inning.                  2B, RBI; Kim Baker 2-4, R;
cia Mays finished in                                           Amy Siefert 2-3, RBI;
3:55.31.                        Schaff earned white brack-     Maleah McCombs 1-3, 2
                                et defensive MVP for her       RBI.
But Pine Forest wasn't the      effort during the tourna-
only team with impressive       ment. The Aggies' pitcher      Pembrooke Pines hitters:
finishes.                       went 3-1 in four games at      Heischer 2-3, 2 R; Bond-
                                the classic.                   breno 2-4, 2 RBI; Sigler 2-
Escambia High's Lauren                                         3, R, 2 RBI, 2B.
Walton ran the 100- and         Tate returns to action
300-meter hurdles in per-       Tuesday when the Aggies        College baseball
sonal best times of 14.7        travel to Jay.

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Three players had multiple                                    Colton Campbell in the
hits, but it was not enough     WP-Austin Wright, 7.2 IP,     second inning, Johnson
Saturday as the Pensacola       8 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 8 K.    took control of the game
Junior College baseball         LP-Charles Basford, 6 IP,     on the mound. There was
team suffered a 7-5 loss        7 H, 6 R, 5 ER, 5 BB, 2 K.    not one inning in which
against Chipola College.                                      Johnson allowed more
                                PJC hitters: Tyson Work-      than one hit and did not al-
The Pirates (21-17, 4-9 in      man 2-for-4, 1 RBI. Harold    low a runner past second
Panhandle     Conference)       Collins 2-for-4, 3B. Saxon    base the entire game.
took a 3-1 lead after three     Butler 2-5, 2B, 2 RBI.
innings, then tied the                                        The win gave the Argos a
game in the seventh be-         West Florida 1 West Al-       2-1 series win over the
fore Chipola answered           abama 0                       Tigers and improved their
with a pair of runs in the                                    overall record to 26-13 and
bottom of the seventh and       After a two hour rain de-     7-2 in the Gulf South Con-
added another run in the        lay, the University of        ference East Division.
eighth.                         West Florida baseball         West Alabama falls to 19-
                                team defeated West Al-        15 on the season and 2-7
Tyson Workman went 2-           abama 1-0 Saturday in         in the GSC East.
for-4 with an RBI and Sax-      Livingston, Ala.
on Butler went 2-for-5 with                                   The Argos will have this
a double and two RBI. The       Kevin Johnson tossed his      week off and will resume
Pirates will host Chipola       team high third complete      Gulf South Conference
on Monday.                      game of the season, scat-     play next weekend when
                                tering five hits with seven   hosting           Alabama-
At Chipola CHIPOLA 7,           strikeouts.                   Huntsville in a three-game
PJC 5 PJC 102 000 200-5                                       series.
7 1 Chipola 010 210 21x-7       After an RBI single from
92                                                            Circulation - 81,220

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Pensacola News Journal
April 4, 2010 Sunday                                               ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Meetings this week
Escambia                        ployee Executive Commit-      Escambia County Govern-
                                tee: 2 p.m., Pensacola        ment    Complex,   221
Monday                          City Hall, 180 Governmen-     Palafox Place. Details:
                                tal Center. Details: 435-     595-4933.
· Pensacola City Council        1606.
Standing      Committees:                                     · University of West
3:15 p.m., Pensacola City       · University of West          Florida Director of Re-
Hall, 180 Governmental          Florida Vice-President for    search and Sports Ser-
Center. Details: 435-1606.      Student Affairs Search        vices Search Committee:
                                Committee: 2:30 p.m.,         3:30 p.m.,     Recreation
Tuesday                         Alumni Room, Building 12      Center Conference Room
                                at UWF, 11000 University      at UWF, 11000 University
· Pensacola Downtown Im-        Parkway. Details: Alan Bri-   Parkway. Details: Alan Bri-
provement Board: 7:30           an, 474-2214.                 an, 474-2214.
a.m., DIB, 41 N. Jefferson
St., Suite 104. Details:        · Escambia County Tourist     · Pensacola Downtown Im-
434-5371.                       Development        Council:   provement Board Special
                                3:30 p.m., Pensacola Civic    Events Committee: 4 p.m.,
· Coffee with Mayor Mike        Center, 201 E. Gregory St.    DIB, 41 N. Jefferson St.,
Wiggins: 8 a.m., Scenic         Details: 595-4933.            Suite 104. Details: 434-
Heights          Elementary                                   5371.
School, 3801 Cherry Lau-        Wednesday
rel Drive. Citizens can talk                                  ·     Escambia      County
with the mayor about            · Escambia County Con-        Healthy Start Coalition
what's happening in city.       struction Industry Compe-     board of directors: 5 p.m.,
Details: 435-1609.              tency Board: 9 a.m., Es-      Escambia County Healthy
                                cambia County Building In-    Start Coalition, 5626 Dixie
· Workforce Escarosa Fi-        spections, 3300 N. Pace       St., Suite 2. Details: 474-
nance Committee: 10:30          Blvd., Suite 300. Details:    5333.
a.m., Workforce Escarosa,       595-4933.
9111 Sturdevant St. De-                                       Thursday
tails: 473-0939.                · Escambia County Devel-
                                opment Review Commit-         · Escambia County Agen-
· Escambia County Envi-         tee: 1 p.m., Escambia         da Work Session: 9 a.m.,
ronmental   Enforcement         County Planning and Zon-      Escambia County Govern-
special magistrate: 1:30        ing Department, 1190 W.       ment    Complex,    221
p.m., Escambia County           Leonard St. Details: 595-     Palafox Place. Details:
Government Complex, 221         4933.                         595-4933.
Palafox Place. Details:
595-4933.                       · Escambia County Well-       · Escambia Board of
                                ness Committee: 1 p.m.,       County  Commissioners
· City of Pensacola Em-

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                   Electronic Clipping
public forum, hearings and      6495 Caroline St., Milton.    1877.
reports: 4:30 and 5:30          Details; 983-1877.
p.m., Escambia County                                         Thursday
Government Complex, 221         Tuesday
Palafox Place. Details:                                       · Santa Rosa County Com-
595-4933.                       · Santa Rosa County Ma-       mission: 9 a.m., Santa
                                rine Advisory: 5 p.m., San-   Rosa County Administra-
· Pensacola City Council: 7     ta Rosa County Adminis-       tive Center, 6495 Caroline
p.m., Pensacola City Hall,      trative Center, 6495 Caro-    St., Milton. Details: 983-
180 Governmental Center.        line St., Milton. Details:    1877.
Details: 435-1606.              983-1877.
                                                              · Santa Rosa County Local
Santa Rosa                      Wednesday                     Planning Board: 6 p.m.,
                                                              Santa Rosa County Ad-
Monday                          · Santa Rosa County           ministrative Center, 6495
                                Housing Coalition: 1:30       Caroline St., Milton. De-
· Santa Rosa County Com-        p.m., Santa Rosa County       tails: 983-1877.
mission Committee: 9            Public Services Building,
a.m., Santa Rosa County         6051 Old Bagdad High-         Circulation - 81,220
Administrative    Center,       way, Milton. Details: 983-

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Pensacola News Journal
April 4, 2010 Sunday                                               ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A3

Today                           The cost, including lunch,    Noon Wednesday, Old
                                is $17.50. Call 474-3491.     Christ Church, 405 S.
· Truth for Youth Easter                                      Adams St. University of
Egg Extravaganza: 4:30          · Inside Health Care town     West Florida students will
p.m. today at Magee Field       hall meeting: 7 p.m. Tues-    perform a variety of solo
Park, 2324 Martin Luther        day, WSRE's Jean and          and chamber works. Free.
King Jr. Drive. The event       Paul Amos Performance         Call 857-6285.
will feature free food and      Studio at Pensacola Junior
activities for toddlers and     College, 1000 College         Thursday
children. Call John Powell,     Blvd. The topic will be
393-0332.                       medical technology. The       · John Appleyard lecture:
                                meeting is part of WSRE's     Noon Thursday, J. Earle
Monday                          ongoing health care initia-   Bowden Building, 120
                                tive to address important     Church St. Pensacola his-
· Monday Quilters: 9 a.m.       health issues. Doors open     torian John Appleyard will
to 2 p.m. Mondays, Beulah       at 6 p.m. Call 484-1211.      speak on "Our Voting Priv-
Baptist Church, 5805 Beu-                                     ilege," and how Escambia
lah Church Road, Beulah.        · Pensacola Civil War         County's election process-
Quilters of all experience      Roundtable meeting: 7         es have progressed in 190
levels can join together to     p.m. Tuesday, First Chris-    years. Lunch is $10; the
make love quilts for the        tian      Church,      6031   lecture is $5 for non-Pen-
community.          Quilters    Goodrich Drive. Guest         sacola Heritage Founda-
should take a sack lunch        speaker Zack Waters will      tion members. Call Debbie
and their quilting supplies.    speak on "Robert Bullock:     Adkins, 438-6505.
Call Pat Damcott, 944-          Florida's Forgotten Gener-
3878.                           al." Free. Call 968-6094.     · Exploring the Cosmos
                                                              from the Moon lecture: 6
Tuesday                         Wednesday                     p.m. Thursday, Florida In-
                                                              stitute For Human and Ma-
· Leisure Learning Soci-        · Pensacola Symphony Or-      chine Cognition, 40 S. Al-
ety's lunch 'n' learn: 11:30    chestra Guild luncheon        caniz St. Lecturer will be
a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday,      meeting: 11 a.m. Wednes-      Jack Burns, a professor in
Angus Seafood Meats             day,     Angus    Seafood     the department of astro-
Spirits, 1101 Scenic High-      Meats Spirits, 1101 Scenic    physical and planetary sci-
way. The University of          Highway. The program will     ences at the University of
West Florida Leisure            be presented by Audrey        Colorado. Burns' teaching
Learning Society's pro-         Naffe playing the viola,      and research focus on ex-
gram will feature Oz Nunn       and Maeanna Naffe on the      tragalactic astronomy and
discussing the location of      violin. Luncheon cost: $18.   cosmology, supercomput-
Gen. George S. Patton           Call 475-5816.                er numerical situations, as-
during the Invasion of Nor-                                   trophysics from the moon,
mandy on June 6, 1944.          · Chamber music concert:      and public policy issues in

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                   Electronic Clipping
higher education and sci-       herd. The event also fea-     run/walk: 8 a.m. Saturday
ence. Reservations recom-       tures music artists Man-      beginning and ending at
mended. Call 202-4462.          disa, Jeremy Camp and         the Casino Beach parking
                                Adie. Tickets are $69 in      lot on Pensacola Beach.
· "Beauty and the Beast":       advance, or $89 at the        The 5K will benefit Lake-
7:30     p.m.     Thursday,     door. Visit www.ewom-         view Center's programs for
Saenger Theatre, 118 S.                       survivors of rape and other
Palafox Place. Watch Dis-                                     violent crimes. A post-race
ney's "Beauty and the           Saturday                      celebration will feature
Beast," the Broadway mu-                                      food, live music, door
sical based on the Acade-       · International Migratory     prizes and an awards cer-
my Award-winning animat-        Bird Day program: 8 to 10     emony. Registration is $15
ed feature film. Tickets are    a.m. Saturday at Fort Pick-   for adults and children
$67 and $52. Call 595-          ens. Gulf Islands National    through Friday, and $20
3880, or visit www.pen-         Seashore will host the pro-   on race day. Call 469-              gram on the Florida Na-       3800.
                                tional Scenic Trail at the
Friday                          fort. Lynn Ogden, conser-     · Pensacola JazzFest: 10
                                vation chairperson with the   a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday
· Extraordinary Women's         Francis      M.     Weston    and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sun-
Conference: 7 to 10 p.m.        Audubon Society, will give    day in Seville Square. The
Friday and 8:30 a.m. to         an introduction to birding    family-oriented      festival,
4:30 p.m. Saturday, Pen-        and binoculars. She will      which celebrates all types
sacola Civic Center, 201        lead a walk to look for mi-   of jazz, will feature music
E. Gregory St. The confer-      grant neo-tropical song       from national jazz artists,
ence will feature a variety     birds, resident woodland      regional and local artists,
of speakers including au-       birds, and shore birds. The   and college, high and mid-
thor and speaker Angela         program is free. However,     dle school bands. Admis-
Thomas;       award-winning     there is an $8 entrance fee   sion is free. Visit www.jaz-
fiction writer Karen Kings-     to the fort area. Call 934-
bury; Christian comedian        2600.
Chonda       Pierce;    and                                   Circulation - 81,220
speaker Sheri Rose Shep-        · Run for Their Lives 5K

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Pensacola News Journal
April 4, 2010 Sunday                                                     SPORTS; Pg. D1

Argos softball defeats N. Alabama in extra innings
After dropping the first game, 6-1, the          two home runs to drive in five runs over
University of West Florida softball team         the course of the game.
battled through its third extra-inning game
of the weekend Saturday to outlast North         Meanwhile, the UWF baseball team won
Alabama in a 9-3 victory in Florence, Ala.       at West Alabama.

Victoria Harvey threw nine complete in-          Game report, Page 6D
nings to improve her team to 29-8,
                                                 Circulation - 81,220
8-6 GSC, while Crystal Thompson used

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                                 ONLINE MAIN; Pg. A2

Calendar: April 4, 2010
Today                            Documentary History" and
                                 "Women and Slavery" au-         · West Florida Genealogi-
From staff reports               thors J. Richard Lewis and      cal Society: 10 a.m., West
                                 Catherine Lewis will speak      Florida Genealogy Library,
· Bayview Park Spring            on "Slavery and Jim Crow        5740 N. Ninth Ave. Woody
Flea Market: 9 a.m. to           in Bagdad." The Bagdad          Barnes will present "Re-
noon at Bayview Park in          Village Preservation Asso-      searching Civil War Mili-
East Hill. Vendors will be       ciation will present the lec-   tary Records." Barnes is a
on-site offering a variety of    ture in celebration of the      member of the Society of
items for purchase includ-       170th anniversary of the        the War of 1812, Sons of
ing clothing, pottery, jewel-    founding of Bagdad. Free.       the American Revolution
ry and baked goods. Call         Call 983-3005.                  and Sons of Confederate
Addie Quina, 436-5190.                                           Veterans. Call Cynthia
                                 · Kiwanis Club of Big La-       Dean, 432-7072.
· Flamingo Road Church's         goon's 24th annual Easter
second annual Helicopter         egg hunt: 10 a.m. at Perdi-     · Pensacola Civitan Club's
Egg Drop: 9 a.m. to noon         do Kid's Park on Gulf           16th annual picnic: 11 a.m.
in Admiral Mason Park at         Beach Highway. About            to 3 p.m. in Seville Square.
Ninth Avenue and Bayfront        2,500 plastic eggs will be      The picnic event, which
Parkway. Fifty thousand          hidden in the park for chil-    will feature food, games
eggs filled with prizes will     dren ages 2 to 6 to find.       and music, is for develop-
be dropped in the park for       Eggs will be placed in spe-     mentally disabled children
children ages 1 to 12 to         cific designated areas for      and adults and their fami-
grab. Eggs will be filled        each children's age group.      lies. Free. Call Carol
with prizes like gift certifi-   Big Lagoon Kiwanis Club         Beede, 602-7885.
cate for Xbox 360s, iPod         member Terry Brotherton
Nanos and 37-inch flat-          will be dressed as the          · Santa Rosa County Com-
screen TVs. The event            Easter Bunny. Call Eileen       munity Wide Easter Cele-
also includes music, Cat         Brotherton, 341-5350.           bration: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Country 98.7 FM give-                                            at the pavilion and track on
aways,     face    painting,     · Panhandle Macintosh           U.S. 90 in Pace, across
bounce houses and re-            Users Group meeting: 10         from S.S. Dixon Primary
freshments. Children will        a.m., Room 2142, Building       School. The free, commu-
be divided into age groups       21 at Pensacola Junior          nity-wide event is set to in-
before they hunt for eggs.       College, 1000 College           clude games, face paint-
Call Ryan Moore, 549-            Blvd. Dennis Kovich will        ing, balloons, a fish fry, hot
8509.                            present a talk on using         dogs, and Easter egg
                                 Mac's iChat, and Mike           hunts for children through
· Bagdad history lecture:        Stoops will show how to         fifth grade at 11:30 a.m.
10 a.m., Bagdad Museum,          use Skype. Free. Visit          and 12:30 p.m. Children
4512 Church St., Bagdad.          should take their own
"Jim Crow America: A             sacolapmug.                     Easter baskets for the

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                      Electronic Clipping
hunt. Sponsored by Living                                      gan, 490-4746.
Truth Church. Call Carrie       · Junior Humane Society's
Hollon, 994-7698.               pet adoption: Noon to 4        · Old Antarctic Explorers
                                p.m., PetSmart, 6251 N.        Association, Gulf Coast
· Community Easter egg          Davis Highway. Meet dogs       chapter: 1 p.m., The
hunt: Noon to 2 p.m. in         and puppies that are avail-    Shrimp Basket, 709 N.
Springdale Park at Brent        able for adoption. Call        Navy Blvd. Anyone who
Lane     and     Evergreen      Frankie Van Horn, 968-         has been to Antarctica or
Road. The community             3260.                          is interested in Antarctica
event will feature food,                                       is invited. Guest speaker
games, door prizes and an       · Second annual Seeds of       will be Laura Snow,
egg hunt for children ages      Hope music and art bene-       daughter of Ashley Snow,
1 to 12. Free. Call Andrea      fit: Noon to 5 p.m. at the     who was a member of the
Jane Frost, 477-0345.           Cannon Greens at the           Byrd Antarctic Expedition
                                University of West Flori-      III from 1939 to 1941. Call
· Easter Egg Hunt: Noon         da, 11000 University Park-     Billy-Ace Baker, 456-3556.
to 4 p.m., Big Lots, 6247       way. The benefit show,
Highway 90, Milton. Chil-       hosted by Students for         Sunday
dren ages 10 and younger        Suicide Awareness and Al-
can participate in the East-    pha Tau Omega, will in-        · Truth for Youth Easter
er Egg Hunt, and have           clude live music from local    Egg Extravaganza: 4:30
their picture taken with the    musicians, survivor art-       p.m. at Magee Field Park,
Easter Bunny. There also        work, a silent auction, door   2324 Martin Luther King
will be a bake sale to ben-     prizes and suicide re-         Jr. Drive. The event will
efit Pace High School's         source information. All        feature free food and ac-
Project Graduation. Child       proceeds will be donated       tivities for toddlers and
identification kits will be     to the Mental Health Asso-     children. Call John Powell,
available from the Santa        ciation of West Florida.       393-0332.
Rosa County Sheriff's Of-       Admission is free with any
fice Crime Prevention Unit.     donation. Call Sabra Jerni-    Circulation - 63,342
Call 598-9715.

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                                  ONLINE LOCAL; Pg. A2

School briefs
Spring break comes to an        best attorney at the com-           Field House.
end                             petition.
                                                                    Fourteen middle- and six
From staff reports              The team now is eligible to         high-school teams are reg-
                                compete in the 27th annu-           istered to compete in the
Escambia County students        al National High School             egg drop, bridge building,
return to class Monday af-      Mock Trial Championship             air cannon, paper airplane,
ter spring break. Santa         Tournament on May 6-9 in            heat    transfer,  physics
Rosa County students re-        Philadelphia.                       jeopardy and examination
turn to class Tuesday.                                              events.
                                Drama students heading
Details:     www.escambi-       to Tampa next week                  Trophies will be awarded, or www.san-                                            at middle- and high-school               Pensacola High School's             levels. All participants will
                                drama team will attend the          receive a certificate.
Tate High wins state level      Florida State Thespian
mock trial competition          Festival on Wednesday               The annual event is spon-
                                through April 10 at the             sored by the Physics Al-
Tate High School's Mock         Tampa Bay Performing                liance of Northwest Flori-
Trial Team won the Florida      Arts and Convention Cen-            da, a nonprofit association
High School Mock Trial          ter in Tampa.                       that works to promote stu-
Competition last weekend                                            dents' interest in physics.
in Orlando.                     Students who participate
                                in the district competition         Details: Call 474-2267.
In the academic competi-        and advanced to the state
tion, a team of students        level include Seth Fried-           Technology systems cer-
simulates the roles of at-      man, Gabe Friedman,                 tificate scholarships
torneys and witnesses in a      Brooke Heffernan, Savan-
fictional trial.                nah Green, Jarryd Boyd,             The University of West
                                Roy Hornsby, Jack Mc-               Florida is offering scholar-
Tate High's team mem-           Connico, Kathleen Hicks,            ships for the 2010 summer
bers are Collin Metcalf,        Carly Landa, Quinn More-            and fall semesters for its
Dylan Lunsford, Allison         land, and Jordan Wiggins.           Technology Systems Sup-
Baliey, Jacob Sander, Asia                                          port Certificate, an under-
Cravens, Amy Sapp, De-          Physics Olympics             next   graduate certificate in the
nis McKinnon III, Josh          Saturday at UWF                     UWF department of engi-
Levins,    Austin   Perry,                                          neering and computer
Sarah     Barlow,  Ashley       The 18th annual Physics             technology.
Fasshauer, and Brooke St.       Olympics is 8 a.m. to 1
Pierre.                         p.m. April 10 at the Uni-           The 18-semester-hour cer-
                                versity of West Florida             tificate can be completed
Metcalf won the award for

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                          Electronic Clipping
in   as   few     as   two           E-mail Roxanne Spivey
semesters. Students can                                        Bonifay at rbonifay@-
use the certificate as part      Student news        
of undergraduate pro-
grams in information tech-       · Mina Ilia of Pensacola      · Pensacola High Class of
nology: networking and           was named to the 2009         1950 will have its reunion
telecommunications, or in-       fall dean's list at Albany    May    21.    Call   Gene
formation       engineering      College of Pharmacy and       Bridges, 456-7890
technology.                      Health Sciences in Albany,
                                 N.Y.                          · Pensacola High School
Florida's Great Northwest                                      Class of 1955 will have its
is providing the tuition         · Spencer Barriball of Pen-   reunion in May. Call Janet
scholarships. Eligible stu-      sacola was named to the       Phelps McDonald, 932-
dents must live in North-        2009 fall dean's list at      3359.
west Florida.                    Central Christian College
                                 of Kansas in McPherson,       · Tate High Class of 1990
Students selected will re-       Kan.                          will have its 20th reunion
ceive up to 75 percent of                                      June 18 and 19. Visit
their tuition paid for cours-    High-school reunions
es taken during the 2010
summer          and       fall   · Escambia High Class of      · Washington High Class
semesters.          Students     1980 will hold its 30-year    of 1965 will have its 45th
awarded summer scholar-          reunion June 18. Visit        reunion June 17-20. Call
ships automatically will re-     www.ehs1980.blogspot.-        Marie Springer Ikner, 477-
ceive the scholarship in         com.                          8581.
the fall semester upon
completion of summer             · Pace High Class of 2000     · Woodham High Class of
courses.                         will have its 10-year re-     1970 will have its 40th re-
                                 union May 22. Call Greg       union April 16 and 17. Visit
Applications for 2010 sum-       Brown, 982-7813.              http://woodham70.ning.-
mer semester are due by                                        com.
May 1.                           · Pensacola Catholic High
                                 Class of 1970 will have its   Circulation - 63,342
Details: Visit www.floridas-     40th reunion June 25-27.

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                          ONLINE SPORTS; Pg. D2

Gulf Coast CC tops PJC baseball team
From staff reports              At PJC Gulf Coast CCe 4,
                                PJC 2 Gulf Coast 000 100      After suffering a 6-4 loss in
The Pensacola Junior Col-       100 2-4 12 0 PJC 000 100      the first game, the UWF
lege baseball team tied         100 0-2 5 1                   baseball team battled back
Gulf Coast Community                                          to win the second game
College twice but couldn't      LP-Workman 3 IP, 4 H, 2       10-7 and earn a split of a
hold on for a victory, and      R, K, 0 BB.                   Gulf South Conference
the Commodores won 4-2                                        doubleheader Friday at
in 10 innings.                  PJC (21-16, 4-8)-Joshua       West Alabama.
                                McDorman 3-5, HR, 2B, 2
Joshua McDorman got the         RBI.                          Daniel Vargas-Vila earned
first tie with a two-out dou-                                 the win in game two, pick-
ble in the bottom of the        UWF softball                  ing up his team-high fifth
fourth that brought in the                                    win of the season. Tyler
Pirates first run and made      The University of West        Hasting led the team in the
the score 1-1.                  Florida softball team split   nightcap with a 3-for-4,
                                a doubleheader Friday at      four RBI performance at
McDorman then hit a lead-       West Alabama with both        the plate.
off home run in the sev-        games decided in extra in-
enth inning to tie the score    nings.                        Zach North retired the side
again at 2-2.                                                 in the bottom of the sev-
                                In the first game, Amber      enth inning of game two to
The Commodores hit two          Ingram, a Catholic High       record his league leading
solo home runs in the 10th      graduate, hit a solo homer    ninth save of the season
inning for the win.             in the eighth inning as the   and help the Argos to im-
                                Argos defeated West Al-       prove to 25-13 on the
The Pirates fell to 4-8 in      abama 4-3. Ingram fin-        year.
the Panhandle Conference        ished the doubleheader
with the loss and will con-     with three hits and two       The two teams will play a
tinue conference play at 1      RBI.                          solo game at 1 p.m. today
p.m. today when they play                                     to decide the series.
at Chipola.                     UWF baseball
                                                              Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                             ONLINE MAIN; Pg. 1A, 3A

Muggles unite for Harry Potter event
Troy Moon                       dent who did the play-by-        UWF senior. "I've loved                   play for the Quidditch           Harry Potter since I was
                                matches played on the            12."
'Twas a fine Quidditch          UWF pitch. (Actually, it
championship        match       wasn't really played on a        She came up with the idea
played on the pitch of the      pitch or field; it was played    late last year, and on Fri-
muggles' university Friday      on the carpet of the UWF         day, the would-be wizards
morn', where underdog           conference center. Still.)       showed up in force.
Hufflepuff captured the
golden snitch to overtake       "Later, I'll be preaching the    They listened to the lec-
Gryffindor. A dandy match       Gospel of Harry Potter,"         tures and later embarked
indeed!                         Woodson said. "Please            into the enchanted wilder-
                                come."                           ness of the UWF campus
(Disclaimer: This reporter                                       for a Potter-themed scav-
has no idea what the            He wasn't kidding. A look        enger hunt for the Riddle's
above paragraph means.          at    Friday's    program        Diary, the Gaunt's Ring,
But for the more than 100       showed that Woodson's            Slytherin's Locket and
young people who attend-        seminar, "The Gospel of          even young Potter himself.
ed the first Harry Potter       Harry Potter" would come
conference at the Univer-       at 3:05 p.m., sandwiched         And, they played Quid-
sity of West Florida, the       between lectures titled          ditch, the fictional game
four-team tournament was        "Draco Dormiens Nun-             that is "the wizarding na-
the fantasy equivalent of       quam Titillandus" and            tional sport" and to the
college basketball's Final      "Harry Potter and the War        muggle's eye - a muggle is
Four. Except this wasn't        on Terrorism."                   a non-wizard type who
March Madness. It was                                            doesn't even know wizards
April Weirdness.)               By the way, Woodson was          and such exist - looks like
                                dressed as a wizard. Not a       a mixture of basketball,
Yes, learned college stu-       wizard from the book,            dodgeball and tag. The
dents, some dressed as          though. Just "a random           game features teams of
schoolboys and school-          wizard," he said.                seven and is usually
girls, a few dressed as                                          played on flying broom-
wizards, spent an entire        Hey, in the 1920s, wacky         sticks with magic balls that
day celebrating the Harry       college students ate gold-       zip and fly, including the
Potter book and movie se-       fish for kicks. Today, they      sought-after golden snitch,
ries created by British au-     celebrate Harry Potter.          a bright, golden ball with
thor J.K. Rowling.                                               wings.
                                "This is the first year we've
Sorry, that's the "Harry        done this but I think it's go-   But they couldn't really get
Potter canon," according        ing great," said organizer       magic flying balls at the
to James Woodson, a 20-         Christine Thomas, 21, a          UWF conference Friday.
year-old psychology stu-

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So some skinny guy with         "This is intense," fan Ailen   22, stayed on the pitch a
glasses and a yellow shirt      Mayato, 19, said, as she       bit longer, not wanting to
(19-year-old UWF student        watched players tried to       leave the site of one of his
Richard Dams) filled in for     shoot the Quaffle (a vol-      greatest moments.
the snitch, zipping through     leyball) into one of six
the field every once in a       hoops (trash cans). "It's      "It's a proud moment in my
while as players chased         awesome to watch, and          life," he said as he palmed
him around.                     they're all doing great."      his little trophy. "Usually
                                                               when I played sports, I just
Oh, and no one had flying       Soon, the match was over,      won           sportsmanship
broomsticks.                    2-inch plastic trophies        awards."
                                were awarded to the vic-
Spectators in the seats         tors, and all the confer-      ONLINE
near the "pitch" cheered        ence attendees broke for
and screamed for their fa-      the Hogwarts Feast, which      See more photos from the
vorite team. For a few mo-      consisted of Shepherd's        conference
ments, a chant of "Dah-         Pie, crumpets and pump-
da-da-da-dah. Go Huf-           kin juice.                     PNJ.COM
flepuff!" broke out.
                                But "Big John" Strickland,     Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                           ONLINE LIFE; Pg. 1B, 3B

Coming together for survivorship
Carmen Paige                    nature fundraiser. The first                  Relay is Friday at the Uni-    · Look Good "¦ Feel Better
                                versity of West Florida.       - Volunteer cosmetologists
Kim Weaver, 47, had little                                     and estheticians teach
knowledge about Relay for       "Community        members      women undergoing cancer
Life until her cousin, Re-      who plan to attend any of      treatment how to enhance
nee Hood, died 11 years         our 10 events can expect       their appearance.
ago from breast cancer.         an action-packed celebra-
                                tion of survivorship," said    · Man to Man - An educa-
They were the same age.         Jessica James, associate       tional and support pro-
                                director for the Gulf Coast    gram that helps men and
Last year, Hood's mother        Area American Cancer So-       their families cope with
was    diagnosed    with        ciety. "Relays are kicked      prostate cancer.
metastatic cancer.              off with a Survivor's Lap,
                                and cancer survivors are       Weaver participates in Re-
"This has been a double         encouraged to join us."        lay because she does not
blow for our family,"                                          have cancer.
Weaver said. "The good          Relay teams are made up
news is the mother is now       of    friends,    families,    "It is people like me who
in remission and will be        churches, businesses and       should fight the fight for
walking in the survivor         organizations that camp        our cancer survivors," she
lap."                           out for 18 hours to bring      said. "They shouldn't have
                                awareness      to  cancer,     to fight it alone."
Weaver is the Pace Relay        James said.
chairwoman and a music                                         Here are some stories of
teacher at S.S. Dixon In-       "Food choices for sale         local cancer survivors:
termediate School, where        range from crawfish to
students had a mini-Relay       fried Oreos," she said.        Relay for Life events
and raised nearly $4,000.       "Tent sites have tons of
Her family will have their      hand-crafted        cancer     - University of West
first team this year.           awareness goods for sale,      Florida: April 9, 1100 Uni-
                                and activities range from      versity Parkway.
"I don't want anyone to         Karaoke to Jail & Bail."
have to endure what my                                         - Jay: April 16, Jay High
cousin did during the last      Last year, $829,437 was        School, 13863 Alabama
days of her life," she said.    raised in Escambia and         St.
"I don't want to remember       Santa Rosa counties. This
loved ones with a luminar-      year's goal is $908,000.       - Navarre: April 16,
ia candle anymore."                                            Navarre   High    School,
                                The money will support re-     8600 High School Blvd.
Relay for Life is the Ameri-    search and programs such
can Cancer Society's sig-       as:                            - Pace: April 16, Pace

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                    Electronic Clipping
High School, 4065 Norris        - Pensacola: May 7, Pen-
Road.                           sacola Junior College,        The American Cancer So-
                                1000 College Blvd.            ciety Relay for Life repre-
- Gulf Breeze: April 23,                                      sents the hope that those
Gulf Breeze High School,        All Relays start at 6 p.m.    lost to cancer will never be
675 Gulf Breeze Parkway.        except Century and Perdi-     forgotten, that those who
                                do, which begin at noon.      face cancer will be sup-
- Century: April 24, old                                      ported, and that one day
Century High School stadi-      Want to go?                   cancer will be eliminated.
um, 700 E. Hecker Road.                                       For     more    information
                                A Flip Flop Run is 6:30       about the American Can-
- Perdido: April 24, Hellen     p.m. April 10 on the gulf     cer Society Relay for Life
Caro Elementary School,         side of Pensacola Beach.      or to connect with other
12551 Meadson Road.             This is the lead-in to the    Relayers from throughout
                                Gulf Coast Half Marathon      the nation, visit www.Re-
- Milton: April 30, Pen-        -- a 13.1 mile run -- at 7 or call your
sacola Junior College,          a.m. April 11 on the          local Relay office at (850)
5988 U.S. 90.                   beach. Both events are        475-0850
                                Relay for Life fundraisers.
- North Pensacola: April                                      ONLINE: To read more
30, Tate High School,           Details: Go to www.pb-        survivor stories, visit pnj.-
1771 Tate School Road,                     com/health.
                                About Relay for Life          Circulation - 63,342

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                              ONLINE BUSINESS; Pg. C8

Chamber of Commerce begins search for CEO
Carlton Proctor                   Consulting, an executive          committee's job description                  search firm specializing in       over the next week and, after
                                  economic development.             approval, begin advertising it
The Pensacola Bay Area                                              nationally.
Chamber of Commerce's na-         Joan Jorgensen, who found-
tional search for a new leader    ed the firm more than 20          To that end, Jorgensen will
got off to a running start        years ago, met with the           take a look at the full list of
Thursday when its search          search committee for several      community assets, including
committee agreed on an am-        hours last week, and said she     the University of West Flori-
bitious new job description.      came away with a clear defi-      da, its military presence,
                                  nition of what kind of CEO the    tourism and health care in-
Chamber Chairman Blaise           Chamber wants.                    dustries.
Adams said the committee is
looking for a top executive       "The search committee was         "Pensacola has a lot of great
with extensive experience in      unanimous in wanting some-        assets and a terrific down-
economic development to be        one who has previous experi-      town," she said. "And it's a
the next chief executive offi-    ence,    has     demonstrated     very affordable city.
cer.                              strong economic develop-
                                  ment skills, has accom-           McMahon said the search
Adams said he hopes to have       plished much and under-           committee has not put a cap
a short list of candidates for    stands the industry where it is   on the salary range for the
the search committee to con-      now and where it is going,"       new CEO, saying only that it
sider within the next six to      she said. "In other words they    will be competitive and in-
eight weeks.                      want a person with a track        clude "incentives" based on
                                  record."                          performance.
"We're looking for someone
with especially strong recruit-   Search committee member           Emerson's current salary has
ing skills," Adams, a Pen-        Donnie McMahon, a Pen-            not been made available to
sacola banker, said.              sacola insurance executive,       the public, but based on 990
                                  said the consensus was the        nonprofit reports filed with the
The new CEO will replace          successful candidate would        IRS in 2008, she received a
Evon Emerson who resigned         have to be someone "who           total compensation package
last month after eight years at   has a bunch of national con-      of $193,331, including a
the Chamber's helm.               tacts and a lot of success sto-   $163,007 base salary.
To find a new CEO, the                                              Circulation - 63,342
Chamber has hired Palm            Jorgensen said her firm
Beach-based   Jorgensen           would fine-tune the search

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                                        LIFE; Pg. B1

Pensacola Opera presents musical showcase
On April 23 and 24, the Pensacola Opera         sity of West Florida's music department.
Center will come alive with the music of
American composers as the 2010 Artists          Performances will be at 7:30 p.m. at the
in Residence present an evening of opera        Opera Center, 75 S. Tarragona St.
                                                Tickets are $12 adults, $7 students and
Soprano Ami Vice, mezzo-soprano Can-            active-duty military; available at the door.
dra Savage, tenor Patrick Kelley-Alvara-
do, and baritone Jason Coffey have enter-       Details: 433-6737 or
tained audiences young and old in their
four-month residency, playing roles in the
Opera's Mainstage productions and tour-         From staff reports
ing Northwest Florida with two children's
operas. During the showcase, they will be       Circulation - 63,342
joined by select students from the Univer-

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Pensacola News Journal
April 3, 2010 Saturday                                                            ONLINE LOCAL; Pg. C6

A slow boat ride to our bayfront development
J. Earle Bowden                         gether in a new investment ef-        ed design short of meeting pro-
                                        fort, for the shoreline remains       fessional baseball requirements
J. Earle Bowden is editor emeri-        one of the city's great natural as-   should Pensacola ever qualify
tus of the News Journal and a           sets. Some point to big commer-       for a minor-league franchise; the
Pensacola historian and author.         cial buildings bulging on Palafox     Skip Hunter amphitheater; a
                                        Pier, less than occupied, shad-       multi-cultural venue saluting
Doubtless many now unfortu-             owing the Baylen Street Marina        Pensacola's ethnic diversity; and
nately drift in dark corners with       and Plaza de Luna. We see             open space awaiting the muse-
the original naysayers, watching        large bayfront asphalt acreage,       um.
the slow boat to the Community          mostly empty parking lot.
Maritime Park bounce aimlessly                                                I prefer being positive when
on the shoals of indecision, inac-      Unfortunately, we have already        Pensacolians accept challenges
tion and unanswered questions.          determined that the perceived         for civic and economic advance-
                                        central magnet, the Florida State     ment, and heralding this city's
If it's not the money shortage, an      Maritime Museum, is so far off        many advantages. Our indeci-
irritant prevalent among all of us,     the sea charts we no longer talk      sion merely feeds carpers who
it's the heavy-lifting financial wiz-   about its potential or its drag.      sour on most everything. I advo-
ards who must make the large                                                  cated bayfront redevelopment in
money work. I hope this last            Some who championed the mu-           the 1960s, witnessing some suc-
Pensacola bayfront patch, tor-          seum concept, aware that Flori-       cesses, some failures: Pat Dod-
tured as the facts sloshing             da warehouses historic maritime       son's dream development for old
ashore, an old oil depot abused         artifacts retrieved from state wa-    Muscogee Wharf, drowned in
by rumor and worse, will not be         ters that could be anchored           politics; Quayside for South
less than Pensacola deserves.           here, now concede that maybe          Palafox; Warren Briggs' Hilton
                                        the location should be else-          Hotel on the old Ice Plant prop-
Some complain that the city mis-        where on the bayfront.                erty at Baylen Slip; torpedoing
takenly established the park as-                                              the USS Lexington before Tex-
sociates board and now tries to         Some naysayers claim they             ans moved the aircraft carrier to
hitch a ride on a moorless run-         don't want their tax money put        the Corpus Christi waterfront as
about, its destination far different    into a museum emphasizing             a major tourist attraction.
than whence citizens voted              Pensacola's long seafaring her-
years ago. Some see the merit           itage.                                Then came the maritime park,
of a totally commercial park, a                                               replacing the Main Street sewer-
free enterprise job stimulant;          A noble promise by President          age destination with a major cul-
others fear the boarded-up              Judy Bense of the University of       tural and tourism destination.
downtown buildings that mark            West Florida awaits the fate of       Will it ever happen? Will it be
this recessionary downward              fundraising for her and fellow        just another park or a stimulant
plunge.                                 academics in perilous times           for opening new economic de-
                                        when higher education is equally      velopment west of Palafox?
Many would have preferred an            hungry for fewer dollars generat-
open, green scenic vista for the        ed.                                   Let us go forth, dreaming no tiny
public. Some quarrel with City                                                future on the shoulders of our
Hall's limited bayfront imagina-        The only known entities include       endless political discontent.
tion, arguing that the total            a baseball stadium, still accruing
bayfront should be pulled to-           much abuse from critics, a limit-     Circulation - 63,342

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                      Mobile Register
March 31, 2010 Wednesday                                                  Alabama: Z; Pg. 07

Art students work to be displayed
Submitted by Juli Jordan                          The Friends of the Arts Inc. and Orange
                                                  Beach Art Center began the Visiting
An exhibit of the area's graduating art stu-      Artists and Special Exhibits Series in
dents, chosen by their professors and             2009. Organizers say one of the objec-
deans, opens Thursday at the Orange               tives is to attract diverse artists from the
Beach Art Center.                                 Southeast to exhibit their works. To ac-
                                                  complish this goal Friends of the Arts, Inc.
Among the students exhibiting as Emerg-           and Orange Beach Art Center created the
ing Artists are University of South Alaba-        Emerging Artists Exhibit to draw attention
ma's Rebecca Brown (painting) and Justin          to the works of chosen graduating artists.
Snyder (ceramic and mixed media sculp-
ture), University of West Florida's               The Artists' Reception is Friday from 6 to
Samantha Williams (video); Pensacola              8 p.m. at the Orange Beach Art Center.
Junior College's Christopher White (pho-          The art center is next to the Waterfront
tography); and Mississippi Gulf Coast             Park at 26389 Canal Road. For more in-
Community College's Kelsey Wishik (ce-            formation, visit
ramic sculpture).                       

                                                  Circulation - 99,433

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March 30, 2010 Tuesday                                                 Alabama: Z; Pg. 01

Get to Know Valerie Eberlein
Accountant finds work, warmth at Foley firm
By AMY DODD                     ference.                       with her husband for about
THOMPSON                                                       10 years.
Correspondent                   People can like what they
                                do and hate the work but       While it's quite different
Foley resident Valerie          that changes when work-        from Moscow, Russia,
Eberlein's new job with O'-     ing with people who care       where she is from, she
Sullivan-Creel LLP, a certi-    about what they're doing       has family and friends
fied public accountant and      and about their co-work-       here, she said.
consultant firm, is a good      ers, she said.
fit for her.                                                   Plus, "I like beaches," said
                                Eberlein, an accountant at     Eberlein.
"I really enjoy the people      O'Sullivan-Creel, said the
here," she said.                work itself is challenging     She said that during the
                                but she likes it and it is     winter people, complain
O'Sullivan-Creel has vari-      giving her more experi-        about it being cold, but,
ous offices, including in       ence.                          "It's not cold for me here."
Foley, Fairhope and Pen-
sacola, so it is not unusual    She's a certified public ac-   She does have some fami-
for her to work with differ-    countant who received her      ly still in Russia and goes
ent people weekly.              master's degree in busi-       back to visit about every
                                ness administration and        other year, she said.
She said her colleagues         accounting in 2007 from
are helpful, a trait she        the University of West         In her free time, Eberlein
thought would last through      Florida. Before working at     said, she and her husband
only the first couple of        O'Sullivan-Creel,       she    like to travel.
weeks. She was wrong.           worked for Grant, Sanders
                                and Taylor in Gulf Shores.     They have gone to Califor-
Not too long ago, a co-                                        nia and Canada; they go
worker at one of the of-        According to Sunny Ricks,      on cruises, but they espe-
fices reminded her to bring     director of marketing for      cially like New York, she
a sweater because it was        O'Sullivan-Creel,    Eber-     said, and for their anniver-
cold that day, and she felt     lein's primary responsibili-   sary this year, that's where
that was very thoughtful of     ties are performing audits,    they are headed.
that person.                    reviews and compilations
                                of financial statements, as    She worked for a tobacco
"During tax season, you         well as preparing individu-    company in Russia, and
have long hours," and it's      al, partnership and corpo-     since it was an American
exhausting, Eberlein said,      rate tax returns.              company at the time, she
adding that work environ-                                      met her husband through
ment can make all the dif-      Eberlein has lived in Foley    a mutual friend.

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                    Electronic Clipping
                                it's more a matter of how
When she moved here it          you choose to feel.           Valerie Eberlein
was a big change and one
of the biggest differences      "You get used to every-       Birthplace: Russia
between Moscow and Fo-          thing," she said.
ley is how small a town                                       Hometown: Foley
Foley is, she said              She's also proud of her
                                son, Vladimir (Vlad), a Fo-   Family: Husband, George;
. Sometimes you feel you        ley High School graduate,     son, Vladimir (Vlad)
have nowhere to go, like in     who received his master's
Washington, where there         degree from the University    Occupation: Accountant
are a lot of museums to         of Alabama last year.
visit on the National Mall,                                   Circulation - 99,433
Eberlein said, adding that      Get to Know

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                      Mobile Register
March 28, 2010 Sunday 01EDITION                                                     Alabama: E; Pg. 02

ART Etc.                             largest gathering of viewable        be the featured artist 6-9 p.m.
                                     U.S. Patent Models. Admission:       April 9 for the LoDa Artwalk at
"Arts Inspired: The Road to Cre-     $6 to $8 for adults; $5 to $7 for    354 Dauphin St. Info, 251-378-
ation" - University of South Al-     children, seniors and groups.        5427.
abama music business program         Info, 225-344-5272 or 225-344-
announces its first arts show-       9478. Web:             Mobile Art Association - Painting
case at 7:30 p.m. March 30 at                                             of the Month by Carolyn Greene
the USA Laidlaw Performing           ART SPACES                           at BankTrust at McGregor and
Arts Center Recital Hall. All pro-                                        Old Shell, painting by Kathy
ceeds from this event will be do-    Alabama School of Mathematics        Friedline at BankTrust on Hill-
nated to the Mobile Arts Council     & Science - "Between: 2 and 3,"      crest, painting by Shirley McKel-
to support its Arts in Education     contemporary multimedia art-         la at Regions Bank on Old Shell,
programs. The evening will           work by Pieter Favier, a member      and artwork by Denise Inge at
showcase a variety of perfor-        of the faculty at Spring Hill Col-   Compass Bank at McGregor and
mance art forms including poet-      lege, on view through April 9 in     Old Shell.
ry, dance, music, theater and        the Bedsole Building at 1255
comedy. Artwork by several vi-       Dauphin St., Mobile. Gallery         Mobile Arts Council - "Transfor-
sual artists will be on display.     hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays;      mation," paintings by Rebecca
Tickets can be purchased in ad-      admission free. Info, 251-441-       Brown; "Japanese Girls' Night
vance for $10 general admission      2100 or                Out," works by Yuko Jordan,
or $5 for students, faculty, staff                                        Satomi Kamei and Kaoru Oka;
and seniors. Info, 228-217-4088      Barnes & Noble Booksellers -         and "Dialectics," mixed-media
or Web: www.southalabama.e-          Artwork by Judy Aronson and          constructions by Renee Staple-
du/music/artsinspired.               Dodie Matthews through March         ton at 318 Dauphin St., down-
                                     in La Gallerie de Loo, 3250 Air-     town Mobile. Hours: 9 a.m.-5
ART & SCIENCE                        port Blvd. Info, 251-450-0084.       p.m. Monday-Friday. Info, 251-
                                                                          432-9796 or e-mail: csmoke@-
Gulf Coast Exploreum Science         Bay Rivers Art Guild - The 5th Web:
Center - "Dinosaurs Downtown!"       annual Baldwin High School Se-
features animatronic dinosaurs,      niors' College Scholarship Art
a photo opportunities and a "fos-    Show through April 12 at 1704        Mobile Public Library/Semmes -
sil dig" for children at Govern-     6th St. in the old jail behind       "Strokes of Genius," 24 artworks
ment and Water streets, down-        Daphne City Hall. Info, 251-621-     by Allentown Elementary School
town Mobile. Info, 251-208-          0659 or Web:        art students under the guidance
6879; schools and tour groups                                             of Renee Grimes, through
call 251-208-6880. Web: www.-        Centre for the Living Arts: Space    Wednesday in the Semmes Now showing in        301 - "Opportunistic Architec-       Public Library, 9150 Moffett
the 177-seat J.L. Bedsole IMAX       ture: The Works of LTL Archi-        Road. Info, 251-645-6840 or
Theater:     "Dinosaurs   Alive!"    tects," a hybrid exhibition com-     Web:
(2007/40 min.) through May 28.       bining the work of LTL Architects
Info, 251-208-6873 or 877-625-       with     student-driven     design   Orange Beach Art Center -
4FUN (4386). Web: www.ex-            projects generated at the exhibi-    "Emerging      Artists"   series                         tion space, through May 9 at the     presents artwork by graduating
                                     space on Cathedral Square,           art students chosen by their pro-
Louisiana Art & Science Muse-        downtown Mobile. Info, 251-208-      fessors and deans, opening
um - "The Curious World of           5657 or e-mail: cla.morgan@ci-       April 2 at the Orange Beach Art
Patent Models" through May 9 at Gallery: 251-208-     Center next to Waterfront Park
100 S. River Road, Baton             5671 or Web: www.space301.-          at 26389 Canal Road, Orange
Rouge, La. Featuring 50 original     com.                                 Beach. Artwork by: Rebecca
models, 1860-1902, selected                                               Brown (painting) and Justin Sny-
from the holdings of the Roth-       Hernandez-Calhoun Design In-         der (ceramic and mixed-media
schild Collection, the world's       ternational - Joseph Moiren will     sculpture), University of South

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                 Electronic Clipping
Alabama; Samantha Williams            Bob Farrell, arranged by David
(video), University of West           Hamilton, with choral settings         National Naval Aviation Museum
Florida; Christopher White (pho-      and orchestration by Ronn Huff.        - "Hubble," a new IMAX film, in-
tography). Pensacola Junior Col-      Info, 251-442-2420.                    vites viewers to travel through
lege; Kelsey Wishik (ceramic                                                 distant galaxies and accompany
sculpture),    Mississippi  Gulf      FESTIVALS                              space-walking astronauts as
Coast Community College; Mia                                                 they attempt the most important
McCann (painting) from the Uni-       Arts Alive! in Downtown Mobile -       tasks in NASA history. Narrated
versity of West Florida. .            Free downtown festival April 9-        by Leonardo DiCaprio. Show-
Artists' reception 6-8 p.m. April     11 will feature painting, sculp-       times: 10 a.m., noon, 2 and 4
2. Info, 251-981-2787 or Web:         ture and pottery along with live       p.m. "The Magic of Flight" shows
www.orangebeachartcenter.-            music by Mobile Pops, the Mur-         at 11 a.m., 1 and 3 p.m. Ad-
com.                                  phy High School Percussion En-         vance tickets for "Hubble" are
                                      semble, belly dancing by Zuri          $8.50 adults, $8 active, reserve
Paper Wasp Gallery & Bindery -        and Baklava belly dance groups,        and retired military, seniors,
"Peter and the Wolf: Interpreta-      a painted wedding gown show,           foundation members and ages
tions of Prokofiev's Classic          theatrical vignettes by area com-      5-12. "Magic of Flight" tickets $8
Tale," through April 5 with art-      munity theater ensembles, a            and $7.50. Ages 4 and younger
work by Vikki Turner Finch, Mary      culinary arts display and compe-       admitted free for both movies.
Elizabeth Kimbrough, McLeod           tition, a raku kiln firing, and re-    School and other educational
Turner, Wayne McNeil, Kimberly        sults of a local "film scramble."      groups are $4.75 each. Info, call
Krause, Nikki Burkett, Doug           Hours: 5-9 p.m. April 9 during         850-453-2389 or toll-free 800-
Baulos, Monica Beasley and            the LoDa Artwalk; 2-9 p.m. April       327-5002. Web: www.NavalAvi-
others at 306 Dauphin St.             10; and noon until 6 p.m. April
Gallery hours: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.         11 in and around the Cathedral
Monday-Friday; 11 a.m.-2 p.m.         Square Arts District in downtown       Starry Night Theater: "Movie at
Saturday and Sunday. Info, 251-       Mobile. Web: www.artsalivemo-          the Market" - New series of inde-
648-2058.                                                 pendent films kicks off with a
                                                                             preview at 7 p.m. April 1 at The
University of South Alabama Li-       Providence Hospital Foundation         Windmill Market, Bancroft and
brary - Azalea City Quilters'         17th Annual Festival of Flowers -      Equality streets in downtown
Guild, through April 28 in the 3rd    Annual celebration of all things       Fairhope. The preview will show-
floor gallery; Paul Moxon, "Van-      floral will run 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.   case three short features by
dercook Centenary Bundle,"            today on the Providence Hospi-         Fairhope filmmaker Dusty Bias,
through April 28, 3rd floor gallery   tal campus in Mobile. Featuring        including a trailer from Bias' fea-
display cases; 2010 Helen Keller      artist-in-residence Sarah Haas;        ture-length production "Prairie
Art Show of Alabama, through          plus floral couture, literary/floral   Love." Tickets are $10 and seat-
April 30, 1st floor gallery. Ex-      interpretations, an old-world          ing is limited. All proceeds bene-
hibits are free and open to the       windmill, photography context,         fit the BayART Project, a local
public during library hours. Web:     master gardeners, floral design        nonprofit organization promoting        exhibits, "blooming cuisine,"          the creation of youth public art-
nfo/hours.html.                       Garden Cafþ. Tickets: $12              work. The series opens April 15
                                      adults, free for ages 12 and           and runs through Sept. 16 with
Wellborn Ideas - Original work        younger. Info, 251-639-2050 or         newly released, award-winning
from local artist Sune Van            toll-free 877-777-0529. Web:           independent films at 7:30 p.m.
Rooyen Phillips at 356 Dauphin             every third Thursday at The
St. Info, 251-281-2006 or Web:                                               Windmill. Info and schedules,                FILM & VIDEO                           visit the Web site: www.Star-
                                                                    *NOTE: See
CHORAL                                Fairhope Film Series - "Valenti-       today's Living Arts front.
                                      no, the Last Emperor" (Italy;
UM presents "Saviour" - Univer-       2009; 96 minutes; PG-13; docu-         GALLERIES
sity of Mobile Center for Per-        mentary), 7 p.m. Friday at the
forming Arts presents a modern        University of South Alabama            Art House Co-Op Art Gallery -
oratorio about God's passion for      Baldwin County Performance             The gallery continues its 10th
His people, will be performed by      Center, 111 St. James Ave.,            anniversary celebration with "For
the University of Mobile Singers,     Fairhope. Through this insider's       the 10th Time, It's Not Nice to
soloists and orchestra at 6           look at the world of fashion, we       Fool Mother Nature," at 921
tonight and 7 p.m. Tuesday at         learn that the end of Valentino        Cash Alley in Ocean Springs,
Dauphin Way Baptist Church in         Garavani is the end of couture.        Miss. Gallery hours: 10 a.m.-
Mobile. Admission free. Under         Reservations encouraged. Ad-           4:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday.
the direction of Al Miller, Ph.D.;    mission free; donations wel-           Info, 228-875-9285 or Web:
the hourlong composition is           come. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
composed by Greg Nelson and           Info, 251-928-8133 or visit
                                             Artel Gallery - "The Numbers

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                     Electronic Clipping
Game," a multimedia juried ex-     a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday. Info, 251-    Barton Moreau: "Farewell to
hibit, through April at 505 S.     473-7995.                           Youth" - Pianist will present a
Adams St., downtown Pensaco-                                           guest faculty recital at 7:30 p.m.
la. Hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tues-    Lyons Share Gallery - Contem-       March 31 in the Laidlaw Recital
day-Saturday. Reception 6-8        porary artwork by local, regional   Hall on the USA campus More-
p.m. March 19. Info, 850 432-      and national artists at 330 de la   au, a member of the Boise State
3080     or Web:      www.artel-   Mare Ave., downtown Fairhope.       University faculty, will perform                       Gifts, custom framing. Info, 251-   works by Mozart, Beethoven,
                                   928-2507 or Web: www.Lyon-          Chopin, Owen Middleton and
Ashland Gallery - Contemporary                      Robert Muczynski. Tickets at the
art and custom framing at 2321                                         door only: $5 general and $3 for
Old Shell Road, Mobile. Info,      Merrill Miller Interiors - New      USA faculty, staff, students and
251-479-3548.                      works by Eugenia Foster, Kathy      all seniors. Info, 251-460-7116
                                   Whitinger, Susan Godwin and         or 251-460-6136, or Web: www.-
Blue Velvet Studio - Two- and      Anita Westerberg at 24820 
three-dimensional artwork by       Canal Road, Orange Beach.
several local and New York         Info, 251-989-9033.                 Mobile Pops - Free concert at 6
artists including Paul Averette,                                       p.m. April 10 during Arts Alive! in
Rich Bustamante, Suzette Calla-    Patina Gallery - New works by       Cathedral Square, downtown
han, Karen Cassidy, Jessica        pastelist Jody de Pew McLeane,      Mobile. Program includes the
Chavez Price, Loran Chavez,        plus artwork by Anita Wester-       "Jubilee" Overture by Philip
Zach DePolo, Mike Finnerty,        berg, scarves and shawls by Pat     Sparke, "Fantasy on American
Russ Gilder, April Hopkins,        Cooper and sculpted works by        Sailing Songs" by Grundman,
Joseph Moiren, Mary Murphy,        Dan Sowards at 19 N. Church         "Symphonic Suite" from "Star
Ashelea Penquite, Marlo Sal-       St. at Magnolia Avenue in           Trek" guest conductor Robert
vatierra, Oogie San Giorgio.       Fairhope. Open 6-8 p.m. April 2     Gilmore, Suite from "The Dark
Info, 850-375-4481 or Web:         during First Friday. Info, 251-     Knight" guest conductor Trey          928-2718 or 251-586-2076.           Whitman, Sousa's "El Capitan,"
                                                                       "Great Movie Marches" by War-
Cathedral Square Gallery -         Robertson Gallery - Artwork by      ren Barker, and more. Info, 251-
"Changing Seasons: Reflecting      Mobile artist M. Casey Downing      679-6036 or Web: http://www.-
Changes in Nature" at 612          Jr. through March at 450  
Dauphin      St.   across   from   Dauphin St., downtown Mobile.       Us.html.
Wintzell's. Gallery hours: 11      Gallery hours: 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday;      Tuesday-Saturday. Also: artist      Mobile Symphony Orchestra:
11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday with         Maya Blume-Cantrell (www.-          "The Four Seasons" - The MSO,
Open Studio and local artists. Info, 251-433-      under the direction of Scott
"What About Photography?" at       1311 or e-mail: info@bradrobert-    Speck, will perform Vivaldi's
noon the second and fourth Fri-     Web:     www.robert-    "The Four Seasons" at 8 p.m.
days. Photography Salon Exhibi-               April 10 and 2:30 p.m. April 11 at
tion will take place during May.                                       the Saenger Theatre in down-
All members of the Salon are in-   Textile Arts Gallery - Artwork by   town Mobile. The program also
vited to participate. Info, 251-   Mercedes DeValcourt Wells, a        features Bach's Brandenburg
694-0278.                          collection of canvas gallery wrap   Concerto No. 3, BWV 1048; and
                                   botanicals at 51 S. Bayview,        Tchaikovsky's Serenade, Op.
Daugherty's Gallery - Art by Les   Fairhope. Gallery features Kim-     48. Soloist is Daniel Szaz, violin;
Thompson at 857 Downtowner         berly Parker Coastal Restoration    with John Paul, harpsichord; and
Blvd., Mobile. Also showing work   Art; also, the work of Harriet      Barbara Gabriel, cello. Tickets:
by Sharon Coggin, Ronnie En-       Blum, Louisiana artist and pho-     $15 to $55; call 251-432-7080.
dris, Bill McCracken, Vivian       tographer. Info, 251-928-4218.      Info, 251-432-2010, or Web:
Stevens and Joan Daugherty.                                  
Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-      In CONCERT
Friday, until 1 p.m. Saturday.                                         Robert Holm: "The Four B's" -
Info, 251-343-4311.                American Brass Quintet - The        Pianist Robert Holm, USA pro-
                                   ensemble will be in performance     fessor of music, will perform at
Gallery 54 - Artwork by JoAnn      at 3 p.m. today in the Laidlaw      7:30 p.m. April 1 in the Laidlaw
Cox,    Missy    Patrick,   Erin   Performing Arts Center Recital      Recital Hall on campus. Pro-
Fitzhugh Gregory, Susan Down-      Hall. Tickets: $15 general ad-      gram features Bach's famous
ing-White, pastels by Larry        mission; $10 to USA faculty,        Italian Concerto, Beethoven's
Horn, pottery by Charles Smith,    staff, students and seniors.        lyrical Rondo in C, Brahms' epic
Bob Haskins, Bertice McPher-       Cash or check only. Info, 251-      Variations and Fugue on a
son, Maria Spies, and jewelry by   460-7821 or 251-460-7116.           Theme by Handel, and Hungari-
Elizabeth Haskins at 54 Upham      Web:                                an composer Bela Bartok's Suite
St. in Midtown. Hours: 11 a.m.-         Op. 14 (1916). Tickets at the
4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; 11                                           door only: $5 general and $3 for

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                               Electronic Clipping
USA faculty, staff, students and     Information, call 601-649-6374        p.m. Sunday. Admission: $10
all seniors. Info, 251-460-7116      or visit the Web: www.LR-             adults; $6 students. Info, 251-
or 251-460-6136, or Web: www.-                               208-5200 or Web:                                           .
                                     Meridian Museum of Art - The
JAZZ Etc.                            37th Annual Bi-State Art Compe-       Montgomery Museum of Fine
                                     tition, the oldest juried art com-    Arts - "Tin Man: The Art of Char-
USA Jazz Ensemble Spring             petition in the region, featuring     lie Lucas," through June 20 in
Concert - Under the direction of     the finest artists in Mississippi     Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park,
Tracy Heavner, the group will        and Alabama, through April 24         Montgomery. Installation show-
perform at 7:30 p.m. April 6 in      at 628 25th Ave. in the historic      cases the Alabama native's
the Laidlaw Recital Hall on cam-     Old Carnegie Library building         large-scale, scrap-metal sculp-
pus. A variety of jazz styles in-    (1912-13) in downtown Meridian,       tures,     borrowed    from    his
cluding swing, jazz, Latin, funk     Miss. Museum hours: 1-5 p.m.          Prattville, Ala., sculpture envi-
and blues. Tickets at the door       Tuesday-Sunday.         Admission     ronment, along with smaller re-
only: $5 general and $3 for USA      free. Info, 601-693-1501 or Web:      lief sculptures and paintings. Ad-
faculty, staff, students and all               mission free; donations wel-
seniors. Info, 251-460-7116 or                                             come. Info, 334-240-4333 or
251-460-6136, or Web: www.-          Mississippi Museum of Art - Up-       Web:              coming: "Herb and Dorothy Vo-
                                     gel: A Glimpse into Their Ex-         Museum of Mobile - "George
MUSEUMS                              traordinary Collection," April 10     Washington Carver," a richly de-
                                     through Sept. 12 in the Donna         tailed study of the life and
American Sport Art Museum &          and Jim Barksdale galleries at        achievements of an extraordi-
Archives - Now showing artwork       380 S. Lamar St., downtown            nary man, through July 4 at 111
by Tafa, Sport Artist of the Year,   Jackson, Miss. Hours: 10 a.m.-5       S. Royal St. in downtown Mobile.
at the U.S. Sports Academy, 1        p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, noon           Featuring artifacts such as
Academy Drive, Daphne. Also:         until 5 p.m. Sunday; closed Mon-      Carver's eyeglasses and guitar;
the first phase of Bruce Larsen's    day. Admission: $12 adults; $10       a replica of the famed Jesup
Iron Bowl monument honoring          seniors 60 and older; $6 ages 6       Wagon; and a small oil painting
the Alabama-Auburn football ri-      through college; free for muse-       recently donated to the museum.
valry. The museum is showing         um members and ages 5 and             Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-
one of the bid posters for the       younger. Info, 601-960-1515 or        Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday. Ad-
2014 Sochi Games to its collec-      1-866-VIEW ART; or Web:               mission: $5 adults, $4 seniors,
tion of Olympic art. Info, 251-                  $3 students. Free to ages 5 and
626-3303.                    Web:                                          younger (total family rate not to                       Mobile Medical Museum - "A            exceed $20); group discounts.
                                     Chance to Cut . . . A Chance to       Admission free the first Sunday
Fairhope Museum of History -         Cure," a collection of surgical in-   of each month. Admission $1 off
Dogwood Trail exhibit on view        struments from the 20th century       for active-duty military with I.D.
through April at the Fairhope        including recent laparoscopic in-     Info, 251-208-7569, or Web:
Museum of History on Section         struments, through June at 1664
Street in downtown Fairhope.         Springhill Ave., Midtown. Admis-
Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-        sion: $5 adults; $4 seniors and       Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art -
Saturday. Admission free. Info,      students; $3 for ages 11 and          "Hershel Lippmann: A Collec-
251-929-1466.                        younger. Group rates available.       tor's Passion," through May 28
                                     Hours: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-        at the Pleasant Reed Interpre-
Lauren Rogers Museum of Art -        Friday. Info, 251-415-1109 or         tive Center, 386 Beach Blvd.,
Opening April 8: As NASA cele-       Web: www.mobilemedicalmuse-           Biloxi, Miss. Gallery hours: 10
brates its 50th anniversary, the                               a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Saturday
Smithsonian Institution Traveling                                          and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. Info,
Exhibition     Service   presents    Mobile Museum of Art - "An Ad-        228-374-5547 or Web: www.-
"NASA Art: 50 Years of Explo-        venture in the Arts: The Perma-
ration," featuring 72 works span-    nent Collection of the Guild Hall
ning nearly five decades of cre-     Museum, East Hampton, N.Y.,"          Pensacola Museum of Art - "The
ations by artists such as Annie      through April 18 at the museum        Art Books of Henri Matisse from
Leibovitz, Nam June Paik, Nor-       in Langan Park, west Mobile.          the Bank of America Collection,"
man Rockwell, Andy Warhol and        Also on view: "Run Sheep Run:         through June 26 at 407 S. Jef-
William Wegman. Artwork on           The World of John Austin Sands        ferson St., downtown Pensacola.
view through June 27 at 565 N.       Monks (1850-1917)," and "Suc-         Original illustrations and text by
5th Ave. in historic downtown        cessions: Prints by African-          one of the pre-eminent French
Laurel, Miss. Hours: 10 a.m.-        American Artists from the Jean        artists of the 20th century. The
4:45 p.m. Tuesday through Sat-       and Robert Steele Collection,"        exhibition includes text and origi-
urday; 1-4 p.m. Sunday. Admis-       through April 18. Hours: 10 a.m.-     nal illustrations from four of Ma-
sion free; donations welcome.        5 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 1-5           tisse's most artistically signifi-

CompetitivEdge 1-888-881-EDGE                                   Electronic Clipping
cant books. Museum admission:                                             the comedy by Dori Appel and
$5 adults, $2 active-duty military   THEATER                              Carolyn Myers at 8 p.m. April 9-
and students. Tuesdays free.                                              10 and 2 p.m. April 11 at the
850-432-6247,       or     Web:      "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's          Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center,
www.pensacolamuseumo-                Nest" - Biloxi Little Theatre        1600 Government St. in Ocean                            presents Dale Wasserman's            Springs, Miss. The show is Wal-
                                     adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel      ter Anderson Players' first pro-
Walter Anderson Museum of Art        about a fierce and disruptive        duction of 2010. The show is a
- "Lost Murals: The Art of Read-     iconoclast at a mental hospital,     series of nine scenes about
ing," through May 15 at 510          today and April 1-3 at 220 Lee       unique challenges and comical
Washington       Ave.,    Ocean      St., Biloxi, Miss. Evening perfor-   adventures     associated    with
Springs, Miss., the second in a      mances at 8 p.m.; Sunday mati-       menopause, and is popular with
series of exhibitions that show-     nee at 2 p.m. Tickets: $12           women and the men who share
cases the mural panels done by       adults, $10 for seniors, active-     their lives. Tickets available at
Anderson during the Oldfields        duty military and students. Info     the door: $12 adults, $8 stu-
years, along with preparatory        or reservations, 228-432-8543 or     dents. *NOTE: Parental guid-
drawings and Shearwater ce-          Web:                   ance suggested: not recom-
ramic figures inspired by the                                             mended for audience members
readings and designed by Wal-        Commedia del Arte: "Robyn of         14 and younger. Info, 228-818-
ter Anderson. Info, 228-872-         Sherwood" - The ensemble will        2878.
3164 or Web: www.walterander-        present an original play at 7 p.m.                       April 3 in the University of South   SUBMISSIONS
                                     Alabama Baldwin County Perfor-
PHOTOGRAPHY                          mance Center, 111 St. James          Deadline is 10 days before publi-
                                     Ave., Fairhope. When Robin           cation with time, date, venue,
Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship -      Hood leaves England to help          ticket and contact information.
Photographs by Sonia Handel-         King Richard in the Crusades, it     Arts organizations are responsi-
man Meyer through April 5 at         is up to his honest niece, Robyn,    ble for changes and cancella-
1150 Fairhope Ave. Gallery           to take his place in Sherwood.       tions. 251-219-5677 or toll free
hours: 3-5 p.m. Saturdays, or by     Robyn, with the help of Little       800-239-1340, Ext. 5677. E-
appointment. Info, 251-929-3207      John, Mutch and Wilhemina            mail: tharrison@press-register.-
or e-mail: fairhopeunitarian@at-     "Will" Scarlet, must foil the das-   com                                tardly schemes of the Sheriff of
                                     Nottingham, who is plotting with     CUTLINES: Image courtesy
Hershey's Ice Cream/Sully's          Queen Elanor to steal Richard's      Eastern Shore Art Association:
Cafþ - Month-long exhibit of         throne. Admission $5. A per-         Eastern Shore Art Center will
wildlife photographs by Terry        centage of each ticket sold ben-     open three new exhibits from 6
Hartley of Due South Photogra-       efits The Oracle, USA's Fine         until 8 p.m. April 2 during
phy in Mobile, at 6300 Grelot        Arts Magazine. Upcoming per-         Fairhope's First Friday Artwalk at
Road, at Hillcrest. Hours: open      formances: 7 p.m. April 17, USA      401 Oak St. in Fairhope. "Char-
at 11 a.m. Monday- Saturday          Student Center Ballroom, admis-      lie Lucas: New Visions" show-
and 1 p.m. Sundays. Artwork on       sion $5; and 2:30 p.m. May 2,        cases work by the artist known
view April 1-30. Info, 251-607-      Museum of Mobile, 111 S. Royal       as "Tin Man." Humor is frequent-
7117.                                St., downtown Mobile. Donations      ly the underlying theme of his
                                     accepted. Info, e-mail: comme-       colorful paintings, which com-
Mobile Public Library/West Re-       dia)del)arte)        bine realistic and quasi-abstract
gional - "The Pillared City: Greek                                        elements. Shown here: a mixed-
Revival Mobile," photographs by      JJP Pocket Readers Theatre:          media work from the series "In
Sheila Hagler from the book by       "The Women" - Joe Jefferson          the Belly of the Ship." Lucas will
John Sledge, through March 31        Players Pocket Readers Theatre       show three-dimensional sculp-
in the 2nd floor lobby at 5555       presents a reading of the play by    tures and paintings. He will at-
Grelot Road. Info, 251-208-7570      Clare Booth Luce, directed by        tend First Friday and sign copies
or Web:           Tom Gray, at 2 p.m. April 11 at      of his book. Also on view is "Ed-
                                     11 S. Carlen St., Mobile. The        ward Troye: Home Is Where My
Space 301 Off Centre - "Two          story centers on a group of gos-     Horse Is," through May 1; and
Rivers, Two Lands: An American       sipy, high-society women who         "The Courtyard & Beyond,"
Passage Series" through June 8       spend their days at the beauty       through May 29, featuring func-
showing in the Off Centre win-       salon and fashion shows. Tick-       tional and sculptural works by 15
dows on Joachim Street adja-         ets are $5. Doors open at 1:30;      local artists. Info, 251-928-2228
cent to the Mobile Saenger The-      refreshments served.                 or
atre. More than 20 works by na-
tionally recognized nature pho-      Walter Anderson Players: "Hot        Circulation - 112,761
tographer and painter Lew Wil-       Flashes" - Walter Anderson
son. Info, 251-208-5677.             Players opens its season with

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