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									                 6+1 Trait Writing™ in the Classroom - Winter 2004

This self-paced course provides an introduction to the 6 + 1 Writing Traits, a method
for teaching, creating, and evaluating writing. You will explore both instructional
methods and student-based strategies, practice scoring using the 6+1 Writing Traits,
and develop a lesson plan that incorporates the 6+1 Writing Traits into your writing
process instruction.

Seat Hours: Registration and completion of this self-paced course is rated as 15
seat hours of work. For more information on your time commitment to ASSET self-
paced courses please see our FAQs.

Lesson 1: Introduction to 6+1 Traits
Learners will

      determine the origin of the 6+1 Trait Writing system.
      list the qualities of good writing.
      compare what you think of as good writing with the 6+1 Writing Traits
       definitions of good writing.
      distinguish between the traits in the 6+1 Trait Writing system.

Lesson 2: Teaching the Traits: Ideas, Organization, and Voice
Learners will

      examine specific strategies to teach the first three traits: ideas, organization,
       and voice.

Lesson 3: Teaching Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions
Learners will

      investigate specific teaching strategies for the traits of word choice, sentence
       fluency, and conventions.
      adapt and review resources and focus lessons for teaching word choice,
       sentence fluency, and conventions.
      connect the traits word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions to steps in
       the writing process.

Lesson 4: Assessment and the 6+1 Traits
Learners will

      assess student progress and achievement in the 6+1 Traits with the use of
       scoring guides.
      increase their comfort and confidence with analytic trait scoring and scoring
      utilize assessment as a classroom teaching tool through practice and

Lesson 5: Using Literature to Teach the 6+1 Traits
Learners will
      investigate the philosophy related to literature and 6+1 Traits.
      evaluate lesson planning ideas in grades K-12.
      critique segmented streamed video related to 6+1 Traits and literature.

Lesson 6: Supporting the 6+1 Writing Traits with Technology
Learners will

      compare the writing process of 6+1 Trait Writing and the Big6 Research
      evaluate online resources to support prewriting strategies.
      review publication opportunities and software available to their students.

Lesson 7: Revision Strategies and Creating a Writing-Centered Classroom
Learners will

      identify solutions to address student reluctance to revise.
      review ways to manage student-teacher writing conferences.
      examine activities to teach focused revision by trait.
      use the revision process to a classroom writing prompt.

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                    Unsatisfactory       Satisfactory     Exemplary

Ideas, Content,     Project does not     Project          Project states
and Voice           address              mentions         specific
                    curricular           curricular       curricular
                    needs.               needs.           needs.

Organization        Format is            Format is        Project is
                    unclear;             easy to          extremely
                    organization is      follow; ideas    well
                    difficult to         are generally    organized;
                    follow.              clear.           smooth
                                                          of Project.

Word Choice,        Word choice is       Word choice      Word choice
Sentence            inappropriate;       is acceptable.   is exemplary;
Fluency, and        several spelling     a few spelling   no spelling
Conventions         and                  and              and
                    grammatical          grammatical      grammatical
                    errors are           errors are       errors are
                    present.             present.         present.
Resources           Does not use         Uses           Goes beyond
                    resources            resources in   stated
                    effectively.         stated         resources;
                                         objectives.    brings
                                                        personal ideas
                                                        information to

Standards and       Standards have       Standards      Standards
AIMS                not guided the       have guided    have guided
                    development of       the            the
                    the content.         development    development
                                         of the         of the
                                         content.       content,
                                                        evaluation of
                                                        this Project.

Technology          Project does not     Project        Project
Integration         integrate            integrates     integrates
                    technology.          some           specific uses
                                         technology.    of technology
                                                        to support

Implementation      Gives no             Gives some     Gives clear,
                    explanation of       explanation    specific
                    how Project will     of how         explanation of
                    be or was            Project will   how Project
                    implemented.         be or was      will be or was
                                         implemented    implemented.

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For your course Project, you will identify a unit of study in your curriculum where
your students create a written essay or narrative, which can be enhanced by
incorporating the 6 + 1 Writing Traits. You will use the Project chart to evaluate
and adapt your unit, and will complete the chart as you work through the
assignments in each lesson. You will upload your Project chart and unit found in
Lesson 7 ASSIGNMENT when you have completed them.
Submitting Your Project
Be sure to put your last name in the file name. Use NO spaces in your filename.

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