computer science 1 Format this by ornellaavila7


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									1. Format this line as Bold, Italic, Arial font face, dark blue color and
15pt font size.
2. Change the word 2nd so that it looks like 2nd.
3. Change the word H2O so that it looks like H2O.
4. Format this sentence so that the words, and not the spaces between the words,
are underlined.
5. Change all of the text in this line so that it is condensed 0.5 pt.

6. Format this sentence to so that the text colour is red.
7. Format this line so that there is a yellow highlighting.
8. Format this line so that the text appears in font size 16 in
Bradley hand ITC font.
9. Change x2 + 5x + 1 into x2 + 5x + 1.

10. Format this line in Heading 1 style.
11. Reduce the size of text in this line in 3 steps
12. Make all of this line strikethrough.
13. Clear all the formatting in this line .
14. Put an outside border around this text.
15. Use a Outline style for this sentence.

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