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Michael Jackson's Mother Gets Kids, Estate Control Temporarily

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By Alan Duke CNN LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's three children asked to see their father's body in the UCLA emergency room after they were told he was dead, according to the lawyer for Jackson's personal doctor. "My understanding is that they did" see the body, attorney Ed Chernoff said. On Monday, the children, ages 7, 11 and 12, were placed under the temporary guardianship of their paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson, by a Los Angeles judge. The biological mother of Jackson's two oldest children, Debbie Rowe, will be invited to a hearing next Monday in which the judge will consider who should have custody of them. She has, so far, not publicly indicated whether she will challenge the Jacksons for custody. The Jackson family said it has not found a will for the singer, which would leave the division of his estate to the court. The judge Monday also gave Katherine Jackson temporary control of her son's "tangible personal property." No funeral plans have been announced for Jackson, although his father, Joe Jackson, said Monday the famed singer would not be buried at the Neverland estate. He also indicated the family would wait until they get the results of a second autopsy before holding a funeral. See the court papers (PDF file) Los Angeles police detectives and Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter returned to Jackson's rented Holmby Hills, California, home to "recover some additional items as a result of our investigation," Winter said. The investigators carried off medications, but Winter did not say what they were. Read supplement to court documents (PDF file) Chernoff -- attorney for Dr. Conrad Murray, who was at the home when Jackson collapsed -- responded to unsubstantiated reports that Jackson was given a shot of Demerol, a powerful painkiller, shortly before his death. Watch police take drugs from Jackson home � "Dr. Murray never prescribed Demerol, never administered Demerol, never saw Michael Jac

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