Sources of Finance Quiz by pptfiles


									                     Sources of Finance Quiz

A Two main types of funding where advice is available are
___________________ and

B Owners often prefer to use their own money or retained
profits because this enables
them to ___________________.

C Banks usually ask to see financial statements before
___________________ money to a

D Businesses which specialise in lending money to promising small
businesses are called
___________________ capitalists.

E Once they have invested their money in a business, the only way
that ___________________
can get their money back is to sell their

F If a business sells some land to raise money, this is called
selling ___________________.

G ___________________ and ___________________ are
two sources of business finance where
businesses can use assets such as photocopiers by paying a
monthly rental.

H Advice on government grants is available from offices called
I Businesses can gain access to large amounts of money by
becoming a public limited
company when their shares are traded on the

J Banks normally charge a higher rate of interest on
___________________ than on loans.

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