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									    Active Server Pages

   ASP Tutorials: A collection of tutorials on ASP and associated topics

    Assembly Language Recommended Books

   The Art of Assembly: Looks like a very 'leet assembly tutorial
   Assembly Language Tutorial: Pretty self-explanatory :)


   Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++: A tutorial for
    people who already know C++ who wish to learn OOP.
   The Standard Template Library Tutorial: Teaches all aobut STL
    programming techniques with C++.


   Everything you ever wanted to know about style: A good tutorial that
    covers most aspects of CSS.


   Beginner's Guide to HTML: NCSA's HTML tutorial.
   Free Web Tutorials for Beginners: A series of HTML tutorials using
   HTML Made Easy: An introduction to HTML.

    Java Recommended Books

   Sun's Java Tutorial: The tutorial for Java


   JavaScript Tutorial: Tutorial at
   The Basics: A good beginning JavaScript Tutorial


   Interactive Lisp Tutorial: A tutorial covering the basics of Lisp, also has
    online test covering what it teaches.
   Common Lisp
        o Common Lisp Tutorial: Basic Common Lisp Tutorial.

        Mathematica Tutorial: Tutorial for people with very little experience with


        Python Tutorial: The official Python tutorial by Guido van Rossum
        Another Python Tutorial: Half article, Half Tutorial, Very Strange.


        TCP/IP Programming with Rexx: A tutorial on basic TCP/IP programming
         Rexx (Duh).


        IBM Smalltalk Tutorial: A Tutorial for IBM Smalltalk.


        SQL Tutorial: A tutorial on the Structured Query Language.
        A Brief SQL Tutorial: Just what it says, a quick introduction to SQL.

Writing CGI Programs in Python
By Preston Landers
August 25, 1999

What is Python and what can it do for me?
Python is a powerful, free, open source, general purpose, interpreted programming language.
Python runs on a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Microsoft Windows (95/98/NT),
Macintosh (including OS X), virtually every flavor of Unix, and many other platforms. Python is
roughly comparable to Perl or Java, though it has several significant strengths (and a few
disadvantages) over each. Python makes it very easy to write clean, maintainable, and powerful
programs for a variety of tasks with minimum hassle.

This article is not a Python advocacy piece nor a general Python tutorial. There are already
several excellent resources on the net for both tasks. In fact, one of the main joys of using Python
is the well organized and ever useful Python web site. Few languages can boast such a wealth of
clear and concise documentation gathered in one location.

For instance, you can go here for a summary of Python's features and comparisons to other
popular languages. For a much more thorough introduction to general purpose programming in
Python, please see the tutorial. Finally, you can obtain Python for your system here. (That is a
generic download page and there may be easy to install packages available for your specific
distribution or OS. See the end of this article.)
free tutorials
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 Applications                                         Programming
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 Graphics                                             Databases
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 Internet                                             Operating Systems
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 Web Design                                           Web Programming
 HTML, DHTML , CSS, VRML and more                     ASP , Perl , JAVA , Javascript and more

          Free Python Training and Tutorials

          Python Documentation in pdf format

          Python Tutorial: The official Python tutorial by Guido van Rossum

          Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python

          Another Python Tutorial: Half article, Half Tutorial, Very Strange.

Python Tutorials
Several Excellent Python Tutorials
The Quick Python Book - This books goal is to teach you the
fundamentals of Python programming in no more than a few hours,
and to give you a good exposure to some of the really powerful
Python libraries which are available.
The Quick Python Book - a clear, concise introduction to Python.
      Chapter 11 - Modules and scoping rules
      Chapter 13 - Reading and writing files
      Download the source code
Python Tutorial Links
Free Tutorial on Numeric Extensions to Python
The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python - Learn about Python,
the language that wraps itself around a problem to squeeze out a
solution, swallowing it whole.
Python, Anyone? You may have dismissed Python as just another
scripting language beginning with 'P', but more and more open
source developers are finding Python has some bite.
Getting Started with Python - Easy to learn, easy to use: Python is
worth checking out.
Vaults of Parnassus - Python Resources, descriptive links to python
based applications, development tools, training materials, modules
for extending core functionality, newsgroups, and related sites.
Programming with Python - Part 1: Baby Steps - This tutorial is the
first in a series that will introduce you to Python, a dynamic, object-
oriented language that is rapidly gaining popularity. This tutorial is
aimed at the Perl programmer. However, anyone with a little
programming experience should find this text useful.
Python Tips and Tutorials from - Online tutorials,
tips, and help on programming in Python.
Python-URL! - Want to keep up on the latest in Python? There's no
better way than subscribing to "Dr. Dobb's Python-URL!: The
Weekly Guide to Python Resources". These weekly postings will
keep you up-to-date on the latest conferences, papers, releases,
links, and more core information about Python.
Advanced Internet Topics chapter from Programming Python, 2nd
Common Tasks in Python chapter from Learning Python
Frameworks and Applications chapter from Learning Python
Advanced Python and COM chapter from Python Programming on
GUI Development chapter from Python Programming on Win32

IBM Developerworks Python Tutorials:

       ::: SOAP Libraries for Python :::
       In this first of a two-part series, Web Services columnists Mike
       Olson and Uche Ogbuji discuss the various SOAP
       implementations available for Python, giving detailed code
::: Charming Python: Revisiting XML Tools for Python :::
David Mertz offers an updated overview of XML tools for Python.
Unfortunately, most of the XML tool advances are not backwards

::: Charming Python: Developing a Full-Text Indexer in Python :::
Scan the field of full-text indexing -- and then examine columnist
David Mertz's public-domain indexer module, which you can use
as a standalone utility or a module in larger projects.

::: Charming Python: Functional Programming in Python, Part 2
Continue to explore functional programming (FP) in Python in
Part 2, where David Mertz demonstrates several intermediate
and advanced FP

::: Charming Python: Functional Programming in Python :::
Explore the general concepts of functional programming, and
learn new ways to make more out of your favorite scripting

::: Charming Python: TK Programming in Python :::
Meet two user-friendly tools for GUI programming.

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