The jedi masters where called the the city planet to discuss the

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					The jedi masters where called the the city planet to discuss the matters of
private training that was being given to more promising students. This time
had it‟s hardships, a dark force was brewing in the far corners of the
universe, whole planets where vanishing without a trace. Whole races of
alien life disappearing into thin air. The jedi masters where consurned for the
people in the universe, such things where unheard of. Ships docked at the
headquarters on the large planet, the master‟s planning to assemble at
nightfall. Talk of a new master to be introduced was the talk amongst the

“Sit you must” Yoda said to his prized pupil. Rhys nodded kneeling down
beside him the two handles of his light sabers sticking out from under his
brown robes “yes Master Yoda” He smiled, “Relax my son soon we will
meet. Soon the masters will deside your place” he nodded “yes master Yoda
I am ready for this” He nodded holding onto his walking staff. “Come, you
rest. Eat and I will see the others arrived.” He said as their ship docked and
the door opened. “come” he slowly got up his robes flowing around him
while he walked slowly behind yoda his arms tucked into his sleaves while
he walked. Head maiden of the quarters took them to their private rooms.
Other masters walking past acknowedlging their presents. He acknowleged
them back his long blue bangs swayng with his gaze while he soon entered
his room. Yoda looked in on him, “adjurn at 9 we will” he said going next
door to his own room. He nodded letting his master go. Slowly he slipped
out his light sabers and set them on the weapon rack while he slowly
removed his robes. Night was quickly apprching, the sound of the master in
the room on the other side of him seemed troubled. He slowly sat infront of
the window crossing his legs as he tried to meditate. The sound of flying
cars wising by made this place most uncomfortable to relax. He sighed
getting up and laying down on the bed unable to meditate. Later Yoda came
to take him to the meeting. Quietly leading down the hall o the sealed off
room where all the masters took their seats in a circle. Yoda took his spot by
the window, but after it all Rhys was still standing, and 2 chairs where
vacant. He continued to stand there waiting for the last two high masters to
arrive. Yoda looked around, “Where is Master Tyva…” He said as a human
master looked over at him, “He has arrived… but he is troubled with the
strange disappearance of the Nerya race. His pupil as disturbed by their race
vanishing from the universe.” He said. Another nodded, “You brought your
pupil Master Yoda, is he prepared?” Rhys nodded “yes I am prepaired” he
said the jedi masters looking him over “the Ryuujin race is a very emotional
race we sense plenty for this one” one said. Yoda leaned forward, “He
controls well. Learned all I can teach he has. I do believe he is ready Master
Kead” He said as yoda lifted his hand in approve, the others one at a time
voting till finally yoda chuckled. “Sit young one, as Master Rhys” he said
motioning towards one of the two vacant seats. Rhys stood walking over and
sitting on the chair that Master Yoda motioned for him. “No… the problem
of vanishing planets is becoming a problem” Master kead spoke. “At the
moment the only Nerya who‟s were abouts are known is Master Tyvas
pupil.” Another master turned, “And his pupils family, their ties?” He asked
as Kead shook his head, “Unable to contact, we fear Planet Faun is gone” He
said as the doors opened as Master Tyva stepped in. “Faun has been
distroied” He said as all the masters turned to look at him. “And what of
Starchaser?” One asked. He nodded, “Safe, and unaware of what has
happened” Rhys sat there listening to what was going on letting the masters
discuss the current problem.

He looked at dale and nodded, “Welcome Master Rhys” he said taking his
seat beside him. “Where do you sit in such a situation. The ryuujin are a
powerful race, capable of defending their homeworld” he nodded “I think
we should investigate first sending 2 masters to the location of the Nerya
homeworld and see if we can find any evidence of the disappearance as I
sense a strange disturbance I am unsure what it could be” He nodded, “good
plan, and what of the remaining Nerya? How would you perpose giving such
news about the distruction of the race?” he looked at him “until the reason is
known we should keep it from them because it could cause mass panic if
they know what caused it”

“Mass panic by whom, Starchaser would be the last of the Nerya. A race that
for hundreds of years has been the makers of the jedi Lightsabers” he
shrugged “maybe assign them to the mission let them find out for them self
what happened to them family, it might make them feel better if them went
to find out them self” He shook his head, “No I would never send a student
on such a mission. But I do volunteer to go to the planets location.” He said
as yoda nodded, “And your padawan should be left in another masters care
until you return” He said as Tyva nodded. “Yes.. who would be willing for
such a task.” Tyva said. Kead spoke up. “I second volunteer to attend the
mission… but maybe the new Master Rhys might be up for seeing out
Starchasers training while we are away. So there will not be a kink in the
training” Rhys nodded “I would be honored to supervise Starchasers
Training” He nodded, “then it is agreed. At first light we leave for Faun
space. At which time Master Rhys will take Starchaser to a shuttle and head
to endor for training” Rhys nodded “then it shall be so” The masters stood.
“We are ajurned until 2 months time from tomarrow” Rhys got up from his
chair and went back to his quarters to prepair for his journey to endor. Night
passed quickly, yoda having sent him agift for becoming a master. Yoda was
already on his way back to his swamp, but the sun shinning into his room
was making it impossible for him to sleep any longer. He got up and went
opening the gift Yoda gave to him curious to what his master could have
given him. It was two new lightsabers in masters colors. He took the two
curved handled light sabers and ignighted them the twin green blades shone
brightly as he twirled them around before turning them off as he enjoyed the
gift from his master. A computers voice came online. “Master rhys, your
shuttle is ready when you are” he nodded “I am on my way” he responded
grabbing his things ans sheathing his light sabers before going to the
padawns chambers. A young woman turned quickly holding a robe to her
chest using it to cover her nude body as she gasped at his presents. The
sound of the sonic shower running in the washroom was heard over the
computers music. The sheets on the bed looked torn apart, most of them on
the floor. “I am looking for Padawan Starchaser as they are to come with me
to Endor” he said. She turned red in the face, “How embarrassing” she said.
He looked at her “dress your self girl and show me to Padawan Starchaser”
She tilted her head, “I am Padawan Virgo Starchaser” She said.
“Computer… shower off” She said slipping her robe on. “You must be
master Rhys… forgive me I did not expect you so early.” He looked at her
as he looked at the time “I am on time you are late hurry Padawan Starchaser
we have a shuttle to catch” She nodded rushing into her washroom, her
small bag of belongings on the table along with her lightsaber. She passed
on her shower and dressed quickly in a two piece red outfit that was made
custom for her by her master. She came out brushing her hair as she slipped
her long slender legs into her boots and shoved her robe into her bag and
slipped her saber into the sling at her hip. He lead he ronto the shuttle taking
his seat as she sat down beside her “Why do you not wear the traditional
Padawan robes?” he asked her curious.

She looked up at him, “Most likely because I‟d over heat and probably die
Master” She said, picking up her bag. He nodded “good enough reason then
Padawan” he told her. She stepped up to him and bowed in respect.
“Congradulations on becoming a Master” She said. He nodded “you don‟t
need to do that please” She smiled slightly, “Im just excited, it‟s been so
long since a Master was accepted, I just hope when im ready I can be too”he
nodded “well your training is almost completed from what I am told” She
laughed, “I doubt that, there is still so much I can learn, and from you wow,
you where trained by Master Yoda. He only takes the brightest of pupils.
Master Tyva is my great Uncle and it was a series of unfortunate events that
lead me down this path. Oh.. and just a bit of warning bad luck seems to
follow me where ever I go” she said as the handles of her bag snapped and
she sighed “dang” she said picking up the bag. He nodded “Well hopefully
your luck wont effect us too much” She smiled, “Are you broke?” she asked
tilting her head. He nodded “yes I am I don‟t have very much money so the
shuttle is very small” She nodded, “then your luck just went from bad to
worst” she said stepping out of the room as a large metal chunk of the
ceiling fell right behind her as she looked up. “Hmm looks like the bolts are
loose” he nodded “Looks so” he told her. She smiled, “So are we going to
go Master? Or wait for another piece of ceiling to fall?” he nodded “lets go”
he said leading the way to the shuttle. She followed him to the shuttle and
stopped infront of it. “Where is it…” She asked looking around it. He
nodded at it “this is it like I said I am broke so be ready for small
accommodations I don‟t even have my own pilot either” he said opening the
door and getting on board” She looked at it, “Does it even have a
washroom” She asked following him inside. “So you bought… this with
your first stick of payment?” he had his bags already on board as he sat in
the cockpit “yes there is a bathroom a very small sonic shower two beds but
in the same room, and yes I bought it with my first stick” he told her. She
looked around, “Master Tyva trained me in piloting skills” he nodded “well
good I am glad” he said starting up the engines.

She set her bag down. “Permission to take co pilot seat Master?” he noed
motioning to it for her to sit down as the ship soon left the almosphere after
she sat down reaching the right point he put it into light speed. She was
looking through her bag, “I can‟t seem to find… my hair brush…” she said
pulling out her little lacy thongs trying to find it. He looked at her “maybe
you should go back to the room and spread your things out there Padawan”
he said handing her back one of her thongs that fell out. She took it from
him, “Yes master” she said gathering her mess and moved through the tiny
hall to the quarters where theyere was bunk beds one over top the other as
she sat on the bottom bunk dumping her things out. he set course for Endor
before leaving the cockpit on auto pilot and heading to the kitchen getting a
cup of coffee. When he went to use their coffee maker the handle broke
when he lifted the pot and the glass and it‟s contents shattered on the floor.
He grumbled using the force to lift the mess off the ground and into the
garbage before crushing come coffee beans and putting them in water and
heating it up using his racial abilities and taking a sip. She came in behind
him humming to herself a toothbrush in her mouth as she got herself some
water. “Floors wet” he looked at her “coffee pot broke” She nodded, “Ah”
She said opening he fridge door as all the shielves inside collapsed. She
stood there stairing at it. “Hmm” was all she could say. He sighed “you are
bad luck aren‟t you” She looked at him. “I call it that, it‟s really just more of
a coincidence.” He looked at her “well if that‟s what you wish to call it” She
waved her hands lifting what was unbroken and set them asde while her
other hand separated what was broken and threw it away. “well I am going
to go meditate since it was imposible to do it on the planet” She nodded as
she closed the fridge. “Can I come, we can fast together?” he shrugged “I
don‟t see why not” he said going into the sleeping chamber and finding a
place on the floor and sitting cross legged. She sat across from him doing the
same. “Master.. for what purpose are we to fly to endor? How come Master
Tyva could not be with me?” he shook his head “you ask to many questions
where answers can be found easily, we go to endor to finish your training
Master Tyva is off on a mission for the jedi council”

“Master… Master Tyva has been falsly adding marks to my sheets. At least I
believe so anyway. I don‟t feel that I‟ve reached a level near completion. I
don‟t feel that the Force believes that as well.” He looked at her “if you
think that ay your training will never finish your training” She nodded,
“Forgive me Master, Maybe there is more I can learn from you then I could
from Master Tyva” he nodded “yes it is possible now silence meditation is a
process of thoughts not of speech” She nodded lowering her head and closed
her eyes, holding onto her feet. He sat there his eyes closed letting his mind
drift away. For hours they meditated until an alarm sounded breaking her
from her consintration. “Master… it appears our warp is about to fail.” He
got up and hurried to the cockpit slowing down the engines bringing the ship
out of light speed. She appeared behind him looking over ship readings, “It‟s
damaged. Most likely faulty before leaving dock. We are about 5 days
normal flight from a space station, we can fix the warp core there.” He
sighed setting a new course as the ship moved full speed with out light speed
engines. She looked over a few other things. “It appears our air supply is low
did you fill it before leaving?” he nodded “yah I did ill it let me guess that‟s
faulty too?” She shook her head “No there was a leak. It‟s most lightly been
leaking the whole time. And in warp speed sped up it‟s leaking process. We
only have 3 days of air in the back up tanks.”
“Alright get some supplies and necessities and put them in the common
room I am going to seal parts of the ship and divert controls to there so we
can at least expand our air supply for a day and a half” She nodded flipping
switches. “Hopefully we have enough food and water to last. Bring
everything that can be preserved into the living quarters. Im sealing off the
kitchen it‟s the largest room. I‟ll turn off vents and air tanks” he got up and
grabbed the supplies putting them in the living quarters” She sealed off the
kitchen doors and turned off air supply in the room. “Kitchen area sealed.”
She said. “alright I sealed the cockpit and Cargo rooms as well now all we
have to do is wait” She turned looking back at him. “We are on docking
corse with Fa 90 Space Station. It‟s a traiding facility there is bound to be
mechanics. I can how ever go outside and put a stop to the leak and prevent
further loss.” He nodded “alright we only have one space suit you sure you
want to go out there” She smiled, “Alright I‟ll suit up then” he got the tools
for her as he showed her where the space suit was. She slipped it on over her
clothes before stepping into the air lock and sealed herself in before heading
out. She used the magnetic shoes to move her way over the side of the ship
to where the air was leaking and got out what she needed to fix the problem.
Inside the sudden drop in speed had tipped over her bag of belongings and
small silk bag fell onto the floor. He went over and picked up her bag for

It felt like it had several hard round objects inside. He reached inside taking
them out to inspect what he found where dark black perfectly round rocks,
that looked just like polished up adamite, an illegal substance only trafficked
on the black market. He put them back into her bag and put her bag up onto
the table. She was done in less then 30 minutes back inside and slipping off
her space suit. “all repairs done?” he asked her. She nodded, “Yes master,
the repairs will hold until we reach the space station.” He nodded “Well
good” he said sitting down on the floor once more going to meditate. She
followed him into the quarters and looked at her bag seeing the silk bag
sitting on top. “hey!” she said picking up the bag, shaking them slightly. “it
fell on the floor due to the sudden decrease in speed” he told her. She
smiled, “it‟s alright they are my marbles. My older brother gave them to me
when I was little. And Master Tyva tought me how to play the acient human
games of Chinese checkers, and Marbles” he nodded “its alright Padawan”
She sat down on the floor beside him. “Master can you call me by my name?
its not disrespectful as it would be if I called you by yours” he nodded “I
know Virgo” She smiled. “Master, if I may. What makes the force. I mean…
How do we know it‟s one thing… and not just powers we as a person
contain?” she asked. He looked up at her surprised “you‟ve been a student
for so long and you havn‟t been told about the force?”

She laughed. “Master I know about the force… I was just wondering if it
really was one force that controls the jedi way, or if what we think is one
force is just really our own will power.” She said as she pulled a blanket
around herself. “I don‟t mean to sound sacrilege or anything… I just wanted
to know how you felt. I was told that it is strong in me… but Im not really
sure if I feel it or not. How would I know if what Im fealing is the force.” He
looked at her “the force is what makes us whole it is every where and inside

“So the force is with everyone, even if they don‟t know it then. Some
stronger then others?” he nodded “exactly Virgo” She sighed, “They say
there is a way to see the Force on a cellular level. But if this was true why
arnt all children trained to be Jedi?” he shrugged “some are not strong
enough in the force to be able to use it and it is possible there are scanners
for the medeclorian level in an individual but it is hard for this scanner to get
to every planet” She looked at the floor, “is that why they came then? To
Faun? My brother gave everything for the jedi, and one day he stopped
sending contact to me. The found his ship just scrap metal in space. As Jedi
isn‟t it our job to keep the peace between nations, and protect the innocent
along with our brothers?” he looked at her “the empire is huge Virgo yes the
jedi are the protectors of the empire but there are so few of us to be every
where at once”

“So that is why many of the masters are taking many students rather then
one. What is it that the students don‟t know? What are the masters afraid
of?” she asked looking up at him. He looked at her “I do not know what the
masters are afraid of” She looked at him, “I feel a dark force sturring across
the universe. It is small now, but it haunts my dreams that it will grow
larger. Im sure there is a way to stop this dark force.” He nodded “yes there
is a dark force rising but Even Master Yoda is afraid of it” She blinked, “So
then my feelings are correct. I should train harder and defeat it then” he
nodded “yes the more masters the better” She smiled, “For some reason
many of the masters think im a flake” she chuckled putting a hand behind
her head. He nodded “you act like one” She smiled, “Maybe not all jedi
have to be serious warriors with no personality. Maybe being light lowers
the guard of my foes. Or do you believe I‟m truly uncappable of being true
jedi?” he shook his head “if you were incapable you would not be here” She
nodded, “Well said Master. It still found it hilarious that when you came
looking for me you looked for a man. Women are just now becoming
students to masters. I know I was one of the first ones picked… and of the
ones who came before me… failed their training. If I was to complete my
training I would be the first woman to ever become a Master jedi” he nodded

“Master yoda didn‟t feel I was worthy of being a student or felt I was strong
enough to start training at all. Master, when did you start?” she asked. He
looked at her I started when I was 12” She looked up surprised, “So old…
but students never start that old.. it‟s usually a waist of time.. and already
you master… How old are you?” he looked at her “only 24”

“That‟s young for a Ryuujin isn‟t it? Don‟t you live for like 300 years or
something?” she asked her ears twitching. “450 actually I still have a lot of
time before me and I wont get any older looking until my 400th birth day”
She smiled, “then you and I share the same life span. We live at longest 460
years old. We stop our aging process at 20… but I‟m not 20 yet. I still have
two more years” he nodded “Well just means you will out live me” She
laughed, “Just because that‟s how long one of us lived doesn‟t mean we all
will” he nodded “a very dangerous life that of a jedi” She lifted her arms.
“Bring it on!” he nodded “don‟t worry you will get your chance some day”
she grinned, “can‟t you see me fighting? I mean really?” she said. He
looked at her “I see you sitting and talking you will fight eventually all jedi
work is sitting around and looking menacing.” She laughed, “your so much
more of a hoot then Master Tyva. Master yoda once told me that I would end
up not even being the reason for the deaths of the foes I‟ll face. He thinks
my bad luck will be the death of them before I will. And Master kead said
I‟d talk them deaf. Master Gollen once told Master Tyva that I‟d run away
scared because I‟m just a big flaky pussy cat. And none of them have ever
actually seen me training. So I dropped the saber once and it cut off one of
my toes but that was because something spooked me. But the cybernetic toe
actually works better then my real one.” He nodded “well that‟s good to
hear” She smiled, “Oh come on like you never messed up once when you
where trying to impress the masters?” he looked at her “I never tried to
impress them I wanted to be unnoticed being a jedi isn‟t all about the flare”

“Well at the time I sorta had to, Master kead wanted Master Tyva to drop me
as a student for a more promising student. He sorta put me on the spot.” She
said with a sigh. He nodded “well its whats high masters expect” She sighed,
“I suppose it‟s because I don‟t wear the padawan robes. I don‟t look
professional enough.” He shrugged “maybe you never know with them I
heard comments about me cutting my hair but I never did” She gasped, “but
it‟s so long and gorgeous! You don‟t need to do that.. they wanted to shave
my head and leave my little students brade and I had to break wrists when
they tried to get near me…” he nodded “well good for you Virgo those
braids are ugly and annoying” She nodded, “could you picture me like
that… I‟d throw myself threw an air lock if I did.” He laughed “Well
Unfortunatly Master Yoda wanted me to keep growing my hair not wanting
the braid” She nodded, “I always liked him. Doesn‟t like me very much. At
least I don‟t think he does…” he shrugged “Yoda doesn‟t hate any one”

“Master… don‟t think that I was only kept in training because Master Tyva
is family do you?” he shrugged “it is none of my concern really” She looked
at him. “Well your in charge of my training, so I believe it is of your
consurn, forgive my forwardness” he shrugged “Well you‟re my padawan
so your training continues no one told me not too, so we should try you to
learn the virtue of patience” She was strectching. “Master Tyva takes 6 hour
naps in the middle of the day and I have to sit and wait for him to wake up.. I
know what patience is” he shook his head “then use some as I try and
meditate in peace if I must stay one with the force I must meditate 4 hours a
day to keep my emotions in check” She looked at him, “does this mean your
going to sleep or actually meditate. Because that was the excuse Master
Tyva gave me when he wanted to sleep.” He shook his head “I am not an old
man like master Tyva it is essential for me to do this” She nodded, “yes
master, then.. can I go to bed?” he nodded “yes you may” She climbed to
her feet and put the blanket she was wrapped in on her bed turning on the
small fan by her bottom bunk. She pulled her top off and slipped out of her
skirt, wearing lacies underneath and climbed onto her bunk. He closed his
eyes and began to meditate. The old bunk squeaked as she tossed and turned,
her blankets getting tangled up in her arms and legs as she pulled them on
and off. He ignored her loud movements as he was lost in meditation.
Around his fith hour of meditation he was hit with a flying pillow. Her arms
hangng off the side while she slept and the mattress literally coming off the
bunk. He got up and stretched his back before crawling onto his own bunk
and getting under the covers. With a thud she hit the floor and woke up.
“Ack” she gasped as she looked around. “Oh lord I dreamed I was on a
small little rust bucket of a ship and… “ she stopped looking around.
“Apparently it wasn‟t a dream” she said laying out on the cold floor. “Well
you should try dreaming about something better then you must have
extremely boring dreams” he told her still in bed. She looked up at his bunk
over top hers. “Master.. you should really get a bigger ship when you can.
Maybe I could buy you one.” He shook his head “no you save your money
for when you become a master”

She looked up at him, “Are Masters still allowed to get married?” he shook
his head “nope can‟t do that the last one they allowed that went insane” She
sat up, “I know the first thing I‟m going to do as a Master is amend a
marrage pardon. I have a boyfriend back on Faun who is waiting for me to
finish my training.” He nodded “well good luck to you for that” She
climbed off the floor and fixed her mattress. “He‟s a enginer on Faun. He‟s
never even been off the planet.” He nodded “exploration of space is fun
though” She was now shoulder level with his bunk. “Master, how come the
jedi live a life like preists?” he sighed “jedi‟s are suppose to be pure and
honorable” She tilted her head, “But there are so many who aren‟t pure and
still make good Jedi.” He shrugged “not my department” She leaned on his
bunk. “So you don‟t think about it at all?” he shook his head “nope not at all
I am happy with how things are going” She climbed back onto her own bunk
as it snapped and it fell to the floor and she stairs up at the underside of his.
“Master.. my bunk just detached from the wall.” He sighed “you okay?” She
caughed slightly. “Im not sure… I think a spring just stabbed me in the back
Either that or I landed on a stake” he got up off his bunk “you can use my
bunk” She sat up and looked under her, “Dang.. I landed on my chocolate
bars.” She said getting up. “Don‟t blame this on my bad luck your bought
the rust bucket” he sighed “Well you could have stayed on Cornaria” She
glanced at him, “Not my orders. Master Tyva said to mind my manners and
to do as Im told. Train when asked and sleep when given permission.” He
sighed “Well then stop complaining and deal with what we got” She nodded,
“Forgive me master” she said walking out of the quarters into the small
washroom. He laid back down on the bunk trying to get some sleep. She
came out a few minutes later and looked over what was left of her bunk
before climbing onto the mattress that was now on the floor. When morning
came the ships lights came on as it‟s automatic alarm clock. She opened her
eyes and sat up yawning. He was already out of bed eating breakfast. She
looked over at him at the small table. “Good morning Master.” He nodded
to her “good morning” She grabbed her clothes and slipped them on before
going over to his table. “Something smells good…” he nodded “its called
breakfast help your self” She sat down and looked at it. “Don‟t usually get
breakfast. To many meals is bad for my figure.” He shrugged “you didn‟t
eat dinner last night so why should it matter”
“Neryas can put on a lot of weight really fast, I tend to skip meals. Fluids is
really all I really need to survive.” She said getting some water laying her
head on the gold metal table. He nodded still eating food “Well there is
coffee or milk if you want something to drink” She yawned, “when we reach
endor what would you have me do?” he sighed “Well we will talk to the
natives, and practice light saber techniques” She smiled, “the Ewoks are
adorable. They are very easy top understand” he sighed “me I don‟t like
hairy midgets never have never will” She laughed, “They are aquired taste I
suppose” he nodded “I would guess so people think they are all cute but I
know better turn your back for a few seconds and those midgets grow teeth
and sink them into your back side” She laughed. “Not the Ewoks. If your
good to them they are good to you.” She smiled. “Not gremlins” she said
lifting her head off the table and went into the washroom to shower. He
continued eating his breakfast while she showered. She climbed into the
shower after stripping herself of her clothes. Virgo‟s sabers cought Rhys
eye. A set of sabers that looked custom made, but bore the seal of Master
Keads family. He left them alone not wanting to investigate them. She came
out in a few minutes clean and wrapped in a towel to get a fresh par of
clothes from her bag. “well did you break the shower yet or can I take one
now?” She laughed, “no it works. Not well but it does” she said. He got up
and took his light sabers off his belt the gold and silver handles with black
leather padding were in extremey good condition as he put them on a shelf
grabbing some extra clothes from his bag he went into the bath room
disrobing and getting into the shower. She sat down on what was left of her
bunk and slipped on another outfit that looked like the one before only a
dark purple with gold. She got an old rag out and cleaned the hilts of her
sabers before putting them at her side. In a few minutes he came out in fresh
clothes and put his light sabers on his belt he wasn‟t dressed like the usual
jedi were. Wearing heavy metal boots white jeans a light Shirt with no
sleaves which showed his muscular figure and heavy metal gauntlets on his
hands he grabbed his sabers and put them in their holdsters on the back of
his belt. She looked up at him, “Master is untraditional then many Masters”
he looked up at her “yes I am I prefere not to look like a jedi people are
more open when you don‟t” She nodded, “The benifate of not being able to
dress as padawan.” He nodded “exactly Virgo” he said sitting down at the
table once more. She looked up from the floor. “I find your outfit tasteful
and suitable to your personality Master” he nodded “well thank you Virgo”
She nodded, “We should be reaching the station in a few short days. I can
use some of my credit sticks to buy what is needed to fix this piece of junk.
Unless it dishonors you that a padawan must pay the way of her master?” he
shook his head “Save your credits for your own Use padawan” She sighed
putting her dirty clothes into a separate bag for washing. “Virgo please” he
sighed “if that‟s what you wish Virgo” She got up and got another glass of
water before leaning against the wall.

Days passed and finally permission to dock at the space station came, their
air tank little less then a quarter full. Once docked the airlock was sealed and
opened for them to cross the short bridge into the station. Rhys walked into
the station looking around it was a very quiet station. She stayed behind him
unable to hide her sabers from site do to how little she wore. The station was
dark, obviously a trading facility. Booths and markets lining the halls and
larger stores filling full rooms. “you should go shopping while I barter for
ship repairs” She turned towards him, “master?” She asked confused as to
what he wanted her to purches. “just go look and keep your self busy I don‟t
get a good feeling from this place” She nodded, “Yes Master. Permission to
use mind trick in nessisary and force only if I must?” he nodded “yes
padawan only when you need it most” he said going off to find a mechanic.
She turned starting down the hall glancing around to look for anything of
intrest. Just the usual shops lined the walls people talking about there wares
to her. She looked over the fine cloths she thought would make good clothes
but passed feeling wardrobe was unneeded. She stopped looking over what
appeared to be used Jedi sabers as she sifted threw them she glanced at the
keeper. “these sabers weren‟t sold to you” she said. He nodded “they were
given to me to sell to travelers” She looked them over, “this one shows crest
of family vurtue. Another their name engraved. What jedi would sell their
protection?” he shrugged “they were given to me by men in dark robes” She
put them down, “You do know it‟s against republic code to sell Light sabers
to anyone other then Jedi. How many of these have you sold?” he stuttered
afraid “only 5 Ma‟am” She looked at him, “I want a list of names you have
sold these to. Im confinsacating these sabers in the Name of the
Republic.”he looked at her “I don‟t deal with names as this is my only
means of Earning a living by selling things given to me as they are mostly
junk” he said showing her all the broken weapons and space ship parts. She
looked at him, “bag these sabers now or I‟ll have you arrested. Those are
your options” she said calmly. He bagged the sabers for her and handed it
over. She took them from him. “Why do you sell broken parts, they are no
longer of any use” he sighed “its all I have to feed my family” She tossed
him a credit stick. “Do not speak of my presents here and that will feed your
family for a year” she said. He nodded “thank you” he said bowing to her
letting her leave. She turned and continued down the hall looking over what
was being sold, carring the bag over her shoulder.

Rhys eventually got the ship a mechanic but looked trouble when she found
him. She dropped the bag at Rhys feet. “A merchant was selling sabers. I
fear their owners where killed and sold to the market. The merchant said
he‟s sold 5 already. That makes 5 people who can pose as jedi. And 5 people
who can hurt the republics reputation.” He sighed “unfortunately I have
more concerns There is a dark presence a disturbance in the force coming
from this place” She nodded, “I felt it to. And it‟s unpleasantly strong. Corse
of Action master?” she asked. “investigate it as Part of the deal for a full
ship repair I have to deal with some renegade mechanies in the under belly
of the station” She turned looking back at him, “You send me into darkness
alone?” he shrugged “no I don‟t the darkness is in the underbelly I Want
you to stay with the ship” She looked at him, “I can‟t send you down there
alone.” He looked at her “I wont be alone I have the force on my side” She
shook her head, “these are matters for more then one, you should send for
help, for others. They will come.” He shook his head “there is no time for
that and they have other matters on hand” he said “but you better come I
suppose I think you probly messed with the wrong person those light sabers
you found them because they wanted you to find them”

“You think someone sold them here for us to find. Sounds like a trap to me”
she said glancing at the mechanic. “what better trap to get more light sabers
then to put them out in the open it‟s a trap for all Jedi‟s” She nodded, “I
agree Master. But can we trust our ship in the hands of a merchant‟s worker?
What if we return and they‟ve taken our ship. A way to lead us away in
order to prevent us from going any further.” He looked at her “they have the
seal of the republic a merchant that lives on cornaria owns their business if
he has workers who double cross us Master Yoda and the high council will
disable their business trades and every thing else they are the only trust
worthy people on this station” She nodded, “Yes master, then what are my
orders?” he looked at her “follow me” he said leading the way to an express
elevator to the under belly once in he took out his duel light sabers and
waited for the elevator to stop. She slipped out her sabers and helped onto
them, not switching them un unless she needed to. He stepped infront of her
as he ignited his right saber as soon as the door opened he raised his left
hand sending a force blast out knocking back a hundred light assasult druids
backwards before charging out both sabers now lighting the second one and
quickly jumping and twirling through the druid mass army quickly dozens
fell their energy bolts reflecting off his sabers with quick rapid movements
which stunned Virgo he decimated half their numbers. She ignighted her
sabers and stepped in, frozen in place a bit in awe of his amazing fighting.
With the last chop of his Saber the Last druid fell his blades still ignited
while he looked up a single figure dropped from the celing twin red sabers in
hand “Ah so my trap has caught a master and his padawan a deciple of Yoda
from your fighting technique a good prize to take to my master your sabers
will be the prize of my collection” the figure boomed his species was one
they had never seen before. Virgo looked around as she made her foe keep
their distance. Rhys looked over to her “the force is strong in this one
becareful” he said as the red light saber wielder charged in towards her Rhys
force jumped and landed infront of her parrying the twin light sabers as they
begun their dance of death sounds of light sabers twirling and colliding in
rapid succession. Virgo gasped softly taking the other side, locking the dark
figure between herself and rhys, twirling her blades to strike from behind.
He was good his red sabers blocking her strikes along with Rhys. The man
in black started to run down a hall way as Rhys and Virgo gave chase as two
more jumped out Rhys skidding to a stop “he has the ability to clone himself
Virgo Becareful” he said as two attacked him together while she was left
with one. She spund her blades under him getting in a lucky hit as it cut her
foe up the middle. Rhys was lured away from her as force fields came up all
around them the clone disappearing as he was left with one they clashed
once more the fury was hard Rhys had the same idea as the man as soon
with one quick swip their light sabers ducked under each others Rhys‟s left
hand being cut off while the alien had his right hand cut off the light saber
burnt the wound shut as quickly as it severed the limb but it hurt like hell.
She put her hand up being blocked out by the field, “Master” she called out
to him as a loud blast shot out of no where destroying the machine in the
back holding the force field. It was a long range high polisized weapon
strong enough to cause mechanical devices to explode. She looked around as
she parried blasts from guns being shot at her fromw aht was left of the dark
forces army. She had so many coming from all sides she took a hit to the
back of her leg and through her right shoulder. Rhys continued fighting the
Alien as soon he stabbed his light saber right through the mans torso letting
go with his one good hand he raise a hand as machines ripped off from every
thing crushing Virgos attackers .the alien‟s eyes flickered open grabbing its
light saber it stabbed Rhys right through the abdomen just as its light saber
lost power the floor opening up beneath them as they both dropped. She
dropped onto her knees crawling over to the opening in the floor. “master”
she called out for him looking through the hole in the floor. No sound came
back as she saw one of his light sabers laying on the ground by the opening.
She looked over at it then back down the hole. “Master!?” she called for him
again. Still no answer from below a communicator started beeping as his
severed hand was the source of it. She looked around for the beeping seeing
his severd hand on the floor. She crawled over to it hitting the button on the
communicator. “Maste Rhys Xathus We need you back on Coraria a
disturbance in the force plus the passing of Master Tyva you and your
padawan are to return imidiatly” She was still out of breath, “master Yoda..
thisis Padwan Virgo StarChaser… Master Rhys.. I think he‟s dead” He
sighed “that is dire news but you must Return with what you can find of him
imidiatly” She looked around, “Master Yoda… the Dark force in which you
speak is here… It is here I faught it” she said. He shook his head “I fear not
Virgo that was just a trap for Masters to slowly eliminate them one by one
the true problem is where your home planet is” She picked up the piece of
Rhys she had found, “I will return to Coraria…” she said noticing a figure
standing in the darkness. “And bring back what I find of Master Rhys” she
said standing slowly. “Padawan Starchasrer… out” she said closing
communication. “You‟re the one… who broke the force field?” She asked a
hand on her saber just in case. “I couldn‟t allow the only family I have left
die” he said as he knelt down and picked up the one lightsaber on the floor
that belonged to rhys. He stepped into view of the light and turned off Rhys‟
saber. His long light blue hair was tarnished from dirty, and smudge on his
face. But it was the deep lavender of his eyes that brought tears to her eyes.
“Scorpio..” she uttered as she fell into his arms. “I thought you where
dead… your ship your things” she said as he held her head. “Shhh, you must
leave this place Virgo, Master Yoda awaits you. I‟m sorry for the lost of
your master.” He said looking down at her. “Here.. take his saber, as a
memento of his life, use it as a token of his honor.” He said as she looked up
at him and nodded. Turning, holding Rhys‟ arm, and taking Rhys saber from
Scorpio as they together took the lift back up.

Rhys‟s Ship was ready for them once they returned as they hastend their
work to get it done on time for them they soon boarded and using light speed
they were on their way back to Cornaria. Virgo had placed Rhys‟ hand in a
box to take back to Coraria. Once arriving Scorpio had to stay behind
because he was not jedi and she after cleaning up stepped into the council
room. She was holding the box in both hands, her two sabers on one side of
her hip, and the one left from Rhys attached to the other side of her hip.
“Masters this is the only thing I could find of master Rhys.” She said.
Master Yoda took it from her and opened it “Dark times ahead of us your
home planet destroyed, Master Tyva passing on in his sleep and now Master
Rhys Being Slain by a Sith warrior and even more dark times before us, but
the council has deamed you ready for the final testing” She looked up at the
council. “But my training is barely complete as gracious of a honor it would
be” he looked at her “your training is complete you managed to survive
something that took the life of a master very few survive an encounter with a
sith as those Light Sabers you collected show” She nodded, “then I prepared
for your judgment now” she said. “Master Rhys and Tyva would have
wanted it to be so.” Yoda lead her to the area where the surviving high
council members were gathered having her stand between them as they
discussed her fate all deciding that she was ready to be deamed a master. She
watched as each one by one raised their hands voting for her. When it was
over she was motioned to take the seat that at once time belonged to Tyva.

She was given a couple of light missions over the next few months time
seemed to be going along good with no sign of any dark forces until one Day
reports of another planet being destroyed were lead to her to investigate
sending her to the space station Delta 5. Uppon arriving in a large ship that
se traveled in with only her brother she stepped out into the station and
looked around. “All these stations look the same.” Scorpio said coming in
beside her. “Do what you must Scorpio, I‟ll meet with you in 3 hours time.”
She said starting down the hall. The market place of this station was bustling
a lot of refugees yelling at others trying to find passage on to other planets
bartering with what they had left. She was dressed in green still carrying 3
sabers on her instead of two. Glancing at people as she passed by. They all
paid her no head passing her by she sensed a strange disturbance as she
looked way down the hall through the crowds of people a tall man with
black robes on just standing there watching her. She tried to keep her gaze
away so it wouldn‟t be obvious she had seen him. When ever she got closer
the figure seemed to be further away but still watching her. She made her
way to a bar and ordered a glass of water. She could feel his eyes on her as a
hand reached out and took hold of her shoulder. She turned her hand on her
saber as Scorpio took a seat beside her and her hand relaxed away. “Scorpio
don‟t do that.” She said as he smiled, “Don‟t worry I know the force would
stop you from striking me. But hey I heard some things you should know
about. I heard that some of the survivors here claim there was a huge ship in
orbit before the distruction of the planet. She nodded. “I know, I sence a
disturbance in the force. He‟s watching me, it‟s not safe for you here. Return
to my ship.” She said as he stood up. “Ever since you came out of that room
you‟ve been like this… it‟s not your job to worry about me.” He said as she
turned looking at him. “As a jedi it is my duty to see that all republics people
are safe. Including you.” She said as he laughed slightly seemingl annoyed
with her. “What happened to you… this training has changed to Virgo.” She
waved her hand, “I will go to the ship” she said as he wiped his face
repeating her, “I will go to the ship” he said as she turned towards him. “A
master died protecting me… it‟s the least I can do… tell Master kead I will
talk to him when I return to the ship” she said as he turned and headed back
down the hall.

The lone figure was still watching her taking note of the man she was talking
to a person walking up to him trying to barter some goods as a single metal
hand raised up it looked like a metal gauntlet but it was a cybernetic hand
with a simple wave the person who was bartering with the hooded stranger
walked away with a lost blank look on their face. She took note of his
actions finding it odd. “Could it be… these dark forces.. have use of the
force like jedi” she whispered to herself. Slowly the figure rounded a corner
of a empty corridor. She put down a few coins for her drink and cautiously
followed the figure. She ended at a dead end as she heard a synthsised voice
from behind her “Ah a Jedi has come into the shadows what brings you
here” She turned looking around, “The death of a Master Jedi” the voice
laughed “you will not find those answers here the planet you came to inspect
was destroyed by a force more powerful then your Jedi Council it is best to
surrender now” She hand her hand resting on the hilt of one of her sabers.
“There are others with me, high masters. You‟re the only disturbance they
feel” she said easily keeping her mind from being read. The Third light
Saber on her belt shook and suddenly took off floating into the shadows as it
suddenly ignited its green blade showing a masked man wearing a metal
helmet over the top part of his head and a silk mask with the synthesizer
over his mouth “I was searching for this one it matches its mate” he said as a
red blade ignited down by his side. She grabbed her remaining sabers, “give
it back, that saber is presious to me…” She said ignighting her own. “You
took my master from me… when you made him fall through the floor. I
might of only known him for a little more then a week but you don‟t
understand the way I felt about him. His death, my uncles death, what more
could you possibly take away from me” Slowly he walked out of the
shadows heavy metal boots clanking on the floor as she could tell the light
Sabers were of a set “then you would want mine as well it was a tricky
modification to get the blade to glow red but it was worth it, but don‟t worry
you still have more to loose the man on your ship for instance”
She took a battle ready stance, “Harm him and may the gods have mercy on
your soul… I thought I lost him once.. I can‟t bare to loose him again. Have
you not conscious?” She called out to him as she head Scorpios voice from
behind her. “Virgo?” he asked as she turned her head looking back at him,
“Go back to the ship Scorpio or so help me I‟ll drag you there myself.” She
said as he looked at her, “You told me once anger leads to a darker path.
With anger inside you, you can‟t defeat what is already dark.” He said
holding a fairly large weapon. “I love you virgo, but I‟m not letting anyone
harm you.” Virgo turned her gaze back to the dark figure before her. “Your
not a jedi Scorpio… just a weapon smith.” She said as he called out again,
“And you are a Master Jedi.” He said as she literally felt her hatred
disappear. “This dark force.. that consurns the high counsil must be delt
with” she said. “But for what cost? Your blood? Your life? And Soul? If you
must fight, fight for yourself and not for the higher power. It is as faun
taught us.” Scorpio said.

“Faun is gone… everyone is gone. We are all that remains of our kind… and
it was fate that cursed it so that we… brother and sister… two hearts that
could never remake what was lost. When we die the Nerya race dies with
us… never again will pure Nerya walk. I‟m finishing this for master Rhys
Xanthus. I‟ll die for him… as he died for me.” She said holding back tears.
“quit the drama your breaking my heart” he said mocking her as he swung at
her with a lazy right hand swing. She jumped back, the sound of Scorpio‟s
glock pissed her off. “Scorpio go back to the ship you I‟ll kill you myself”
she screamed at him as he grumbled stapping back. “Don‟t you preach to me
about broken hearts. You killed my Master, I never even got to say good
bye.” The figure sighed as he raised a hand throwing Scorpio 40 ft
backwards and out into the public trade area “he annoys me” She glared at
him as her belt communicator came on hearing Keads voice. “Master Virgo,
I need you to go to Tatuween. We lost contact with 3 padawans on the
surface. Find them and bring them back.” He said as she growled, “I‟m
busy” she snapped. “Hey knock that off, I know your still mad but it‟s over
now no more problems” he said. As She looked up at the figure. “First I‟m
going to take care of you, then finish my mission.”

“Well I hear a lot of talk but you still forgot one thing” he said raising his
left light saber his fingers motioning for her to bring it. She turned her sabers
so she was gripping them in her hands as she would if they where daggers.
Before jumping forward, literally disappearing in mid jump as her saber
came down from behind him. He raised one hand blocking it with ease as he
flipped 360 and kicked her in the stomache sending her hurling up into the
sky once more. She put her leds out using her feet to push off from the wall
as she flipped over him and landed on the other side, bot sabers spinning as
she moved as quick as an asian trained in the martial arts. “nice moves but
you are slow on the draw and very emotional in your movements” he said
slicing into the wall beside him with his light saber cutting around in a circle
as it floated in the air hurtling towards her. She threw out her hand using the
force to stop it. A move that was so difficult to master and yet she seemed to
be having no trouble. She threw her hand out again firing the large chunk of
wall back at him. He threw his light saber cutting it in half as it sliced into
her clothing on purpose missing her as it boomeranged back slicing through
the metal once more before he caught it again the object falling onto the
ground. She spun around using the force to rip the green saber from his
hand, her free hand connecting her two together while her other hand caught
the one she had been carried for months. “No one steals my masters sword”
she said lunging at him again twirling her sabers and attacking with Rhys‟.
He twirled the one he had holding it with both hands his well placed parries
with the red blade “there is too much hatred in your voice a true jedi would
not give into there emotions”

“At the moment I hate you to much to care” She said dropping to the flor
throwing her leg out and kicking his legs out from under him. “It is said a
true jedi fights for freedom not vengeance. But I couldn‟t help but think of
this moment” she said using her other foot to kick his other saber away. “Im
doing this for someone you didn‟t need to die.” He laughed “if he could not
defeat me what chance do you have he didn‟t even scream in pain when a
light saber went through his abdomen he only screamed when his left hand
was cut off” he said as his left cybernetic arm raised a shield coming up as
he pushed her back flipping to his feet once more his hand reaching out with
the force as he caught his discarded light saber. She took stance once more,
“What did you do to his body… why couldn‟t we find it. Why couldn‟t I
bring him home” he reached up with his free hand pulling off the voice
synthesizer and helmet tossing them aside as his long white hair fell down
with his blue bangs “I never moved my body it moves with me” She
stopped looking at him. “Rhys… your alive” she said dropping all her
weapons. He turned off his light saber and using the force to retrieve the
one she took back from him “yes but you are lucky I was taking it easy on
you, now go finish your mission I have other things to attend to” She looked
at him. “But.. why didn‟t you contact us, why did you lead us to believe you
where dead. Damn you…” she said dropping to her knees. “Why did you
dress like that… why do you act so different” he looked at her “because I am
different I don‟t follow the jedi Council any more”

“But being a Jedi ment everything to you… everything you said to me…
was it all lies. All I could think about was how the masters kept me from
find you. Kept me busy with little tat missions. Carried your saber in
rememberance of the master I had for a week, and the man who changed my
life. And here you are.. alive and you resent me” she said. “if I resented you,
you would not be alive I have already slain 3 jedi‟s who tried to find me”
She stood up slowly, “How could you do that… did being a jedi mean
nothing to you?” She said picking up her sabers and turned them off putting
them back into the slips on her hip. “When I found out.. my whole world
was gone. Everything I knew was gone. Along with everyone, including
Cyvan… I realized that I didn‟t even love him… but I was still going to
marry him. And the one who stole my heart… is just a fraud” she said
turning and ran back into the market area heading for the ship dock. He left
her to go on her own business as Scorpio was rubbing his back side sitting in
the ship. She climbed on board and shut the airlock, “get us out of here” she
said as he looked at her. “Whats wrong” he said as she stopped and turned
looking back at him. “…that is it… what is wrong” she said going back to
the airlock and opening it.

Later on Rhys way through the hall it got deathly quiet. He stopped his
hands on his hilts of his light sabers while he felt outwards with the force.
“Boo” was all he heard before everything went dark. He fell to the ground
quickly as he was knocked unconscious. When he woke he was he was
laying on a cot in a brig of a ship, behind an unpenatrable force field. He had
been stripped of all his wepons and any other possessions he had. Through
the field he could see virgo sitting back on a lounge chair with her feet up,
and a bottle of hard liquor on the floor. She had a hand held glass computer
in her hand and seemed to be logging something. “Hey peaches I got you
some milk I figured you could lay off the sauce a bit and actually drink
something not chemically made” Scorpio said as she looked up at him. “Go
away scorpio can‟t you see im depressed.” She said laying her head back.
“Writing in your diary?” he asked as she tilted her head in his direction. “I
don‟t remember you being this annoying when I was little” she said as he
laughed. “Well to be honost I never saw my baby sister becoming a jedi” he
said as she sighed sitting forward. “Master kead dislikes me. He does
everything in his power to piss me off. And now with Rhys being alive and
all.” She said as he looked down at her, “Well now you don‟t need to keep
his severed hand in your room anymore. Toss it.” He said as she spilled the
milk on him. “Don‟t dishonor great men. Even if he is confused.” Rhys
spoke up “hopefully you kept that in a chemical sealed glass jar some Day I
would love to have that reattached” She turned looking back at him and got
up quickly going to her side of the field. “I did, didn‟t need it decaying on
me. When they forced me to return to the planet I didn‟t even want to leave
until help arrived. They said they sent someone to get you.. but I know they
didn‟t. Master Yoda let me keep your hand, and your saber as momento for
me to remember you. Master Tyva died in his sleep while on his mission. I
felt helpless like there was nothing I could do.”

“yeah and I told her to stop obsessing over some guy who turned on her”
Scorpio added. Virgo looked back at him, “I think I‟m going to go polish the
kitchen floor” she said as scorpio shifted the weight on his feet repeating, “I
think I‟m going to go polish the kitchen floor” he said showing himself out
of the room. Rhys laughed “he has a weak mind such a useful thing to
know” he said with a smile. “You wont beable to use tricks on him from in
there. That field was modified to hold even the strongest of men who can use
the force.” He nodded “So I am told but the force isn‟t every thing it all
depends on how you use it” She just looked at him for a long moment. “Why
did you lie to me… where you planning to turn on the jedi from the
beginning? Everything you had taught me in those few days meant
everything to me.” He nodded “When I taught you I was still one with the
jedi council I didn‟t plan to turn until I died and was reborn shown the errors
of the will of the council knowing there are courpt figures in even the high

“There is no error of the will. Only the error of your heart. Everyone was
counting on you. You failed everyone. You failed me” She said. “if that‟s
what you think why kidnap me and not kill me?” she looked at him,
“Because I still feel the good in you. And I didn‟t kidnap you. I‟m taking
you home.” He laughed “my home is space I told you that before” She
looked at him, “ten welcome home” she said turning her back to him. “well
least you changed your clothes before coming to kidnap me you still wear
those frilly thongs?” she stopped but didn‟t turn to look back at him. “That is
not of your consurn. Since your departure I changed laws in the way of the
jedi. Revolutionized life… because I wanted to wipe away how I felt. And
put aside how much it hurt loosing everyone. But at the same time being
found. If it wasn‟t for Scorpio, I would never of been able to reach the hole
in the floor. He broke the machine stopping the force field. He forced me out
of there and all I wanted was to jump down that hole into the darkness to
find you. And I wasn‟t allowed.” He looked at her “because You were
ordered by the high council to leave me you could not have know I was still
clinging to life and even if you did go don the hole you would not have
pulled me out alive” She turned looking back at him, “It would have been
my duty to do everything I could to help you, and I damn myself for ever
turning on your transmitter. I should have done what I thought was right.
That is all I ever do not. It might not follow jedi code directly but the
Masters always understand my reasoning. Look at you… you speak hairacy
and dishonor me. You let that creature of the dark warp your mind. He‟s
poisoned you, and you will live the remainder of your life behind that wall.”
He shook his head “bars will not keep me the jedi council deams that I do
not exist how do you expect to keep me here or do you plan on stuffing me
and sticking me on your mantle, my mind is open to the possibilities that
there is more to the forces will then one path the jedi council both sides of
the force want order to the universe I think the universe is fine the way it is
chaotic and able to make its own decisions.”

“Do you think this is the life I chose for myself” she said throwing her shot
glass at the field watching it shatter. “Do you think I asked to be raised with
no family, no friends. Unable to think or speak for myself. Yes master this
and yes master that. I was built up on a house of suffering. This is all I know
and im going to do it right damn it. The same day I lost you, was the day
they made me a master. I asked not to be, but they wouldn‟t let me argue.”
He smiled “well you were ready but there is ways to change your destiny
you only have to figure it out why not let me out of here and I can show you
how” She looked at him, “your with them now… your not the jedi Master
that inspired me to do the things I did. You ran like a coward, and still I
idolized you. Maybe I knew that you where out there somewhere but
unaware of who you were. I prayed every day that I‟d stumble upon you and
make you remember. But I grew up in these last few months.” He nodded “I
am just a lost little boy” he said in a mocking tone. She went back to her
chair and sat down. “Im not letting you out… you‟ve killed three jedi
already. I wont let you kill me. The only one who will do that… is me” he
laughed “you saw me fight Virgo if I wanted you dead I would have did it
already you have potential which Keads is trying to hold back you know
why he is trying to hold you back… hmmm?”

“Because I refused to be the mother of his children” she said picking up her
liquor bottle and drank from it. “He asked me… telling me I was the best
student in ages… and when I said I would wrather put a saber in my mouth
he started sending me on impossible missions. Risking my life for nothing.”
He smiled “he is a corrupt member of the council he is the one who kept
sending jedi after me I Thaught if I killed one or 2 he would stop after the
third one I stopped killing them and only wounding them so they would stop
in their persuit but then he sent you thinking I would do the same to you or

“Im new to mastery, I can‟t speak out about a member of the council it‟s
treason…” She said. “And if I knew for one moment he was sending me
after you, I would have killed him myself. And just so you know I wasn‟t
even trying when we fought. I was to angry and not bothering to consintrate
to really fight.” He smiled “I was bearly fighting your technique was too
clouded in anger for me to even bother trying but least you are stronger then
what you are”

“I didn‟t need you to tell me that. I knew there was so much more I could
have learned. So much you could have taught me, but not enough. I am so
tired of being lied to.” She said holding the bottle to her forehead.
“Computer drop room tempature buy 12 dagrees.” He smiled “your
becoming too emotional your over heating” he said placing his cybernetic
hand on the force field as it began crackling and pulsating with energy.
“Leave it alone, I have that containment room set to electrocute you if
needed. Please… just stay still” she said putting her head in her hands. His
fingers dug into the force field as they slowly riped open the force field a big
enough hole for him to step out of as he slowly moved out of the brig.
“Welcome back to the world of the living” she said not bothering to look up
at knowing he was out. He sighed “mind if I get off this ship now or you
going to keep me here against my will as that is not a very good jedi thing to

“Actually I‟ve cevered contact with jedi head quarters until at which time
I‟m ready to regain communication. I do it all the time. Im more like their
bounty hunter lacky now then real jedi” he yawned “mind If I use a bed
chamber and a sonic shower then?” She nodded, “come on.. don‟t mind my
brother… he can be such a jerk” she said getting up taking her bottle with
her.” He used the force and pulled the bottle away from her “drinking to
dull your senses is not fun” She turned looking at him, “Before we even
docked at the traid station, I was so close to putting one of Scorpios genius
guns in my mouth. I‟ve gotten no sleep, traveling without even notice. I‟m
like a damn lab rat in a maze.” She said. “Come on… lets reattach your
hand, I kept the nerves active.” He shook his head “not yet I still have uses
for my cybernetic arm maybe in a few years or if my cybernetic arm gets
damaged” She looked at it, “Well it looks like you put it together from scrap
metal, at least let me give you one that looks like a real hand. For the last
month my job has been patching up padawans. Most likely why I don‟t want
anyone to pass them onto me” he shook his head “it is bulky and heavy
looking like a heavy gauntlet I like it and want to keep it longer but I will
think about letting you reattach my hand maybe modify this thing for an
actual gauntlet” She nodded taking his cybernetic hand and looked it over
before looking up at him, “I missed you” he nodded “I missed you too” he
told her. She smiled slightly, “At least I don‟t hate myself anymore.. I used
to blame myself for your death” he shrugged “wasn‟t your fault he got
lucky once I got distracted with the force field generator exploding and all
the robots attacking.”

“Im sorry about the explosions Scorpio was just trying to help. It wasn‟t a
good day, first I thought you died, and then my brother is back from the
dead.. and then months later so are you. I‟m almost ready to have a complete
mental break down.” He nodded “try sleep or meditation that usually helps”
She nodded, “When I get the time. You try and sleep Im contacted. I try and
meditate im contacted. I‟ve already smashed in seceral of my com systems
just to get some quiet.” He looked at her “ever heard of an answering
machine?” She smiled, “Smart ass” he nodded “I know but your not a
padawan any more you don‟t have to put up with this bull shit and you know

“Well when I find what to do better with my time I‟ll let you know. And
don‟t kill Scorpio okay? I don‟t have rules on my ship. Just no violence. If
anyone is going to kick his ass it‟s gunna be me” he nodded with a sigh “fine
I wont kill Scorpio as long as you don‟t drink, drinking is just not attractive”
She nodded, “Alright alright. I‟ll toss the booze. I couldn‟t help but drink.
I‟ve been depressed” She said turning heading towards the large spa like
washroom. “I have a sonic shower, and a deep hot tub that uses real water. I
have waterproof back messagers in the closet, and towels and fresh clothes
in the hamper. I have a replicater set up by the tub in case you get hungry or
thirsty.” He nodded listening to her “I will stick to a sonic shower this thing
is not rust proofed and water doesn‟t agree with me” he said disrobing right
in front of her and walking naked into the sonic shower and turning it on.
She looked away, “I need to go inform Scorpio your out. He‟ll throw a fit
but tazers calm him down” “alright then” he called out relaxing in the
shower. She stepped out and headed down to the kitchen area. “Scorpio he‟s
out and I don‟t want to hear you bitch he‟s still my master.. well not literally
but that‟s the way I feel” She said as he looked up from his ice tea. “Please
tell me your joking?” He said as she shook her head. “Im not, and I expect
you to show him the same devotion you show me” she said not realizing she
was leaning on the small com system for the ship, her voice heard in the
shower. “Do I make myself clear?” she asked as he sighed. “The man tired
to kill you Virgo… and you tell me your taken with the blue hair I have blue
hair too.” He said as she grumbled. “Your such a pig Scorpio” she then
laughed, “besides even if I was I wouldn‟t tell you. Im not the baby sister
anymore. At the moment the only one protecting anyone is me protecting
you.” She said as he stuck his tongue out at her. “Are you going to contact
your masters?” he asked as she paused a moment. “No… I can‟t help but
feel the attack on him an I a few months ago was set up. I feel both he and I
were supposed to have died that day. But he didn‟t plan on you showing up.”

 He got out of the shower and put some fresh clothes on looking at the
mirror while he used the force to control 3 brushes to comb out his hair still
listening to their conversation. Scorpio put down his glass, “I suppose if you
trust him I can to. You knew all that force junk so I doubt you‟d lie to me”
he said as she nodded, “Indeed. I don‟t feel that the council needs to know
he‟s alive. Not now… not yet. There is still so much he can do without them
knowing. But I do know it wont stay hidden forlong. So I want you to go
through my thousands of star charts and find a habitable planet that presently
has no one on it. I‟d like to build a personal base camp there. It can be a
refuge for a while.” He sighed as he pressed a button “only three planets are
like tht Hoff which is fucking cold, Daguba which is a swamp planet and
Jask 9 which is like a caribien planet” She tuerned seeing the light she was
leaning on, “Where you listening to this whole conversation?” he nodded
“kinda hard not too you have three of these things in the wash room” She
smiled, “come down to the kitchen and get something to eat” She said as
Scorpio stood up. “I‟ll see what I can do… but if he touches you in any way
you don‟t like I‟ll… I‟ll..” he said as she looked at him, “you‟ll what? Get
your ass handed to you on a gold plate?” Rhys smiled “he could get his
brain scrambled and think he is a 10month old kid” She smiled, “go look
over those planets and their conditions” she said as he grumbled heading out
of the kitchen. He left the wash room and soon entered the kitchen sitting
down at the table “so what is there to eat?” She smiled “Anything you want”
he looked up at her “how about something under a pink thong?” he said with
a smile. She tilted her head “Is that a dish on your planet?” he nodded “its
what women do for men” She glanced at him getting him some coffee.
“Well I do remember you saying to me once, Jedi‟s are to be pure” he shook
his head “the jedi is supposed to be as pure as the force they use and since
the force is jaded why should we be pure” She leaned against the counter. “I
never looked at it that way… but you could have at least contacted me
instead of letting me mope around.” He looked at her “if I did you would
have thought it was some sick joke and would not have believed me you had
to see it for your self” She sighed slightly, “I suppose your right. I would
have freaked out or something.” She said getting come cold milk. “At least
my ride is a lot more comfortable.” He nodded “it is nice I am surprised I
thought it would have been 10x bigger from how much you used to
complain about mine” She smiled, “I cut down on the size a tad so I could
install a working cloaking device. Apparently our ships aren‟t supposed to
have those” he nodded “its illegal for any use in the republic” She nodded, “I
know but I built mine to avoid confrontation. I know I could be fined big
time but I‟m at no point pleased with the way I‟ve been treated since I
became a Master. It‟s like I spent a life time working my ass off to be a
search dog.” He nodded “so you‟re a renegade Jedi like me then you just try
to follow some rules pity” She glanced at him, “I liked you better as the
strong silent type who spoke only wisdom and encouragement.” He nodded
“Well keep up good hopes you may get those hopes” She turned heading for
the door, “just don‟t break anything” She said stepping out into the hall. He
nodded “I wont as long as your bad luck doesn‟t strike” She turned looking
at him, “It went away right after you failed me” she said starting down the
hall to her holodeck. He sat back munching on some bread and sipping his
coffee. She stepped into the holodeck. “Computer run bedroom program”
she said as it shifted into a beautiful bedroom for her. She went to the bed
and sat at the end. He finished up eating breakfast as he got up and went to
look for her using the locator he tracked her down to the holo deck walking
in on her. She was sitting on the edge of her bed with her eyes open but she
wasn‟t blinking. Her legs crosses as if she was in a meditational state. He
waved his hand infront of her face as he sat down beside her and crossed his
legs meditating as well. About an hour into her meditation her chest started
heaving as if she couldn‟t breath and literally fell back coming out of
meditation gasping for air and looking around. He was still meditating there
silently. She sat up quickly rushing across her room to the communicator.
“Scorpio how close are we to the planet?” She asked with an urgent tone.
“About 40 minutes until visual why?” He asked over the com system. “the
padawans are indanger, I felt the death of their master, we need to go faster.
Re rout all energy to the core.” She said as he spoke again, “Alright you‟re
the boss” he said as she stood upright running her fingers through her hair.
“they are in Danger a dark warrior a `Sith‟ is hunting them down one by one
you will make it in time but you are not strong enough to defeat him” Rhys
said with his eyes closed still looking like he is meditating. She turned to see
him on her bed. “We‟ll see about that. Besides your going to help me defeat
him and re enstate yourself back to the master you once were. Those
padawan‟s are ages 6, 9 and 11 years old. Are you ready to allow someone
who knows their stronger then them kill small children?” he shook his head
“I will deal with the Sith you get the children” he told her getting up off the
bed and stretching his arms “wow that felt good haven‟t done that in
months” She shook her head, “Did you hear a word I said?” she asked.
“nope not really but you want this taken care of and the children kept safe do
you think you could trust me with kids?”

“Why not? You are a master Jedi. You know what it is like. Their master is
dead, and they will go to Master Bata to continue their training. If they arn‟t
traumatized…” she said always having had to resist her laughter from batas
name” he shook his head “well Unfortunatly I am the superior master here
so you will have to save the children for master Bata or you could use the
dead air of scorpio to do it for you” She looked at him, “What is that
supposed to mean… are you threatening me?” he looked at her “I just don‟t
want you getting hurt that is all” She approached him slowly, “I‟m covered
in unhealed battle scars. Not ones you can see, ones that cut deep that only
time can heal. Invisable to everyones eyes, and only I can feel their pain. If I
am going to die, I‟m going to die fighting as a jedi” he shook his head “you
have too much anger in you Virgo you are relying on the dark side of the
force which is anger and hatred”

“I have no reason to be angry anymore. I find it hilarious you took up arms
against him, rambles dark side rubbish, and made no attempt to tell the
masters you where alive, much less alright. You killed Jedi. Strong and
determined jedi who had families. Mothers and fathers.. even wives to go
home to. If you needed to kill a Jedi you should have killed me, I didn‟t have
anyone to go home to. No one waiting for me. And don‟t say Scorpio
because I still barely know him” he shrugged “well you got me don‟t you or
you always had my hand at least” She looked at him. “my master for a week
before playing dead.” He shrugged “better then nothing I suppose” he said
getting up “could I get my light sabers back if we are going to fight a sith”
She nodded, “Fine but I changed it back to blue, red isn‟t your color” she
said going to the side of the room. “computer transfer Master Rhys‟ sabers
to Holodeck” she said as they where sent. He looked at her “but red made
me look all bad ass” he said with a sigh turning them both on and twirling
them around before flicking them off and tucking them into their sheaths.
She looked at him, “Your not evil Master Rhys. Just confused.” She said
softly. He shrugged “I guess I am just a confused little boy trapped in a
mans body” he said leaving the holo deck going down to the landing bay.
She was on his heels the whole time keeping an eye on him. “I don‟t know
why your coming down here, we are just going to land the ship” he looked
at her “no time if you want to save one of them he is closing in so there is
no time to land” She grabbed his shoulder. “Im saving all of them” he
nodded “And I am the distraction you have to keep him busy some how so
he doesn‟t kill them you know that and I know that so I am going to jump
out once we hit the almosphere and keep him busy enough time for you to
get the kids on the ship” She grabbed his shoulder, “this is my mission we
do things my way” he shook his head “We do things you way you get killed
and I get stuck with a bunch of crying babys which drive me insane to kill
them all my way we survive they survive and we all make it back to master
bata alive as your fighting a Sith Master not an apprentice which I faught the
time you thaught I died”

She shook her head “I wont loose you again, do you understand me” She
yelled at him. “I couldn‟t take it… not again” her voice softened as she
whimpered. He shook his head “I am stronger now then I was back then I
wont loose you either you understand that Virgo your not strong enough to
face Sith Gratus I am” She looked up at him, “I wont let you fight him alone.
It‟s not right, you can‟t just put me on the side lines because Im a girl. I am
as strong as you, you just think I‟m going to freeze up like before” she said
pulling part of her top aise so he could see her shoulder, where the skin was
scarred over. “I took this shot for you, and this one‟ she said showing him
the one on the back of her leg. He reached down and lifted up his shirt “I
took this one for you” he said as she could see a huge circle around his abs
burnt marks from a light saber being stabbed “this one was almost fatal even
for one of my kind” She put her hand over it, “There was a force field
between us… he couldn‟t get to me even if he did kill you.” He looked at her
“I still protected you from those droids attacking you” She nodded, “you did,
but only because you had to as a master jedi. You seemed so annoyed with
me.” He looked at her “because you kept asking questions when I needed to
meditate” She looked down, “Im sorry that I distracted you. I feel if I had
just been quiet and let you meditate you would have been more aware during
the fight” he rubbed her shoulder “Well get up on the bridge and tell me
when its safe to jump okay we have to do this” She looked up at him, “Don‟t
die” he nodded “I wont” he told her as he kissed her forehead. She turned
quickly heading for the bridge. When they entered a safe layer of
atmosphere she commed him, “its safe… but you only got one shot” he
opened the door and used his senses finding the sith warrior and soon he lept
out of the ship plumpeting down only using the force to control his free fall.
When getting close enough he took out his light sabers and ignited them
surprising Gratus slightly by blocking his light saber before he hacked at one
of the children “Master Rhys why do you stand in my way” he growled
before chopping rapidly with his one light saber Rhys‟ sabers twirling
around blocking them with ease. Virgo‟s ship came into view being a large
and well built ship as it flew past for the padawans huddling together by a
mountain side. His sabers continued to parry Gratus sparks flying from the
intense combat while the child huddled behind Rhys afraid “your slow
gratus old age is catching up with you” Rhys mocked him before kicking
him in the stomach gratus hunched over “you will pay for this Rhys when
Kladius hears about this” Rhys smiled “you kno what he wont know a thing”
he said with one double swipe he beheaded gratus.

Turning off his sabers he sheathed them and picked up the kid on his back
walking out to find Virgos ship. Virgo had opened the ship as she hurried the
two padawans there inside. “Go go,” she said rushing towards Rhys. He
looked at her “gratus was a lot weaker then I rember him” he said leaning
down and letting the child run off into the ship. She looked up at him.
“Remember? You‟ve met before?” he nodded “he was another apprentice of
the one who taught me the dark side of the force” She took a step back. “I
don‟t understand… why would you want to turn against the way of the jedi”
he looked at her “because he saved me where every one else failed to” he
said getting onto the ship. She went after him. “Hey that is a lie you ass hole.
I wanted to go down that hole” She said pushing him. “I wanted to find you
and no one would let me anywhere near there” he nodded “but you couldn‟t
even if you did find me I still would have died and you would not have
known why the crystals in the siths light saber shattered inside me and no
scanner would have picked that up in a day or two I would have died from
radation poisoning or something like that since those crystals are toxic once
they shatter and you know that” She turned away from him as she shut the
air lock once they where both inside and went to deal with the padawans as
Scorpio moved the ship off the ground. Rhys went into the kitchen and made
himself something to eat. Scorpio had given up his bedroom for the three as
Virgo helped them settle in. “It‟s a long right back to the planet. You‟ll meet
your new master there” she told them the youngest one sitting on her lap.
Rhys looked around wondering where he was going to sleep while he sipped
from his coffee cup. Scorpio entered the kitchen to get himself some space
beer. Scorpio shot Rhys a nasty glare before opening the fridge. He smiled
back at Scorpio as he waved his hand using the jedi mind trick on him “you
are making me a nice hero sandwich” he said to Scorpio as scorpio repeated
it and started making him a sandwich. In moments Virgo came through the
door with the smallest padawan. “I‟m making Rhys a sandwhich you want
one virgo” he asked as she blinked. “He can make it himself” she said
waving her hand as he pushed aside the bread and other fillers. “Your can
make it yourself” he told Scorpio. “Damn it… with you both stop doing that
to me!!” he yelled as he sighed. “hey there little one what‟s your name” he
said nealing beside the 6 yar old padawan boy. “Trevor” he said chewing on
his thumb nail. “You want some milk and cookies Trevor?” Scorpio asked as
Trevor nodded. “Yes please” he said, his free hand clinging to Virgo‟s skirt.
“it‟s alright Trevor. That‟s Scorpio he‟s my brother, he tells good stories.
Maybe later he‟ll tell you one” She said as he looked up at her. “Master
Vaun never tells us stories… will he be ok?” he asked as she knelt down by
him. “Your going to go to a new master. His name is bata, and he is a very
good master. He has a big ship, and even puts time aside so you can play
with the others.” She said as he looked at her. “Can‟t I just stay here with
you?” he asked as she smiled, “No.. Im sorry Trevor. I can‟t take child
padawans right now” she said stroking his hair. “but don‟t worry, you‟ll
have a lot of fun with Master bata” she said as Scorpio tried to hide his
laughter. Rhys got up and made his sandwich before eating it silently.
Scorpio got Trevor some milka nd cookies before picking him up. “Come on
trev let‟s go read a story okay?” he said as Virgo smiled “you‟ll make a great
father Scorpio as he gave a grossed out look. “Ugh, I don‟t even have a
girlfriend yet and your already throwing kids at me. How like a woman” he
said taking Trevor out of the room. Rhys smiled “good luck finding a
woman with that attitude women love it when Guys have kids around them
makes them think he is a good father”

Virgo shook her head as she got herself some crackers and some cottage
cheese. “Not all women” he nodded “yah not all women want kids I do
suppose” She glanced over at him, “I wouldn‟t mind them but im unable to
do such at the current time. My kind isn‟t even furtal until we are at least 25
years old.” He nodded “yah well I guess you will know when your ready to
have them” She nodded, “yeah when I wake up with blue tips on my ears
instead of purple I‟ll know. It‟s a 24 hour thing. Like how human woman
just get bloody. We thankfully aren‟t like that” she said trying to keep off the
topic of what they had spoken about earlier. He nodded “well that‟s good to
know when your furtial” She had her back to him, like it pained her to much
to even look at him. He wrapped an arm around her waist giving her a hug.
She looked up from her bowl as she glanced over her shoulder at him. “I
don‟t even know you anymore.” He shrugged “Well you can get to know
me all over again you know”

“Is it you… or is it the changed you? You speak so highly of this dark side,
something that is rapidly becoming the nightmare of my visions.” She truend
so her back wasn‟t to him anymore leaning back against the counter. “We
are going back to Coriana when we arrive, you can retake your place there,
or run from it” he shrugged “I wont be accepted there any more but I can
get my mission done with at least” She looked at him, “Master Yoda would
love to have you back. Don‟t say that.” He shook his head “master Yoda
knows I am corrupted by the dark side he has run into this problem before”
She grabbed his shirt, “stop that, I‟ve had enough of it. Your not corrupt,
your Rhys Xanthus Master Jedi, Son of Rune and Maria Xanthus. Ryuujinn
born in 2779, you have two dead siblings and your favorite colors are blue
black and silver. You are not evil.” She said her voice cracking. He looked
at her his eyes looking into hers as he stayed silent before leaning in and
kissing her deeply. She closed her eyes her head tilted up slightly before he
was taller then her. Her grip she had on his shirt loosened. He slowly pulled
away and took a bite from his sandwich. “your lips taste good” he told her.
She opened her eyes and quickly fled the room rushing to the holodeck. He
stood there eating his sandwich letting her run off. She ran her bedroom
program and curled up on her bed with her pillow. In the few moments they
had kissed she saw everything that happened to him from the moment he fell
through the hole to the moment they met. Frankly what she saw gave her a
very unsettled feeling in her stomach. Rhys cleaned up the kitchen and
wondered around her ship aimlessly not knowing his surroundings. It was
large having a training room, several washrooms, the holodeck, Scorpio‟s
bedroom, the bridge, a cargo bay, armory. He went into the armory looking
over all the weapons she had on board. She had guns gallor due to Scorpio‟s
profession. She had parts to make light sabers, force shields, and all sorta of
other nick nacks. “I don‟t think you should be in here” scorpio said from the
door. He took one of the guns down checking it out “its not like I am going
to go gun crazy and slaughter you all” he said. Scorpio watched him like a
hawk, “when it involves my sister I deside who comes into the armory. What
were you even thinking” he looked at him “what I thaught what types of
weapons does she have on board that‟s what I was thinking” He crossed his
arms, “anything she wants. And what I ment was attacking us the way you
did. If your looking for someone to be angry at for being left behind, be
angry with me. I literally pulled her away from there. I thought you where
dead and I didn‟t want her to see a mangled corpse. To be quite frank maybe
it would have been better if you really did die. Then maybe she could move
past what happened.” He shook his head “I am not angry with either of you
there was no way you could tell I was dead I am mad at Master Kead” he
said looking over a couple of light sabers now. “I don‟t know a whole lot
about what virgo is or what she does. But I do know she believed you where
a good master. And I wont pretend to know what a good master is because I
don‟t. But I do know that from what I see from virgo, she didn‟t learn a
damn bit from you.” He nodded “then you tell her that she doesn‟t need me
and I will be on my way simple as that”

“I‟m allowed to state my opinion.” He said turning and rounded the corner
into the hall. “He‟s wrong you know” she said softly good at sneaking
around un heard. Walking through the doorway, “I did learn a lot from you,
he‟s just afraid that someone will take me away from him. I suppose he‟s
jealous of the time we spend together. From his mind, he saw you kiss me on
the hidden cameras. He carries a view screen in his pocket. He insists while
your on the ship. But leaving is not what I want… master Rhys… I … I was
in a way hoping you‟d stay… and be my partner” he shrugged “Well I still
have my mission to complete before I choose what I do” She nodded slightly
leaning against the wall. “I knew you‟d find this room eventually” he
nodded “yah well I still have no clue where I am sleeping and I refuse to
sleep in the same room with scorpio he might try and do something stupid
and I would have to physically harm him” She smiled, “he‟s going to sleep
on the bridge anyway. I can use the Holodeck to make another bed.” He
nodded “sounds good to me can I choose the bed” She nodded, “you can, it‟s
only holographic anyway” he nodded “well good I havn‟t had the perfect
bed ever” She smiled slightly turning around the corner of the door and
headed to the holodeck. He got out of the weapon room as well following
her to the holodeck. She walked into the holodeck, “Computer create another
bed with the following requirements.” She asked waiting for him to tell the
computer what he wanted. “triple foam water ventilation system silk sheets,
and a heavy cotton comforter with two conforming pillows” Computer
processed as it appeared across the room from Virgos. “Modification
Complete” it stated. “Thank you Computer.” She said before glancing at
him, “You can use the replicatiors to make yourself some clothes.” He
shrugged “I like wearing black” he told her laying out on the bed as he
almost sank into the softness of it. She looked over at him, “but your clothes
where always light colors like whites and blues… just like your hair.” He
nodded “I looked like an albino in all those collors”

She smiled, “but your skin is nicely tanned I thought you looked handsome
in them” he shrugged “well maybe just for you” she blushed slightly before
quickly turning to pick up her hand held computer. He relaxed taking off his
clothes and heavy boots tossing them off and tossing them onto the floor.
She touched the glass as she looked up at him, “I‟m having some clothes
made for you, so you‟ll have something to wear in the morning.” He nodded
covering up in his comforter “well alright then” She got up after a moment
stepping behind her changing screen her silouiet shinning through the thin
cloth screen as she undressed. He sat up in bed watching her Her naked
shadow could be seen as she slipped on something that left no panty lines.
He smiled enjoying the shadow puppet show. She lifted something and
slipped it on over her head smoothing it down her sides before stepping out
from behind the screen in a lace and silk teddy, that was dark purple. He
smiled whistling at her “very sexy” She turned looking back at him, “I
thought you would have been asleep by now” she said it was obvious she
didn‟t have a bra on underneath. He shook his head “nah not that tired why
did you think I would be asleep by now?” She shrugged slightly as she laid
out on her bed above the sheets. “I suppose so” she said reaching into her
night stand. “Lolli pop? Apparently humans used to love them” she said
started to suck on one as she looked down at her glass computer. He shook
his head “nah its more enjoyable watching you suck on one”

She tilted her head slightly glancing at him, “I don‟t see how” she said
swinging her legs back and forth. He smiled “Well its very sexy and erotic
lots of sexual indenendo there” She smiled, “Well I didn‟t think you‟d find
17 year olds attractive.” He looked at her “I only find you attractive” She
looked down at her computer, “You certainly never did until now” he looked
at her “because I used to suppress my emotions now I don‟t” She didn‟t look
back at him, “Well it was that Rhys I liked” he shrugged “why don‟t you
like both of us?” She sighed, “your not two people. The closed up tight by
the rules Rhys has a better chance with me then this.. dark side you” he
sighed laying down not looking at her. She held her sucker in one hand,
“That upsets you… you think being some sort of renigage jedi would
impress me?” he shrugged “not really I just thaught you would like me no
matter who I was guess I am wrong and you are shallow not willing to
accept change”

“Actually I would call it hard to get. Do you think I would have put a light
behind my changing screen if I didn‟t want you to see things” he shrugged
“eh who knows you work in mysterious ways” she smiled slightly, “Actually
I kinda like this you. The black is new but I would get used to it. And don‟t
call me shallow, you didn‟t find me attractive before.” He shrugged “I did
find you attractive but I was trying to abide by the laws of the jedi and you
had a boy friend too” She looked over at him, “but you knew he was dead…
and I had the feeling” he sat up “it was improper to move in on you before
you actually knew” She smiled slightly, “I don‟t think I would have minded.
Not like I wanted to be an engineers wife” he nodded “Well We can try now
can‟t we?” She sat up slightly and looked over at him. “I thought I was to
shallow” she teased. He shrugged “alright your decision” he said rolling
over in bed. She sighed, “You wouldn‟t know a yes if it came up and bit
you” she said looking down at her computer. He shrugged “probly not I Am
too evil to figure stuff like that out” She tossed a sock at him and laughed.
He caught it with the force and threw it back at her. “The only chance you
got is hand to hand” he teased her. She sat up “don‟t make me take a pillow
to you!” he smiled “bring it on Baby” She grabbed a pillow and jumped
from her bed to his and swatted him with her pillow. He tackled her down
on to his bed and took a pillow and thwacked her with it back. She gasped
and put her arms up in defence “Truce!” he shook his head and started
tickling her “no truce I must be the winner” She laughed “Okay okay you
win!” he smiled laying down beside her putting an arm around her waist.
She smiled, “I never had fun growing up, I suppose im making up for lost
time.” He nodded “better late then never” She looked over at him, “Don‟t
go…” he shrugged “We will have to wait and see” She sat up and looked
down at him, “well if you go… what will I do?” he shrugged “I don‟t know”
She hugged her knees to her chest, “You don‟t believe in long distance…”
he shrugged “Don‟t know never tried it” She sighed slightly as she sung her
legs off the sides of his bed. He sighed as well laying there. She looked at
the floor, “I thought you where asking me to be your girlfriend” he nodded
“I was” She turned looking back at him, “Really?” he nodded again “yah I
thaught it was pretty clear” She looked into his eyes, “then why do you act
like you want galazies between us.” He looked at her “you‟re the one who
thinks there will be galaxies between us” She leanes toward him, “then will
you stay. Once you kill master Kead?” he shrugged “Sure I will stay if the
jedi don‟t imprison me” She smiled, “that is if they don‟t know it was you”
he shrugged “true but Kead is too smart if he knows I am on my way to
cornaria since he knows you survived our encounter, and I believe he thinks
you could not defeat me” She reached out and took his hand. “I will set up a
few things. And I can make it so no one knows your with me.” He nodded
“alright then sounds good to me” She nodded, “He‟s been up to no good for
a long time. But I didn‟t dare say a bad word”

“he has been a sith master for 5 years now” She sighed, “Ive never seen
myself betraying the masters, but he‟s not really jedi so I wouldn‟t really be
doing anything illegial. And you wouldn‟t be doing anything wrong.” He
nodded “Well all your doing is helping me” She looked at him, “No.. I‟m
helping people. There is an evil man in power. He‟d set up the jedi. Ruin the
way of life for all. Getting rid of him quietly will bring back peace.” Hbe
shrugged “actually right now he is being annoying and hording power and
financal gain” She sighed, “it will be over soon. I‟ll keep the masters busy,
and have him meet you someplace where no one will find you. But to do
this.. I‟ll need to know everything about this.. sith… if you could pretend
I‟m part of it.” He shook his head “unfortunately I can‟t give you any info
about the sith all I know is names and faces of 5” She looked at him as she
sat on her knees. “But you seem to know so much maybe if I can see more
of what you saw I can understand” she said holding up her hands. “You‟ll
probably think I‟m crazy… but sometimes when I touch people I experience
their past.” He shrugged “it is possible” She looked at him, “it‟s going to
feel strange for you” he looked at her “why is that?” She looked down at
him, “Because the few people this has happened to have experanced either
pain, sickness, pleasure or sometimes just pass out” he looked at her “well
none of those have happened to me yet” She nodded, “we are about to find
out, lock hands with me” he locked hands with her. She grabbed his hands
as pleasure shot up his spine but her eyes went pitch black as she visted his
past. His past was fuzzy but normal as he served Yoda as a padawan
nothing dark or evil took place then. She saw everything but it was fast
forwarding through all the information she didn‟t need. She could hear all
his old thoughts, sensations he had never felt before. Suddenly his thoughts
went blank like they were shielded from her. She tried searching for them
but it was starting to cause him pain. He groaned in pain his fingers
tightening onm hers as she still found nothing It was like it was a giant blank
in his memories but then she saw a face, the pain becoming intense when she
saw the face, along with hearing a name. he screamed in pain from the force
she was putting into it. She couldn‟t hear him lost in his mind when it all
shot out at her her hands were torn from his as she literally was flung to the
floor, her hands going to her head as she cried out cringing as if her head
was in pain. He fell onto his bed unconscious. She screamed alerting
scorpio as she rolled onto her side shaking all over. Rhys never even heard
her being lost. When he woke scorpio was across the room at Virgo‟s
bedside. She seemed to be hooked up to some sort of machine. “owe sucha
head ahce” He got up quick and rushed over to him, “what did you do to
her” He yelled at Rhys. He looked at him “she did it to me she tried reading
my thoughts” He looked back at her as he took a deep breath to calm down,
“She‟s in some sort of coma. I‟ve tried everything this ship has to wake her
up. I‟ve never seen her eyes turn that color… it burns my skin when I try to
touch her in any way. I didn‟t think jedi‟s could read minds” he shrugged
“she could” He rushed to her side her eyes wide open. “I‟ve never seen
anything so fightnight… isn‟t there anything you can do?!” he shook his
head “no there isn‟t I am not skilled in jedi healing techniques” He looked
back at Rhys, “your just going to sit there!?” he nodded “its all I can do her
mind is processing information” Scorpio ran his hands through his hair.
“okay what exactly was she doing. For this mind reading thing?” he
shrugged “our hands were linked” he thought a moment “could it be possible
that in order to come out of ones mind she needs to be still connected to
come out?” he shrugged “it is possible” he said sitting over Virgo and
linking hands with her once more. Once again pain shot through him, but in
moments it stopped as she let go of his hands and sat up gasping. “now can
I lay down I got a major head ache” Virgo put her hands to her head and
started sobbing. Scorpio sat down on her bed, “what is it Virgo” She shook,
“Rhys” he looked down at her “what is it Virgo?” She pushed Scorpio
aside. “It hurts” he got up off her “yah it does” She didn‟t let go of his
hands even though he tried. “whats wrong?” She looked up at him, “Who‟s
Klaudius… is he the one I saw?” he shrugged “I don‟t know I still have a
huge hedache” She let go of his hands slowly and sat back as scorpio sighed,
“I‟m getting you both some asprin” Rhys nodded “well good” he said going
over to his bed and laying down. He went out to go down the the cargo bay.
Virgo was shaking as she put her arms around herself. He got up and sat
behind her wrapping his arms around her. She leaned back against him her
skin was cold to his touch and she had goosebumps. He rubbed her arms
gently. “It was like a horrible nightmare. I feel so dirty” he sighed Still
gently rubbing her arms. She turned her head looking up at him. “It must
have been awful” She said turning slightly leaning against him. He nodded
“it was awful” She looked into his eyes, “I was lost in your memories…
some of your childhood… Rhys” she whimpered softly.
He kissed her cheek “it will be alright just lets never do that again” She
nodded, “I‟m sorry if it hurt you. When I saw his fac e it was like he literally
struck me. I felt pain shoot up my back and he was yelling at me screaming
in a tongue I‟ve never heard before. It felt like my whole skull was being
torn open with his bony hands” he sighed kissing her cheek gently “its best
not to get into things like that” She looked up at him, “the images I saw
where horrific… I saw you laying on a table with bright lights. Your arm
being fixed, your cest wound being healed up, it was so bright in a dark
room and then I saw a face and I heard the name klaudius” he looked at her
“I don‟t remember that” She nodded “I know… someone made sure you
wouldn‟t.” Her bottom lip quivered. He kissed her gently “it will be alright
okay Virgo” She nodded slowly as Scorpio came in and looked at them,
“Am I interrupting” he said dryly. “she can use some asprin so no dry
humor” He came over to them with two glasses of water. “thousands of
years later and we still use asprin” he said handing them each a tiny pill. She
popped it in her mouth before drinking down the water. “You saved her
Rhys, im eternally greatful.” He nodded “you should go check on the kids
and give us some rest” He nodded, “but no funny business” he said before
leaving again. She smiled slightly curling up against him. “Ask me again”
he looked at her “Ask you what?” She looked up at him, “to be your lover”
she said softly. He smiled “will you be my lover?” She nodded with a soft
smile. “Yes” he kissed her gently on the lips. She closed her eyes returning
his kiss as she laid a hand on the side of his face. He kept his arms around
her waist. She broke the kiss gently and looked up at him. “Go easy on me,
this girlfriend business is new to me.” He nodded “oh alright so no putting
out then is there?” She smiled slightly, “Maybe it all depends on how you
romance me” she said. He smiled kissing her again. She laughed lightly
while they kissed her arm moving around his shoulder. His arms gently
rubbed her stomach as she was still wearing just a teddy. She felt the tip of
her tongue touch his as a shock of excitement shot down her spine. His
hands slowly moved cupping her breasts as he rubbed them his tongue
gently mingling with hers. She moaned softly as their kisses broke, “trying
to make second base before the first date?” he looked at her “what I am not
succeeding?” he said gently squeezing her breasts. She blushed slightly as
she gazed up at him, “Take me to dinner then maybe you can feel them
without fabric between our skin” he looked at her “how can I take you to
dinner you have way more money then me, plus you said your self you don‟t
eat very often” She smiled, “we can have a quiet evening here. Scorpio has
three little handfuls to deal with today.” He looked at her “I thaught we
were having a quiet evening together right now” She grinned, “your trying to
get what you want right off the bat” she said pushing him back and climbed
over top him. “But I don‟t play by those rules.” He smiled smacking her
exposed ass as she was over top of him looking down at him “oh so we
always have to play by your rules?” She smiled, “On my ship, of course.
Now I‟m going to take a cold shower” she said climbing off him, “And by
the way, was that a giant sausage in your pants or you” she winked. He
looked at her with a grin “just me, and I can defiantly tell your turned on by
how wet your panties are” She laughed, “come take a shower Rhys” she said
going into the holodecks washroom. He got up and went into the wash room
behind her. She was infront of the mirror combing out her hair. He wrapped
his arms around her waist gently kissing along her neck.She watched him in
te mirror putting down her comb as she suddenly went limp in his arms
letting out a soft gasp as if she had gotten dizzy.

 He gently kissed some more sliding his right hand into the front of her
panties. Her nails scratched the sides of his arms as she uttered a cry. “No I
don‟t believe you” she suttered. He took his hand out “it was worth a try I
suppose” She turned looking up at him, “Im hearing voices” he looked at
her strangly “whose voices?” he asked her. “the one from your memories.
He knows my name… And he said you finish last” he nodded “Alright
then” She turned torwards him and buried her face against his chest. This
time he heard a familure voice, “finish it, or the girl is ours” he sighed
“Well fine I will just have to get there first Mr. Impaitent” he said in his
mind. She held onto him, “I think it must just be a side effect of looking
through your memories she said getting herself on her own to feet again. He
nodded “probly well you better go take that shower you wanted” she took
his hand, “better undress” he held her hand “would you like my help or do I
get to sit and watch” She looked at him, “if you‟re a follower you watch, but
if you are hands on then you should help.” He smiled moving the shoder
straps of her teddy off her shoulders and letting it fall off her onto the
ground. She blushed being half exposed. Left in only the form fitting lace
panties she was wearing. He smiled taking her panties and letting them hit
the floor next. She glanced at the floor, having an amazing body, even
having a small tribal tattoo on her pelvis. “nice tattoo what is it for?” he
asked her curious about it. She looked at it in the mirror, “When I was born
it was customary to mark higher class girls when they where born. The
symble represents my status as a Nerya, but also my worth as a woman. I
wanted it rmoved, but master Tyva said that it would be un-jedi like. Since
then the way had changed. No more was marrage desided upon years in
advance. My boyfriend as it were was the son of a duke on Neyra. His father
and my father agreed an arranged marrage when I was barely a year old.”
He nodded “Well I think it looks sexy no matter what” She turned and
looked up at him, “really?” he nodded “yah I do think it is very sexy just
like your entire body” His words made her feel better as she stepped into the
shower turning it on. He soon took off his clothes and got into the shower
behind her. It was a very spacious shower, and the sonic beams felt as good
as water and as warm as water. He smiled enjoying the shower wrapping his
arms around her waist. She leaned back against him slightly relaxing her
body. “I should be happier… but strangly enough I‟m not. I know it‟s
because I‟ve been riddled with thoughts of how best to go about diverting
attention from you long enough so the masters know nothing. Master yoda
will read me like an open book, but he wouldn‟t of spent so much time
training you if he didn‟t feel you where the best one to be his aprentance. I
barely felt worthy enough to be placed in your care. For some reason master
yoda saw me ready for my final judgment when I thought I had lost you. I
suppose I felt that as a student I barely anything to save you.” He nodded
“Well its not your fault so try not to think about it” She turned and faced
him, her eyes gazing up at him. “But there was more I could have done for
Faun. Weeks before being placed in your care I had a dream of everything
burning, and then in the blink of an eye, everything was gone. Of course
Master Tyva didn‟t think much of my visions because sometimes the would
happen and a lot of the time apparently they would not.” She said touching
his arm. “You made me braver then I ever was before.” He smiled “Well I
am glad I accomplished something” She nodded slowly, “These children are
going to make fine Jedi some day” she said trailing her fingers up his arm
over his shoulder. He nodded “they will indeed” he told her his hands
trailing over her back. She leaned forward against him, “And what will
become of us?” she asked. He shrugged “maybe some day have children of
our own, be a great couple together and spend the rest of our lives together?”
She smiled at him, “Is that a perposal Rhys Xanthus?” he shrugged
“maybe” She chuckled, “well when your sure let me know” he nodded “I
will don‟t worry”

She rubbed her arms before turning her back to in again the sonic stream
hitting them both from all angles. When they finished showering and got
settled down to rest some more, sleep found virgo, but Rhys had found
himself in bed with Virgo cuddled snuggly in his arms. The dark side of the
force had mysterious ways of working, at first it seemed as if virgo‟s visions
rubbed off on him, but it was rapidly becoming more and more disturbing.
He didn‟t even feel like he had fallen asleep but he had suddenly found
himself standing on the bridge of Virgo‟s ship. It‟s alerts going off signaling
intruders on board. The lights had been dimmed while red lights flashed on
and off at a steady pace. He was confused as to what was happening, only
seconds ago laying in bed with virgo and now on the bridge. It was then he
knew the force was warning him. He got off the bridge looking around the
bodies of the three children littered the floor their hands cut off as they bleed
to death that way. Carefully walking by them soon he saw a totally mutilated
body bending down to to inspect it he saw a trace of blue hair the only thing
marking it as Scorpio he got up and searched around for Virgo worried about
her. When he reached the holodeck he found several masters of the dark
force there, an a transmitted image of Kead who wanted to whitness the
massicare. “You finally found us” one of them said. They had Virgo laid out
on her bed but others loomed over her, needles in her arms, and strange
mechanical devises strapped to her forehead. From the cuts on her arms and
legs it looked apparent she put up a fight before they pulled her under. He
pulled out his light sabers and ignited them quickly but was thrown back by
the force from all three of them hitting a wall hard. The transmitted image of
Kead looked at Rhys, “your to late boy, you can‟t save her now. When she
wakes she wont even know who you are, now she‟s our puppet, and like a
good puppet she‟ll gather the masters and when they are all together….
Boom” he laughed. “they will stop you, you know They are not that easy to
kill” he said slowly getting up “plus you will have to kill me first and it will
take more then your three pawns” He smiled, “Are you willing to risk the
life of your precious Virgo? She is the last of her kind you know.” He said,
Virgo‟s heart monitor racing because of the drugs they had put her on. “Her
mind was so hard to tame, it took machines to bring her to the dark side.
Brute force was needed. Have you forgotten who you live for now? Not a
jedi, just a man who‟s mind easily succumb to the dark force. I‟ve planeted
an internal explosive, she‟s what the acient humans new as kamikaze…
Dispite the fact that she had wonderful fighting skills a woman would make
our force look a bit to light I think best fits the description. But still a major
blow for the jedi” Rhys looked at Him “I Will kill you and you wont stop

“Really now? That‟s not how a good apprentice should act” he said as one of
the other masters reached out ripping one of the cords attached to Virgo.
“Fool I need her” Kead yelled. “No good kead” he groaned as Virgo‟s heart
monitor raced even more before flat linning. “Better dead then a puppet” he
said. Rhys found himself stairing at Virgos wall, her still nuzzled in his arms
asleep. He looked over at the comm. System before gently shaking her
awake “I think we need to change course” She yawned slightly, “Hmm?”
she asked opening her eyes looking up at him. “I just had a vision Sith
warriors under Keads commands came aboard and every one got killed even
you” She sat up, “They must be on a corse that crosses ours… we should
seak refuge and lay low for a while… Rhys.. you look frightened… how bad
was it?” he looked at her “very bad they corrupted you and used machinery
to control your mind and planted a bomb in your head to trap the jedi but
they disconnected your life system when I showed up, Scoprio was a bloody
mess the children bleed to death” She gasped softly, “have scorpio change
corse, put us down and wait to see if the vision returns… or changes” he
looked at her “you better do it he wont listen to me” She nodded as she got
up and went to the com system. “Scorpio, change in plans, I need you to take
us to the nearest planet. We need touch down for a bit, it‟s a matter of life
and death” she said as he came back over the com. “Alright alright, I‟m on
it” he said as she leaned her head against the wall. Rhys sighed and leaned
back still worried by the vision. “I told you he knew I was heading for the
planet he is willing to do any thing to stop me and get in favor with the sith
once more but he also has three Apprentices” She shook her head, “Visions
aren‟t sent by people… it was sent to you by the force. It obviously was
warning you of what was going to happen in the future if you didn‟t do
anything about it. Im thinking these members of the dark force boarded the
ship to seize control. It is a jedi ship after all. When they found you, they
contacted kead. It‟s the only logical explination” he shook his head “no
Kead knows that we would not kill each other he planned for this he will try
again if he fails with this attempt we need to get another ship” She sighed, “I
was hoping it wouldn‟t come to that” she whimpered putting her arms
around herself. He shurged “we wont get rid of this ship completely I just
want a short range fighter as he isn‟t looking for one of those” She nodded,
“Alright I‟ll see what I can do.” She said going across the room to the small
running pond and looked at it. “The last few months… I didn‟t care if I got
killed… but now… Im afraid to die” he nodded “well I am glad you found
purpose and something to live for again” he said with a smile. She turned
towards him looked at him worried. “don‟t worry I will be fine” She nodded
slowly, “I don‟t want to be lonely again” she said softly looking at him from
across the room before rushing to his side. He wrapped his arms around her
“Don‟t worry I don‟t have any plans of dying any time soon” She put her
arms around his shoulders her legs trembling. He gently rubbed her back
“what can I do to make you feel more confident?” She looked up at him, “I
don‟t think I can stand anymore” she gasped softly. “I am sure you can your
just too scared all you need to do is to calm down” She slipped down to the
floor putting a hand over her chest. “I feel so tired” he sighed “you should
get some more rest then Virgo” She nodded holding her arms out for him.
He got up and bent down picking her up into his arms and sitting her on his
lap. She curled up against him as he cradled her. “Only monsters would kill
children without a conscious” he gently rubbed her back “yah I know baby
only monsters would” She closed her eyes laying against him feeling the
ship take a new corse. He laid there holding her in his arms. the ship
eventually landed on a planet that was near by. Scorpio had his hands full
with the three padawans who where having a ball not having to train. Rhys
got off the ship and looked around. Virgo stepped out as Scorpio yelled,
“Why do I have to babysit” Rhys looked at him “they like you better so stay
on the ship and only beep us on the comm. If there are any problems” He
groaned, “Virgo come on, this isn‟t fair” he said as she looked at him, “We
wont be gone long, it‟s standard code to check things out” he took her hand
leading her into the small village. She looked around and glanced at the
villagers. “Is it just me, or does this place remind you of one of those hardly
ever visted planets?” he looked at her “yah io does which doesn‟t bother me
does it bother you?”

She shook her head, “less hassle for us I suppose” he nodded “exactly” he
said looking around as people looked at them strangly. She stopped for a
moment, “Rhys you don‟t think this is one of those planets we had protect
and they don‟t know there is life beyond their own planet… do you…” he
shrugged “it is possible I do suppose” She looked around as someone form
behind her was looking at her ears. She cringed slightly, “I beg your pardon
but it‟s not polite to stare” She said as he pointed at her, “your ears are
strange…” Rhys looked at him “so are your ugly pants so bug off” She
leaned back against Rhys as people staired at them, “Ugh I think we did land
on a protected planet. Uhh I suppose then they wont think to look here” he
nodded “Exactly why would they think we would land on some planet Jedi
are supposed to protect now lets get some local food and drink” She nodded,
“Alright but our credit sticks wont work here we should get some of their
local currency” he looked at her “And how do you prepose we do that?” She
looked at him, “Trade something” she said slipping off her anklet. “Maybe I
can get something for this” he shrugged “its latnium gold laced I doubt they
know what that is” She looked at him, “it still looks expensive” she said
looking around till she found a store and went inside. “Excuse me… I was
hoping perhaps I could sell something?” she asked hoping a clerk would
answer them. He looked at her “depends on what your selling Miss” She
approached the man who spoke hoping he wouldn‟t notice her ears. “I‟m
selling this anklet” he looked up at her ears “whats with your ears?” She
thought a moment, “birth defect…” she said softly. He nodded “Well alright
I gan give you 40 Helfers for it” She leaned on the counter, “is that a lot, it is
a very old anklet” he looked at her strangely “you don‟t know what a Helfer
is?” he asked her curiously. She nodded, “We aren‟t from around here, we
are foreigners” he sighed “damn foreingers one helfer is worth 10 Yanners
as Yanners is the standard currency” She turned looking over at Rhys, “I‟d
hate to have to break protection laws.” He looked over at her “try not
thinking about it it helps every thing that way”

“Not when I‟m about to traid an anklet worth 40,000 credit for a currency
I‟m not sure how much you can buy with it. 600 damn alien cultures and I
know nothing about this one.” She grumbled looking back at the shop
keeper. “How much can you buy with 40 helfers?” he looked at her “its
worth about 400 Yanners which can support a family of 10 for 2 months
Miss” She thought for a moment, “Master Rhys do you think that will be
enough to buy stock supplies for the padawans? Kids eat you out of ship and
home.” He looked at her “we have food replicators remember” She turned,
“Yes but I‟m coming close to running out of barilliam once it‟s gone we
can‟t replicate until we restock. I was thinking of making a short stop at
Delta 4 and buy some back up.” She said. He nodded “well I am sure we
can get enough supplies for that trip” he aid as the store clerk looked at them
funny. She smiled at Rhys, “Better that then getting killed I suppose” She
said turning back to clerk, “Alright we‟ll take it. Can you tell me what sort
of supplies your local merchants sell?” he looked at her “Black powder fire
arms swords, armor, basic jewelery and survival rations” She blinked
blankly, “good lord what year is it here… it‟s barbaric” he looked at her
strangely “whats your problem lady talking about strange places planets You
sure she isn‟t some escaped prisoner” Rhys nodded. She reached over and
slapped Rhys arm, “None of that… the Rebublic said protect not let these
poor people live like Neanderthals. They still use black powder for heavens
sake. Places like this where being protected for ore and other minerals not
for the welfare of the people. I think I saw a bloody horse out there” he
looked at her “its because of those dirty Dark elves we have to protect our
selves they scare the children and kill our live stock” the store keeper said.
She looked at him, “Dark elves?” he nodded “they live under ground jet
black skin white hair glowing red eyes” She smacked her forehead her
armband now visable. “If master yoda was here to see this he‟d open this
world up for transportation. She pulled out her hand held computer that had
her communicator in it, “Screw this” she said, “Scorpio, can you tell me
where the hell you put u down. It‟s like we landed in the middle of a stone
age” She said as he came back over. “Apparently this planet is called Lorien,
it says the it‟s under Republic protection for the large amounds of Silvia that
is located in the planets center. It‟s last known vist was almost 2000 years
ago their time.” He said as she looked at Rhys then at the clerk, “What race
are you, for log purposes.” She said as Scorpio came over the com again,
“This is odd, for some reason the planet is labled as destroyed. Obviously
the council doesn‟t want anyone to know it‟s around anymore.” He said as
she shifted her weight, “Most likely because if everyone knew this place was
packed with Silvia it would be crawling with merchant minors who‟s try to
sell it to the Republic for more then it‟s worth. Probably a back up reserve
for the creation of new warp cores. At the moment Kelik has more then
enough to build a million warp cores” Rhys shurged “maybe there is
another purpose for this planet another force usiong its supplies”

“What force would that be, I don‟t think these people are even aware” she
said turning back to the clerk, “Tell me everything about this world” she
said. Helooked at her “seriously Lady your freaking me out maybe you
should travel to Fraquire castle they probly know more of it then I do” Rhys
Looked at her “strange a council member of the republic has that same
name” She looked from the clerk to Rhys, “It could be a strange coincidence
since there is a planet name that too. Along with a race that shares Aloma.
She reached over the counter, “close your shop your taking us to this
castle?” she asked looked weirded out. He looked at her “I can‟t do that
Miss I wont go out into the road this close to night fall the dark elves would
slaughter us all” She tried holding back her laughter but couldn‟t knowing
Rhys was holding it back as well. Rhys looked at her “then give us a map so
we can get there our selves” she smiled, “Why it‟s far more fun this way,
besides, if we take him along maybe these dark elves will pop out of the
ground or what ever they do. It could be fun.” She said, her words not
sounding like her at all. He looked at her “Your not sounding like your
selves I am sure we can do fine on our own” he said as the store keeper
quickly handed a map to Rhys “We are here at Fargoal you have to follow
this road here” he said point at it. Rhys nodded leaving the store. She took
the map and the money from the store keeper, “Any by the way they aren‟t a
birth defect, My race all have them” she said turning her back and headed
out the door. Rhys looked at her “your not acting like your self ever since
you read my mind the dark side must have corrupted you, but don‟t take the
dark elves un seriously I have seen them before they look very similar to
your race but very light tolerant as it hurts their eyes greatly nocturnal
creatures” he told her “probly off spring from your race” She shook her
head, “Before the Republic broguth technology to Faun we had never been
off the planet. And when they did hardly any nerya left the planet. There are
races that take similar appearance wise that tend to look like other races. Just
like how you look just like a human but are not. Nor did your race come
from Humans” he shrugged “if you say so they could have been Nerya
miners left here by the republic I am just saying” he said finding the road the
Merchant told him “we could take the ship unless you wanna take long
romantic walks under the three moons here” She grunted, “Don‟t talk about
my kind like that.. it‟s bad enough we didn‟t believe in mix breeds” she said
walking ahead of him. Something was wrong with her. She didn‟t even seem
like she even knew what she was saying. He looked at her walking behind
her “what got your panties in a bunch” She stopped and turned looking at
him, “I know what I‟m doing, don‟t make me hurt you” she growled as a
hand came to her head as she swaggered slightly, “oh my head…” he
looked at her “now your threatening me” he said shaking his head “you
should slow down your emotions are out of control” She groaned leaning
against a rock on the path. “I didn‟t threaten you…” whimpered reaching in
her pocket for medication. “So many headaches” he sat beside her “yah you
did you said and I quote `I know what I am doing don‟t make me hurt you‟
the dark side is taking you over Virgo” She shook her head, “that‟s madness.
I wont let them take me.” She said putting her hand over her chest, “Good
grace protect me” she whispered as she laid her head back against the rock.
Her pain started to fade slowly. “I must fight it at all costs.” He nodded
“Well we better get moving you going to be alright?” he asked her. She
nodded reaching out and took his hand, “You have to help me fight it. I can‟t
let them control me.” She took some deep breaths like she would if she was
to meditate. He sighed “there isn‟t much ways to fight it the best way to
deal with it is to embrace it and use the emotions it gives you its why I am
still sane” She shook her head, “I wont imbrace darkness, that‟s what got us
all into this mess. I will resist… I will prevail” he looked at her “if you
don‟t embrace it, it will control you” She looked into his eyes, “Please
Rhys… I wont give into such a force.” She squeezed his hand. “The pain is
fading… I think I‟ve got myself under control now” he sighed “its how I
survived by allowing it to become one with me you have to do the same or
you will loose in the end” She shook her head, “No.. no tricks” she said
covering her hears. “it doesn‟t have hold of me. I am in control of myself.
Only I rule this body, no fear will weaken me” she cried out before climbing
to her feet. “Virgo you have to listen to me you wont change if you embrace
it” he said putting his hands on her shoulders “you have to do this not for
your self but for me” She backed away from him, “your trying to turn me.
I‟m not evil, I wont embrace it. I would wrather die” she said pulling out her
lightsaber and ignighted it, bringing it up to her own neck as she shut her
eyes. Her hands shaking as it tore through her brain. “I don‟t have a weak
mind” he looked at her “I am disappointed in you Virgo I bet Master Tyva
would be too you have to deal with what you are given not make selfish
mistakes like your trying too now” She took deep breaths before opening her
eyes, “she can‟t resist, it will only kill her” she said as her other hand
grabbed hold of the saber resisting. “I wont be taken”

“accept it Virgo it wont make you evil if you do I accepted the dark side of
the force and do you consider me evil, you have to embrace it make it part of
you” She threw her saber to the floor and got down on her knees, “Tyva help
me” She uttered grabbing her shoulders, “No… it‟s not the way, it‟s not a
part of me, it‟s not anything” She said suddenly looking and feeling relaxed
she let go of her shoulders and put her hands against the dirt. “Bless you
Tyva” she whimpered. Rhys Sighed as he watched her “you only
suppressed it for now” he told her. She uttered a soft cry, “Rhys… forgive
me. Such a burden you must live with” he nodded “its why I made it a part
of me my first two attempts to stop it almost failed like yours then I decided
to embrace it” She lifted her head using the force to pulled her ignited saber
to her and she turned it off putting it in it‟s slip. “I don‟t think this is the
same as what you deal with. It doesn‟t feel like it‟s part of my body… it
feels like a worm in my brain.” He shrugged “who knows but we better get
going its getting dark” he told her. She slowly climbed to her feet as she
staggered slightly. He let her lean on him as they continued to move on
soon he let her get a piggy back ride as he carried her while he continued
walking onward. She leaned on him as he carried her, “this darkness is
powerful…” he nodded “yah it is it‟s a heavy burden but with time you can
control it” he said the darkness coming quickly as the three moons over head
gave them the only light source. She eventually got him to put her down and
they found themselves walking side by side under the moonlight. “Rhys,
Master tyva lives in spirit… he told me not to give in… he suppressed it for
me” she said softly as she looked up at him. He nodded “well some times
old masters stay with their padawans as guides so its not unheard of as it is
something that binds their spirit to this plane” She took his hand, “I loved
my great uncle very much. When my family died he took me under his wing.
He gave me everything I ever needed, and I never got the chance to thank
him.” He nodded “Well I am glad you had that relationship with some one”
he said stopping “I think we should set up camp for the night here” She
looked at him, “We shouldn‟t stop but you‟re the senior master here so I will
comply.” He nodded gathering some wood and starting a fire as he sat down
with her beside it She meditated for about an hour before opening her eyes
with a sigh. He looked at her “is something wrong Virgo?” She looked over
at him, “Just wondering if I was destined to be part of such madness.” He
shook his head “probly not” he said wrapping an arm around her waist and
moving her under his robes with him “any thing I can do to make you feel
better just ask” She leaned up against him, laying her head on his shoulder,
her hands against his chest. “Rhys, you know I didn‟t mean anything I said
that hurt you right?” he nodded “I know baby” he said kissing her gently.
She closed her eyes returning his kiss. He held her close continuing to kiss
her gently cuddling her close to his warm body. She parted her lips taking a
breath between each kiss. He slipped his hands under her shirt fondling her
full breasts his lips still touching hers with each passing moment. She
moaned softly into his kiss laying back slightly. He gently lowered her onto
the ground pulling her shirt up as he took one of her nipples into his mouth
and began suckling upon it. She cried out softly as her nipples grew hard
from his touch, her body trembling slightly. “Rhys” she moaned as she ran
her fingers through her own hair. ` he looked up on her changing to her other
nipple suckling on it next. She bit her lip slightly as she arched her head
back and moaned softly. He slowly began to kiss down her stomache while
he watched her. She whimpered, “what are you doing” he slowly pulled her
panties off her as he spread her legs apart and let his tongue gently glide
along her sooth pussy. She turned bright red as her ears lowered in
embarrassment, letting out a soft cry as her legs twitched. His tongue gently
rubbed her more firmly his tongue tasting her sweet juices as he enjoyed it.
She arched her back and found something to grab onto as she moaned. His
tongue went wild slipping inside her tight pussy rubbing againt her inner
walls. Her eyes went wide as she twisted slightly, bitting down on her lip.
“so good” she whimpered as she uttered a deep moan, “someone could be
watching… Rhys” she said. He smiled “let them watch” he told her his
tongue continuing to pleasure her so he could listen to her pleasure filled
moans. She reached down running her fingers through his hair as she cried
out, her insides tasting sweeter then anything he had ever tasted. His tongue
moved deeper inside her his hands holding her legs spread open. She cried
out, “No wait” she cried out unable to stop the orgasm she had. He smiled
licking up her cum “very tasty have you ever tried it?” She was gasping
softly as she shook her head. He leaned up and kissed her deeply his tongue
covered in her cum rubbing against hers. She closed her eyes tasting herself
from his kiss. He smiled pulling away “see very tasty” he told her “Now I
want to take you and make love to you” She looked up at him, “not here
Rhys…” She said laying a hand on his face. “I don‟t want to be easy…” He
sighed “Alright then if that‟s what you wish I thaught it was very romantic
three full moons by a fire side” She kissed him gently, “Rhys, I always
hoped it would be more then romantic… something special in a place that
I‟ll always see, and always remember it that way.” She said looking into his
eyes. “But… I can help you” he looked back into her eyes “how can you
help me?” he asked her. She rolled him over so she laid over him moving
down past his hips while her hands slipped down his pants, pulling his hard
member from his pants. She smiled softly before following his example and
pressed her tongue up against him, while her hand fondled him. He smiled
watching her moaning gently. She lifted her head slightly as she slipped him
completely into her mouth and moved her head down slowly, and then back
up, pressing her tongue against him. He moaned more “mmm your mouth
feels so good but I bet your pussy will even feel better when I get it” She
looked up at him moving a bit fasted as she moaned slightly swirling her
tongue over him. He moaned more his cock pulsating inside her mouthas
she could taste some of his pre cum hitting her tongue as it was extremely
warm and sweet. She swallowed it and continued taking him as deep as she
could without choking, sucking on him. He moaned “mmm baby your so
good at this” he said stroking her long pink hair. She moaned deeper sucking
harder, moving her head up and down while she sliped a hand under her and
pressed her fingers against her wet pussy. He moaned more sitting up as she
sucked on his cock his hand reaching under her and fondling one of her
breasts which was hanging out of her shirt. She moaned pleasuring him
while she rubbed herself. He moaned “oh god your going to make me cum”
he said panting. She looked up at him pushing her head down so her lips
tongued the base of his member, singing him deep into her throat. He
moaned cumming hard in her mouth as she could taste his hot seemen filling
the back of her throat. She sucked it down as she slipped him out of her
mouth litting the remnaces of the cum from him and then licked off her own
fingers. He smiled “mmm that felt very good where did you learn that?” he
said smiling at her. She blushed, “from the library logs in my hand held
computer… I read it was a custom from your planet” he nodded “yah it is
Women do that for their men but you do it very very very good like you had
practice” She shook her head, “no.. this is my first try… did I really do it
that well?” she said blushing. He nodded “yah you did my sexy woman”
She crawled beside him and flopped down at his side. He hugged her fixing
his clothes as he picked up her panties and twirled them around his finger.
She smiled at him as she held tightly to him. “think I will keep this lace
thong of yours as a trophy” She blushed, “Hey I need that… unless you want
this whole planet to see my butt” he looked “it‟s a thong they can always
see your sexy butt no matter what” She reached out and grabbed them from
him. “Mine!” he smiled letting them have them “ah well I am sure they will
smell better once they soak up all your cumm then I will get them back” She
lightly punched him but not hard, “Jerk, it‟s no trophy because you haven‟t
taken me yet” she laughed. He shrugged “Still ate your pussy out close
enough” She smiled, “No it‟s not so there!” she teased. He smiled “then why
aren‟t you putting it back on yet?”

Outside the republic, in neutral space, a round space station was still in the
process of being built. The main frame of the dark force, and dozens of
laboratories filled with projects in progress. The head scientist a Lemmen
from a long since dead planet had summoned the masters to unveil a on
going project. Countless times he had tired to combine dead bodies with
cybernetic parts, and restore life to the unloving, but when he tried to revive
them they would live for moments before the nano technology backfired and
rendered the body forever usless. Down to his finaly body, he was sweeting
bullets. It was his last chance to impress the dark leaders or unmentionable
horrors would befall him for failing. He passed back and forth by the
covered tank that hid his project. A Dark robed figure moved into the room
looking at Lemmen “it better work this time Lemmen or your life is forfeit
but if it dooes work you will be rich” He nodded trembling, “up to this point
I couldn‟t figure out why the cybernetics wouldn‟t take, but I think I found a
steady metal that is strong that worked well with the technology. Are the
other masters coming?” he shook his head “they are too disappointed with
your previous failures I will be the only one here” He nodded, “Then let‟s
make it work” he said throwing some switches and pulled the drape off the
machine, a young woman inside hooked up to the machines outside. The
tank water was clean and she was completely nude. Her long dark green hair
was moving in the water, her eyes closed. Her long ears with the light blue
tips indicated she was an adult Nerya who had just hit her furtile peek upon
her death. “Shes the only Nerya who was mostly complete when I found her.
Replaced her parts, added a metal skeletal system.” He said hitting a few
buttons. He nodded “I am liking it so far now the major question is will it
work?” He looked back at the figure, “I didn‟t know what was wrong before
but I found that Nerya‟s have bodies that can adapt to anything, so her‟s took
the technology unlike the others” he said looking up at the tank as her eyes
opened and stairs out and the scientist sighed in relief. “She lives” henodded
“Well good she will be coming with me then” He nodded hitting a button to
drain the tank. “Her brain has been altered, she has no recollection of a past,
or who she even is. I thought that maybe you would do the honors in giving
her a name. I just called her 35493dj827 untill now” he nodded “Stand
Ravyn and come to your master” She was put onto her feet by the tank as the
glass opened and the scientist went in and unattached her from the tank. She
stepped out slowly sopping wet, her eyes bloodshot from the tank water.
“Her body is mostly cybernetic, so she‟ll feed of energy sources to maintain
her body. But she‟s still pretty much real. She still has internal organs that
will regenerate because of the neon technology, so if the dark lord wish to
breed her it will be possible for her to bare fully blood young. She has a
learning chip in her brain that will allow her to learn skills in half the time. It
would take a normal person. All you have to do to register her name is tell
her who she is.” He got up “so fool give the book on how to operate her or I
will loose my temper” He nodded handing over his typed up instructions.
“Here you go master” he said as she tilted her head to the side and shook the
water out of her ears. He read over the instructions and moved behind her
opening up a control panel in her back looking over the instructions he
registered her name in her data base “do you under stand your name
Ravyn?” She nodded, “Yes master” she said blinking. He smiled “good,
now Doctor where is her equipment? We had you make for her as well” He
smiled “ah yes” he said getting her the wepons he designed, “This is a sythe
saber, it creates a sythe energy blade, she‟ll learn to use it quickly. I also
made her special computer guntlets.” He said handing them to the hooded
figure before slipping a robe over ravyn. Don‟t need you catching a cold
Ravyn.” He said as she nodded at him, “thank you?” she asked and nodded
back, “that‟s right” “Ravyn I programmed in the name of your master me,
now I want you to follow my orders please kill the good doctor” She turned
towards the docter as he backed up against a machine, “But you.. you said I
could live if I was successful” he said shaking. Ravyn started to approach
him slowly as he cowered. He shook his head “no I only said I would never
kill you I never said your creation wont do it fool plus we made records of
every thing you did so you are no longer useful to us you grew to cocky and
your failures annoyed us so instead of money you will receive a quick death”

He put up his arms in defence as Ravyn threw her hand out pluging it deep
into his chest cavity. He screamed in pain and horror as she pulled her arm
back ripping his heart from his chest, his convulsing body slid to the floor
where he died, bleeding all over the floor. Ravyn turned to face her master.
“Here is his heart master” he nodded “throw it a way Ravyn we will be
going to my ship where you will don some proper assassin type clothing so
gather your scythe and lets go” She nodded “yes master” She said turning
and stuffing the heart into the mouth of its owner before picking up her
things and followed him to his ship. His ship was huge and very
comfortable looking “now lets find you something to wear use the replicator
and pick out something sexy revealing but comfortable for fighting” he said.
She went through dozens of outfits before picking something in black that
was suitable. When they where made she dressed herself then revealed
herself to him, “does this suit your wishes master?” he nodded “very good
my Assassin now lets get you comfortable do you need any thing?” She
tilted her head, “master please give Ravyn emotion downloads? And new
vocabulary downloads?” he looked through the disks “Come with me then”
he said booting the program up on the computer he stripped her upper body
and hooked her up to the machine “alright start processing” he said
squeezing her boob to see how real she felt. Her body was controlled by
heating sensors inside her so she was warm to the touch, the docter having
given her quite the rack. She stood there looking directly forward while he
touched her. He leaned in and licked her nipple hi long brown hair falling
out from under his hood. Once the download was complete she took a few
moments to process the downloads. He stepped back removing his robes he
looked young for even a Sith icy blue eyes long brown hair wearing black
and grey clothing his muscular arms crossed over his chest. She blinked
when they where complete ad she unplugged herself vanity kicking in she
fixed her clothes and turned to face him. “You look handsome master” he
nodded “Well thank you ravyn you look sexy your self” She smiled for the
first time. “So are you going to tell me why I am here?” he nodded “you are
my personal body guard and assassin you are to serve me and any need I
may have” She nodded, “Yes sir. I do how ever seem to have no memory
before I woke up, perhaps you could inform me” he nodded “yes my servant
you were wounded in battle near death I took you to see the good doctor so
he could save your life he tried turning on us so I had you kill him” She
approached him, “You and I knew each other before?” she asked looking up
at him. “If you‟re the one who needs protection then how come I am the
servant?” he looked at her as he used the force to grab her by the neck and
lift her off the ground even her android body could feel the pain he was
giving her “because I like taking precautions” She gasped struggling, “your
hurting me” she choked. He let her gently down to the ground “now don‟t
question me again I reward faithfulness but disapline bad behavour”she
rubbed her neck after looking up at him with a sorry look. “I am still
understanding speech tone, I did not mean for it to sound fresh” he nodded
“good least you have learned something from this any thing else you would
like to know” She nodded, “Yes… was my brain damaged. I have no
memories of you my master. Or of anyone.” He nodded walking around her
“that‟s too bad because we are very close lovers” he said with a smile letting
his finger trail down her figure “its why I would not let you die as I have a
special place for you” She watched him circle her like a vulture. “Lovers…
my information gives me little definition of the word. Ut I rust you would
not lie to me” he nodded “let me see … Computer define word of lovers for
Rayvn on screen” he said as it typed up the data for her. She read it quickly,
“Two people whoms feelings are stronger for each other then friends… Is
this what you wish of me?” he nodded “yes I want us to continue the
relationship we had before your accident” She smiled at him, “Yes master…
so then may I call you by your first name instead of refuring you to master? I
feel terrible I can‟t remember us” he nodded “yes you may call me by my
first name” he said. She smiled “Wonderful!!!… um… what is your first
name again?” he looked at her “I did program it into your Data base but my
Name is Dale Ravyn does that stir the heat in your blood like it once did
every time you said my name you would pant with need” She blushed
slightly knowing what he spoke of was in her data. “Forgive me, new
information confuses me” he nodded “well alright do you need to compile
the data further you can sleep in our bed if you wish so the data finishes”
She nodded, “Show me around Dale.. maybe I‟ll remember something”he
nodded first taking her to the holo deck “here we used to make love on the
beaches of your planet recreated of course since an unfortunate accident
destroyed your planet” She turned toward him, “was this the reason I needed
the doctor?” she asked. “And I can‟t seem to remember my race, a download
of my races history or anatomy would be helpful.” He nodded “I will see
what we do when we go to the next Space station” he told her taking her to
the armory next then to the kitchen bath room cockpit and ending in the bed
room” the bed room we spent many a passion filled night here” She blushed
again, “I so wish I could remember… but I can‟t.” he nodded “its alright
the doctor said you probly would never remember, and unfortunately we will
have to replicate all new clothes for you since your old ones were destroyed
in my last ships destruction” She walked into the room and looked around,
“So I‟ll never remember our love… how am I supposed to feel love for you,
when I don‟t even know if I did at all” she said touching the sheets on the
bed. “that docter removed parts of my brain.” He nodded “I am sure it will
come back to you even if we have to try our hardest” She sat down hoping to
get a memory or a feeling from anything. In the end she sighed softly, “I‟ll
need time to pick up the life I have lost.” He sighed “Well is there any thing
I can do for you” he said sitting down beside her wrapping an arm around
her. She looked up at him, “nothing seems familure. I don‟t even feel evil
but I suppose if I am your servant I must have wanted the same as you and
the others” he nodded gently kissing along your neck “you always wanted
what I wanted but we aren‟t exactly evil” She folded her hands in her lap, “I
rpped a mans heart out and then shoved it down his throat… and I am not
evil? You asked me to kill and I did.” He nodded “well I suppose we are
evil then if you say it like that” he sighed “well any thing else you wanna
learn or do since you don‟t seem happy with me” She turned towards him
and looked into his eyes.” Well I suppose I could do more for you in you
wished it. But you would have to tell me what to do” She said looking at
him. “I am at your beck at call.” He nodded “disrobe then” She stood up
and looked at him. “Why so you wish it?” She asked. He looked at her
“because I was hoping we could lay in one anothers arms and possibly make
love to one another” She nodded, “As you wish she said her hands opening
her outfit and letting it fall to the floor. She stood before him in barely
anything at all. He got up and too off his clothing as well crawling into the
bed waiting for her to join him. She climbed onto the bed and slipped under
the covers. “Is my body still has beautiful?” he nodded “yes it is” he told
her wrapping his arms around her and kissing her deeply. She returned his
kiss, following what he wanted of her. She looked up at him after a moment,
“Did we ever have any children?” he shook his head “you wanted to have
children but we never got around to it luckily the doctor managed to be able
to let you still have them if you wanted” She gazed into his bright blue eyes,
“what do you want?” he looked back into her eyes “what ever will make
you happy because that‟s all I want” She smiled slipping her arms around his
shoulders. “and I think I‟m going to be very happy here with you” h e smiled
“well I am glad you are thinking that way” he said rolling over top of her
and kissing along her neck. She laid her head back letting out a soft moan
her ears twitching slightly the blue tip brushing his forehead. He kissed his
way down along her breast licking her nipple gently before suckling on it
letting his body gently grind up against hers. She uttered a cry of pleasure,
“show me how we used to love” she cried out. He smiled reaching down
and slipping her panties off and tossing them aside he laid on his back and
moved her ass over his face letting his tongue rub against her bare pussy.
She moaned learning quickly she took hold of his hard member and pushed
it into her mouth. He moaned against her letting his tongue pleasure her
pussy tasting her sweet juices as she sucked on his hard member. She
moaned louder moving her head and using her tongue wildly. He moaned as
well as she caused him to cum in her mouth. She dark it down knowing she
had a stomach to do all the normal things a person could do, slipping him
out of her mouth she got a tiny bit of his cum on her chin. His tongue went
wild inside her pussy wanting her to cum. She cried out as she cumed
slightly on his face. He licked up her cum “so what do you think so far?” he
asked her. She was gasping softly, “so good” he grinned “and that‟s just
fore play” he said moving her onto her hands and knees as he rubbed the
head of his hard cock up against her dripping wet pussy. She whimpered as
she looked back at him over her shoulder. He slowly forced his huge cock
into her tight little pussy feeling her insides stretch greatly to take it inside
her. She bit her lip, “It hurts” she uttered as her chest lowered to the sheets.
He held onto her hips “you just have to get used to it again your like a virgin
again” he said slowly thrusting back and forth inside her. She grunted and
moaned at the same time, her hands grabbing the sheets. He moaned more
thrusting harder and faster “ah baby your pussy is just as good as I
remembered even better you havn‟t been this tight for years” She cried out
as her honey thick cum coated him her body moving with his. “Im trying so
hard to remember.” He moaned more fucking her pussy hard bent over her
his hands fondling her large breasts. She moaned as her cheeks turned red,
noticing a mirror across the room, and it made her blush. He smiled “don‟t
be embrased you‟re a very sexy woman” he said noticing it while he kept
pumping in and out of her. She moaned louder her insides clenching him
hard, turning her head her lips found his. He kissed her deeply his cock
cumming hard inside her. She cried out in their kiss as her body shook. He
smiled feeling her orgasm as he cummed inside her his arms holding her
close while his lips continued to kiss hers. She felt his hot cum burst out of
her being so filled as it dropped onto the sheets and slid down her innter
thighs. It felt so hot and good she was panting just like he said she would.
He smiled rubbing her back side “so do you see one of the reasons why you
love me?” he asked her. She nodded quickly and went limp against the bed.
“Yes m‟love” he slowly pulled out of her laying down beside her cuddling
up with her “good because we always did that some times 3 or 4 times a
day” She looked shocked, “So much?” She asked. He nodded “its how we
mostly expressed our love for one another baby, you never seemed to mind
when I used to bend you over the table and fuck your pussy raw before” She
blushed looking at him, “Am I fertile?” he nodded “you told me that when
the tips of your ears are blue your fertile” she turned looking across the room
into the mirror, “they are blue. Wow… that‟s what I look like?” he nodded
“yes your very sexy exceptionally so for one of your race” he told her
kissing her cheek, “I am sure when we have a little girl she will look exactly
like you”
She smiled curling up against him, “You want us to have a little girl?” she
asked. He nodded “yes I Would like that wouldn‟t you, we could teach her
so much together” She nodded, “We could” she said curling up against him.

Rhys woke up in the morning as he shook Virgo awake and soon they were
on their way towards the castle once more. Around noon they came across a
homestead that had a view of the castle off in the distance, a farmer looked
at them as his wife looked up from feeding the chickens. Rhys waved at
them “hi we are travelers and we have come a long way and we were
wondering if you could put us up for the night and tell us about the castle.
The farmer smiled, “Well sir!” he said missing teeth. His wife was over
weight and had hay in her hair, neither looking any older then 26 or so. “Im
Emma jean and this here is normen” he nodded “well I am Rhys and this is
Virgo” Normen looked at them. “them be some pretty strange names, you
elf” he said pointing his pitchfork as Virgo. She looked at it was it was
literally flung from his hand by the force. “No I am not, and it‟s not nice to
point sharp objects at people.” She said as he looked back at it, “Whoa
Emma jean did you see what god just did to us!” Rhys looked at them “Well
any thing you can do for us?” Emma nodded, “yeah sure I got some great
chit on the pot” she said opening the door to their home. Normen smiled,
“my emma has the best cooking for 20 miles” he said. Virgo looked at him,
“Is it 20 miles to the village?” He nodded” Sure is!” She looked at the castle,
“is it 20 miles to the castle?” He nodded “Sure is!” Virgo looked over at
Rhys. He shrugged “Well then that would be good” He went inside and
virgo followed them in. “Ugh what smells like a rotting animal” she said
plugging her nose, as she looked around. Emma smiled “you two couple? I
can‟t have ya sleepin in the same bed if ya aint married, or the demons of the
underworld will rise up and we will burn in eternal flame.” Rhys nodded
“don‟t worry we been married for 2 years now so its safe” he told him.
Virgo looked back at him as Emma smiled, “Well aint that nice!! Nomren
and me been married for 13 years” Rhys smiled and nodded “Well
congradulations” Virgo signaled crazy before smiling at them. “I gots a
bedroom back here yall can sleep in, there is a barrel out back to wash in”
she gasped at the sight of Rhys‟ mechanical hand. “Blessid be what is that!!
You gots metal coming out of your arm!” he looked at that “oh that its just a
metal gauntlet I am a warrior after all had a bad encounter with the dark
elves they took a lot of flesh off my arm so I had this gauntlet made and my
flesh grew right back over top of it” She put her hand over her head, “oh
goodness you gave me a start” She said “You go git settled and I‟ll get some
food on the table for yall.” She said as Virgo nodded, “Thanks” she said
going into the room. Rhys went into the room behind her closing the door.
She sighed, “This is going to drive me nuts” she said poking the bed hearing
it rattle as mice scurried out from the hay mattress. “Lovely” she said dryly.
He looked at her “you‟re the one who told me to go talk to one of the locals
for information and a place to rest and eat”

“I meant this planet.” She said sitting on the bed. “Yay itchy” she grumbled.
“Married for two years?” he shrugged “Should I have said 5?” he asked her.
She gasped, “I don‟t look that old you jerk!” he looked at her “they
wouldn‟t have noticed they been married since they were 13” he said. She
sighed, “tomarrow is my 18th birthday and I‟m going to spend it in the stone
age” he shrugged “I could at least try and make it a birth day you will never
forget you know but we are almost to the castle after we do what we will do
there we will call scoprio to pick us up in the ship then we will have a
romantic candle lit dinner for two” She smiled “Really?” She asked looking
up at him. He nodded “yah really then a nice midnight stroll along a beach
and make love under the stars” She smirked, “Are you trying to sex me up
on my birthday?” she chuckled. He nodded “yah I am” She smiled, “it might
have worked” she said as Emma burst into the room, “Grubs on come sit”
She said as Virgo got up. “your so mean” he told her going out to eat
dinner. She followed him out as she sad down looking at a bowl of
gelatiness mess. It had flakes of color in it and smelled like roasted foot.
“So.. what is this?” She asked poking It with her spoon. “Oh that‟s chit, it‟s
good” she said as normal started eating his “puts hair on ya chest” he smiled.
Virgo looked at Emma, “do you have any vegetables? Im pregnant” She said
as Emma gasped “Oh my why didn‟t you say so, you can‟t eat this if you got
a little jibber on the way” she said scraping Virgo‟s bowl into Rhys. “Eat up
rhys, it will keep yer baby healthy.” She said cutting Virgo some apples and
carrots and getting her a warm glass of fresh milk, “here ya go dear” She
smiled. Virgo shot a smirk at Rhys, “Yes Rhys you need to eat up so you can
help me keep the baby healthy” he shrugged eating up not seeming to mind
at all as he luckily burnt out a lot of his taste buds along time ago so almost
every thing tasted like cardboard to him any ways. She munched on her fruit
and veggies happily, since she didn‟t have to eat slime. Emma brought out a
big chocolate cake, “Want some chocolate cake?” She asked cutting a slice
for Normen as she licked her fingers and then wiped her nose with her hands
before grabing another slice of cake to give them. “No thanks” Virgo said
feeling sick. He looked at her “no Chocolate doesn‟t agree with me I am
chocolate intolerant”

Emma made a sad face, “Awe alright.” She said as Virgo looked at her, “So
what‟s this castle all about?” She asked. Rhys nodded As Norman started o
talk “the castle was made by Lord Fladain And the heading for their so
called mining operation” Virgo looked at Rhys then back at Normen, “what
do you mean minning operation?” he shrugged “he takes ore from the
ground smelts it and sends it some where” She looked at Rhys, “I can take a
wild guess that it‟s not Ore.. it‟s silvia” she said. “Is Lord Fladain‟s first
name biver?” he shrugged “every one knows him as Lord Fladain he never
used a first name with us” Norman told her. She grumbled, “I bet it‟s a fake,
Biver wouldn‟t mine a protected planet” Rhys nodded “well we better get to
bed since we have to wake up early tomorrow” She nodded, “thanks for
dinner Emma, Norman” she said as emma patted Virgo‟s stomach “night
little one” she said as virgo shot a smile at her before going into the
bedroom. Rhys and virgo went to the bed room as Rhys closed the door
behind them. She sat down on the bed and looked up at him, “How was the
food, daddy” he shrugged “I burnt my taste buds off when I saw what we
were having good thing they can regenerate” She smiled leaning back, “Well
I enjoyed my dinner” he nodded “and the baby did as well?” She nodded,
“Oh yes” she grinned, “She used the small mirror on the night stand to look
at her ears, “still purple, still unable” he looked at her “we would have to
have sex for you to have to be pregnant any how, now rest up when they go
to bed we are leaving” She smiled, “Oh calm down Rhys, besides we‟d have
to have wedding rings to be married” he looked at her “you sure you want
to marry a man who got a 17 year old girl pregnant” She smiled, “sure if
he‟s the father of my baby” he nodded “well alright then” he said taking a
silver ring off his cybernetic hand and putting it on her left ring finger “with
the power pronounced in me I pronouce us man and wife” She smiled, “You
do know it‟s just pretend” she said looking into his eyes. A higher master
would have to marry us if it was going to be real.” She said. He nodded
“well not like any high masters are around so isn‟t it better to pretend” he
said looking into her eyes holding her hand in his. She smiled leaning
forward and kissed him. “For now” she said stroking his cheek.” He kissed
her back as he playfully grabbed her ass. She gasped jumping back onto the
bed curling up in the blankets. “I still like the ring though” he nodded “well
good then you make sure you always wear it or may a ravishingly handsome
man name rhys rob you of your virginity” She laughed hitting him with her
pillow, “You have such an ego!” he smiled “Well I learned it from the
woman with the biggest ego I know” he said hitting her back with another
pillow. She laughed smiling at him, “Rhys” she said sitting on her knees,
“Did you give me this ring because you really want to marry me? Or
because we need it to pretend to be” he looked up at her “because I really
want to marry you” She crawled to his side taking his arm. “Then ask me

“irgo will you take me Rhys to be your husband in the future?” She nodded
slipping her arms around his shoulders, “Oh I do” she said kissing him
deeply. He smiled kissing her back deeply his arms wrapped around her
waist. He giggled softly, “your race is very passionate arn‟t they? Im curious
to know what a mix blood would be like. He shrugged “a pointy eared
Ryuujin who never knew what temperature their body was at” he shurged
“we could also adopt if you ever wanted to have kids before you were fertile
a lot of orphans out there” she nodded, “I know so much has been
happening. Its not really a matter of us being fertile its more along the lines
of having a safe successful pregnancy. It is possible to give birth before,
there are just high risks such as death at birth, or death to mother. Low
weight, premature, deformities, and others. I don‟t know what would happen
if It was mixed blood.” He shrugged “me either that‟s why I suggested
Adoption until we know you are ready” she nodded, “we‟ll see” she said
kissing him gently, “For now we have 3 children on the ship to worry
about.” He kissed her back gently “I know baby but they will be going to
some one else” She nodded, “But we are responsible for them right now”
she said laying over top him. He looked at her “actually Scoprio is since we
are no where near them now” he told her wrapping his arms around her
waist pullng her skirt up and playing with her thong. She smiled, “Scorpio
isn‟t who they wanted to retrive them… by rights hes not even supposed to
be travelin with me.” He shrugged “ah well Jedi council shouldn‟t interfere
with what masters in the field think is best” She nodded laying her head
against him, “I‟ve never been so excited to be alive before… I have so much
to look forward to” he ran his fingers through her pink hair “Well I am
happy you feel that way” She looked down at him, “Rhys.. I can‟t help but
feel like there is something evil that has been brewed. It‟s a feeling I can‟t

 He shrugged “I wouldn‟t doubt that at all Virgo we just have to go with the
flow and figure out whats happening” She nodded slowly, “But this evil
feels far greater then I‟ve ever felt before… I feel a new Sith Lord has come
to power.” He nodded “it is possible there are so many out there Virgo” She
sighed laying over top him, her fingers fiddling with his hair. He smiled
watching her “any thing else on your mind baby?” She looked into his eyes,
“Rhys… I so wish we where on the ship right now…” he looked back into
her eyes “you could comm. Scorpio to come pick us up you know you‟re the
one with the communicator not me” She nodded, “I know… but this is best
for us right now… I suppose… never mind…” he looked at her “no what
you can tell me Virgo” She smiled, “Would have given myself to you” he
looked at her “now your just teasing me” he said giving her a disappointed
look. She shook her head, “No I mean it” he sighed “you said would have
means your not now” She sat up on him, “if we where on the ship I would”
he nodded letting her sit up “Well guess it will have to wait then wont it”
She nodded, “but when we do get back to the ship.” She blushed. He looked
at her “well when ever your ready” She nodded, “Are upset with me now”
he shrugged “not really I wouldn‟t wanna do it here if I was you either” She
smiled, “good, I didn‟t want to be on some god forsaking midevil world.”
He got up “Well We wasted enough time here” he said hearing the others go
to bed “time to get moving I want to sneak into the castle” She fell off him
when he got up, rolling onto the mattress. He fixed up his robes looking
down at her “why you fooling around” She sat up, “you just got up, and I
was sitting on you. You could have at leasted asked me to get off” he looked
at her “well you can get off later” She smirked, “knock that off you” she said
climbing to her feet. He opened the window and slipped outside. She
climbed out the window after him, “Are we to catch them off guard?” he
nodded “why else would we leave at night other then me looking at your ass
while you crawled out through a window when we could have used the
door” She punched him in the shoulder, “your such a pervert now” he
looked at her “oh you know you like it” he said traveling down the road
ahead of her. She ran a bit to catch up with him, “So why did you want to be
a jedi?” he shrugged “I figured why not show up that useless brother of
mine who is a senator” She looked at him, “but your brother is dead” he
looked at her “no I just like saying he is he changed his name really I
recently found that out” She looked a]up at him “Why do you lie about such

 He shrugged “I just don‟t like him really” Sh looked at him, “What
happened between you?” he looked at her “long story but short version we
both faught each other for our fathers favor and I won he never liked it so he
changed his name and disappeared before mom and dad got killed” She
sighed softly, “I wonder what he‟s gotten himself into now… and your
sister?” he shrugged “don‟t know what happened to her but my Brother is
Senator Sabrehaven” She looked up at him, “It is said that his home caught
fire from a crash and he parished in the blaze” he looked at her “I seriously
doubt that he has been seen serving the senate lately” She shook her head,
“they think he‟s dead Rhys… killed last month in a fire. The found remains
but not enough to get a DNA sample from.” He laughed “virgo he is a fire
element Fire wont kill him” She looked at him before grabbing his hand,
“the senant doesn‟t ask ryuujinn what elements they are rhys. If he is as you
say then he is alive, and running from his job. A coward.” He shrugged “no
he isn‟t a coward some one is trying to kill him he will come back he is
assessting the situation he is not a person to cross either who ever did try to
kill him that way will get worse in return” She looked into his eyes, “And
the force… what of it does he understand?” he shrugged “last time I saw
him nothing he was denied training by the Jedi council due to his unstable
nature” She let out a sight of relief. “Good.. it makes me wonder what he‟s
up to… faking ones death is not honorable.” He looked at her “he is the
least honorable Ryuujin you will ever meet” She looked at him, “At least the
dark side wont want him. No use for a man who knows not to use the force”
she said turning back towards the road. He nodded not mentioning that he
had the ability to use it just didn‟t know how to use it to his knowledge. She
kept walking, “We don‟t need anymore enemies to deal with anyway. At
least then maybe we stand the slightest chance in crushing this force before
it gets any bigger.” He looked at her “We do have one thing going for us” he
said with a smile “they don‟t know we are here” he said seeing the castle in
the distance. She looked at him, “If this has anything to do with them.” He
shrugged “who knows we are about to find out though” She nodded taking
his hand, “ We will see, let‟s try not to think os unplesinties” he nodded as
he force jumped over the castle wall knocking out one of the guards
whistling for her to jump over seeing the coast was clear. She used the
forced to jump up after him having her sabers ready in hand just in case. She
looked around, “We‟ll encounter more I‟m sure” he reached down pulling
up a beam rifle from the guard “well they are well armed here” he told her.
She looked at him, “Don‟t worry about their weapons they are irrelivent.
Besides it‟s no longer our consurn about protecting the people from outer
world knowledge.” He looked at her “actually I was saving it to use it never
know when we might need it” he told her putting the strap over his shoulder.
She smiled, “don‟t make me laugh Rhys Xanthus” she said. “If that is your
real name” she said heading towards the castle. He nodded “yah it is you are
the one who did the background check on me” She looked back at him,
“Actually being part of your mind told me a lot. Even how you used to look
at dirty pictures when you where 10” he looked at her “I still look at dirty
pictures” She smiled, “Or how your mum walked in on you playing with
your cute little…” she grinned heading towards the castle again. He shook
his head walking in through the main gate of the castle. She looked around,
“Made of stone… it‟s like living in a cave.” He looked at her “stone was
used as homes on many planets you should vist the wookie home world they
live in trees” he said entering the throne room. She smiled, “Been there
many of times” she said looking around. “huh I expected more where could
the king of the castle be” She smiled, “Where any man would be at this
hour.” “bed?” he said ggoing up the stairs in the throne room into the level
where the king would sleep. She was right behind him the whole time as she
looked at the doors before using the force to open them silently. He walked
in seeing a man in bed Rhys walked over to him and took the beam gun out
and placed it against his temple. “this is not Filgard” He woke at the sound
of Rhys speaking. He pressed the gun against the mans head “who are you”
He gasped, “Nollen Valtar…” he looked at him “who you selling the ore
too” He looked frightened, “What ore? I have been giving big rocks to a man
named Dale.” Rhys nodded “thank you but you have broken Republic law
you know what the penalty for illegal mining on a protected planet is” He
looked at them, “What is the republic…” he said seemingly confused. He
looked at him “well these are new orders to stop all mining” He blinked, “I
don‟t understand, I‟m just selling dirt, we don‟t mine honost” he said
holding tightly to his sheets. “said he just wanted it to fill some water
mass… and since we weren‟t using the land.” Rhys looked at him strange
“this place is full of Silvia” he looked from Rhys to Virgo, “What‟s Silvia I
really don‟t know what your talking about.” Rhys sighed “just stop selling
what ever your selling to Dale please” He shuttered, “it‟s just dirty… my
people are poor” he said as Virgo heard gaurds rush in behind them pointing
their swords at them, “Drop your weapons or we‟ll kill you” one said as
virgo turned ignighting one of her sabers and swished it across his sword, as
it was cut cleanly in half with no effort, “Want to refrase that?” Rhys put
down the beam rifle and unsheathed both of his igniting them. “you got
plenty this world can offer not just dirty so stop selling it to him” He
nodded, “sure what ever you want” he said terrorfied of these lazer like
weapons. The gaurds backing up quickly. “if we find out your still doing it
we will come back and chop off your lower extremidies and feed them to
you, Virgo call the ship tell him to meet us on the roof” Rhys said swinging
the light saber back and forth clearing the way to the stairs up to the roof.
She was right behind him, “Who‟s this dale guy.. it must be black market”
he shook his head “unfortunately no” he told her getting up to the roof as he
watched the stairs for any one else coming up. She got out her
communicator, “Scorpio wake the fuck up, lock in on my comunicater and
get us, or we‟ll end up killing people.” Rhys sighed “hopefully he will get
here soon” She nodded seeing a redlight way off in the distance, “there he
is…” She said. He nodded as the ship stopped above them and they boarded
it taking off before the guards got up onto the roof. The ship took off so fast
her and rhys slid into the wall. Rhys caught her in his arms “Well least he is
getting us out of here quickly” She looked up at him nodding as she felt the
ship even out. He helped her up to her feet “lets go get some fresh clothes
and cleaned up” She nodded, “Scoprio take us into republic space, we‟ll
drop off the padawans and then head for neutral territory.” He went up to
the holodeck. She followed him and sighed rubbing the back of her neck,
“ugh whiplash” he nodded “it happens a sonic shower should lep you if not
I will give you a massage” She nodded, “Alright alright” she said walking
into the washroom. He got into the ashroom taking off his heavy clothes.

She slipped her shirt off and stepped out of her skirt. He started the sonic
shower and got in. She slipped in behind him, “So there is some guy named
Dale trying to mine Silvia” he nodded “yah there is” he told her moving
behind her and rubbing her neck for her. She moaned slightly leaned against
the wall. “We should find out who this Dale guy is” he rubbed her neck
down to her shoulders “no need for that lets not worry about him right now”
She nodded, “enough though it rattles my brain” he nodded rubbing her
back gently next. She had her chest pressed against the wall. He hand
reached down between her legs rubbing her pussy. She cried out softly
looking back at him over her shoulder. He slid one of his fingers into her
moving it back and forth. She moaned as she blushed, “So soon?” he
shrugged “Why you don‟t want me to?” he said leaning in and licking her
long ear lobe. She stood upright and turned torwards him, “it would be
painful here” he nodded turning off the shower and getting out picking her
up into his arms and carrying her out into the bed room and laying her out
onto the bed. She blushed looking up at him, “It‟s going to be painful
anyway isn‟t it” he nodded “yah it is your not broken in” he said as he
showed her his huge hard cock “its going to stretch and tear you open since
its so big” She whimpered slightly as she looked up at him. He spread her
legs rubbing the head of it against her soft flesh “just don‟t think of it” She
cried out slightly, “not so fast Rhys” she said taking hold of his shoulders.
He forced it into her tight pussy. She bit her lip, “Rhys it hurts…” she said
her legs trembling. He slowly thrusted back and forth inside her “Well it
wont hurt after the first time baby” She arched her back As she grabbed onto
her bed sheets pulling on them, “Im bleeding” she gasped tears filling her
eyes. He slowly continued moving over top of her enjoying how tight her
pussy was around him. It was so tight it felt amazing. She cried out, “It‟s to
big” he moaned “something your going to have to get used to” he told her
holding her close as he continued to thrust into her. She looked up at him her
cheeks streaked in tears of pain. “How did I ever let you talk me into this”
he looked down at her “because you love me” he told her kissing her gently
while he continued to do her. She whimpered feeling sick to her stomach as
she laid back trying to relax, letting her insides give way to him. He moaned
gently continued to thrust back and forth inside her. She uttered a soft moan
as her body rocked with him. He continued to move “see baby you can feel
pleasure from this too” She looked up at him, “it took long enough” she
whimpered. He moaned “well better late then never” he told her kissing her
softly. She closed her eyes returning his kiss, loosening her grip on the
sheets and put them around his shoulders. His body continued to rub up
against hers his cock deep inside her. She lifted her legs slightly, her ears
lowered in pleasure as she cried out quietly. He moaned cumming inside
her. Her insides clenched him tightly as she arched her back letting out a
howl as she orgasmed with him. He smiled kissing her neck as he knew she
was in pleasure. She gasped softly breathing a bit heavy. “It‟sso hot.. it feels
like im on fire.” He nodded “my cum would make you feel that way” he
said kissing her gently. She kissed him back, “Is it because.. of your
element” she moaned he nodded “yah it is” he told her. She quivered slightly
laying her head back. He slowly pulled out of her and laid beside her on the
bed. She sat up and groaned, “you didn‟t lie about taring me open” she said,
“computer change bed sheets” she said getting up and went into her
washroom. He got up and went in behind her “you alright?” She was
cleaning herself off, “I was bleeding” He nodded “okay nothing serious
right?” She nodded, “No.. but it‟s on you too.” He nodded getting a cloth
and cleaning himself off. She sighed walking back into the bedroom seeing
the sheets changed and climbed back onto her bed laying down on her side.
He went over and laid down with her running his fingers through her hair
“whats wrong Virgo?” She shrugged, “I don‟t know, I suppose I thought
there would be more foreplay” she said. He sighed “well there will be more
next time you said not in the shower” She rolled over looking at him, “Well
I thought it would resume here” she said softly curling up in his arms. “But
im happy none the less.” He cuddled up with her “Well I didn‟t want you to
get scared and tell me no again so I thought I should just speed up the
process” She looked into his eyes, “I had given you my word” she smiled.
He looked back into her eyes “I know but you were still scared” She nodded,
“Of being hurt, afraid of loosing you. And I know in my heart I‟m not
supposed to be afraid of loosing someone. But it was never aloud for us to
love before. We where like fighting priests, giving our lives to only the force
and it‟s ways.” He nodded “I know Virgo but you wont loose me and we are
more like renegade Jedi‟s” She smiled slightly, “At least I have Yoda‟s
permission to be. He told me to do what I must at all costs.” He nodded
“Well I am supposed to be dead so I am allowed to be a renegade Jedi as
well” She shook her head, “Yoda knows your alive, I know he does. He‟ll
want to see you when we arrive. When I thought you where gone, I was
ready to die to kill the one who took you.” He nodded running his fingers
through her hair “I know baby just relax you got me back and we are more
then what we were” She nodded, “But did you love me before you came in
touch with your emotions? To proud to say it to me?” she asked. He nodded
“just like you I used to check you out with out even knowing it” She
blushed, “I was still very ignorant… I never really experanced people I cared
about dying… not in front of me at least.” He nodded “I knew you liked me
because you were very nervous around me even throwing your panties
around me” She blushed slightly, “Well I was. I know.. that now it‟s legal
for jedi‟s to wed but I never actually gave the details on the agreement.” He
nodded “well that‟s alright Hun” She sighed, “Doing so would mean having
to leave the Jedi, giving up your place. Why so many have been doing it
secret. Just like how Jedi aren‟t supposed to have sex, or children” she
looked away. He nodded “Well just don‟t go bragging to your friends about
how you had sex with me” She looked at him, “I wouldn‟t even tell my own
brother… But… I don‟t want to give up this life.. we can keep it secret” he
shrugged “I suppose so that‟s what renegades do we break the rules” She
shook her head, “No… I was granted permission to bend rules by Master
Yoda, he knows following the code directly would mean a lot of trouble for
us, or even war among innocent people.” He shrugged “if you say so, me I
doubt we will ever follow the code again” she sat up slightly and looked
down at him. “I don‟t believe I could give into hate or anger ever again. I
wanted so hard to be a perfect Jedi…” he shook his head “I learned lately
that there is no such thing as the perfect Jedi every one has their flaws you
can‟t be a emotionless druid” She nodded, “I know.. it wasn‟t until after you
where gone did I realize that. In the months you where gone I spent much
time with master Yoda, he told me to do what I need to, even if it wasn‟t the
way of the Jedi. Or it could mean the end. He told me not to worry, or no
that worrying was as effective as trying to solve riddles with your toes.” He
nodded “well alright then Yoda never did make much sense to me” She
smiled, “He makes perfect sence, his advice is very powerful. Though each
must be careful with whoms advice we by yet be pacient with those who
supply it. Yoda speaks in puzzle.” He nodded “well your making my head
hurt maybe we should get some sleep” She smiled laying back down beside
him, “Well you weren‟t one of the more educated Jedi” she teased. He
looked at her “to be honest I slept through a lot of yodas lectures I learned
how to dry eye balls on my eye lids” She giggled softly, “I wonder why
Yoda didn‟t take me as his prized pupil” she said sticking her tongue out at
him. He licked the bottom of her tongue “because I was a prized warrior not
an intellect” She smiled, “Master Yoda was very impressed with the amount
of knowledge I learned while being taught the art of fighting. Though a
master not a member of council. Though I don‟t think I‟d make a good
council member” he shrugged “council is boring so don‟t worry about it I sat
on council for all of one day and I wanted to take a light saber to the side of
my head” She smiled, “I had one in my mouth once… but lets not talk about
that” he looked at her strangly “practicing giving head?” She shook her
head, “Contemplating suicide” he nodded “ah well don‟t” She nodded, “I
have plenty to live for. I see that. It just felt like I had lost everything. I was
so tired of giving when nothing gave me a break… nothing to love without
being taken” he nodded Hugging her. She snuggled against him, “I am just
so glad to have you. I think once we get some sleep we‟ll find ourselves on
the surface when we wake.” He nodded “well alright wake me when we get
there” he said closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep. She closed her eyes
soon and found herself fast asleep beside him. She woke to the sound of
Scorpio‟s voice, “Virgo, wake up damn it we are here… and the council is
demanding to see you” She groaned sitting up. Rhys got up and got some
fresh clothes on “guess I got a meating with Kead to show up to” he told her
putting his light sabers on his belt. She got up and dressed, “He‟ll be in the
council, stay hidden in his chambers, I‟ll lead the others away after the
meeting” she said strapping on at her hip. He left the ship hiding his
appearance and using stealth he hid himself away in Keads chamber with out
any one noticing. Virgo stepped into the councils room seeing them sitting
there as she stepped into the circle. “The padawans are safe, and in the
building… But I‟m afraid 3 jedi are dead” She said as Yoda looked at her. “I
sence a troubled mind” he said as she nodded, “The protected planet I was
one, check my records, was minning Silvia for a man named Dale. I‟ve
learned there is a Dark force at work, a group called the Sith…” she said as
Yoda nodded, “A long since dead group that used to rule the universe by
using the Dark side of the Force.” She nodded, “I‟ve incountered a Sith
apprentice but I defeated him. I think this Dale person is a Sith Lord.” She
“How can you be sure.” One asked. “Because I sucked all info I could out of
the mind of the apprentice I have learned much.” She said. Yoda nodded, “I
will talk to the council about this information” He said as she nodded,
“Permission to speak with Master kead privately while you speak? I have
information for him on the death of one of his pupils” she said as he nodded,
“Permission granted” He said as she nodded Kead standing as he and her
both stepped out of the room. 30 minutes later Kead entered his chambers.
Rhys stepped out of the shadows his light sabers ignited as he quickly
chopped Keads legs off with out warning. He cried out before falling to the
floor rolling over to look up at him, “Ugh.. Rhys you made it back I see” he
said hiding his pain. “I would step away from me if I was you” he shook his
head “Sorry but I am doing my duty the sith council wants you eliminated”
he said twirling his light saber around for the finishing blow. “I have virgo”
he yelled before he could strike. He stopped his blade burning his throat
“But if I kill you she will be free” He looked up at Rhys, “Those loyal to me
have her in custody… you‟ll never find her if you kill me.. only I know
where they are taking her… what will happen to her.” He grinned picking
him up by his throat with the force “you sniveling worm let her go and I may
make your suffering short because if I fail worse will come after you and
you know it” He chuckled looking at him, “Don‟t you want to know Rhys…
how they will cut open her head, stick wires through her, changing her into
the perfect fighting machine. “An experiment the Dark Lords have been
trying to perfect, and have already succeeded. She wont know you… she
wont remember anything, only that she is the new object of a Dark Lords
eye. I‟ve sent her where land never sees the sun, and where cold rivers flow.
By the time you get to her it will be to late, and into the hands of a Master.”
He gasped choking slightly. “I hope you have fun with her, because soon
she‟ll be someone elses play thing, and wont know any better.” In quick hard
anger his light sabers furiously cut Kead apart piece by piece until he was
nothing but a blood stain in the carpet. “What happened here” he heard
Yoda‟s voice. “Ah… found the trator in our mist you did, my young pupil”
he nodded “unfortunately his underlings took Master Virgo” He approached
him slowly, “it is as my visioned feared then. If the Sith Lords get control of
Master Starchaser, order will be lost. Find her you must” he looked at him
“but where would they be” He looked up at Rhys, “Tought you well I did,
and smart you are. Use the force to locate her life force. Open your mind”
he sat down meditating using the force to locate Virgos life force. His mind
traveled into the stars into a ship in warp, laying on a table wile alien life
forms stood over her checking her race type. “She‟s compatible like the first
one. Send word to Lord Dale, he will have a second prototype soon” he
came back to his body “I need a fighter with warp capabilities Master” he
said looking to Yoda. He nodded, “and have it you shall, but on Starchasers
ship it will be. Fast ship made special for her. Take it to Letto prime, there
you will find her. But hurry or she will be lost” he quickly got to Virgos
ship puishing Scorpio out of th epilots chair and taking control the ship lifted
off and hit light speed once they got out of the almosphere. He growled,
“What‟s going on where is virgo?” he asked. “just sit down and shut up we
are going after Virgo the Sith took her and we are going to get her back so
get your self armed for combat I am going to need you as a distraction” He
got up, “Damn you, look what you‟ve gotten her into! What will they do to
her” he said strapping himself into a chair. “If she dies you die”

Dale got a signal in on his ship, “Lord Sabrehaven we have a new specimen
for you, we are transporting to Letto Prime. We need you to look at the
specimen for approval.” He nodded “alright I will be there as soon as
possible” he said going to the cockpit and sitting down changing course to
Letto Prime. Ravyn approached him, “What is going on Dale?” she asked
resting her hand on his shoulder. “Another prototype is going to be made
they want me to go look her over” She tilted her head, “Prototype? What is
that Dale?” he looked at her “another version of you basicly” he told her.
She looked out the window, “Oh did a friend of yours die? Or is dying and
need cybernetics to save his life?” he shrugged “the council wants him to
become one of my servants a secondary body guard” She nodded, “Then she
shall be welcomed. I am not being replaced am I dale… I am not inaficiant
am I?” he shook his head “no your not being replaced he will serve under
you, you will be his superior” She nodded, “I suppose that shall make me
happy then. But I wont sleep with him, I am devoted to only you” he
nodded “well good my love” he told her leaning over and kissing her “so
how do you like your new dress I got you?” She smiled brightly “it is most
beautiful Dale! Don‟t you agree” she said turning around in a circle for him.
“Oh is that Letto Prime” she said pointing out the window at the dark purple
dot. He nodded and smiled “you look drop dead sexy in that dress Rayvn,
and yes that is letto prime” he said pushing a few buttons “prepping for
landing” he told her as they moved in to land. She smiled, “I am so excited”
she said “This must be a rogue moon” he nodded “yah it is” he said as they
landed in the landing bay he got up taking her with him as he took his light
sabers making sure she had her scythe as they went into the lab. The turned
smiling at him, “Welcome Lord Dale, Have we got a treat for you” they said
moving aside to reveal an unconscious virgo laying on the table. “Fully
intact” one said. He nodded “another Nerya did you take a sample of her
DNA for possible cloning?” he asked the Scientist he nodded “well good
what do you think of her Rayvn” he said turning to her. Ravyn looked at her,
“I thought it was Male” she said. As the scientist beemed, “this is far better
then just a Nerya Male, this is a Jedi master.” He said knowing it would
surprise dale there was a female Jedi Master. “Her name is Virgo Starchaser,
Master Kead captured her before his death and we brought her to you. She is
the perfect specimen for cloning along with adding working Cybernetics.”
Ravyn seemed bothered. Dale put a arm around Rayvn “well Least Kead
did something useful in his life time and I know I wont shed a tear that an
idiot such as him has been shown his grave, who slayed him?” He looked
disturbed, “I‟m not sure” He said. “She‟s to beautiful to be on our ship”
Ravyn said deep jealousy in her voice. “Look at her ears” she said touching
the lavender tips, “And all this bright shiny hair.. healthy body. And she is a
Jedi… I didn‟t believe Jedi were allowed to wear such clothes. Besides,
there aren‟t any female Jedi masters, I read it in the data base.” The scientist
shook his head, “Actually she is, a pupil of Jedi Master Tyva. With the
works of the scientist who created you Lady Ravyn, we have added new and
far more afficiant features planned to be placed in Virgo. The other lords
believe she would make a good Sith lord upon completion. She would be a
far more advanced prototype then you.” Dale looked at Rayvn “don‟t be
jealous you are far superior in beauty then she is my dear, the Sith lords
deam she will be coming with us then she will be coming with us” The
scientist nodded, “They have also asked us to attempt an update on Lady
Ravyn. The other lords gave us permission to disable her if Virgo turns out
to have superior skills after completion.” He looked at him “she will not be
disabled as I am in charge of operations they just give the orders of what we
should do with them we don‟t throw a perfectly working system out just
because something gets better plus I am accustom to having her around”

He nodded, “Yes My lord” he said. “Then we will let you inspect her then, if
she is to your tastes then we will begin immediately.” He nodded “yes please
begin” he told them as he guided Rayvn out of the room. She looked at him,
“Dale don‟t you tell me shes not beautiful because she is.. I do have eyes”
he looked at her “she is beautiful but you are more beautiful then she is why
are you jealous Rayvn?” She looked into his eyes, “Soon you will have two
women on your ship, what if she falls in love with you? I can‟t be incharge
of a Sith Lord… Im just a servant” he looked at her “you‟re the only one I
love, why you would be jealous if I had both you in my bed?” She
whimpered, “because you‟d grow to love her too. I‟d have to share you and I
don‟t like sharing” she said her words spoken like a true sith. He kissed her
gently “you are sith to you know baby and you are the most important thing
in my heart she would be but a play thing you are the one I want to bare my
children” She looked up at him, “I‟m the only one who can” she said
stepping away from him going to the window to look out at the surface they
where on. “She‟s obviously younger then me” he nodded “she has lavender
ears which means she will never be able to bare children after the procedure
and with the cybernetics you have, you will never age as well” She put her
hand on the glass, “Why did they have to get another woman” she said. “Im
sure there were plenty of other qualified males I could have bossed around”
he looked at her “Nerya are extinct. a Male you and her are the last of your
kind and the experiment only worked on women all other races don‟t have
the proper body type” She grumbled, “And soon you will have two of the
last nerya in your bed?” he hugged her “oh please don‟t pout baby your so
cute when you do, its not my fault the sith lords choose her now is it” She
turned looking up at him. “I suppose if it is your wishes I will comply. Does
this mean she will be your new Sith Lord partner?” he shook his head “an
underling she wont have full emotional programming like you so do not
worry she wont be my partner you will be once we train you”

“You heard them, she‟s going to be a Sith Lord because she is strong with
the Force. And I barely know what it is. But the Sith could use more Lords”
she said looking out the window, “why is that star moving?” she asked
seeing what looked like a slow moving star far off in the sky. He looked at
it “it seems that we have guests Rayvn prepair for combat head to the hanger
deck and intercept our guests I will be right behind you to make sure they
don‟t harm you” he told her. She smiled, “I have an Idea… give me a
illutional appearance I‟ll take miss virgo‟s form and lead them away” he
nodded “if that‟s what you wish” he said using the force her form changed to
that of an illusion of virgos. She smiled, “is my voice different?” she asked
hearing a voice other then her own. “Yep” She said running down the hall.
She reached the hanger just as Rhys blew open the door, “Thank goodness
you got here in time!” she called out to him as she rushed down the hall. He
looked at her strangely “virgo You escaped?” She nodded, “they are coming,
they are trying to turn me into a Sith lord… they want to put wires in my
brain” she said. “I managed to kill the scientists, but there is a Sith lord here,
he‟s to powerful for me” Rhys still looked at her funny getting the feeling
this wasn‟t Virgo she would have been more excited to see that he came for
her as he drew his light sabers igniting them. She stepped back, “put those
away…” she said using her left eye to pin point his face to run through a
database who he was. “Rhys please” he looked at her “your not Virgo as
Virgo would have jumped into my arms knowing I was hear” he said
slashing out at her with his light sabers. She jumped back, “How could you
not know it was me” she said pulling the sabers that had been taken from
Virgo when she arrived.
Don‟t make me fight you” she said looking like she didn‟t want to fight him,
“Ask me… your name is Rhys Xanthus, your favorite color is blue silver
and black. You where trained by Master yoda” She said having his profile
up on her left vision. “Do you really think I am not capable of killing some
lab junkies? Do you really think I‟m that weak!” he nodded “okay then
what did we do Last night?” he asked her seeing if she would answer that
question properly. She looked into his eyes and almost believed she was
gazing into dales, her own memories flooding back and said the first thing
that came to mind, “We made love” he nodded “fine lets get going then you
must be traumatized by your suffering here” She smirked, “not likely” she
said running down the hall, “this way” she said. “together we can defeat
him” she said. “I can‟t believe you don‟t trust me! No sex for you for a
week” she said rounding the corner. He looked at her strangely going after
her his light sabers still on. She slid on her feet kicking open a door having
strength he had never seen in her before as tons of armed troopers where
there with guns “Shit!” she said. Rhys lept into the room his amazing speed
and twirling light sabers made short work of the troops as their beams got
redirected and their meager defenses were not good enough for him. She just
stood there watching feeling Dale on the move „Dale‟ she said to him in his
mind, „Hide your face, and pretend to kill me‟ she said in his mind making
sure Rhys wouldn‟t intersept it. Dale soon appeared behind her his light
Saber hitting one of her repaiable systems as it looked like he killed her
Rhys turned around seeing this “NOOO!!!” he yelled charging towards Dale
as Dale‟s huge light saber looked more like a bastard sword its blade wider
then any ever made and its handle was enourmase Rhys chopped
ferociously his anger getting the better of him as the huge bastard saber
parried each attack from the duel sabers. Ravyn fell to the floor keeping her
eyes open to watch but didn‟t blink or move her eyes to take on the
appearance of death.

 The fight moved out into the the next room mechanical druids being
manufactured here Rhys getting lucky cutting a good chunk into Dale‟s
thigh making him duck low but Dale snareled removing one hand from his
saber and using an electrical blast on Rhys racking his body with pain “your
strong my brother but your not as much in touch with the dark side as I am, I
killed your sweet heart now I am going to kill you” A druid spoke behind
Dale, “My Lord, we‟ve taken her head to put on a mechanical body, to do as
you please with, what shall we do with the body?” he said saying what
Ravyn told him to say. The electrical energy continued to shock Rhys
“Throw it into the fire and burn it I want nothing to do with a useless shell”
Rhys grew angry and his hand moved out redirecting the blast hitting the
druid. “It‟s time you get back to following orders” Dale said to Rhys, “Don‟t
worry, I‟ll take good care of her android version.” He used the force calling
his light sabers to him as he Attacked Dale once more Dale‟s huge light
saber blocking the attacks once more before a force blast threw Rhys
through a plate glass window knocking him unconscious. Ravyn came in
and looked at Dale, “Wonderful team we make” She said hearing the glass
rustle before looking over to it seeing Rhys body gone. “he‟s gone” she said
running to where he had fallen.

Rhys woke to find himself in bed, Scorpio tending to his injuries and fixing
his mechanical arm. Rhys looked up at Scorpio “did you manage to get
Virgo?” he asked him his body heavily damaged from the fight burn marks
all over his body shards of glad in his flesh. He shook his head, “Im sorry
Rhys, I pulled you from the glass and saw what they‟ve done to my sister…”
he sighed “then she is lost to us” he said to wounded to move. He looked
down at him, “I‟m not a fighter Rhys, they would have killed me easily. I
know you loved my sister. I pray her spirit rests now… no more suffering”
he sighed “drop me off back in the republic the ship is yours to do with what
you wish Scorpio” He looked down at him, “Not until we have a plan” he
said. “She wouldn‟t want us to give up” he looked at him “we could just set
charges in the place and blow it up if you use stealth and me as a distraction”
He looked at him, “It sounds good to me.. but I wont be getting back on the
ship. Once they are placed get off that rock” he said being in orbit of the
moon. He shook his head “no you‟re the one to survive I have nothing left
and the shape my body is in I wont survive a second battle you have to
return to the republic and to report to Master yoda personally” He looked at
Rhys, “Don‟t act like you‟re the only one who lost someone you loved.
She‟s all I had, I searched for her for years, and lost her in only a few short

Ravyn returned to the labritory to find several of the scientists dead. “What
the…” she said seeing a blood trail dripping out of the room. “Damn it.. shes
awake” Dale came into the room “She woke up before they started damn
Ravyn find her and subdue her I shall do the same” She looked around,
“wait… I don‟t think before.. they have done something to her” she said
following the blood trail till they found her in the hall. “What‟s… happening
to me…” she cried out the nano technology already infecting parts of of her
brain. Dale looked at her “you are part of an experiment come with me so
we shall finish it” he said holding a Seringe behind his back full of sleeping
agent. She groaned turning, “I can‟t see… what‟s going on…” She said
finding it hard to stay awake as it was. “Who are you” she said holding up
her arms in defense. “Look at her crawling around on her belly” he moved
over to her and injected her with the seringe trying to put her back asleep.
She felt her whole body going limp till it got dark. Ravyn looked at them,
“Best we do this on the ship, the docters are dead” he nodded “I will load
the procedure into your data base so you can do it” he said picking up
Virgo‟s body and carrying her to the ship. She followed him to the ship,
“Pathetic man coming here trying to save her. That guy was a Jadi master
and still you tossed him around like a rag.” He nodded “the sith lords are
more powerful then 3 Jedi masters he had no chance” he said getting aboard
the ship putting Virgo the table. I‟ll get started as soon as I process the
information, lets get out of here” she said.

Scorpio seemed to encounter no one left alive in the labritories, reporting
back to Rhys. “I set up all the explosives but I didn‟t find that guy who
kicked your ass, or Virgo‟s body.” He nodded “I never encountered any
thing either they must have fleed already get back to the ship we will blow
this place up while we go” He nodded, “Not leaving till I know your on
board with me” he sighed “I am already going back to the ship there is no
reason for me to stay here” He nodded as both boarded the ship, when they
where a safe distance away Scorpio watched as it all blew sky high. “Never
thought it would end like this.” Rhys sighed “it hasn‟t the person who did
this to her is still out there and we are going to get him” He nodded, “For
Virgo” he said. “of course” he told him as he sat in the cockpit watching the
scanners as they flew out of the planets gravity.

Ravyn spent almost 2 hours downloading the procedures and processing the
information before she was finally able to get started. She replicated wires
that would connect certain mechanical defives inside Virgo‟s head, without
having to actually cut her open. About midway through doing this Ravyn
tilted her head, “hmm?” she said to herself as Virgo‟s eyes snapped opened
and Ravyn was sent flying across the room. Dale felt the whole ship shutter
a few moments later. He got up knowing that Virgo was awake once more
he entered the room where Ravyn was doing the procedure. He found Ravyn
laying face down on the floor and the room empty. He draw his light saber
checking on Ravyn first “come out come out where ever you are Jedi we still
have some finishing touches to do to you” Ravyn forced herself to become
conscious, “the… Landing bay” she groaned holding her stomach. “took…
warp ready… fighter” he groaned “she escaped” he roared. She sat up
slightly, “Dale… I tired.. to stop her” She said. He nodded “I know you are
just not fully experienced in fighting its not your fault I should have been
here as well, lets cloak the ship and go after her maybe we can still catch her
instead of having to clone another one of her because the sith lords will be
angry with us” he told her, moving to the ship and using the cloaking device
turning it around scanning for Virgo‟s ship direction. She regained her
stature and stood behind him as he manuvored the ship. “She took one of the
best ships, but the Sith have hold her her mind she should be easy to turn
now. You have direct link to her, even if she can‟t respond back.” He
nodded using his telepathy sending messages to Virgo to come back using
strong impulses on her. She was bleeding from where she tore her IV‟s out
as she growled at the voices, “No.. I wont listen.. the force is with me Tyva
is with me” she kept telling herself, using the radar to link frequencies with
her own ship.

Scorpio looked down seeing a coded message coming through, “A sith ship
is sending a coded message I can‟t understand” he said. Rhys looked over
the design “a small fighter catch it in our tracker beam and pull it aboard
Scorpio maybe we can get some info out of them” he said. He nodded
looking up seeing it ahead of them, “It‟s not slowing down” he said turning
on the tractor beam hoping to slow it down enough to pull into the small
Docking bay un the sub level of the ship. “I think it‟s sending out a distress
signal.” Rhys looked at him send a reply and tell them to cut their engines”
he said going to the dockling bay. The ship had been pulled into the bay by
the time he reached it, the doors still shut, but manual controls to open it
from the outside. He used the controls and entered the bay moving over to
the ship and using the force to open the cockpit. He found virgo sitting in the
pilots chair, her head laying back as she whimpered, “Rhys” he rushed over
picking her up “Virgo your alive” he said excited. She laied her head against
his chest, “cloak… ship… they are coming” she struggled to speak, His arm
nicking a loose wire as she cringed and screamed. He commed Scorpio
“cloak the ship” he said as he carried Virgo to the med room knowing this
was beyond them and they would have to get her back to the republic.
Scorpio cloaked the ship minutes before the cloaked ship of Dale came out
of warp. Scorpio was already turning the ship around to head back to the
planet. Virgo grabbed onto Rhys shirt, “don‟t let them take me” she
whispered. He nodded “I wont dear we will get these things removed” he
told her. She closed her eyes finally able to sleep without worrying about her
body. They eventually arrived back at the republic when Virgo woke on a
hospital bed Rhys was in one bedside her his cybernetic arm was dismantled
and his real hand was being prepped to be reattached. She squinted from the
lights hearing Yoda‟s voice as she tilted her head from one side to another,
“where am I” she said weakly. He looked at her “you are back in the
republic those Sith cybenetics were hard to remove”

“Unable to remove cybernetics in your brain we were. Would damage you
for life” he said as she put a hand to her head having a headache. Rhys was
still unconscious as Yoda looked at him “his cybernetic arm was extremely
damaged still many shards of glass in his body damaged nerves from being
electrocuted he will be here for a while” She groaned slightly, “Master
Yoda… I failed you… forgive me” she said. He looked at her “failed you
did not we found out a lot about sith plans from the cybenertics we were able
to remove from you”

She looked over at Rhys, “Is he alright? Why is he all cut up.” She said
before looking back at Yoda, “Master the Sith have been trying to turn me…
But I wont give in to them.” He nodded “you have a strong will, But Rhys
fought a Sith Lord too strong was He he was lucky your brother pulled him
out of there, needs lots of healing” She looked at him, “I know it‟s against
the Jedi way, but I love Rhys… and you know that” She said keeping her
voice down. “I know it has to be quiet… that‟s the reason why I was
wondering if you would marry us” she said. He nodded “very unheard of but
I guess exception can be made” She smiled slightly, “No one I trust more
then you Master.” She sighed slightly, “There is a woman… a Nerya.. but
not one I‟ve seen before… She looked Nerya sorta” he nodded “not really a
surviour she is made of three different women she is lost to the nerya race
completed cyborg” She nodded, “I just remember seeing her when I woke
up. Master is the sith a threat to us?” he turned away “the sith will always
be a threat to the way of the Jedi” She nodded and reached out taking his
tiny hand, “Then I will fight for the Jedi until the end. So will Rhys…” he
looked at her “the Jedi would appreciate that, with the passing of Master
Kead two seats are still open on the council” She nodded, “I know but the
council is slowly becoming corrupt to the Dark Side. Master… Master Kead
is the one who had me abducted. If it was easy for him to pull the wool over
your eyes then whats to stop the others? You the oldest member on the
council leaves no doubt in my mind you will always be loyal to the Jedi.
And no matter how hard I try I find myself breaking more of the Jedi code.
I‟ve worked so hard in my life to do this, I don‟t want to be released from
the Jedi.” He sighed “we all know of your actions and so far are letting you
get away with this”

She nodded, “I‟ve been up to my neck in trouble since just before becoming
a Master. Master yoda, grant me permission to remain off missions for one
year, to get back in touch with all that I‟ve broken. I wont let you down”
he nodded “we will let you since you have been through so Much it will take
time for Master Rhys to heal so he will be left in your charge till he is done
but come with me to council while he has his surgery” She nodded sitting
up, “As you wish master” she said seeing Jedi robes laid out and disspite the
fact she knew she would get very hot in them she slipped them on and
buckled the thick brown boots before putting on her dark brown cloak. He
soon lead her out of the Room as they made final preparations on Rhys. She
followed him down the corridors of the jedi temple passing many padawans
still in training along with several younglings. “when shall you be ready for
your own padawan Virgo” Yoda asked her. She held her hands together
under her robes, “Soon Master… I want my padawan to be trained correctly,
and not follow my bad examples.” He looked at her “you are not a bad
example just slightly misguided” She nodded, “Forgive my actions, I was
hoping to undergo some training with you, cleans my soul of the Dark sides
poison.” He looked at her “only you can do that I know nothing of that,
plenty of meditation confronting the darkness is the only way you must
make peace with your soul to silence the darkness with in” She nodded,
“then I will do so. Master Rhys told me to embrace the Dark side but I could
hear Master Tyva telling me to fight it. Master… is it possible that Master
Tyva has found a way to commune with me from death?” he nodded “it is
possible a way for immortality it is” She looked down at him, “I worry for
Master Rhys‟ soul. Is Embracing the dark side truly the correct thing to do.
Master Tyva doesn‟t seem to think so” he looked at her “it was his way of
surviving Virgo his decision he has the power of the dark side but he has not
used it yet he can not become a full jedi any more” She nodded, “I must let
go of all that I fear of loosing, fear and Anger are paths to the dark side. Im
long over do with meditation” She said with a sigh, “What does the council
wish to speak to me of?” She asked stopping infront of the doors and turned
towards yoda a bit of sweat rolling down her neck but took her mind off it.”
He looked at her “just a mission debriefing” She nodded “I am prepared
Master” she said as the doors opened and she stepped inside. He went inside
after her as the Jedi masters started asking her questions “who were your
captors any names you have received?”

“A cyborg named Ravyn and a Sith Lord named Dale. I was captured by a
Sith Lord… Master Kead… but he is dead now” she said speaking up. He
nodded “and this mining planet you were on tell us about that” She nodded,
“We landed on a protected planet because of a vision Master Rhys forsaw. It
would have had every man and child on my ship slaughtered. We discovered
this planet was Likore a Silvia reserve but it was being minned by the locals
who thought they where only selling dirt. He said he was selling it to a man
named Dale. The same man who is the Sith Lord that tried to turn me by
implanting Cybernetics inside my body. We got the locals to cease minning
without revealing who we truly were.” They nodded again “and Master
Rhys tell us about him since it was believed he was dead” She felt her heart
grow heavy not wanting to lie to the council. “I found him on a space station
that the traitor Kead had sent me to. He told me he felt a disturbance in the
force and I was to destroy it. When I arrived I discovered he had not sent me
to destroy a evil force but to Distroy Master Rhys. Master Rhys is the only
one who knew Kead was a traitor to the Jedi. And a Sith Lord. He took him
abord my ship, he helped rescue three young padawans from a Sith Lord
who killed their Master. He saved their lives and mine on countless
occasions. As I have saved his.” They nodded “thank you Master Starchaser
you are dismissed so get some rest while the council continues their
discussions” She glanced at Master yoda, “Permission to request” She asked
as they nodded at her. “I request to take the final challenge, become full
Jedi… and take a seat in council. After regaining my strength of course” She
said, knowing Yoda and a few other true members of the council had been
wanting her to take the step. They looked at her as Yoda looked at her “As
much as we would like that you already requested a year off once you return
you may take the test” She nodded, “that is what I meant Master, forgive me
if I was unclear.” She said bowing in respect. “I need time to cleans my soul
from the darkness that was attemptably being forced upon it.” She said.
Master Lore stood up and looked at her, “Do you plan to stay in the
temple?” He asked as she turned towards him. “Yes Master, I do.” He
nodded, “After all you‟ve been through you have remained loyal to the jedi.
Take your time, and feel free to see any of us if you need to talk.” He said as
she bowed, “Yes master.” She said. “You may go” Yoda said as she nodded
to them all before stepping out. Once the doors shut she took a deep breath
and headed to the suite she grew up in with Master Tyva. Nothing had
changed when she arrived. Going to the back room where she would spend
long hours in deep meditation with Tyva, she slipped off her robe and rolled
up her sleeves to cool down before kneeling on the pads on the floor, and
then sat closing her eyes as she rested her hands on her knees, beginning to
meditate. Rhys was still recooperating after the operation laying
unconscious in bed his arm reattached but wrapped up in a cloth cast.

For hours she sat there cleansing herself unaware of how much time was
passing. Rhys soon came into the room his left arm in a sling as he picked
up a sock rolling it up and beaning it off her head” Her eyes snapped open as
she turned, at first site of him she smiled “Rhys your better” she said
climbing to her feet and hugged him. He nodded “why weren‟t you there
when I woke up” She looked up at him, “Im sorry Rhys I guess I lost track
of time while I was meditating” he sighed “I guess its alright” She smiled,
“Hows the hand” she said stroking his cheek. “weak since it hasn‟t been
attached for along period of time” She nodded, “Master Yoda came for me
when I woke up. He had me dress properly and stand before the council” she
said wearing an outfit he had never seen her in. he nodded “I see well what
news do you have from council?” She looked into his eyes, “Mission
debriefing. They wanted to know everything that happened. Even how you
managed to survive and how I found you” he nodded “well alright then” he
said sitting back still alittle weak from the drugs they used on him. She got
him some water, “I didn‟t lie to them Rhys…” he nodded “I know its your
choice” She nodded, “I‟ve been granted a missionless year to regain
myself.” She said looking up at him. He nodded “yes Yoda told me” he
said. She nodded, “Then I‟m sure he‟s also informed you that at the end of
that year I will take the final judgment to be a full Jedi and take seat in
council.” He nodded “yes they did they also informed me that the council
has stripped me of my Jedi Master rank as I have been banned from the Jedi
Temple so when I leave I am not allowed to come back they believe I am a
threat to them since I been corrupted by the dark side of the force” She
sighed, “Im sorry for getting you in this mess Rhys… I know you worked so
hard for this” he shrugged “not your fault, but I heard you are staying here I
guess I will have to catch a shuttle off this rock then” She shook her head, “I
need the support here Rhys. If you leave I wont have the momentum I do
now. I have money that can put you up in a nice place near the temple so I
can come see you all the time.” He shrugged “if that‟s what you want I will
do that since I have no home any where else” he said with a sigh “they also
took my light sabers away from me” She smiled, “Take mine…” she said
holding them out to her. “By law they can take what was given to you by a
elder… but can not take what was given as a gift.” She said. “In time they
will need you again.. they will find you and beg for you to return… just wait
and see… I have foreseen it” he shrugged “I am not allowed to use Light
sabers as the law states only a true jedi may use them, I could be fined so I
will have to deal with out them” She sighed, “Alright alright.. we will wait
till they come crawling to you for help… Master Yoda also said… he would
marry us… in secret of course” he nodded “well alright then” She took his
good hand into hers. “Be my support Rhys” she said softly.

 He nodded “I will be your support, I still have to go through physical
therapy to regain muscle tone in my hand” She nodded, “And I will be your
support” she said kissing him gently. He kissed her back gently “Well I
better go home shopping” She nodded, “I will arrange a place for you… here
take this” she said handing him a credit stick, “it has more then enough to
buy all the furnishings for your new place… hopefully you wont mind room
mating with Scorpio” he gave her a dirty look “ugh any one but him” She
laughed, “Oh he‟ll keep you company” she said rubbing his shoulders. He
looked at her “I rather have your company not his” She smiled at him, “You
know I will come every night” she said. He looked at her “I Would still
have to deal with him every day” She smiled, “you‟ll survive” she said
kissing his cheek. “When you buy a nice place let me know it‟s address.
Untill then sleep on my ship.” He nodded going out the door. She went to
the door watching him go. “Next weekend” she called to him. He nodded
waving to her as he left.

The week went slow, he found a beautiful place not far from the temple and
furnished it the way he liked it. Scorpio was annoying each morning waking
him up at 9 am but always making a good breakfast. Rhys still not using his
left hand as it was still weak but used it once in a while. Every day around 4
pm Virgo would shop up to have Dinner with him, and spend time with him
after, and every night she fell asleep in his bed but was up at dawn to get in
her morning training. Finally the weekend rolled around and Virgo was
more excited then ever. She made Rhys dress up and they went off to meet
Yoda at the private place she picked out. It was the only place on the whole
planet that had endless greenhouses of flowers. She had a lovely white dress
on with white lilies in her hair, scorpio having had it curled. He being the
only other whitness. She smiled at Rhys when Scorpio gave him her hand.
And Virgo flashed a smile at Yoda. Yoda finished the ceremony as it was
very short Rhys kissed Virgo to finish it. Virgo returned his kiss as Scorpio
smiled, “now if you ever make her cry I‟ll cut off one of your fingers” Rhys
looked over at him “then make sure you start with this one” he said showing
him his middle finger on his left hand. Virgo laughed, “Calm down you two
there will be no violence. Scorpio Master Yoda would like you to work for
the Jedi making new Lightsabers for the younglings” she said as he beemed,
“DEAL!” he said as she shook her head and knelt down by Yoda kissing his
cheek. “I Owe you one” Rhys looked at her “where we going for the honey
moon?” She sighed, “Sadly no where special. We are just going to stay at
your place and Scorpio promised to spend a week at the temple working” he
nodded “well good I can finally walk around naked with out any rude
remarks” She blinked and stood up straight. “Don‟t work him to hard
Master” she said to Yoda. Rhys looked at her “you should next work on
finding Scorpio a girl I am starting to think he is gay” She watched Scorpio
leave with Yoda as she punched him in the arm, “My brother is not a
homosexual. He just isn‟t ready to settle down yet” he looked at her “well
any girl is better then none” She smiled, “let him do it on his own… he‟s not
as lucky as you” he looked at her “no one is as lucky as me” She smiled
taking his hand she and him stepped onto the shuttle to take them back to his
place. They soon got off the shuttle as he carried her over the threshold
“here we go our palace awaits” She held onto him gently as her long white
gown swayed on the light breeze. He carried her into the bed room and laid
her out onto the bed. She blushed looking up at him, “You looked so
handsome today in that uniform” he smiled “well you look beautiful in a
dress” She smiled laying on the large bed, that had silver sheets and a black
comforter. He took off his bulky clothes and laid down with her. She rolled
onto her side looking into his eyes. He looked back into her eyes running
his fingers through her pink hair. She leaned in and kisses him gently laying
her hand on the side of his face. He wrapped his left arm around her waist
holding her. She deepened her kiss slowly before speaking, “Isn‟t this
usually the part where the bride and groom make hot passionate love” she
teased. He nodded “yah it is”

A transmition at long last came through on Dale‟s ship. “Dale… is the Sith
Leader” she said patching him through. “Dale, is our new Prototype ready?”
he sighed “unfortunately the people at the lab let her escape I am in the
process of tracking her down still” He grunted, “Dale you gave us your word
you would not fail. Virgo Starchaser is a very powerful Jedi Master, we need
her on our side… as a Sith Lord. Find her… or your done.” He nodded “yes
sir I will find her” he said cutting the transmission looking very angry.
Ravyn looked back at him, “Don‟t be angry with me” she said knowing
virgo‟s escape was her fault. He grunted at her “well your training is
incomplete” She stood up, “I‟m not the one who‟s insuficiant” he slapped
her across the face. Her head shot to the side as she raised her hand to where
he had hit her. “go plug into the computer I found some data on staff
fighting it should help teach you on how to use your scythe more” She
looked up at him before moving to the door, “I didn‟t want her here anyway.
You and the other Lords can blow it for all I care” she said stepping beside
the computer. He growled at her being extremely angry right now before
getting up and hooking her up to the computer running the program. She
watched him as the information downloaded, “You know what your problem
is… you don‟t care about anyone but yourself. I don‟t know how I could
have fallen for you” she said sitting there. “You slap me around, and strangle
me.. and I do so much to please you but nothing I do ever does.” He looked
at her “you just set me off when I am already angry if you knew better you
would try and calm me down instead of adding to my anger with your smart
ass remarks”

“that‟s just it Dale I don‟t know any better. You say I‟ve done so much and I
don‟t remember any of it. Maybe I was better off dying” She said looking
down at the computer. He pressed her mute button on her control panel
sitting back down in the cockpit maneuvering the ship. She glared at him
from behind as she flipped him off before she crossed her arms letting the
program run. He sighed silentl;y depressed that he was in trouble and she
hated him so much he felt just like stepping out an air lock right now.

Months went by with every week virgo was a few steps closer to her goal.
There was a noticeable change in her habits, much calmer and seemed
focused at all times. She was in the middle of Meditating in her quarters at
the temple when the council conviened. Master Lore stood up, “We can‟t
seem to figure out the Siths movements.. what are their plans… I say we
send a spy into their mists. One who is strong willed and can resist the Dark
side though having to pretend to be part of it.” Yoda looked at him “none of
us including all current padawans are capable of that who do you suggest we
send?” He looked at Yoda, “I was hoping you would have the answer to
that” he said. “As much as I feel that Rhys Xanthus is unfit to be apart of the
Jedi, we need him to help us with this mission. He knows plenty about the
Sith” Yoda looked at him “he will not do it since we banned him from being
a jedi” He nodded, “Maybe if we offer him is mastery back in return for a
successful mission. Of course we would not allow him to become anything
more.” Yoda looked at him “that may work” He nodded, “But we should
send one of our better students in with him, just to keep an eye on him. Also
to be our spy.” He said as Master Fin looked at him. “I vote virgo
Starchaser, I have been watching her for some months now, and she is far
more the jedi she was when she came with her injuries. In 2 months time her
one year recovery will be up, is it not then we convean?” Yoda nodded “did
we so, but are we ready to let her be corrupted by the dark side?”

Master lore spoke up again, “I feel that in the last few months she has grown
very strong minded, I don‟t foresee her giving into the Dark side. Her future
is bright not clouded.” Master Fin and a few of the other masters nodded. “I
watched her in combat training two days past, and I was quite impressed
with how fair she‟s come in her skills.” Yoda nodded “if that is the will of
the council” Master Lore looked at Yoda, “master Yoda, how do you feel
about this?” he looked at them “I do believe they can do this but unsure of
the outcome” Master Fin stood up, “I will take all responsibility if they are
to fail” he said. Master Yoda nodded “then council is conviened” The room
cleared out, on the forth level Virgo senced Yoda approaching. “Yoda
looked up at her “you have been selected for a mission when your rest
period is over” She opened her eyes and looked down at Yoda, “Master?”
she asked. “you are asked to watch over a selected individual and infiltrate
the sith” She sighed, “You want me to spy?” shed asked. “In two months I
stand before council” he nodded “the council asks this of you, Master Rhys
has been asked to do it as well and he will regain his Master title but can not
climb any further then that level” She knelt down to his level. “Master I will
take this mission, and I will spend the next 2 months preparing myself
mentally. I will not fail the Jedi” he nodded “may the force be with you
Master Starchaser” he said turning from her and walking away. She watched
him go and thought to herself, “I better tell Rhys” she said getting up and
quickly took a shuttle to Rhys‟s home. “Rhys” She called for him when she
arrived. Rhys looked at her alittle disgruntled “damn them for doing this to
me I was starting to enjoy my life now they want me to go into it agin” she
heard him say. She went into where he was, “Rhys?” he looked at her
holding his light sabers in his hands “why did they want us to do this
mission” he asked Virgo. She approached him slowly, “because I agreed to
it” he sighed “fine” he said sitting down on a chair. She knelt down on the
floor and looked up at him as she leaned her arms on his lap. “I thought you
would have been happy” he shrugged “I was getting used to not being a jedi
now they want me to use my powers again for their greater good it doesn‟t
make me feel like they see me as a person more of a tool to further their

She looked down at the floor, “if you where renstated… we could finally
live together… it‟s been nearly a year and as your wife we can‟t even live
together” he nodded running his fingers through her hair “I know baby” She
looked up at him, “Rhys… I want to do this for us…” she said. He looked at
her “I already agreed to do it” She smiled softly taking his hands, “Good, I
have two months to prepare myself mentally so I wont actually succumb to
the dark side.. you should do the same.” He nodded “I will be fine” he told
her. She crawled onto his lap, “Im just happy your back” he wrapped his
arms around her “well I am glad your happy”

Ravyn was in the middle of making Dale breakfast. Dale sat down at the
table “so whats for breakfast Beautiful?” She looked back at him, “What I
always make you” she said putting his plate infront of him. He nodded
“well good I always enjoy it when you make it for me you‟re the best at
doing it” he told her removing the cover and starting to dig into his
breakfast. She moved into a chair and leaned her head on her hand, “What
will happen to me when the sith leader destroys you in 2 and a half months?”
he looked up at her “he wont have to I found her finally” She lifted her head
with a smile “really!?” he nodded “yes I have and she still has part of the
cybernetics inside her head” She smiled, “Wonderful, that means I can
complete her operation then” he nodded “yes once we get her back you can
easily do that” he told her leaning over the table and kissing her. She kissed
him back, “Im not going to like her though” he shrugged “treat her like crap
for all I care” She nodded, “good I don‟t want you favoring her over me” she
said getting up. He looked at her “some one is jealous isn‟t she” She kicked
him in the leg, “I don‟t need to be jealous I need to be furious” he looked at
her using the force to throw her across the room. She used what little
knowledge of the force she had to stop herself before hitting the wall. he
looked at her “well least your learning something” She put herself down
onto her feet, “if you say you do that to make me learn you‟re an asshole”
he nodded “I do try” She growled at him, “I‟m sleeping on the holodeck”
she said turning away from him. He growled as he ate his breakfast. She
pressed her finger against a light causing them to go out in the kitchen. He
grabbed his breakfast and threw it across the room as she could hear the
bowl shatter against the wall. She cringed, “Whgat the fuck Dale can‟t I eat
some breakfast without you throwing a shit fit, your in some serious need of
angermanagment. Like a spoiled brat” he growled at her “you did it on
purpose Go feed off the Power generators I told you to feed off” She used
her hand to restore the back up lights in the kitchen even if it did make the
room glow green. “I‟m sick of power generators, I‟m sick of everything we
have. You get five star cuisine and I get trash. This sucks” he looked at her
“then what the hell is five star cuisine to you huh?”

She shoved him, “I wouldn‟t know I‟ve never had it” she said storming
towards the door. “I‟ve been putting up with this shit for a year and you
show no compassion towards me at all.” He looked at her “that‟s because
you piss me off for no reason 50% of the time we will go to Jask 5 the power
source capital of the republic and you can try like 70 different power sources
till you find the one you like the best hows that for compassion bitch” She
turned towards him, “I was going to tell you I was pregnant but now I don‟t
feel like it, Kill it for all I care” she yelled back at him. He yelled back at
her “I give you what you want and now you bitch even more god damn it
woman there is no making you happy!” She leaned against the doorway, “I
wouldn‟t know what happy is, there isn‟t enough of it around here” he
looked at her “I am going to Jask 5 with you and treat you to a first class
meal if you like it or not” She crossed her arms under her chest, “Your only
doing that because you can‟t stand me” she whimpered looking away. He
looked at her “I am doing that to make you happy and so you wont bitch at
me constantly for no reason at all your driving me more insane then I
already am” She looked at the wall, “Just forget it, I‟ll eat my damn baby
instead” he growled as he got up and walked over to her “no your coming
with me and that‟s that your going to find your favorite energy type and your
going to damn well enjoy it” She looked up at him no where left to go,
“Your so pushy”

The night before her one year was up She found herself sitting on Rhys
couch sighing. He looked at her “whats wrong Virgo” he said looking at
her from over the computer pad he was reading. She looked out the
window, “It‟s been almost a year… and dispite how much I‟ve
accomplished, and how much I know I‟m ready… it felt over to quick… and
in 7 days it will be our one year aniversery of our marriage and the whole
time it felt as if we never were” he looked at her “because you spent most
your time meditating in the jedi Temple” She turned to look over at him,
“it‟s because we‟ve had to live apart” She said. “It has nothing to do with
meditation. I thought that you of all people would know that” he looked at
her “you could have choosen to do your meditation here we could have
easily kicked Scoprio out a long time ago and converted his room into a
stone garden for mediation” She smiled, “Somethings must be done inside
the temple, it‟s not there just for looks you know” She said with a chuckle.
“Besides.. I wouldn‟t kick out my brother, I love him” he nodded “well
alright least we can spend time together away on the mission” She bit her
lip, “I told Scorpio he could come” Rhys put his Computer pad down “why
the hell would you do something stupid like that” She shrugged, “He looked
so sad to not be included so I said he could tag along” she said curling some
of her hair around her finger. He sighed “he is manipulating you because he
is bored of child sitting” She stood up, “why can‟t you just tell me you don‟t
like my brother...” he looked at her “I don‟t like your brother” She sighed
softly, “Why not?” she asked walking over to the kitchen and got herself
something to munch on. He looked at her “because he never leaves me and
you alone just because he can‟t get any he is trying to stop us from doing it”
She sighed, “he‟s just protecting me Rhys. He just wants to make sure that
I‟m not in a miserable marriage” he looked at her “well your not are you?”
She shook her head, “No… are you?” she asked. He shook his head “no I‟m
not” She nodded, “good.. then don‟t complain. It‟s perfectly healthy for him
to worry, I sorta like knowing I have a big brother looking out for me” he
sighed “fine he can come as long as he doesn‟t get too annoying” She smiled
at him, “Come on Rhys, we need someone looking after my ship while we
infiltrate the Sith. Like back up” he shrugged “I guess so but the sith are
extremely mobile they hate staying in one place for too long” She nodded, “I
know it‟s why he‟s our back up. Come on Rhys don‟t worry there will be
plenty time for us when we aren‟t on the ship” he nodded “fine he can
come” She went over to him and sat on his lap, “Why are the rotes of your
blue hair white?” she asked looking at them. He looked at her “I dye my
bangs blue okay….” She looked back at him, “I didn‟t know that” She said
softly. “I thought it was natural” he shrugged “who naturally has two tonned
hair” She looked at him, “A few people… Master Tyva had white and black
hair” he looked at her “it was because he was old and his hair was turning
white” She stuck her tongue out at him, “So” he licked the bottom of her
tongue “so he wasn‟t naturally two tonned” She put her arms around him, “I
was hoping that when I was old enough to have a sun his hair would be just
like yours” she pouted. He shrugged “well my hair color is naturally white
but you can get cybernetics to artificlaly change ones hair color” She plaied
with the blue strands, “do that to an infant? I couldn‟t” he nodded “Well just
use the dye comb I have in the wash room” She laid her head on his
shoulder, “Since today is my birthday what are we going to do?” he
shrugged “I thought about just staying in and having a romantic dinner for
two” she smiled, “sounds pricy” she teased. He smiled “I also got you a
birth day gift” She smiled, “What is it?” she said excited “well you would
have to open it first I put it ontop of the fridge since I know you never ever
look there” She got up and went over to the fridge reaching up top it. She
pulled down a nice size box wrapped with a bow. She smiled walking over
to him and sat down beside him unwrapping it quickly. When she opened it
up inside was a nice new lace teddy and a new set of light sabers top of the
line and engraved with her name on them. She smiled picking up the sabers,
“”Oh wow.. these are beautiful… aren‟t these the latest ones? How did you
get these?” he looked at her “gave Scoprio the latest specs on them and he
built them himself using a more intense power crystal so the beams are
brighter and color adjustable also they open up in the bottom for a second
blade to energize” She smiled and jumped into his arms, “I love them!! As
for the nighty I had a feeling you‟d get me something that would make you
drool.” He shrugged “Well your old one is all worn out and I know you
wanted a new one for a while” She held it up, “It‟s see through.. and fluffy”
he nodded “just the way you like them” She was happy it was white, “thank
you love” She said kissing him deeply. He kissed her back deeply “Well I
am glad you like your gift” She smiled, “it‟s a wonderful birthday gift” she
said smiling, standing up and switched on her new sabers, both being bright
purple. “This is colors for a full jedi… Im not…” he looked at her “eh close
enough you can change them to any color you want” She smiled, “This is
wonderful love… tomarrow.. I might be anyway. All the masters think I‟ve
made a dramatic improvement” he smiled back “well that‟s good news isn‟t
it, Yoda is a high master and he still uses a green light saber” She nodded,
“That‟s because Green is his favorite color” he nodded “any one knows that
because he is green” She nodded, “Exactly… all the others use purple. So I
find it fairly appropriate.” She said switching them off. “What are you
making us for dinner?” he looked at her “Well I have your favorite on the
stove Alfradio since it‟s a nice light meal and your favorite” She nodded,
“Yeah especially since I don‟t eat much” She said climbing onto his lap
straddling him, and kissing him deeply.

He kissed her back deeply holding her close. She deepened her kiss just as
Scorpio came through the door, “Ew guys… not when I‟m around” he said.
Rhys broke the kiss feeling turned off now that scorpio was in the room
“ugh don‟t you have work to do?” He looked at his watch, “Oh shit I forgot!
Virgo look at the gift I got you when you get the chance” he said rushing out
the door as she chuckled, “what a knuckle head” he nodded “yah ruining a
perfectly good moment” She smiled kissing his nose, “Its never a ruined
moment” she said. He nodded “I supopose so, why don‟t you go get cleaned
up for dinner and put something nice on” he told her. She nodded standing
up, “I will” she said. She went and put on some makeup and slipped on a
one piece white dress that showed off her shoulders and cleavage. When she
came out dinner was all set up Rhys was dressed in a nice black out fit and
he helped her into her chair sitting across the candle lit table. She smiled at
him, “You look so handsome Rhys” she said. He smiled “and you look very
drop dead gorgeous” he told her. She blushed, “I suppose we should enjoy
this moment before we have to pretend to be people were not” he nodded “I
suppose so” he told her begingiong to eat his meal. She smiled lifting her
fork to eat when a tracking device still implanted in her head went off and
she cringed in pain dropping her fork. Her hands went to her head being the
only one who could hear the faint beeping. He looked at her “you alright
baby?” he asked concerned. She whimpered, “it‟s so loud” he got up and
rubbed her forehead “whats so loud?” She cried out, “the beeping… in my
head” she said. The first thought coming to him is that only explosives
beeped. He looked at her “we better get you to a doctor” he said paniced.
Picking her up into his arms. She laid her head against his chest as she
whimpered, “it‟s not stoping” she said hearing the engine of the shuttle turn
on. He got out onto the shuttle and took her to the doctors. They took her
away from him into a private room for jedi, the door closing as a nurse
advised him to contact her masters. He contacted master yoda who informed
the council while he stayed out side her room. About an hour or two later a
docter emerged to see Yoda along side Rhys, “Well the good news is it
wasn‟t a Explosive device… How we missed this is beyond me. It was a
tracking device that was enabled. Who ever put it there had just activated it
to find her.” Rhys looked at him “will she be alright?” He smiled, “Oh yeah
she‟ll be just fine, We used a new lazer to deactivate it, it‟s buried under her
temprel lobe so we aren‟t able to remove it without damaging the part that
stores usuful memories such as skills and what not. It‟s no longer any threat
to her. We also double check to make sure there weren‟t any other hidden
suprises, and there weren‟t.” Rhys nodded “well good how long until she
can get out of here” He smiled, “She‟s getting redressed now, maybe a few
minutes or so. She surprisingly didn‟t want any medications or put to sleep
for the procedure. It was no doubt painful but she seemed tranced and
unbothered.” Yoda nodded, “meditating to releave herself of pain.” Rhys
nodded “Well good” He nodded as Virgo appeared in the doorway behind
the docter. “rhys” she smiled at him. He smiled back to her as he got up and
went over to her. She hugged him tightly, “thank you” she whispered to him.
He hugged her back “well lets get back and salavage what we can of dinner”
She nodded, “master im sorry to have pulled you from your nightly
meditation” Yoda nodded “your health matters” She bowed to him, “I‟ll see
you in the morning master” she said as she and Rhys went back to the
shuttle. “Rhys.. you look pale” he looked at her “I am alright” She leaned
up against him, “You must have been so worried” he nodded “I was
worried” She held onto his arm as they flew back to Rhys‟ home. “He knows
where we are now” he nodded “I figured that we better get going out of here
and off this planet then” She shook her head, “We can‟t leave yet.. I have
meeting with the council first thing tomarrow morning… then we leave for
our mission the following day.” He nodded “alright then hopefully he wont
come too soon then” She looked up at him, “he‟d risk his life to come this
close to the temple, hundreds of jedi would swamp him.” He looked at her
“they could but Master Dale is only his first name I been going through
many things with my free time and it is possible Sabrehaven is his last name
making him a senator” She looked at him, “But then that would make him
your brother” She said looking at him. “You said you met him.. you fought
him… is his skills that of your brother?” he nodded “the light saber is very
similar to the types of swords we used to practice with” She sighed, “I don‟t
think that it‟s him, anyone could easily take that name and change their
appearance to be him.” He shrugged “but it is still possible Virgo”

“I will take this into consideration when I meet with the council tomarrow.
You‟ll be officially renstated as a Jedi Master, but you‟ll have to follow the
rules. That was the agreement” She said as they made it back and climbed
out of the shuttle. He got back into the place. She looked at the table, “I
really don‟t have much of an appetite now” he nodded “I know baby why
don‟t you go take a bath to relax” She nodded, “then join me” she said
holding her hand out to him. He nodded going with her for a bath. She got
the water just right and stripped off her clothes looking over her shoulder at
him before stepping into the large tub. He took off his clothes and got into
the tub with her. She slipped up against him in the water and wrapped her
arms around his shoulders. When I was laying there on the table wondering
if I was going to die… I focused my mind on you… and how much I longed
to live to have little Rhys‟ with you.” He nodded “Well maybe one day that
will happen” he told her “you still have 2 more years till your able to have
children safely” She nodded, “I know… a few months ago… I got
pregnant… I knew it wouldn‟t be safe… so… I miscarried very early into
it… for both our safety.” He nodded “well I am sorry that you had to loose
something you wanted” She shook her head, “I was honored that our childs
small life was going to contribute to the force.” He hugged her “well
alright” She laid her head back and smiled, “Soon we will have our
chance… even if we must tell the ministry its only padawan” he nodded
“that we will baby”

“What happened to the transmission?” Ravyn asked, “it stopped” Dale
looked at her “they terminated it but we know her location which is the
republic and knowing jedi she is stalling and wont leave for two days so we
have time” ravyn looked at him, “Why would she stall?” he looked at her
“has to go to council to approve her leaving then get supplies typical jedi
thing to do” She thought for a moment, “So they will let her go and hide…
so we wont be able to find her?” he looked at her “it will be easy to find her
There is a second tracking device on her ship it is set to go off once the first
one is deactivated had it attached to the core when her fools to save her left
the ship” She smiled, “you know you still have full communication with her.
I was thinking if I adjust the frequency of the wave, she‟ll be able to
commune back, even if she wont have anything polite to say” henodded
“well beautiful make the change since you came up with a great idea” She
smiled, “Already done I had a feeling you‟d want me to. Living with you for
a year makes you very predictable.” He smiled “well You‟re a smart girl
although a tad insultive I will let it slide this time since you did good” he
said “oh Virgo” he said communicating directly to her.

Virgo was up in the middle of the night getting some milk when she looked
around. “Who‟s there” she said softly. “its me Virgo I am coming to get
you” he told her. She recognized the voice. “Master… is that you?” he
nodded “yes it is me we are coming to retrieve you” She put her hands on
the counter, “Master… it‟s been horrible to live like this… im fnally getting
permission to leave.” He nodded “good we will be there in two days time to
pick you up so prepair your self wear something nice too so we can finish
your procedure”

“Master I‟m going to come to you… or they will know what I‟m up to…”
She said. He sighed “well fine then come to me we will meet you on Jask 5
and come alone” She spoke again, “master… I‟ve made another give into the
Dark side… he wishes to serve you as well.” He shook his head “only you
are to meet us there send them to Kilok station”

“What will come of him, he is a jedi, long denied further movement as a
jedi.” Dale looked at the screen “he will be given the test of obedience to
prove he is a worthy aspect for the sith” She nodded, “Yes master, and what
of me?” he sighed “you will have the procedure finished and become a sith
lord like you were destined to”

“Master must I have any more cybernetic parts implanted… I am already
ready to join you.. is it nessisary?” she asked not wanting to become
machine. He nodded “it is necessary the council has already deamed you
part of this project you are to become one of our cyborg warriors” She spoke
up, “then I will go to his lordship himself and ask to be spared the pain of
mechanical parts. He is already unhappy with you as It is” he looked at her
“unfortunately he is the one who wants you in this program you don‟t have a
choice” She shook her head, “that‟s where your wrong. On a secured wave
channel I spoke to him two nights past, he is most pleased I willingly
desided to join his force. He told me he would be most displeased if you or
your android forced any futher unessisary damage to me. If you wish to ask
him I can open a channel now” he looked at the screen “you lie he would
never say such thingts because no one is allowed talking to him not even the
high sith lords know where he is” She smiled, “Actually he finds me quiet
favorable. And you were the one he was originally going to pick as his
apprentice. I will meat you at the space station… alone. But do trust that I
have indeed spoken to his lordship. Don‟t believe me, contact him yourself.”
He growled cutting the connection now very pissed off. Ravyn looked at
him, “Um Dale.. I just.. uh tested that state ment… his lord ship seems angry
and wants to speak to you” she said moving aside to show the video
contection. “Master Dale” he said sounding angry. He sighed “yes
Master…” he said. His hood covered his eyes, “Your android allowed me to
hear most of that conversation. And your trying to go through with
something I no longer approve?” he sighed “well no one told me I was told
if I didn‟t go through with converting her my life would be forfeit by the
high sith lords Master”

“You also failed miserably to hold a single jedi in captivity. And she comes
to me willingly giving herself to the sith, and you know so little. Perhaps
answering when the Sith lords try to communicate with your sip would be
helpful.” He growled throwing his fist through the com screen. Ravyn
gulped, “I don‟t think he‟s going to be happy” she said him only having
taken out visual contact. “When she arrives I want all of you to come to
me… I think it‟s time you and I have.. a little chat Dale.” He said the
transmission cutting. Dale got up and left the cock pit throwing and breaking
stuff along the way. She followed him close behind moving broken things
aside so he wouldn‟t trip over them later. “Dale” she said rushing after him.
He looked at her “WHAT!” She stopped looking up at him, “I was just going
to ask you if you wanted some nookie to calm you down.” He looked at her
“yes now get naked and suck me off”

the following morning Virgo had gotten up early and put on her jedi robes
and went to the temple where she met Yoda at the doors. “Good morning
Master Yoda” he nodded “good morning” he said entering the council room
as all the other were already gathered in their seats. She took her place in the
middle of th circle. “Last night the Sith Lord Dale made contact with me…
he took the bait as predicted.” One of the other masters nodded “this is good
they will accept you better this way” She nodded, “I fell confident in my
abilities, and I‟m ready for anything you have to say” Yoda nodded “this is
good you mission will be successful” she nodded, “Thank you Master.” She
said as Master Fin spoke up, “Are you prepared to be scanned for your skills
and abilities? To see if you are worthy or ready to become a High Jedi and a
member of this council.” She nodded at him, “Yes as ready as ever master”
They all went into meditation. She closed her eyes literally feeling her body
tingle. “All those in favor” Fin said raising his hand. The rest raised their
hands as well Yoda nodded “then let it be so” She nodded, “Welcome to the
council high master Virgo. You are the youngest to ever become a member
of this council and the first woman to reach this position” he said motioning
to sit. She moved to her chair and took a seat. “Master Virgo, what did the
Sith lord speak to you about?” Lore asked. “He thought he was contacting
me for the first time since I was abducted. I easily fooled him saying I
willing gave myself to the Dark Side. He didn‟t believe that I had spoken to
the Sith Leader, but you all know the connection was established and over
all the Sith lord Dale seemed very upset he was not going to be able to turn
me into another cybrog.” Yoda nodded “good the deception is in place but
tread carefully around this sith lord Dale” She nodded, “Yes master, I have
prepared quiet time alone to meditate and keep my head clear. I am ready for
this mission, and I will bring my comunticator to still take part in council
meetings. Fear not, I will be leaving in the morning to begin this mission.”
Yoda nodded “good luck Master Virgo” She nodded, “thank you all” She
said as they stood as she did as well. “May the force be with you” she said as
Yoda adjurened the meeting and escorted her to her shuttle. “When I return I
will have more then enough information about the Sith for the jedi.” She
said before boarding her shuttle and returned to Rhys‟ home. “I‟m back” she
called for him. Rhys was still in bed not used to waking up early like her.
She was pulling off her robes to hot to stand it anymore and was nearly in
her underwear when she came into their bedroom. “Welcome back Master
Rhys.” She said to him. He nodded looking at her “welcome back to bed
Mrs Xanthus” She smiled crawling onto the bed with him and flopped down
beside him, “She smiled, “your looking at High Master Mrs. Xanthus” he
wrapped an arm around her slidding a hand into her panties “well I am
happy for you High master” She blushed and giggled, “Someone is in a good
mood” he nodded “of course I am whens the last time you got out of bed
and came and crawled back in an hour later” She smiled at him, “it‟s been a
very long time” she said slipping under the blankets. He cuddled up next to
her before rolling over top of her and pinning her down. She gasped softly
and smiled, “Your getting yourself in trouble Mr. Xanthus” she teased. He
smiled “as long as the Mrs. Doesn‟t find out I should be fine” he told her
sliping her thong aside as she could feel his man hood rubbing up against
hers. She whimpered softly, “I am the mrs. And a powerful jedi” She
smirked. “that‟s why your going to lay there and take it” he said forcing
himself inside her.

She cried out as her back arched slightly and laid back her head. He thrusted
back and forth inside her his hands holding hers above her head. Her breasts
bounced as she moaned deeply, her legs raised slightly. He moaneds as well
her tight pussy holding him snuggly while he moved back and forth inside
her. She looked up at him, “It feels so good Rhys” she said. He moaned “I
knew you would like it” She moaned as her body rocked under him, “More”
she moaned. He started moving harder and faster the bed thudding hard
against the wall. They heard Scorpio pounding on the wall for them to keep
it down. “That‟s disgusting!” they heard him yell as Virgo cried out louder.
Rhys moaned louder as well thrusting harder into Virgo. She blushed as she
let out a high pitched moan as her insided clenched him hard and her mouth
fell open. He moaned cumming with her. She gasped as she trembled under
him, “Still as amazing as I remember” he held onto her “well I am glad you
think so” She got him to let go of her hands and she slipped them around his
shoulders, pressing her lips against his. He kissed her back. She smiled
stroking his hair, “Your so brave rhys.. I hope I have the same bravery
tomarrow” he looked at her “why am I so brave?” She smiled, “you came to
my rescue.. and stay so strong.. even when I was hurt” he shrugged “I guess
so I just do what comes natural” She nodded holding herself close to him. “I
love you” she said kissing his nose.” He smiled “I love you too baby”

The next Day Dale found ravyn laughing at the jokes of some poor merchant
who seemed to think he was hot stuff. Dale walked over “what are you
laughing at?” he asked her. She smiled, “this merchant has the funniest
jokes” he smiled nudging Dale, “I think she thinks im hot” Dale put his
hand on the mans face and threw him through a window with a simple arm
thrust. Ravyn erupted into more laughter as the others gasped backing away.
Dale smiled “Well least you know is what is even funnier” She took hold of
his arm, “I love it when you hurt guys who are full of themselves” she said
looking up. “Look there she is” she pointed as Virgo and Rhys went to the
bar dressed in black cloaks. He looked at her “do you want to go in after
them or leave them since I don‟t want to get in any more trouble” She
looked at Dale, “You know we are supposed to meet them here” she said. He
sighed “fine lets go” he said pulling his hood up over his head and leading
the way into the Tavern. Virgo looked over at Rhys, “Show time.” She
whispered. Dale sat down at the table pulling Ravyn down onto his lap.
“Your late” Virgo said tilting her head slightly to look at Dale. He waved
his hand “I am allowed to take my time bitch now show your companions
face if you please” She nodded, “You heard your new lord do as he wishes”
she said to Rhys. He removed his hood “Ah you I see Decided to switch
sides after I kicked your ass did we?” Rhys looked at him not saying any
thing. Virgo looked from Rhys to Dale, “Are we going to sit here and
dwindle on the past or go?” Ravyn give them the coordinates of the ship” he
said fondling her openly infront of Virgo. She took them, “the Sith leader
requests us to join you on your ship” she said. Rhys nodded gtting on board
as Dale eventually arrived on board. Virgo looked at Ravyn, “So nice to see
you again” she said as Ravyn smirked, “Why because your envious of my
looks” she said. Virgo grinned, “No because now I can easily throw up the
meal I ate.” She said. Dale looked at her “quit you do not insult my

She turned torwards Dale and pulled her hood back, “and you do not give
orders to the sith leaders new apprentice” she said in a gruff voice. He
looked at her “on my ship I do now get into your quarters and shut up” he
said. She stepped up to him and looked up at him, “Keep your tone down
Dale.” She said as Ravyn shot a nasty remark at her, “Why? Are you
afraid?” she smirked. Virgo simply smiled, “No but your boyfriend should
be if he looks at your naked ass every night” she said pushing past her. “The
way it works Ravyn you keep your mouth shut and I‟ll keep mine shut” Dale
used the force hitting Virgo back his anger was uncontrollable „I am still
much stronger then you in the force Virgo so you watch your tone while on
my ship” She hit the wall as she threw her hand out sending him flying back
just as hard. He flew backwards but managed to stop himself just before
hitting the wall proving that he was stronger. She turned taking her cloak off
wearing a lot less then Ravyn who growled, “your not the only one who can
show off that much skin!” she yelled seemingly upset. Dale looked at them
as Rhys drew his light sabers Dale waved his hand as he was instantly
disarmed and another force bolt threw them into their room and locked the
door “Stupid Jedi” Dale grumbled “too cocky for their own good” Ravyn
slapped him hard, “Shame on you for looking at her like that” she said
storming into their bedroom, practically taring off her clothes, struggling
some since she was so fustrated. He walked into the bed room looking at
her “I didn„t even look at her she pisses me off more then you do” She
turned, “can‟t you smell it!! She‟s practically in heat like some wild animal,
I read this is what happens in the 24 hours it happens” she said throwing her
dress at him. He caught it “so your all horney some how?” She growled at
him, “NO!! Im trying to find an outfit that is a lot shorter then hers!” she
said ripping through her closet. He looked at her “you could always wear
that bikini you did when we had a vacation on the beach” She flipped him
off, “this isn‟t about you this is about me!” she said growling, “Why is
everything I own leather!” he looked at her “because you look a 100x better
then she ever would in leather” She growled, “don‟t you have duties on the
ship somewhere!” She said. He shook his head “nope not really I would
rather watch you your sexy when your angry” She went to the replicators to
scan for new outfits.

Later around dinner virgo stepped onto the bridge as Ravyn turned her head
away wearing a new outfit. “Nice outfit” Virgo said as Ravyn snapped,
“Yeah that‟s because you can‟t have it” Dale smiled as he sat back eating.
“You have a huge chunk of garlic in your teeth” she said as ravyn slapped a
hand over her mouth and ran into the washroom slamming the door. Dale
looked as Ravyn ran by Rhys shook his head and only uttered “meow” virgo
smirked at Rhys, “for your information sqabbiling with the initellegent is
such a waste of time” he looked at her “so you Squalble with those you
think are less intelligent” he said as Dale shot them a dirty look. She smiled,
“It‟s amuzing for a while.” She said. “Besides, someone as attractive as
yourself should find real women not just create one.” She said taking a glass
of water from Rhys. “Take Rhys for example, very handsome, and no one
needed to make him the perfect woman. He‟s capable of finding them
himself.” She said calmly. Dale growled getting up from the table throwing
his meal across the room and going after Ravyn. Ravyn was in the
washroom brushing her teeth. He came in behind her and grabbed her ass
“you can‟t have any thing in your teeth because you don‟t eat real food
baby” She looked at him, “I don‟t care” she said spitting into the sink and
then turned torwards him, “She likes you… other women aren‟t aloud to like
you” he looked at her “she is toying with you she think it‟s a game I can not
stand her ego it is too big for her own good”

“it‟s not nearly as big as yours” she said. He looked at her “you talking
about my penis or my ego?” She looked at him, “Your ego” She said dryly.
He looked into her eyes “”you‟re the only woman for me baby” She grunted,
“Well I‟m off limits” she said getting a towel. He looked at her “and why
are you off limits?” She looked back at him, “How many times do I have to
remind you?” he shrugged “2million five hundred and fifty three times” She
put her hands on her hip, “Because im pregnant” she said wiping her face.
He looked at her “anal sex doesn‟t hurt the baby” She grumbed “No” he
reached up under her shirt fondling her breasts “ah not even a nice blow job
for me Every time I see you in skimpy outfits like this it makes me rock
hard” She pulled away from him, “I have things to do” she said opening the
door and stepped out. “Hey Rhys ever play wash all the windows on the
ship?” Rhys looked at her funny “huh?” She tossed a towel at him, “First
part of your training is washing all the windows on this ship. And there are
3000 of them” he looked at it “And this is training how?” She put her hands
on her hips, “don‟t question me” She said. He sighed walking away and in a
few minutes she saw the auto washer cleaning the windows. Virgo‟s ears
twitched when ravyn started screaming at him for being lazy. He looked at
her “sith training congradulates people who find short cuts” he simply told
her walking away. Virgo shook her head as she looked over all the controls
on Dale‟s bridge, when he caught her in there by herself. Ravyn still yelling
at Rhys could be heard on all levels of the ship. “get away from those
controls” he yelled at her. She turned looking at him, “I haven‟t touched
anything, mearly admiring the quality the maker put into such a ship. Who
ever designed it was a genius” he looked at her rolling his eyes under his
hood “ryuujin technology is always better then most”
“I suppose it‟s why to chose such a ship. I‟d like to formally appolgise for
insulting Ravyn earlier. The ride to the Space station was rather
uncomfortable compaired to this one. She‟s part Nerya isn‟t she?” he
nodded “yes she is” he said not trusting her at all but not acting like it in the
least. She turned looking out the window, “When I returned back to the
republic… they said I was to unstable to go any further in Jedi training. I
spent my whole life working my ass off and you screwed it all up. But then
Master… he came in holographic form, and told me that I could reach higher
levels then I could ever as a Jedi, and now I am here” he yawned “so I am
doing my job I never kidnapped you or choose you for this program Kead
did I am only following orders”

She smirked, „Exactly” she said. “That‟s all we are.. just pawns in a bigger
plan” he smiled “you are the pawn I am no ones pawn” She turned slowly,
“Really? Then why aren‟t you at your masters side then?” he looked at her
“I am my own master I am a sith lord not an apprenetice like you are” She
nodded, “for now, I do suppose I should be a better apperentice and actually
take orders. What tasks shall you have me do My lord” he looked at her “go
clean the toielets by hand I want them extremely clean” She smiled, “Shall I
run this by Master then? I‟m sure he‟d have a thing or two to say about such
foolishness.” He nodded “go ahead if you want to waste his time you get to
use the force to do menial tasks that‟s what I am here to make sure your still
in touch with the force”

She smiled, “I am completely in touch with the force, but I want to learn
bigger things, that‟s your job isn‟t it? To teach both Rhys and I?” he looked
at her “I am not your master just your transporter I Am to give you menial
tasks to do to make you way on the journey so go clean the toilets and I may
show you bigger things” She approached him slowly, before walking around
him ignoring him. He turned around and fired an electrical bolt at her not
very strong just to give her slight pain. She turned throwing her hand out her
palm absorbing his power. He shrugged “your too much of a jedi to be sith
your not giving into anger” She lowered her hand, “If I got any more angry
I‟d pull Ravyn apart a piece at a time.” He walked by her “I seriously doubt
that because if you did damage her in the slightest I would kill you masters
approval or not and I would enjoy doing it I would drink your blood eat your
flesh, and chew your heart” he said before walking out of the room. She
followed him right behind. “Really, is that what you did to your family. No
one ever asks for these jobs Dale.” He looked at her “yes I did do that to my
mother and father and enjoyed every second of it”
She stopped, “Computer clean all tolitries on board” she said before turning
away from him. He stopped and softly clapped “about damn time you did it
Sith training isn‟t as annoying as Jedi training we let our apprentices have
egos and if they do those menial chores we tell them in builds up in anger
which is what we want” She stopped, “That‟s why your hear… to teach me
what the Jedi would never approve” she said closing her eyes keeping anger
from her heart. “Anything else?” he shrugged “no just stay away from
Ravyn because I will hurt you or kill you if you damage her in the slightest”
She lifted her head, “I had no intention of harming a woman with child.” He
nodded “good and keep it that way” he said going back to his room.

Virgo when to the Rhys room and crawled onto the bed. “Wow this sith stuff
is stupid” she said softly. He nodded “it is easier then jedi training because
its all about releasing anger hate and jealousy” She laid back, “We must not
speak of it” she said looking up at the ceiling. “I wonder what Scorpio is
doing” Rhys shrugged “probly in his under wear lip singing his favorite song
like he usually does” She smiled, “I‟ve never seen him do that” She said
looking over at Rhys. Rhys shivered “you wouldn‟t want to its very nasty”
She laughed, “That‟s because you‟re a guy. Scorpio just needs to settle
down, and she‟ll have him under her thumb before you can say whiplash.”
Rhys nodded “he would have to find a woman for that” She smiled,
“Eventually he will” She said as Ravyn stood by a moniter in the bedroom
watching them. “Ugh they are so boring” Dale looked at them “why you
want to watch them have sex?” he asked her teasing her. She threw a shoe at
him, “Your so gross, you can obviously tell they don‟t even like each other
like that” she said. He shook his head “you‟re the most gullible woman in
the world They are different then us they probably express their nasty
feelings other ways she had to convince him to join the dark side some how”
She grumbled, “She is talking about some guy named scorpio now that‟s a
sexy name” he looked at her “you think that‟s sexy its her brothers name I
looked up her file” She smiled, “I wonder if he‟s good looking” she said
listening to the conversation through an ear piece. Dale typed up a few
commands as a picture of scoprio came on the monitor “that‟s what he looks
like” She smiled, “Last Nerya in space, fetch me a dream” she said
mockingly. Dale took it off the monitor and laid back in bed. She leaned her
head in her hands watching the monitor. “hat Rhys guy doesn‟t even listen to
me…” Dale nodded “obviously he knew something about Sith training”
“Well that bitch is fresh off the Jedi block.” Ravyn said. “I don‟t like the
way she looks at you.” He looked at her “I don‟t like her in general she is
too high and mighty thinking she is too good for this training” She shrugged,
“She‟s strong it‟s easy to see why the Sith want her so bad.” She said. “ugh
shes talking about you” he looked at her “what is she saying?” She tossed
him the ear piece to listen. He took the ear piece listening in on. “He seems
to think I have a big ego” she said to Rhys. Rhys looked at her “you do have
a big ego” She smiled, “Well unlike Ravyn it‟s never been beaten out of
me.” She said and looked over at him. “At least it‟s a lot nicer living with
them then it was at the temple. I couldn‟t sneeze without them telling me I
was being over emotional.” He nodded “yes a lot better then being around
preachy Jedi‟s” She shivered, “ehhhh More like sabers up their asses” he
nodded “yah it was like that always walking funny” She laughed, “Dales
not as bad. Better then most the master‟s I‟ve had. Very insightful… oh well
night” she said, “computer lights off” she said as it went dark and Ravyn
stood up. Dale tossed the ear piece aside “there happy they sleep in the
same bed” She looked at him, “There is only one bed in there and you didn‟t
give them separate rooms” he shrugged “didn‟t see any reason too” he said
patting the bed beside him “come on baby slip on your night gown and come
to bed” She crossed her arms, “I‟m still mad at you” she said. “come on its
good for you and our child to be comfortable in bed” She turned looking at
him, “it can‟t get much more comfortable in my stomach” she said dryly.
He looked at her “the baby is comfortable when you are comfortable” She
looked away turning off the monitor. “Your just trying to act nice to get me
in bed so you can rape my ass.” He sighed “I wont rape your ass if you
don‟t want me too” She nodded, “Good, because that‟s not comfortable at
all. And Im sure you don‟t want your baby being uncomfortable.” He sighed
“fine” she stood up and went over to the bed, “get used to it. It‟s going to be
a long 3 months for you” he sighed “Alright….”

The next Day Virgo slumped down in a chair, “Rhys get me some coffee”
she grumbled with a yawn, Ravyn seeming unusually peppy in the morning.
Rhys grumbled going over and grabbing a coffee pot and a cup and filling
her a cup handing it to her. She took it and leaned on the table, “I‟m not used
to sleeping in.. it makes me feel even more drowsy” she said. Ravyn was
cooking bacon for Dale so he‟d have food when he got up. “No more rise in
shine, but it is going to be a long day” Rhys looked at her “well that sucks,
but least your cooking smells good” Ravyn looked at him, “it‟s not for you”
he nodded “too bad I would kill for some tasty bacon cooked by some
hottie” Virgo sipped her coffee, both her and Rhys having a long talk about
how they should ask long before they arrived. “I suppose I could throw some
more on for you since you put it like that” he smiled “well I would
appricated that beautiful” She got some more bacon out and tossed it into the
frying pan. Virgo yawned, “I suppose it‟s a good thing I don‟t eat” Rhys
looked at her “bacon is too good to waste on you any how” he said. Ravyn
grinned, “here here” she said putting some bacon in front of Rhys. “You
remind me so much of Dale” she said as Virgo looked at her, “very funny…
so Rhys how did you sleep last night” he looked at her “very good actual;ly
considering the circumstances” he said eating some bacon as Dale
eventually came in and went straight to the coffee getting himself a cup and
drinking it down quickly. “why did you set my alarm for 11am Ravyn” he
said slightly disturbed. She smiled, “Thought you could use more sleep” she
said putting bacon on a plate for him and held it out to him. “Good morning”
virgo said to him. He yawned waving “yay yay” to Virgo as he kissed
Ravyn and started eating his breakfast. Ravyn looked at Virgo, “you cook?”
She asked, as Virgo nodded, “Yes, and very well right Rhys?” He looked at
her “you burnt my cearal” She laughed, “Are you sure your not talking about
the time you put your shoes in the microwave and thought I made fudge
when you found it” helooked t her “why did you cook my shoe in the
microwave in the first place, and it did taste better then your lassanga” She
punched him in the shoulder, “your such a bad lier. Your just trying to
impress the girl with green hair” she said as Ravyn actually smiled at that
comment. “Why I made him bacon” she said. Rhys looked at Virgo “you‟re
the one bragging about being able to cook trying to Impress Dale since you
sw how he treated Ravyn when she cooked him a good meal”

“Well if she was trying so hard why did she make you more bacon then
dale?” she asked as Ravyn looked at the plates. “What do ya know I did” she
laughed. Dale looked up at them both then t his plates “this is the amount I
always eat now you children stop fightingI am sure if I complemented her so
many times like jack ass over there did I would have gotten more too but I
am not in the mood so children stop your squabiling or mommy and daddy
will have to spank you” Virgo laughed, as ravyn put her hand on her hip and
hit Dale with her spatula, “I knew you‟d say that, it‟s why I burnt yours” she
said turning her back to him. “Rhys would you like something to drink?”
Dale reached over and grabbed her ass as Rhys shook his head “no I am
alright” She glared at Dale, “Stop being rude to company” she said to him.
“Or I wont cook for you anymore. You can just starve” he pouted doing the
cute face he knew she could never say no to. She glared at him, “Humph”
she said putting the spatula in the sink. “I‟m going to get my own breakfast”
she said stepping out of the room. Virgo just sipped from her coffee. Dale
looked at Virgo “training today wqill be using the force to move cargo
around in my cargo bay as it needs to be reorganized and the weight should
be enough to test the power of the force in you” Virgo held onto her cup,
“Sounds fun” she said looking at Rhys, “I bet you a thousand credit I‟ll
woop your ass in it” Dale shook his finger “no that‟s your training Virgo
Ravyn does his training because not as much is expected from him you‟re
the high masters favorite.”

She snapped her fingers, “Ah well he didn‟t have that much anyway” she
said her foot rubbing against Rhys. “Better get started Rhys, of and if Ravyn
has twins and one looks like you I wouldn‟t be surprised” he nodded patting
her thigh and getting up leaving and looking for ravyn. Virgo shook her head
and looked at his bacon, “Do you want fresh bacon, that looks like what my
brother makes” he shook his head “no I am fine” he said eating the rest of it.
She nodded, using the force to bring her the coffee pot and poured herself
more coffee. “you didn‟t seem happy to sleep in” he looked at her “I usually
sleep till 2” She looked a bit surprised, “wow that‟s late. I don‟t think I‟ve
ever slept that long.” He looked at her “you should try it now lets get to
your training” he said taking the coffee pot along. She got up and followed
him, dressed in what looked like a tiee on bikini bottom and a low cut tabard
with a small sash around her waist. He pointed at the hug boxes “I want
them in alphabetical order” he said sitting in a chair with his feet up. She
nodded, “Computer please shine lights on all crates that begin with A” she
said as all lights went out and one by one the lights came on shinning on a
particular crate. She waved her hands around grouping all the crates together
by alphabet, before stacking them in order and finishing in less then 15
minutes. He yawned “you finally done?‟ he asked her. She looked at them,
“You have almost two dozen crates in each letter of the alphabet. I ordered
them in alphabetical order, and also by size and weight, along with most
important contents” he nodded “ah well they are all the same thing just with
different labels on them all Energy ores for Ravyn” he said the pot of coffee
almost empty “now for your next training light saber combat ”he said taking
out his huge bastard sword light saber and igniting it. She pulled for hers at
her side ignighting her duel purple sabers. The color strange to him because
only the high masters ever used the color, and lesser jedi wenr‟t supposed to.
He didn‟t care for to long attacking her ferociously his speed was almost as
fast as Rhys but his heavier swings evened up for it with ease making it hard
for her to parry such a huge weapon. She was fast, and her movements
where gracious and smooth. His sword only managed to cut into her clothing
with her quick movements. She twirled her sabers up ignighting the ones
underneath as it cut the side of his shirt. He twirled his sword around
blocking her blade once more putting his foot hard on the ground as he force
jumped high into the air landing high up in the cargo room rafters. She used
the force to push off the crates leaping from one to another before slashing
out at him, her sabers spinning so fast it was as if he was trying to parry four
sabers instead of two. He swung his sword infront of him letting the huge
energy blade take the blows but it was hard fopr him to build an offensive
with so many light saber blades attacking him. She jumped back flipping
down to the floor once more turning off one of the sabers and putting it away
to even out the fairness. He jumped from the ceiling hammering his sword
down to the ground as the force created impact waves shaking every thing
around him. She jumped up using the force to suspend herself there
momentarily before attacking him again. His sword parried her bladedeftly
and skillfully letting her take the offense. She was fast, and before either of
them knew it she had her saber to his neck but knew he had hers paused at
her mid section. He looked at her turning hi saber off “a draw now go clean
your self up its time for a break” She twieled her blade around and turned it
off slipping it into it‟s loop. “Yes sir” she said. He went back to his own
room to clean up. She didn‟t need to shower, barely breaking a sweat she
went to the kitchen to get herself some water. She was alone in the kitchen
as Dale was in his own room changing and showering, Rhys was off training
with Ravyn.

Virgo sat up on the kitchen counter and looked around as she held onto her
glass, “Computer drop kitchen temperature by 30 degrees” the computer
complied cooling the room down for her. She sighed, “that‟s better” she said
before thinking, “Oh Dale your break is running out of time” Dale was
laying in bed relaxing after his shower as he hated training some one else
and he was making up excuses not to do it. She eventually came looking for
him kicking his door, “anyone awake in there” he shook his head “only us
not wanting to be awake” She put her hands on her hips, “Are breaks like
full days to you” she said through the door. He sighed “weeks actually” She
hit the button to open the door and she stepped in, “So your lazy?” he
nodded “one of the perks of being sith you should try it one day, but for
training you have to get in touch with your anger think back to the thing that
hurt the most in your life and live through that experience over and over
again and tell me what emotions you feel and how you enjoy them” She
stood there looking at him, “There isn‟t just one there are many. Like how a
explosion killed my parents, Thinking my brother was dead, The death of
my master, two of them actually. Finding my brother again and then being
betrayed, then denied by ones I tried so hard to impress. Being abducted,
having wires shoved through my brain…” She said. “Shall I continue?” he
looked at her like a therapist “but how did that all make you feel inside” She
looked at the ceiling, “Suisidal… depressed” he looked at her “where is all
the anger and hatred inside you a sith warrior needs that” She looked at him,
“inside me… I just have a harder time showing it” he looked at her “you are
like a jedi pretending to be Sith a sith has to be one with their anger”

“Im not anything currently, that‟s why Im here. To find who I am…” she
said noticing the monitor of the room she slept in. “You have a camera in
my room?” he looked at her “you woul have one inmine if I was on your
ship, but if you don‟t know what you want to be then you are wasting my
time I will not train you any further” She turned looking at him, “I never
said I didn‟t know what I wanted to be. I want to be a fighter damn it” she
said yelling at him looking pissed off. He looked at her “you could have
been a Jedi still or a mercenary plenty of people looking for those so far I
see no reason to train you in arts of the sith”

“Because this is all I want to do Damn it. What the fuck else do you want me
to say?” he looked at her “that‟s what I wanted you to say your not full of
anger or negative emotions So go figure out those emotions until then there
is nothing I can train you but the desire is there” She lifted her head walking
out of his room and went down to her own hoping Ravyn was leaving Rhys
alone. Rhys got back into the room and sat down on the bed. She looked
over at him, “What did you do all day?” he shrugged “not much just her
making me do menial chores really all boring stuff” She sighed, “I had to
reorder cargo and then fight” she saidh putting her hands behind her head.
He nodded “not much training is there” he said with a sigh laying down
beside her. She shoot her head glancing at the hidden cam, “they have a
camera in here” he nodded “I know Ravyn talks a lot” She chuckled, “She‟s
not very bright, I suppose she would download more information” he
nodded “you can never have enough information” She shrugged, “I‟m fairly
smart” she said looking over at him. He nodded looking over at her “that you

She sighed slightly and nudged him, “What you want to do?” he shrugged
nudging her back “I don‟t know what do you wanna do” She smiled at him,
“There isn‟t a whole lot to do as a Sith is there” he shrugged “not really no”
She rolled onto her side her back to him, stretching out. He rolled over
putting his arm around her. She looked over her shoulder at him and
whispered so only he could hear, “I miss you so” he nipped at her ear and
whispered back “I miss you too” She blushed lightly nuzzling back against
him. He moved his hand around under her tunic. She whimpered slightly, “I
cant…” she said acting, having the feeling Ravyn and Dale where
wondering what they where doing. He slowly pulled her tunic up fondling
her breasts. She bit her lip giving in as ravyn sat back looking at the monitor.
“What are they doing” she said not really being able to tell. He held onto
her close slipping his other into her panties rubbing her pussy while he
leaned in and kissed her deeply. Virgo moaned deeply as she closed her eyes
and moved onto her back, pulling the blankets over them. Ravyn looked
over at dale on their bed. “Well I can tell you one thing dale” she said. He
looked at her “whats that” wile Ravyn saw Rhys pull off Virgos panties from
under the blankets and toss them across the room. She growled at the
monitor, “Any suspicion that they where spies just went out the window”
she said clenching her fists. Dale looked at her “And why do you say that?”
She grit her teeth, “They are having sex” she said seeing Rhys move over
top Virgo their bodies moving together under the blankets. Dale nodded
“Well then I guess they are not spies” She nodded slowly, “No jedi would
ever do that… they don‟t even like it” she said growing before chucking the
monitor across the room. “That bastard”

 He looked at her “why are you attached to Rhys?” She growled, “He spent
the whole day complementing me and putting that pink haired floosy down
and when I advance he puts his head in a toilet and then later he‟s all over
her like sugar on tomatos. He doesn‟t even like her and yet hes doing it with
her!!” she said sounding furious. Dale looked at her “probably because he
knows he can‟t do it with you because I would kill him if he touched you in
that way” She grumbled, “I mean… shes not even… oh who the fuck am I
kidding she‟s so much better looking then me… she doesn‟t have giant
chunks of metal coming out of her skin or neck…” he got up and sat her on
his lap “come on baby your way more sexy then she is” he said playing with
her hair. She looked at him, “Dnt lie to me… I don‟t look anything like I
should. Her skin color is all the same… ever part f me is a different
shade…” he sighed holding her “well isn‟t the main thing is that I till find
you beautiful?” She looked up at him, “you would have said that to her too if
she had been completed like I was.” He looked at her “you‟re my favorite
and I am sure our little girl will be just as beautiful as you” he said rubbing
her stomache. She laid her head on his shoulder, “It‟s a boy” she said
glancing up at him. He looked at her “a boy…. Huh” She nodded, “Yes
Dale… a boy, I have the ability to find out. At first I was letting the
chomizones deside, and it‟s a boy.” He nodded “well alright then I was
hoping for a girl” She sighed, “I know… but next time I‟ll make it a girl
okay?” She asked tilting her head. He nodded “well alright since you have
your heart set on having a boy” She looked at him, “You want me to destroy
him don‟t you…” he shook his head “no I don‟t” She laid back in his arms,
“You want virgo too, I know you do.” She said not seeming sad or upset
about it. He shrugged “just alittle but I want you more I just can‟t have you
right now” She nodded, “I understand, you have needs and I can‟t give them
to you.” He sighed holding her in his arms “its why I wanted a little girl
with you so if you were unable to full fill my needs she could do it for you
and she would look a lot like you too” She looked at him, “you would do
that to my child… I knew you where evil but not that evil” She looked at
him, “If my son had needs would you give him me to fufill them?” he shook
his head “he can find his own women, and wouldn‟t you want your daughter
to have the best?” She got up off his lap, “She can find her own man… you
greedy son of a bitch” she said walking to the door. He laid down on the
bed “Well fine I wont do that to her then” She turned looking back at him,
“Im going to go bardge in on Rhys and virgo” he looked at her “if that‟s
what you want to do go ahead I will be right here if you need me” She threw
a vase at him, “Im getting you your oh so precious virgo” she said stepping
out and went down the hall forcing the door open as Virgo gasped pulling
the blankets around herself as Ravyn looked in on them, “Virgo Dale wants
to see you. Now” Rhys looked at her “he can wait we are busy” She crossed
her arms, “then finish” she said. Dale heard a loud thud out in the hall. Dale
got up to see what the loud thud was. Ravyn was on her ass against the wall
on the floor. She was rubbing the back of her head. He looked at her “they
threw you out didn‟t they” She groaned, “Stupid force… WHEN I LEARN
through the closed door. He helped her up to her feet dusting her off with
his hand “come on baby lets go cuddle” She pulled away from him, “I
haven‟t brought you virgo yet” he looked at her “well I want you now even
if we can‟t do any thing” She nodded, “Oh so now you change your mind.
First you want her then you want me.” She said following him into their
bedroom. “then fine” she said laying down.

The next day Dale found himself waking up as he was being tossed onto the
floor out of his bed. Dale sat up looking at her. He found virgo looming
over him having tipped his bed to roll him out, “it‟s 4 pm” he looked at her
“fine I will get dressed” he said getting up and dressing. “Rhys gets to train
all day but I get to sit around on my ass” She said putting her hands on her
hips. He l;ooked at her “Well you boost on how strong you are then how
can I make you any stronger” She nudged him with her boot, “Its not a
matter of strength it‟s a matter on teaching me to use my anger” she said
seemingly angry as it was. He went out to the cargo bay with her as he rose
his hand “the way to use sith electricity is to focus all your hate and anger
into your hand and push it out at your opponent try it” She looked at him, “I
don‟t understand is it even nessisary?” he nodded “it‟s a siths special
weapon the negative side of the force or are you too afraid to try” She
looked at him, “Im not afraid I just don‟t know if I can handle something
like that yet” she said holding her hands all wrong even her hips being out of
place. Her legs placed wrong and her shoulders un leveled. He looked at her
“Well it‟s the next step to training woman you have to learn it if you ever
expect to be a sith lord” She grunted, “then can you at least get me some
coffee or water I need the energy” she said closing her eyes telling her heart
and soul not to give in. he sighed as he left the room to go to the kitchen to
get her some. She took some deep breaths, „there has to be a way to pull this
off without actually giving into the dark side‟ she thought to herself. He
soon came back with some water for her “here you go, maybe you should
remove some of your clothing so you can channel better” She drank down
all the water and used to force to set the glass aside. She took off the trench
like vest she was wearing still taking stance all wrong, her arms, and legs
still out of place, and her hips to far to one side. “like this?” he pushed her
legs apart more and moved her arm up standing very close to her “no like
this” She looked back at him as he adjusted her stance, Her back still not
straight as she looked over how she was currently. He put his hand on her
stomach and on her back straightening her out. “this is very uncomfortable”
she said. He kept his hand on her stomache “now focus on your anger” She
took some deep breaths hiding her meditational state very well. “it‟s hard”
he looked at her “Well you have to be able to do this or you will never
becomne more then an apprentice” She leaned back slightly wondering if
she could channel the good the same way the dark side channeled anger. She
pondered this though for a moment and then attempted it, a small spark
appearing meaning she had to consintrate harder. He looked at her
“concentrate harder.” She bit down on her lip thinking of all the happiest
moments in her life, forcing another electrical wave only bigger, and the the
bolts the same color as her hair, falling back after a moment the energy
sending her body tempature sky high. He looked at her “usually the
lightening is blue now lets see if you can hit a target” he said pointing at a
huge crate across the room. She gasped slightly taking a deep breath. “I
think I forced a color change…” she said taking the stance again still slightly
off. Her arms to igh and leaning to far forward. He moved behind her
placing his hand on her ass and strainging her up once more “this way” he
said grabbing her hand and fixing it. She looked across the room at the target
he wanted her to hit. She thought about how happy she felt when she and
Rhys made love and of their wedding, this time the bolts coming sooner as
she hit the corner of the target, this time the bolt was white. He looked at
her “Why do your bolts keep changing colors its like your doing it wrong
but getting the same effect” She looked back at him, “When it happens my
mind thinks of a random color and it changes.” She sighed, “I‟ll try again”
she said trying to take stance again, this time only her legs out of place. He
moved down to his hands and knees as she felt his fingers rubbing up her
legs as he put them back in place once more. She took a deep breath literally
bringing the bolt as soon as he got her into position this time hitting the
target, the bolts the blue color it should have been, the box exploding when
it was hit, Virgo using her most powerful happy memory. “Did I do it” she
said before caughing from the dust in the air. He nodded “you certainly
did” he said covering his face. She used her hand to fan away the dust until it
settled, “What‟s next” he looked at her “just to master your stance until you
can do it at will” She nodded, “The stance is hard because it puts a lot of
pressure on my joints” she said failing to take it again. This time he moved
her into it she could feel his hand brush up against her crotch “well until you
master this stance you can‟t really be able to use it any other way. She
attempted not to turn and deck him, “Whatch where your hands go” she said
turning slightly messing up the stance. He fixed her again as she felt him do
it again “you gotta learn how to do it with out distraction”

She felt light headed from over heating bringing a hand to her head. My
body heat sores every time I use this attack…” he looked sat her “well you
better go take a cold shower to go cool down” She dropped down onto her
knees and then sat against the cold floor, pressing her palms against it. “the
floor feels so good” she said. He looked down at her watching her on the
floor. She laid out on the floor letting it absorb her body heat. “I cant hear
anything through the floor… must be a sound proof bay” he nodded it is
very sound proof” She rolled onto her back and closed her eyes, “So much
better” He reached down as she could feel his hand rubbing her pussy
through her panties. She opened her eyes pulling back, “Hey watch it” she
said leaning back against a metal crate. He looked at her “and why should
I?” She looked up at him, “Because that is not yours” he smiled “it could
be” She leaned back as she climbed to her feet, “Go find your android” he
looked at her “She wont put out for me due to her condition”

“Then it‟s just tough luck for you” she said. He looked at her “but she said
it was alright for you to put out for me” She growled, “She is not in charge
of me” she said. “And Im not going to” she said pressing the silent call
button on her arm band making it look like she was rubbing her arm. “And
that‟s that” he growled as Rhys soon came into the cargo bay with Ravyn
looking around. They didn‟t even hear the door open, “Don‟t growl at me…
you can‟t just take what you want life doesn‟t work that way.” Rhys looked
at Virgo “hey virgo come on lets go lay down and turn the air conditioning
on I am all hot and sweaty” She turned away from Dale and quickly went
over to rhys, “Sounds good to me” she said as they left. Ravyn looking at
him, “what is going on?”

Once outside the cargo bay she grabbed onto rhys arm, “Rhys… he was
going to molest me… he kept saying he had permission to” she said looking
up at him worried. He looked at her “well he doesn‟t have permission so
come on” She held tightly to his arm as she followed him back to their room.
It wasn‟t until later raven came looking for Rhys, “Rhys I need you to come
to the bridge and fix out ship sensors, they aren‟t working.” Virgo looked up
from the book she was reading in bed. “Ravyn… it‟s almost 9 pm” she said.
Ravn put her hands on her hips, “Well not everyone on this ship goes to bed
early.” Rhys sighed “might as well get it done and over with” he told virgo
getting up and going to the bridge. Virgo was left alone in her room going
back to reading her book. Rhys got up on the bridge “where does the
problem with the sensors lie?” he asked Ravyn. She went over to a control
panal and pulled off the side, “I think it shorted when I spilled my noodles
on it… don‟t tell dale he‟ll slap be sencless… listterally” he nodded going
over to look at it “you don‟t eat noodles though Ravyn” he said looking at
her funny when he checked the control panel. She showed him the cup, “I
replicated it. I‟ve been trying to be like a normal person, my baby needs to
be fed in case it‟s not part machine like me.” He nodded as he used some
tools and played with a few things “don‟t you have programming on how to
fix these sort of things” he said as the sensors started to blink as he started
them up again. She shook her head, “Dale doesn‟t have the nessisary
programs to teach me such things. I don‟t remember anything before my
Activation, but Dale filled me in about how I was on the path to be a sith
lord before I was in a ship accident.” He nodded “well least you were able
to survive a near death experience” he told her closing every thing up. She
tilted her head, “I was dead, but he had a docter of the republic remake me..
an experiment to bring life to the unliving. And then he told me to kill him.
So I did” he nodded “typical sith thing to do” She sat up on a chair waiting
him fix the machine. “At the time I had no programmed emotions or
vocabulary. All I could do was obay. I didn‟t know anything else” he
cleaned it off “there we go all done” She stood up, “I suppose I should eat
only in the kitchen” he nodded “yah this machinery is hard to fix” She
nodded, “thanks” she said grabbing her cup and went to the kitchen. He
nodded “your welcome” exiting the bridge and heading back to the room.

The next week Dale took a break from training but it didn‟t stop Ravyn from
making Rhys do it. At the end of the week they got all new cargo and Dale
sat around watching Virgo use the force to re-order It again. Dale yawned
holding his cup of coffee sipping from it. She sighed, “Can‟t I have some
coffee now” she said. He nodded “sure catch” he said throwing a Styrofoam
cup with a lid at her seeing if she could catch it with the force with out
making a mess or spilling a drop. She turned grabing the cup and moved her
hand quickly as the coffee fell back into the cup not spilling a drop. “Trying
to scald me?” he looked at her “just testing your reaction time” She drank it
down, “this stuff will make you starile” she said crushing the cup after. He
shrugged “oh well” She leaned up against a crate, “someone doesn‟t seem to
care, but I‟m sure the ball in chain would” he shrugged “I am over
productive she wouldn‟t mind a cut down plus you‟re the one using the
styrofoam cup not me” She glanced at him, “My race doesn‟t have those
problems” she said looking at the cup. He shrugged “ah well your not ripe
yet any how still too young” She looked away, “I‟m going to be 20 soon” he
nodded “just another year till your ears turn blue and your parts can
produce” She grumbled, “it‟s not by a matter of age it depends on how fast I
develop. It could be tomarrow or it could be 5 years from now” he sighed
“if you say so youngling” She threw the cup at him, “Shut the fuck up, you
don‟t know anything” she said seeming pissed off. He looked at her “I did
research of the nerya race Virgo I know a lot of them just like your not all
bloody like human women when you have your period” She paced slightly,
“No it‟s nothing like that… and you don‟t know a lot of Nerya everyone is
dead” he nodded “I know I saw the destruction first hand it was glorious the
high sith lord did it himself” She held in her rage and took a deep breath,
“There was no need for the distruction of my home world” he shrugged
“wasn‟t my call I liked Neryas they were a beautiful race but the lord had
other ideas”
“The last time I saw the surface of my planet was when I was 4. I remember
when my great uncle came to my home.. and paid the babysitter. He told my
my mum and pappa weren‟t going to come home. That they had a been in an
accident, and I had to go with him to corinia. So he did, I found myself
facing over a dozen jedi masters, and I was so scared. I didn‟t even know
why I was even there. All I knew was I wanted my mum and to go home.”
He sighed and yawned “is this one of those mushy lovey lovey stories?” She
leaned back against a crate seeming distant, “No… that was the one thing I
never had growing up… no wonder I grew to angry at everyone” he nodded
“Well alright then” She looked over at him, “what happened to you, get
raped by your dad or something and grew vengeance for the universe” she
chuckled. He shook his head “no I just don‟t care about the past the future is
all that matters”

“Even so” she said getting up, “so butt boy whats next?” he looked at her
not very happy “lets see how your electrical bolt is coming along” She
nodded taking stance, her knee‟s barely out of alignment. “does this stance
even matter” he nodded “it does till you master it” She grumbled looking
down trying to fix her knees, “It hurts my hips” he looked at her “well you
better get used to it” She bit down on her lip as pain shot up her spin and she
put her hands in place as she fired at a crate demolishing it. He nodded “if
your confidtant enough try it with out the stance, but if you fail you have to
do it in the stance 4 times naked” She looked back at him as she took a mor
comfortable position but only got a tiny spark. “Fucking hell” she cursed.
He looked at her “Well now you gotta strip” She flipped him off, “Im not
stripping” he looked at her “you agreed to the deal by trying it” She looked
at him, “Fuck off I‟m not taking my clothes off” he looked at her “what you
not keeping your word it‟s the only way I will show you the trick until then
you gotta do the stance” She growled, “I‟d wrather deal with pain then take
my clothes off infront of a limp dick” she said starting to take the painful
stance again. He folded his arms back “alright then suffer” She grunted,
“Better this then feeling sick because your eyes are on my naked body” she
said firing it again hitting another crate. He looked at her “if you say so less
complaining would be nice”

“That will be a cold day in hell” she said this time firing on his coffee pot
next to him as it shattered. He looked at it unphased as she saw the parts
lifted up and piece themselves back together in proper order and the coffee
staying inside it as the cracks glowed red and sealed them selves as it landed
beside him again. “Damn I missed you” she said snapping her fingers. He
looked at her “uhuh if you tried I would just send it back at you” She
grinned, “And I would have dodged it.” He looked at her as he raised his
hand and fired five individual bolts at the same time “its hard to predict if I
multiply it hun” She jumped her body bending in what looked like extremely
uncomfortable positions but she dodged each one. “I can bed in ways that
would make even gumby scream” he looked at her “who is this gumby” he
said as he fired 10 more this time in a net like formation spreading ten feet
wide and ten feet tall at her. She jumped from side to side, using the force to
shield her from one of them as she did a side flip to get out of the way. He
yawned “Sure what ever” She put a hand to her shoulder as she cringed as
she knelt down onto one knee. He sighed watching her. “Old wound..” she
said forcing herself to stand as she composed herself. “well get some rest
little girl” She yelled at him, “Im not a little girl am and adult!” he looked at
her “your not adult till the tips of your ears turn blue by Nerya culture”

“They turn blue when it‟s time to reproduce” she said. “Your not that bright
are you” he sighed “no I am not a know it all like the great virgo” She
approached him, “shut the fuck up. Don‟t act like the little shit you are just
because no one bothered to educate you” he looked at her “your bragging
again and thinking your all that” She pushed him, “And you think your some
sort of gofs gift to women” She said sounding furious. He shrugged “not
really I just enjoy a good challenge” She looked at him, “Did you make her
shallow?” he shrugged “no she is pretty deep” She smirked, “Mabe to you”
she said turning away from him to go back to practicing. He got up and left
the cargo room. She shook her head, “this is to easy” she said softly.

Mean while Rhys was fixing something else for Ravyn she happened to
break yet again. Virgo found him as she bumped him slightly with her hip,
“Wutcha doin?” he looked at her “fixing the life support system” She
laughed, “let me guess Ravyn spilled water on it so she could see you work
without your shirt on right?” she asked hearing dale come into the room. “To
bad your brother isn‟t alive we could just let her leach off him” Rhys looked
at her “eh he is a cheap skate” Dale looked at him “get to work boy and put
your shirt on you smell very bad” She put her hands behind her head “So
what was his name before he changed it?” “Lysander” Dale looked over at
him “quiet Rudolph” Rhys grabbed a wrench and threw it at Dale “don‟t you
dare use my birth name” Virgo turned looking from rhys to Dale,
“Lysander… Rudolph…. So you two know each other?” Dale looked at him
as Rhys growled at Dale letting Dale speak first “he is my brother the goodie
“Hey don‟t talk to him like that” Virgo said as Ravyn laughed, “your name
is lysander!! That‟s a clowns name!!” he zapped Ravyn erasing her memory
of five minutes. She blinked “Dale what are you doing here?” she asked
seeming confused as Virgo looked at her, “Finding out his real name is
Lysander” she said as Ravyn burst into laughter, “That‟s so funny!! Dale
you have a clowns name!!” Dale growled “There are no clowns named
Lysander but there are tons named Rudolph.” She smiled, “Rudolph is a
sexy name” she said as Virgo put her hand on Rhys shoulder, “You guys
don‟t even look alike” Dale sighed as his hair changed to red and white
bangs “is this better?” Virgo stumbled back, “Ack!” she said, “Wholy shit
they look like twins!” Ravyn said. Dale looked at Rhys as Rhys looked at
him “come on your hair is silver not that way” Dale shook his head “so least
I don‟t dye my bangs” Virgo blinked, “ So a sith lord is your brother?” She
asked. Rayn howeled at him, “I like you better this way” she said to Dale.
Dale sormed from the room as Ravyn followed him, “If Rhys is your
brother… aren‟t you still pent on taking everything from him?” he looked at
her “unfortunately the best action I did is when I left him alone he lost every
thing he worked for and now he is an underling.”

She looked at him, “Well I can think of one thing you haven‟t taken from
him” he shook his head “not worth my time as I think my dick would curl
up and die if it touched her” She smiled, “now I‟m the one thinking evil and
your being a pussy” he nodded “whats your idea then?” She smiled, “Well
it‟s obvious that he has a crush on virgo, I mean she let him pound her and
not you, and you‟re the best looking on this ship. Now does that seem
right?” he shurged “not really but I refuse to pretend to be him” She smiled,
“you don‟t have to, just be you, and the charming you I mean. Then he wont
have anything to live for anymore” he shurged “she wont fall for that” She
nudged him, “If I help she would” he looked at her “and what would you
do?” She smiled at him, “I‟d let you have both of us” he looked at her “I
thought you didn‟t want any?” She nudged him, “At the same time, I‟m sure
we could keep you busy” he nodded “you probly could if that‟s what you
want then I will give it to my baby” she smiled, “I want you to want it. You
talked for so long about how you loved to make your brother suffer, and now
that you‟ve found him again.. what better way?” he nodded “your right as
usual Baby” She smiled, “Weee!” she said happily.

Back on the brudge Virgo was rubbing his back, “We didn‟t know Rhys” he
sighed “knowing him he is going to try and do any thing to make my life
miserable” She sat on the floor beside him, “Threw better and worse..
remember that” she said. He ran his fingers through her hair “yah I know
baby and I trust you” She smiled at him, “think on the brighter side of
things… turn the tables on him” he looked at her “and how could I do that?”
She shrugged, “Im not sure.. I know little about what went on between you”
he looked at her “he took and ruined every thing I loved” She took his hand,
“Not everything” he nodded “I know but he will try” She smiled, “I‟m your
wife Rhys, I‟m not going anywhere” he nodded “well don‟t fall for any of
his tricks” She smiled, “I can barely stand him as it is Rhys” she said
rubbing his hand, “Besides.. when I thought you where dead… I preserved
your hand… I… was going to illegally clone you because I missed you so
much.” He looked at her “so you have my DNA preserved some where to
clone me…. Huh” She laughed, “No.. when I had your hand. I thought about
it though… but I suppose I knew that inside… you weren‟t dead” he nodded
“Well alright then I guess that‟s good” She nodded, “Hows about you and
me go back to our room, and I‟ll put on my birthday gift” he nodded “hmm
sounds good to me” he told her. She smiled getting up and played a game of
chase all the way back to the bedroom. He chased her into the room locking
the door behind him. She giggled as she went and put on the teddy he got her
for her birthday, wearing it for the first time. “Well?” he smiled whistling at
her “extremely sexy” She smiled going over to the bed and climbed onto the
bed, “they can‟t watch us no more Ravyn distroied the monitor.” He grined
“I bet that makes you happy” he told her as he climbed onto the bed beside
her. She smiled as she climbed over top him, “I feel so turned on right now”
she said seemingly already out of breath, “I want you so bad… I‟ve never
felt like this before” she said sucking on his ear. He smiled as he felt her
sucking on his ear “why don‟t you take what you want then baby” he said
gently slapping her ass. She moaned slightly as she kissed him deeply her
hands pulling his clothes off. He moved letting her take his clothes off as he
rubbed her pussy through her panties. She moaned deeply reaching under
her and pulled her panties aside pushing herself down on him. He moaned
feeling her tight pussy wrapped around him as he started bouncing her up
and down his shaft hard like a busting bronco. She cried out as she leaned up
slightly rocking her hips just as hard. He moaned more as he continued to
fuck her at this pace. She moaned blushing as she leaned down kissing him
deeply again. “Knowing I have you turns me on” she said. Hesmiled kissing
her back deeply “Well I enjoy it when your turned on” She moaned rolling
them over as she laid under him now lifting her legs and pulling down the
top of her teddy so her breasts where showing. He moaned thrusting into her
as he rubbed her hard nipples with his tongue. She arched her back as she
held onto his shoulders moaning loudly. He sucked on her nipple hard his
cock pounding into her. She went on for hours even after exhostion hit she
was still all over him. He continued to let her have it even though he was
tired as well. She finally broke and fell over him panting as she nuzzled her
nose against his neck. He cuddled up with her holding her close. She smiled
laying against him, “Yeah no one other then you is ever getting that” he
smiled “well good that makes me extremely happy” She held onto him
tightly, “damn.. we where going at it for almost 5 hours” he nodded “that
we were” he said with a smile.

She closed her eyes and sleep easily found her the lights going out. In the
morning she got up and staggered into the washroom getting ready to
shower and he heard her screech. He got up quickly to see what was wrong.
She had her hands in her hair. He looked at her “Whats wrong?” he asked
her. She turned looking at him, “Look at my ears” he looked at them “you
got blue tips that means your fertile” She jumped into his arms and wrapped
her legs around his waist. He caught her as he carried her back to the bed
room. She held tightly to him, “Dale.. it came so soon I‟m to happy” he
nodded laying her on the bed “I can see that and I also know what happens
when you first get your ears blue and happens once a month for about a
week” She smiled, “And this is bad how?” she asked kissing him deeply.
He smiled kissing her back deeply “its not bad at all” he said stripping her of
every thing she had on. She smiled and laughed pulling him onto the bed,
“Come here.. and after I want you in the shower” he bent her very onto her
stomach and started thrusting into her from behind. She moaned grabbing
onto the sheets as her body rocked. He held onto her ass thrusting harder
and faster into her the bed rocking under them. She cried out, “More” she
moaned her insided clenching him he moaned more giving it to her even
harder then before. She kept at him, over again in the washroom, then in the
shower, then again on the bed before Ravyn came knocking for rhys. Rhys
didn‟t hear her knock continuing to fuck Virgo. Virgo groaned, “that witch
is here” she said looking up at Rhys. He nodded “well too bad I am busy
with you right now” he told her. She smiled holding tightly to him. Ravyn
stood outside the door before knocking again, “unlock this door Rhys” he
looked down at Virgo as he continued to thrust into her “what should I do?”
She held onto him, “Im gunna cum” she moaned as sher back arched and she
cried out. Ravyn‟s head tilting, “what the fuck is going on in there” she
yelled through the door. He moaned cumming hard with her as her insides
clenched him super hard. She gasped breathing hard being all sweaty, “train
fast… I‟ll train fast… and we‟ll meet up again at dinner and then I want you
again…” he smiled and nodded pulling out of her and getting dressed as he
came out the door smelling totally of fuck. Ravyn covered her nose, “you
stink!! Why the hell didn‟t you shower” she said as Virgo showered. He
looked at her “I did shower” he said. She groaned, “let‟s go.. you have floors
to wash” she said. He went off with her to do training.

Virgo finished up and dressed, making sure that today her hai covered her
ears, not wanting dale to see them. Dale went through the regular training
with her not really paying much attention to her. She seemed to be trying to
do things faster then usual and was barely attempting. He looked at her “why
you in a hurry?” he asked. She looked back at him, “No reason” she said
looking a lot different then she normally does. He looked at her “Something
is different about you” She had all her hair down and covering her ears,
wearing it a lot different then she usually does. “I didn‟t think I did” she said
looking away from him trying to use the bolts without the stance. He got up
playing with her hair “your wearing your hair different for some reason” She
pulled away from him, “Leave my hair alone.. why does it matter to you” he
looked at her “because your hiding something from me” She turned away,
“Im training it shouldn‟t matter” he looked at her “it always maters” he said
“your hiding your ears for some reason that I know” She grumbled, “I have
an infection and I‟m not proud of it” he looked at her “let me look at it
maybe we can treat it” She shook her head, “I‟m treating it myself” she said
turning her back to him attempting to fire again. When she had her
concetraion on firing he reached over and pulled the hair off her ears “ahah
their blue tipped now” She turned putting her hands over them, “I said it was
nothing why are you making such a big deal” he looked at her “because I
know what the ear thing means your extremely horney right now its why
your trying to finish early” She turned, “I don‟t need this” she said turning to
the door, “Im skipping out today” he smiled “I‟m right aren‟t I” She growled
at him, “Shut up you don‟t know anything” she said pushing a crate aside so
she can get through the door. “Stupid crates” she grumbled. He used the
force pushing them back “I bet your panties are soaked right now your legs
shaking your pussy crying out for attention” She turned looking at him,
“Stop it Dale, I want to go lay down” she said motioning with her hands to
move the crates again. He moved them back again “I know a lot of the nerya
Virgo I know what happens to them you need sex your body craves it as it
happens for about a week”

“Knock it off Dale, it‟s not funny” She said. He smiled using the force as
she could feel it caressing her body. She whimpered using the force to toss a
crate at him, “Leave me alone” he used the force with one of his hands to
stop the crate tossing it aside while she continued to feel the force rub her
over her weak points. She tossed another at him backing up each time she
tossed one. He caught it again making the force caressing her more intense
each time she threw something at him. She fell back against the wall,
holding her hand up to shield herself. No matter how she held her hands she
could still feel pleasure moving over her body. She quivered slightly
shutting her eyes focusing her mind off it, “your tricks wont work on me”
his mind was focused on her continuing the pleasurable waves over her
intire body focusing it on her pussy and nipples under her clothing. She
looked up at him as she pulled her knees to her chest and put her arms
around herself defensivly. He stopped “oh go lay down your no fun any
more” he told her as the pleasure he was putting on her with the force
stopped. She got up quickly and motioned with her hands to move the crates
from the door, “Ass” she said he smiled “you know you liked it I felt a tinge
of pleasure from you” She growled, “Your trying to use my disorder for
your advantage.” He nodded “its what the sith do find a weakness and
exploit it” She growled, “it‟s not a weakness. How would you feel if you had
a hurnia and I kept kicking you in the balls all the time.” He looked at her
“proud actually since I would know you actually learned something” She
pushed the button to open the door, “I did learn something… you‟re more of
an ass then I thought. Henodded “Well thank you” he told her letting her
leave. She rushed down the corridor till she found Rhys and Ravyn shoving
her aside, “Rhys I need your help … now” he nodded “alright take me to
your problem” he told her. She grabbed his hand pulling him out of the room
as Ravyn cried out, “your not done yet!!” she said. It didn‟t stop Rhys as
Virgo took him back to the bedroom for another night of passion filled sex.

The next day was as bad as the last. Her hands jittery as she held onto her
cup of coffee. Dale looked at her “its getting worse isn‟t it?” She growled at
him, “It‟s none of your consurn” he smiled “what are you so wet that itss
running down your inner thigh?” She moved her legs to the other side of the
crate, “Hmph” he smiled “I‟m right aren‟t I” She grumbled, “Even so it‟s
still none of your business.” He looked “its always my business my
apprentice” he said waving his hand as she could feel the force touching her
all over again “I can help you know” She took a deep breath to make it look
like she felt nothing. “I will take the remander of this week off.” He growled
“you‟re the one insisting on this training” She turned, “and your one
insisting for me to do things I can not do” he smiled “its not my fault you
refuse to do them” She looked down at her coffee, “By rights I have no will
to” he looked at her “you should” She shook her head, “You wouldn‟t
understand” she said. He rolled his eyes “try me” She turned looking back at
him, “It is how Ravyn is bound to you, I am bound to another. And not by
force, but by choice, and I have no intention of dishonoring that.” He looked
at her “your bound to my brother by choice your Sith you can have any thing
you want”

“This is what I want and yet you seek to change my mind. You‟ve already
taken to much from him.” He looked at her “there is always more to take”
She looked away, “Your on the same side you should act like it.” He looked
at her “the Sith are always at each others throat that is nothing new” he said
walking over to her. She sipped her coffee, “It‟s still unessisary. Besides… I
have more control of myself then that.” He let his finger trail over her
exposed thigh “you certain even if I look like this” he said his hair turning to
Rhys coloration. Shelooked at him, “Nothing you do will make me change
my mind. Your jumping to conclusions. It is not Rhys I am bound to…” she
said forcing herself to lie. “then you would have already broke that bond by
repeatedly having sex with him” he said “so whats one more time?” She
looked away, “He‟s my best friend, at least he understands.” He looked at
her “your lying its as plain as you are wet” he told her. “think of what you
will, in a few days this nightmare will be over and you can stop hounding
me” he nodded “until then” he said moving his hand between her legs. She
pushed him away, “Stop it” she said he used the force on her s she found
her self pinned down his hands moving up under her skirt and pulling her
panties off. She struggled as her wholebody twisted under the power she had
never experanced before. “Stop it” she said trying to kick him off her. The
force managed to spread her legs apart “Such a pretty pussy you have there
Virgo its just dripping in your hot juices isn‟t it” She managed to hit her
silent call button, both of them hidden behind the crates. “Stop it, get off
me” he leaned down licking her gently before Rhys bardged in looking at
the position he was in with Virgo Ravyn coming into the cargo bay after him
as he quickly drew both Light sabers. “No let go of me” she yelled at Day,
her hands pinned under her. Rhys charged Dale as Dale lept back trying to
unsheathe his light saber only to get shoulder blocked and thrown hard into
the metal cargo bay walls.

Twirling around Rhys charged once more Dale firing the electrical bolts
While Rhys raised one hand rebounding them back at him and super
charging them with his own power aimed at one second as Dale‟s eyes went
wide the bolts hitting him in his crotch he screamed out in pain. Virgo
climbed to her feet and pulled her skirt down as she looked at Rhys, “Thank
goodness you came Rhys” Rhys nodded as Dale was crawling on the floor
holding his smoldering crotch as Rhys walked over crushing his right hand
under his boot “trying to take something that doesn‟t belong to you again are
we brother, not this time” he said hammering the butt end of his light saber
into his back “there he shouldn‟t be able to walk for about a week” he said
looking at Virgo and Ravyn. Ravyn ran over to Dale, “Stop that!” She said
putting her arms around Dale. Virgo had managed to pull her panties back
on, limping slightly from being pinned. Rhys looked down at Ravyn and
Dale “he got what he deserved he should learn to keep his hands to himself
and I wouldn‟t have kicked his ass, he got lucky the first time we battled I
was blinded by anger last time this time I used that anger and turned his own
trick against him” Virgo limped over to Rhys, “Enough” she said putting her
hand on is shoulder. He put his sabers away and picked her up into his arms
carrying her out of the room. Ravyn watched them as she looked down at
Dale, “He heard some sort of beeping on his belt and said he had to find her”
Dale groaned in a lot of pain “she has a comm. System hidden on her then”
he said “alittle help to a healing center would be nice” She nodded her
cybernetic parts strong enough to lift him up. “Can‟t you use a mind trick?”
she asked taking him to the medical center. He looked at her “not on my self
plus I am in too much pain ever had your pussy burnt” he said “until you do
you wont know my pain” she set him down on a table and got the nessisary
tools, “Calm down.. Lysander” he yelled at her “don‟t use that name my
name is Dale!” She grumbled, “touchy, It‟s not that bad of a name Dale” she
said. “You‟ll be just fine. But I think we best find out where she keeps this
quiet call button.” He nodded “Scan her when you get a chance until then get
me a wheel chair” She nodded getting him a floating chair, “You got your
ass handed to you by Rhys.. I thought you said he was weaker then you” he
looked at her “something is wrong with this picture he was using Sith and
jedi fighting techniques” She looked at him, “He was a jedi though wasn‟t
he?” he nodded “he was but not even virgo knew how to use the lighteneing
bolt technique but he mastered it” She shrugged, “Well he‟s a sith now he
probably learned it from someone” he looked at her “he was a sith before
Ravyn it takes months almost years to learn that technique Virgo can barely
do it, and you don‟t know it no other sith were aboard he was supposed to be
new to the Sith”

“Do you think he was sith without your knowing?” She asked kneeling to
heal him. He looked at her “possibly an apprentice to some one else before
he had his training completed by some one he is as powerful as a sith lord
that I am certain” She looked up at him, “Do you think Virgo realizes that
he‟s been lying to her all this time?” he looked at her “I think she might
know about him” She tilted her head, “And if she didn‟t? Let me throw this
out there hypothetically. Let‟s say he was Jedi.. who was taught by a Sith
master… before pretending to be a jedi again.. what if Virgo.. joined the
Sith… because Rhys convinced her to… and not the other way around.” He
looked at her “that is possible but maybe he was a jedi trained by Yoda, then
corrupted by the dark side then went back to the jedi but found he didn‟t fit
in then convinced Virgo to join the Sith” She nodded, “that‟s what I just
said” Dryly. “Besides… if that‟s possible it would explain why Virgo seems
so strong willed. She‟s fresh off the jedi block.” He nodded “do what ever it
takes Ravyn I want you to find out more from Rhys” She nodded, as he felt
pain shoot up his back, “Well you‟ve officially been cerminsized.” He
sighed “well as long as I Will be able to use it again some day” She nodded,
“about a week of healing.. but that point Virgo will be out of her over drive”
she said standing up and bandaging him. He nodded “yah its too bad I know
but least you wont have me pestering you for sex for a week” She nodded,
“yes but that doesn‟t mean you get off track… We‟ll be arriving next week,
you‟ll have to convince your master to keep Virgo on board, get rid of rhys.”
He looked at her “I doubt she will want to separate from Rhys” She looked
at him, “I couldn‟t help but notice that Rhys was wearing a wedding band
today. Perhaps another thing he‟s not telling her” he shrugged “its why I
want you to find out every thing” She nodded, “Alright… but pull back
slightly so he doesn‟t think your going to do it again” he looked at her “not
like I can act on any thing right now” She nodded “Even so” she said putting
him in the chair. He nodded “Don‟t worry I wont do any thing foreward on
her” She nodded, “Good… but that‟s enough for one day” she said. “You go
rest…” he nodded “alright I will try and get some rest but you should try
and work him over as soon as possible” She nodded, “Alright” she said.

Ina bit Ravyn came knocking on Rhys door, “Rhys we have to finish
training” he was too busy going at it with Virgo again to hear her knocking
on the door. She knocked again, “Now Rhys” the second time she knocked
on the door it opened a crack as she could hear the shower running. She
poked her head in, “RHYS!” She screeched. When she stuck her head in all
she could hear was virgo crying out in pleasure. She grumbled, “Computer
shut down all power in Room 187” the shower stopped and all the lights
went out as Virgo and Rhys both yelled “Hey!” She grumbled, “Rhys
training now.. you‟ll have to play with your pet later” he grumbled looking
at Virgo seeing what she had to say. She nodded, “Go.. Dale can‟t harm me
anymore” she said and smiled, “you got him good” he nodded pulling out of
her and grabbing a towel going out into the room where Ravyn was standing
as she could see a huge bulge under the towel. She put her hands on her hips,
“Dress yourself.” He looked at her “what are you going to stand there
watching?” he said grabbing some clothes. She turned around giving him his
privacy. As Virgo came out in her towel, “Don‟t be gone long Rhys” he
nodded “I wont just remember where we left off” he said getting dressed.
She nodded leaning in the door, “Computer restore power to room 187”
“well lets go” he said smacking Ravyns butt. Ravyn went out as Virgo
sighed watching them go. Once in the hall Ravyn looked at him, “I couldn‟t
help but notice you wear a wedding band Rhys” he looked at his hand “an ex
wife” he said. She smiled, “No man carries a ring of an ex wife. Besides Jedi
aren‟t allowed to marry” he looked at her “who said I was a jedi when I
married her” he told her “now what training are we doing” She pointed at
the bucket “back to washing the floors” she said taking a seat. He sighed
using the force to control the mop gliding it around the floor making sure he
got every spot. She watched him, “Does Virgo know your married?” he
nodded “yes she does and she doesn‟t mind being my mistress”

“That doesn‟t sound like something she would agree too. Being right off the
jedi block and all” she said leaning back.he looked at her “it was her way in
seducing me to the dark side of the force” She smiled, “Well with the bolts
you fired at Dale informed me that you had sith training before… that was a
masters skill” he looked at her “I am a fast study I learned how it was used
when he used it on me the first time and practiced through out the year on
how to do it” She kicked her legs back and forth, “Doesn‟t seem right…”
She said seemingly innocent. “When you heard that beeping, you knew
Virgo was in trouble. Does she have some sort of call device? It‟s usefull to
know when Dale is being an ass and trying to cheet on me” he looked at her
“maybe she does maybe she doesn‟t I don‟t want his dirty hands on my
mistress he has you, you should be enough for him” She nodded, “I
completely agree, he thinks just because I‟m pregnant that gives him the
right to go and make other women that way too” he looked at her “you
should have more control over him you are having his baby and all its his
responsibility as well” She nodded putting her hand on her stomach, “I was
built to be able to reproduce. No matter what I say or do he just smacks me
around or yells at me. I was just asking if she had a call device because then
at least I might be able to rest easy knowing she‟ll call you when she‟s being
attacked.” He looked at her “well she does very well hidden too” he told her
“but all you gotta do to control him is hold back sex no matter what he does”
She smiled, “I‟m already doing that… it‟s probably why he‟s going after the
only other thing that can.” He looked at him “well he can‟t do that now”
She nodded, “for only a week… it wasn‟t permanent.” She said. He nodded
“if he tries again I will make it permanent” She tilted her head, “by the time
you arrive it could be to late.” He looked at her “Well I will just have to kill
him if he does succeed” She looked at him, “all that for only a mistress… I‟d
hate to see what you‟d do if it was your wife” he looked at her “I would kill
him and rape the shit out of you and kill his child” She looked at him,
“Sounds like you would become no different then him” he shrugged “maybe
not but I would treat you better” She looked away, “So how come you
brought your mistress and not your wife?” he looked at her “I like my
mistress better, she is much better in bed” She laughed, “She seems to shy to
me” he nodded “she is but with a little practice she will be better she just
has specific tastes in me only” She looked at him, “I couldn‟t help but notice
the fancy sabers and arm band she has. Gifts from you?” he nodded “of
course I keep my mistresses in fineries and instyle”

“Whats it say?” she asked. He looked at her “what can you not read it?” he
asked her. She shook her head, “it appears to be a language the Nerya used
before becoming part of the republic. It‟s to old, and undocumented” he
nodded “that it is, it says forever love Rhys on it” She laughed, “sounds
cheep” she said thinking to herself. “Nerya can‟t wear rings… it cuts the
flow of blood to the fingers.” He nodded “its why she wears an armlet
signaling she is mine” She smiled, “kinda like a wedding band” he nodded
“yah like that unfortunately the Republic wont let me have two wives” She
laughed, “your not in the republic anymore” he nodded “yes I know but
Virgo doesn‟t want to be my wife she is happy being a mistress” She smiled,
“oh well he loss. So when do you plan on bringing your wife into our
space?” he looked to her “I don‟t She is such a bitch and I don‟t want her
around I just use her for her money”

She got up, “your finished for today… go back to your mistress.” He
nodded going back to his room. Ravyn found Dale in their room. “She has a
call device… and it‟s on her arm band” she said to him when she walked in.
he nodded “excellent Sabotage it” he told Ravyn “and make sure she doesn‟t
know it doesn‟t work” She nodded, “I asked him about his wedding ring”
she said laying down, “He says he‟s married to a bitch and that Virgo is his
mistress. But my heart monitor says other wise…” She said looking at him.
“I think Miss Starchaser IS his wife.” He nodded “interesting you did very
good Ravyn” She smiled at him, “Every time I asked his heart would race,
that is a sign of a lie” he nodded “see I told you installing the lie detector
would come in useful” She nodded, “I didn‟t see Virgo wearing a wedding
ring… but then I remembered that Nerya can‟t wear rings. Im taking a guess
here.. I think that arm band is her wedding ring” he nodded “it is very
possible due to nerya culture” She nodded, “If so… they where married
while she was still Jedi. She put herself on this path to the dark side.” He
nodded “good good” he said nodding. She smiled, “So both are hiding their
marrage… that seems to strange if you ask me” he shrugged “guess they are
trying to play games with us” She sat up, “Unless Rhys knew long before
hand who you where and was protecting her from you” he shook his head
“no he didn‟t know exactly he suspected probably thinking I was an
imposter” She shrugged, “maybe… then if that‟s so why still hide it?” he
shrugged “maybe she wants him to” She put her hands on her knees, “that
doesn‟t make much sence” he shrugged “nothing ever does Ravyn” She
looked at him, “the Sith doesn‟t see anything wrong with marrage, it
shouldn‟t have needed to be hidden.” He nodded “I know but let them play
their game while we play ours” She nodded, “I suppose. But if you knew she
was married would you still want her?” he shrugged “depends on what you
wanted, does it matter to you?” She shrugged, “Sorta, I mean… I don‟t
know what I‟m even talking about.” He looked at her petting her backside
since it was all he could reach “Well you want me happy and she is
beautiful you said it your self” She nodded, “I suppose so, better to keep
with your pattern.” He nodded “yah sexy Nerya women” he told her” patting
her ass. She looked over at him, “We‟ll wait and see” she said.

Later in the week she removed his bandages. He still had trouble walking
but his cock was good as healed. Virgo didn‟t seem so nervous to be in
training with him now. He knew that her week of constant horniness had
past he was still sitting in his wheel chair watching over her training. She
seemed to be a lot better at it now as if she had been working on it off
training with him. He looked watching her “I have almost taught you every
thing I could” She looked back at him, “Then it wasn‟t much” he looked
“you already knew how to use the force all I had to do was teach you how to
channel your anger if you didn‟t know how to use the force it would have
took longer”

“And this the the only thing the Sith possess? Again not much” he looked at
her “you would be surprised by how little it takes ot make us more powerful
then the jedi” She looked back at him, dressed in red and gold. He slowly
stood up from his wheel chair moving around on his feet slowly. She
continued to practice taking note of his movements, “At least your up and
walking again” he nodded “yes that I am feeling much better I might add”
She nodded, “good, then Rhys didn‟t permanently damage you. Ravyn
should be happy.” He nodded “She is” he told her slowly circling around
her. She looked over at him, “What?” she asked, “You circle me like pray”
he looked at her “its nothing really your training is done for today” he told
her sitting back down in his wheel chair. She nodded, “then I‟ll go then” she
said turning. He nodded as she felt the force goose her as she turned. She
looked around, “playing tricks again Dale?” he nodded “only small ones this
time” She nodded, “Then I will ignore it” she said using the force to move
the crates she has been messing with in training. He let her go this time not
at full health yet. She passed Ravyn on her way out both exchanging glares
before continuing on. Ravyn approaching dale. He looked at her “so did you
place the communication disrupter on her flesh?” he asked her when Virgo
left. She smiled, “I did better, I detached my hand and tampered with the
arm band directly while she slept” he nodded “good then the call button has
been deactivated right” She nodded, “Yes sir” she said. “How ever I‟ve been
noticing they sometimes commune by telepathy. How ever sometimes
distress can cause one to lose consintration to use telepathy. He nodded
“then we will have to inhibit her telepathy” She looked at him, “I‟ve noticed
they only seem to be able to commune if they are close by… put a floor
between them and that should do the trick.”he nodded “that will be your job
to do before you come join us” he told her “Have him repair the front
deflector shield” he said using the force to damage it. She nodded, “Shall I
send him now?” he shrugged “it depends on if you wish to do it to her
now?” he asked. She looked at him, “Im not the one in control here” she said
crossing her arms. He nodded “but I am giving you the choice since you
promised me both of you at the same time” She looked at him, “In time…
yes” she said. “And I failed to mention… if Rhys where to ever catch you,
he‟d kill you… rape me.. and kill our child” he nodded “then we will wait
till we can send him a way with another master, but maybe you could get
between her and rhys by trying to seduce him”

She looked at him, “He knows I‟m pregnant Dale, he wont fall for a woman
who can‟t please him” he nodded “I suppose so then wait we shall” She
nodded, “hopefully your master shares your views” she said. “We land in 3
days time” he shrugged “you never know he could careless about people”
She smiled “I doubt it about her” she said stepping outside. He followed her
out the door.
When the ship docked the Sith Leader was there waiting for them, along
with his body gaurds. Dale and ravyn first got off as Dale bowed to the
leader Rhys and Virgo soon exited as the leader looked at Virgo then Rhys
“ah Apprentice Rhys what are you doing back here I thaught you were
allowed to leave after slaying Kead” Virgo staied at his side as Ravyn at
Dale‟s. Rhys nodded “I decided to come back after Virgo here was lured to
come this way” The leader nodded “Well my apprentice you shall recive the
title of sith lord as it would have been yours if you did not leave” Dale
looked at Rhys angrily. Virgo bowed to the sith Leader, “I‟ve come to your
side as I promised m‟lord” she said to him. “Rhys was most enlightening on
my path here, I wish I could say the same for Master Dale” the looked at
Dale “the council will decide your fate Lord Dale” he said looking at Rhys
“maybe I Should put your brother in charge of the cyborg division he
actually completes his missions with ease” Ravyn stepped forward, “Master
if I may, Lord Dale has done a wonderful job in the cyborg devision. I
turned out very well and have learned much from him.” He looked at Ravyn
“show me how you well you can use the force then 15967” he said using the
short form of her call sign. She glanced at Dale, “Yes Master” she said virgo
curious if Ravyn could even use the force. Ravyn put her hand out and raised
a large rock off the ground using the force. He nodded “impesive I guess you
can stay incharge of the cyborg division for now” he told Dale as he turned
the others following him. Virgo looked at him as as ravyn stopped in her
tracks turning to face the others. They looked at her as Dale looked at
Ravyn “What is wrong Ravyn?” She didn‟t look back at him, “I don‟t know”
she said pulling her Sythe Saber and charged at the sith leader. His hand
flung how and shot her back knocking her to the ground with a hard thud.
She cried out in pain as he sythe saber slide across the ground. “A faulty
android.” One of the body gaurds said. Dale moved over to Ravyn to see
what was wrong and if she was okay. She groaned as Virgo and her caught
each others glances. “Take her into our brig, at mornings like deactivate her
and dismantle her to be used for a new Andriod.” Dale looked at them “She
is not defective and I am sure it is just a glitch in her system it can be fixed”
he told The high sith lord. “A glitch to attack me?” he asked. He nodded
“Probly planted in the upgrade she recvied on Tantooine from orders of Lord
Helic” he told him. He looked at Dale, “you have 24 hours to fix her and
place her before me for new appraisal.” He nodded picking her up “I will
lord” he said carrying her back onto the ship. Virgo looked from them back
to Rhys. He shrugged as he continued following the high lord onto the
station. She followed Rhys glancing at him „ it was me‟ she told him in his
mind. `you better not have left any traces of it in her programming‟ he told
her back in her mind. She hid her smile as they where led inside, to speak
more to the leader. They had a long conversation as Rhys was given the title
of Sith lord as he was no longer an apprentice but then they came to virgo‟s
fate. Virgo stepped forward when she was called, “What shal you have me
do m‟lord?” he looked at her “your training is almost complete we should
let a lord finish your training” She nodded, “If I may request one who has
taught me so much already?” he looked at him “you wish to stay with lord
Sabrehaven? Such a strange request as he is too be suspended plus he
already has an apprentice” She shook her head, “I wish to stay with Lord
Xanthus, it was his training that gave me such progress. Lord Sabrehaven
spent to much time laying around with his android” he nodded “fine Master
Xanthus is a master of the jedi and Sith arts then you shall become the
apprentice of my former apprentice as he is my only apprentice to become
lord in over 200 years” She nodded, “thank you m‟lord. He has taught me
much in the time it took to arrive here. How ever I find the cyborg
operations faulty. With what I‟ve seen” he nodded “She is the first working
prototype there are bound to be bugs we have plans to make more with
better programming as the cyborg program gave force powers to those with

“If I may, Lord Sabrehaven has little knowledge in cybernetics. As I am sure
that Lord Xanthus could tell you that I am highly skilled in creative and
fixing anything that‟s mechanical.” She said. He looked at her “are you
saying you wish the cyborg program and command of Prototype 19567 if
she passes my approval?” She shook her head, “No sir, just to double check
all work done in the program.” He shrugged “Well maybe we shall give all
new programs your approval and first comands” She looked up at him, “then
my skills have been well doted?” he nodded “that they have Aprentice
starchaser” She nodded, “thank you M‟lord. I‟m sure master Xanthus can fill
you in on all consurns containing to Master Sabrehaven. We believe he
might be being paid to send back information on you to the jedi Council” he
nodded “”it is highly doubtful because we had to pull him from the senate
sine they were starting to catch on he was sith but it will be looked into” She
nodded standing up right. “And what of the child?” she asked. He looked at
them “the child will stay in the cyborg program if they are cyborg if not the
child will be terminated”

“So then you know?” she asked. He nodded “it was part of the cyborg
program to see if she could reproduce least he followed that order, of course
he always did when it came to women” She nodded, “Yes Master” she said
stepping back beside Rhys. He looked at them “you will be given your own
ship Master Rhys a sith Prototype using ryuujin technology for you and your
apprentice The cyborg program will be run through you and your apprentice
while Lord Saberhaven will be the one to field test the ones you give him”

“A Sith prototype M‟lord?” she asked. He nodded “it has advanced
technology we designed mixing technology from the nerya ryuujin, and the
Kiran cloners”

“So you‟ve successfully combined a ship with such advanced techonology.
That‟s a greater achievement then the Republic could ever do.” He nodded
“of course the republic is too gready and not willing to share the
technologies it was a shame to get the secret of the nerya I had to destroy
their planet” She nodded, “and No remorce I feel master” she said. He
nodded “good Apprentice Starchaser you may leave when ever you wish”
She nodded, “I will leave with my master” she said looking at Rhys. Rhys
nodded as he turned and left as the high lord had nothing else left to say. She
followed him staying quiet. He was shown to the ship by some of the high
lords guards. Once on board she turned to him, “I will wait until we are a
safe distance away to make contact” she said to him. He sat down in the
cockpit and turned every thing on it was a very weird design to both of them
as it powered up the engines and soon lifted off from the station flying out
into space. She looked at him, “Hun?” she asked looking at him. He looked
up at her “yes baby?” She sat down in the chair beside him, “you where
awfully quiet” He looked at her “I learned from a long time ago he hates
people who talk to much” She nodded, “I figured that but I meant when we
got on board” She said putting her hand on his. “I will make contact with the
council as soon as you say its safe.” He nodded “I know baby, I just think
this ship might be bugged and we will have to de-bug it” She nodded, “I‟ll
start that now” she said getting up and going over each skimatic of the ship
and what was recently added to it. Five different bugs appeared all over the
ship in a huge net “See I told you but you better recalibrate the sensors since
they probably messed with those too” She nodded, “I‟ll start removing now”
she said getting to work. He sat there piloting the ship getting used to the
controls. By the end of the day she had a bag full of chips and wires that she
had taken out of the ship. “Complete master” she teased. He smiled “that‟s
right my young apprentice go make your call now” She nodded and turned
going to the back table and set up the holotransmitter to see the other council
members and sent the signal. In a few minutes she was connected. “Master
Yoda, so far the first part of the plan has been a complete success.”
“good good we are glad your missions is going good what do you wish to
report” She nodded, “The Sith seem to be planning to create Ryuuinn Nerya
mixed clones to add cybernetics to so they can build them a large army.” He
looked at her “that is not good news” She shook her head, “I‟ve managed to
elude my true intentions from their leader, whom at this time I‟m not really
sure who he is. He‟s placed operations in my care, and I‟ve thought that
maybe I should subotige their plans a tad. What say you?” Yoda nodded
“good plan see to it they must not get a army of clones” She nodded, “I have
plans to infect their michanics with a virus. It isn‟t permanent of course like
all viruses there are ways to get around them, But it should put off their
production for a good many years” he nodded “good good”

“How long do you wish me to remain outside the rebublic? If I need back up
how soon do you think it can be sent?” “unfortunately you are far out of
republic space it would take a day to get back up to you but we wish you to
remain as long as it takes” She nodded, “then I push for a movement of fresh
jedi to remain on the outer rim of the Republic and continue their training
with their masters. So if Back up is needed, arriving will be far more swift.”
He sighed “We will see what we can do Master Starchaser” She nodded,
“Master Yoda, they already have one prototype made… If I can use the
force wisly I can make it seem faulty, and have them destroy one of their
own. He is a evil man…and is the bretherin of Master Rhys.” He looked at
her “it is a living being it would be wrong to take its life because it was
made to do evil” She nodded, “I was hopping to capture them and send
them back to stand trial for their crimes” he sighed “your cover may be
blown if you did” She shook her head, “I have done nothing yet master, I am
hoping for the advice of the council” he nodde d”do not blow your cover
and send us information of their movements” She nodded, “Yes master. The
other knew I wish to place before the council is the fact their prototype… is
with child” She said knowing it would sound strange to them. “that is
strange news let it carry through it is a new race” She nodded, “I am
uncertain at the moment if it is Organic or part machine. If I can I would let
to send the child back to the republic perhaps a good padawan it could be. If
this new way of making an army is as strong as they believe it might help
having some knowledge.” He nodded “alright then” She nodded, “Then it is
settled. I will convean with you again in two weeks time.” He nodded “may
the force be with you” he said the message going away. She put the
transmitter away and came back beside Rhys. “We have a extending
mission” he nodded “well alright then guess it means more time to our
selves” She smiled, then sighed, “We have to take away Ravyns baby” he
nodded “alright then” She looked at him, “We are to make sure it is sent
safely back to the republic… to undergo padawan training” he nodded
“alright then sounds okay to me” She looked at him, “What will we tell the
council… when one day I two carry child?” he shrugged “I am uncertain
about that” She sighed slightly her ears lowering slightly. He leaned over
and kissed her cheek “we will think of something” She looked at him
leaning into his touch. He wrapped an arm around her holding her close.
She laid her head on his shoulder. “Rhys we need to press for more
information… I want to go home.”

“information takes time the sith only give information if you need it” She
nodded, “I‟ll have to rely on you some to help get what the council needs”
he nodded “any thing you need baby” She looked into his eyes, “I just need
what the council needs. Then we can go home… and live the remainder of
our lives out without worrying about the sith. I need your help getting the
full trust of the leader, and I‟ll need you to tell me what I‟ll need to do to get
it” he shrugged “don‟t ask questions never fail in any thing he gives you,
and make sure you stand out among the others” She nodded, “and I do that
how? Everything I do must be an act.. never a true meaning” he shrugged
“we have to wait and see only time will tell” She sighed and nodded, “then
the sharaides must continue then” he nodded “exactly now your getting how
the sith work” She grumble, “Well then let‟s get started… get in contact
with Dale‟s ship, inform him we are now in control of all his operations” he
nodded “opening a channel” She saw ravyn turn around, “What the… what
do you want” she said. “we are informing you that we are now in charge of
the cyborg development” she grunted “WHAt?! Dale get on the bridge now”
she commed Dale. Dale got up on the bridge “what is it I was enjoying my
coffee” She pointed at the screen, Rhys ship far superior to Dales. “well we
are telling you we are now incharge of the cyborg Program” Virgo looked at
them on the screen, “I also would like to inform you that once Ravyn gives
birth here soon the child is to be brought aboard this ship.” Rhys nodded “so
we shall be seeing you soon enough” Ravyn looked pissed, “I‟m not giving
you my child. I refuse!” she said screaming. “I‟m sorry Ravyn but it is our
responsibility to see that the firs child consived of man and machine is tested
by us”

“those are the rules” Rhys said. Ravyn threw a fit, “NO!! I would wrather
die!” she said as virgo gave her a stirn look, “that can be arranged” Rhys
nodded “don‟t break the rules we set or you will be terminated” She turned
looking back at Dale. “Dale… do something!” he sighed “I wish I could but
I am not allowed to do any thing against them under penalty of death my
self” She stormed off the bridge, “She‟ll get over it… besides once the child
is scanned and tested she can have it back” he nodded “that is right” She
looked at Rhys then back at Dale, “We plan on seeing you in a few weeks.”
Rhys waved turning off the connection.

As expected a few weeks after arriving Ravyn was sitting in the kitchen
making dale his breakfast. One hand supporting her aching back, while the
other flipped bacon. Dale sighed “maybe you should sit down and relax” he
told her. She looked over at him, “Just because I‟ve had cramps doesn‟t
mean I need to relax” she said. He looked to her “your close to giving birth
though” She sighed putting a plate of food down infront of him, “Don‟t
remind me… I‟ll only get to see him for a moment before those assholes
take him away.” He slowly ate his breakfast “hopefully they keep their
word and give him back to you” She nodded, “Or I will complain to the Sith
leader” she said groaning a hand going to her stomach, her skirt getting wet
as she felt hot fluid run down her legs. “No.. I don‟t want it to be time yet..”
she cried out. Her inner sencors alerting Virgo the moment Ravyn‟s water
broke. “Rhys she‟s having the child… it‟s time we take action. He nodded
setting course with the ship to meet up with them. Ravyn was in the medical
bay when Virgo and Rhys arrived, “Still in labor” she said walking in as
Ravyn growled, “I don‟t want you in here” “well too bad it‟s the only way
to confirm you will follow orders”

For hours it was almost chaos till finally the sound of a crying child brought
eleif to Ravyn. “It‟s a boy” Virgo said helping the androids. Rhys looked at
her “whatcha naming it?” Ravyn looked over at dale seemingly tired. He
shrugged “name him Zeek” Ravyn scrunched up her nose, “your not
serious…” he looked at her “what I am not good and choosing names” She
grumbled, “His name will be Lysander… after his father.” Dale shrugged
“sure why not” Virgo nodded getting a small tag for the childs arm as she
wrapped him in a blanket and handed him to Ravyn feeling a bit bad she was
going to send him away. Rhys stood there watching as Dale bent over Ravyn
checking out the child. She smiled at him, “Look… hes organic” she said he
nodded “yah he is strange” She shook her head, “I don‟t care… he‟s your
son.. our son” she said toching his little half pointed ears that has lavender
tips. Rhys looked at Virgo “A organic child” She nodded, “let‟s get him
back to the ship for a blood test and a health analisis.” Rhys nodded taking
him away from Ravyn. Ravyn whimpered, “just bring him back” she said as
Virgo nodded, “it will only take a day or so Ravyn” she said assuring her.
Rhys and Virgo soon left the ship to their own. Virgo held onto the small
child who has silver hair, but has teal colored eyes. “Ready a cloaked vessel
I‟m sending a android with the child” he nodded going down to the cargo
bay and doing what she asked. She scanned the child to make sure he was
healthy. “Don‟t worry Little Lysander… your going where you will grow up
proper and safe” she said carrying him down to the cargo bay. She left full
instructions of what to do with the child when the ship arrived on Corasant
along with instructions on how to care of the child. The android was newly
activated and had no knowledge of the sith. “I will inform the Council the
child is on it‟s way” he nodded getting the android and the child on the ship
cloaking it before launching it. She sighed looking at Rhys, “Now it‟s time
for us to lie. Send a message to the Sith leader the child was born with a
deadly contagious desiease. That he died shortly after being brought aboard,
and for the safety of others along with our own we where forced to
incinerate the body to avoid an out break. How ever tell him that it was not a
inheritade trait and there is a good chance the next child would be fine. This
way we have a chance of sending another one of Ravyns future children for
inspection.” He nodded going off and sending the messages out.

Virgo wanted to be the one to deliver the message to Dale. Sending a signal
to open a channel. Rhys opened a channel to Dales ship “what do you
want?” he asked them. She looked at him, “We have some bad news for you
Dale” he looked at her “what your taking the child from us” She shook her
head, “He died shortly after being brought aboard. He had a contagious
desiease that took his life.” Dale sighed “I will inform Ravyn” he said
turning the screen off. Ravyn was still in the medical bay taking fluids to
regain her figure. Dale entered the med bay “unfortunately the baby died
shortly after being brought aboard their ship He had a contagious desiease
that took his life.” She looked up from her Iv and blinked. “What… no that‟s
not right…” she said shoving aside an android. He sighed “I am sorry baby”
She got tears in her eyes, “No.. he was healthy. I want him!” he went over
and wrapped his arms around her holding her close. She buried her face
against his chest, “Its not fair.. they killed him!!” she said sobbing. He
sighed “I know baby we will get them back for what they did some day” She
sobbed, as she held onto his shirt. “I know I came in contact with Lusfilla
last week but.. I didn‟t think it would infect him” he sighed “Lusfilla is
extremely toxic” She looked up at him, “I figured my cybernetics would
prevent the virus from entering my body…” he shook his head “I guess it
didn‟t” She laid her head against him again, “It‟s all my fault” he shook his
head again “no its not you didn‟t know” he said playing with her hair. She
sniffled laying against him, “I need to lay down.. I want to go to bed.” He
unhooked her picking her up into his arms and carrying her back to bed.

The next time Virgo made contact with the council she noticed some of the
members talking. “Has the child arrived?” She asked. Yoda nodded “that he
has his mediclorian rate was very high” he told her. She nodded, “he‟s of
mixed blood… I forgot to place his name on board, his name is Lysander, it
would be wise if you give him a new last name. Like Windfire” he nodded
“We will do what is requird” he told her. She nodded, “I made sure that they
wont come looking for him, he is safe in your hands” he nodded “he will be
raised in the arts of the jedi” She nodded, “as I was hoping, and he will no
doubt be a good strong fighter. Better in good hands then in the hands of a
world that would make him do unspeakable evil. I do have movements to
report” he nodded “alright give us the movements you have to report” She
nodded, “There is a Sith cruiser that will be entering republic space long the
outer rim. They plan on putting down ships on a volcanic planet to create
metals to construct battle ships and stations for the cause.” He nodded “We
will have jedi intercept them on those types of planets” She nodded,
“Excellent. At the moment that‟s the only thing they are planning.” He
nodded “alright may the force be with you” he said ending the
communitcation. She turned looking over at Rhys, “There… things are all
set… Ravyn seems to be recovering slowly… she doesn‟t insult me like she
used to” she said. He nodded “Well good least every thing still seems to be
working out” She nodded, getting up as she went over to him. “The way
they do it she‟ll have another in no time.” He nodded “well good hopefully
the next one will be cybernetic” She looked at him, “Why?” he looked at her
“well the council is demanding result from it or they will erminate the
breeding section” She looked at him, “I suppose we better deliver to make us
look good then” he nodded “yes we should, we can‟t say this one died
either” She nodded, “I know…” she said.

“We should get some sleep it‟s late” he nodded “yes lets” he said putting
security on the ship as he got up from his chair and went with her to the bed
room. Almost as soon as he fell asleep another compelling vision came to
him, placing him back on Corasant in the jedi temple. He could feel the
breeze from outside and feel the suns warmth, but no one seemed to be able
to see him. He walked around checking things out trying to find the
meaning of this vision. There was a a figure standing by one of the windows,
the arms of the jedi cloak cut off but the arm band around her arm was very
familure. All he could see from his angel was a bit of pink hair showing
from the hood of the cloak. “Miss Starchaser” He yeard Yoda say
approaching her. He looked older then is was now. Rhys looked at them
strangly wondering if this was Virgo but he doubted it due to the fact she
wore robes. “Hmm your new outfit suits you it does” Yoda said. “No more
troubles Master Rhys would not wanted to see you like this” he looked at
them hearing his name mentioned. “I know that in your heart your moarn his
death, but you must continue on.” She turned her head the sunset casting a
shadow over her face. “Why in the shadows you hide.” He asked. He looked
“my death?” he wondered. She reached up with her hands and pulled back
her hood. She was beautiful like virgo but wasn‟t. her eyes where the
stunning reflesction of Rhys along with her long flowing white hair, her
bangs a pink color like how he dyed his blue. “My mother would not of
wanted it to end like this Master” she said. Turning so now Rhys could see
her. He looked at her “whose death?” She couldn‟t hear him or even see
him as Yoda motioned for her to come near. She knelt down onto her knees
at his hight. “Your father gave his life to protect you, as your mother gave
her‟s to protect him. It is a never ending balance it is. They now give the
force more power.” She looked saddened. “Im sorry Master.” She said. He
sighed “we are both dead….” She looked at Yoda, “Master, can I see my
father.. before he is burned?” She asked. He nodded, “Your brother is on his
way” he said. “so we had a daughter and a son, how did I die? How did
Virgo die”

“Pisces you must not faulter now. When Leo arrives you can give your
farewells” He said as she tiled her head. “I suppose I‟ll just go and vist
Lysander until then” she said. Yoda made a noise, “to close Lysander gets to
you. Such things are forbidden you know that” she nodded. “Yes master but
it‟s not like that at all” he looked at her “her and Lysander but they are
cousions” Yoda looked at her, “In time it will all make sence.” He said
walking down the hall as she stood. A cloaked figure coming up behind her.
He watched the figure coming behind her. She turned as he pulled his hood
back, his long silver hair falling out of the hood, “Don‟t sneak up on me like
that Lysander” she said as he laughed, “Cheer up Pisces, besides… I‟m
going to sneek you in to see your Father.” Rhys stood there watching them
She looked up at him as he pulled her aside, “Lysander you get me in
enough trouble as it is. I almost got expelled because of you.” Rhys looked
at them Expelled for what?” He smiled, “Oh come on it was so funny seeing
the master‟s faces when that smoke bomb filled the room and the other
students pushed you into the middle of it.” She pulled her arm away. “It
wasn‟t funny at all. We are supposed to be learning not exploiting the
masters.” Rhys sighed “wll I know where you get your troublesome mind”

He looked at her, “Do you want to see him or not?” he asked as she paused a
moment then nodded, “Fine follow me” he said looking down both ways of
the hall and lead her through a door. He followed them in through the door
curious. He lead her down some stairs and into a dark chamber. “Computer
lights” Lysander said as some dim lights came on Rhys laying in what
appeared to be a clear casket. She went to it and put her hands on the glass.
Rhys looked himself over. She sighed, “Why did you have to do this to
yourself dad” she said softly, “So what happened? None of the masters will
tell us” Lysander said. She glanced back at him before looking at Rhys body.
“We where on Tatoween. Where my mother first died. Just bringing flowers
to the spot where she fell. She took three sith Saber‟s to her body when she
jumped infront of my Dad. He never forgave himself for it. And I was only
ten at the time. And then when he and I went back last week, we had been
followed by a Sith Lord named Dale… He brought almost 600 soldiers, and
he died taking all the shots to make sure I got on the ship safely.”

He looked at Rhys, “But he‟s not even your real father.” He said as she
sighed, “He was like one to me” she said. He sighed “well I am her father
Virgo must have lied to keep her” Pisces looked at Lysander, “You wouldn‟t
understand, he raised you like a son, and you barely care at all.” She said as
he put his hand on her shoulder, “I do care… But I never knew my parents.
At least you knew High master Virgo was your mother.” He said. She held
back her tears, “I heard her talking to master yoda once, that I was consived
because she was … raped by the Sith lord Dale. I made a vow to myself to
face him and destroy him.” She said. “I should go and meet Leo when he
lands.” Lysander looked at her, “I‟ll go with you” He said as they started up
the stairs. He looked at her “She never knew her real father…” She turned
her head, “What was that… I heard something upstairs…” she said as
lysander ran up ahead of her, throwing open the door as he yelled a gun blast
hitting him and tossing him down the stairs. He went up to check what was
upstairs. She ran up the stairs ignighting her lightsaber as she found the halls
full of Sith, other padawans and younglings using their skills against them,
each failing. She went right into battle taking out a long line of sith before
they ganged up on her. She was trying her hardest to block almost 8 or 9
sabers all coming at her at the same time. Her hand was cut from he arm her
saber being thrown as she threw her head back crying out as sabers went
threw her and she dropped to the floor as Master yoda came flying in out of
no where, his saber drawn taking out those who had attacked her. “Pisces”
he said checking her for pulse as he lowered his ears and shook his head.
Rhys sighed “this future must not happen” Yoda looked up as a young
padawan came running down the halls cutting through the sith in his way.
“Master Yoda…” He said as he looked up. “Leo hide the younglings and
fight back the sith we must take back the temple” he said as Leo looked at
the floor. “Pisces!” he called out as Yoda cut through another sith, “She is
now part of the force young Starchaser! Help the younglings, spare them the
fate your sister suffered” he said. Leo was pretty much the spitting image of
rhys only all his hair was a pale blue with white highlights. But he had
Virgo‟s lavender eyes. He looked at him “my son” He turned slicing
through sith as if he was born to do it. In minutes leo was rushing through
the halls, “master! Master!! The sith have retreated” he yelled down the hall
as yoda and many of the other high masters came from other halls. “The
younglings and padawans that remain are safe” Rhys sighed “a lot of death
and destruction who is leading this force” Yoda approached leo, “Sith Lord
Dale is bold to launch such an assult on the temple. “Ugh” they heard as
Lysander managed to climb up the stairs. “Strong he is…” Yoda said as Leo
bent down to pick up Pisces. “Pisces!” Lysander said when he saw her. Leo
looked over at him, “You where supposed to be protecting her.. not laying
around on your ass” Leo said spitfully. Rhys sighed “Dale should be
eliminated” rhys woke in a cold sweat crying pisces name as he sat up
quickly in bed. Virgo jumped when he yelled as she rolled over and sat up
looking at him, “Rhys… what‟s wrong… your burning up…” he looked at
her I had a terrible vision of the future” She rubbed his arm, “your
sweating… who‟s pisces…” she said looking up at him stroking back his
hair. He looked at her “our daughter but she didn‟t know I was her real
father you told her that you were raped by Dale and she was conceived”

She looked at him, “Rhys… we don‟t have a daughter…” she said kissing
his cheek, “we don‟t have any children” “in the future we will have a son
and a daughter, you will die first trying to protect me, then I die trying to
protect her, the sith lead by Dale storm the jedi temple killing her Lysander
and our Son named Leo were left fighting off the sith with the rest of the jedi
who survived the first attack. She looked up at him, “I would never let such
chaos come to the republic” he shrugged “you didn‟t have much of a choice
being dead” She looked at him, “Then change this future we must” he
nodded “eliminating Dale would be a good start” She looked at him, “I can
not kill him… unless he‟s attacking me it‟s un jedi like” he looked at her “I
could easily do it to save my daughters life and your life” She looked at him,
“you‟re a jedi master again Rhys… you do that and there never will be a son
and daughter” he looked at her “well if I don‟t there wont be a future for
them” She looked at him, “And if you do there wont be a them… you‟ll be
stripped of your rank and I‟ll be forbidden to see you. Not even master yoda
will cover for us anymore.” He looked at her “he is a sith warrior it is
reason enough” She looked at him, “And it against the jedi code. You‟d
blow our cover… if our children are old in your dream then we have plenty
of time to get rid of him to protect his future.” He sighed “fine enough then”
She slipped under him arm and leaned up against him. “Rhys… in order to
give them a good future… we must protect our now.” He nodded “Well at
least tell our daughter that I am her father unless something bad happens
there too” She looked at him, “Why wouldn‟t I tell her you‟re her father…
there would be no man I‟d have a child with other then you” he nodded
“well hopefully because she said Dale was her father” She looked at him.
“Perhaps I needed a reason to keep my child and my job as a Jedi master…”
he looked at her “why wouldn‟t she know I was her father then?” She
thought a moment, “Unless we thought that if she knew the truth then it
would get out… but I would want to be honost with our child… she didn‟t
look like Dale did she?” he shrugged “not really she had white hair not
silver with pink bangs” She nodded, “then she was clearly your child… and
our son?” he looked at her “Light bluish white hair” She rubbed his chest,
“Something he‟d get from me, the blue from my father side, the white…
from you” he nodded “I suppose so then” She looked up at him, “You say
you say Lysander in your vision… friend of foe?” he looked at her “a close
friend of Pieces” She nodded, “then a Jedi he will become… and someday
face the nightmare that is his very being. Some day he will find that the man
he was trained to defeat is really his father.” He shrugged “maybe some
day” She closed her eyes, “Link of your visions as a gift. Even if it only
shows you pain. At least the force is trying to warn you” he nodded “it
enjoys showing pain and anguish” She looked at him, “Even so… it makes
sure that it never happens” she said.

On Dale‟s ship in Ravyns sleep she saw a face tat looked so familure but
didn‟t know who it was. She woke sitting up her heart racing, the mysterious
face haunting her. Dale was still laying beside her cuddled up beside her.
She got up getting a small energy booster to feed on. He looked at her “after
a midnight snack” he said She looked over at him, “more like a depression
snack” he looked at her “why whats wrong?” She sighed, “Every night I see
a man in my dreams, he turns and he looks at me. His eyes… are so familure
and yet he looks at me with a cold blank stare. I reach out for him and then I
feel pain… and then black” he looked at her “such a strange vision” he told
her. She sighed rubbing her stomach, “I miss my Lysander” he nodded “I
know yuou do baby I am sure you can have another” She looked over at
him, “to simply replace what was lost?” she asked dropping the dead energy
booster. He shrugged “do you see any other way?” She shook her head as
she sat back down on the bed. He wrapped an arm around her. She looked at
him, “I got a message earlier from Virgo, she said that the sith lord demands
me to bare another specimen… they act like as if im just a hunk of metal”
he shrugged “your not just a hunk of metal though” She nodded, “I know but
no one seems to care that Im alive… all I am is a way to make war” he
looked at her “I care don‟t I count?” She nodded, “Yes but only you.” She
said lifting up her legs and curled up against him. He cuddled up with her
holding her close “some day we will rule this galaxy” She laid her head
against him, “just you and me?” he nodded “of course” She looked up at
him, “I thought there was going to be three of us?” he nodded “there will be
again” She smirked, “I ment virgo once she‟s ours” he nodded “she will
have a nice shock collar on her so you can shock her when she is bad” She
looked at him, “Sounds fun and your brother?” he looked “keep his skull as
a keep sake I want him dead now for my humiliation” She looked at him,
“Because we failed? Because it‟s hour fault we did not succeed?” he
shrugged “maybe but they are gloating about it”

“If it was us so would we” she said. He shrugged “maybe but we are the
ones being gloated over” She sighed softly curling up against him. When I
saw you with your silver hair.. and then my dream.. it frightened me… The
man in my nightmares is you I think. I mean… he looks like you to a T and
has silver hair.” He shrugged “unfortunately I don‟t use silver hair any more
I prefere darker colors” She closed her eyes, “just don‟t even kill me” he
shrugged “I wont ever kill you”

After a few long weeks Virgo was growing tired of putting up sharades, but
had no choice but to conintue. She longed to go back to Corasant where she
believed she belonged. Ravyn got news she would be getting new updates
and seemed fairly pleased to get them done. Her thinking process was
increased, and she had more memory for large downloads. She spent her
days with Dale learning to use he Sythe Saber, and grow stronger using the
force. But the Sith leader was growing impatient with how slow it was
taking for Ravyn to conseive again, and was having thoughts of making
another android to finish the work. Virgo always had to be the one to hear
the long lectures about Ravyn. And nearly 3 months after her first birth a
cybernetic chip was in the works to increase her odds of conception. After
Virgo heard the complaints she always complained to Rhys next, he liked
living in space he preferred it over living on Coresant. Dale was enjoying his
time with Ravyn as she grew into a stronger warrior with weapon and the

One afternoon virgo boarded Dale‟s ship to implant Ravyn‟s new Cybernetic
chip. Ravyn didn‟t seem to want virgo getting anywhere near her cyber
parts. “I don‟t trust you virgo, you‟ll put a virus in me and I‟ll over load or
something… even my arm could detatch.” She said. Virgo rolled her eyes,
“And then the Sith leader would know it was me and I would be executed..
sure like that‟s going to happen now just lay down and let me install this
chip. I‟ll have to temporarily shut you down though” Dale stood there
watching “Don‟t worry Ravyn I will be here watching her to make sure she
doesn‟t screw with your systems” She sighed and nodded climbing up onto
the table. “Besides I have the best Mechanical skills in this part of the
galaxy.” Virgo said as Ravyn laid out on the table. Virgo found the opening
piece behind Raven‟s ear and turned her off. It was almost as death literally
overcame her. “This shouldn‟t take to long” Dale folded his arms over his
chest watching her silently. She untied Ravyn‟s leather dress and moved it
up opening the hidden hatch long the front part of ravens hip. “Yikes… she
has a fried system in here” she said using her small tools. Dale sighed
“probly damage from being thrown by the sith lord” She nodded, “ wouldn‟t
doubt it, look here, this system was damaged by pure force, it caused it‟s
circuits to fry around it. I‟ll have to replace it. It‟s most likely what has been
the problem up until now” he shrugged “it is possible I do suppose how
long will it take for it to be repaired?” She looked up at him, “I‟ll have to
make the circuit board from scratch, about 3 hours to make the circuts and
about an hour to install it along with the new chip. How ever it is dangerious
to keep her complete system turned off for that amount of time. There is a
chance her heart might not restart” he looked at her “then turn her back on
you know what you need to remake” She looked at him, “If I don‟t take it
out now, she could further damage her other systems. And I can‟t have her
turned on without the system or she could go completely nuts. Or have no
control over the lower half of her body.” He looked at her “well we can‟t let
her die” She thought for a moment looking back at the open unit behind her
ear and pulled her hair back. “Hmmm there seems to be a input network. If
you can get me a line I can power her through the ship itself. That way I can
keep her organs alive for a much longer amount of time. Possibly 4 or five
hours” he went over and found her a cord and handed it to her. She took it
and plugged it into the circuit behind ravyns ear and then plugged it into the
side of the medical wall. “This should help.” She said before opening her
tool box and got out a new board and small metal wites along with a mini
welder to put a new circuit together. Ravyn‟s body got very cold from the
shut down, and her joins as stiff as rock. Dale grew worried as he waited for
Virgo to finish her work. It took some time but Virgo managed to remake
the fried system, pulling her magnetic glasses off and then stood up.
“Alright.. now to get the old one out of here” she said using small tools to
reach in without causing further damage. “Damn.. she‟s freezing… make
sure she still has a pulse” he touched Ravyn‟s neck seeing if she had a pulse.
He barely felt it beeting but at least it still was. “just barely there” Virgo
nodded, “We are running out of time, the circuit took a bit longer to make
then I had originally thought.” She said looking up at Ravyn before down
into the open cybernetics, pulling the circuit free from her body. “That was
sheer luck” Virgo grunted to herself setting it aside, it was bent and had
black marks on it. Dale stood paitently waiting for Virgo to finish. Virgo
started to place the new circuit into Ravyns hip, “I have an idea… I need you
to increase power to the medical bay, and shut it off in other sections of your
ship. If I‟m right, the increased power will help steady out her heart beat and
buy us at least another 30 minutes.” He walked over to his control panel
inputting his codes as he raised the medical bays power supply and turned
off a few sections of the ship. She noticed certain lights inside Ravyn‟s hip
come back on, “Awesome” she said as she finished placing in the circuit,
taking out the small chip and got her long tweezers and mini welder to fasten
it in place. “This chip is going to act like estrogen in her body. Like giving a
woman a dozen fertility pills a day” she said slipping on her magnified
glasses to make sure it was sealed on. Dale waited paitently still he was
worried about Ravyn still “you sure you want to give her something like
that?” She looked up at him, her eyes looking huge through the glasses.
“Don‟t have a choice Master is growing very impacient with her. Even
threatens to deactivate her and make a new prototype for another lord to
finish this experiment” she said before looking down again. He tapped his
fingers on his arms waiting for her to finish. She finished and quickly moved
over to Ravyn‟s head and unplugged the cabel activating her again will parts
of her where still Open. Ravyn‟s eyes opened as she turned looking over at
Dale. “When do we start?” Dale looked at her “you been turned off for a
long time and we are almost finished Ravyn” She smiled at him which was
rather unusual for her moods. Virgo closed the hidden hatch on Ravyn‟s hip.
“Ravyn I need you to sit up so I can chek all your other systems for
damages. If they aren‟t to serious I can repar them quickly now, if not It will
have to wait until I can make new circuits for you” she said as Ravyn sat up,
“I love that outfit” Ravyn said to firgo as Virgo took her glasses off and gave
Ravyn an odd look. Dale looked at Virgo “you sure you didn‟t alter her
emotion chip?” Virgo shoot her head, “No that‟s located in her shoulder
hatch” she said moving around the other side of Ravyn pulling her dress
down off her shoulders and opened the hatch, “Good god she is a mess. It‟s
like she‟s been thrown around like a rag doll.” Dale looked the other way “I
have no clue how that could have happened” Virgo looked inside, “Her
emotions chip is fine, but her has a dent in her new memory block. That was
only made a few weeks ago what the hell is she doing” she said, opening
another hatch at the base of Ravyn‟s Neck. “Her spinal system is fine, she
has a bown reactor, prolly why she‟s been so slow when it comes to acting
to anything, and her nervious system needs complete replacing. That‟s one
of the most powerful metals used in cybernetics and it‟s broken in half”
Dale looked at her “strange” Virgo tilted her head slightly, “I can make
replacements for these in the next few days and then put them in so we don‟t
have another repeat of today. How ever her new chip will most likely be the
cause of her good moods. Taking fertility pills tend to make woman very
laid back and very happy.. at least when they feel happy. It‟s going to be like
all hell broke loose if she get‟s sad or angry so I would prevent that at all
costs. This chip will give her all the same effects. Also she‟ll need to absorb
nutron power sources at least twice a day to keep most of these broken
systems online while I make new ones.” He nodded “alright Doctor” Virgo
shot him a glar as Ravyn smiled at virgo, “you have to tell me what you do
with your hair” her eyes went wide, “I know!! Girls slumber party!!” she
said excitedly. Virgo raised an eyebrow and held back a nasty comment that
would have most likely sent her into some horrible berserked rage.” Dale
smiled “you should do that Virgo it would make Ravyn happy”

Virgo looked at Dale as Ravyn clapped her hands, “it would be so much
fun!! We could get slumber bags and stell ghost stories and talk about
kissing boys!” Dale smiled keeping his laughing to himself. Virgo sighed
with a actual sweatdrop, “Ugh the things I do for people” she said, “Fine”
She agreed as Ravyn squealed, “I‟ll get all sorta of stuff like make overs and
popcorn” She said as Virgo scratched the back of her head, “calm down
before you blow your personality chip.” Dale went over and returned power
to all of the ship “Well you two have fun okay” he said going to the medical
bay doors. Virgo‟s eye twitched, “I need to go back to my ship for a while..
I‟ll re dock on the weekend I have things to do.” She said ravyn Raven
whined, “Why not tonight I WANT IT TONIGHT DAMN IT!” n she yelled
as Virgo stepped back, “You can‟t tonight because Dale is taking you to the
space circus” She said as ravyn got a happy face again “ WHOO!! I want to
ride on the marry go round!!” she said jumping on the table. DALE!! I want
to go now!!” he sighed “Well Virgo has to leave first then we will go”
Virgo closed all of Ravyns hatches and then approached Dale, “She‟s pretty
much going to be the equivilant of a 14 year old girl so you‟ll have to deal
with it. There are some side effects of the chip though. Such as nightmares,
and depression. There is a small chance of memory loss but her memory
block is dented so it‟s probably more of a greater chance. If she at all forgets
who you are call me, I should be able to restore her back up systems” he
nodded “fine I will keep that in mind”

“One last thing before I go, my advice to you.. keep her happy. If she wants
it, give it and don‟t fuss” she said stepping out of the medical bay as Ravyn
called after “Bye virgo!! DON‟T forget this weekend!!!” Virgos rubbed her
temples as she headed to her shuttle. Dale took Ravyn to the circus after
Virgo left. When Virgo arrived back on Rhys ship she had a headache and
went straight for the medicen cabnet. Rhys looke dat her “What took you so
long” She swalled the small pill and drank a glass of water. “Ravyn‟s main
circuit for reproduction was completely fried. Most likely why she wasn‟t
consieving So I had to remake a new board from scratch, install it, then
install the chip. Check over all her other cybernetics for damages… I swear
that she‟s throwing herself against walls or something even the new parts
placed in a few weeks ago are damaged. That or someone is beating the shit
out of her” she said rubbing her head, “Then when she was reactivated she
was like a giddy 14 year old and is making me have a girly slumber party on
the weekend. I‟m going to need some serious therapy after that” he nodded
“its all for the greater good baby, for the greater good” She groaned, “I need
to do some meditation before her frightening happiness gets to me” She
shivered, “Her being nice just feels so icky” he nodded “it never bothered
me but I guess its just you since you don‟t like each other, ah well rest and
meditate till you feel better baby” She nodded, “I screwed dale over since he
tried to guilt me into doing the sleep over tonight. I told her he was taking
her to the space circus. That took her mind off it instantly.” Rhys shurged
“the circus doesn‟t bother him he likes making fun of the freak show” She
smiled hugging Rhys, “She‟s pretty much going to be like how acient
humans where on pot and crack” he shrugged “never knew what that was
like because I don‟t study anchient humans” she shrugged back, “Oh well,
use the holodeck some time to recreate a stoner party, you‟ll see what I
mean… Think of it.. like space weed” he nodded “I will do that some time I

By the weekend Virgo had made the spare parts for Ravyn but added in a
few kinks and bugs that would take a while to become present, and hide the
sorce of their problem. Virgo had gotten a set of clothing for her sleep over
with Ravyn. She didn‟t seem thrilled in the slightest and packed her
lightsaber, and a taser if she needed it. Rhys made sure he would check in
with her now and then to see if she was alright. Virgo didn‟t seem to want to
go but knew how ravyn would be if she didn‟t. “Don‟t worry.. Im going to
implant these new circuts in her. They have hidden bugs that will take a
month or so before being activated.” He nodded “well alright as long as you
know what your doing” She nodded, “I do” She said before kissing him
goodbye and took a five minute shuttle to Dale‟s ship. Ravyn had set up her
party in the living area, she had a huge bowl of popcorn and some space
beer. Also she replicated a TV and laid out sleeping bags on the floor. She
had tons of stuff for nails, hair and face stuff. Dale was no where to be seen
Since Ravyn wanted it to be girls only. Virgo arrived greeting Dale on the
bridge, “She banned you from the rec room?” he nodded “yah so no
interference from me with your party?” She shrugged, “I don‟t really care, I
brought the parts for Ravyns cybernetics. It might be wise to replace them
now so there are no more complications. Apparently she is slow? I got your
message but it was all chopped up from interstellar interference.” He
nodded “yes she is very slow so its better to get it done and over with” She
nodded, “I spent the week building these parts, I used a metaric alloy which
is a stronger metal then her parts are made with now. Hopefully when I
access her memory block I‟ll be able to reply certain parts of her past from
activation and see what the hell she‟s doing to be costing the sith a fortune to
remake every few months.” He shrugged “seems like a waste of time to me”

“Im under orders, Master said that if she is damaged again she will be taken
from your care and given to Rhys” she said. He sighed “alright then” She
held up a metal case, “you best get her in the medical bay and strap her
down before she knows im here… or you may never get her on the table at
all.” He sighed going to find Ravyn. Ravyn was sitting on the floor looking
over some of the intergalactic space magazines. He kneeled down beside
her “I gotta show you something in the med bay” She looked up at him and
smiled, “Oh what is it?” he looked at her “not sure but its interesting to see
so come look” She looked at him funny, “Oh I see” she said grinning,
“someone is being kinky” she said getting up and taking his hand. “Okay I‟ll
play along” he nodded taking her to the med bay putting her up on a table
with a smile “just lay there for a second” he said tying her hands up. She
giggled, “you‟ve never tied my down before, im so turned on” she said. He
smiled tying down her legs as he ran a finger down her leg “Well its good to
know these things” he told her. Virgo stepped into the bay moments later.
Ravyn looked at her. “Hey your early um dale and me are gunna be busy in a
moment. Come back in 10 minutes?” she asked as Virgo looked at dale with
a smirk. “Ten minutes?” he looked at her “that‟s tad insulting you can do
what you need Virgo” Ravyn looked at Virgo then Dale, “Wait whats going
on? WHERE ARE YOU GOING!” she screamed pulling on her restraints,
virgo quickly deactivating her and she went limp and her eyes closed. Dale
sat back watching. Virgo sighed, “Its like death every time I turn her off. But
less of a headache” she added as she opened up ravens chest plate and then
opened up her metal case to show all the new circuits.Dale looked at her
“Well hurry it up she is mad at me already” She shook her head, “she‟s not
going to recall being deactivated when Im done” she said going to work.
“This shouldn‟t take long at all” she said removing the old memory block,
and replaced it before going to work on her other damaged parts. “Her
antivirus system is weak… who ever made her most likely made her prone
for viruses and bugs as a insurance policy. I suppose since he‟s dead he had
good means to. I should see about getting her a more updated system” he
nodded “yes but none of that Orton crap they sell in the republic” She
chuckled, “I can see about making a one of a kind system but it will take
some time” he looked at her “fine I suppose” Virgo was in the middle of
doing something when she peered in closer. “what the fuck?” she asked
moving some whires aside.” He looked at her “what is it?” She tilted her
head, “Her green light is red” She said opening the hatch in Ravyn‟s hip. He
looked at her “So?” She used her tooks to gently push aside wires, “Well
what do we have here.” She said flipping down her magnified goggles. He
looked at her “what is it?” She sat back, “You can see into Ravyn‟s uiterin
cavity from here. At least with the magnified glasses. Green light becoming
red is a sign of pregnancy. Not bad, it‟s been almost 6 months since her last
child” he nodded “well that‟s good I suppose” She chuckled, moving aside
on her floating chair and got a sonogram down and proceeded, “Where are
you” virgo said looking for them on the monitor. “There you are” She said
looking at it. From where they where sitting they could see the baby that
looked like it had an enormous manhood” he looked at it “well it looks like
it takes after me” Virgo laughed, “don‟t put the horse before the cart there
cowboy. That isn‟t a willy.. that‟s a leg” he shrugged “ah well”
She smiled, “Female…” she said rotating the sonogram some more.
“There‟s the money shot” she said now being able to see two bodies, “both
female” he smiled “twin girls well that‟s very good” She nodded, “One of
them deffenetly has cybernetics, I can see it” she said. “Good master will be
pleased” he smiled “good I can‟t wait” She took a photo and printed it for
him, “there you can put that on your fridge” she said pushing the machine
away. “That means her fertility chip works” he nodded “Well good maybe
you should turn it off now then so her quirky personality will go away” She
laughed, “sadly im not allowed to. Master wants at least 2 more after this for
evaluation” she said. He sighed “fine…. Guess you will have to have your
slumber party then” She nodded, “you should at least hang around, her
jibber will make my head hurt” he shrugged “only if you both wear sexy
lingere” She glanced over at him with a unimpressed look. He looked at her
“what it‟s a reasonable request” She shook her head, “I should implant you
with a chip that would lower your practically pubescent hormones” he
shrugged “already one made its called fat women” She looked at him,
“Perhaps I should use a hologram to make me look fat, and perhaps you‟d
stop hounding me like some dog wanting a woman in heat” She said
standing up leaning over Ravyn to check her arm hatch. “eh then you would
have no fun putting me down” She shook her head her skirt riding up
slightly as she used small trools to replace damaged parts in ravyn. He
smiled watching her looking at where her skirt was riding up. She grumbled
to herself throwing aaside a burnt out system and got one to replace it. “so
how much longer till your done?” She looked behind her at him, “about 30
minutes, she‟ll be just fine don‟t worry” she said mockingly. He sighed not
liking Virgo‟s tone. Virgo smiled to herself as she went back to working on
Ravyn‟s chest hatch, “So what spy hole have you drilled to peek in on us?”
he smiled “that‟s for me to know and you to find out” She chuckled, “you‟ve
at least grown less persistant since we first met. I was beginning to think you
didn‟t like me” he shrugged “I learned my lesson from the last time”

“Impressive you learned something from someone else” she said. He
shrugged “eh it‟s a knack really” he told her with a smile. She turned slightly
her skirt floating up slightly on the vent breeze as she used a hand to attempt
to keep it down. Her other hand welding a part into Ravyn. He looked at her
“want me to hold your skirt down for you while you do that?” She chuckled,
“you would like that to much” he looked at her “you could humor me you
“If I need my other hand I‟ll use the force” she said looking back at him
slightly. He shrugged “alright your loss, you could just take it off all
together” She shook her head, “Rhys would cut out your tongue for even
suggesting it” he shrugged “I suppose he would” he said with a smile. She
sighed, “This stupid circuit isn‟t staying in” she said getting it in, “Finally, it
was to big to fit through the hole” Dale smiled “I hear Ravyn Say that all
the time to me” She looked back at him, “is that so?” she said sounding
busy. He sighed letting her work. She stoo back after a moment and tilted
her head, “That should do for now, Give her a power booster when she‟s
activated” she said closing the hatches. He got a power booster ready for
Ravyn waiting for virgo to reactivate her She pressed a few buttons behind
Ravyn‟s ear and her eyes opened. “Hmm what a nap.” Dale smiled “so you
feeling better now that you had your nap hun?” She nodded, as Virgo
unstrapped her. “Oh Virgo is it time already?” she asked as virgo nodded.
“Unfortunatly.” Dale nodded “Well you girls go have fun” he told them
leaving the medical bay. Ravyn sat up grabbing virgos arm, “come on!! I
made popcorn!” she said as virgo rolled her eyes, “goodie it‟s like I‟m 12 all
over again. Only more miserable” she grumbled as Ravyn took her across
the hall. Dale sat down in the control room turning on te hiodden cameras he
placed in the room. He could see virgo holding out a set of clothing for
virgo. Virgo looked at them seemingly not impressed but slipped them on
under what she had before taking off the over clothing, like raven wearing
white panties and a matching tank top. Dale smiled liking what he saw so
far. Ravyn tossed her a pair of fuzzy slippers as virgo slipped them on and
sat down on a sleeping bag, ravyn passing her some popcorn and turned on
the old movies. Virgo looked board but Ravyn‟s mouth was going a mile a
minute talking Virgo‟s ear off. Dale rested back in his chair watching the
screens he had up looking on from all angels having two zoomed in on
Virgo‟s cleavage and two on Ravyns. Virgo turned down the pop corn as
Ravyn stuffed her face with it, handfuls at a time. On occasions she would
get a huge blank stare at the TV before she would jump in her seat and
popforn would fly. Virgo falling over in laughter. Dale smiled as he played
with one of the camers getting a zoom in on Virgos crotch She sat up after a
moment as a pillow hit her in the face for laughing at Ravyn. Virgo seemed
displeased as she was hit again. Dale looked on intrigued to what Virgo
would do to retaliate. For a few moments she did nothing just letting the
pillow hit her until she threw out her hand and ravyn fell onto the pillows
from the force. Virgo lifted a pillow with the force to her hand before
swinging it back at Ravyn. Dale enjoyed how the pillow fight was turning
out. It lasted for about 5 minutes mostly because the feathers where being
flung about and ravyn sat down in all the fluff huffing. Virgo didn‟t even
look tired at all. She said something to Ravyn who stuck her tongue out at
Virgo. Dale laughed wishing he had more time to have put in the audio tap.
After a little while ravyn had made virgo sit still to get her nails painted.
Virgo literally looked asleep but sitting up right and cross legged as Ravyn
jabbered. Dale grew board as he twirled around in his chair a few times.
Ravyns mouth opened up wide as Virgo‟s ears twitched and she literally
cringed as Ravyn smiled as if nothing had happened. Virgo looked at her
semi-annoyied before throwing a handful of splilled popcorn and feathers at
Ravyn. He looked at the screen wondering what Ravyn did as he too a close
up and rewound the footage he shot in one of tehe other screens. It looked as
if Ravyn was making some sort of sound that literally made Virgo crindge.
What ever it was got virgo to sit still for Ravyn to do her toenails. Even
though it was obvious virgo didn‟t want to hear that sound again. Dale
thaught he would ask Ravyn later continuing to watch the live video. For a
long white it was boring girl stuff, until Ravyn‟s hands started moving as she
talked, a typical thing a human would do, while virgo‟s eye twitched listing
to her ramble on and on. Finally virgo said something and ravyn stopped
speaking, not even blinking before she fell backwards into the fluff looking
out cold. Virgo rolled her eyes before turning to get a drink of water. Dale
thaught it was strange but didn‟t think too much of it. Minutes past, and soon
became long moments and ravyn didn‟t move, and virgo didn‟t seem like
she even noticed ravyn there anymore watching the tv and messing with the
ice cubes in her glass. Dale zoomed in on Ravyn to see what was wrong with

She was just laying there like as if she was dead asleep. She had gone to
rambling to silent sleep in a split second. Dale grumbled “what did that
woman do to her now” he said to himself. Long moments turned into an hor
and ravyn didn‟t even move once. Virgo had turned off the tv and was
flipping through the magazines as if it was complete trash and tossed them
behind her, seemingly searching for something. He wondered what Virgo
was searching for watching her carefully. She glanced over at Ravyn and
shook her head. She seemed to mumble something to herself before getting
up and stepping out of the room to go to the washroom. Dale soon turned on
the washroom camera. She was at the sink using a towlet to wipe down her
hands before throwing it in the incinerator, and then climbing onto the sink
counter pulling a small computer device from a hidden pocket. He zoomed
in on her to see what she was doing curious. He couldn‟t make out what she
was doing using her finger to touch parts of the glass screen before leaning
back against the wall. He zoomed out keeping the camera on her. Her mouth
was moving as if she was speaking,. He was mad he never learned how to
read lips. Virgo took a pill and and poped it in her mouth before leaning
forward and getting a glass of water to drink it down with. She tiled her head
slightly, her eyes coming to rest directly on his hidden camera. He sighed
bored knowing she was eventually going to catch him. She slipped her small
computer device back were she had hidden it and quickly left the washroom
moving into the hall. He turned the hall cameras on watching her move. She
appeared to be headed to his bridge. He wondered why she was heading to
the bridge. Once in the bridge she sat down in one of the chairs and pressed
a few buttons before speaking. He growled wondering what she was doing
on his bridge. She leaned back in the chair continuing to speak as she looked
at her nails and seemed horrified by their color. ` he cut all power to the
bridge stopping every thing but emergency lights and air supply. She looked
around and mumbled something crossing her arms and then her legs. She
turned in the chair pointing at his camera and then at the bridge and mouthed
a clear word “now” he sighed going up to his bridge “why do you think your
allowed on my bridge” he said to her. She turned in the chair to face him,
“because it‟s the only place on the whole ship open channels can be sent,
and for your information you cut power when I was attempting to ask Rhys
something” he looked at her “one you should have asked my permission and
two what were you asking him”

She crossed her arms again, “One I‟m in complete charge of you and your
operations, and two it‟s none of your business.” He looked at her “you may
be but this is still my ship and you must ask permission first but I will give it
to you this time for your one communication” he said powering up the
bridge and leaving to go back to his room. She grumbled opening a channel
again.he pressed a few buttons listening in to what she said on a time delay.
“Rhys im sorry we where disconnected. Apparently your brother thinks he‟s
god” she said. Dale rolled his eyes continuing to listen in. Rhys sighed “he
does that very often” She sighed, “This whole night is a complete waste of
my time. I suppose waiting it out is the best corse of action. But as I was
speaking to you before. Do you think you can get those drugs?” Dale looked
on wondering “yah I can easily get them no problem” She nodded, “good,
that would be helpful in our situation. I suppose your probably wondering
why I‟m not sitting in a confined room with a woman who talks more then
anyone I‟ve ever known” he nodded “I am wondering that since it was what
you were supposed to do”
She chuckled, “She was going on and on about the next baby this and next
baby that, and colors for a nursery and it was making my head hurt. So I put
an end to that nonsence.” He nodded “oh and how did you do that prey
tell”Dale listened curiously. She laid her head back on the chair, “I told her
she was having twin girls you should have seen the look on her face. She
passed out right after I told her. She painted my nails the ugliest color I‟ve
ever seen. I am not one for oranges” Rhys laughed “sounds exactly like you
and what you would do for revenge” She chuckled, “Revenge? No it wasn‟t
revenge it was to save my sanity. Any more of all that dribble I was going to
need to ready a book on therapy. Ever since I put that chip in she‟s been all
budy budy and wanting to act like teen girls. That‟s just not something I‟ve
ever done or ever cared to do” he shook his head “oh come on you should
have at least tried you always whine about never having any friends and if
you don‟t like her emotions make a second version with emotion inhibitors”

She looked at him, “Against protocall. Besides that‟s just wrong to do.
Altering her to have a different personality would be like creating friends not
truly making them. I suppose I could use a friend or two. Maybe ones that
are quiet and don‟t tell me my ass looks big in purple” he nodded “Well you
did mess with her emotions and made her something she wasn‟t by putting
the chip in the first place, but she is the only one willing to be your friend
out here better take advantage of it” She glared at him, “Only until the chip
is removed, then she‟ll go back to being bitter and spiteful. I almost wish
that ravyn was back over this new one. I‟d wrather be hated then sitting
around in my underwear being forced to look at galatic models in clothes
that aren‟t tasteful, and being made up like some kind of princess. I can‟t
garentee you one thing I‟m not princess, and no picnic either. Just send the
drugs, I‟ll need them before she wakes up.” He nodded “Well at least try to
enjoy your self I will drop them off soon” he told her “plus I always like
seeing you sit around in your under wear and you‟re my princesss”

She chuckled, “cute. I think Dale likes seeing me sit around in my
underwear too he has this whole ship spied up with cammera‟s, even in the
washrooms. Most likely why I wont shower or use the washroom while I‟m
on board.” He nodded “Well okay but having your ship wired with cameras
is standard sith protocall cause they don‟t trust any one not even there
selves” She smiled, “There is a difference between checking up on you, and
literally checking up on you. He threw a fit I even opened a channel to your
ship. Im probably going to lay down and read more of that ancient human
novel hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I tried reading it in the washroom but I
felt like I was being watched and sure enough I was. I just can‟t relax and
read in private anymore.” He nodded “Well all sith are like that with their
ships so enjoy your novel and have a nice night Virgo” She nodded, “Thanks
Rhys, oh and in other news I fixed Ravyn‟s circuits, hopefully we can get a
reading off the memory block I transmitted back to our ship. Process it so I
can anilize it in the morning?” Dale sighed hoping nothing good was on the
memory block “I will don‟t worry” he said. She nodded, “send those drugs
over, this headache is killing me. They just don‟t make anything strong
enough to deal with Ravyn.” He sent the data to her “Alright that‟s what you
need to down lo-ad into the replicator for your medicine” She nodded
putting it on her mini computer, “Thank you Rhys. When I get back in the
morning. Watch out merow” he grined “I will get the cat girl costume ready
for you” She giggled, “I like those!! Which one you picking this time, the
tiger one that barely covers me, or the leopard print that is a one piece
fishnet thong?” he smiled “the tiger print”Dale looked up thinking of what
Virgo would look in those. She smiled, “Did you get the cute little bell coller
too?” he nodded “yep I did get it and I also got the tail clean finally” Dale
grined as he liked girls with collars on, She smiled, “and tomarrow, we‟ll
play cowgirls and Indians. It‟s my turn to wear the leather vest and the short
shorts” he grined “I know you always look better then me in them” Dale
cringed with the thaught. She laughed, “Oh please you look greate in jeens
and chaps” he smiled “so do you when you wear your assless chaps” She
laughed. “I was hoping you‟d get me one of those sexy witch outfits. You
know the kind I‟m thinking of right?” he nodded “I will replicate it when
we get off the comm.” She smiled, “you‟re the best! No one could come up
with a better outfit for me then you. Or get me in one for that matter.” He
nodded “I know I will see you tomorrow my tigress” She smiled, “see you
tomarrow” she said closing the communication. Dale sighed wishing he had
that with ravyn but he still enjoyed their rough kinky sex.

Virgo went to the replicators and made herself some meds for her headache
and then replicated something else that she put into her bag quickly and went
off the bridge. Dale went over the replicator logs quickly to see what she
got. It poped up with a visual and title, she had ordered a very short and tight
school girl outfit. He coughed “Damn too bad she isn‟t going to put it on
here” She looked down the halls slipping into one of the larger storage
closets. He typed up his password accessing the camera in the closet as he
saw Virgo and her reflection in the mirrors on the walls. She had just
finished slipping on the red pleated school skirt that was super short. The
school white shirt was unbuttoned almost to her stomach showing hella
cleavage as she turned looking herself over to see if it fit her well. Dale liked
what he saw in the mirriors having a huge hard on. She turned slightly
thinking something was off before she snapped her fingers and got out the
hair ties and quickly put her hair up into pigtails. “Such a naughty school
girl” Dale said to himself. She poked her head out of the closet to see if
anyone was around before shutting the door again. She seemed to be talking
to herself. He was wondering what she was saying not really sure. She
played with some of her hair thinking if she looked decent in the outfit
completely unsure. Dale thaught she looked sexy in the outfit but kept
watching her. She turned slipping off the shirt and grabbed her tank top
putting it on before taking off the skirt and folded them. He smiled as he got
to see her breasts and now got to see her take off more. She put them back
into her bag and them stepped out into the hall again. He watched her on the
hall cameras still noticing her pig tails. She took her hair down as she walled
using the ties to braid her hair into pig tails and tie them off. Her hair
needing to be braided before sleeping.he yawned as he grew board with the
visuals again seeing Virgo do boring things once more. She went into the
kitchen and got herself some wine not having some in nearly a year. He sat
back grabbing some coffee sipping it slowly.

Long weks passed and the Sith leader was getting axious about the arrival of
Ravyn‟s new infants. Ravyn was larger in size this time then she was the
first time. She had made Dale reopen the nursery they had built for little
Lysander and never got to use. Ravyn sat in the kitchen rubbing her sore
stomach letting them listen to music through some headphones that where
placed on her belly. Virgo was ordered to help ravyn out in the last week of
her pregnancy, Rhys and dale‟s ships locked together to allow easy access to
go back and forth without shuttle transport. Virgo was in the kitchen getting
a power core ready for Ravyn and an omlet for Rhys, with plump juicy
bacon for both Rhys and Dale. Rhys sat back waiting for breakfast waiting
silently as So was Dale. Virgo set down their plates in front of them and
handed Ravyn a power source to absorb. Ravyn tooking it leaching off its
power. Virgo Sighed slightly at Ravyn looked at her, “What‟s wrong Virgo?
Oh I bet I can guess” she said with a smile. Rhys ate his breakfast silently
while he looked up hearing Ravyn. Virgo looked at her, “If it‟s what I think
it is, then no Ravyn that is not what bothers me.” She said Ravyn nudged her
as virgo sat down. “In the last year I‟ve been pregnant twice, and about to
have my second and third children, and you only gaining your status half a
year ago have had no such luck.” Virgo took a sip of her juice. “Actually I
really don‟t think about it. Besides… I know I will have a child when it is
time” Rhys looked at Virgo funny having a half bitten his Ommlet as Dale
smile “ha you got her pregnant” Virgo looked over at Dale, “I‟m not
pregnant for your information Dale. And I don‟t intend to be any time soon.
I worry what sort of influence you would be towards my child anyway” she
said looking away. “So you don‟t want to have a child with Rhys? Aren‟t
you his mistress?” She asked. Virgo glanced at Rhys then at Ravyn,
“Actually I run this relationship” she said mockingly Dale laughed more as
he made the whip noise mocking rhys as Rhys went back trying to eat his

“And your any better Dale? You‟d be crawling on your belly like the snake
you are if Ravyn wasn‟t around.” Virgo said as Ravyn blinked. “I‟m sure he
would have found someone” She said. Virgo looked at Ravyn, “Yeah for a
credit stick he would have” Dale looked at them oddly as Rhys laughed this
time “he always had a thing for the hookers” Virgo got some vegetable juice
for Ravyn, “drink up just in case one of them is organic” she said as Ravyn
groaned, “Ew! The red stuff again” she said holding her nose and drinking
some. “It‟s not that bad Ravyn, if you where completely nerya you would
drink it all the time. You lucky your mostly machine, it cut your pregnancy
time in half. You get three months, normal Nerya women would carry for 7”
She said sitting down with her own vegetable juice. Ravyn sighed, “Oh well
when they are born we are going to have so much fun! I‟ll take them to
planets to play in the sand and get a huge play room” she said as virgo tilted
her head, “After you give birth they will remain on my ship for 3 days while
I run some tests. You‟ll get to see them for the most part but I will be taking
them for initial training to see how quickly they learn and test growth.”
Ravyn blinked, “No.. I want them to have normal lives!! Not be some lab
rat!” she said sounding very upset. Virgo looked at her, “Ravyn they pretty
much are lab rats. According to Master” Rhys nodded “yes this is all
according to his strict deadlines” Rhys told her while Dale saw how sad
Ravyn was but couldn‟t do any thing. She shook her head, “Im not letting
anyone turn them into some sort of test animal.” She said as Virgo stood up,
“that‟s all you where Ravyn. Just a torso they found floating in space,
Attached a few parts to you and added some cyberneics. The sith only
wanted to see if it was possibly to create life from Death. You having those
children will end that experiment. When you have your twins, there will be
no reason to further study you. Master will see you as a waste of space. Who
knows who you where before you became Ravyn. You where probably a
young kind woman who was married to a good man who lost his life, along
with everyone else when the Sith desided to blow up Faun for the hell of it.
Your nothing Ravyn.” Virgo said as Ravyn staired blankly. “That‟s not
true… I.. I was a sith in training before I died. Dale remade me because he
loved me!” She said. Virgo looked at her, “According to whom?” She asked
as Ravyn turned looking back at Dale. He looked at Ravyn “don‟t listen to
her Ravyn” Virgo looked at Dale, “she‟s a learning android Dale, she‟s
bound to look in the history logs and find out someday anyway. At first she
was just a new toy to you. I could see how you could mold her any way you
wanted like putty. Why not? She had no memories of who she was or wear
she came from.” She said as Ravyn stood up slowly holding her heavy
stomach. “I think I need some time alone” she said stepping out of the room.
Virgo watched her leave and then looked at Dale, “how much longer are you
going to lie to her? She was going to find out anyway when she is presented
before master in two weeks. Would you wrather her have time to get over it,
or would you like her to just hate you?” he looked at her “She was happy
with the lie and that‟s how I wanted her to be”

“Living a web of lies? Every time you open your mouth you make things
worse for her. It will make dealing with her deactivation so much easier
when it comes time. At the moment Master hasn‟t been all that impressed
with her. Im doubting he‟ll keep her program running. And believe me, I
wasn‟t looking forward to being those twins mother, or guardian for that
matter.” Dale thtrew his breakfast against a wall and walked out of the room
Rhys looking at her “Alittle harsh were we your more sith then you know”
She smiled at him, “did it really look that convincing?” she asked. He
nodded as he finished his breakfast. She leaned back, “I practiced that
monolog all last night. And ran it over and over again in my mind. I a bit
nervous I would stumble on it but I think I did well.” He nodded “it was very
heartless even to do to them” She sighed, “Im sorry, I am just hopping tha
once these twins are born I can go home.” She said looking around the
kitchen on her and Rhys ship. “Im getting annoyed with how long this
mission is taking. I did not know it would be almost a year” he looked at her
“infiltration missions last up to five years some times should have thaught of
that before accepting the mission”

She looked at him, “you don‟t turn down your first mission as high master
Rhys. It just makes you look bad. I wanted to do good for the republic not
have to live an on going lie. It‟s been 8 months since this sheraid started.
The council is pleased with my work and I still feel confidant enough to
remain perfectly loyal to the jedi. Being in such dark presence has had me
meditating even when I‟m showering, sleeping, and any free moments I
have. I am disturbed by the thought of a woman whom most likely had a
good enjoyable life was forced to come back from the dead as a monster” he
shrugged “Well its better then being left in the dark coldness of death maybe
she was nothing in her original life and this life is better for her, you don‟t
know that” She sighed putting her hands on her knees, “Faun was a happy
place. Nerya where the kinds of people who knew only peace and happiness.
They loved what they did for the jedi, it made them special. I just feel that
maybe she doesn‟t have to live a lie too, and there might be a way to salvage
any good that is still in her. Your Brother‟s heart is so black that not even the
cold darkness of space could see into it. Ravyn is a machine, perhaps her
soul can still be saved.” He shrugged “she seemed to like who Dale made
her to be but the choice is ultimately hers” Rhys said with a sigh. She stood
up, “You are a jedi too your goal should be trying to save those who can still
be saved. The council wants me to send one of the twins back, since they
both have cybernetics the sith leader should still be pleased with one. Im just
trying to do my job Rhys, and your talking like one of them.” He sighed
“well I am sorry I am not a straight arrow like you I unfortunately am not
pure like most jedi”

She shook her head, “You embrace false hope, perhaps that‟s why you
dream of horrible futures. We have for so long made love and never once
have I ever been with child. Im starting to wonder if I ever will. And if I
was, what horrible lie would I have to live with to keep my job and continue
to do good for people” he shrugged “we probly wont ever know for certain”
he told her rembering his bad visions he had in the past. She looked at him
seeming sad, “When we do return to Corasant, the council has desided that
Dale‟s two children will be my padawans. Turnning down their decision
would be dishonorable” henodded “I suppose it would be, and I will have to
go on living a lie as they will not show me much freedom of being a jedi”
She shook her head, “Perhaps if you improve the flaws in your heart, the
council can rejudge you. I‟m not sure what it was that lead you to these
kinds of people. I always saw you with a lighter heart then that. I faught off
darkness a long time ago, it‟s consistant hounding drove me to the brink of
madness and still I managed to gather myself and teach myself to block out
the dark side.” He looked at her “I taught my self that there will always be a
darker side to the light and those who have the will can use both sides to
their advantage” She looked at him, “And in your case continue to push
away the woman who fell in love with you.” She looked down, “The council
is sending a party at the end of this mission, to crush this force while it‟s still
small. Hopefully by then you will know where your place is. You come back
to Corasant with me and save yourself, your stay behind with them. The
Decision is yours” she said softly stepping out of the room going down to
the holodeck and stepped in. “Computer… run Program F Cliff side” She
said as the room turned into what looked like a wide open planet with
beautiful purple mountains in the distant. Slipping her shoes off she stepped
into the thick grass on the side of a high cliff over looking a grassy plain
below. A fairly decent sized hut was not far from her where smoke was
coming out of. She sat down onto the grass and sighed, “Are his dreams
visions of the future? Or just dreams” she said sadly. Rhys soon left the
kitchen and joined her out on the holo deck looking out off the cliffs. She
had her eyes closed hearing the holoprogram running the characters she
created for the program. “Virgo, come inside your father put on some fresh
stew” A thin beautiful young looking nerya woman called from the door of
the hut. Virgo turned looking back at her. She had dark red hair that was cut
short at her shoulders. “In a moment” she called before noticing Rhys was
there. She had never run this program when he was around before. “is this
your family?” he asked her. She stood up looking back seeing 5 other people
coming to the hut. “Each one was one of my siblings, my mother had 7 of
us.” She said. “They where all older then me, so I used the program to age
them to how they would look if they where still alive today.” She said as one
with thick blue hair waved at her. “Hurry up virgo” he called. “I‟ll be there
in a moment Leo” she said. “Of them leo is whom I remember the most. He
and I were twins” she said brushing off her clothes and shook her head. He
nodded “okay I will leave you to this I Am sorry for interrupting” She turned
and sat back down in the grass. “I come here to meditate” she said,
“computer turn off program characters” she said as the hut disappeared.
“You can stay if you want… I just forget to turn off the characters” he
shrugged “if that is what you want hun” he told her softly.

She looked up at him, “what is it?” she asked noting the softness in his
voice, hardly hearing it anymore. He shrugged “nothing you just seem very
sad latrely” She looked down at the grass, “I‟ve been feeling like you‟ve
been drifting away from me over the last two months. You haven‟t kissed
my goodnight in just over two weeks, you come to bed long after I‟ve
already gone to sleep. And when I try to do my job you say Im bring to
harsh. To hard on the same two people who tried to make me as mindless of
a drone as Ravyn. Am I undesirerable?” he shook his head “you are not
undesirable far from it Virgo” She sighed slightly, “I have been doing a lot
of thinking lately. I know if I return to Corasant with a child of my own, I
will be asked to leave the Jedi. But… I‟ve come so far and done so much
that Im not willing to give up the thing I spent my whole life working for. I
know there is still so much I can do as a jedi and so much I can teach the
younglings. But at the same time, want that tiny bit more in life.” He nodded
“Well I guess you will have to tell a lie and say the child is not mine I
suppose…” She rested her head in her hands. “I would cross that road when
the time came. If Yoda was here he would tell me what I should do.” She
said shaking her head slightly. “What is it that draws you away from me
Rhys. If I am desirable then what is it?” he shrugged “my visions probly of a
horrible future” She looked out at the mountains. “Fear is the mind killer.
You have to trust that we will make the right decisions to change the bad and
bring only the good. You don‟t even know if they are visions of the future…
or just plain old nightmares” he looked at her “your telling me I don‟t know
the difference between visions and dreams?”

“I am uncertain of what you have seen is what I am saying. I wouldn‟t know,
you‟re the one who is seeing them not I. If they are things to come then there
are ways to change it. Worrying about the future is ineffective. All we can
do is wait for now… a great Jedi Master once told me to learn pacients.” She
said turning her gaze to him slowly meaning it was him that she spoke of.
He shrugged “well they disturb me that is all”

“So you figure ignoring the vows we gave each other will make them
disappear? If the Sith attack the temple as you say… and we never have any
children, then it wont be our children who die… it will be our students, other
men and women‟s children who die.” He sighed “Well I am sorry for doing
nothing it just turns me off sex seeing future children die with out being able
to do any thing” She turned away, “We all die eventually Rhys. You need to
put faith in the force to keep goodness and life where it belongs. If you don‟t
make life what is left? It‟s not about sex, it‟s about love. Your visions have
taken that from you. Your so worried about possible futures you‟ve lost the
love you had for me” She said uttering a small cry. “I still love you I don‟t
know how you could say such a thing” She wiped her eyes, “Because of the
way you‟ve been acting. I used to get tingles when you would just stare at
me for long moments because you where taken with how lucky you where,
like how you used to feel when I looked at you like that. Now when I look at
you, all you look like you feel is emptiness… Sorrow.” She looked up at him
wit tears in her eyes. “I thought I‟ve been doing something all wrong. Or got
ugly or something” he sighed “its all my fault Virgo” he told her.
She bit her bottom lip, “Rhys… I love you, I want my husband back” he
walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her holding her close and
gently rubbing her back not saying any thing. She rubbed her face against
his shoulder as she held tightly to him, “If such a future must come let us
face it together and not apart. You‟re a better man to be a father then Dale.
He takes it for granted and is unfit to be even incharge of a child” he nodded
“I know baby I know” he said with a sigh. She lifted her head and gazed up
at him. “Rhys, I want to be a mom too.” She said stroking his cheek. He
smiled “I know you do baby” he told her gently lowering her to the ground.
She held onto him as she sat back in the grass. He gently kissed her holding
her close in his arms. She closed her eyes her fingers running through his
hair. His hands moved over her body gently caressing her in his arms. She
whimpered slightly as she laid her head back in the thick grass. Her light
pink hair standing out against the greenish blue grass. He laid her down and
moved over her his body gently rubbing againstr hers while he laid over her
his lips pressing deeply against hers. She moaned softly her hands moving
down his neck to his shoulders while her leg brushed up against his hip. He
slowly moved his hands under her skirt playing with her panties. She let out
a gasp of excitement as her hands moved up his shirt. He smiled pulling her
panties down her soft supple legs his hands gently rubbing her bare pussy.
She moaned quietly as she trailed her kisses down his neck. He smiled
playing with her more as he lifted her shirt over her head. She lifted her arms
letting him pull it off as her large breasts bounced out and she blushed. He
leaned in suckling upon her breast pulling her up to sitting on his lap as he
suckled on her nipple he fingered her wet pussy. She laid her head back as
she cried out her juice covering his fingers as her ears lowered in pleasure
and she bit her bottom lip. He licked her nipple firmly while his fingers
delved deeper inside her tight little pussy her legs spread wide under her
skirt as her juices coated his fingers and her inner thighs. She cried out a bit
louder her legs twitching slightly as she held tightly to his shoulders. He
slowly stood her up for a second and took off his pants and pulling her back
down onto his lap her back facing him as she could feel his hard cock
rubbing against her swollen clit. She moaned moving her hips slightly and
felt herself sink down on him as she blushed and cried out in pleasure as he
filled her. She rocked her hips slightly, using her hands on his shoulders to
keep herself steady. He held onto her hips holding her steady as they moved
together he moaned gently feeling her tight insides wrapped firmly around
his rock hard member while it moved back and forth deep inside her. She
leaned forward pressing her chest against his as she kissed him passionately.
He kissed her back passionately while they continued moving t ogether as
one. She turned red as she moaned louder her body heating up from being
close to him to where she was sweating already. He held onto her tightly
feeling her hot sweaty body up next to him his hips continuing to move
under her before he moved her onto her back on the ground and laid over her
his hard member entering her once more while he held her hands up over her
head. She lifted her legs holding them in near splits as she cried out a hand
on his shoulder. He moaned more his thrusts wer hard and quick while he
felt her moving slightly under him. She cried out as she arched her back,
moaning his name and loving words. He moaned whispering loving words
back to her while he continued to move over top of her before stgopping and
cumming hard inside her. She cried out her head tossing from side to side as
she cummed with him, her insides clenching so hard it wouldn‟t let him go.
He groaned feeling her orgasm his arms holding her close to him. She buried
her face against his chest breaking hard and her body trembling. He smiled
holding her “does that feel better baby?” he whispered to her. She lifted her
gaze to his eyes as she blushed, “Yes my love… don‟t ever drift away from
me” she said stroking his cheek as she nuzzles is nose with hers. He smiled
nuzzling his nose with hers “I wont hun”

At the end of the week Virgo‟s small pager started buzzing in the middle of
the night. She sat up slightly emembering where she was first before
grabbing the pager. “Rhys wake up, Ravyn‟s water broke” she said climbing
out of bed. He got up and got dressed “now ugh I was hoping for more
sleep” he told her fixing his robes. She slipped into one of her outfits,
“Haven‟t been able to prevent water breakage in the middle of the night yet
love” she said grabbing her tool kit aand was out the door. He went out after
her as they found Ravyn in the medical bay and Dale holding her hand
trying to help her. She was crying in contraction pain as virgo set up Ravyn
for delivery. “Rhys, take Ravyn‟s other hand this is going to get messy” she
said as Ravyn‟s eyes went wide and literally screamed, her cybernetic hands
clenching down on both Rhys and Dale. “What the fuck!” she screamed at
Virgo. “Calm down Ravyn I need you to breath” She said as Ravyn cried
out, “how can anyone breath when they have someone shving their hand
inside them!” Dale laughed not seemingly minding the pain at all as Rhys
was wincing like crazy as it hurt like hell. Virgo grumbled taking her hand
out, “One is coming out feet first I‟m going to have to open her up Dale” she
said looking at him needing his permission to do so. Ravyn yelled, “NO
ONE IS CUTTING ME OPEN!” Dale looked at Ravyn “its for your own
good you will heal” he told her. Virgo nodded opening the medical kit not
even bothering to give Ravyn pain killers. Ravyn screamed when Virgo used
the tools to cut her open slightly, “Damn where are my drugs bitch!!” she
screamed. “You can‟t have any pain killers ravyn it will mess with your
systems and I‟ll be damned if I have to make anymore” she said. Dale
patteed Ravyns hand trying to comfort her as Rhys was hoping the bones in
his hands would heal. Virgo reached in being the only one who could see
anything but Dale and rhys could hear a slick squishing sound as Virgo
pulled Ravyn‟s first born from her and set her in the blanket bed beside the
table. Ravyn was sobbing from her pain, and was bleeding all over the table.
Virgo‟s hands where moving quickly using clamps to seal off any major
viens before going in for the second girl. In moments she pulled her free
from Raven‟s body and set her beside her sister in the blanket bed floating
by the table. She looked at rhys, “Rhys clean them quickly while I close
Ravyn up,” she said as ravyn cried out as Virgo used a tool to burn Ravyn‟s
wounds shut so they could heal. Rhys moved over and mostly used the force
and his one good hand to get the children all cleaned up for Virgo as Dale
watched over Ravyn while Virgo closed her up. Virgo sealed her quickly
and got a wet cloth to clean Ravyn up, “She‟ll need an immediate power
booster to speed up her healing. Take her to that clean table there. I have to
hurry and run these tests on the infants. One looks very sickly” she said
quickly showing each to Ravyn. One had Dale‟s silver hair and Ravyns eyes,
while the other had Dark blue hair and red eyes. Dale sighed as he got
Ravyn a power boost to stabilize her. Ravyn seemed out of it now as Virgo
looked at Dale, “I‟ll have them back in no time” She said. The one with
silver hair was a lot smaller then her twin and did look far more frail. Virgo
had them bundled quickly and handed one to Rhys. He took the child and
moved with her to their ship so she could examin the babies. She followed
him and laid them both on the tables. “We should probably keep the
healthier of the two” she said examining the little girl with silver hair.
“Hmmm she‟s supprisingly just as healthy as he sister… I‟ll prepare this one
for departure. Cause of death will be cybernetic maltfunction and under
development” he nodded “Alright what should we name this one since they
wont get a chance to name her?” She nodded, “We‟ll call her Hope” she said
with a smile. “I‟ll tell Ravyn and Dale it‟s the last thing I said before she
died. As for the body?” he looked at her “cremated” he told her. She
nodded, “replicate some ash in a nice urn for them” she said. “And Take
Hope to the shuttle for cloaked departure with a android.” She said lifting up
the other one in her arms. “I‟ll send my test results to the Sith leader and
take Ravyn her baby” he nodded as he took the baby and went to the cargo
bay to do what she asked him to do as he sent instructions including the
babies name to the jedi temple with the android before he replicated a small
urn wit ashes approtiate size of the baby. After sending the finding to the sith
leader she went aboard Dale‟s ship and met him stepping out of the metical
bay to get another power booster. “Dale” she called to him getting his
attention. “I send the test results to master. Your littlest one didn‟t make it to
the ship. I did a quick autopsy though. Her cybernetics where saverly under
developed and so was she. Sometimes it‟s common in twins that while in the
womb one twin will get most of their mothers nutreiants while the other
withers away. Rhys is having her cremated now… I was saying I hoped
she‟d make it to my medical bay in time to get incubated and survive but she
didn‟t. So I called her hope, it‟s what I‟m having put on the urn” She said
handing him his little blue haired girl. He nodded sadly “well I suppose one
is better then none” he told her turning and taking the child to Ravyn as
Rhys showed up with the urn just as Dale left. She looked at Rhys, “He took
it well” She said taking the urn and put it in Dale‟s bedroom for him. “Let‟s
go” she said to Rhys. Back in the medical bay Ravyn was regenerating by
absorbing power boosters. She looked up at Dale and smiled. `he sighed
“only one survived” he said walking over and showing her the baby. She
took her baby and lookedup at him, “No… that‟s not right Dale.. I didn‟t do
anyting wrong with time” she whimpered. He nodded “I know hun she was
under developed is what Virgo said due to the fact they were twins” he said
handing her their dark blue haired child. She took her little infant and
whimpered, “Dale.. all our babies keep dying” she said nuzzling her child
gently. The little girl looke d up at her before shifting her gaze to Dale. He
smiled “well she has her mommies good looks that‟s for sure” he told her.
Ravyn tilted her head, “Sorta had a Robins colors” she said holding back her
sorrow. He nodded “why not call her Robyn with a Y for an I like her
mom” She looked up at him, “Yes.. I agree” she said with a sigh. “Please
don‟t let anything hurt her. I couldn‟t bare another death” he nodded “I
wont hun she will be perfectly safe here with us” She rocked Robyn gently
as Robyn opened her little mouth to yawn. Dale smiled watching ravyn and

A week after giving birth to Robyn and Hope Ravyn, Dale, Virgo and Rhys
where all summoned before the Sith leader. Ravyn was in a panic to make a
pretty dress for Robyn so she and Robyn would look appealing to their
master. Dale helped Ravyn with every thing she needed while Rhys helped
virgo collect all the data they could. Finally ll four of them took a shuttle to
the surface, and they all stepped into the main room. He was sitting in a
chair surrounded by gaurds. “The data you have sent me Lady Virgo is most
impressive” Dale looked interested as he waited for more words hoping
they were all good. “Yes Master I am hopping it is enough to continue with
the research you need.” She said. He turned his head towards Ravyn. “And
the childs strong with the force?” He asked. Virgo sighed, “it‟s to soon to
tell. Over the next few months I‟ll be able to give you a complete answer
M‟lord” She said as he didn‟t look impressed anymore. “So your research
proved that organic life created from the non living is prone to infection,
while the cybernetic life from the non living has greater chances for
survival?” He asked. Virgo nodded. “Yes Master.” He grunted, “Then
Prototype 35932 is insufficient. There is a living Male Nerya somewhere
inside the Republic. Kill him, and make him the new prototype. Number
35932 is not reliable enough.” Ravyn held back a cry of anguish as Virgo
suddenly worried knowing the male he spoke of was Scorpio. Rhys spoke
up “Well it is not proven the cybernetic gene is transferable from a
cybernetic life form of a male to a female we would need to make a few tests
before trying such an experiment by modifying semen from a Nerya male
first and modify it with the cybernetic gene or it would be a waste of the
siths time” He looked at Rhys, “But you do not have the seed of a Nerya. I
want him to under go cybernetics.” He said as virgo spoke up, “Perhaps
Ravyn can be modified with better systems. It would cost some how ever but
it can be done” She said. As he raised his hand to silence her. “Do the four
of you protest against my decision?” Dale shook his head As Did rhys both
of them knowing better “what will happen to the original I do not see the
need to shut her down as she can be modified and still of some use”

“She is no longer of any use to me.” He said. “Bring back the nerya, it‟s time
we breed him Lady Virgo and see if it can be done another way.” He said as
virgo spoke up, “Uh well you see Master that‟s just a tad bit of a problem”
she said as he grabbed her using the force lifting her off her feet. “Don‟t
question me Virgo.” He said as she gasped trying to breath. “Hes… my..
brother…” she said as he looked from her to Rhys still holding her
suspended. “Is she trying to say that this nerya is her brother and refuses to
cross a same family line?” Rhys nodded before raising his hand zapping the
high lord with lighting bolts as Dale looked surprised with this as he raised
his hand seeing an opportunity and firing his lighting at the same time as the
sith lord could hardly fend both them off at the same time. He yelled unable
to defeat both as he was blown back and slid across the floor. Virgo dropped
to the floor as she took a deep breath. Dale walked over and ignited his light
saber stabbing it into the high masters back to finish him off his eyes glowed
brightly with a smile “Well guess this makes me the new high sith Lord and
I will let you keep your brother out of this and remove you from the cyborg
project but I want you to research upgrade for her using Nerya technology”
he said walking over and sitting in the old high masters throne. Virgo looked
up at him, “You incharge? That‟s like putting a child incharge of an adult”
she said rubbing her neck. Ravyn seemed releaved. Dale smiled “you
should be grateful I helped save you and Rhys‟ lives if I didn‟t step in he
would have killed Rhys for attacking him then killed you for the fun of it”
She looked up at him, “He would not have been able to kill me” she said
groaning slightly as she climbed to her feet. “Just because you spared my
brother, Ravyn‟s fate is supposed to make things okay?” he nodded “yes it is
unless you wish me to create him into a cyborg just think of it his life would
be a lot longer he would be able to live through almost any thing, and you
could have him at your side” She glared at him, “Don‟t even think of trying
it. He‟s a nutrual you can‟t touch him” he nodded “your true I can‟t but I
know Rhys doesn‟t want to sit on this seat he hates dealing with the other
sith lords, you are not a master yet so you can not sit on it would you rather
have one of the other sith lords or at least one you can some what trust even
though only a little”

“the leader is dead… the sith aren‟t even a group anymore. I can almost
defeat you on my own, and who said anything about trusting you?” he
looked at her “the sith are still a group they will come to me I will offer them
more then that old hack ever did he made them give every thing to him I will
at least share the wealth and make the sith even more powerful then he did
and expand our goals to the republic”

“Take only was is not taken. You wont ever gain power over the republic.
The jedi would cut you apart like nothing” she said as Ravyn rushed over to
Dale holding Robyn in her arms. “What does that make Robyn and me
Dale?” he looked at them “you are to stay by my side” he told Ravyn as he
looked at Virgo “time will make us stronger then the jedi, now your either
with me or against me” he said looking at the gaurds who came on line all
being strong battle androids.” Virgo lowered her head, “What shall you have
me do… master” he nodded “much better. Well I want you to gather more
data on the cyborg project develop new parts and technologies and discover
new hosts if you do not want your brother to be involved with it” She sighed
knowing she was still on mission and had to go along with anything he said.
“It will cost a lot Master” she said, knowing now dale had more power over
what happened to her and Rhys. He nodded “no problem I will increase
funding to you and your ship for this goal” Ravyn whispered into Dale‟s ear,
“Now you have full control over Virgo.” She said rocking robyn. “Imagen
the family army you could build. The force is just as strong with her as it is
you” he nodded “well go forth and find the necessary species which will do
for building our cyborg aremy”

Virgo turned her back to him and headed for the door as Ravyn knelt down
beside Dale‟s throne, “We could busy Rhys this this task, and make her stay
and make me new and better parts. Along with new ones for Robyn.” He
nodded “on second thaught this will be Rhys‟ task Virgo you will stay here
and create new parts for Ravyn and Robyn” Virgo stopped turning, “I wont
go anywhere without Rhys” she said looking over at Rhys. Rhys looked
back at her Dale looking at her “well unfortunately these are my orders he
can check in with you every day or what ever” Virgo turned to face Rhys as
she whimpered, “I don‟t want to stay with him Rhys” she said softly so Dale
could barely hear them. He sighed “I know you don‟t” he whispered to her
“but you can find out more information this way while I try and see if any
races are capable of this which I doubt they are” She felt his hand rest on her
cheek as she leaned into his touch, “Don‟t be gone from me long…” She
said looking up at him. He nodded hugging her making it look dirty for
Dale and ravyn watching them placing a hand on her butt “I will check in
every day” She nodded kissing him deeply as she nuzzled him gently before
she had to let go. Ravyn seemed pleased especially since her fertility chip
was taken out. Rhys soon left off into space leaving Ravyn Dale and Robyn
with Virgo. Virgo sighed slightly as Ravyn whispered to Dale, “Now that he
can‟t come running” she said. As Virgo turned to look up at them. He
nodded “Ravyn show Virgo to her room as you can find one for us I will
inform the other sith lords of the change of power” he told her. She nodded
standing up as She motioned for Virgo to follow her. As virgo pasted Dale
she shot him a glare before stepping from the room. Virgo‟s room was a
large suite 6 doors down from the master suite where her and Dale would
stay. Ravyn went into her room to nap with Robyn as Virgo looked around
her new room.

Virgo was in peace and quiet in her room no one disturbing her at all letting
her get on with her business for the first week of staying there Rhys
reporting in with her every day always on a new location he sent her data of
each race he discovered many having flaws but having a few matching DNA
sequences with that of a Nerya. She had to cover up each finding to prevent
further increase in the Sith army, stalling all the data and reworking it to
make it look bad and save innocent people. Ravyn was still in regeneration
from her birthing but strange glitches in her systems started to pop up. One
night she was unable to absorb a power booster, leaving her to weak to
please dale. And Days before that her memory seemed to of been slowing
down, bits and pieces of her memory would vanish and on this night she
literally forgot she even had a baby, who almost starved because she didn‟t
feed Robyn. Dale found Robyn and brought her to Ravyn imidiatly to feed
her forcing her to wake up and feed the child as he went and knocked on
Virgos door while ravyn fed Robyn. Virgo had climbed out of bed and put
on some black robes and answered the door half asleep. “What?” she asked
scratching her head. “Ravyn is having major glitches and she needs a check
up tonight she forgot to feed Robyn and she nearly starved” Virgo leaned in
the doorway, “I told Ravyn not to download unprotected information” she
said lying convincingly. “She‟s probably infected herself with dozens of
viruses” he looked at her “fix her systems or it will be your ass who will be
next for conversion” he said to her bluntly. She groaned, “Dale it‟s in the
middle of the night…a nd it will take me a few days to make the systems she
needs to replace all that is infected. I can look her over in the morning to see
what needs to be replaced.” She said looking at the clock to see what time it
was. “You seem cranky” he looked at her “that‟s because I am cranky she
has been buggy all week and she needs repairs now” She sighed, “Why
didn‟t you tell me this when it first started happening?” She asked. “You
usually only get this cranky when Ravyn holds out on you.” He looked at
her “Well unfortunately one of the bugs has stopped her from doing that”
She crossed her arms, “There is nothing I can do for her right now. All I can
tell you is wait till I can open her up in the morning” she said. He looked at
her “unless your willing to open your legs for me I would suggest working
on her now” She looked at him, “it‟s 2 in the morning Dale! If I don‟t sleep I
could make mistakes. If I don‟t sleep I‟ll be to tired to make her new parts. I
have a system plug that will temporarily run through her systems and clean
up what it can if you want to hook her up to that now” she said drly. He
nodded “fine as long as there are no more viruses” She went and reached
into her bag getting out a small metal machine and a cord, “let‟s go hook her
up.” She said tired like stepping out into the hall. Her robes short so her long
slender legs where showing. Ravyn was much shorter then her and her legs
where a bit more leaner then Virgo‟s because of the weight she gained while
having children. He nodded “lets go then” he told her taking her to his and
Ravyn‟s room. Ravyn had rolled over to go back to sleep and Robyn was
crying in hunger on the other side of the bed. Virgo rushed to the infant and
picked her up, “Hush now little one I‟ll get you something in a moment” She
said. “Open the piece behind Ravyns ear. You will see a input hole, plug the
device into her and let it run tonight” she said going to a replicator and
replicated some milk for Robyn. Robyn took it dispite the fact isn‟t wasn‟t
Ravyn‟s breast milk because she was so hungry. Virgo rocked her slightly
holding her in one arm and fiding her with the other. Dale did what Virgo
told him do hooking the device up being Ravyns ear he looked at Virgo
rocking Robyn back and forth “you will be an excellent mother one day” he
told her.

“That‟s a long time away, Rhys being gone and all” She said letting Robyn
drink her fill and finally drift back to sleep before Virgo put Robyn in her
cradle. And without even speaking to Rhys about the procedure she went
back down the hall to her room. Dale let her go laying down with Ravyn
hoping she will get better soon. Ravyn rolled over and opened her eyes
instantly yelling at him for no reason. He hugged her “well least its good to
have the old ravyn back” he told her. She shoved him away, “Get off me
Dale I don‟t feel good!” She said. “man you smell go shower or something”
she roared at him. Virgo literally hearing Ravyn yelling from down the hall.
She laid there in bed her eyes closed trying to drowned out Ravyn‟s noise.
Dale got up and left the bed room going across the hall and starting up the
shower getting in. Virgo heard the shower running and banged on the walls,
“stop that noise you mother fucker!!” she yelled. He used the force to crank
up the radio in the wash room. She got up not knowing it was him and
kicked open the door. “Knock it off people are trying to sleep damn it” he
smiled using the force to close the door and lock it from the other side. She
turned looking back hearing the door lock, “What the fuck is going on” she
muttered trying to open the door. “ugh to hot in here” she said finding it
locked. “hahah very funny open this door.” He smiled “nope you will have
to deal with the heat” he said turning up the temperature in the room even
more. She leaned up against the door finding it to hot to think hard enough
to use the force to open the door. “Dale.. come on I didn‟t know it was you
in here” she said sweating. He smiled “well you should have thaught of that
before think of it as a sauna take your clothes off and relax” She slid down
the side of the door fanning herself with her hands, her tempature rising to
quickly, turning on the cold water in the sink to keep herself coolded off. He
was enjoying his nice hot shower washing his hair and soaping up his body.
Virgo grabbed his towel and soaked it through with cold water and wringing
it out wrapping it around her and her think silk robe to cool down. He
smiled “well if you come into the shower I will turn on the cold water for
you to cool down” he said teasing her. “I would wrather see a a naked
Laudur over you” she said. He smiled “your loss” he told her making it
even hotter in the room. She was gasping slightly, her seat had soaked her
hair and her robes. Continuing to soak the towel in cold water. He kept the
temperature at this level knowing she couldn‟t hold out for much longer. She
was curled up against the wall, over flowing the sink to spill over on her.
Her eyes shut letting the watter rush over her head. He smiled using the
force to lock up the sink turning the control valve off. She had been pressing
her call button the whole time knowing Rhys wouldn‟t be able to get there
for hours but she felt better knowing that he was coming. Dale saw her
doing that knowing that ravyn had disconnected it for a long ago and no
signal was getting through Dale got out of the shower the steam was so thick
in the room he grabbed a hair towel and dried himself off with it before
using it to wrap up his hair. She was trying not to think of the heat, weezing
slightly. He kneeled down beside her running his fingers through her
soiaked pink hair “so how do you like the heat?”

„I .. can‟t breath” she uttered in deep gasps for air. She couldn‟t even move
anymore, feeling like her whole body was on fire. He picked her up over his
shoulder smacking her butt while he used the force to unlock the door and
open it. She was draped over his shoulder limply, the cool air from the hall
hitting her like a ton of bricks making her quiver but begin to gain control of
her tempature. He looked around thinking of where he should bring her. Her
bedroom door down the hall was wide open the way she had left it. He
moved over to her bed room and tossed her onto the bed as he grabbed the
towel and ripped it off her quickly like a trick of removing a table cloth with
out disturbing any thing. Her silk robe was soaked and the night shirt she
had under it could be seen hrough. Her wet hair was getting her sheets all
wet as she reached out slowly to make herself sit up. Her heat coming down
now she was out of the hot room. He reached down and took off her night
robe and hung it up “your all wet we better get you some new clothes so you
don‟t get sick” he said taking off her night shirt next and hanging it up as
well. She had only her bra and panties on being quiet the vision almost
completely nude. She weakly sat up making her attempt to get to her closet.
He puished her down again as he found her some dry under wear and a nice
comfortable teddy as she went over and stripped her of her bra and panties
slipping the thong up her legs and snuggly around her before sitting her up
and puitting the teddy on her “there how is that” She slowly put her arms
around herself and tried to use her blanket as something to cover herself. He
smiled helping her move the blan ekst over her “now you get some rest and
if you need some water its in the fridge since your probly really dehydrated,
would you like some water now?” She nodded seeming a tad weirded out.
He got up and went to the kitchen soon coming back with a nice cold glass
of water “here you go virgo” he said helping her sit up and drink her water
“now you get some rest and relax because you have a lot of work to do
tomorrow” She choked on it slightly as she caughed after swallowing what
she could getting back a lot of the strength she had lost before turning and
slapping his face. “I don‟t care if it was to help me, I would have changed
my clothes when I got my strength back.” He smiled as he rubbed his cheek
“ah well I saw it all before any how, just so you know, you look good as a
naughty school girl” he told her getting up and going to the door. She gasped
holding a blanket to herself as she threw her shoe at him hitting him in the
head. “You disgust me Dale” she said slightly over stepping her lines. He
growled rubbing the back of his head the force even stronger in him when he
was anger as she could feeling it rise all around him objects in her room
levitating she had never felt him this strong before as it almost felt as strong
as master yoda, but seeing this she could figure out his true power was only
usable when he was angry. She looked at him, “No wonder why Ravyn says
she doesn‟t want to have sex with you. You think your god of the universe
and your not. She isn‟t glitching when it comes to having sex with you,
that‟s entirely on her own” she spat. He raised his hand choaking her hard
as she felt the covers being ripped off her with the force. Her hands came to
her neck as she twisted slightly. He waved his hand once more as the teddy
she wore was instantly shreaded by the force exposing her body as her thong
pulled up into her pussy firmly. She gasped slightly trying to use the force to
break his consintration. Things she threw at him with the force didn‟t even
phase him the towel which he had his hair wrapped in soon fell to the ground
her thong soon ripped apart as he crawled over top of her rubbing his hard
cock up against her “you think those things about me when I was being nice
to you now I am going to have my way with you and you will just have to
lay there and take it” he said using the force to tie her hands and legs up to
her head board and foot board while the choaking stopped on her she
instantly felt his large member force its way into her. She twisted her body
under him as she cried out, “Get off me!” she said tossing her head from side
to side, “I thought it was one of your tricks” she said quickly cringing

 He held her down thrusting in and out of her “moan like the whore that you
are” he trold her giving it to her nice and hard. She cried out looking away,
“it‟s so disgusting” she groaned. She felt just as good as Ravyn her body
entirely organic. He moaned enjoying how tight she was continuing to
thrust back and forth inside her. She struggled until she couldn‟t anymore
looking up at him blankly and sad as her body rocked under him. He hadn‟t
ever had real nerya pussy before, and her juice was like thick vibrating gell
that smelled as sweet as honey. He moaned more having his way with her all
he wanted since she wasn‟t struggling any more. She felt her stomach turn
from taking him. As she found herself opening her mouth, “Rhys is bigger,
no wonder you where so jealous” she said then suddenly regreated saying it.
He used the force flipping her around after untying her hands and forcing his
large cock into her tight ass she screamed trying to pull away. “OW!!
Stop!!” she cried out. she couldn‟t move his cock sunk deep inside her as
she was even tighter here then her pussy his hands on her ass while he
moved himself back and forth inside her. She felt like she was going to be
sick her face pushed into the pillows as pain shot up her spine as tears came
to her eyes. He pulled it out of her ass soon and shoved it back into her
pussy giving it to her from behind while he laid over her sucking on her ear
lobe while his fingers played with her nipples. She groaned turning
attemping to elbow him in the face. “Get off me!” he stopped her elbow
thrusting into even harder and faster then before so hard she could feel the
head of his cock hammering against the end of her insides. She cried out in
pain her insides sore from his savagness. He moaned cuming hard inside her
as she could feel its intense heat filling her. She was shaking slightly and
was fearing he might come to her any time his lust needed to be filled where
Ravyn could not give him. She sniffled slightly sweating slightly. He slowly
pulled out of her as he rummaged through the medicine cabinit in the wash
room looking at a pill as he opened her mouth and put it in covering her
mouth and stroking her throat to make her swallow. She caughed on it
making her choke as she vomited it up along with her dinner over the side of
the bed. She held her stomach as she curled up in a defensive position.
“leave me alone” she sobbed. He sighed “fine I was just trying to make you
forget what you experienced tonight” he said waving his hand and untying
her and leaving her room closing the door behind her and going back to his
and ravyn‟s room.

When morning came Ravyn got up passing by Robyns cradle and paid her
no mind her memory becoming worse from the infection. Dispite what
Virgo had told dale the device they plugged in made things secretly worse.
Virgo spent the remander of her night in the shower trying to wash herself
clean and waiting for Rhys to contact her. Virgo never showed up that day to
look over Ravyn, or did Rhys contact her, having communication troubles in
a maginetic field of a planet. For days it was like endless torture, every night
she found herself face up or face down into her sheets while dale lusted over
her, punishment for not fixing ravyn yet. Virgo felt worse each day worrying
about why Rhys hadn‟t contacted her, trying to take her mind off the up
coming darkness trying to make new circuits for Ravyn but stalled on it so
she would get worse. The punishments kept getting worse and worse for
virgo as Dale grew angery and angrier some times he fucked her till she
blead or cummed all over her in humiliating ways. She woke in the morning
feeling so sick she could barely stand. She put her hands on the wall trying
to keep herself up as she went into the washroom where she got sick over
and over again. She groaned holding her stomach as she pricked her finger
and held it against a small mechanical deviced. She sobbed silently to herself
beginning to loose what focus she had on this mission just wanting to go
home and now things where getting even worse. Dale kept waiting for her as
he looked after Robyn while Ravyn had no clue what was going on any
more Dale was furious that Virgo had done nothing yet. Virgo put a hand to
her forehead and leaned against the washroom counter, before holding her
stomach in sickness and stumbled out to her room. She no longer carried
what happened to Ravyn, using the small tools to make the circuits she
needed. Ravyn had woken up this morning not even remembering who she
was. Her vocabulary system had been shot, making almost everything she
said sound like utter nonsence. This Made Dale even more mad as he sent
out sith to find a proper mechanich and had Virgo tossed in a prison cell not
taking any more of this from her. She sat there dhydrated and ill barely even
getting anything to drink when Rhys ship finally arrived back. The mechincs
Dale found looked over Ravyn‟s custom circuits and had no idea what Virgo
was doing. Virgo‟s work was 100% original. Rhys looked all over the place
for Virgo eventually finding her in the prison cell he had not let Dale find
out he was here knowing something was up his communications not able to
get through slowly he used the force to cut the lock off her cell. She was
laying on the floor gazing at the wall. In bad need of a shower. He snuck
into her cell and picked her up in his arms and wrapped her up in his robes
and moved out of the cell as quickly as he got in moving back to the hanger
deck to where his ship was.

“Im sorry Lord Dale… I don‟t know how to fix Lady Ravyn, you‟ll need to
get the one who made these circuits she‟s going to go into complete self
distruction if you don‟t” one of the mechanics said. Dale growled “Well she
unfortunately is of no use to us you better replace those systems or you will
be dead soon” he said while Rhys got Virgo onto the ship and started up the
engines before taking off. The engines soon blew out as they were
sabotaged sith lords coming out and subduing rhys taking virgo back to her
work. Virgo was forced into a room with her tools dispite how ill she felt she
worked hoping Dale would change his attitude. She didn‟t even get to speak
to rhys, having been taken from him before she woke. Dale didn‟t even
disturb her or punish her to speed up the process of her work. By night fall
she was banging on the door, “please… I need water… Dale” she cried out
for him, the parts for Ravyn nearly complete. He had a servant android
come in give her a glass of water. She took it and sucked it down gasping, “I
need to speak to Dale” she said to the servant. “Relay the message” it
nodded going off and getting Dale he opened the door “yes what do you
wish to speak to me about Virgo?” She looked up from the table she was
working at. Virgo looked very tired. “Dale… I need better conditions then
this…” she said not even having a bed to sleep on. “You need to contact
Rhys, it shouldn‟t be taking this long” she said not knowing he had come
back already. “Why do you punish me so… her viruses are ones created by
the old leader…. It‟s not my fault” he looked at her “well you were the one
in charge of ravyn when he was living so you were probly the one who put
them in her so you will not get to hear from rhys or get a bed till you are
finish with rayvns parts as she is running out of time”

“I never put any viruses in Ravyn‟s system… they where located in all the
downloadable programs for Raven on your ship, those where put there by
him not me! Dale I‟m pregnant” she said putting a hand to her head. He
nodded “fine I will let you get some rest in a bed” he said opening the door
for her “so go get some rest” She got up slowly setting down her tools as she
went around the side of the table and to the door. “Rhys is going to hate me”
she whimpered stepping out. Dale smiled thinking the child was his “why
you will be the mother of a great powerful child not some second class one”
She lowered her head, “you planned this… its why you came every day
twice sometimes… I never had a chance to work on Ravyn‟s parts because
you where bringing me to the brink of illness every time.” She said stepping
into the room for her to lay down. “Had me locked up… it‟s your own fault
she‟s gotten as bad as she has… I‟ve been trying to help” she whimpered.
He looked at her “and how do I know you didn‟t sabotgage her in the first
place after you gave me that thing to plug into her she got worse a lot faster
so I say this is your own fault” She sat down on the small bed. “It was
supposed to make the viruses slow down so I could get in and fix it before it
spread. Something isn‟t right…” she said laying down on her side. “the
computer…” she said trying not to fall asleep to quick. “In… the lab….
Infected…. Virus.. date” she said falling asleep from pure exhaustion. She
had long ago planeted a virus in the Sith database with a faulse name and
date of impant just in case if she ever had to cover herself. Her words
leaving him to wonder who would plant such a virus into the system. He
soon went off to check the computer she mentioned wondering if she said
was true. He found a list of distructive viruses placed in the downloads for
Ravyn, the date of their implant and the name of the scientist was the day
before ravyn‟s activation and the same man who made her. The codes he
could tell where scripted to be hidden and dormant. He growled turning it
off and leaving Virgo to sleep. Virgo woke almost 14 hours later feeling
slightly better and went back to working. Finishing the new circuits by late
afternoon. Ravyn was deactivated while Virgo put them in, hearinf Dale step
into the room while she was working on Ravyn. Dale watched her carefully
trying not to disturb her while she worked. Virgo would pause some times to
hold her aching stomach before continuing with her work. Tossing aside this
ruined circuits and tapping into Ravyn‟s back up memory chip. Dale still
stood behind virgo silently not saying any thing to disturb her. She finally
stepped back shutting the hatches and reactivated Ravyn who sat up and
rubbed her shoulder, “what‟s going on?” She asked looking at virgo. “Fixing
your damaged parts” she said as Ravyn looked at her, “I fell much better
now thanks virgo” she said. Dale smiled and nodded “you should go see our
daughter Ravyn its been like a week since you saw her last”

She nodded climbing off the table and stepped out of the room. Virgo was
tossing the old circuits in the trash and putting away her tools slowly. “rhys
is in Detainment center 5 go see him when you fill ready” Dale said leaving
her. She turned quickly rushing down the floors to where they where holding
Rhys. She got a guard to let her in as she rushed over to him. “Rhys!” she
cried out for him. He wrapped his arms around her “are you alright when I
found you, you were unconscious and very sickly looking” She buried her
face against his chest, “It was Dale‟s fault every night since we lost
communication he would rape me. Over and over again. Rhys Im pregnant”
She said. He nodded rubbing the side of her head “I will get him back for
this but first lets get you back home” he told her picking her up in his arms.
She curled up in his arms, “He wont let us leave… we need back up” he
carried her to the ship as he looked around “I‟ll communicate with Master
Yoda and tell them to send in the jedi” he told her. She groaned, “I need to
get down.. I need my things…” She said holding tight to him. She heard the
com call for Rhys to Dale‟s main room. She looked up at Rhys. I‟ll come
too” he shook his head “you stay on the ship and comminacate with Master
Yoda” he told her getting out of the ship. She went after him, “I can‟t Dale
has this placed wired tighter then a Gogor‟s Butt” he looked up at her “then
leave on the ship it has to be sent” he told her. She whimpered, “Im not
leaving the surface without you” she said taking his arm. He looked at her
“virgo its your job to do this” She looked at him, “and it‟s my duty as your
wife to be at your side” hel looked up at her “not right now it isn‟t”

“You can‟t let me come with you or I‟ll force you to let me.” She said. “We
can‟t blow cover Rhys or they will be gone long before anyone gets here”
he sighed “fine lets go” he told her leading her to Dale‟s throne room. Virgo
stepped in first noticing Ravyn across the room with Dale. Dale looked at
them “About time you two showed up” he said. Virgo sighed looking tired
still. Ravyn had Robyn in her arms keeping herself and her child busy with
blocks on the floor. “what do you have for us now” he said directly to dale
“so to the point and Harsh Rhys fine I will get to the point, You still have
not come up with any race we can cyberize so I want you to get back out

Virgo looked at Dale, “but he just got back that isn‟t fair” Rhys looked “My
apprentice will be coming with me as I know Ravyn‟s repairs are done”
Rhys said looking at Dale. Ravyn looked at Dale, “And if I have problems
again” she asked. Virgo had her hands on her stomach. Rhys looked to her
“you can call us and we will return” he said taking Virgos hand and turning
to leave the throne room “fine take her” Dale said. Ravyn called out, “Stop”
She said as Virgo looked back at Ravyn. “She stays to finish the new
updates I want” she said as Virgo looked upset. “I fixed you there is nothing
you need” She said as Ravyn grinned, “But my little Robyn is due for some
new parts” she said as Robyn giggled and hiccupped fire. Dale shook his
hand “no she has no need for those right now” he said as Rhys took Virgo
out of the throne room. Ravyn stood up, “Fine stay here by yourself I‟m
going with them.” Ravyn said starting towards the door with Robyn. Dale
looked at her strangely “fine go with them I have plenty of business here to
do you know”

She looked back at Dale, “Fine I wont come back” she
barked at him rushing from the room. “Virgo wait for me”
Ravyn called from behind her and Rhys. “What is it now
Ravyn?” She asked. “I‟m going with you. Dale has been to
much of a dick lately” she said as Virgo rubbed her head.
“Im not sure that‟s a good idea ravyn. But I suppose… if
your as tired of him as I am then I‟m sure Rhys wouldn‟t
mind you coming with” he shrugged “I don‟t see why not”
he said stopping by Virgos room first and getting her stuff.
She went into her room and got her tool kits and clothes
before coming out. “Virgo I hear your pregnant. Congrats
to you and Rhys” Rhys nodded “well thank you Ravyn” he
told her. She nodded as they went to Rhys ship. “Ravyn I
do warn you.. that I have no plans coming back to the
surface once we leave” Virgo said stopping at the entrance
of the ship. Ravyn sighed and nodded. “I understand” Rhys
got every thing loaded helping them aboard the ship as he
sat in the cockpit “every one ready?” Virgo nodded as did
Ravyn. “I can‟t wait to get away from this horrible place”
she said. Ravyn looked at virgo as she said that. “Why‟s
that Virgo?” She asked as Virgo shook her head. “It‟s
nothing Ravyn.”

 Soon the ship lifted off leaving the planet and off
into space taking off to the planet where he left off
on. “Virgo can you come to the bridge please” he
said. In no time at all she was on the bridge. “Yes
captain?” “you ready to contact Master Yoda?” he
said to her. She nodded, “Yes… I am thinking of how
Im going o tell the Masters about…” she said a hand
going to her stomach. He nodded patting her stomache
gently “its not your fault” She sat down on his lap
wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “It was
horrible… he even… went places you have never been. I
was bleeding all the time…” he hugged her gently “well
your safe now I wont let him touch you again”
“I kept trying to signal you with my arm band but you
never came” She said as they heard Ravyn from behind.
“That‟s because he ordered me to deactivate your call
button. He wanted you to be vonderable to him. To
catch you when Rhys couldn‟t come running. Is the
child.. his?” she asked as Virgo whimpered and nodded
slowly. Ravyn‟s ears lowered as she looked sad. Rhys
grumbled “he will pay for this” he said. Ravyn went
over to them and sat on the floor beside Rhys‟ captains
chair. “I‟m sorry for doing that Rhys, I had to follow
orders.” She said as virgo nodded, “I don‟t blame you
Ravyn your only machine.” Ravyn looked up at her
holding Robyn. “I didn‟t think he would spoil you
Virgo, he said only I was going to be the mother of his
children. And he lied” Rhys nodded “yah its not your
fault he is a dirty fuck who should have a light saber

“I can think of something a bit more crule… that is if
you boh are willing to get even and hit im where it
really hurts” he looked at her “oh and whats that?” he
asked her. “Well if Virgo is willing I‟d like to doctor a
video to send back to him, I want it to look like your
getting the two women he wanted, in a sexual video.
And say things that would make him hate himself for
what he did. Like Robyn calling you daddy, and such.”
She said as Virgo looked at Ravyn, “Im not having a
three way with you Ravyn.” She said as Ravyn shook
her head. “Not a real one, just make it look like we are.
And if you could doctor the video up some to make it
look good. There is nothing he‟ll hate more then know
that his so called woman ran off with his brother” Rhys
looked at her “she has a valid point” virgo nodded,
“Fine I suppose since you have some to see he will never
treat you good” she said.

That night after Dale finished his work he returned to
his bedroom to find no one there, even Robyn‟s cradle
vacant. He sighed work kept him so busy he didn‟t
realize he sent them off he asked a guard earlier where
hey were and he told him what happened he laid down
in bed looking over at Ravyns vacant spot on the bed.
The room was quiet. There was no happy laughter from
Robyn, the the sound of Ravyn cooing to their only
living child. He sighed all depressed laying silently in
bed with nothing better to do. There came a soft knock
on his door as a guard poked his head in, “Sir a video
transmission came in addressed to you. We‟ve put it on
this small disk chip.” He said seting it on a table. He
took the chip and waved the guard away and put it in
the computer. When the guard left a video came up on
the screen. He could see Rhys bed, and on either side of
him was Virgo and Ravyn who appeared to be naked
under the sheets. They where giggling and moaning.
Rhys giving them both pet names. “my turn rhys!”
ravyn said, as Virgo moved over. “Now he can father
both our children huh Ravyn” he heard Virgo say as
Ravyn squealed, “wow… that‟s bigger then I‟ve ever
seen!” he growed using the force on the computer as it
imploded “damn him”
A guard came rushing in, “master master we heard the
noise are you safe?” he looked at them “yes you
imbicles now leave me” he yelled at them. He nodded,
“yes sir, I thought I should tell you Lady Ravyn sent
you a message” he said looking at the paper, “I hope
you enjoyed the video, because you will never experance
it. Love Ravyn and Robyn” Dale twisted his hand
breaki9ng the guards neck with the puire force in one
quick gesture.

Back on the ship Ravyn and Virgo sat around having
juice while Ravyn let Robyn chew on a soft toy. “Just
hope your baby turns out to look like you Virgo, that
way you wont have to see him him every time you look
at her” Rhys walked in on them “well We will arrive on
Grey 27 in a day” he told them. Virgo nodded,
“Alright” she said. As she got up and went with Rhys to
their bridge. “I couldn‟t make contact with the council,
a few are on peace missions and are unable to
communicate currently.” He nodded “Alright we will
try again later” he told her sitting down in his pilots

The next day ravyna nd Virgo stpped off the ship
looking around. “Mingle for a bit I‟m going to get
supplies for Robyn.” Ravyn said. Rhys looked around
collecting samples from different species that lived on
the planet. Meanwhile Virgo changed the compatable
ones so it would seem to Dale and the others that the life
forms would not be good to use. Ravyns internal
tracking device went off the moment she came off the
ship and was unaware of it‟s presents. Dale found her
on the planet and soon went to his ship to go after her
but it would be 2 days away. That night and the next
day ravyn and Virgo spent money shopping for clothes
for themselves and for Robyn while Rhys went to the
other side of the planet to collect samples. Ravyn and
virgo found a stor that had beautiful blankets for
babies, Virgo buying what she would need for her own.
Rhys eventually came back to the ship seeing Dale‟s
ship in range as he got out and went to find virgo and
ravyn. They had spent a load of credit and where
having lunch at a resturaunt unaware Rhys was looking
for them. He eventually found them “We have to get
moving Dale is on his way here”

Ravyn waved her hand, “he wouldn‟t come here he
hates shopping” she said. He looked at her “unless you
have a tracking device on you and he is coming to look
for you” She tilted her head, “Why would I need a
tracking device?” she asked putting a bottle in Robyn‟s
mouth. He looked at her “incase you ran away and sent
a fake video to get him mad?” She thought a moment.
“Oh yeah… I suppose that would have made him
furious… I would have loved to see the look on his face
when he saw it” he looked at her “knowing you Raven
you made a copy so you could but unfortunately I don‟t
want to be here when he arrives” She looked up. “To
late” she muttered seeing the ship landing outside. Dale
soon got off his ship with three body guards tracking
ravyn down “there you are Ravyn it is time to come
She looked away from him, “I‟m not going back Dale I
have a new home now” he looked at her “oh yes you are
even if I have to chain you up I the bed room you are
coming back.” She growled, “NO you lying bastard.
Rhys treats me much better then you” she said turning
away as Virgo climbed out of her seat. “You didn‟t
seem to care when she said she was leaving” he looked
at virgo “I was busy I have a lot of things to do you

“That‟s no excuse” Ravyn said getting up. “Come on
virgo let‟s take our stuff back to our ship.” Dale looked
at her “no your coming back with me to my ship” he
said the guards raising their guns. “Or what? You‟ll
shoot me and your only child” she glared at him. He
looked at her “no I will shoot your pretty things you
bought since I kno how you hate it when your new stuff
gets ruined” She looked away “I don‟t care they where
gifts bought for me by Virgo. You should have thought
about that before you knocked up your brothers
woman” he looked at her “you‟re the one who told me
to keep heron the moon so I could do that” Rhys was
growling not liking them talk about it. Ravyn kept her
back to him, “No I‟m not listening to you anymore” She
said as Virgo stepped between Ravyn and Dale, “that‟s
enough.” Dale growled “fine you keep the ungrateful
bitch I will just go find some one else, I gave her so
many things and I was going to give her more” he said
moving away from them going back to his ship “I was
going to name planets after you and now I guess I will
have to name them after some one else” Ravyn knew
Dale wouldn‟t last much longer without her. Dale
waved as one of the guards hammered Rhys upside the
baxck of the head “alright lets take them back to the
moon and imprison all three of them” Dale said. Virgo
pulled her lightsabers, “Lay a hand on is I swear to god
I‟ll kill Robyn and myself” she said. He looked at her
“go ahead” he said calling her bluff. Virgo glared at
him as Suprisingly Ravyn handed Virgo Robyn, “Go
ahead I wont be held down anymore” Dale looked at
Ravyn “you like being held down though you always
told me to get more rope and tie me down”

“No more sexual preferences” She said to Dale as Virgo
brought her saber to the infants throat. “We will not be
places in your filthy prisons” he looked at her “you
don‟t have it in you Virgo to murder a child its why you
are an apprentice not a lord” She nodded, “that so?”
she asked glancing back at Ravyn who nodded slightly,
virgo looking back at Dale. “Really?” she asked before
cutting the childs head from hershoulders. He shook
his head “unfortunately it was obviously a fake because
Ravyn isn‟t that crazy” Dale said harshly as the guards
bound Virgos hand disarming her from her light saber.
Ravyn looked at him, “I‟m crazy enough to do what I
want Dale. Not like her death will matter to you, none of
the others did” he looked at her “they all mattered to
me you just didn‟t care how I felt I was trying to help
you through it you just only think about your self” She
glared at him, “Look who‟s talking she said as a guard
bound her hands as she followed behind virgo onto the
ship. Dale kicked rhys “bound him up and search his
ship for the child” he told them as they did his bidding
taking them back to the rogue moon. Rhys ship was
brought back to the moon where a guard brought Dale
a Sleeping Robyn. “Looks like Ravyn brought along
decoys to practice on master” he said to Dale handing
him his child. Ravyn and Virgo where locked in one
room together, sitting on the patio wondering what
would come next. “Don‟t worry about Rhys so much
Virgo, I‟m sure he‟s just fine” Dale eventually let the
guards unlock their room allowing them almost free
reign of the place while he took care of Robyn. Ravyn
and virgo had a silent protest in the room, refusing to
eat or drink until Dale aplogised and freed Rhys. Dale
eventually showed up giving a half assed apology and
told them Rhys was sent away on mission”

“I don‟t believe you” Virgo said, “Rhys wouldn‟t
continue to work for you without seeing me first” he
looked at her “actually I threatened your life if he
didn‟t continue working for me” She turned to look at
him, “If you where to ever face me I‟d destroy you” he
smiled “allow your self to think that mother of my
child” She turned away from him, “It‟s not yours, I
refuse to even think of it” he looked at her “yes but you
know it is”

“I haven‟t had anything to eat or drink in over 24
hours. I‟d wrather die” she said looking out the
window.he looked at her pulling out a heart monitor
with Rhys‟ vitals on it “you die or grow unhealthy I will
push this button and Rhys dies simple as that” She
turned looking at him, “Can‟t win in a fair fight he
cheets. Doesn‟t mean I ever have to like you” he
nodded “no it doesn‟t but you have to do as I say”

“I had a vision this morning. I saw thise whole moon
being distroied. Your precious Sith being crushed.” She
looked back out the window at the stars. “This is my
baby.. it will never be yours, or have anything to ever do
with you” he shrugged “visions are just glimpses of a
possible future not something definite” She was silent,
“If you where half the man Rhys was, you‟d be a better
leader” he looked at her “well some of us have to use
the skills we have to gain our goals and I am the politian
not a warrior” She nodded, “it‟s obvious, you don‟t
know how to handle any sort of tools. You‟d break your
dick off if you where any stupider” he shrugged her
insuklts off “well enjoy your stay on the moon Virgo”
he said leaving the room. For days she sat around being
forcedto eat and drink, waiting for Rhys to come back.
She hoped her message would be relayed to the council
and they would send Jedi to end this nightmare. She
was loosing her will to continue. Finding it harder each
day to keep control of her anger. There was no sig of
rhys and every thing seemed to be normal around the
moon. Virgo kept to one room. While Ravyn became the
old ravyn she was before her and Dle had their fight.
Virgo spent long hours meditating and waiting for it all
to just be over. Soon Dale forced Virgo out of her room
and into his and Ravyns making her sleep in the same
bed as them. Virgo spent all night sleeping closet to the
edge of the bed, but completely awake. All night she
heard Dale and ravyn going at it. She would turn away
looking at the window some times even getting out and
staying across the room. Dale looked at her when she
would get out “get back in bed Virgo and get
comfortable” he told her. She put her arms around
herself, “I don‟t feel well, would you prefure me to get
sick on your sheets?” he shrugged “I guess not” he said.
Virgo sat on the padded bench by the window looking
out at the stars. All she could hear was Ravyn and him
going at it. She shook her head pulling a blanket around
her shoulders. This went on for a few days like this as
Dale figured out she was faking it forcing her to get in
bed with them. She covered her head with a pillow, each
night was shorter then the last till eventually Ravyn just
wasn‟t in the mood. He grumbled when ravyn wasn‟t in
the mood as he soon forced himself upon Virgo elling
her if she didn‟t he would kill Rhys. She would turn her
head away, Ravyn just laying there watching as Virgo
didn‟t struggle. Dale had his way with Virgo letting
ravyn watch him do her. Virgo whimpered uttering soft
cries at times. He smiled kissing her neck a few times
his hands slowly feeling her up softly and gently. She
would feel herself quiver under him, each night the

Durring the middle of the day Ravyn was out on her
daily stroll with Robyn. Virgo would sit alone in Dale‟s
room. Dale would go about his business as normal
during the day doing what needed to be done and giving
out orders. That afternoon he found virgo come
through the doors of his throne room dropping her tools
to the floor. He looked at her “is something wrong
Virgo?” She lowered her head, “bring back rhys…” he
shrugged “unfortunately at this time it would be
imposible to recall him” She clenched her fists. “bring
him back now… and I‟ll do anything you want” he
looked at her “your in no position to bargain me” he
said taking out Rhys‟ life monitor “if you don‟t I can
easily end his life now he will have a heart attack and
have his lungs explode”

“Just bring him back Dale… I‟ll do anything please”
she said getting down on her knees. He smiled “oh
really and what classifies as any thing?” She looked at
the floor. “Anything it takes to bring him back.” He
looked at her “Well you will be mine and no one elses
you will serve me and actually enjoy it, but you will
have to say good bye to your precious Rhys” She
nodded slowly putting her hands against the floor. “Will
I at least be able to see him?” he nodded “yes you can
see him before telling him good bye”

“Give me at least a day with him master” she said. He
looked at her “fine but he wont be able to arrive for
another 2 days but you will wear something sexy in bed
tonight and enjoy it” She took a deep breath telling her
pacients over and over. He waved her “so be off with
you relax and enjoy your day” She climbed to her feet
looking away not wanting him to see her face. He let
her leave going back to his work once more. She
thought to herself her head lifting slightly trying to use
her mind to call for Rhys. She could not reach him or
even sense him near it felt like he was light years away.
She sighed pressing her hand to the glass window.
“Hurry” she said softly.

Later that Evening Dale sat down for dinner eating a
meal that he had the chefs make. Virgo glanced at
Ravyn who was feeding Robyn soft foods, while virgo
pushed her own food away around on her plate. Dale
looked at Virgo “eat you will need your strength” he
said. She sighed, “I‟m not hungry” she said softly as
Ravyn looked at her, “It will pass you just miss Rhys”
she said. Dale continued to eat his food “Rhys will be
here in 2 days so you should eat or you will not be well
enough to see him” She put down her tablewear. “I will
be fine…” Dale sighed “well alright then” he told her.
That night when Ravyn was in the nursery with Robyn
Virgo was sitting at a table putting a small mechinal
device together. Dale was getting ready for bed waiting
for Ravyn and Virgo to come to bed. Ravyn eventually
came in brushing her hair while Virgo kept her back to
them, not even dressed for bed working. Dale looked at
Virgo “get ready for bed Virgo you can finish your
work tomorrow”

She sighed setting it down as Ravyn sat down beside
dale, “What‟s going on?” she asked. “well she is going
to join us in bed its what she agreed to do for me to
recall Rhys” She looked at him, “That‟s wrather mean
of you” she said setting her brush aside. “Don‟t talk
about me as if I wasn‟t here” Virgo said. He looked up
at Ravyn “what you wouldn‟t have done the same?” he
asked her. She shrugged as Virgo to up from her chair
preparing to just lay down in what she was wearing.
Dale looked at her “I hope you weren‟t planning on
wearing that to bed” he said looking at Ravyn “pick her
out something to wear Ravyn” Ravyn crossed her arms,
“get up and do it yourself you lazy asshole” ravyn said
as virgo looked completely out of it. He sighed “fine
just lay down in what your wearing” he said getting
under the blankets not in the mood for any thing any
more. Virgo climbed in as Ravyn glared at him, “We
aren‟t your servants Dale, if you want something
sometimes you actually have to try” Ravyn stated. He
looked at her “what ever just get in bed I am not in the
mood to play any more” She laid down and rolled over,
“your own fault” Ravyn said as virgo sighed and a bit
relieved. He laid there closing his eyes going to sleep as
well. The next night he came to his room to find Ravyn
and Virgo already in bed, him having been so busy he
forgot to come back to the room. He sighed dressing
down as he crawled into the bed between them trying
not to wake them. Ravyn looked over at him, “What
took you? We‟ve been here for 2 hours” she said. He
looked over “just too much work that‟s all love” he said
kissing her gently. She looked at him, “You work more
then you see your women” she said. “I thought we
where going to be wives soon. What gives?” he
shrugged “Well Gotta get work done before that
happens” he told her. She looked at him, “you promised
Dale!” he nodded “I know baby when do you want it
done?” he asked with a sigh. She looked at him, “How
about when Rhys comes back. There‟s a kick in the
balls” he nodded “fine I will find us a minister while
you find wedding dresses for you and Virgo” She
nodded, “I‟ll make sure they are different” she said as
Virgo sighed hearing them. He nodded “Well good I
know you have good taste baby” She nodded, “Im sure
your brother will need restraints or something to make
him keep his cool.” He nodded “we will have him in a
nice black suit with silver restraints nulling the force”

Ravyn nodded, “What will happen then? Do you think
he‟ll just go with it?” he shrugged “probly not but it is
in Virgo‟s best intrest” She smiled, “her‟s or ours?” she
asked. He looked at Ravyn “both” She nodded, “very
well then.” She said. He nodded “so what do you feel
like doing tonight hun?” She looked at him, “you should
have been here earlier.” He looked at her “oh and why
is that?” She shrugged, “Because I was in the mood
earlier.” He sighed “oh alright, I keep trying to give you
what you wanted for so long and now that I got it for
you, you just don‟t want it”

She smiled, “We have plenty of time now Dale. It‟s not
like she‟s going anywere” he nodded “I know” he told
her closing his eyes. She curled up against him laying
her head on his chest. He wrapped an arm around her
holding her close. She closed her eyes snuggling against
him. The next morning Virgo was holding back tears as
she was having her wedding dress hemed up. Standing
on a stool waiting to see Rhys.Dale was all dressed up as
Rhys had arrived on the planet as he was all dressed in
black shackled up with silver manacles. Ravyn‟s hand
maiden came up to them. “lady Virgo is just through
those doors Master” she said nodding to the right. “And
Lady Ravyn is in that room” she said nodding to the
left. Dale nodded “well tell them the ceremony will start
in an hour” he told them going out into the throne room
as Dale sat down in the throne as the guards made Rhys
kneel down onto his knees. Rhys apparently had no idea
what sort of ceremony was taking place. The hand
maiden went to tell Ravyn first. Dale looked at Rhys
“your about to see history in the making my brother”
Dale told him as Rhys looked at him “what are you
doiung!” Dale smiled “Wait and see just wait and see”
he said waving the guard “take him to see Virgo” he
said as the guard pushed Rhys into Virgo‟s room. The
android who was sewing the bottom of virgo‟s skirt
didn‟t even look up from what it was doing. He could
see Virgo standing on the stool infront of 3 mirrors in a
long white wedding dress that dipped off her shoulders.
She was pale and frail looking. Her hair had been put
up in curls and lotus flowers. She looked deeply
depressed and sad, but the site of him in her mirrors
brought back a tad bit of color as she turned towards
him. Rhys looked at her “whats going on here?” he
asked Virgo. She looked at him stepping off the stool as
the android stopped waiting for her. “rhys…” She said
rushing to him. He moved to her not able to put his
arms around her. He leaned down whispering to her
“they will be here in one hour” She looked up at him as
she broke down into tears, “He‟s making me marry
him. Forced me to move into his room, his bed. It‟s even
worse then before. I have no choice he‟ll kill you if I
don‟t…” he nodded “I know hun this will be all over
soon” he said whispering to her. She rubbed her face
against his chest, “I can‟t do this anymore Rhys…” she
said hearing Dale come in through the back door of her
room, her dress nearly complete. Dale looked at them
“your time together is done she is mine now finish the
dress” he told the android as the guards pulled Rhys
out of the room. Virgo put her hands against her face
before lifting her head and rushing out after him,
“Rhys” She called for him, her lrge dress slowing her.
Dale stopped her “you promised this you saw him now
finish getting ready” Dale told her. She lowered her
head as she turned back towards him not even able to
look up at him. Yet she looked so beautiful in the dress,
with her curls of hair brushing her shoulders. Dale
smiled putting his hand under her chin lifting her head
“now don‟t look so sad you look very beautiful” She
looked up at him with tears in her eyes. The android
putting the last stiches in her dress then backed away.
He took her out into the throne room the minister
already there waiting as he waited on ravyn to come out
next.When Ravyn came out she and Ravyn started
down the red carpet together towards Dale. Virgo
looked over at Rhys as she marched slowly towards the
stairs. Rhys looked at her as his eyes motioned to her
right as there was some movement in the shadows.
Virgo had hidden two of her old sabers under her dress
attached to her thighs. About 7 feet from Dale Virgo‟s
eyes rolled back and she collapsed to the floor as a dark
shadow loomed in from outside the window, a giant ship
making the building shake. Dale looked around “what
the hell” he yelled as all the sudden Jedi knights came
out of hiding all around them engaging with sith lords
and Dale‟s personal guard. Ravyn gasped looking
around as she pulled Virgo to her feet as virgo looked
around and then ripped the whole bottom of her dress.
“It‟s Jedi!” Virgo yelled.

Dale rushed outn of the way as laser blasts were fired at
him he whistled for Ravyn to follow him as he moved
swiftly to the ship yard. Ravyn looked back at him,
“What about Virgo” she called as a High master came
into the room. Dale pulled out his light saber and
ignitinged the huge blade “leave her and get the ship
ready I will deal with this one” he told her. “Virgo!” he
called throwing her another weapon as she shoved
Ravyn aside ignighting the saber. “You made it!” she
smiled grabbing another saber from her thigh and
ignighting it. He smiled ignighting his own. “And leave
our youngest High master high and dry? Wouldn‟t
dream of it.” He said as Dale felt Virgo throw him
against the wall. Ravyn tried to get up and run but her
dress was to long. Virgo took her attention from Dale to
ravyn grabbing her by the hair and dragging her across
the floor, bringing a saber to her chest. Dale‟s anger
rose from betray and her threatening Ravyn‟s life as he
fired multiple Lightining beams so many that Virgo
couldn‟t even figure out how to block them they hit her
saber turning it off throwing it from her hand burnting
her flesh in where she held it the other high master got
hit too. Items started levitating around the room from
his pure anger the force was almost uncontrollable for
every one else in the room. Virgo tossed a saber to Rhys
to cut himself free as Ravyn screamed when Virgo
didn‟t let go of her hair. “Hows it‟ feel Dale… who‟s the
bitch now!” she yelled at him using the remaining sanity
she had from what he did to her using the force to stop
the large objects, letting go of Ravyn to do so. She was
showing power he had never seen her use before. 0 The
force was so uncontrollable he was emmiting so much
the items she was stopping curshed and soon exploding
sending shrapnel scattering all over the place Dale even
taking shards into his right arm and one to the side of
his face not even phased. Virgo turned looking at more
jedi rushing through the halls, “Take their base,
impression all captives and destroy all the androids.”
She said as Ravyn looked up at Virgo, “You.. where a
jedi the whole time” she said as Virgo used to force to
toss her like a rag doll. She slid across the slick floors
into a wall where she didn‟t move.

“Master Starchaser there is an infant in one of the
rooms” A jedi called out as Virgo consintrated to keep
obejects from crushing people. “Bring it to safety” she
called out jumping out of the way of a large object.
Dale growled his anger even more throwing more
objects crushing one of the jedi‟s who told him about
his daughter Rhys freeing himself of the bonds that
stopped him using the force used his own power
stopping Dale from using all the objects as every thing
stopped it took alof of his will power to do so he looked
over to Virgo “take Ravyn and the child captive I will
get him” he said the light saber she gave him was on his
belt his arms shaking while she saw so much power
coming from Rhys it felt almost as strong as the force
coming from Dale but it was more controlled. Virgo
turned rushing towards the entrance her dress all torn
as she plowed through the group of soldiers who came
between her and the way out. “Distroy the bases” she
said to the others.

Dale dropped every thing igniting his saber once more
Rhys drawing the one given to him “it comes down to
this brother” Dale called out as they charged as trhey
collided one another Sabers parrying one another as
items exploded all around them from the intensity of the
force they controlled twirling around Rhys back handed
Dale who luckily parried the blade swinging around
cutting part of the hilt off Dale‟s before he twirled
around cutting the handle in two causing the balde to
fade. Rhys soon twirled his foot around cutting through
the air smashing Dale‟s face breaking Dale‟s jaw with
the force of the kick sendin g him flying hard into a
metal wall 20 feet away. “now is the end of your life
line” Rhys said approaching Dale light saber ready to
strike” Virgo came running in, “Rhys the army has
been crushed it‟s time to go” she said looking down at
dale. “As much as you‟d love to kill him it‟s the un jedi
thing to do” he sighed turning his saber off “but it
would put an end to my visions of the future if I just
ended it now” he told her. Virgo looking down at him,
“I‟ll do it” she said ignighting her own saber. Rhys
knowing if Virgo was to kill dale it would take her down
a dark path she wasn‟t ment to go.” Rhys saber ignited
and before Virgo acted it found its way into Dale‟s heart
piercing it and burning a hole in his chest. Virgo looked
down at him then at Rhys “let‟s go, the council has bid
this rogue moon distroied” he nodded as he turned
leaving with Virgo and the other jedi‟s. Ravyn coming
conscious again looked up seeing Dale across the room.
Her left eye was coated in blood making it hard to see.
She crawled over to him hearing the ships leaving as she
opened a hatch in her wrist and forced nano techonogly
into dale‟s blood. Dale‟s bpody started to react the flesh
slowly starting to heal and mend itself from the
nanobots added into his system. She managed to lift him
up and carry him to their ship getting them out of orbit,
thinking that Robyn had been killed by the jedi. Dales
body as regenerating it wouod be days maybe weeks
before he was even conscious but soon after she left
orbit the moon exploded from the mass fleet of jedi

Once on board Virgo was met by nearly all the other
high Masters, who where unaware of the hardships she
had faced in the time she was unable to communicate
with them. Yoda looked at her “good work Master
Starchaser we managed to eliminate the threat of the
sith with your work” She nodded slowly, “Master Yoda
there is much I must discuss with you and the others.
There where times I almost thought I couldn‟t hold
back my emotions any longer.” He nodded
“understandable it was a hard assignm,ent for some one
such as your self, but we knew you would succeed”
Virgo swallowed the lump in her throat. “I had to be
the one to first inform you all… that I am with child”
he nodded “yes we felt the disturbance in the force from
this” She looked at Yoda, “then you understand what
sort of trauma I‟ve underwent. Im sure you know what
has happened then but it was un jedi like to abort. I will
step down if you feel that it will conflict with my
duties.” He shook his head “it is not your fault it is ours
for letting you go on such mission you have done
nothing wrong you could not blow your cover but the
child will be raised properly so do not worry you are
still a member of the jedi council” She nodded, “I‟d like
to raise my child as a padawan as a Jedi. I know the
force will be very strong with them” She said. Yoda
shook his head “unfortunately that will not be the child
will be given to another master when you are ready we
will give you your padawan learner, I will be here for
counciling if you need it” She nodded, “Yes master
Yoda, I would greatly appreciate that. But I must rest.
It‟s been days since I‟ve had anything to eat.” She said
staying in her seat. Yoda nodded “yes go rest and eat
gain back what strength you have lost” She nodded and
bowed respectfully before stepping out of the room.

“Who will take this child?” Master lore said looking at
Yoda. “Certainly keeping the child from it‟s mother
long would be hard on the both of them.” Yoda looked
at Master Lore “Master Xanthus will be its apprentice
he will” He nodded, “A fine master but do you think his
dark arts might infulance the child in a neggitive
direction?” he looked out side the window “the dark
arts master Xanthus knows don‟t influence him so I do
not think they will influence his apprentice at all it only
effects those who wish to use it for evil and Master
Xanthus is unsure what he wants to use those powers
for but he is using them to protect those he cares about”

Virgo found her way to her room on the large ship that
held the small fighter jets. She looked up seeing Rhys
there when she arrived. He nodded “are you feeling
better Virgo?‟ he asked her. She paused for a moment
before jumping into his arms. He smiled to her “I take
that as a yes, but we better go into your room so people
don‟t see us” Once in the safety of her room she held
tightly to him. “this morning I was so afraid Dale would
break his word” Rhys shook his head “unfortunately
Dale doesn‟t break his word if he gets what he wants,
but be glad I managed to contact Master Yoda before
they captured me once again” She nodded laying her
head on his shoulder. “I‟m going to need a lot of
therapy now. Master Yoda is going to take my baby
away” he nodded “I know hun I hbave found ou who he
master is who will be looking after it too” She looked up
at him, “It‟s you… isn‟t it.” She said searching his
feelings. He nodded “yes it is Master yoda informed me
of his decision wanting me to have them as my
padawan” She laid her head against him, “Are you
okay with this, knowing it‟s Dale‟s” he nodded with a
sigh “I have no other choice in the matter really, but
Yoda is acting strange about the situation not telling me
a few things” She put her hands on his face, “Shhh no
more words… hold me tonight and every night forever
more. No mater how much I wash I can‟t get the
crawling feeling of him off me.” He nodded “don‟t
worry I will be there for you Virgo”

Two weeks later Dale woke to find Ravyn checking his
vital signs. Her left arm was crushed and mangled in
bad need of replacing. Dale winced feeling pain “I‟m
alive…. How” he said weakly. Ravyn looked very worn
out and running on low power. “I injected my nano
probes into your blood streem before you could die…
they have been rebuilding your heart while keeping
your blood circulation flowing. He slowly got up
pulling the Iv‟s out and laid her down on the table
“relax I am going to get you some more power sources
and fix your arm” he told her weakly. She shook her
head, “you must rest Dale it‟s not time for you to be up
yet.” He shook his head “if I don‟t help you, you will
die and I wont let that happen” he said taking a wire
and hooking it up from the main panel and slitting it
“here drain this it has its own power supply” he told her
handing it toher. She took it from him with her right
hand, “Dale… Robyn.. She‟s…” he shook her head
“she‟s alive the jedi have her we will get her back but
first we need to heal our wounds and recoopeATE

She absorbed the power tired like, “She.. was a jedi all
that time. And we never noticed? How? How could she
be so angry, and use Sith powers and still be jedi?” he
shrugged “I don‟t know but my brother is doing it as
well he is jedi as well he is the one who killed me” he
said getting some tools out and the schematics for her
arm as he started repoairing what he could as a
temporary fix until a entire replacement could be made.
She looked up at him, “I could feel how he embraced
the Dark side. But not from her. Not during the attack,
it‟s like she never did. Was she so good at acting and
controlling her emotions that she easily fooled us?” he
nodded “what ever It was it worked now we have to
rebuilt every thing and take back our child from them
our forces destroyed my underlings killed its only you
and me now” She groaned slightly, “They‟ve probably
filled Robyn‟s mind with jedi crap by now… it could be
to late or is there still lots of time” he looked at her
“there is still a lot of time I had a program installed on
her to make sure she always remebere dwe were her

She sighed and thought to herself, “What about Virgo…
that‟s your baby she has” he nodded “I know we will
try and take the child but I doubt she will let us we are
not strong enough to get that one but she will always
know that its mine no matter what she does” She
nodded, “it might one day be to much for her to take
anymore. She‟ll crack someday, and come looking for
us” he shrugged “she might, but until then we will let
them think we died when the moon exploded so we can
get more stuff done in the mean time”

Months later Virgo found herself in more pain then she
had ever felt before. She had been having contractions
for hours but having a hard time giving birth. She had
midwives and androids trying to help her. Along with
top notch medical doctors. Rhys stood out side the
window with Yoda as they waited for Virgo to give
birth. “Nervous you seem Rhys” Yoda said. Henodded
“yes wondering what hell spawn will come forth from
my brother” Yoda leaned on his walking stick, “trust
your feelings, all will be well. You see” he said watching
how much agony Virgo was in. he looked up watching
Virgo waiting more trying to figure out what would
happen. In a few short hours it was over and a small
child was held up as a Android cut it‟s abilical cord. “a
girl” Rhys and Yoda heard one of the doctors say as
Virgo was trying to relax herself, her hair soaked.
Rhyswatched on as him and Yoda were not allowed into
the room at all. The child was shown to virgo before
they took a small blood sample to test medicolarn levels.
After a long few minutes a doctor imerged from the
room while the others gave virgo some sedatives to help
her rest. “Master Xanthus, Master Yoda” he said
holding a small piece of parchment. Rhys and yoda
looked at the doctor as Rhys spoke “yes what is it?” He
looked at them, “The small girls levels are amazingly
high, but what intruged me more is that Master
Xanthus and the new born share 14 out of 22 dna
patterns.” Rhys looked “because my brother is the
father” he told the doctor. He shook his head, “If your
brother is Dale Sabrehaven the repbluc keeps all
politicians blood samples on record. She only had 4 dna
paterns in common with your brother. From these
readings that baby girl in there is Yours and Not your
brothers” Yoda looked at the doctor “change the
records you must this must not be known by any one
else” He nodded, “Sir? Should we tell master
Starchaser?”he nodded “yes she has the right to know
but tell her what we told you” Yoda said as Yoda looked
up at Rhys as the doctor left “as I said every thing
would work out fine” Rhys smiled as Yoda turned and
left. Once the child was cleaned up along with Virgo
Rhys was allowed into the room. He walked over to the
cradle and picked up the child wondering what Virgo
named her. “It‟s a good thing… I didn‟t try to kill
myself” he nodded “yues I know you would have broke
many jedi codes and what not you worked all your life
to become what you are now” She was very relaxed
laying in the bed behind him. “The doctor.. tells me
she‟s ours. Not Dale‟s… not that horrible monsters” he
nodded “I know Yoda has the records saying its Dale‟s
though so only us Yoda and the doctor know the truth”

She smiled slightly, “We should… name her” she said
softly. He looked at her “how about Pieces” Virgo
smiled at him, “After a constilation of stars? Why?” she
asked hoping he‟d come over to her, not yet having been
able to hold her child. He walked over handing her the
child “well your named after a constalation so is your
whole family so why not?” She smiled cradling her
daughter who oddly enough was born with two toned
hair, pink bangs but white hair. “It was my mothers
name. I suppose Pisces would suit her” he smiled “well
good I am glad you agree with it” he told her patting
her hand. She nodded looking at pisces who looked up
at Virgo and Rhys, having Rhys‟ blue eyes. “She looks
just like you, I suppose we would have figured it out.”
Be nodded “Master Yoda knew all along and probly
why I am the master and she is my padawan” She
nodded, “but she‟s in my care until she‟s old enough to
begin training” he nodded “yes I know dear”

After a few days Virgo was summoned before the
council to reseave her padawans. She stood there
silently looking at everyone. “are you ready to recive
the judgement of the council deciding who your
padawans will be” She nodded, “Yes, as ready as ever”
yoda spoke next “we decided to give you The two
Childern you saved from the sith Lysander and
Hope”She held back a small cry knowing it would
remind her a lot about what happened and she nodded,
“I will take the infants and raise them as my own. They
shall never know any different” Yoda nodded “fine
then if that is your decision” She nodded, “I‟ll give them
my last name, since it is to dangerous to keep their real
last name.” he nodded “yes that has been done
already” She nodded before taking her seat in the circle.
“I‟d like to bring up the topic of Master Xanthus
status” he nodded “yes Master Starchaser” Master lore
asked. She pushed forward a motion, “I‟d like to
research his methods of using both sides of the force to
his advantage. I don‟t feel that him using the dark side
has effected his judgment in anyway.” Master Yoda
sighed “master Rhys is still under suspension and being
watched his way of using the force is not allowed by
Jedi Standards” She nodded, “I agree, but perhaps if
we could understand how it effects the mind then
perhaps it might be wrong to hold him back from
advancing any further as a Jedi. He like me spent over a
year living under cover as a Sith and never once did the
sith infulance him in anyway. He has remained loyal to
our cause as any of us” Yoda shook his head “too
dangerous is such a thing we could loose Jedi knights
that way it should not be tried”

Virgo sat back in her seat and sighed, “But yet your
unafraid to place padawan in his care? You trust him
enough to lead his student in the right direction but not
for himself?” she asked as master Lore spoke up. “You
do have a good point Master Starchaser.” Yoda looked
at her “it is because Master anthus only wishes to teach
the light side of the force he will not teach the dark side,
and maybe if he does teach a padawan a control over
the dark side so they can be like him we do not know”
Virgo rested her hands on her lap uncomfortable in her
robes. “If we never take small risks how will we ever
know what we are up against?” Master Fin looked over
at her, “Are you suggesting we promote Master Rhys?”
he asked as She turned her head slightly, “I‟m
suggesting that perhaps being completely being locked
out from know what this Dark Force is like will only
further handy cap us if another rise of Sith should
come. It could come back, bigger and stronger, and we
wont how to beat it. It‟s already proved to be stronger
then the force we use. Being shielded from knowing
what makes it only makes us weaker.” She said. Master
lore nodded. “I agree, perhaps some observation could
be in order. Under plenty of supervision and in small
increments of time. With complete documentation of
course. But how would you go about such things Master
Starchaser?” He asked. Virgo leaned forwards slightly,
“Not by actually allowing him to use the power, more
like ask in depth questions, perhaps asking him how it
makes him feel and take brain wave readings to see how
the mind actually reacts to thinking about it. Master
Xanthus is the only jedi in history to be touched by this
Dark force and not waste his life being consumed by it.”
Master Yoda nodded “fine testing there will be but we
can not risk teaching padawans about it” She shook her
head, “Oh no Master Yoda I would never dream of
exposing students to such horrors.” She said being very
serious about it, but something in the force disturbs me,
and I can‟t explain it. I suppose it‟s why I was pushing
for study on Master Xanthus.” He nodded silently
“well you will have to get master Xanthus to agree to
such testings”

She nodded as Virgo pressed her fingers to her temple.
“Master Starchaser are you alright?” Master Fin asked
looking at her from across the circle. She looked up at
him, “Oh I am sorry, I‟m still recovering from the
birthing a few days past.” She said as he nodded, “We
all know how uncomfortable it is for you to wear your
robes, with your tempature problem.” He said as she
nodded, “I‟ve been learning to control it, but yes it is
very uncomfortable. But I am not on this council to
speak only of my personal issues.” She said as Master
lore sat forward, “Perhaps we should look into more
well being for our female padawans. Such younglings
should never have to under go the physical abuse that
master Starchaser was forced to endure for months,
while we sat around debating petty things.” He said as
Mater Bata nodded, “I forward that notion. The levels
in female younglings is rising, not fast but enough,
perhaps we should have more safety for them, and
prevent what happened.” Yoda looked at them “so you
are saying we should treat them differently then male
padawans it would feel unfair to the males to give
special treatment to the females”

“No master Yoda, I think Master Lore means that
perhaps the Female younglings should be watched more
when in public. Even with our male padawans. I don‟t
wish phsycial abuse on any of the students. Maybe it‟s
time we tag students with small tracking chips to be
activated only when missing.” She said as Master bata
sighed, “My newer padawan Lanna has requested to
leave her training as a jedi because of such an instance.”
Master Fin nodded, “And 3 years ago one of our male
students was abused such a way and took his own life.
Maybe it is needed.” Virgo sighed silently, as Master
Lord looked at her. “Master Starchaser was violated in
a way no person should go through. If it starts
happening to the students what sort of masters would
we be?” virgo looked up, “As master‟s it‟s our job to
begin with to keep them safe from such things. My
experance was not because of a Master not paying
attention to what was going on. It happened because it
was meant to. If we are to keep our students safe, both
male and Female we should take better care as masters.
How ever I do believe tracking devices might be good to
have, our padawans have no way of communing with us
should a master and student be separated by no other
choice.” Master lore Fin and Bata all bit their tongue
from her words. “Master Lore I know you feel what
happened to me was because lack of communication,
but if I was to contact you from the moon I would have
been caught instantly, and suffered far worse then I did.
This is not a matter we should continue to discuss in the
future.” Yoda sighed “we will set up plans to protect
our masters and padawans better” Virgo turned her
gaze to Yoda. “Master you have brought the jedi
through the dark ages, you would know better then any
of us what is best for the masters and their padawans”
he nodded “a better eye over a masters padawan is
needed they need to look out for their padawans best
interests over their own” She nodded, “Master tyva
would have given his life if it meant sparing mine. I will
show the same compassion to my own padawans” Yoda
nodded “that is all we ask but Masters may choose their
own ways of protecting their padawans as well”

The council came to agreement on tracking chips and
arranged to have them made and impanted in the backs
of the necks of all the students. That afternoon Virgo
returned to her room at the temple with Lysander and
Hope in her arms, badly looking forward to seeing Rhys
and Pisces. Rhys was busy playing with Pisces in the
living room. “how was council hun?” he asked her. She
smiled at him, “They gave me Lysander and Hope as
my padawans. They are officially members of this
family, starchasers. Also come the beginning of next
month all padawans will be fitted with a tracking chip
that will be put under the skin.” She said gently setting
down Lysander and Hope beside Pisces as she smiled.
“There‟s my beautiful little girl” she said happy to see
pisces. Rhys handed Pisces to her knowing she missed
her “well that‟s good to know” She snuggled Pisces
gently who cooed happy to see Virgo. “Where you
playing with daddy all days” she said with a smile
looking up at Rhys. He nodded “yah we were playing
all day” Virgo kissed Rhys gently as she looked at him,
“The council has desided that we‟d like to study your
thoughts on the Dark side. Perhaps we could
understand better what makes it so strong” he looked
at her “I don‟t think that‟s best for the council to know
what I think” She sighed, “And if some day the Sith
return and we don‟t know how to defete it, the jedi will
fall. Our child will fall. She is our future” he sighed
“fine I will do the testing for Pisces” She nuzzled him
gently, “We‟ll stop when you say stop” she said looking
at him as Lysander yanked on hopes hair making her
cry. Rhys sighed “stop that you” he told Lysander
picking up hope trying to comfort her. She curled up
against Rhys as Virgo tapped Lysander‟s nose, “be
nice” she said. “That‟s not very becoming of a Jedi”
Rhys sighed “how we going to be able to take care of
three” She smiled, “It will be fine Rhys. They all look
the same age roughly, when they are older they wont
know any different then to see each other as Siblings.
Siblings are your best link to the past and the ones most
likely to stick with you in the future.” He shrugged “if
you say so I never really liked my sibling” She looked at
him, “Siblings, you had a sister too” he shrugged “yes
and unfortunately she was killed by my brother”She
sighed, “Well he‟s gone now and you no longer have to
worry about him” she said rubbing his back. “We have
a large family now Rhys, even though two of them are
not of our flesh we should love them no less then we
would if they were” he nodded “alright then we will try
to raise them as a family”

Back on Dale‟s ship Ravyn had fully recovered and
Dale had finally finished regenerating his heart. Ravyn
was far more silent then she had ever been, going about
her duties on the ship and not once cracking a
unnessisary comment or talking back. Dale thaught it
was strange but knew it was because she missed her
daughter as he began searching for Robyn. When dale
got word Robyn was being poked and proded by
needles on Corasant he knew the only safe way to go
there would be under a new name, by a new race, and
appearance as a politician. He used the replicator
making a new disguise for himself so he could easily
blend in using his cybernetic hair color changing it and
getting Ravyn to change his eye color. Ravyn was forced
to underdo the same painful injections to make her look
radically different, having to wrap her hair around her
cybernetics to make it look more like a fancy hairdo.
She changed her hair to blonde and her eyes to gold so
she literally looked like a Forbin Woman. When she
first appeared before dale as such he couldn‟t even tell
it was her. “very good Ravyn” he told her as his
disguise made hi look like a Forbin male not even
recognizable with his blond hair and gold eyes. Ravyn
spent the week forging documents until papers from the
planet came into the ship that the republic senanet had
officially voted in Lord Eryx Xylona as the new senitor
of Forba, a newly added planet to the republic that now
had representation. And Lady Nyx Xylona his right
hand in the seat. Ravyn programmed herself to know
her new name and even programmed hem a history. A
newly wed couple only weeks into their marrage who
was already expecting. She had a realistic stomach
replicated to go on under her dress that she would
increase in size over the months they would spend on
the planet, and when it would be time for her to have
their child, they would take back Robyn and make her
disgused as well. After they arrived on the planet they
were sworn in as the senators of Forbia. Once they took
their seats in the large hall of senitors the first group to
speak was surprisingly Jedi master Lore. In the seats
behind him sat 3 other jedi knights all hooded their
faces in shadow. Dale sat and listened to them speak
wondering what the jedi had to bring to council. Their
box rose up level with that of the seats where Dale and
Ravyn sat. “First off I High master Lore would like to
personally welcome Planet Forbia to the republic” he
said as a loud roar of applause rang out and died
quickly. “Today the the Jedi Knights have come before
the council with new decisions for the Jedi program,
and a closing statement about the jedi Mission that was
spoke of months ago” he said. “High master fin you
please?” Lore said stepping back from the mic and put
his hood up sitting down as Master Fin stood up and
pulled back his hood. “As of this moment there is a new
direction in which will bring the Jedi closer in our
evolution. Small tracking chips no bigger then a grain
of rice will be implanted in all padawan students
starting at the age of 4 and higher. The tracking chip
will be unactive until if for some reason padawan and
Master are separated. The Jedi Council has conveined
upon the matter and agreed in favor. Now we ask the
Republic for funding such low cost program.” Dale
thaught such a bill was in low demand but wondered
how other planets would vote on it first. The lights
around the room started to change, Green for those in
favor, and red for those not. The mass of green lights
filling the room heavily outweighed the red. He sighed
lightening a green one not wanting to seem out of it
trying to blend in.

“Thank you” Fin said as the seat floated in slow circles
so everyone could see him. “Now with that out of the
way the closing statements from High master
Starchaser” he said putting his hood up and sat down as
Virgo stood up pulling her hood back. Ravyn squirmed
in her seat, twisting a paper in her hands shredding it
all over her lap. Dale place a hand on her lap trying to
calm her down. Virgo looked around the high hall, “The
mission into Sith territory was a complete success. In
the amount of time I spent acting to be one the jedi
where able to locate their main base and take it over.
All personel were imprissioned and are waiting to stand
trial against the republic.” She said as one senitors seat
moved forward for him to speak, “High master
Starchaser there has been word that you wherw victim
of Sexual assult and as a result gave birth to the child of
the Sith leader. Is there any consurn for safety of the
republic in the future, given the history of the childs
father.” He said as Virgo looked up at him seemingly
very calm. “It is infact true, but there is no cause for
consurn. The child will be padawan to another master
when she is old enough to begin training.” She said
unknowingly informing dale that his supposed child was
a girl. Dale nodded taking note of this information
quite dearly. Another senitors seat moved forward.
“High master Starchaser, I am surprised to see you still
on the Jedi council after such an ordeal, don‟t you think
you sould take a leave of absence for therapy?” She
looked across the way at her, “I assure you senitor I am
fully capeable of continuing on without a leave. Because
the asult could not be controlled It was unnessisary to
step down from my Position as a High Master Jedi. It
has not effected my performance as a jedi, or caused
any consurn to the other High masters. The sith leader
was distroied on the Rogue moon when it was
terminated. There is no longer a Sith threat to the Jedi.”
She said as another senitor moved forward, “And your
son and daughter will know their linage?” She asked.
Virgo shook her head, “No the Jedi council have agreed
it is better if they know only me, they have been given
my last name in the result. Is there any other
meaningless questions?” Virgo asked as the senitors
moved back into their box slots. Dale stayed silent not
saying a thing but finding the information he was
gathering quite useful. Virgo cleared her throat. “In
closing the Jedi knights have once again kept the
republic safe from another Sith invasion. I look forward
to meeting our newest senitors after the council has
adjourned.” She said slipping her hood up and sat down
as their seats slid back into their box slot. The chnaslor
nodded to Dale, “Now words from Lord Eryx Xylona
from Forbia” Dale slowly Rised “I am Eryx Xylona
from Planet Forbia newly elected senator of the planet
forbia I will be serving forbias best interests on the
senat and enjoy staying here with my wife Nyx on
Coresant” Ravyn stood and nodded at everyone before
sitting back down. After 3 long hours the senate
adourned and had their buffet on the outside patio
letting the races mingle. Dale and Ravyn where
approached by the Three High jedi masters Lore Fin
and Firgo, their hoods down and their hands together in
the arms of their robes. “Welcome to Corasant” Fin
said to Dale and Ravyn. Dale nodded “thank you
Master Fin” He nodded as Master Lore held his arm
out to Ravyn, “M‟lady care to walk with me to the
buffet?” he asked as she nodded taking his arm going
across the room to the food. Fin heard someone call for
him as he looked at Virgo, “We leave in 20 minutes” he
said. She nodded, “Understood” she said before he
stepped away and show bowed slightly to him, “Im sure
corasant is a major climate change over Forbia Lord
Xylona” she said not even recognizing him. He nodded
“yes the climate is very well controlled here” he told
her. “Congradulations on your marrage, I heard it was
only a few weeks past.” He nodded “well thank you we
are very happy together” She smiled, “Did you have
much trouble with the move?” he shook his head “no
not really, did you your self have a hard to readjusting
to returning to Coresant” She shook her head, “Oh no,
I spent almost my whole life here. This is my home aside
my ship” he nodded “it must be hard to raise two
children by your self” She chuckled, “Three actually,
and it‟s not difficult. I get by as if I would if they
weren‟t mine” he looked at her “three I thaught youi
said you only had two from the incident with the Sith”

“No, there are three, a son and two daughters. But still
very small, and I love them none the less. No special
treatment will they get when it comes to their training”
he nodded “I read in the reports that their was a child
taken from the sith world what do you know of it” She
walked with him along the patio side like many of the
others talking. “Actually she is with several specialists
because she has Cybernetics. We hope that in the future
she will grow into a strong and determained young jedi”
he nodded “cybernetics interesting is it possible to see
this wonder child?” he asked her. She smiled, “She is
not a side attraction Lord Xylona. Only the masters and
the specilests are allowed to see her before she can be
given to a master as a padawan. Mostly for precautions.
I over see that all her cybernetics are is perfect working
order myself.” He nodded “too bad we the Forbians are
excelling in cybernetic design and modifications we
would have loved to see how a child lived with such
“Perhaps in time the senate might agree to such but the
jedi council would have to approve of it first. The
Forbian representation preceeds you.” She said walking
beside him slowly. He nodded “well thank you we would
enjoy working on this project with you if the Jedi
council would approve of our specialization with such
matters” She nodded, “Currently she‟s under 24 hours
of supervision. She has had malfunctions since being
separated from her birth mother. I myself might
request taking her” he nodded “yes but I my self would
suggest some one with less children and has equal or
greater knowledge of cybernetics if a cybernetic child is
malfunctioning it would be hard for you to notice with
three other children to look after on your own”

“Are you questioning my capabilities Lord Xylona?”
she asked looking up at him. He looked at her “no only
your motives, as this child would require your full
attention if she was ever to get better and with three
other children it would be impsoible for you to give it to
her” She lifted her head, “you under estimate my
abilities Lord Xylona. As a High master I am fully
aware of all the students needs. Besides I will only have
two padawans that are mine. My daughter Pisces has
been given to Master Rhys to train. I could easily take
on a third” he looked at her “but you also must attend
council and have other matters a third padawan and a
malfunctioning cybernetic life form may interfere with
that is all I Am saying I heard Jedi‟s jumped to
conclusions I just never really believed that until now”
She thought for a moment, “Perhaps Master Fin would
be interested in taking her as a padawan. He is Forbian
as well, good with cybernetics and is one hell of an uncle
to his nieces and nephues. He doesn‟t have any students
currently. You are right, with my council duties taking
a third student might under develop them” he nodded
“exactly” he told her knowing Matser fin was a much
easier target then she was. She looked up at him,
“Master Fin is a very old friend of mine, and a
wonderful master. Pacient then most, but that is
Forbian quality” Dale nodded “yes we forbians are very
paitent people we know how to wait to accomplish our
goals very well” She nodded, “We will see much of each
other, I have forseen it” she said. He nodded “that we
will Master Starchaser that we will, but how did you
feel about tricking people who trusted you?” She sighed
slightly, “It is not in my nature to be crule or uncaring.
But it was a mission given to me as a High master
literally the day I became one. I did feel much
unhappiness to lie and trick my way through while
remaining loyal to the Jedi at the same time, not once
giving into anger or hatred despite all the suffering I
went through. I suppose it‟s why I felt the need to take
little Robyn, the child brought back from the attack. I
suppose I felt I owed them something for such

he nodded “even though she will never know her real
mother and father?” he asked her “that can scar a child
even if they knew them for the smallest amount of time”
She looked at the ground as they walked, “I fully
understand the feeling she will go through. I was
orphaned at 4 years old when my mother and Father‟s
ship was distroied. I was brought here to be placed in
my Uncles care, a High master Jedi. It is very
frightening to not understand what has happened and
the way your life must drastically change to accomidate
your new life. But like most younglings we have no say
in if we go into training or not. It‟s not a life we choose
for ourselves. We just grow accustomed and when we
are older and able to understand and think for
ourselves, it‟s the only life we‟ve ever known and the
thought of changing that is unthinkable.” He nodded
“but you still must feel the guilt from ripping her by
force from her parents and sticking her in a world
where she is being poked and prodded because she is
different, she has no family here justr doctors and jedi‟s
examining her” She sighed, “Alas it is not my decision,
it wasn‟t even my choice to bring here here. But as a
Jedi I was not about to leave an innocent child behind
knowing the very place she was in was about to be
distroied. I will admit that I do feel remorse for the life
she is going to begin. If her medaclorian levels weren‟t
so high she would have been adopted by a normal
family” he nodded “well I see your fellow jedi‟s are
waiting on you so I will not keep you from your day”
She nodded at him stopping their walk, “it was a
pleasure to finally meet you, and give my regaurds to
your wife” She said before bowing slightly and moved
across the patio where she and the 2 others stepped onto
a shuttle to take them back to the temple. After a while
Ravyn and Dale wnet to their apartment getting moved
in and looking around the place. As soon he went out on
to his patio. Virgo was sitting out on her patio listening
to the fountain that was in her small garden. She was on
a blue blanket with Pisces, who couldn‟t really be seen
because the fountain was in the way. He stood back
watching them not able to really see much. She heard a
android address her, “Lady Virgo I have just checked
on the sleeping little ones. They rest easy” the android
said having a females void. She nodded turning lifting
up Pisces who was no in view. She was nawing on her
fist as she looked at the android who seemed like a giant
to her. “Thank you K76 would you mind getting me
Pisces bottle from the counter” she said. He smiled
watching them from his view “in time she will be mine”
he whispered to himself. She held Pisces to her who was
making noises as Virgo took the bottle from K76 and
leaned Pisces back letting her drink from it. “Easy there
little one you‟ll get a tummy ache” she smiled nuzzling
her child. He slowly went back into his apartment
sitting down on the couch. Ravyn walked over to him
with a glass of iced Tea. “You where talking to her an
aweful lot at that after party” he took it from her
sipping from it “information my dear I found out plenty
about Robyn from her and just putting plans into
motion” She sat down, “Where is she… How long is a
Forbian pregnancy again? Several months I think” he
nodded “don‟t worry we will have time I convinced her
not to take the child as a padawan of her own but I also
got her to give the child as a padawan to a fellow
forbian, which means he hjas become the weakest link,
when the child coems to him I will set something up and
have him mysteriously attacked by a forbian enemy and
killed making it look like the child died as well a
massive explosion we shall say, we will morn the loss of
a fellow forbian while you happily give birth to our
baby daughter”She smiled, “your so smart love” she
said kissing him, “So how close do you think we are to
where she lives?” he looked at her not too far but she is
heavily guarded unfortunately and they will not give us
access”She smiled, “I ment Virgo” he nodded “right
next door to us” She blinked, “Did you know this?” he
nodded “yes I did I planned for every thing my dear”
She smiled, “Have you seen wat they look like? Are they
as ugly as her?” he looked at her “no they look more
like me then her” She grumbled, “she is so annoying!!
Then why do I still want her” she grunted getting up.
She heard Virgo‟s voice from outside and poked her
head out onto the patio. Dale got up and went out with
her to see what interested Ravyn. Virgo was on the
bench now holding onto Pisces who was mezmorized by
a butterfly in the garden. “No no we don‟t harm them”
she said when Pisces took a swipe at it. “That is a living
thing, it‟s life is innocent but is what balances our way
of life.” She said sounding all jedi like which made
Ravyn‟s eye twitch. He nodded before turning away
back into the apartment. “come and relax we have
time” he told Ravyn.

After a few days of settling in Ravyn got around to
doing some decorating, not at all thrilled with having to
live on a planet. It was about mid day and Virgo had the
day off, she was just opening the door with her
levitating stroller, Lysander and Hope dozing in the
chars and Pisces nodding off slightly her eyes half open,
on their way to the main level community garden. Dale
walked around trying to look at peace but he hated
every second of being in this garden. She made her way
down by the indoor pond and fountain when she noticed
him. “Afternoon Lord Xylona, relaxing today?” he
nodded “yes I am with senate not in council I have free
time so I thaught I would check out the garden” She
nodded hearing Pisces fus to get out as she unbuckled
her and picked her up, “Not so loud you‟ll wake your
brother and sister” she said rocking Pisces slightly who
calmed down. “So what are your childerns names?” he
asked her. She smiled slightly, “well this is Pisces she‟s
named after my mother” she said bobbing Pisces
slightly something suddenly disturbing her into faking
the names of the other two. “And Aries and Gemini”
she said wondering why she even lied. He smiled and
nodded “well those are wonderful names for children.”
He told her. She smiled after a moment, “would you like
to hold her Senator?” he nodded “sure I would like to I
should get used to holding a child” She smiled handing
Pisces over to him gently, “Is your young wife
expecting?” he nodded “yes she is any month here
soon” She laughed, “She‟s far to unnoticeable to be that
close, I‟m pretty sure Forbians are almost 8 months at
the latest” she said as Pisces looked up at Dale knowing
on her fist. He nodded “yah I think she is 2 or 3 months
into it she hides her size very good” he told Virgo. She
nodded checking on the other two, “I suppose she feels a
tad insecure about it then. Nothing to really be ashamed
of. I in a way wish my famopus trio was not so famous”
he nodded “every one wishes their children were not
famous so no spot light could be shown on them”

She looked up at him and Pisces, “The senators have
been creating such a fus about them. It was not
supposed to even go beyond the senate yet its in news
papers all over the place. She seems to like you” she said
as Pisces drooled on Dale‟s shirt. He nodded looking
down at Pisces “yes I am very likeable” he told her with
a smile. Pisces gazed up at him with big blue eyes, the
same eyes dale and Rhys both shared. He smiled down
looking at her while she stared back at him. “You‟re the
first person to ask me about why she looks nothing like
her siblings. To be honost it‟s a common misconception
that all twins or triplets look exactly the same” he
nodded “I know it is a very common misconception I
studied such things its why I never said any thing to you
about it” She smiled, “it‟s nice to have someone that
smart living in this building” she said as she looked up
right before her name was called out, sencing in
advanced that she would going to get attention. “virgo!”
she heard turning around as Scorpio came around into
the garden holding bright gift wrapped boxes. “For the
little ones” he said stumbling slightly as he set them all
on a bench. “Oh Scorpio I wish you wouldn‟t have” she
said as he put his hands on her face and tilted her head
upward. “nonsence!” he laughed. “Scorpio jedi don‟t
need material things” she said as he started laughing,
“Don‟t jedi me Virgo, they are my nieces and Nephue,
and they are still just babies, years away from jedi
training, I‟ll spoil them all I want till then. They aren‟t
jedi yet” He said as she smiled, “Oh Scorpio I‟m being
rude, I‟d like you to me Senator Xylona” Dale nodded
to scorpio “a pleasure to meet you Scorpio” he said to
him. Virgo smiled, “This is my brother Lord Xylona”
she said as Scorpio nodded at him, “Pisces took a shine
to you” he laughed. “She‟s going to love the gifts I got
her, they all are. I was getting toys and clothes and
shoes even a bunch of other stuff to make them
smarter” he said as he suddenly crouched down on the
floor and started acting like a monkey, Pisces erupted in
laughed as Virgo rolled her eyes waving her hand, “you
will not fall under that again” she said as he stood up
brushing his clothes off, “I wont fall for that again
pisces” Dale smiled “weakminded is he” he said with a
laugh. Scorpio scratched the back of his head, “Eh, I‟m
no jedi, and darn the little ones for making me do stuff”
he said as virgo laughed, “they don‟t understand what
they are doing Scorpio, she thought of you acting like an
ape and because your brain isn‟t strong enough to over
power the force you did what she wanted you to. The
force is very strong with Pisces, her levels are almost off
the chart, while the other two are a lot lower in levels
then she is.” Dale nodded “how unfortunate” Virgo
looked up at him, “In time they will get stronger, they
are mine after all” she said as Scorpio laughed. Dale
nodded “I am sure they will become stronger in time”

Scorpio picked up the gift boxes. “I‟m going to take
these up to your place. Is Rhys around?” he asked as
she looked at Scorpio, “He‟s upstiairs sleeping, he has
been exhoasted the last few days of training at the
temple, so be quiet when you go in, just set them in my
room” she said as he nodded heading to the elevator.
Virgo shook her head with a smile, “He doesn‟t want
anyone to teach him to be less weak minded, Im not a
jedi he says Im a gun maker” she said with a chuckle.
He nodded “so master xanthus stays with you I hear
strange things about him over the senate as he is off
limits to all those who sit on the senate” She tiled her
head slight sitting on the bench beside the sleeping two
children, “He‟s been trying to prove something to
himself lately, It‟s warn him out and the council placed
him in my care. His room at the temple is undergoing
construction to ready a room for his new padawan” he
said nodding at Pisces. He looked “ah so your strongest
daughter will be his padawan she will be such a
challenge for him” She sighed, “the council doesn‟t see
her in my care. Disappointed am I but at the same time
happy for her” he nodded “well Its too bad I am sure
she would have become a great jedi under your
tutelage” She smiled, “Well the council isn‟t going to
keep her apart from her mother, they have agreed that
master Rhys and I use our time to teach them all
together, so in a way she will still learn from me.” He
nodded “well the council does always know best” he
said with a smile. She nodded, “Tha they d, I am part of
the jedi council, so I have a say in her affairs as much as
they do. All members must agree or there is no
progression.” She said hearing Lysander fus in his seat.
“oh there there my son” she said rubbing his chest as he
yawned. “The force is strong with him too. Maybe once
Lady Xylona has her child we could play date. It would
be good for my children to spend time with others” he
nodded “I suppose we could set something up I am sure
Nyx would enjoy that” She smiled, “Nyx is such a
beautiful name, it means the high wind” She said
seemingly knowing a lot about Forbian culture and
language. He nodded “yes it does and she is very
beautiful to have such a nice name”

Virgo smiled at him sencing Rhys coming down the
elevator but said nothing, Pisces reaching out and
playing with Dale‟s gold colored hair with a happy
squeal. Dale sensed him as well “Well unfortunately I
must be going I have plenty of paper work that needs t
o be done, its unfortunate on such a beautiful day but
that is all what a senator is about” She sighed, “Oh I
shouldn‟t keep you from such important work.” She
said taking Pisces back gently as she uttered a cry to
want to play with his hair more. “What‟s gotten into
you Pisces” he smiled “Well I will see you around” he
told her turning around and leaving in the second
elevator as Rhys got out of his just as Dale got in his
going up Rhys stopping and looking and muttered to
himself “strange” but Virgo could not hear it. Virgo
waved to Rhys, “over here” she said as Pisces squeaked
at the site of Rhys. Rhys smiled taking Pisces from
Virgo “well hello there Darling” he said to her. She
nodded, “you just Missed Senator Xylona” she said. He
nodded “?that‟s too bad I heard you say good things
about him” he told her playing with Pisces” Virgo
turned her head slightly getting the feeling they where
being watched and listened to. “I hope for the best for
Planet Forbia, long have they had no representation in
the republic and finally they do, and he wishes well for
it. He seems to like the children, mostly because he
young wife is expecting” he nodded “well that‟s good
for him” he said looking up at her “something wrong
Virgo?” She turned looking back at him and said softly,
“I had the strangest feeling we where being watched. It
made me rather uncomfortable. Like a cold chill
running up my spine” he shrugged “Well you are
famous you know with those children” he told her
repeating what she keeps telling him. She sighed, “I
guess I shouldn‟t think much of it she said stepping
close as if she was brushing back Pisces hair and
whispered, “I lied to him… I‟ve never lied to people like
that” he shrugged “Strange I never knew you to lie to
some one before” he told her. She shook her head, “I
haven‟t… He asked me their named, I started with
Pisces and when I went to say Lysander and Hope, their
names didn‟t come out. But the names of two of my
siblings did. It gave me a sick feeling in my stomach
when it happened.” He shrugged “well who knows, but
maybe we should go back inside and relax” he told her.
She nodded quickly, “Perhaps im not well” she said
putting her hands on the levitating stroller and walked
with him to an elevator. He got into the elevator and
went up to their place getting her inside comfortably.
She picked up Lysander and Hope and put them in
their cribes to continue sleeping hearinf Scorpio on the
patio singing and using the grill. Virgo blinked
watching him for a moment in the apron and with grill
utensils in his hands, acting like some opera singer.
Rhys took out a camera and snapped a few pictures for
the fun of it “heh just wait till the kids in the temple get
a hold of these” She smiled at Rhys before going out
onto the patio, “Are the townsmen impressed?” she
asked as he dropped the spatula turning around ripping
off his chefs hat, “Uhhhhh” he said as she smiled at him,
“You will anger the people in the homes next to ours
Scorpio, we can‟t have to singing like that all hours of
the day.” Rhys nodded “yes we have neighbours now
and they probly do not apprictate ytour horrible

“Actually I think he‟s wrather good” They heard
someone say as Virgo looked over to the other patio
where Ravyn had been listening. She had on a white
gown and her blonde hair pulled up all fancy like. Rhys
looked out “huh I guess Forbians like bad singing your
lucky” he told Scorpio I would hate to force you to sleep
outside again” He laughed smelling something burning
and turned to see the food on fire, “ACK!” he said
grabbing is spatula and beat it until the flames went
out. Virgo waved her hands to clear the smoke from her
face caughing. Ravyn couldn‟t help but cuckle at his
clumsiness. “Darling come out here” she called, “The
neighbores are trying to burn down the building” she
teased. Dale came out to see “ah burnt pasta such a bad
smell” he said standing beside Ravyn. Virgo caughed a
bit more as she waved her hand forcing the grill lid to
shut, “ugh… Scorpio we really don‟t even eat food why
in the forces name are you even cooking?” She asked as
he turned red, “Well I was sorta expecting a friend
over.” He said as Virgo blinked, “Please tell me it‟s a
lady friend, I worry about you” Rhys raised an eye
brow “and who would that be and why not eat out
instead of staying at our place with us makes you look
like a looser not wanting to get your own place” Scorpio
glared at Rhys, “Hey I live here too you know! This
isn‟t just your place Rhys its our place” he said as Virgo
rubbed his arm, “It‟s okay Scorpio if you‟d like Rhys
and I will stay at the temple tonight, I don‟t even really
live here” she said. He shook his head, “She‟s not like
you guys think she‟s just a friend, her name is Vera and
she‟s from my book club” he said. Rhys snickered
“book club that‟s where you go to pick up girls?”
Ravyn smiled finding it rather adorable. “She‟s not like
that Rhys damn why do you always pick on me! It‟s not
jedi like… I think” he said as Virgo smiled, “Oh he‟s
just trying to get a rise out of you that‟s all. I‟d love to
meet this Vera she sounds intelligent” she said as
Scorpio smiled, “We are reading this romance novel
written 300 years ago, she was going to come over and
have dinner so we could talk about what we‟ve read and
compare notes.” He said as Virgo‟s smile faded,
“Romance novel… that sounds a little fruity even for
you” she said as he gasped, “oh my heart aches that you
think so poorly of me Virgo” he said getting her to
laugh with his bad acting. Rhys looked in a drawer
“here are some candles and a pack of condoms if you
need them” he said teasing Scorpio. He raised an
eyebrow, “And why would you be neededing Condoms
Rhys?” he asked as Ravyn leaned on the banister. “Oh
yes, why?” he shook his head taking one of the tiny
condoms out of the package and stretching it out to its
full size “see they are not for me too small I kept them
around when we used to live together incase some
miracle and you got a woman” Virgo gasped grabbing it
away and threw it in the trash, “Shame on you!! Are
you trying to get yourself thrown out from the temple!!”
She said looking at him. “You a master should know
better then that. Jedi aren‟t supposed to even think of
such things. To much to distract you from the cause.”
Scorpio pointed his spatula at Rhys, “HEY!! I‟m not
that small!! You have never seen it!” he said as Virgo
put a hand to her head, “Please don‟t drop your pants
Scorpio” she said as Ravyn smiled, “it‟s a bit odd when
a jedi master buys condoms, you think stors would ask
questions”she said. Rhys looked at her “Well I bought
them when I was already kicked out of the temple I only
kept them around for a joke like this” Virgo put a hand
over her heart turning quickly towards Ravyn and Dale
on their patio, a vision flashing before her eyes, “Lady
Xylona step away from there” she said as the banister
broke loose and Ravyn fell over the side beginning to
plumit the thousand feet towards the surface. Virgo
pushed Scorpio aside as she lept over the edge of the
patio landing on a passing veichal and climbed inside,
forcing it to turn into a sharp nose dive. Rhys and Dale
looked over the edge watching Virgo go after Ravyn
who plummeted downwards. They disappeared into the
clouds that where around the middle of the buildings
structure as Scorpio looked over the edge as well, “She‟s
friken nuts! She‟ll kill herself pulling stunts like that.”
Rhys looked at Scorpio “she knows what she is doing”
he told him. He bit his lip, “You better be right… she
just jumped off the top floor of a building over a
thousand feet high” he said seeing the vuichal bust out
of the clouds and coming up level with Dale‟s patio the
driver inside looked so terrorfied he had wet himself,
while Virgo helped Ravyn climb out onto Dale‟s patio
her and Virgo together. Ravyn looked very shaken from
the fall. “I would report that to the building, for having
such an unsafe banister. I would also advise you to seek
medical attention, a fall like that is very dangerous
emotionally wise for a prenant woman” Dale helped
Ravyn “she is fine” he said feeling her head “she has
gone through worse situations I am sure falling and
being saved by such a brave Jedi such as your self
helped her alot” She rubbed Ravyn‟s back, “Please do
not praise me”s he said sternly as she helped Ravyn
inside her and Dale‟s apartment. “Sit down and rest”
she said looking back at Dale, “I will make sure that
your patio is as safe as it possibly can be to prevent such
a tradgity again. Had it broke when no one was around
would have been unplesent” Virgo said. He nodded
“well alright then.” She stood up and went out onto the
patio where Dale was and leaped the long distance back
to her patio where Scorpio grabbed her in a bear hug.
“Don‟t freak me out like that virgo!!! I almost had a
heart attack seeing you jump over the edge like that.”
Rhys sighed “she is a jedi Master she was in no danger
at all” Virgo gasped, “Scorpio… can‟t breath” she said
as he set her down and she fixed the modified jedi robes
she was in. they had the arms taken off and turned into
a dress instead of wearing pants with it, her brown
cloak even had the arms taken out of it and was more
open in the front. She turned looking back at Dale on
the patio, “I‟m sorry I didn‟t predict it sooner Senator
Xylona” he looked at her “She is safe none the less that
is all that matters” he told her. She nodded at him,
“Senator, would you care to join the three of us for
dinner Saturday night?” he shrugged “I suppose so it
would be nice to do so” She nodded, “Wonderful” She
said before nodding at him and stepped inside. He
helped Ravyn back inside as he looked around “why did
you sabotage the balcony?” She turned looking at him
oddly, “I didn‟t” she said. He looked at her “odd I
thaught you would of guess it was faulty time to sue the
person who rented this place to us” She sat down on the
couch, “I think it‟s because I put to much of my
cybernetic strength into leaning on it” he looked at her
“why would you do something like that?” he asked her.
She sighed, “I can‟t help it sometimes. I suppose I forget
that my skeloten is made of metal.” He rubbed her
back “well its alright you should probly add that to
your sub routines to remember that”

She nodded and got up going into the kitchen to make
him dinner, “Rhys was looking at you oddly I think he
can sence the force in you” he nodded “I wouldn‟t
doubt it I think Virgo sensed it as well its hard to
conceal something like it” She nodded, “I wil have to
make a device to hid the medaclorian levels in your
blood” she said putting his dinner on and get out some
small mechanical devices and searched through her
programs to find one. He sat down eating looking at
her “well no one else every created one before” She
nodded, “Yes but there are programs that do things
similar to it im sure I can modify it. I know if you had
successfully turned virgo she‟d easily be able to make
one” she said dryly. He looked at her “yah well she
played you as well with your girl sleep over” She
grumbled, “I was high on that damn chip she put in me,
at least I was trying” he looked at her “and I didn‟t try
geez just stop complaining” She looked back at him,
“Oh shut up you know you could have pulled it off if
you knew she was still a jedi… but the thing that makes
me wonder most, is how she used the sith lightning bolt
withough being sith” he shrugged “who really knows
only she does and I doubt she will tell you if you ask
her” She looked down at what she was working on,
“Why would I ask a question that would blow our
cover? She pretended for so long anf now we have to”
he looked at her “Well stop wondering then we are
where we are now so we will have to live with it” She
nodded working. For days she worked on it and by
Saturday afternoon it was ready. “Strap it to your inner
thigh, it is very small so you wont feel it, it will hurt
when it pricks your flesh but after that it will be
painless. It will cloak the medaclorians in your blood.”
He put it on feeling it pricking his flesh as he winced
“little bastard stings” he said hiding it under his robes
She smiled, not you don‟t be able to be senced, they will
feel nothing coming from you and will easily be able to
trust us” she said moving to put on a nice dress. He
smiled “well good this should make working a lot
easier” he told her. She put on a lovely forbian dress
and tied her hair up to hide he metal parts. “well your
looking beautiful today” She smiled at him, “thank you
love, you should get dressed we gotta go here in a bit”
he nodded getting dressed in his forbian robes and
looking the part of eryx. Next door Virgo was calm as
usual not doing anything elegant or even dressing up
having been at council that morning and still in her
modified robes. When they arrived at their door for
dinner Dale rung the doorbell. Scorpio answered the
door with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. Dale
looked at him “shouldn‟t you be doing that in the
washroom” he said just happy Scorpio had pants on. He
turned not even saying anything as Virgo blinked
looking up from fixing the cussions on the couch seeing
Scorpio turn going into his room. “Scorpio” she said
before looking over at the door. “Oh come in, don‟t
mind him he just woke up.” Dale steped in leading
Ravyn into the room. She bowed to them, “Afternoon”
she said, “please make yourself comfortable dinner is
cooking” she said their apartment was huge compaired
to Dale and Ravyn‟s and they had expensive beautiful
furnature, a lot of it was Ryuujinn‟s finest made. Dale
nodded “such a nice place you have here” he told her.
She nodded, “thank you, when my Uncle and Master
Tyva passed on he left all his money to me” she said
moving across the room and knocked on a shut door,
“Rhys, company is here” she said. Rhys came out
dressed in his robes “ah dinner guests good” he said.
She looked at him before circling him, “My my I
haven‟t seen you in Jedi robes since… I was still a
padawan” She said seemingly surprised. He shrugged
“well we have guests and luckily they still fit” She shook
her head, “Mind your manners” she said before going
to another door that was open slightly, “Scorpio she
nocked before opening the door and then shut it quickly
putting a hand over her eyes, “Darn it all Scorpio your
supposed to answer when I knock!!! Put some clothes
on!” Rhys chuckled as Dale looked at Ravyn shrugging.
Virgo looked back at them, “one moment please” she
said slipping into the room and shutting the door before
they heard Scorpio yelling “HEY!!! VIRGO KNOCK
IT OFF!” and then herd her, “What have I told you
about this, I warned you not to act like this when there
is company!” Rhys looked at his watch counting down.
When he counted down to one they all heard Scorpio
yelled “OW!!!!! MOTHER FUCKER!” he put his hand
down “well she should be out soon” he said to Dale and
ravyn. Ravyn blinked, “What is… she doing in there?”
she asked as they heard Scoirpio whimper, “Okay okay
I give!!” Dale looked at her “she is grabbing and
twisting” he told her. Ravyn whinced as Virgo stepped
out of the room and went to watch her hands. “Of all 10
of my siblings the one with the least amount of brains
had to survice” Rhys laughed “well I keep telling you to
tell him and get his own place but you never listen” She
pointed at him, “your room mates with my brother
Rhys, he needs someone to keep him set straight or he‟ll
forget to even shower. I always remember him being
like this, and I remember when I was real small and he
didn‟t bring in the water pale m father would make him
scream like that. It‟s pretty much the only way to make
dumb Nerya‟s listen. I feel bad when I use mind trick.
It‟s to easy and he doesn‟t really learn anything” Rhys
nodded “well dinner should be ready shall we sit
down?” he asked. She nodded checking on dinner, “this
stove just isn‟t heating up completely” she said turning
up a tad before going to a chair in the living room and
sat down, while ravyn took a seat on the couch. “Oh this
is nice.” She said as Virgo smiled looking up as scorpio
came out fully dressed but was limping and walking as
if he had spilled hot coffee on his crotch. Dale sat with
Ravyn as Rhys sat in another chair. Scorpio whimpered
as he slowly sat into a chair and looked at virgo with
puppy eyes. Rhys looked at Scorpio “quit pouting we
have company unless your willing to have another turn”
he shook his head quickly looking at the carpet. While
virgo quickly went to check on her infants. “Rhys do we
have any medication for blood shot eyes?” She asked
holding Lysander who‟s eyes where all red, off setting
the shade of his eyes to a purple color. He shook his
head “none that I know of try replicating some” Ravyn
looked at him thinking his eyes were purple and seeing
his thick locks of silver hair. “How did he get red eye”
she asked. Virgo sighed, “He‟s coming down with
childhood chicken pox, he spent most the night crying”
Rhys nodded “we should take him to the doctors and
have him checked up on”

She looked at Rhys as she sat down holding him in her
arms as he sniffled slightly, “I took him yesterday, they
only gave me ointment for when he starts to scratch”
she said as he looked at everyone then at her,
“mumumumumum” he uttered in a half sob. “I know it
itches, Rhys will you get the eye drops from the cubbard
that should help releave the itching” he got up and got
the eye drops bringing them to her as he applied them.
He started to cry because it stung at first and buried his
face against Virgo‟s chest. “oh oh I know I know” she
said as he cried “mumma” while virgo rubbed his back.
“If he is coming down with the pox Doctor Givins said
so will his sisters” he nodded “I know Virgo we will
look after them”

“That‟s some silver locks he has” Ravyn said looking at
virgo and the child. Virgo looked up at her. “huh? Oh
yes, not a trait from me” Rhys sighed “well you better
rock him till he goes back to sleep or he will just cry
more” She looked at Rhys, “He can‟t sleep Rhys, you
know jack about babies. He‟s itchy and sore. It hurts
for him to even close his eyes from all the crying he did.
Perhaps I should have a android look after him for
awhile” she said as he grabbed onto her shirt when she
stood up and went into Rhys‟ bedroom. They heard him
starting to cry and calling for her not to leave him, “I
know sweety” they heard her say, “But mumma has
company over, let‟ K76 take care of you for a few hours
and Mumma will read you stoy after dinner okay?” she
asked when they heard him utter, “dada?” then her
again, “Yes he‟ll read too” she said and it seemed to
quiet him. Rhys sighed sitting back down again “well
hopefully dinner will be ready soon” Virgo came out
shutting the door slightly and went into the kitchen
looking into the oven, “finally” she said getting pot
holders to take out the delisious looking casserole she
made and set it on the counter before shutting the oven
off. “Alright it‟s ready” she said setting it on the set
table and put a large bowl of salad on the table as well.
“Lord and Lady Xylona what would you like to drink,
we have Champaine, Wine, Water, Cola‟s, Juice, Hard
Liqour, and Space beer” Rhys Dale and ravyn all sat
down at the table Dale looked at her “I will have some
wine and some Juice for Nyx” he said. She nodded
holding backa chuckle as Scorpio hobbled to the table
and sat down. Virgo got everyone something to drink
before sitting down herself, with what looked to be a
orangy paste substance for herself and Scorpio who
seemed to have no intention having any of the casserole.
Rhys started to eat and Same with dale not minding the
caserol. Nyx had some, “Oh wow, this is really good
what is it?” she asked as Virgo looked up and blankly
stared at her, “A forbian dish that is formally eaten
every week” she said. As Ravyn blinked, “Did you add
something to it? It tastes different, much better then
how my mother makes it” she said as virgo smiled, “yes
im glad you noticed. It had 6 different cheeses in it
instead of just once, and I used a burbon sause but
don‟t worry all the alcohol cooked off.” Rhys smiled
“this is very good Virgo” he told her as Dale nodded as
well “much better then what her mother makes”

Virgo smiled eating the soupish looking orang paste, as
did Scorpio. “This is great Virgo, Father couldn‟t make
this taste this good worth a damn.” Rhys and Dale
continued to eat to their full as Rhys looked at her “so
what is that?” She looked at him, “It‟s a Carrot and
lime soup stock.” She said as Scorpio nodded, “we have
a less aciding digestinal track, hard foods like your
eating, and most other solids wouldn‟t digest properly
leaving us feeling full all the time, and eventually we‟d
starve and die. We eat only soft foods like soups and
sauses, along with liguids. We could live on water alone
for our entire lives.” Virgo nodded, “It‟s why we are
vegans. Everything has to be puraied.” She said as
Ravyn blinked, “so you have never tasted an apple or a
chunk of beef?” she asked. Virgo smiled, “Well when
it‟s been blended up into a soft paste yes. Think of it like
putting everything you eat into a juicer, or something to
make soft baby food” Rhys nodded “yes very
disgusting I know” Virgo smiled,”it‟s not at all, but
each race is different. The Forbians are known for their
fried pasta dishes. Lots of noodles, cheese and tomatos.
Some call it the new age itialy” She said as Scorpio
looked at her, “Wasn‟t that a name of an ice cream
shop?” he asked as she smiled, “No it was a country on
old Earth before it was distried by an asteroid 100 years
ago” Dale nodded “yes a lot of resteraunts of forbian
style food can be found on numerous space stations and
planets in the republic” She nodded, “So are you
planning to have a large family? It‟s something us
Nerya and Forbians have in common. Huge families,
mine was fairly small, there where only 10 children.”
He shrugged “we are not sure because we are politians
it would be something hard to do” She shrugged, “here
on Corasant you should be able to have nannies. Besides
you only go to council once a week. That leaves a lot of
time.” He sighed “if only it was that easy Virgo a lot of
work goes on where we have to stay in contact with the
planet figure out whats going on and what our planet
wants from the republic”

She smiled taking a sip of wine, “Being a jedi it no life
of peaches” She said as she leaned back in her chair,
“Daily meditation can last hours, two hours of combat
training every day. 2 hours of force training blind
folded, and finally rest before it all starts again. Soon it
will be that plus all the training of younglings. It‟s a
hard life, your unable to love, unable to marry, or ever
have children. You lock away your hopes and wishes
and set aside any wants or desires. You learn to live
without fear or hatred, and give up valuables, and
family. And when someone you would normally hold
dear to your heart dies, you must keep aside your
sadness and be happy that their spirit now makes up
the force that is the jedi being” she said. Ravyn looking
at her as if she was dumbfounded. “So you can‟t want
anything? You can‟t feel the loving touch of another?
Or be aloud to feel anything but calm and happiness?”
she asked as Virgo nodded. “It‟s something you spend
your whole life teaching yourself.” Rhys nodded in
agreement Well Dale looked at them “well I know I
could never be a jedi I enjoy all those things you can not

Virgo smiled, “Eventually you come to the realization
that there can be life without them, nothing can hurt
you then. There is no pain or suffering. Just calm. And
when you reach a certain point in padawan training it
just doesn‟t really matter to you, so giving them up isn‟t
hard at all. I am the only jedi to ever have children, and
the council knows that such children are strong with the
force, and someday strong jedi. What matters is they
grow up happy” Dale nodded “well to each there own I
suppose” She nodded, “They will fight for the good of
the people, and some day like all jedi die for the good of
the people and give their power back to the force so new
younglings can take that power and use it in their time”
he nodded “Well tyhen I gvuess it is all for the greater
good then” She nodded raising her glass, “a Toast to the
long life of the republic, and may the senators and the
Jedi forever keep all races safe from the evils of the
sith” Dale and Rhys raised their glasses to the toast.
Virgo smiled sipping her wine before getting up, “I have
spoung cake and chocolate fondue for desert” she said
putting the crock pot on the table with the forks and
spounge cake. Dale and Rhys dug into it enjoying the
taste. Ravyn had some but not a lot as did Virgo and
Scorpio. “I‟ve never had imported chocolate before, but
it was a gift from Master Fin so I figured it was a good
enough occastion to use it” Rhys nodded “yes a very
good occasion for it” After that was all said and done
scorpio went off to his book club and they all sat on the
patio watching the sun set over the city. “Master Rhys
little Pisces has requested to be taken to you” K76 said
as Pisces smiled at Rhys holding her arms out for him.
“Ehhehe daddy” she said as virgo blinked, “that makes
two of them that speak now.” Rhys took her and let her
sit on his lap with them “they learn quickly” She smiled,
“Obviously they get their smarts from my side” she said
as Pices held onto Rhys robes. Dale was not happy in
his mind but put a happy face on while Rhys played
with Pisces. Ravyn laughed, “Perhaps your right” she
said to virgo as she nodded. “She‟s only 6 months old
and speaking, just like I did when I was 6 months.
Defenetly comes from me” she said as Pices looked over
at Ravyn and Dale pointing at them, “Dagas!” Dale
smiled and shook his head. Rhys looked at her “that‟s
Eryx and Nyx” She drooled slightly as she put a finger
in her mouth. “So do you dye her hair?” Ravyn asked.
Virgo smiled, “Oh no, she was born like that” Rhys
played with Pisces some more while Dale watched.

“So why does she call Master Rhys Daddy If jedi aren‟t
supposed to have families?” she asked as virgo smiled
again, “Rhys was my master in the final stages of my
training, he‟s my best friend and the council agreed that
as support for myself and for my children they have
some form of Father figure. They address him as they
see him. We don‟t actually tell them to call him that. It‟s
their choice” Rhys nodded “exactly she will also be my
padawan learner so I will be a father figure to her”
Virgo nodded, “And in his care I know she will turn out
just as well as I did. She will know right from wrong
and live as a true jedi. We are going to do everything
possible to spare her the horrors that I endevered” she
said stroking Pisces hair as she smiled at Virgo. Rhys
nodded “exactly all padawans will be shown that way
and kept safe”
Virgo tilted her head slightly looking back at the door,
“I feel that master is coming… Excuse me” she said
standing up and went inside to the door. Everyone
turned to look inside as she opened the door before
looking around and stepping out. “It doesn‟t look
anyone was there” Rhys shrugged “strange” he said,
Both he and dale could feel a powerful force just outside
the apartment, with Virgos combined against it, it was
massive. Rhys sighed “I wonder what that could be it
feels very strong” Scorpio came out onto the patio
looking at Rhys, “Virgo has asked me to come get you
for a moment, Master Yoda is here” he said. “Hes so
much bigger on TV” Rhys got up and went outside the
front door to see what was up. Virgo turned looking at
him as Yoda looked up, “master Rhys… Good” he said
as Virgo looked at Rhys, “They finished testing Robyn
they want to put her in our custody until Master Fin
returns from a funeral” Rhys shrugged “sure I don‟t
see why not” he said. She nodded as Yoda looked at
them, “results of Little pisces medaclorian levels has
come back it has. Strong with the force a child of two
powerful jedi is she. But dark times cloud the jedi
future, if left alone such a gift to the jedi will fall from
darkness. There must be another, All council agrees,
Master Virgo agrees, forseen it we have, forseen it you
have” he said to Rhys. He nodded “yes I have foreseen
it a very tough time many will die” he said.

He nodded with a groan, “but another beside master
pisces there will be, the jedi have agreed that you and
master virgo must bring another child into being. He
with his sister only then will there be enough force to
defeat the darkness.” Rhys nodded “a son to go along
with a daughter” he said. Yoda nodded, “needed he is to
bring hope back to the future. Hidden from the public it
will be, only jedi will know of this and it is a sacrifice we
hope you will make” Rhys nodded “its all up to Virgo
to decide if she is willing to” Virgo looked at him, “All
council members agree to it. It would be an honor”
Rhys nodded “then we will do it” he told master yoda.
He nodded at Rhys, “married you both I did, against
the teachings of the jedi. Your futures I saw and best it
was” Rhys smiled “well least you have seen good I have
been only shown bad visions of the future”

“Change them you must. Live you must for the sake of
your children” he nodded “We will Master Yoda” he
told him. When Master Virgo is with child at the temple
you must stay the entire term, no one else must know,
not even young scorpio.” Rhys nodded “will do then”
he said.Virgo nodded at Yoda, “We will do our best
Master” She said as he nodded, “Very well” he said
levitating a basket with robyn in it to them. Virgo took
her out and held her in her arms, “The childs future is
dark I can not see what lays in wait for her, protect her,
and in the morning I will see you at council” he said
turning towards the elevators. Rhys nodded waving
good bye to Master Yoda letting him leave. Virgo
carried Robyn inside to seeEryx and Nyx standing in
the dinning room, “is something wrong?” Scorpio asked
as he tiled his head to the side, “who‟s that?” He asked
seeing Virgo holding a baby. Her little head turned as
her shimmering dark blue locks came out from unti the
blanket. Her half pointed Nerya ears revealed, and her
bright red eyes scanning the room. Dale recognized her
right away as Rhys looked at them “well this is Robyn
she will be staying with us for a couple days till Master
Fin Returns from a funeral” Virgo nodded, “he jest left
for Jasic this morning” she said as Ravyn felt like she
was literally going to break down when she saw Robyn,
“Jasic.. but.. but that‟s a week warp jump away, a
funneralll and back it will be weeks not days!” she said
as virgo looked at her, “you seem shaken Lady Nyx are
you well?” Dale placed his hand on her forhead “she
has a slight temperature I will have to take her home so
she can get some rest” he said taking Ravyn to the door.
Virgo turned looking at them as Ravyn stopped, “Can I
just hold her? For a moment?” she asked as Virgo
sighed, “if your not well it might not be a good idea.”
Ravyn shook her head quickly, “Im fine really just for a
moment” she asked as virgo nodded placing Robyn into
her arms. Ravyn held her gently against her, “oh
beautiful little thing” Dale stood there watching her
hoping Ravyn wont do any thing stupid to ruin their
cover. She nuzzled her nose against Robyns as Robyn
seemingly happy giggled. “I suppose when they say
Forbians are compassionate they aren‟t kidding”
Scorpio said Ravyn not wanting to let go of Robyn. Dale
looked at Ravyn “Well we better get going hun and let
you get some rest” She whimpered slightly as she let
Virgo take Robyn from her before just leaving the room
with no good bye or anything. “I hope she feels better
Senator” virgo said. Dale nodded “me too” he said
taking Ravyn back to their place. Ravyn went right to
the bedroom and flung herself down on the bed burying
her face into her pillow and sobbed quietly.Dale sighed
rubbing her back “don‟t worry baby I will take her
back tonight for you but you will have a disguise ready
for her” She sobbed softly, “she‟s so much better of a
mother then I am… I have no will to remained
activated” she cried. He sighed “its not your fault she
stole her away from us she wounded you and killed me
then took our kid after we couldn‟t do any thi9ng its not
your fault Robyn will be ours again”

“But I still want her, you know what happened, it
wasn‟t her call it was the stupid jedi‟s. I had her in my
arms Dale… I could feel her heart beating. If she was as
heartless as to kill you why didn‟t she kill Robyn too?”
he looked “so she could turn her against what we stood
for try and give her a new life, but Robyn knew who
you were even with your disguise on so that‟s still good”
Ravyn sniffled sitting up slightly as as wiped her eyes,
“she did know who I was.. she could feel me” she said
cradling her arms as if she was holding Robyn, “She‟s
all I have left, if Virgo does anything to hurt her I swear
to god I will will blow this whole buildsing up and
everyone in it” he nodded “I am going to get her
tonight for you” he said taking his disguise off. She
looked up at him whimpering before sitting up and
curling up against him, “you shouldn‟t change your
disguise…” he looked at her “what do you want them to
think Senator Xanthus took Robyn or do you want
them to look else where” She whimpered, “I could say I
had an early birth” he looked at her “its why I am
going normal so they think I took it and wont bother
looking at Senator Eryx they will comb space for her”
She shook her head, “they think your dead, if they think
your alive there will be a panic.. we are lucky we got out
of doing blood tests” he looked at her “its why I am
going to keep your Midiclorian cloak on so they can‟t
sense me” She whimpered, “at least make it look like
you have blue hair or something” he closed his eyes
making his hair blue “that better?” She nodded, “yes”
she said wiping her eyes again. He climbed out there
window and force jumped up a few floors so they could
not trace him from that room and then made his way
down looking down at the patio from a floor up. The
lights where out and the sky was dark and full of stars.
He lept down landing on the patio while he used the
force to silently unlock the door. The living room and
kitchen was silent, all the lights where out except for the
nightlights lighting certan areas of the rooms. He used
his senses to detirmn who was in which room moving
stealthfully to the nursery. When he arrived at the door,
there was now 4 cribs in the room. From where he was
standing he could see the boy and Pices in ther cribs
mostly from the lights over their cribs. He moved over
looking at all three of the cribs trying to find Robyn
only. He heard something move in the washroom that
was attached to the nursery. He lept into the shadows
of a closet knowing they wouldn‟t sense him at all but
waiting to see who it was. Virgo came out of the
washroom, holding Robyn who was sounding fussy. She
went over to the chair by the opened window and sat
down rocking in it slightly as she put a bottle in her
mouth. “Oh Robyn it‟s late…” she said as Robyn
sucked on the bottle. Dale stood there watching from
safty in the closet knowing Virgo could not sense him at
all. She sighed looking down at Robyn who looked up at
her, “I know it‟s a nice change to actually have someone
hold you and treat you well. No matter what I said the
doctors just wouldn‟t listen to me. I suppose your
practically a break through” she said as Robyn stared
up at her. Dale waved his fingers to use the force to
make Robyn tired and fall asleep. Virgo smiled slightly,
“there that‟s all you needed a little tlc” she said setting
the bottle aside and held Robyn against her. “Sleep little
one, I will care for you as if you where my own” she said
rocking in the chair. He nexted used the sleep trick on
Virgo as she was making it difficult. Virgo wouldn‟t fall
asleep, the force was strong enough with her to cancle
out his attemps. “Come on, you can lay down with me”
she said getting up and moved out of the room. Dale
grumbled with his foiled attempt and lurked in the
shadows behind her. She moved into Rhys room and
looked over at him, “I know your not sleeping. I want
our little ones to sleep with us, all of them” he yawned
“fine alright” Dale grumbled and soon went out the way
he came knowing that he would not succeed this time.
Ravyn had settled into bed having her heat set on
robyn. Dale sighed when he got into the room
“unfortunately I failed this time Virgo is having all the
kids sleep in the same bed as her” She sat up, “what..
that stupid!” he nodded “I know so I will have to try
again tomorrow night” She whimpered, “I bet shes
ignoring her and treating her badly” he sighed
“unfortunately not she says she is going to treat her as if
she was her own” She blinked, “that doesn‟t sound like
her” he shrugged “I know so I will just have to steal
her soon” She sighed leaning back against the
headboard. He sat down beside her on the bed “don‟t
worry hun she will be ours again” She looked at him
and sighed. He wrapped an arm around her and held
her close.

The next day Virgo left to go to the council meeting. She
left Rhys along with the children and Scorpio was
sitting around in the living room holding onto Lysander
and Hope. Rhys was taking care of Pisces and Robyn as
he sighed just watching them. Pisces and Roben sat on
the floor as Pisces plaied with a bear as Robyn ripped it
out of her hands as Pisces whimpered then cried. Rhys
tapped Robyns nose “you be nice” he said taking the
bear away from her and giving it back to pisces. She
cried out for it, “ER!” she cried as Pisces looked at her
before holding the bare out to Robyn. Robyn blinked
then took the bear as Pisces smiled. Rhys shrugged
“well as long as your both happy I suppose” Virgo came
in slipping off her cloak and hung it up

 He looked up at her “so how was council hun?” he
asked her. She yawned, “Talking about a second child,
and then told us to continue good relatiosn with our
new neighbors. He nodded “well that‟s good to know I
suppose” She nodded, “I suppose, but I get a funny
feeling like I‟ve known them before” She said and
smiled, “But I barely ever meet any Forbians so I doubt
it” he shrugged “who knows some times the force plays
funny tricks” She shrugged sitting down by Pisces and
robyn, “hows my darlings today” she said kissing Pisces
forehead then Robyns before going over to hope and
Lysander and doing the same. “they are doing good”
Rhys told her.

That night Virgo was up agains this time on the patio
with Pisces and Robyn. She felt so tired but both has
upset stomachs. Dale was above her standing out on the
patio above her watching her from above. She yawned
slightly looking out over the city gazing at the Temple in
the distance. “As good of a life a jedi would be for you
Robyn, I can‟t help but feel it is not the place for you.
Perhaps I should convince the council to place you up
for adoption wrather then give you a selibus life” Dale
sighed as he listened to Virgo talk on and on. She laid
her head back slightly before getting up, “Come on you
two I need to sleep sometimes too” she said taking them
inside. Dale lept down landing on her patio and used
the force to unlock the door once more watching Virgo
paitently. She went into the kitchen grabbing bottles for
them to have in bed and filled them with water instead
of milk as she looked up and turned looking around the
dark apartment he hid in the shadows once more
making sure she could not see him. “Odd I heard a
noise” she said as her ears twitched and with jedi
reflexes she had a saber ignighted as she turned
Scorpio‟s hands going up in the air, “WHOA” he said
as she relaxed flipping off the saber, “Yikes Virgo your
so jumpy” Dale laughed to himself in his mind finding
that funny. Virgo put her saber away and looked at
him, “You aren‟t usually walking around all night” she
said as Scorpio smiled, “I thought I‟d stay up with
them, I napped earlier. And you had to go to a council
meeting real early, your not getting any sleep” he said
as she handed him Robyn, “My instincts are telling me
to stay awake these last 2 nights” Dale groaned and
snuck out once more seeing Virgo was busy not to

For almost a week it was like this, virgo was collapsing
during the day to sleep unable to force herself to at
night. Scorpio was starting to get very worried about it.
Rhys was getting worried about it as well trying to get
her to go to sleep. She would nap on and off durng the
day and ended up being awake all night, something not
sitting right in her gut. Ravyn stood out on the patio
watching Virgo silently as Virgo meditated on a
blanket. Dale growled as he sat in the apartment “she is
just not sleeping its like she can sense me coming”
Ravyn turned walking back inside, “It‟s more like she
can sence danger for one of the children” he shrugged
“well I am nopt really danger to her children now am I”
She should her head, “But it‟s like she feels that
something is going to happen” he nodded “guess I will
have to wait till master finn takes her” She sighed with
a nod. “I can‟t make this fake stomach go any bigger
without looking like Im going to have more then one, it
needs to be soon” he nodded “I know hun I know” She
looked back out at virgo meditating, “She‟s been like
that for almost 4 hours. I‟ve seen birds land on her and
a spider crawl across her face and she didn‟t move at
all” he sighed “its no hope right now” Se came back in
and sat down. “I suppose not” she said rubbing her
face. He wrapped an arm around her and hugged her
close. She laid her head against him, “Being a good guy
is hard” he nodded “yah it is exteremly hard”

By mid the following Week Master Fin came by to pick
up Robyn, his shuttle was parked outside Virgo‟s patio
as she gently handed Robyn to Fin. For the brief
moment their hands touched she looked up at him.
“Master Fin are you well?” she asked looking
consurned. Ravyn watched from her patio. Master Fin
held Robyn to himself, “Don‟t trouble your already
troubled Mind Master Virgo” Dale had taken his
disguise off and leapt using the force onto the under
side of master fins shuttle finding a safe place to hide so
he could hitch a ride. Fin nodded at her as virgo handed
him the blanket she had baught for Robyn, “take her
blanket, she likes to curl up in it when she naps… and
sometimes she likes cold water when she wakes up over
milk.” She said almost looking sad Robyn was going. He
nodded, “She‟s my padawans learner now, she will be
well taken care of it” he said as he stepped onto the
shuttle and it left. When it docked at his large home on
the other side of the temple he carried Robyn into his
home and set her down on the rug as he held his left
arm. Dale got out of his hiding place and snuck into
master fins home looking around. He sat down on his
couch, “…no” he said his breath became short before he
fell back against the couch not moving. Dale stopped
looking at Robyn on the carpet as he went over picking
her up and stood there looking at Master fin “old fool
he was in bad health” She squeaked at the very site of
him. “Dadda!” she said speaking his name. he smiled
“hi baby ready to go home and see momma?” She
smiled curling up against him as if she had always
known who he was. He cuddled her as he went down
and called a cab taking it back to the apartment
building next door to his before sneaking his way back
into the place with Robyn. Ravyn came rushing from
the room when he came back “Robyn” she said rushing
to him and took her into her arms, “mumma” she said
as they nuzzled. Dale smiled “Well least we are a family
again” Ravyn kissed him deeply, “Now, send word to
the senate that I‟ve given birth, we must give her a
temporary name” she said setting her down Ravyn
started to cry when Ravyn forced the change of hair
color through her cybernetics. It hurt, but not as much
as it did to make her eyes gold to match her knew hair.
“She looks to old to be a new born, tell them we where
forced to use excellerated groath because she was
premature.” He nodded “I will” he said going into the
other room and putting on his disguise first before
sending out the communications. Ravyn held Robyn to
her changing her clothes to Forbian to fit the look. She
heard a sound from virgo‟s apartment and poked her
head out onto the patio where Virgo was meditating.
“Virgo” Scorpio said. “Master Fin… had a heart attack,
and little Robyn is no where to be found, it is feared she
crawled off the side of the patio deck and fell to her
death. Virgo‟s eyes slowly opened. “I know… I felt an
increase in the force at the moment of Fin‟s passing”
Dale came out onto the patio looking “so they found out
did they” Virgo slowly stood up, “You knew?” Scorpio
asked. She nodded, “I senced his bad health when he
came to take Robyn away. I only pray that the little
child rests now, no suffering. I wished her only
happiness” Dale smiled happy that Virgo believed
Robyn was dead. Scorpio touched her shoulder,
“Something still troubling you?” Scorpio asked. She
nodded, “the fact they didn‟t find Robyn. Perhaps it is
better if we don‟t know.” She said turning towards him.
I feel ill, I‟m going to lay down” she said as Scorpio
helped her inside as Ravyn cradled roben gently. Dale
looked back at Ravyn and Robyn going back inside.
Ravyn smiled at him as Robyn held her arms out for
him, “dada” she asked. He smiled picking her up and
holding her in his arms “did you miss dada and
momma?” She smiled at him giggling happy to be with
them again as Ravyn leaned up against them kissing
Robyns cheek. “I‟m so glad shes back safe with me
again, not being turned into something shes not” Dale
nodded “me too she will be raised properly with us” She
nodded stroking Robyns now blonde hair. He sat down
on the bed “well what should we do now?” She shook
her head, “enjoy this time we have now” she said sitting
beside him as Robyn stood up on him, using her hands
to grab onto his robes to keep herself up. He smiled
watching her stand up “such a smart girl” She smiled
at him as Ravyn reached out to help Robyn steady
herself, “just like you” She said. He nodded “yep I
guess your right”

A few weeks later the senate conveined again as the Jedi
like usual were the first to speak before large or smaller
issues where addressed. This time Only Virgo, Rhys and
Yoda where the jedi who attended the senate. “Master
Jedi Starchaser, it is our deepest sympathy for the
passing of Master Fin. But where is the child that was
placed in his care.” One of the senators asked.
“Currently no body has been recovered, it is believe
there is a possibility she fell from the patio which was
open freely after Master Fin passed on.” She said. “A
recovery part is scowering the lower reagions of the
building to find any trace of this possibility. If none is
found a search party will be sent out and all ships will
be grounded on Corasant.” She said. Rhys kept the
hood of his robe up listening to the senate argue while
Dale sat back in his chair as well.

“Master Starchase, what about this project Black you
have been taking part in? Do you honestly believe such
research is appropriate?” he asked as whispers filled
the hall. Most of the senators not knowing of the
operation. Rhys pulled back his hood answering for
Virgo “project black is very good for the entire
Republic as for its well being and future” Virgo turned
looking back at him motioning for him to sit. The
talking between senators became louder with his
rudness. He sat back listening. Virgo turned to face the
senate again, “It is true, there is a operation the Jedi
call Project Black. For those of you who were unknown
of the operation, it is the study of the Dark Force that
Master Rhys poscesses.” She said as there was an
uproar, the suprime chansilor making a noise,
“Order!!” he yelled as the senate went quite. “Master
Starchaser, from what we know the Dark side of the
force is a dark and deadly power, the Jedi have been
taught to be against this force, why do you allow a man
who uses it to remain a jedi” Virgo put her hands on the
side of the booth, “Because it does not control him.
There is no evedance that the force he uses has in
anyway clouded his judgment. This was the purpose of
this project. And the senate should respect that the Jedi
know what they are doing. We would not do anything to
endanger the republic” Dale stood up and looked at the
Cancilor “I think that this can bring future chaos to the
republic the dark arts should be prohibited from use in
the Republic period” the Chancilor looked back at him
before looking at Virgo, “Have you any hard proof of
what you claim Master Starchaser?” He asked as she
nodded, “More then enough,” She said as she places a
tiny disk into the booth causing a holographic image of
Rhys bran to appear large enough for everyone to see.
“The green colore represents the brain waves of Master
Rhys while using the Force the Jedi commonly use. As
you can see when he uses the dark arts certain parts of
the brain become red, this is the dark side attempting to
take full control of his mind. This research proves that
is possible to have complete control of this Dark Force
at all times, even if it is unused. The green over powers
the Red, because his will is strong. There is no doubt in
my mind that because the Dark side of the force is now
with in him, that he is of any threat to the republic” She
said the senators looking astonished and quiet
impressed. “I‟ve been running tests for the last few
weeks, even when his mind is most vonerable to
corruption, which is in his sleep, the true side of the
force remains in total control.” Dale spoke up again
“these are all tests produced by the Jedi how can we tell
they did not fix them so they could keep the dark side
closer to them we want non jedi scientists to do the

The chansilor looked in Dale‟s Direction, “Senator
Xylona are you suggesting that our long time protectors
are trying to over rule the senate? Such talk is foolish
sounding. The Jedi have been protecting all the
republics people for thousands of years.” Virgo looked
back at Master Yoda knowing he could end this
discussion instantly. “yes but as the history books
shown that jedi have been corrupted before by the dark
sarts how can we be sure that this time it hasn‟t been,
the forbian race do not trust the dark arts as its been
documented so many times and this is why I am taking
this stand I can trust the jedi but I do not trust the dark

Virgo spoke after him, “These tests weren‟t meant to
discover if it was possible to use Dark Arts Senator,
they where tests to see if it was possible to be touched by
the Dark Side, but remain un effected. This is what I‟ve
proved.” He looked at her “possible in one individual
but not possible in others the jedi must forbin
practicing the dark arts if they want to keep the
republic safe”

“use it not the Jedi” Yoda said stepped up beside Virgo
who helped him onto the stool. “Banned is the dark side
from practice. Will to save good minds from evil we are.
No matter how much the dark side twists and molds the
mind of a individual, or jedi, they still have the power to
save themselves, turn away from the dark side. Master
Starchaser pushes the motion in jedi council, suprising
her research. Proves not that jedi use Dark Arts, proves
only good still lives in those touched by it. Any man,
woman, or child could spend a life time fighting against
the jedi for the Dark side of the force but inside the true
force remains. The republic is safe from sith, from Dark
arts. Master Xanthus unable to continue his lader up
the jedi line.” He said as senators came forward,
“Master Yoda wouldn‟t lie to the senate” they cried as
the chansilor nodded, “Your results will be double
checked by non jedi scientists, the senate rests on this
issue.” He said as Virgo smiled at Yoda. “For our final
topic we‟ve desided to send 3 jedi embasidors to Lorent,
if negotiations come through there will be one more
planet who supports and becomes part of the Republic.
The peace treaties with Dastune, and Kikirate where a
complete success. By the end of the month 2 senators
from each planet will arrive to be sworn in. And finally
the War between the Huts and Vivins just outside of the
Rebulic is over. 2 of our more promising Jedi allowed
peace treaties to be signed between them, to keep
further innocent ships leaving or going to the planet
safe.” Dale sat down and listened to the rest of the
talking not interfering at all.

Afterwards they mingled with the senators at the after
party. Virgo approached Ravyn, “Congradulations on
the birth” she said seeing Ravyn holding Robyn in her
arms. “She‟s beautiful like you” she added. Dale
nodded “well thank you Master Starchaser” he told her.
She nodded as Ravyn smiled at her, “Perhaps her and
yours can play together on the off days” she said. Virgo
nodded as she turned seeing Yoda. She nodded at him
from across the way. “Forgive me but I must take my
leave. Afternoon” she said turning as she stepped up
beside yoda. Dale looked at Ravyn “your enjoying this
too much” he whispered to her. She looked at him and
whispered back, “all the better to saduce her” she said
softly watching virgo Rhys and Yoda step onto their
shuttle. “let us get home our selves” he told her
escorting her onto their shuttle. She sat down as Robyn
woke from her nap looking around. Dale smiled down
at her “hey baby girl” She smiled at him as she yawned
sweetly rubbing her sore eyes from the color injections.
“awe poor things eyes still hurt” he said leaning down
and kissing her forehead. She reached out putting her
hands on his face Ravyn smiling at him. Dale smiled
back at her. “The big sith leader weak to his only
child.” He looked at her “ah well every one hasd their
own weakness”
“but wipped to your only child?” she asked chuckling.
He shrugged “your point?” She smiled, “He‟s just a big
ol softy… Bet you never thought you‟d be sitting in the
capitol of the republic holding a child.” He shrugged
“not really no” She smiled, “Well look at you now” she
said letting the shuttle land. He lead her out and up to
their suite and putting styuff away relaxing. Ravyn set
Robyn on the floor giving her some new toys to play
with, hearing Virgo and rhys get in next door. Rhys
stretched out taking his robes off “ugh so good to get
out of the senate” She slipped off her cloak as Scorpio
whistled, “Don‟t see you in jedi outfits much Virgo” he
said as she shuddered. Rhys used the force on Scorpio
“you will forget what you saw and never whistle at her
again” He blinked “hey your back!” he said with a
smile. Rhys nodded “yes senate was short” Virgo went
into the nursery before coming out again, “Scorpio…
where are the children?” she asked as he looked at her,
“they should be in their cribs” he said as virgo‟s heart
raced. “but their not!” Rhys looked at him “what did
you do with them?”He blinked, “They where threre I‟ve
been here all day” he said rushing into the nursyer
pulling back the blankets where there was empty beds.
Virgo check thed other rooms before noticing a single
drop of blood on the tile just before the doors of the
patio. Rhys knealed down and took out a blood scanner
and taking a sample as it calculated the species. It came
back reading Pisces half ryuujinn half Nerya. “its
Pisces” Rhys told her. Virgo put her hand over her
chest, before rushing out onto the patio looking around.
“She‟s bleeding… Why is she bleeding.. Rhys” she said
feeling like her heart was leeping up her throat. Rhys
came out with her “she was probly kidnapped it would
be a good explination” Virgo put her hand to her
forehead and ran her fingers through her hair. “We
will find her Virgo do not worry” he said going to a
comm. System and contacting master Yoda to inform
him. Scorpio pulled her into a hug, “I was here all day
no one ever came.. I even check on them an hour ago..”
Rhys came out “master Yoda will have all Avalible Jedi
look for them” She turned looking at Rhys rushing to
his side. He wrapped his arms around her holding her
close. She sighed, “We must help the search” she said
before pulling back from him. “Scorpio.. leave the
patio” she said as he looked at her funny. Rhys turned
looking at Scorpio waiting for him to leave. He stepped
inside as Virgo turned going out onto the patio and
kneled down until she was completely sitting, pressing
her palm against what was left of the blood droplet.
Rhys stood over her watching to see what she was
doing. She closed her eyes as her body shuttered before
she whinced in pain her head lowering, the very sound
of her lungs vibrating could be heard. He kneeled down
beside her watching her and worried about her. She
cried out her eyes snapping open as her pupils went
wide and her hands came up off tha patio and she fell
back. He looked at her “are you alright Virgo?” he
asked her. She swallowed hard as her eyes closed and
when they opened again they looked normal. She
opened her mouth taking a deep gasp of air, blood
smeared on her palm. “whats wrong Virgo?” he asked
her holding her in his arms. She looked up at him after
a moment, “Red shuttle cruser, used… jedi mind trick
to make Scorpio forget… He‟s forbian, black mast,
blonde hair. The shuttle… moved west” he nodded
“alright” he said getting up and bringing her inside to
lay her down on the couch as he went out to their ship.
Virgo sat up qquickly, “NO!” she yelled at him. He
stopped “whats wrong?”

“I wont sit here and wait helplessly from the side lines”
she said getting up rushing over to him. He sighed
letting her come along as he got in the ship with her and
took off heading west. She put a hand to her head as she
felt dizzy before looking up, “I sence a disturbance in
the force” he looked at her “what is it?” he asked her.
She looked out the window pointing down to sublevel,
“there” she said. He slowly pulled the ship down to the
sub level she pointed too. She looked out, “turn right”
she said directing him as the feeling grew stronger
“Left” she said again as her eyes rolled back “stop” he
stopped as he looked at where they stopped getting out
of the pilot seat and taking his light saber s with him
going to the air lock of the shuttle. She regained herself
and followed him out having her sabers on her. “they
are hear… I can feel them… Pisces.. she‟s in pain” he
nodded feeling it now too going towards her. She leaned
up against the door before ignighting one of her
lightsabers and stabbed it through the door. Rhys
ignited his doing it as well cutting the door open. She
ran inside hearing Pisces screaming, gunfire firing at
them as she deflected them easily with her saber. He
charged in cutting the man firing the gun at them his
light saber easily taking the mans arm and his left leg.
He fell to the floor crying out in pain virgo looking
down at him,”a released sith servant…” Rhys nodded
“we shall bring him back to the council and maybe he
can tell us some useful information” She nodded
rushing past him into the back room, “Rhys we need to
hurry” she said seeing Pisces lysander and Hope. He
took lysander and hope letting her take pisces as they
hurried back to the ship to take Pisces to get fixed up.
Pisces had an open wound on her right shoulder as
Virgo got a small first aid lazor in the shuttle to help
prevent infection. Rhys lew them to the closest medical
bay. She took Pisces in and handed her to a doctor who
took her into a glass room to help her. “Her wound was
a gun shot wound. She most likely struggled and his
weapon was probably fired.” Rhys nodded putting an
arm around her holding her close having lysander and
hope in a stroller. She leaned against Rhys. “I thought
by feeling her blood and the patio, I could use my mind
to turn back the time, turn it back and see what
happened… And I know such practice Is dangerious to
attempt” he sighed “well every thing is fine so no harm
done” She looked up at him, “Was it wrong of me? To
be willing to risk brain damnage to see what
happened?” he shrugged “probly not it was to save the
life of your child” She put her hand on the glass looking
in on her. “For the first time in a very.. very long time…
I felt true fear” he sighed “I know hun I know you felt
it” he said holding her close running his fingers through
her hair. She closed her eyes rubbing her face against
him. “every thin will be just fine” he told her .
In a few hours they where able to take Pisces home.
They made a quick stop at the temple before returning
to the apartment. Ravyn noticed them get off the shuttle
while she and Dale had dinner on their own patio. Virgo
was holding onto pisces and Rhys had hope and
Lysander. “They are okay” scorpio said rushing out to
them. Rhys nodded “yes Pisces was hurt but the
doctors managed to fix her up” Virgo looked at Scorpio,
“A sith loyelest had taken them, he wont ever be
walking again now” Rhys nodded “the council is
questioning him now” he told Scorpio. He nodded,
“thank goodness they are alright” he said as she carried
Pisces inside. Rhys carried Hope and Lysander in as
well while Dale looked at Ravyn “suh fools those
loyalists” She looked at Dale, “I think someone
kidnapped her children” she said making it sound like
she didn‟t want to think of him as their father. He
looked at her “of course some one did”

She looked at him, “You knew about it?” he shook his
head “no I just figured it out by the way they were
talking” She looked at him, “Shame they didn‟t kill the
little beasts” she said speaking bad of his children. He
looked at her “they are still my children you know” She
got up from her chair, “Like I care.. shes the mother, I
wish they died” she said going inside. He got up and
went after her. She put her plate in the lazer washer
and wiped down the counter. He sighed “oh whats
wrong with you now?” She looked at him, “You acting
like it matters that they are your children. The only..
the ONLY child you have is Robyn. The others could
drown for all I care” he sighed “oh fine my only child is
Robyn” She nodded, “Good, because I have plans to kill
them” she said bititng into a cracker as she walked past
him. He smacked her ass. She growled at him as she
picked up Robyn from the floor and carried her into
her own bedroom. “That‟s right Robyn, make them
suffer, pull them apart or which ever. Infect them with
a deadly desieaae or poison the little brutes.” She said to
robyn as she set Robyn in her crib. He sighed going to
the bed room. He could hear Virgo in the nursery
through the thin walls, singing to the three little ones.
He laid down on the bed and relaxed. Ravyn came in
after a moment, “your sleeping on the couch” she said
throwing a blanket at him. He grumbled getting up and
going to go sleep on the couch. Ravyn smirked feeling
the tables had finally turned and now she was finally in
control and he did her bidding. He flicked his fingers as
the bed colasped feeling that rise of emotions within her.
She gasped as it fell as she growled, “You fucker” she
said, “get in here and make this bed” he laughed “nope
you cocky bitch” She got up and growled at him, “fix it
or so help me” he looked at her “or what you will
throw another bitch fit?” She looked at him angerly,
“Take Robyn and leave and never come back. We don‟t
need some bastard who‟s going to dick around and be
proud of pompus little jedi scum” he looked at her
“never said I was proud of them they are against every
thing I stand for”
“So then you don‟t care if is make them die painful
deaths and end their lives reidculously short?” he
shrugged “why your not up for the challenge of turning
them againstg their mother?” She growled, “and sit
around watching her and your spawn grow up. Shame
Rhys didn‟t castrate you” she said not meaning it but
spoke it in a fit of anger. He looked at her “and I
suppose you wish he did I guess you don‟t want any
more children or any thing else” She turned her back to
him, “I can take Rhys seems only fair” he looked at her
“you‟re the one who wanted me to take her are you not
yes I found her some what attractive but I was happy
with you” She crossed her arms over her chest, “that‟s
not good enough” he laughed “oh really are you mad
that it was you idea for me to do that to her?”

She looked at him, “not to get her pregnant. With
fucking Triplets. I only get twins and desieased children
and you have 3 perfectly healthy triplets” he shrugged
“Well I am sorry I have powerful sperm, any ways you
are much better in bed then she is” Why because I
wanted it and she just laid still hoping it would be over
fast? Or perhaps you tried making her bare your fruit”
he rolled his eyes “I never wanted to have her bare my
kids” She looked at him, “Oh bullshit, when you heard
she was pregnant you suddenly gave her a bed to sleep
in and good food. If you didn‟t then you wouldn‟t have
cared” he looked at her “she could have died if I did
not do that and I was thinking of your well being but
you should just shut the hell up I am tired of thios bull
shit you are giving me I just want you to stop bitching
at me and shut the fuck up”

She looked at him, “Is that all you ever cared about
Dale? Doing your job and just so happened to like the
way I was made? Making up all those stories about us
to drop my guard?” he nodded “exactly made you
more obedient and easier to enjoy” She looked at him,
“I wasn‟t a toy Dale I was made so that if sith died they
could come back the same way. I found the files, and
read them. I know all about how there where countless
others who died after activation” he shrugged “so your
point you are mine” She looked at him, “I am my own”
he shook his head “with out me you are nothing with
out cause” She glared at him, “Because you
programmed me this way. Im just some machine with
old recovered body parts. What left of me is even real?”
he looked up at her “over 65% of you is Nerya so the
other 35% is misc and your half Orangic” She shook
her head, “You took advantage of my little knowledge
when all I knew was to take orders. If you hate me so
much you shouldn‟t have given me programs to stand
up formyself” he looked at her “you didn‟t seem to
mind being taken advantage of, and I gave you those so
you wouldn‟t be a drone”

“And now you hate the fact im not.” She said going into
Robyns room because Robyn was crying her head off
from their yelling. Dale sighed “look what you did now
you hurt the little girls feelings and made her cry
because you started yelling at me” She carried Robyn
out to get her some juice, “No you made my daughter
cry with your stupidness” he looked at her “that was an
extremely lame come back” he told her. “Look who I
learned from” she said drly as Robyn cried even though
Ravyn handed her some juice. Dale sighed getting up
and taking Robyn from her trying to comfort her.
Ravyn gasped, “give me back my child” she said
reaching to trying to take Robyn who continued to cry.
Dale looked at Ravyn “just calm the fuck down she is
my daughter too” Ravyn grumbled, “like hell” he
looked at her “well you never have had another in your
bed before so she is obviously mine, now just shut the
fuck up and let her sleep” he saiud taking the juice from
Ravyn and tried giving it to Robyn. Ravyn crossed her
arms turning away from him, “Fine I can‟t care
anymore” she said going into the bedroom to sleep on
thebroken bed. He sighed getting Robyn to calm down
finally. She sniffled drinking the juice as she looked up
at him her chest still heaving from crying. E sighed
rocking her back qand forth “don‟t worry baby
Momma is just throwing one of her fits”

The next day Virgo knocked on Dale‟s door as he
answered in his robe, “Sorry to bother you Senator but
I was wondering if perhaps you‟d babysit my little ones
for about an hour for me. Scorpio is at his book club
and I‟ve been called the the temple under urgent
matters” he sighed “fine shall you bring them here or
shasll I go over there?” She nodded, “I‟m leaving you
the card key to the apartment, they are in their cribs
right now I wont be gone long I promise” he took the
key card from her and went over to her apartment
going in and checking on the kids. Lysander and Hope
where sound asleep but pisces was awake jibbering to
herself and making stinkies. He sighed going into the
living room and sitting down not hearing the kids
complain at all. After about 10 minutes he could hear
Pisces speaking “mumma” she called standing in her
crib holding tightly to the side for balance. He sighed
going in and checkingon her “momma is not here right
now Pisces” She looked up at him tilting her head to the
side, “dada?” she asked, her light pink bangs grazing
her forehead. He shook his head “no he isn‟t here
either” She tilted her head in the other direction. He
looked at her “what do you need sweetie?” She put her
hand over her nose. He picked her up and went and
changed her fixing her up a new diaper. She tilted her
head again looking at him wondering what to call him.
He pointed at himself Eryx” “Eh?”she said chewing on
one of her fingers. He shook his head “oh nevermind
your still too young” She smiled, “Okie” he picked her
up and put her back in her crib. She whimpered
seemingly liking a lot of attention. He took her out and
took her into the living room playing with her and her
blocks. She built twers out of the blocks that ironically
enough looked a lot like the jedi temple. He smiled
watching her. She tilted her head taking them down and
reconstructed what looked a lot like the building he had
on the rogue moon. He smiled “very good Pisces” she
looked around picking up one of her clothe dolls and
made a griping sound at him. He nodded “yah I know
what that is like” She looked at the Doll then at him
“Eh?” she said pointing to him. He nodded „yah
exactly” She giggled slightly before hugging the doll,
“Erm mumma” she said.he nodded “well I suppose
your momma is nicer”

She looked that the building she had made of blocks
that used to be on the rogue moon. She pointed at it.
“budda” he nodded “builing” She blinked slightly being
very intelligent for someone her age. “… Moo.. Moon”
he nodded “yep it was on a moon” She looked a big sad
as she put the doll on top of the blocks as they collapsed.
He nodded “yah Momma destroyed it” She looked up at
him blinking before looking at the table crawling
towards it. He sat there watching her crawl to the table.
She held onto the table leg and forced herself to stand
up. She looked around. “Opio!” she called. “owt owt
veva are” he shook his head “no scorpio isn‟t here
either” She let out a unhappy grunt before flopping
down onto her butt. He nodded “yah I know your not
happy” She pointed at him and shook her head. He
nodded “I know I am not as well”

She touched her chest and smiled. He shrugged “I will
try I suppose but kinda hard for that right now” She
held her bear out to him, “Fubba” she said motioning
for him to snuggle it. He took the bear and snuggled it
before giving it back to her. She smiled at him before
long hearing the door open and virgo step in. “Ah thank
you Senator” she said as Pisces looked up at her as
Virgo lifted Pisces into her arms, “Hopefully she didn‟t
give you a heard time” he shook his head getting g up
off the floor “no she didn‟t” She smiled as Pisces giggled
“Mumma” she said putting her fingers in Virgo‟s hair,
“Im back now, had business to attent to. Did you enjoy
your time with Senator Xylona” She asked as she let out
a happy laugh “Eryx” she said gruffly pointing at Dale.
He nodded “such a smart child I shall leave you now I
have business my self to attend to good day” he said
soon after leaving. Virgo sat down on the floor with
Pisces as she went back to playing her blocks, building
wat she built for Dale just as Rhys came home. Rhys
walked in hanging up his robes as he looked at Virgo
and pisces “so what is she building today?”

She blinked turning her head, “Rhys… what… does
that look like to you” she said pointing at the blocks.
He shrugged never seeing the building “well looks like a
building on the rogue moon why?” Pisces looked at
them, “Eryx” she said pointing at the building before
knocking it down and building the Jedi temple with te
blocks. Rhys shrugged “huh shje is quite the archtech
isn‟t she” Virgo nodded with a worried look. “She must
have seen the rogue moons building from our minds
and built it to show Eryx” he nodded “probly how she
did it” Pisces smiled at them before looking at rhys.
“Dada” she asked motioning to be lifted up and then
motioning with her hands for a drink. He went over
and picked her up into his arms taking her into the
kitchen and got her some juice. She took her cup from
him drink it at Virgo climbed to her feet. “I had an
emergency meeting at the temple while you where out,
so I had to ask Senator Xylona to watch the children for
me” he looked her “whats up at the temple to call an
emergency meeting?”

She sighed looking at him, “Im not at lierty to speak
about it outside the ciricle” he nodded “it was about me
then was it” She shook her head, “No it had nothing to
do with you” she said looking out the window as Pisces
whimpered. “bibi” she said as Virgo glanced ack at her,
“Yes.. it was about you baby” he nodded “then what is
I since she is going to be my padawans” Virgo looked
back at them both, “They want to extract some of her
medaclorian levels to test why breeding 2 jedi makes
such powerful children. But the process will be very
painful for her… extremely painful.” He shook his
head “no we should not let them do that to her she is too
young for that” She rubbed her forehead, “the rest of
the council agreed, I had no choice. They take her… in
the morning” Rhys sighed “a reason why I hate
council….” She sighed, “I shouldn‟t have even told you..
if the council knew I told you my job could be on the
line.” He shrugged “no they can have her I will follow
with what the council wants” She walked over to him,
“They are only taking 50… that‟s enough to do what
they need. And.. it was discussed that there is even a
chance that if it proves usfull they might even
encourage jedi‟s to breed with each other.” He nodded
and wrapped one of his arms around her using the
other to hold Pisces.

Back in Dale‟s apartment Robyn and Ravyn where on
the floor as ravyn had made her a birthday cake. “I
know it‟s late Robyn…” Dale was sititng in his chair
watching them “happy birth day Robyn” he said
waiting for her to blow out the candles first. Rbyn sat
there just stairing at the cake. “Go one blow out the
candles” Robyn said as robyn put her hands into the
frosting. Dale used the force to blow out the candles
out with the force “good enough for me” he said as he
got out what he got for her a big box wrapped up with a
bow. She took it from him getting chocolate frosking all
over the paper licking the side of the gift wrapped box.
“No you don‟t lick it you open it” she said as she started
to ear a corner and Robyn screamed. Dale chuckled
“oh let her do it her way she is a very picky girl” Dale
told Ravyn. Robyn fell back holding the box over her
with her sticky hands and feet. “BRRRRRRRRRR” she
made noises blowing spit bubbles as she looked at the
shiny paper. “But she‟s over a year old she shouldn‟t be
acting like this… Virgo‟s kids are talking and doing far
smarter things” he shrugee “so least Robyn is cute
when she does these things let her figure it our on her
own” he told Ravyn. Ravyn grunted as Robn put down
the box and starting pulling the paper off and putting it
in her mouth. Dale shook his head “now Don‟t eat the
paper you” he told her. She spit it out onto the the floor
and looked at what was in the box. Inside the box was a
big teddy bear wiyth black fur and red eyes as Dale
knew that‟s what she liked. She pulled it out and
squeaked, “PU!” he smiled “your welcome baby” he
told her. She held it up to Ravyn, “Mum PU!! PUPU!”
she said as Ravyn looked at her “Bear” she said as
Ravyn screamed so high pitched it shattered a vase.
Dale sighed “yes it‟s a PU” Dale told her. She smiled at
him, “Pu Bee?” she asked holding it out to him. “Pu Bee
a Daddy?” Dale nodded “yep Daddy got you a new Pu
bee” She smiled and looked at Raven holding her hand
out as if she was waiting for another gift. “Mum bots”
she said as Ravyn she head, “We only have one present
for you” she said as Robyn held her hand out again,
“BOTS!” she she asked louder and angrier this time.
“No only 1 present this year, you can have 2 next year”
She fell onto her back and started kicking and throwing
a shit fit on the floor. Waving her arms about in a
tantrum. Dale got out the emergency present and gave
it to her “this one is from momma” he told her. She
stoped rolling over and took it, pulling the paper off to
look inside. Ravyn looked at him, “your turning her
into a brat” Dale shrugged “well she is my brat” he told
her as she found some new clothes. She looked at them
grumbling that it wasn‟t a toy. “Well you will look
pretty in that new outfit” She looked up at Dale,
motiong to dress her. He nodded taking her old clothes
off and putting her new ones on “see Momma picks out
the best outfits for you” She smiled at him curling up in
his arms wth her bear. “You‟re a sucker for your child”
Ravyn said. He looked at her “Well you have pointed
that out many times before” he said cradeling her.
“Someday you‟ll be forced to punish her.” He shrugged
“maybe some day” he told her.

The next morning Virgo took Pisces to the temple with
Rhys. The medics took her into one of the rooms, in
morning she was screaming her head off, Virgo
standing there with her eyes closed trying to meditate as
Pisces screamed for her and Rhys. Rhys sighed pacing
back and forth letting them do it. Her screamed
sounded so painful virgo was having a hard time
drowning them out. Rhys was gritting his teeth. Finally
her screams came down to painful whimpers meaning
they had finished but she was hurting. Rhys went into
the room and took Pisces trying to comfort her. Virgo
followed him in. She was grossly pale and had a
levitating IV in her arm as she curled against Rhys
whimpering as Virgo stroked her hair. “its alright
Pisces I‟m here for you” virgo looked at the medics who
were potting what they took into the machines. “Why is
she so pale” she asked as a medic looked at her, “Its
normal” he said as Virgo looked back down at Pisces.
Rhys looked at her “she is probly just scared” he said.
She sighed, “Can we take her home?” she asked as the
Medic nodded, “yes but no solids for a while, just water
or she may not keep anything down” he said as Prices
whimpers were so painful to even listen to. Rhys
nodded taking Pisces home coddling her and trying to
make her feel better. She was like a drained doll of her
spirit amd spunk, just laying on the floor pushing a
block around. Rhys was laying with her as he was
depressed that she was so down. Virgo sat on the couch
watching them. “Im sorry” she said as Pisces glanced
up at her and sighed. Rhys nodded rubbing Pisces

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.
It was finally Pisces first birthday, and virgo was
throwing a party for her and the other two since it was
made to believe they where the same age. Virgo had
invited over Ravyn and Dale and Robyn for the party.
Pisces was her old self and as sharp as a tack. One
everyone arrived and Scorpio was wrapping gifts in
another room the three of them sat on the floor
together, playing a game of checkers. Ravyn blinked not
believing that they where playing checkers properly at
that and Robyn was still blowing snot bubbles and
finding them funny. Dale just sat around watching
every one knowing that Ravyn still was mad that Robyn
wasn‟t as smart. “Read em and weeps” Pisces said
jumping him for times. “King me”. Lysander gasping.
“No fair!” he said, wearing the cute blue shades that
Rhys had gotten him earlier in the week. He looked cool
and sophisticated for a small child. Hope giggled
having a blinde fold on playing pin the tail on the
donkey with Rhys. Rhys smiled as hope missed “oh
close one” he told her. She grumbled as virgo smiled,
“Just relax dear, don‟t think, feel” she said as hope took
a deep breath before pinning it correctly. Rhys clapped
for her “yah much better” She pulled her blinde fold off
and smiled at him. Lysander looked down at the board
“I lost” he said as Pisces jumped him 6 times in a row.
Rhys looked at Lysander “oh its alright son you will get
her next time” He nodded, “Hi Mr. Xylona” he said to
Dale. “Mrs. Xylona” Dale nodded “hello Aries” Her
blinked at him as Virgo pet his head as Pisces looked up
at Dale. Scorpio came out with several birthday gifts, “
10 pink ones for a special pink haired girl” he teased,
“10 yellow presents for a special silver haired girl”
scorpio winked at hope. “And 10 blue gifts for a
handsome little boy down the front” he said setting 30
large and oddly sized gifts on a table. “Scorpio… your
spoiling my children.. we agreed only one gift each” she
said looking at him. He laughed scratching his head, “I
got to the toy store and so tons of stuff they would like”
He said as virgo sighed putting the three gifts she had
gotten for each of them on the counter. They where thin
but long boxes, wrapped in red, green and purple.
“Between the three of us they should only get 3 gifts
total each… Rhys had to convince me to even get gifts.”
Rhys looked the other way as he pulled out the five
boxes he got each of them five for each child. Virgo
blinked, “Rhys your as bad as my brother!” she said
Ravyn gazing at all the presents knowing they couldn‟t
afford such things. Rabyn was almost drooling at them
as she held out her hands wanting one. Dale sighed
picking her up abd putting her on his lap. He whispered
“don‟t worry baby girl we will get you something too
when we get home”

She grunted as Hope took a seat beside Lysander,
“Let‟s let special girl number one open hers first”
Scorpio said kissing Hopes cheek as he put all her
yellow gifts on the floor. Virgo gave her the purple one
she wrapped, and Rhys gave his 5 to her. She started on
Scorpio‟s “WOW! A doll!…. A bear!!… A mini
compooter!” she said going through quikly getting other
things like doll clothes and skip ropes. Rhys smiled
watching his daughter open the boxe and enjoying what
she got. She started on Rhys gift next getting pretty
clothes and hair barets. “thankies pappa!” she said
looking up at Rhys smiling at him while dale stood
behind rhys. Dale sighed holding Robyn in his arms
while they watched. Finally she opened Virgos gift and
pulled it out of the box, “it‟s a metal stick?” she asked
seeing a beautiful intracit lightsaber hilt, it‟s rarity was
almost mind numbing. Rhys looked at her “talking
About me spoiling her that is more expensive then every
thing I gave her” he said looking back to hope “it‟s a
light Saber sweety the weapon of a jedi knight” Virgo
looked at him, “At least it‟s not unessisary and usless”
she sat rubbing Hopes head, “You‟ll get to use that
some day, mommies gift is only for looks right now”
Rhys nodded “gotta wait till your older hun its too big
for you right now any how” She held it out for Rhys to
take. Lysander went through all his gifts and got a
Lightsaber from Vergo as well only it was much longer
then the other‟s ignitions for both ends of the saber. “it
looks so cool!” he said seeing his name on it in his
favorite colors. He nodded “a staff saber very useful
and dangerous you will defiantly have to wait till your
older to use that one” Rhys told him. He nodded
handing it to Rhys. Pisces was last to go through all her
gifts getting lots of clothes, and toies. When she got her
lightsabers, she had 2 of them in her box, connectable to
be just like Lysanders but detachable to be used as to
separate sabers. They where curvled slightly with her
name on them, and in silver and purple. “pretty” she
said seemingly knowing how to turn on the sabers 2
lovely pink saber lazers hot out from them as Lysander
and hope gasped not knowing out to turn on theirs.
Pisces smiled before turning them off. “Thank you
momma” Virgo was impressed. Rhys smiled porud of
his daughter “such a smart girl” Ravyn‟s eye twitched
slightly as she held onto Robyn who was wrather angery
that they had gotten such awesome gifts from their
mom and all she got was clothes and a stupid bear.
Dale sighed as well wishing he could get more gifts but
most of his assests when he was Dale Sabrehaven were
being watched and some were frozen only a few
emergency funds were unnoticed.

Virgo served up vanilla cake and strawberry ice cream
robyn getting herself covered in it as she ate with her
fingers, the other three eating with forks and spoons.
Dale smiled watching robyn eat knowin she was
enjoying her self now. Virgo was recycling the boxes
and paper while everyone but her and scorpio ate. Dale
looked around “well this was a nice party and I see
Robyn had fun” Virgo smiled, “I got her a little
something so she wouldn‟t feel left out.” Virgo said
reaching into the drawer taking out a small red box.
Ravyn looked up almost shocked. “Here you go Xyn”
she said not knowing Robyn‟s real name. Robyn took it
and opened it quickly to see a beautiful bracelet insde.
It was gold and had little charms on it. Dale smiled
“say thank you” he told Robyn. She smiled at Virgo,
“Ank ou” she said as Ravyn looked at it seeing it change
from a gold color to a silver color in the lighting, “what
metal is that?” she asked as Virgo smile, “Platnum. It
has a small tracking device in it just in case if someone
every tries to kid nap her. It seems to happen a lot to
senators children” she said handing them a small
remote the sixe of a cracker. Dale nodded “well thank
you” he told her putting the remote in his pocket. Virgo
smiled helping put it around Robyn‟s wrist. “there…
very pretty” Virgo said Ravyn extremely jealous of how
happy Virgo has just made Robyn. Dale nodded “well
thank you for the nice party but we better get going I
have some paper work and Xyn should take a nap” She
nodded, “Im glad you enjoyed it Senator.” She said as
Pisces lysander and Hope said in unisen “thankies for
coming” Dale smiled and nodded “well thank you for
having us” as he took Robyn and Ravyn with him as
they all left together. Once at home rovyn growled,
“she‟s trying to show me up!” Dale sighed taking out
one of his hidden credit sticks “here go out and buy
your self and Robyn something pretty then” he said
knowing Ravyn was so insecure about these things.
Ravyn and Robyn left on a shuttle leaving him alone.

Back at Virgo‟s apartment she cleaned up and put
plates in the wash. Rhys was taking care of the children
and helping them with their new toys. Virgo put the
lightsabers away in a safety box for when they are
older. “well they enjoyed their birth day” he told her.
She looked over at Lysander who was playing his new
video games on his new system with Scorpio. “He
doesn‟t even know he‟s almost a whole year older then
them… he‟s much bigger too.” Rhys nodded “too bad
that we have to treat him younger then he actually is”
She nodded, “someday he‟ll find out… I foresaw it…
but we much give him the best life we can and teach him
to truly feel the force and not hate when the time
comes” he nodded “well alright then if that‟s what you
think is best”

She leaned her head on his shoulder, “It is time for us to
think about another” he wrapped his arms around her
“I know baby since the council wants us to have
another” She looked up at him, “I would love to have a
second child with you and not be forced to pretend they
are another mans” he nodded “I know you would hun I
know” She took his hand gently looking up at him, “The
council is willing to except our love if we do” he held
her hand in his “good I amglad they are ready to accept
it” She leaned up kissing him gently and whispered,
“Hows about we go out tonight?” he smiled “sounds
good to me” he whispered back. She smiled at him,
“Good, a nice dinner for two, a little bit of wine and
dance then we can come back here and make it happen
with the captain” she said. He chuckled “sounds good
to me” he told her with a smile. She smiled. I‟ll go get
dressed, put up the security lock for all people who are
not of mine or your DNA so they can‟t enter without
alarming the jedi” he nodded going to the security
panel setting up like how she wanted it. “Scorpio Rhys
and I are going out for dinner” she said going into the
room to put on something sexy. Rhys went into the
room putting some nice black dress clothes on then
went out to the shuttle waiting for her. She came out in
a low cut elegant jedi dress her sabers on her. He
opened the door for her “you look very beautiful Virgo”
he told her. She smiled, “thank you love” she said
stepping onto the shuttle. He helpe dher take her seat
as he looked around “what do you feel like eating
tonight?” She smiled, “I called in a resivation at
Lortitis” she said knowing he‟d choke from how fancy
of a place it was. He caughed “well alright then” he said
setting course and l;etting the auto pilot do the rest. She
chuckled slightly, “What? It‟s a very high class place
especially for Jedi Mastes who are treated like royalty
when they show up” he shrugged “well it is very high
class I only went there once before didn‟t really care for
how fancy it was but its your choice where we go” She
smiled leaning up against him and whispered, “its classy
and will sweep me off my feet” she whispered ino his
ear using the super hot sexy voice he loved. He smiled
and shivered then nodded “I know it will”

She giggled as they stopped and the door opened a
escort helping them out. He took her hand hand and
lead her into the restaurant having the matradi show
them to their table as Rhys helped Virgo into her seat.
She sat down other people seeing their lightsabers as the
manager came over to them quickly, “Oh High Master
Starchaser! Master Rhys we are so excited to have you
where tonight, I‟d like to present you with our finest
wine, on us” Rhys smiled and nodded “Well thank you
sir” He nodded as a bottle of wine was brought out to
him, the cork was popped and he handed it to Rhys.
Rhys sniffed the cork and nodded “yes this bottle will
be fine” He nodded as he poured them each a glass of
wine and handed them each a menu. “I‟ll give you a few
moments to deside” he said backing away. Rhys smiled
as he looked over the menu “I see they have Nerya foods
very low price since you are the only one with your

She blinked and looked down sadly and let out a soft
sigh. “Ah yes…” he sighed “I am sorry hun” he told
her. She looked downa t the menu as the waiter came
back ready for their order Virgo looked up at him, “I‟ll
have the pea soup with bacon bits” Rhys looked over “I
will have a rare T-bone steak” he told the waiter. The
wiater nodded as he soon went to the kitchen to deliver
their order “huh last time I was here instead of sniffing
the cork I chewed on it” She smiled chuckling sofly,
“I‟m sure you loved to mess with them. I know it‟s not
right but sometimes their prices are so steap… I use
mind trick” he nodded “I know you do its what you
always do when you think your paying to much” She
smiled, “Lovely music” she said taping her foot slightly.
He nodded “would you like to dance?” he asked
herstanding up and offering her a hand. She smiled
staning up and went with him to the dance floor
keeping one hand in his and another around his
shoulder. “At least we can do this in public” he nodded
moving around on the dance floor dancing with her to
the beat of the music “yes we can do this can‟t we” She
nodded moving with him letting him lead. “Everyone is
stairing” he shrugged “they never seen a jedi dance” he
told her with a smile dipping her down low. She smiled
looking up at him flowing with him like a river as they
moved, when he broght her up she did a spin out and
then in again so her back was pressed against his chest.
“I know” she said moving as she turned to face him as
they danced together. “Some think we aren‟t allowed
to” he shrugged “well we are allowed to dance its not
like it‟s a sin” he said with a smile spinning her around
again before picking her up and putting her over his
head and twirled around before putting her down on
her feet once more. She smiled as they came to a stop a
small croud clapping at them. She giggled softly, “your
being so hot right now” she whispered. He smiled “well
thank you, your not too bad your self‟ he said going
back to their table with her since their food was being
served. She smiled at him as she started to eat. “Master
yoda made it clear that we will have a son this time
around… perhaps we should pick out a name for him
now”        he shrugged “leo?” he asked her as he was
cutting up his meat and slowly eating. She looked up at
him from her soup, “I had a brother named Leo… my
twin” he nodded “I know but that‟s what our son was
named in my vision” he told her. She smiled slightly, “A
wonderful name then” she said looking at him in a sexy
way. He grined “better save some of that energy for
tonight” he told her before chewing on a piece of meat.
She chuckled eating her soup and sipping her wine.
“Only if your promise to go all night” he grined “don‟t
I always?” he remarked with a sly grin. She shook her
head “No… you go all damn week” she said being a
smart ass. He smiled “what you only want one night
not all week, or do you wish to be able to walk
“Oh Master Jedi Rhys you know I am strong enough to
handle you. Besides, we go for as long as it takes.” He
nodded “fine by me then Master Jedi Virgo” She
grinned finishing off her sup and had a bit of ice cream
that had no solid chunks in it. “Pay Rhys.. I can‟t wait
any longer.” He paid more then the meal was worth as
they went off to the shuttle. Once the door was sealed
she climbed onto his lap pressing her lips against his,
“It‟s been months since we had time to make love” he
kissed her back deeply as he put the ship on auto pilot
pulling down the upper part of their dress as theior
shuttle lifted off fondling her full breasts in his powerful
hands. Se moaned softly leaning against him as she
kissing down his neck, “Scorpio will still be up when we
get back, let‟s make noise to disturb him” he grined
“fine by me the kids can‟t hear it” he told her he slowly
moved his hands down around her back and lifting the
bottom of her dress up grabbing her ass. She giggled
softly as she held onto him, her hands moving into his
shirt. He lifted her dress up off her tossing it aside “or
we can do it a few times in the shuttle then move to the
bed room” She nodded pulling off his clothed as she
kissing him deeply. He kissed her back deeply before
bending her over the control panel and slipping his
hard cock inside her from behind and thrusting hard
and fast into her. She cried out as she blushed slightly
putting her arms behind her for him to grab onto. He
grabbed onto them holding her hands while he thrust
harder into her as she could feel his monster cock
hitting the back of her insides. She moaned deeply as
her tight insides held him tightly almost seeming
virginal again. His hands gripping hers as he moaned
more as well enjoying how tight she was. She moaned
her body rocking against him as she leaned on the
controls thankful it was on auto piolet. He moaned as
they rocked together feeling her hot juices rolling down
his thigh. She cried out “so good Rhys” er hips rocking
back against him to add some intence pleasure. He
moaned cumming hard inside her as she felt intense
heat filling her up. She moaned deeply as she smiled
looking back at him, cum dripping onto the floor of the
shuttle he rubbed her ass patting it gently. She chuckled
“we are here” she said standing up and using the force
to bring her clothes to her. He did the same gathering
them all up. “wanna run naked into the bed room?” She
smiled, “naughty boy” she said opening the door naked
and made a run fore it. Scorpio was watching TV as she
ran behind him and into Rhys room. Rhys soon ran
behind him and into his room right behind Virgo. As
Scorpio caught a glimps of him spitting every thing he
was drinking “put a leash on that monster” Virgo
laughed as she was already on Rhys bed seeing him
close the door behind him. He smiled pouncing her on
the bed and pinning her down nibbling on her neck. She
laughed softly as she lifted her legs to rub her knees
against his hips. He spread her legs open and rubbed
his large man hood against her opening. She moaned
deeply as her legs twitched form it. He slowly forced it
inside her holding her arms above her head while he
thrusted back and forth inside her. She cried out, “Oh
such a brute!” she moaned. He moaned “oh you know
you like it you tight little bitch” She blushed from his
dirty talk her insides growing tighter when he did. He
moaned as he continued to fuck her “come on moan like
the little whore you are” She moaned deeply arching
her back slightly as he legs twitched in pleasure. He
smiled fucking her harder and faster “that‟s my little
bitch” he told her. She cried out he got feel her getting
so swet it was thick enough to stick to their legs. She
was sweating slightly her body glistening in the pale
light. He moaned gently thrusting back and forth inside
her. She cried out feeling herself orgasm hard as she
cried out, “OH no!!” she cried throwing her head back.
He moaned cuming hard wih her as her orgasm
squeezed him so hard he couldn‟t even move any more.

She went at him all night and even into the morning her
legs finally sore and her back slightly stiff, both stinking
of cum their sheets soaked completely through from
cum and sweat to the point the mattress needed to be
replaced. Scorpio could smell their lust in the kitchen
and living room and it was even traveling out the patio
door. Rhys laid there holding her. Virgo was asleep in
his arms like a beautiful angel sent from heaven. He
soon drifted off to sleep since not much else he could do
with her passed out on him. She woke a few hours later
climbing off him and stumbled into the shower leaning
against the wall with a yawn. He slowly pulled himself
up out of bed and followed her into the shower
surprising her inside the shower. She turned looking up
into his eyes, “Your awake” she said softly the perfect
temp of water rushing over her. He smiled “of course
when I am sleeping next to you and you get out of bed I
can tell” She smiled at him as she swept some wet
strands of her hair behind her ear. He smiled then it
turned into a smirk as he lifted her up against the
shower wall. She gasped slightly as her back went up
against the shower wall, her cheeks turning red as she
grabbed his shoulders so she wouldn‟t fall. He smiled
forcing his hard cock into her tight pussy forcing
himself upon her roughly while the shower water pelted
him. She cried out never being upright while he‟s taken
her, forcing him to go deeper then ever before as she
cried out as her insides stretched to acomidate him. He
moaned feeling how tight her insides werer around him
holding her up as he took her. She held tightly to his
shoulders as her tightness sent wonderful pleasures
through both of them. Her body twitching slightly as
her breasts bounced up and down against his chest. He
moaned against her chest holding her elvated off the
ground his hips swaying back and froth thrustiong his
giant man hood inside her. She cried out, “it‟s so deep”
she said her moans getting louder as he pleasure grew
stronger. He moaned more enjoying himself as he kept
giving it to her harder and faster. She moaned deeper
with ever moment, her body shaking as she started
screaming in pleasure making Scorpio put pullows over
his head. He moaned cumming inside her. She cried out
having a huge orgasm that left her whimpering. He
moaned slowly filling her up as he held her in his arms.
She laid her head against his chest as she breathed
heavily. “it‟s so hot” he smiled “well of course to some
one like you who can‟t control her body heat” She
quivered against him in the shower. He slowly pulled
out of her “well lets get cleaned up I am sure you got
stuff to do today” She slowly put her feet on the floor
and leaned against him, “Only be with you” he smiled
“well sounds like a plan but I think the kids might
wanna see you once in a while today” She smiled, “of
course Im not going to ignore our children, but we are
still dutied to a mission” he nodded “when they nap is
mission time then” She chuckled, “So formal” she said
soaping up and rinsed off and got out of the shower.
After dressing and stepping into the living room
Scorpio had fans going and four cans of air freshner
beside him. Rhys shook his head going into the nursery
to check on the kids. Pisces looked up at him, “daddy,
no crib” she said holding onto the railing, hating her
crib now. Lysander and Hope where both awake,
“yeah” Rhys sighed “fine we will get you some big kid
beds then” he said looking over at Virgo “we got a
mission Virgo” She came in looking at him, “Oh?” he
nodded looking at the kids “they don‟t want to sleep in
cribs any more” She smiled “Good because I didn‟t
want them sleeping in cribs either, how would you three
like to shopping today and pick out your own beds?”
Rhys nodded as the kids seemed rather happy to be
doing that. She smiled picking each up setting them on
the floor as Hope and Lysander took hands and stood
up and started walking right towards Rhys. He smiled
“you wanna walk on your own or should I carry you”
Lysander smiled, Stroler!” he said as Vigo laushed as
she reached down taking Pisces hand as she walked
over to Rhys. “Hold me daddy” she said. He smiled
picking up Pisces as he helped Virgo get hope and
Lysander in the stroller. She smiled, “Scorpio will you
take down hope and Pisces cribs? Leave Lysanders only
move it into Rhys room.” Rhys nodded as he carried
Pisces out into the shuttle setting cooridenants as he
waited for Virgo to get on board with hope and
lysander. Se pushed the levitating stroller onto the
shuttle and strapped it down. He sat down holding
pisces as they lifted off going to the galatic mall. Pisces
looked up at Rhys, “Daddy how comes lysanders crib
ish going in you and mommies room?” he looked at
Pisces “because one day you are going to have a baby
brother” he told her as they soon landed as Rhys helped
Virgo unload the stroller taking Pisces with him. Pisces,
Lysander and Hope seemed extatic about having a new
sibling. “dad would you let us have our own room me
and him?” he shrugged “maybe when he is older hun”
he told her. They went into a childrens furnature store
as lysander pointed, “BUNK BEDS!!” Rhys smiled as
he looked at hope “what do you think?” he asked her.
Hope looked up at him, “I want a pretty bed” she said
as Pisces nodded, “I‟d be happy with what ever you
pick me” she said Virgo couldn‟t stop being amazing by
how much of a jedi Pisces already was. Rhys looked
around as he got Lysander a bunk bed hope a pretty
day bed and found something nice for Pisces. Virgo
looked across the room and saw a beautiful Nerya bed
on sale. “look Rhys… that bed is Nerya made!” Pisces
looked at it, “Oh pretty! It‟s red” Rhys looked at her
“well lets get this one for Pisces then” he told Virgo. She
nodded getting a store cleark to help them, “I‟m going
to move Scorpio into the smaller Guest room and give
the girls their own room so Lysander and his new little
brother can have their own. So we‟ll need new dressers,
and furnature for each room.” Rhys nodded “sounds
good to me he doesn‟t pay the rent any how”

She laughed, “okay little ones go one pick out your
dressers. Rhys smiled letting them down and look for
them selvbes as he kept an eye on them. Pisces found a
simple looking red dresser to match her bed, and Hope
found a purple one to match hers, and Lysander found
one to match his blue bunk bed. Rhys took out his card
and piad for every thing as they had the people set up a
time for a devilery. Virgo took the kids home with Rhys
and got Scorpio to move out of his room. He didn‟t seem
to mind having a smaller room since he didn‟t like large
spaces anyway. When the movers came Rhys got them
to put the satuff in the room as he sat with each of the
kids in the room and used the force to move the
furniture to where they wanted it. Lysander jumped
onto his bunk bed when it was set in place, “WEE!”
Rhys smiled watching his kids enjoy their new beds and
room set up. Virgo smiled at him, “they seem so happy”
he nodded “he nodded “its because they are its good
that it takes so little to make them happy” She smiled,
“Good Jedi they will be. Pisces seems very promising
already.” He nodded “yes she does she uses the force
with out even knowing it” She nodded, “We haven‟t
even begun teaching her that material things mean
nothing, and yet she already knows that. I feel her
power increase every day.” He smiled “she takes
afterher mother so much” She blushed looking up at
him, “I wouldn‟t be where I am if I had never been put
in your care.” He shrugged “yah you would have you
didn‟t need to learn any thing from me” She took his
hand gently. “Rhys, you taught me something greater
then anything Master Tyva ever could.” He shrugged
“what was that?” he asked her. She gazed into his eyes,
“How to love” he smiled looking down into her eyes
“even though I wasn‟t supposed to teach you that?”

She squeazed his hand, “If I didn‟t feel it I would have
probably fallen to the Dark Side. Your love is what gave
me the strength to over power it, and my love for you
gave me Pisces.” She said rubbing his arm. “Without
love, I would have lost me will to continue and never
would have become a high master.” He shrugged “I
doubt that because it probly would not of hurt you so
much when you thaught I died” She smiled at him, “I
some how new in my heart you were still alive.” He
smiled back “well I was and now we are happy” he told
her kissing her gently. She closed her eyes returning his
kiss hearing their children giggle watching them. Rhys
chuckled turning and looking at them “don‟t you have
toys or something to put away” They smiled at them as
Virgo looked over at them. “Oh leave them alone Rhys,
it‟s good for them to know they come from a loving
family” He smiled “oh I am just teasing them” She
smiled picking up Lysander, “Now you have bunk beds
to share with your brother” She said as he smiled,
“when does he get here?” Rhys shrugged “probly for
not another few months” He pouted, “awe! Dad will you
play catch with me on the patio?” he nodded “sure
thing” he said grabbing the ball and went out on the
patio with lysander and tossed the ball back and forth.
Ravyn noticed them come out onto their patio as she
nudged Dale and whispered, “that should be you” she
said as Lysander threw the ball back at Rhys. Dale
looked at her “thaught you didn‟t want me any where
near those kids and them dead” he whispered back. She
looked at him, “that is the only son you have, and your
brother is the one doing the fatherly things.” He looked
at her “and you want me to only be the father of Robyn
I wont fall for your traps to make me sleep on the couch

She smiled, “I wont deny that of he 3, Aries would be
the one I‟d spare. You deserve a son, and there he is”
She said watching Lysander run to grab the ball. “We
should go to the park tomarrow” Lysander laughed
throwing the ball to Rhys. Dale looked at her “why do
you wanna do that?” he asked her. Ravyn looked at
Dale, “look at him… he‟s the spitting image of you…
the real you. A little version of you is adorable” She
said. He nodded “he does look a lot like me I know but
its something I can‟t have” She looked at him, “He‟s
still your only son” he looked at her “I am sure we
could easily have another I doubt he would accept me as
his father any how” She watched Lysander miss the ball
as it landed on Ravyn and Dale‟s patio. “Opps!” he said
as he looked over at Ravyn and Dale, “Mr Senator sir…
could you throw me back my dads ball?” He asked
ravyned looked at Dale proving her point that Lysander
was an adorable version of Dale. Dale got up and
picked the ball up gently tossing it to Lysander enough
for him to catch it “there you go” he told him. He
smiled, “thankies” he said with a smile as he tossed it to
Rhys, “dad not so hard” he said jumping up and down,
wearing jeen shorts that go just past his knees and a
loose T-shirt. His silver hair grazing his half pointed
Nerya ears. Rhys smiled tyossing the ball more gently
back to him while Dale went and sat back down once
more as he whispered back to Ravyn “see he would
never accept the truth.” She looked at him, “You never
know, maybe when he‟s older he‟ll want to know his
real father. He might be angry they never told him the
truth” she said as Lysander laughed, “I caught it! Mom
mom did you see me did you see me? I caught it” She
said as Virgo laughed from the door, “yes I did, watch
out or you‟ll have major leagues begging you to play for
them” Rhys smiled “oh he has a future ahead of him
already he is going to become a great jedi knight even
stronger then his dad”

Virgo smiled, “One can only hope” she said making a
nasty refrence about Dale. Ravyn chuckled quitly,
“burn” she whispered. Dale rolled his eyes and
whispered back “I think Rhys was referring to himself
but Virgo the bitch she is switched it” Lysander reached
out to catch the ball as it stopped right infront of his
hand, Ravyn sat up seeing this as Virgo took a few
blinks looking at Rhys to see if he did that. Rhys shook
his head saying he didn‟t do that as he just watched.
Lysander looked at it, “huh?” he said as it dropped
down onto the patio. “that was TOTALY WICKED!”
Rhys looked at him “you used the force?” he asked
Lysander. Lysander looked up at Rhys, “I don‟t
know… I thought it was gunna hit me in the face and it
just stopped” Ravyn watched interested.Rhys smiled
“Well you used the force that‟s what you did very good
son” He looked from Rhys to Virgo. Virgo stepped out
onto the patio. “What‟s the force momma?” He asked
as as she knelt beside him, “You see the force, is
something that lives inside all of us, in our very blood.
Those who are strong with it, can use it to do things
others can not. Like how you just stopped that ball. You
didn‟t want it to hit you, so you willed it to stop, and
stop it you did. In time you will learn to do more of this
all by yourself” She said brushing back his hair. Ravyn
watched them, “If he‟s doing that at his age… amazing
he‟ll be… not a force we‟ll want against us” she
whispered to Dale. He nodded “he is too pure and
unwilling to join the dark side I sense it, his sister
Gemini maybe but not him” Ravyn looked at him, “you
have a daughter… you need your soon” she said as
Lysander looked back at Dale and Ravyn, “Mr Senator
did you see what I did!?” he nodded “yes very amazing
Aries very amazing how you used the force to stop the
ball” He smiled, “Mom says Im going to be a jedi” He
said turning to look at virgo, “Mom, what if I don‟t
want to be a jedi?” Rhys shrugged as Dale looked at
her “many who did not want to be trained as a jedi have
become politicians” He scrunched up his nose, “Nah!!
To boring I want to be a Pod Racer!” Dale smiled “well
the use of the force would make you an excellent pilot”
Lysander looked back at dale, “Or even a Space Piolet!
He smiled, “Or raise Manthins” He said as Virgo
smiled, “easy there sweety” she said as he smiled
looking up at Rhys, “Dad what did you want to be?”
Rhys shrugged “I wanted to be a jedi or serve the
ryuujin Forces” He looked at rhys, “Then that‟s what I
want too.” Rhys smiled “you can be what ever you
want son if you put your mind to it” He smiled, “I want
to grow up just like you.” He smiled back “well your on
the right track son” Virgo picked him up and held him
in her arms, “come on now champ it‟s time for you to
take a nap or you‟ll have me up all night” Rhys nodded
“have a nice nap” Rhys told him as he grabed the ball
and wnet into the apartment with them. Ravyn looked
at Dale, “Im jealous” he looked at her “why are you
jealous now” She looked at him, “When you have kids
with me their dumb and slow learning, when you have
kids with a jedi they are sharper then a damn
lightsaber” he looked at her “oh that‟s not true Robyn
is pretty smart in her own way”

She crossed her arms, “It‟s true, and he‟s turning out to
look just like you… I suppose I wish he was mine so bad
that sometimes when I look at him it‟s like I‟m looking
back at myself.” He sighed “Well I am sorry Ravyn” he
told her. She sighed slightly as well, “Don‟t you
sometimes wish that was you he was playing ball with?
He wants to be like his father, you are his father by
rights” he sighed “I know I am his father and yes
sometimes I wish that but it wont ever happen and I
have come to deal with that” She stood up, “I cant…
when I think that that could have been our Robyn and
them. Growing up never knowing us at all.” He leaned
over and kissed her gently “well Robyn is with us now
and we wont have to deal with that I know you resent
the fact I had kids with her so I try not to acknowledge
them” She sighed, “I know but I haven‟t been able to
give you a son… he died because of me” he sighed “oh
its not your fault either baby I am sure if we try again I
am sure they will be alright” She looked at him, “I
don‟t want to have a child in this dump” he nodded
“We will get a better place soon” She looked at him, “I
meant in the republic.” He shrugged “I am sure we
wont be here forever we can get out of here any time we
got robyn back its what we came for”

“But now you have a better chance of building a
original sith army, one that wasn‟t full of holes like the
first lord.” He nodded “yes I suppose I could corrupt
the senate” She nodded, “without it being noticed by the
Jedi. Build off world armies outside the outer rim.” He
nodded “could sanction cloners in the Kira nebula too”
She nodded, “Possible but who would you clone?” he
looked at her “I could clone jedi, who already exist my
self defiantly maybe even my children”She looked over
at Virgo‟s patio were Scorpio was stretching for fresh
air, “Or even an entire extinct race” he nodded “yes
that I could” he told her “make an exctinct race even
better and make them loyal to me” She looked at him,
“The Nerya race is the most compatibale race for the
cybernetics, and there are only 2 full Nerya‟s in
existence” he nodded “We should start collecting DNA
samples, one who would be a nice clone to make is
Master Yoda his miclorian level would be great to have
on the dark side” She smiled, “you‟d never get close
enough to get a sample.” She said. “Besides, I can think
of 3 very powerful people who would be perfect for the
cloning, and 1 lesser” he looked at her “and who would
they be?” he asked her. She lifted her head, “Virgo
Scorpio Rhys and Pisces. Pisces is only a year old, and
walks talks and acts like shes 6. Shes displaid huge
amounts of power already. Virgo would be another
good one to have because she‟s full Nerya, plenty of
those for Cybernetics. Rhys because he is just as strong
with the force, if not stronger then you, and Scorpio
because he‟s a male full Nerya, easy to breed if in

 He nodded “well alright then you should collect DNA
samples next time we are over there since you have
more secret compartments then I do” She nodded, “I‟ll
have to be careful, I senced that one of Virgo‟s
cybernetics senced mine. Remember they couldn‟t fully
remove them from Virgo‟s brain. If I could get a
moment to inject some of my nano‟s into her, they could
eventually over some time complete her cybernetics
secretly, then she‟d be under your full control.” He
nodded “well good but the problem is how could you do
something like that with out her noticing” She looked at
him, “Sleeping possibly, nock out pills. We should invite
her over for dinner” he shrugged “sounds good to me I
will start on the corruption of the senate the jedi wont
sence me doing any of it”
She reached out and put her hand over his, “Im doing
this for you” he looked at her “well good but it should
make you happy as well should it not?” She nodded, “it
might be usefull to Have Scorpio under our control. He
is very weak minded” she said seeing Scorpio head back
inside. Dale looked at her “I could just use mind tricks
on him so he can collect the DNA samples for us” She
shrugged slightly, “Perhaps” she said.

That night after Virgo and Rhys had fallen asleep Rhys
found himself in yet another very realistic vision. His
eyes moved around seeing he was at home walking
around calmly trying to figure out what this vision was
about this time. It was dark and the apartment had
been rearranged, he seemed to be able to move through
the furnature like a ghost. The sound of footsteps came
behind him as a dim light came on. He turned looking
to see who it was walking behind him. It appeared to be
Pisces, she looked a bit older, around the age of 7. She
had a tank top night shirt on and a matching pair of
white shorts on. She was rubbing her sleepy eyes
heading torwards her bedroom, it‟s light was out but
there was flashing purple glow coming from inside.
Pisces had just come out of the washroom. Rhys moved
into her room to see what the light came from curious
about it. The room had gotten dark by that point as
Pisces came through the door, “Momma?” she asked
seeing Virgo standing in the room as virgo turned to
look back at her. “Momma what are you doing up?”
Rhys was curious not sure what was going on. Virgo
turned towards Pisces as Pisces glanced past her seeing
Hope had been literally cut apart. “Momma…” she
asked as Virgo ignighted her lightsabers and
approached Pisces as Pisces threw up her hands in
defence as Virgo literally cut her down. Rhys looked
aqround “what the hell is going on” he muttered to
himself seeing Virgo kill her own daughter. Pisces fell
limp and lifeless to the floor as she moved out of the
room turning to face the boy‟s room. Rhys moved
following knowing there was nothing he could do to stop

She stepped into their room looking over at the bunk
beds where 2 boies where sound asleep. Lysander
obviously on top because his long silver hair could be
seen. And leo on the bottom his pale blue white hair
showing. Virgo went up to them quickly and in a few
swift moments she had killed them in her sleep. “Why is
this light on?” He could hear Scorpio‟s voice. “what
the… PISCES” she heard him say rhys knowing
Scorpio discovered the body. “Rhys! Virgo wake up!”
he yelled as Virgo turned to look back at the door.
Rhys was sad seeing Virgo some how being controlled
watching her kill every one. When it was over she was
standing in the living room, looking at a shadowy figure
in the doorway of the patio. “Good my pet” they heard
an unfamilure voice say. Virgo put away her light
sabers as Rhys could see a cybernetic system coming out
of her neck. She had her leg cut, and waires where
exposed, most likely when killing Rhys he attempted to
fight back. Her gazes where blank and her expression
emotionless. He sat up awake in bed a cold sweat had
covered his body breathing heavily as the vision ended.
Virgo rolled over feeling his gasps as she opened her
eyes looking at him. “Rhys.. what is it?” she asked
sitting up and stroked his hair. “just a bad vision, some
how your cybernetics were finished you were being
controlled and you killed every one” She looked at him,
“But Rhys I had nearly all those impants removed” he
looked at her “the force showed me this vision for a
reason” She looked into his eyes, “I don‟t have a weak
mind, I couldn‟t be controlled, and I wouldn‟t kill
everyone” he looked at her “not if your cybernetics
were fully completed some how”

“Only Ravyn knew how to do that and shes dead Rhys”
she said kissing his cheek. He sighed “there is still a
chance that one of those sith survived and figured out a
way to do that” he told her. She thought for a moment
“What should we do Rhys?” he shrugged “pisces was 7
when it happened so I am not sure” She whimpered,
“Perhaps it would be better if I live at the temple where
I‟d be safe from all that. Away from you and our
children so they would be safe from me as well” he
shrugged “I doubt that would change the solution as it
would still have a way with such an easy solution” She
sighed, “then perhaps I should give up being a jedi and
have my memory erased. No sith will want me then” he
looked at her “the force would still be inside you” he
told her. She climbed out of bed putting a silk robe on
over her naked body and went to the open window in
their bedroom. Rhys got up and stood behind her
wrapping his arms around her “visions from the force
can be hard to figure out” She leaned back against him,
“I can feel him inside me” he smiled rubbing her
stomache gently “well good then” I fear to give him life
and know I‟ll take it away” he sighed hugging her
gently “we will be able to stop you from doing that” She
turned gently and looked up at him, “Rhys why are you
gifted with such dreams of foresight and I only when I
am awake?” he shrugged “who knows I rather have
them when I am awake I hate waking up in the middle
of the night” She pulled away from him, “then I should
do us all a big favor” she said softly grabbing one of her
lightsabers from her clothes and ignighted it. “Spare us
from from pain, and death” she said as her saber
cleanly cut of her head as her body disappeared leaving
only her silk robe behind. He quickly sat up once more
“holy shit!!” he said sweating. It was early morning
hours as Virgo rolled over just like in the nightmare
and sat up stroking his hair, “Rhys.. whats wrong” he
sighed laying down again “its nothing” he said deciding
not to tell her about his visions.

She laid down beside him laying her tired head against
his chest. “Shh it‟s alright it was just a dream” she
whispered hugging him gently he hugged her back
“yah just a dream” he said cuddling up with her. She
closded her eyes seemingly exhausted. He soon went
back to sleep seeing how tired she was. When morning
came she was out of bed already when he woke. She had
already dressed and was gone for Council. Scorpio was
drinking coffee and sitting on the couch with his nieces
and nephue. Rhys sat down getting some coffee and
making himself breakfast after he got dressed. Scorpio
looked over at Rhys, “it‟s almost noon Rhys you‟ve
been out like a light all morning. Virgo told me to tell
you she had to go to a council meeting this morning and
didn‟t know when she‟d be back.” Rhys nodded “well
alright then” he told him. Pisces stood up and looked
over the couch at Rhys. “Daddy you should barrow my
teady to keep away the scary dreams” he shook his
head “no I will be alright hun don‟t you worry” She
leaned her head in her little hand watching his every
move, Hope using her new rubber band sling shot to
fling paperclips as Pisces reached out and caught one
whizing by her head with only her thumb and her index
finger. Rhys smiled at her still eating his
breakfast.Pisces turned looking bak at hope who was
behind here, “this is yours” she said as hope reached
out and took it. “You caught that? Wow it was going
uber fast” Rhys nodded “pisces is strong with the
force” he told Hope. Pisces turned looking back at
Rhys, “Daddy can you show me?” She asked. “I learned
tha from mommy” Rhys nodded “all you got to to is
reach out with your feelings and trust in them” She
laughed, “I mean more things to do, mumma says she
can‟t teach me anymore but you can.” He shrugged
“what do you want to learn?”

She sat up on the couch shrugged, “what is there to
learn?” she asked as Scorpio looked at her, “Oh Pisces
your to pretty to be a jedi, don‟t you want to grow up
like a normal girl? You could get into fashion, being a
model or an famous actress. When you‟re a jedi there
all sorts of stuff you can‟t do, like get married, fall in
love or have a family” he said as she tilted her head,
“Mommy did” Rhys looked at Scorpio expecting him to
answer that one. He looked at Pisces, “Well… She is
doing it because the council asked her to, so they could
experiment, but none of the other jedi‟s can.” He said as
she smiled, “As long as I was helping man kind keep the
peace, and make others happy I would make that
sacrifice” Rhys nodded “well that‟s a good decision
Pisces as long as its yours” he told her still eating his
breakfast. She climbed off the couch and ran over to
Rhys putting her hands on his leg, he looked down at
her lifting her up and sitting her on the table purely
using the force. She smiled at him and stoll from of his
bacon. “When is mommy going to be home she‟s been
gone for hours” Scorpio nodded, “yeah I thought
council meets are only an hour?” Rhys shrugged “some
times they last longer deirmined by what is going on” he
said. Pisces put on a sweet pouty look. He smiled “oh
whats wrong with you?” hew asked her tickling her
sides. She laughed squirming as she jumped onto his
lap. “Daddy!!” she laughed. “meanie!” he smiled “oh
you know you like it little girl, so what would you like to
learn today?” She looked up at him with her bright blue
eyes, “anything!!” She said as Hope looked over at them
and let out a grunt, “show off” he nodded “well how
about the trick to get uncle scoprio to do what ever you
want” Pisces tilted her head and then turned towards
Scorpio, “You will bring me some ice cream and root
beer” she said as Scorpio suddenly put the remote
down, “I think I‟ll go get the kids some Ice cream and
Root beer” he said grabbing his jacket. He nodded “so
you know that one already huh momma showed it to
you” She smiled, “Actually I figured out that one on my
own” she said as hope looked up at Scorpio, “and bring
back cone for the ice cream” She added as Lysander
spoke up, “And make it chocolate” he said as Scorpio
slipped on his jacket, “I think I‟ll get some cones and
make sure the ice cream is chocolate” he said stepping
out into his own shuttle car. He nodded “Lysander and
Hope even know that one do they” Rhys said. She
nodded, “came natural” she said with a shrug. He
nodded “well alright and then do you know how to
levitate objects?” Sshook her head, “Nope” she said as
Lysander jumped up, “I didn‟t with my ball didn‟t I
dad!” Rhys smiled “that‟s my boy, well how to levitate
objects is to concentrate on the force inside it and
manipulate it to raise into the air” he said concentrating
on the TV as it slowly levitated into the air. She turned
watching as Hope jumped up and down, “me next me
next!” she said trying to do the same to a vace but it
exploded instead of lifting up. Rhys smiled shaking his
head “you concentrated too much Hope not as hard
next time” Pisces looked around seeing an apple on the
counter reaching out with her hand as it slowly rose off
the counter, a bit shaky but did and wobbably floated
into her hand before taking a bite into it. Hope grunted.
“No fair” Rhys looked at her “Well try something small
and not so easily breakable now hope and see if you can
do it” Hope climbed onto the couch trying to mimic
Pisces hand movements to lift a doll. The shook a bit
against the floor but didn‟t lift up. “err..” she said as
Lysander moved his hand in a graceful way as she doll
lifted up as hope squealed, “I did it!” Rhys smiled “good
for you hun” he toldm her. Pisces smiled, “How come I
get to train with you and not with mom, and Lysander
and hope get to” he looked at her “because you‟re my
padawan learner as hope and lyusander are hers” She
looked back at hope and Lysander before looking up at
him. “And leo?” she asked oddly knowing the name he
and Virgo had chosen. He shrugged “not sure yet he
will be given a master when he is born probly” he said.
She looked at him as hope tilted her head, Who‟s Leo
Pisces?” she asked as Pisces looked back at her. “He‟s
the baby in mommies tummy, I could feel him when
momma hugged me this morning.” Rhys nodded “see
we told you, you would have a babby brother here
eventually” Hope scrunched up her nose, “Eww!!
Babies come from inside you? That‟s icky” she said as
Pisces smiled. Rhys chuckled “Well they do” he said.
Pisces looked at Rhys, “Momma doesn‟t know yet”
Rhys looked at her “well I am sure she will know after
the meeting dear” Pisces looked at him, “Dad…
sometimes I see things happen and I don‟t know what
they mean” Rhys nodded “So do I baby so do I” She
whimpered slightly, “Is mommy going to be alright?”
he smiled and nodded “oif course she is baby so don‟t
you worry” She nodded slowly, “What happened on the
moon?” he looked at her “nothing to concern your self
with at all baby”
“But daddy I saw it, like I was there.” She said looking
up at him. He looked at her “try not to think of the past
hun only think of the future” She turned her head
looking at the door, 40 seconds before it opened and
Virgo came in. “hello Virgo how was council?” he
asked her. “When?” Pisces asked virgo as she looked at
Pisces oddly. “When what dear?” she asked her. Pisces
looked up at her, “When does master Yoda want to see
me?” She asked as Virgo blinked, “Child… how do you
know about what was discussed at the council today.
Your knowledge of things to come and things that have
past are a mystery to me” Rhys nodded “so what does
master yoda want to talk to her about?” Virgo looked at
him, “He asked me how my children where doing and I
told them everything. They council was most interested
in Pisces with the amount of Jedi skill that has already
come naturally to her, that takes padawans years to do.
He wants her to come before the council for some skill
tests.” She said. Rhys nodded “I will take her there
since she is my padawans” he told Virgo. She nodded,
“And I am council so I will already be present” she said
with a sigh. “they think if she is this advanced in the
force she might be placed in the care of a highmaster.
He even spoke of himself.” He nodded “if it is the
council‟s will” he told her “when will this council
session take place?” She looked at him, “Now… or at
least when I get her to the temple. I only came home to
get her” Rhys looked at Pisces “go get your robes on
you want5 to make a good impression” he said going to
his own rooms to get dressed in his robes. Virgo went to
see her other two children as Pisces brought her robes
to Rhys, “Daddy I need some help” she asked . Rhys
nodded setting each individual piece out and helkpe
dher put it n “you can levitiate items use mind tricks
but still can‟t dress your self” he said teasing her. She
smiled, “I know there is a way you have to wrap the
under shirt and I don‟t want to mess up” he nodded
showing her how. After she slipped on the armless
brown robes in her size and slipped on her boots. Hope
and Lysander watched her come out of the room
dressed, “How come we aren‟t going?” Lysander asked.
Rhys looked at them “as you weren‟t summonded” he
said going to the box and grabbing Pisces light saber
but holding on to them himself.

Virgo took Pisces hand, “come one we are going to be
late” she said looking around, “Where is scorpio?” She
asked seeing the shuttle pull up and him climb out. “Ice
cream and Root beer for everyone!” he said. Rhys
shook his head “you watch over hope and Lysander and
only give one serving of ice cream and rootbeer and
they will not ask you for any more tonight” Rhys said
using the jedi mind trick knowing if he added the last
part lysander or hope couldn‟t break it. “Sure think
daddie-O” he said putting the bags on the counter as
Virgo stepped out onto the shuttle with Pisces. Rhys
soon joined them as they left for the temple soon after.
Virgo took her seat in the circle before Rhys and Pisces
where allowed to come inside. Soon after they came in
Rhys holding hands with Pisces as he lead her into the
center of the group. Master Lore looked at pisces as did
all the other high masters. Pisces felt a bit nervous
having so many eyes on her. Rhys stood out of the
circle letting them test her. Virgo lifted the small view
screen and handed it to Yoda who was on her right.
Yoda looked at the view screen thinking of the image
“alright tell me the images on the view screen with out
looking” he told her. She curled her fingers into her
robe. “Ship…. Cup….. Moon….. Building…. Pod
Racer….. Light Bulb…… Lightsaber….. Protocall
android…. Shoe…. Brush…… Ice Cream Cone…..
Dog….. Cathan….. R2 Unit….. Cat….. bird…. Fighter
Jet…” she said. Naming them as she saw them in her
mind. Yoda nodded “good very good: he told her
letting the other jedi comment. Master lore looked at
Yoda, “How many did she get right? And how many
wrong?” he looked at her “she got them all right” The
others all looked surprised at Pisces. “Never has a
youngling gotten all the images correct before” Master
Bata said. Master Yoda nodded “yes she is an
extrodinary younling” he told the others. “Youngling
have you any skills? Ones you know” he asked. She
shyly looked at him and nodded. “Yes Master Lore” she
said knowing his name though they had never met.
Master yoda looked at her “show us the ones you can
and tell us the ones you can not show us” She turned to
face master Yoda, “I have always been able to use…
mind trick. On my uncle Scorpio. No one taught me
how I just knew… but there isn‟t anyone here who‟s
mind is weak” Master Yoda nodded “extrodinary” he
said “what else do you know” She looked around
noticing the view screen he had set down as she lifted
her hand slightly lifting it up and moving it across the
room to the shielving unit where it was before they
began and set it down gently. Yoda looked more
impressed “interesting a young child being able to
levitate objects” She put her hands together, “I can also
see moments of the past, and dream about the future.”
She said, “Give us an example?” Master bata said to
her. She turned towards Virgo, “My momma is
pregnant. I can feel him inside her” she said as Virgo
blinked looking over at Yoda. “I didn‟t even know until
just before she came in here” she said. Pisces turned
again and looked at Master Lore, “Your sister died
saving you in the Colony wars when you where 12, and
is still known as one of the bravest padawans ever.” She
said and turned towards Yoda, “You sent the jedi to
save my mom on the moon. When she spied on the sith,
and carried me” Master Yoda nodded “the force is
strong in this young one”Master Lore gathered himself,
“We‟ve never incounterned this before, children her age
are just beginning to learn to speak, beginning to crawl,
and she walks, talks and has skills most padawans don‟t
perfect until their teen years. Master Yoda I push for a
movement that all her training be done here with a high
master.” Master Yoda looked at him “and who does the
council prepose we have train her” he said looking at
the others “she has a master right now does she not?”
“You master Yoda” Bata said as several others nodded.
Virgo looked at them then at Pisces, “She does have a
master, Master Xanthus is fully capable of fulfilling her
training properly.” She said as Lore spoke up, “Then
with side training perhaps. Special High mastery
training with Master Yoda. She could be the youngest
High Master yet” Master Yoda looked at them “was it
not I who trained Master Xanthus he learned every
thing I could teach him and if she is as quick study as
she seems wont she still become high master?” Virgo
nodded in agreement with Master Yoda, “I second that”
she said as Master Bata sat forward, “Yes your
Padawan he was but not enough did he learn to keep
out the dark side that is now with in him. A Jedi
Prodigy has been placed before us, if she was ever to be
in the wrong hands the entire downfall of the Jedi it
could be.” He said as Virgo spoke up, “Her future is
unclouded, and her mind is clear” she said as bata
nodded, “Yes now… but I sence great evil in the future.
Master Xanthus does not poscess the skills to teach her
how to keep out the dark side. Have you forgotten how
he attempted to get Master Starchaser to embrace it?”
He said as birgo bit her lip knowing that would be a
mind changing topic. Every one nodded as Yoda sighed
“the council is mostly in favor of me becoming Master
of Pisces Starchaser” he said. Virgo looked at Pisces
who gazed back at her, “I disagree with the council but
there is one thing I do agree with. Rhys does not have
the skills to prevent her from becoming part of the dark
side. I push for a motion to leave Pisces Starchaser in
the mastering care of Rhys Xanthus, and Meditational
skill in care of Master Yoda. 5 Days she trains combat,
and jedi skill, such as saber deflecting and other
important features, and 3 days of each week several
hours with master Yoda to make her mind strong, and
her heart true to the true force. Teacher I can not,
already has the council given me two of my own
padawans against the master code. And train them I
will. And soon a son I shall have” she said as Pisces
spoke, “And into Master Yoda‟s care he will be. I saw
it” she said as virgo watched her and let out a soft sigh,
“Yes Pisces, I have seen it too” Rhys nodded as he
waited for the council to think over this proposal. For a
long moment there was silence and finally Master bata
spoke, “I second her motion.” He said as Master Lore
nodded, “As do I” he said, and all the others nodding in
agreement. As one shook his head, “That might not be
enough to keep her from the dark side.” He said as
Pisces turned and approached him which was wasn‟t
een allowd to do. “You speak against the very side that
you are” she said as he looked at her. “What… silence
child and step back” he said as she looked at him,
“Control your anger… you cant” Rhys took out his
saber as he ignited it “I feel it as well he is using the
dark side” he said looking to master yoda.

“The child speaks untrue” he said as she slowly stepped
back behind Rhys. Virgo felt a twinge in the force as she
looked at him. “it‟s true… and you where hiding it so
welll” Rhys looked at him “I knew I felt something out
of place here” he said his saber glowing brightly as he
slowly approached the no name high master. Virgo
stood up quickly, “Rhys, hold your hand. Trial he shall
go and into prison. It is a fate worse then death” he
looked at him “Actually I have this drawn because I
noticed the blaster he has hidden under his robes
pointing at Pisces” he said raising his right hand as the
blaster was ripped out of the mans hand and flew right
into Rhys. Several other masters stood now ignighting
their sabers coming between the corrupted high master
and Pisces. “Gaurds” virgo said as several jedi knights
came in and lazer cuffed him. Rhys turned off his light
saber and put it away as he looked over the blaster
“hmm such a strange make” he said handing it virgo
“show it to your brother” Virgo nodded putting it away
as Master yoda motioned for the corrupted master to be
taken away. “Empty seat we have, and filled it must.
Master Rhys” he looked around at every one “me why
no one trusts me here to bne a high master” Master lore
looked at him, “the loyalty you just showed here was of
courage and pure faith. Only a true highmaster would
have done such a thing. And senced a weapon aimed at
your padawans that we did not sence. Hard to see the
dark side, but see your future here we do” he nodded
“well thank you” he said sitting in the now vacant seat
on council “it will be an honor to sit here on the high
council” They took their seats again as virgo smiled at
him as Pisces stood in the circle alone not in the slightest
afraid. “She senced the dark presence long before
anyone else.” Virgo looked at the other masters, “I feel
that because her true father was one with the dark side
she was born with the unique ability to feel it, even if it
is not part of her.” She said glancing at Yoda. He
nodded as Yoda agreed “yes she will be a valuable
assest to the jedi when she finishes her padawans
training” Virgo nodded as Pisces bowed to master
Yoda, “Master Yoda… can I sit with my dad now?” she
asked still being very small. He nodded “yes that you
may” he told her.
She turned rushing over to Rhys holding her arms out
for him. He leaned down and picked her up sitting her
on his lap. Waiting for council to continue. The council
took a moment to gather themselves as attention was
turned to Virgo, “So you are with child then… good
perhaps he will be as bright as Pisces” Rhys looked at
Virgo as the Jedi questioned her about it. Virgo nodded,
“I have been taking weekly blood tests to see if it was
positive. It wasn‟t until just beforewe sat down to allow
Pisces before us when my results came in.” Rhys
nodded “the child should be as strong as Pisces I
believe” he told council. Master lore looked at rhys,
“We know that it was a task meant for Master
Starchaser” he said looking back at Virgo, “The council
is anticipating to know whom you chose of the Jedi to
father him.” He said wanting it to be spoken for their
documentation.Virgo nodded, “I chose master Rhys…
but you all already knew that” She said as master bata
nodded, “Indeed. This was how ever a one time
opportunity, one no jedi has ever been granted.” Rhys
nodded and so did Master yoda “further testing will be
needed to see if a child of two jedi is stronger then ones
with out jedi parents” Virgo nodded, “Master Yoda if it
is proved to be that a child from 2 Jedi is stronger then
both what will that mean for the jedi?” Master yoda
sighed “that is not know the council will have to discuss
such matters”

“Perhaps breeding of the Jedi would only be used if
mandatory. Let‟s say if the Jedi are thinned out. We are
already getting fewer and fewer younglings who have
proper medaclorian levels.” Master bata said. Yoda
shrugged again “such practices arew against the jedi
code” he told Master bata. He nodded as Virgo nodded
slowly, “I suppose he meant if let‟s say the sith return is
larger numbers, and the jedi are reduced to barely
enough to protect Corasant.” Yoda looked at her “if
the council agrees to such practices maybe” Virgo sat
back in her chair as Pisces suddenly spoke out of place,
“Master Yoda, this is a future you‟ve seen” Virgo bit
down on her tongue slightly when Pisces spoke. Rhys
looked at her “this is not your place to speak my
padawans” he told her as Master Yoda sighed “the
young one speaks truth she does but it is opnly a
possible future even if we breed an army of jedi we
would not be much different then they are” The council
seemed troubled mumbling to themselves as virgo
relaxed when Yado said she was right. Pisces leaned up
against Rhys before looking up at him as if he had the
salution. Rhys stayed silent not speaking of any thing.
When the long debates where over Virgo found herself
with Rhys and Pisces on a shuttle back. Rhys yawned
thos high councils are extremely boring “ Rhys said.
She smiled slightly at him, “but you‟re a high master
now.. even thought they said you never could be” he
shrugged “well the council is full of strange people of
differnty races they saw use of me so decided to put a
better use to it” She nodded leaning against him as
Pisces sat quietly. He smiled holding her gently rubbing
her stomache. Pisces looked at Rhys, “did I do good?”
Rhys nodded “yes you did Pisces you did very good”
She smiled as they landed and she climbed out, followed
by virgo and Rhys. Hope and Lysander where playing
video games and scorpio was watching with a root beer
in his hand Rhys went into his room and changed out of
his robes. Virgo did the same as she put something far
more cooling. He came out and hung out with his kids
playing video games and what not with them. Next door
Ravyn was having potty troubles with Robyn. Dale
smiled “hang a piece of candy over the potty opr
rewardher when she actually does it” he said to Ravyn
“or you can cheat and program her to be potty trained”
She looked at him, “that‟s always a salution to you,
you‟re the worst parent ever” she said as robyn cried
while Ravyn forced her into one of the pull ups. He
shrugged “oh well it gets results yshe is just as stubborn
as her mother” Robyn cried out, “NUUU daddy!!” she
whined wanting him as Ravyn suddenlty slapped
Robyns hand making her sob. “That‟s enough!!” Ravyn
said. Dale sighed “you have to learn how to use the ptty
Robyn I wont have a daughter who wears pull ups when
she is 16” Robyn cried because Ravyn has slapped her
hands as Ravyn pulled Robyn‟s dress down so she could
walk around now as Robyn turned and hit Ravyn in the
face, her little nails giving Ravyn a huge scratch on her
cheek that started to bleed. “Son of a bitch!” she yelped.
Dale looked at her “that wasn‟t nice Robyn appolgize”
She ran from Ravyn into her room and used all her
strength to shut her door behind her. Dale sighed
watching her go not doing any thing. Ravyn put a hand
to her face before looking at it, “im bleeding” he got up
and grabbed her a bandage putting it over her wound
“your nanos should heal it soon” he told her. She
grumbled slightly getting up, “get out of my way you
unsympathetic fool” she said going into the washroom
to get a damn cloth. He sighed sitting down in his chair
once more relaxing as he read reports from spys he
already accumulated.

Months passed quickly and virgo was getting larger
round being forced to wear her robes to hide it from
everyone. On her way out to council she noticed Dale
and Ravyn stepping out of their apartment. Virgo was
accompanied by Rhys who was now part of the council.
“Odd you look different” Ravyn said to Virgo. “Oh? I
didn‟t notice” she said. Rhys looked at her “yah I
didn‟t either strange huhb” Rhys said. Virgo smiled at
them as Ravyn held onto Robyn, “Perhaps you should
come over for dinner” Ravyn said. Rhys shrugged
“maybe another night we have things we must do
tonight” Ravyn smiled, “Oh I insist, I‟ll even whip up
some pea soup for Master Virgo” she said as Virgo
smiled, “I really wish we could but we can‟t” she said
groaning slightly. “We really need to go” Virgo said
holding her contraction pain back. Rhys nodded
getting Virgo onto the shuttle and helping her sit down.
Virgo sat back against the wall and looked at him, “My
water breaks and shes holding us up” Virgo said taking
a deep breath. He nodded taking her to the hospital
quickly. She was taken into a wheel chair when they
reached the Jedi temple as she held onto Rhys hand as
they pushed her to the medic wing. Rhys was forced to
let her go into the room alone as the medics kept him
aout of the room. She looked over at the glass window
where he had to watch her as she smiled at him, other
masters gathering at Rhys‟ side. “This is history in the
making” master Lore said. Rhys nodded “yah I suppose
it is” he said smiling back to her as him and the other
jedi‟s watched. Her labor went on for hours. Medic staff
where there the whole way some getting damp cool
clothes to cool her down as she sweat so much her hair
was wet. Jedi masters having seats in the hall
meditating till it was over. Finally they all looked up
when a crying child was lifted up into the arms of a jedi
medic, “Looks like a healthy baby boy” he said as his
umbilical cord was cut and he was wrapped in a blanket
before plached into Virgo‟s arms who was smiling and
holding him. “Leo” she said softly. Rhys finally went to
check on her as he smiled looking at her “so how do you
feel?” he asked her. She smiled up at him, “good” she
said as she handed Leo gently to Rhys. He smiled
taking Leo from her “well hello there son” he said with
a smile. Leo‟s eyes opened having rich violet eyes like
Virgo, but had whitish hair with a tint of blue. Virgo
looked up seeing Yoda come in. Yoda nodded looking at
her “such power this young one has just like Pisces he
will be”

She smiled at him running her fingers through his hair,
“Anything I can do to help our cause master” he
nodded “well take care of him until he is ready for a
master” he said slowly limping away on his cane. Virgo
laid back looking up at Rhys. He smiled “well we will
get you home when they clear you to go” She nodded as
leo was logged in as a new youngling. “I was told the
explination we give about Leo‟s birth is he was a genetic
splice experiment” he nodded “makes sense I suppose”
he told her. She smiled, “well it is what we are supposed
to say, I wanted to have a child so instead of breaking
code and procreating like we did, he is test tube” he
nodded “what ever will keep every one happy” She
smiled as Leo whimpered slightly, “he‟s hungry” she
said reaching out and took him letting him feed off her.
He sat down beside her on a stool while she fed their
son. Virgo smiled at Rhys, “He has a blue tint to his
hair, He get‟s that from my side… if I still thought your
hair was natural I‟d say you” she teased. He looked at
her “ouch I feel burn marks on my arm” She chuckled
slightly as she kissed Leo‟s forehead, “Ooo h‟s really
warm… more then normal… is this right?” he
shrugged “probly took after his father being a fire
element” She got someone to take his tempature,
“130.4” they said she blinked, “Holy cow” he nodded
“mines 135” Leo looked over at Rhys curling his fingers
into a ball. He smiled moving his finger over to her and
rubbing his palm with it.

Leo curled his tiny fingers around Rhys‟ “He has you
nose and chin, he‟s going to look a lot like you when he
gets older.” He smiled “well he is going to be a babe
magnet when he grows up then” She smiled, “Jedi hun”
she said nuzzling him, “my nipple feels like it‟s on fire”
he shrugged “well I am sure they will hit on him and he
will turn them down” She smiled, “He will be as
handsome as you” She said as the medic gave them the
clear to leave. Rhys got her and Leo on the shuttle
taking them home. It was late when they got back but
Pisces, Hope and Lysander came running to see Leo”
Rhys looked at them “shouldn‟t you be in bed?” he
asked them. They smiled “We want to see we want to
see” they said as Virgo smiled kneeling down letting
them see Leo who was looking at them with wide eyes.
“Hi leo!” Hope said to him as Pisces smile, “he looks
just like daddy but with mommies eyes” Lysander
gently touched his hair, “We are gunna have so much
fun!” Rhys smiled “well you will have to wait till he is
alittle older to play with him” Lysander smiled at Rhys,
“Okie dad” he said as Virgo stood up again being very
tired, and knew Leo was just as exhausted as she was.
“well you kids get to bed Mom and leo will be doing the
same” he said helping Virgo into the bed room. Virgo
looked at him, Tuck them In I‟ll be fine” she said. He
nodded going to tuck the kids into bed. When he came
back she was gazing down into the crib watching Leo
sleep as he sucked on his thumb. Rhys smiled looking
over her shoulder “okay hun you can get some sleep he
will be there in the morning” She smiled, “I know… I.. I
just can‟t get over the fact that at long last I gave you a
son, one who can be just like you” he nodded “I know
baby he will be a great jedi” She smiled putting the
blanket over him gently. “I suppose I should rest” she
said turning and looked up at him. He smiled helping
her get dressed for bed and tucking her in as he laid
over the blankets beside her. She curled up against him
as she closed her eyes. He cuddled up to her closing his
eyes as well.
Later that week in the morning Virgo was on the patio
sipping coffee and holding Leo when Dale came out on
his own patio for his morning stretch. “Ah good
morning as he looked at her “is this the so called leo
every one is talking about?” She looked over at him,
“Oh good morning Senator… yes it is” she said turning
so he could see leo. He smiled “yes I heard he is a splice
of you and master Xanthus” She nodded, “We are
aloud to have children apparently as long as it‟s not
made the way normal people have children. Sex is
against our way of life.” He nodded “how unfortunate
for you” he told her. She smiled at him, “It is something
we all learn to live with. Honostly I prefure it. With my
experance long before any of my children has made me
realize just why we are forbidden to do it.” He
shrugged “ah well to each there own, would you and
your family like to come over for dinner tonight?” She
smiled, “Just a moment and I‟ll see Rhys” She called for
him. He soon came out “yes Virgo?” he asked her. She
smiled, “Senator Xylona is inviting us to dinner would
you like to go?” he shrugged “sure sounds good to me”
he said as Dale looked at her “your brothewr is welcome
as well” She nodded, “Thank you kindly” She said to
Dale as Leo hiccupped. Dale smiled “uh oh some one
has the hiccupos” he told her. Virgo lifted him up
looking at him as he looked at her with his curious eyes.
“Oh better get you something to eat” she smiled as
Pisces came out onto the patio, “Good morning Senator
Xylona” Dale smiled “good morning Pisces” he told her.
Virgo smiled, “Where is that juice you said you where
getting me” Virgo chuckled. “oops” she said turning
towards the door as a glass of orange juice floated out
as she turn using her hands to gently set it on the small
table beside Virgo. Dale smiled “such a smart girl to be
able to use the force so good” Pisces rubbed the back of
her head being praised, “Thank you Senator” she said
as they heard Ravyn yell, “NOT ON THE FLOOR!” as
Robyn suddenly ran out to Dale and hid behind his legs.
“Madd!! Mad mummie” She said as Ravyn came out
looking at her, “you don‟t throw your breakfast on the
floor” She said before noticing virgo and the others.
Dale chuckled “some times I wish my child was that
smart” as he looked down at Robyn “come on hun lets
go clean up your mess” She screamed,. “NU.. I dun
wanna!” She said struggling. Pisces looked over at her,
“Help your mum and dad clean up your mess” She said
as Robyn blinked and looked up at Dale, “I help” Dale
smiled “well thank you Pisces” he said going in with
Robyn to clean up the mess. Virgo looked down at
Pisces, “Did you use your mind trick on Xyn?” She
asked as Pisces nodded. Rhys shook his head “you
should only use your power on Scorpio its rude to do
stuff like that on people you don‟t have too, but since
you helped some one I guess I will let it slide” She
sighed, “but she‟s obviously stressing her mum and dad
out, perhaps it will make her feel good if she behaves
instead of being a brat” she sat as virgo couldn‟t help
but laugh. Rhys looked at her and shook his head “well
you better go finish helping me wash the dishes hun”
She nodded, “Yes daddy” she said willingly going back
inside. “We didn‟t even need to teach her obedience”
he shrugged going back in and went to help her finish
the dishes. Virgo got up and went in after him holding
Leo as Lysander scrubbed the dishes, Hope rinced them
and Pisces dried them using her levitation skills to put
them away. Rhys stood back surpervising. They
finished quickly because of ther assembly line and
jumped down from their stools. Virgo smiled, “Rhys
will you hold Leo while I shower?” he nodded taking
Leo from her and holding him “enjoy your self” he told
her. She nodded and went into the washroom as Virgo
screamed. Rhys went over to see what was wrong
“whats wrong?” he asked her. Scorpio had just put a
towel around his waste, “Damn don‟t you ever knock as
Virgo giggled slightly now, “Geeze Scorpio are you sure
your not a horse?” she said as he quickly slipped out of
the bathroom and past Rhys into his own little room.
He looked at her “had a night mare?” he asked her. She
laughed looking at him, “not nearly as big as you but
for a Nerya male he is” she said as his door slammed.
He nodded “well have a nice shower hun.” She kissed
him gently and then shut the door. Lysander looked
over at Rhys, “Dad our robes came in” he said pointing
at the delivery man in the doorway. Rhys went over
and signed for it giving hope a package and Lysander a
package “enjoy” He jumped up, “Hope our robes are
here!” he said opening the box pulling out his jedi robes
seeing the long sleaves. “Can I have a belt to tie around
this dad?” he asked as Hope pulled out hers which
looked just like Pisces. He nodded getting him a belt
handing it to him. He took it “Thanks dad as he ran into
his room to put them on and hope looked at her
undershirt, “Daddy can you help me?” She asked as
Pisces smiled, “I‟ll show you” she said already in hers.
“Okie” Hope smiled at her as they went into their room.
Moments later lysander ran out, “I look soooo cool!!!”
he said getting it little plastic saber that the stores made
for kids who loved to pretend they where jedi. As he
pretended to be good. Rhys smiled “well I am glad you
like yours Lysander” He smiled looking up at Rhys as
hope came out in hers having the boots on up to her
knees but her under robes had been turned into a skirt
so she didn‟t have to wear pants. Rhys smiled “well you
look pretty Hope” he told her. She smiled at him as
Pisces walked over to Lysander, “No you hold it with
both hands, Your not a pirate” she said moving his
hands into proper position. Rhys smiled “he can hold it
in one hand too you know” She nodded, “But that takes
more practice” she said taking her little plastic one out,
“I was watching mom at the temple while she
practiced” She said spinning it around in one hand as
Lysander and Pisces plaster saber came together.
Lysander moved once and Psces already had her plastic
blade against his stomach. “You watch to many movies,
your moves are to fancy for you to know what your
doing” she said as Lysander smiled, “Im just playing
around I got time to learn” He said as Pisces smiled,
“You should watch momma some, just watching her is
easy to learn” Rhys smiled “you should see me I am
even better then your mother I am second best in light
saber combat next to Master Yoda”
Lysander looked up at him, “Awe!! And I have to learn
from mom this sucks!” he smiled “oh I will teach you
some trickes when mom isn‟t looking just like how
Pisces learned a few things too” Pisces smiled, “I bet if
you and Momma sparred you‟d actually break a heart
sweat to beat her” he shrugged “probly but I cvould
still win and I have no use to fight your mother” She
nodded, “I know you would win it just wouldn‟t be
easy.” She said as hope looked at her. “ow do you
know?” She asked. Pisces smiled, “Daddy used to be
Momma‟s Master” Rhys nodded “well its going to be a
lot better for pisces to learn from me since we both use
duel light sabers” Pisces tilted her head, “I see that leo
will have duel double sided sabers. Like Lysander only
used two of them. He will be really good too” he
nodded “yah he will be a good warrior some day”
Lysander put away his toy and climbed onto the couch
as Virgo came out drying her hair with her cordless
hairdryer now in her own robes that matched her girls.
Rhys looked down at himself holding Leo huh me and
“Leo are the only one not in robes” Virgo smiled, “Top
drawer in your dresser Rhys as for Leo I pushed for a
few little custom ones” she said getting them out “Better
change him so we can go next door.” Rhys got leo
dressed giving him to pisces before going into his room
and changing into his robes. Leo was playing with his
robes as Virgo took him into the bedroom to feed him
before taking him nextdoor. Rhys sat down watching
TV with the kids while she fed Leo. Pisces and Hope
where sitting on Rhys lap as Lysander sat beside him.
He let them pick the show as he relaxed letting the girls
sit on his lap. They leaned back against him as
Lysander pushed the remote as a horror flick came on
and the girls gasped as a head on TV exploded. Rhys
looked at them “oh its all fake done with holograms
girls” Lysander started laughing when both the girls
whimpered not liking the grusom effects. Rhys used the
force to change the channels “nomore horror movi4es”
Virgo stepped out of the bedroom looking at them,
“Okay everyone let‟s move out the troops” she said as
Scorpio yelled, “You go ahead I have book club” Rhys
looked “you rather read crummy books then see what a
senator will make for dinner?”

He poked his head out, “Im not hungry” he said as
Virgo smiled, “Oh come on Scorpio” she said as he
looked at all of them, “I‟d stand out as the odd one you
guys go ahead” Rhys looked at him “come one they
askes specificly for you to come as well” He sighed, “I
really can‟t I have book club tonight and im supposed
to give the review” he sighed “oh really what time is it
for your meeting” He looked at them “Noon.. and Im
going out for drinks after with Vera” Rhys nodded
“well have fun with your girl friend then” He grumbled,
“Shes not my girlfriend just my friend” he said shutting
his bedroom door as Pisces smiled, “She makes him
sweat” Rhys soon left with every one going over to
Dale‟s and Ravyns place ringing the door bell. Ravyn
answered the door and blinked seeing all of them in jedi
robes. “Im sorry but did we do something illegial?” she
joked as Lysander looked up at her, “Sorry to bother
you man but we got an important tip that” he said
playing with her as hope put her hand over his mouth.
“Afternoon Senator Xylona” she said with a curtsie.
Dale looked out “ah the arrived come in come in makle
your self comfortable” The kids came inside first as
virgo stepped in holding Leo “Who‟s this?” Ravyn said
looking at leo not knowing a thing about him. Rhys
looked at her “this is Leo the new baby he is a Test tube
baby mixed withmine and Virgo‟s DNA” She blinked,
“I didn‟t think Jedi where allowed” he looked at her
“we are not allowed to have relations but we are
allowed to have children this way” She blinked, “well he
certainly looks like you” she said as Robyn shoved Hope
hard to the floor. “Hey that‟s not nice” Hope said Dale
looked at Robyn “be nice Xyn they are guests” Pisces
looked at Robyn “She has the force Momma” she said
as Virgo looked from Pisces to Robyn. “I bet shes of
proper level to be jedi too” Pisces added. Dale looked at
them “we had her tested she was not o appropriate level
to become a jedi” he told Virgo. Virgo looked at him,
“Pisces has never been wrong about anything, not even
about things only Master Yoda knew about” he
shrugged “well the council did not think she was good
enough to be a jedi” pisces looked up at him, “I suppose
I can be wrong some of the time” he nodded “it happens
to the best of us it makes us better people to admit that
some times come sit down let us relax while dinner is
cooking” he said taking them into the living room.
Virgo followed, “Forgive me for asking Senator.. but I
don‟t recall little Xyn coming before me in council”
Dale looked at her using a slight trick of words and
since she couldn‟t sense him using the force “she did
must have been one of those days she slipped right
through as she was there after she was born you just
didn‟t meet her then” Virgo thought for a moment and
sighed, “I did miss 2 meetings when I was sick and had
to remain in bed was it the first or second week after
her birth?” he looked at her “the second week” he told
her. She nodded, “yes I wasn‟t there that week” She
said as Pisces stuck close to Rhys. “So how come your
all in Jedi robes?” Ravyn asked as Virgo turned,
“Because we are jedi?” Dale smiled “well of course
yopu all are” he said with a smile trying to put up a
good show. Hope tugged on Ravyn‟s dress. “Mrs
Xylona Xyn just peed on the floor” she said pointing at
Xyn who had wet her pants. Dale sighed getting up and
took Robyn to change her letting Ravyn deal with the
mess. Ravyn sighed, “I can‟t seem to get her potty
trained. It‟s like when I push for her to do it, She
screams and does what I don‟t want her to” She said
mopping the floor. “Perhaps giving her a bit of space,
let her go in on her own and praise her when she does
right. Disaplin when she does wrong. Do not falter if she
cries or acts hurt, just ignore her and eventually she‟ll
learn she wont get her way by crying and throwing fits”
Virgo said. Dale came back with Robyn all cleaned up
and set her on the floor again. “It‟s hard because Eryx
coddles her” Ravyn said as virgo smiled, “ At least one
of the 2 parents will coddle their child while they are
young. But if you give her the attention she wants when
she throws a fit then she thinks she is in charge of you.
You should remember to show her that you are the
parent and she is the child and not vice versa. I did that
with my three and look at them” She said as Lysander
hop and Pisces sat together playing nicely. “Is that why
they are so smart?” Ravyn asked. Virgo smiled, “Some
of it, most of it is because I do what I can to make sure
all they do is educational. Letting them listen to
Classical while they sleep seems to make them wake up
fair more refreshed and willing to learn. They eat only
healthy meals, and on occasion hace a sweet treat. It‟s a
matter of setting boundrys. They know that I am the
parent and I am in charge. They understand I will
reward them for good deeds and punish them when
done wrong. Never ever yell at them, Yelling only
makes them want to rebel. Speaking calmly and
explaining what they did wrong is what you should do.
That way in the future they are less likely to make the
same mistake.” Dale chuckled “nyx not yell” he said
with a smile teasing her. Ravyn glared at him, “You just
baught yourself a ticket for the couch express” she said
as she turned going into their kitchen. Virgo looked at
Dale, “Senator… you don‟t seem very happy in your
new marrage is everything alright?” he shrugged “eh
stuff happens its something to get used to”

She looked at him, “Some couples who have problems
think if they have a baby it will bring them closer
together, and then they come to find out it only makes it
worse. And some couples who are deeply in love have a
baby because they are ready for one, and the baby and
its problems drive them apart.” He looked at her
“probly the last one” he told her. She looked around, “if
you‟d like to step out onto your patio I could give a few
tips that may make things much easier for you” he
shook his head “no itss alright I am perfectly fine with
how it is” She looked at him seemingly consurned for
him. “But your not happy anymore.” She said seeing
Robyn playing with the broken pieces of the supposed
remains of hope. Robyn covered in the soot that was
inside. Dale sighed as he grabbed a dust pan cleaning
up the mess Robyn made as he picked Robyn up and
put her in the play pen. Ravyn turned seeing the broken
pieces of the urn she had replaced her supposed dead
daughter‟s body in and gasped. “the urn” she said
seeing robyn sneezing from the ash. Dale nodded “yes
unfortunately Xyn broke it” he said finding a vase to
put what ash he got into it for now. Ravyn was
practically in tears, “Oh dear” Virgo said using the
force to help clean the mess. “Loved one?” Virgo asked
as Ravyn whimpered, “a still born child” she said as
everyone looked over at her. Dale nodded “yah a child
we trie dhaving before Xyn, Nyx got in an accident and
lost the child” he told them. Ravyn fled to the bedroom
as virgo sighed, “that‟s aweful, I am deeply sorry
Senator” she said to him. He sighed getting up its
alright you didn‟t know” he said going to check on
Ravyn. Ravyn was sitting in their bed looking down at
her hands. He sat down beside her putting his arm
around her “you okay hunh?” he aske dher. She looked
up at him, “I don‟t know if I can do this mother thing
Dale.. she‟s a nightmare… I just cant deal with her
anymore… never have I ever wanted to strangle my
own child.” He sighed “how about we do things my way
then” he told her. She looked up at him, “But it‟s so un
natural… are we such bad parents we have to program
our own child?” he shrugged “well its either that or
you end up hurting her beyond repair” She sighed,
“She knocked over the urn holding our babies ash.. her
twin sister” he nodded “I know hun and she should be
punished for that” She wiped away her tears. “this
sucks…” he nodded “parent hood usually does” he told
her with a smile. She looked up at him, “Look at your
children… perfect angels… smarter then fuck…” he
looked at her “its because I never raised them” She
looked at him, “Please… it‟s got nothing to do with
you… it‟s the fact they are pure bred with the force.
Two people extremely strong with it has made them so
much better” he shook his head “well unfortunately
parents help as well since I spoiled her because she is
my only daughter” She looked at him, “With me, you
have 2 others sitting out there and they adore you” he
looked at her “only because they don‟t know who I am
there mother probly raised them to hate me” She
smiled, “perhaps we will see” she said feeling better and
got up, before going back into the living room. Virgo
looked up. “Good to see you smiling Senator” she sais to
Ravyn. Dale came out “well dinner should almost be
done here in a matter of moments” he said. Pisces
smiled, “YAY!” Dale went and checked on it as he
helped Ravyn serve it onto the table “alright its all
ready lets go eat” he told them. Everyone gathered
around and sat down. Lysander sat between Rhys and
Dale, Pisces on the other side of Rhys between him and
Virgo. Hope sat between virgo and Ravyn and Hope sat
between Ravyn and Dale. Dale smiled as every one ate
including him with so many people the table was huge.
Virgo ate her soup wile everyone else dug into the
forbian dishes. “Eryx why not get everyone something
to drink?” he nodded getting out some fine wine as he
poured Rhys and virgo himself and ravyn a cup and
juice for the kids. Virgo took her wine and sipped it
gently as she looked over at Rhys. Rhys looked back at
her and wondered what she was thinking. She smiled
slightly at him feeling a bit on the horney side, the
beginning of her one week of lust was beginning for this
month. Her ears twitching slightly as the blue tips
where a bit darker in color to signifiy this. Ravyn
glanced at her noticing the change. Dale didn‟t seem to
notice as Rhys tried to finish dinner early. Ravyn gently
nudged Dale under the table shifting her eyes towards
Virgo as the kids talked about how excited they where
about training. He nodded not knowing really what to
do as they all listened to the kids talk. Virgo drank
down her wine and had it refilled by Ravyn. “It‟s very
good” Virgo said as Lysander stuffed a roll in his
mouth. Dale smiled “well thank you it‟s a hard to find
forbian wine” She nodded, “I‟ll bet, it‟s such a long way
from Corasant” she said as as Lysander looked up “Hey
Dad tell us a story about before we where born!” Rhys
nodded going on about an adventure with him and
Yoda before the kids were born and before he met

Lysander loved hearing Rhys tell stories as Virgo‟s
fingers tapped the table gently as her ears twitched.
Rhys went through every detail to make lysander
happy. Ravyn noticed Virgo was beginning to get
impacient but was keeping silent about it. When Rhys
made a loud noise to symbolize an explosion from the
story hope jumped. Rhys smiled “awe!” she said as
Ravyn smiled, “Nonsence! The night is young, the kids
are welcome to crash until then” Rhys nodded “true but
we should get them to bed its past their bed times”
Virgo nodded, “It really is best” She said as she stood
up. “Then at least let us hang out a b it after the kids go
to bed. I don‟t have any other friends” Ravyn said
acting sad. Rhys turned looking at Virgo “I am not sure
since we have to wake up early our selves” Virgo looked
at Rhys itching for him but feel bad Ravyn was sad.
Rhys didn‟t know what really to do kinda stuck. Virgo
sighed, “I suppose we can put my little ones to bed and
spend some time here.” Rhys nodded “I don‟t see why
not” She picked up Hope as Hope laid her head on
Virgo‟s shoulder. Ravyn looked into her eyes seeing her
own stairing back. “Such pretty eyes” Ravyn said to
Hope. Hope smiled tiredly as Virgo nodded, “The same
as my mothers. She gets it from my side of the family.
Sometimes when I look at her and my son I see her. If
they had her red hair I would think about her all the
time” Virgo said as she reached out and took Pisces
hand as Rhys held onto Leo and took Lysander‟s hand.
“We‟ll be back soon” she said turning to the door.
Rhys nodded As they went out the door Dale staying
with Ravyn as he watched them go. When they had
gone Ravyn looked at Dale. He looked at her “so whats
your plan?” he asked her. She looked at him, “I was
going to ask you the same question” she said turning
towards their view screen for their data files and
research as senators. “Computer please locate any
information on the Starchasers” She said as over a
dozen starchaser files came up. At the top of the list was
Virgo‟s name, Under it was in order her father‟s file,
her mother‟s file and every astrological name. “Hmmm
Open File Pisces Starchaser” she said as a image of
virgo‟s mother appeared on the screen with a record of
her there. She was as beautiful as virgo, having long
pointed ears with blue tips. She had the most beautiful
red hair Ravyn had ever seen and as Virgo said her eyes
where exactly the same as Hopes and Lysander. “She
was only 93 when she died, that was a little over 17
years ago” She said reading the file, “A Rebulic
Enigneer of science. And she even has a classified folder
but it wont let me enter it” Dale went over and typed in
a few commands as the data came up on the screen. She
looked it over, “Holy crap” she said looking over the
file. “She had no mother or father. A genetic spliced
huminoid that had her DNA tampered with. It says here
that Pisces Starchaser was the first successful test tube
child made of a pure race without ever needing an Egg
or a Sperm to create. She was made up of billions of
different perfect structiors of the Nerya race from
billions of Doners. She was given the name Pisces after
the constilation Pisces because it was from the 6 stars
that make up the constilation that gave her life. Thus
making her a guardian of the Galaxy where the Pisces
constilation is formed.” She said blinking. “She is a
clone of a billion Nerya all rolled into one.” Dale nodded
“strange huh you and her are so much alike its scary”
She looked at Pisces and sighed, “She was made to be a
perfect Nerya but they couldn‟t fix her body heat
problem” she said. “Computer Open File Sagittarius
Starchaser.” She said as the file of Pisces disappeared
and he appeared. He was very handsome looking and
only a year younger then Pisces. He had short white
hair and Violet eyes like Virgo. “He‟s their second
make… Designed to attempt to file the Nerya heat
problem, and it was successful. Sagittarius Starchaser
was able to read and walk by 5 months old. He was
building advanced machines at 5 years. He became a
Republic Weapons Enginer on his 15th birthday and
Married his counter part Pisces Starchaser when He
was 52. The marrage was a test only between them to
see if their perfect DNA could create pure Perfect
Nerya‟s. Over the remaining corse of his life he and
Pisces Starchaser had 10 children… Holy shit.. 10 damn
that‟s a lot. From them many boys and some girls.
Scorpio was third to last born. His older siblings
became Weapons Enginers for the Jedi but remained
located on the planet Faun.” She said quickly opening
Virgo‟s file. The picture was out of Date, she was much
younger about 15 or so and in her Padawan outfit.
“According to this Virgo was orphaned when she was
only 4. Her mother and Father Dying in an attack on
their Science vessel from a race outside the Republic.
She was currently on Corasant undergoing testing for
Jedi, the Republic must have senced it early. It says she
was placed into the care of her Great Uncle High master
Tyva of the Jedi. And that it was his wish she be trained
as a jedi dispite the wishes of her older Siblings Aries,
and Canser who wanted to take her back to Faun.” She
said “computer bring up all pictures of the Starchaser
Children” she said as all 10 photos appeared in order of
Birth. Each varied in Hai and eye color. All looking like
their parents in face and body, but their hair colors
where all different. Teal, White, Pink, Dark Blue, Light
Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Black, and orange. Their Eye
colors ranging from Teal, Blue, Gold, Violet, and an
brown. “They all look so much alike, and so much like
their parents. The picture shown for Virgo at the time
of the order history showed her being only 4. Her twin
brother Leo the same age as she. “Wow… her kids look
just like her when she was their age…” she said looking
at the very small virgo. She had her hair in poney tails
and red ribbons. Dale nodded “Nerya dna is strange
about how much their hair colors vary in their

“Computer show the Starchasers DNA patterns and
search for matches.” She said as it showed both Pisces
and Sagittarius DA and ran their 10 children. “All of
them have 14 elliels in common with both parents. So
Pisces Starchaser did in fact have 10 children with
Sagittarius Starchaser. It is possible that because Pisces
and Sagittarius where made up of Billions of Nerya
DNA codes the range in hair and eye color could be
from those hidden genes that became dominant in their
children. Acording to this 5 of the 10 Starchasers where
born without a body heat problem while the other 5
were.” She said tilting her head. “Open Project
Starchaser” she said as a now unlocked file opened.
“Wow… the Starchasers where originally ordered to be
created by the Rebublic Senate. The Nerya Race being
the only Race in the archives that had an adaptable
DNA system. Nerya can adapt to just about any form of
cybernetic technology, or climate system. The
Starchasers are the only Nerya‟s who where born
without a second Intestinal tract, able to survive only on
liquids. They don‟t even really need air to survive, their
lungs able to store large amounts oxygen in a spare lung
that only the Nerya race posses. Allowing them to work
for hours in actual space with no actual space suit….
There seems to be another locked document in here”
she said trying to open it. Dale looked over her
shoulder once more typing in another command “eh it
helps having a subordinate stealing commands from
other higher ups”

She saw the file pop up, “Oh my… this is about the first
introductory of the Nerya. This says that the Nerya
where actually started when a acient breed of extinct
Tanovians DNA was found on a fragment of their long
since distroied planet. It was nearly a million years old
and was spliced with that of a Ryuujinn Man named
Lord Denithore. Denithore who‟s death date was just
over a thousand years ago brought life to nearly a
houndred or more new species he called Nerya, after his
bride Nerya Denithore who died shortly after being
married. The Nerya where discovered by the Hypocricy
of the Ryuujinn and where banished to the ever
changing climiate planet Faun. Nearly 400 different
men and women Nerya where taken to the planet and
dumped off with nothing but a few mesly supplies to
sustain them for one year, and scrap space pods they
where ejedisant from. It was erased from Ryuujinn
documents to cover the actual creation of the Nerya
race, because a thousand years ago it was against the
Empires code to splice life from death. Shortly after the
Empire fell and the Republic was established. Word
reached the Rebulic 300 years after the Nerya had been
dumped off and the Republic sent 13 of their new
protecting force, the jedi, to inspect Faun. To their
supries the Nerya evolved themselves to change as the
planets climate did. They had dismantled all the pods to
create machines to build houses, and viecials. It was
here the photonic crystals where discovered. The first
ever Lightsabers where invented by the Nerya. The
Nerya where peaceful creatures who willingly excepted
the Republic. In return the Republic gave them food
and trade supplies, along with ships to come and go
from the planet. Because the jedi where so new, the
Lightsaber‟s a weapon that could literally cut through
anything was given as gifts to the first ever masters. The
jedi established a business with the Nerya, because their
planet was more then over populated with the crystals
to make the Lightsabers. These crystals where mined
and billions of tons of them where stored in Corasant
Storage units to make more sabers as the jedi grew….”
She turned looking back at Dale. “Dale… the Nerya was
the creation of a Ryuujinn and a Extinc form of life…
that means the Nerya are in a way an evolved form of
the Ryuujinn… and it was all covered up to look like it
wasn‟t” she said knowing not even him new about this.
But the name Denithore would ring a bell as a fellin
against the Old Sith Empire‟s Laws. Dale nodded “ah
yes Denithore he broke many laws but other then that
much is unknown about him”

She nodded, “It is listed in these historical documents it
was the creation of a new race that landed him eternally
in the history books even if no one new what it was he
did.” She said looking over the rest of the file. “I think
the Nerya change with their climates because the
Ryuujinn are Elemental creatures. They evolved to use
the elemental backgrounds to morph their body systems
to adjust to anything.” He shrugged “that would make
perfect sense so that Nerya are made from the ryuujin
for the ryuujin strange” Ravyn looked at him,
“Apparently not even the Hypocricy that was your form
of government at the time liked the idea. Most likely
why none of the Ryuujinn know about it now. It was
even 4 Ryuujinn Repicican scientists who made the
Starchasers. Their names given to them by their maker
Keith Starchaser who was killed in a emergnancy
landing of his space shuttle on Dantooine. Of the 46
people on board 3 survived, but Keith did not.
Currently only one of the actual scientists who worked
on the project is living right here on Corasant as a
normal cavillian. His name is Zeal Thorebare and is
currently ate the age of 269 this year” she said looking
at him. “perhaps a vist?” he nodded “sounds good to me
it should be an interesting meeting” She nodded,
“Perhaps he could tell us more on why the Repulic
wanted the create the Starchasers” she said hearing a
knock at the door and waved her hand to turn off the
screen. Dale looked at the door “please come in” he
said. Virgo and Rhys stepped inside, “Im sorry it took a
bit longer, Pisces wanted me to sing to her” she said as
Ravyn nodded, “it‟s fine” she said. Dale nodded “yes
please sit have some more wine” he told them. Virgo
smiled, “Only one more glass I shouldn‟t have anymore
then that I‟m still nursing” she said as Ravyn nodded,
“Yes even if it has low alcohol one last glass should be
fine” she said. “Eryx mind getting them some?” she said
taking Robyn to her room and put her to bed. He
nodded going to get some more wine as he poured every
one a glass giving some to each person and setting
Ravyns aside. When Ravyn came back she took a seat
on the lounge chair while Virgo and Rhys sat on the
couch and Dale in the other lounge chair. “Im sure your
mother is happy about having grandchildren” Ravyn
said to Virgo, knowing very well Virgo‟s mother was
dead. Virgo looked up from her glass, “my mother was
killed when I was still very small. It‟s hard to remember
what she was like, I only recall images really.
Memories” Rhys nodded as Dale sighed “how
unfortunate for you” Virgo smiled slightly, “I don‟t
think of it like that. She cared about me, that‟s all that
matters. And I know I grew up to be a daughter she
would have been proud of” Ravyn looked at her.
“Aren‟t you sad she‟s gone?” She asked. Virgo shook
her head, “No.. because she gives me the power I need
to defend the people of the republic. She became part of
the force, and the Force is inside me, so she‟s not really
gone, she‟s always with me” she said. Dale nodded
“well alright then as long as that gives you comfort”
Virgo chuckled, “Comfort is a luxury, and not one I feel
often but I suppose it‟s nice.” She said as Ravyn looked
at Rhys. “And your mother and father?” Rhys looked
at her “unfortunately my brother slain the in their
sleep along time ago” She shook her head, “that‟s
aweful” she said. Virgo put a hand on Rhys shoulder,
“We don‟t reflect on our families now. The jedi is our
family, it‟s members are our brothers and sisters” Rhys
nodded “yes that is right it is our whole life” he said
Dale nodded “to each there own I suppose” Virgo
looked at him, “I sence nothing from either of you, I
suppose the force isn‟t strong in most Forbians. Only a
select few have ever been found” Dale nodded “yes so
few of our kind are able to become jedi‟s our levels are
so weak its strange that we were able to have a child
with almost high enough levels” She nodded, “Had she
been enough it would have been a great honor to be
trained in jedi Arts. Many think it‟s crule to give up
their children to live a life of strict rules and hard ways.
Never truly knowing love or loss. Some think it isn‟t fair
that the children don‟t have a say in if they are trained
or not. To be honost when I was much younger I was
very unhappy about it. Because I never had the choice
to speak up and say I didn‟t want to. But as I got older
and learned more I realized even though there was
much I couldn‟t do this life is so much more peaceful.
My mind rests even with subjects that would leave
trauma or anger or resentment behind. It‟s an inner
feeling I suppose, and now when I reflect on the time I
spent, I know I was not understaning then. That I
needed time to show me a path that would free me of all
the pain and sadness I suffered. Now it was worth all of
it, and had I had the chance to go back to when they
wanted to train me, I would not speak against it.” Dale
nodded “well we like the little girl we have now even if
she is some what of a brat” he told her.

Virgo chuckled, “Teach her that pacients is a gift, and
with it good things come to those who wait.” She said
feeling Rhys rest his hand on her knee and her ears
twitched in reaction. Ravyn looked at her, “And you‟re
the Last of the Nerya, you and your Brother, I heard
that sometimes Nerya get a monthly craving to
reproduce how do you stop that?” She asked. Virgo
smiled, “Through lots of meditation and isolation. It‟s
controllable.” Dale nodded “even with something like
that it must be hard” Virgo chuckled, “As hard as it is
it‟s just another obstical to over come. Life is a
mountain, you need to be strong to climb it.” Dale
shrugged “so many metaphors is that something they
teach you as a Jedi?” he said with a smile. Virgo
laughed finding it funny, “Actually my Master Tyva
practically spoke in riddles half the time. I spent most
the time just trying to understand him. I suppose he
rubbed off on me some” Dale nodded “it certainly has
hasn‟t it”

Virgo smiled, “Then again it all depends on how we
want to express the way we mean. Sometimes using a
metaphore is a better example then being technical.
That you learn on your own” Rhys nodded “well some
times flat out saying it isw good too for people less
integellent” Virgo looked at him, “But then it makes us
just sound like assholes” She said. “You‟d know plenty
about that Rhys” he shrugged “Well emotions seem to
rouble so many individuals who try and use the whole
spectrum” She looked at him, “And that‟s not
something your supposed to be doing anymore.
Especially now that you‟re a High Master” she said as
Ravyn looked up shocked. “You meand Master Rhys is
the new High master we heard about?” Rhys nodded
“yes I am the new high master after a small incident”
She blinked, “But we where told you could not sit as a
high Master because of what happened to you” she said
as Virgo nodded, “Untill he showed self sacrifice for a
child when they where in grave danger. A selfless act is
something pure, that only true jedi could have. The he
freed himself completely from the darkside by putting
himself in danger without even thinking. We all senced
his soul suddenly being freed and purified. And all the
High masters knew he could finally sit as a High
Master.” Ravyn looked at her. “Freed?” she asked.
Virgo nodded, “Meaning he no longer has the power to
use the dark side. It‟s gone entirely” she said knowing it
was untrue but didn‟t need the senate throwing a fit.
Dale nodded Intreging “that you were able to pull off
such a feat” Virgo smiled at them, “His heart was in the
right place, he was only confused by the paths. In the
end his heart brought him to the end of the jedi Path.”
She said as Ravyn looked astonished. “Wow that‟s
amazing!” She said. Virgo nodded, “All of us where
amazed and very happy” she said looking at Rhys. “He
found the good in himself and Im very proud of him.
Even if his first student reached Highmastery before
him” Rhys shrugged “I am sure I could have reached it
first if I didn‟t die”

Virgo grinned, “You didn‟t die at all, It only felt like
you did” She said rubbing his shoulder. “Besides, that
was a touch fight, we had distroier androids all over the
place and a Powerful Sith lord you where taking on all
by yourself. If it wasn‟t for Scorpio showing up when he
did that Force field would have stayed up and I
wouldn‟t of even been able to get near you.” Ravyn
looked at her, “So you where his first student? But I
thought master Tyva was your master” She said. Virgo
put on a smile for them. “Master Tyva was my Uncle,
yes but he had to go on a Mission. One I couldn‟t go on
with him. So I was placed in Rhys care until his return.
But he never did return, he died in his sleep from old
age, and I came to find out he had gone to see what had
happened to my home planet.” Rhys nodded “nasty
thing how the Nerya homeworld Planet exploded” as it
was common knowledge now. She nodded, “It was
Distroied by a Sith Ship, in my time as a Spy for the jedi
looking into the Sith movments I came across records
that showed it was actually an accident it was distroied.
The wrong corwardenence where given. The Sith where
to distory Lavos the Planet that was neighbor to Faun.”
Dale nodded “so the basicly screwed up” he said. She
nodded, “Unfortunatly. The Planet Lavos was just a
reserve planet, not really populated at all. Billions of
people lost their lives for no good reason” he nodded
“well that‟s too bad that it had to happen”

She nodded, “We really should go” Virgo said setting
aside her empty glass. “My head feels a tad light” Rhys
nodded “yah we should it is late and who knows when
Leo needs to feed next” She nodded, “And to much to
drink might make that a problem” she said standing up
as Ravyn looked up at her. “Alright I suppose we will
see you in the Senate tomarrow?” she asked as Virgo
looked at her. “Im sure you‟ve noticed that the jedi
council has found me to be quiet good with polotics
when it comes to needing a voice.” She said. Rhys
nodded “well we will see you around” Rhys said taking
Virgo back home. Ravyn turned towards Dale, “I think
we should stop by this Denithore‟s home tomarrow
after the senate convines.” She said standing up.

The next morning the jedi Council met before the
senate as Master lore sat forward watching Virgo. “I
push for a mission” he said. Rhysa turned and looked
to him as So did every one else letting Master Yoda
speak first “what mission of sorts?” He looked at Yoda,
“One that has not been attempted in near 400 years. I
push to stop the sith at it‟s roots, and bring back order
to the Republic. I‟d like to send a few of our best jedi
millions of years into the past and prevent the sith from
creation in the Earth year of 2005” Yoda nodded
“dangerous such a thing meddling time something that
should never be done” He nodded, “But perhaps
something can be done just enough to alter the sith ever
coming to power. The Archives claim there was a young
couple, and one of them had enough anger to bring
forth a force unlike any other. I suppose at the time to
them they never thought it would grow to such
perportions.” He shrugged “who knows archieves are
incomplete for those times” He nodded, “then perhaps
an observation?” he shrugged “a drone?” Yoda asked.
Virgo shook her head, “Remember at that time period
there where no androids. We‟d have to send a Jedi,
possibly befriend them find out a bit about how it all
started. Perhaps if we know how this madness started
we might have a better idea on how they get such
enormous powers. He shrugged “such a dangerous
mission those who leave might not be able to come

Virgo sighed slightly, “There is my mother‟s machine…
it‟s never been tested on actual people but im sure if I
changed the scimatics it could work” she said as Master
Lore looked at her. “Your mother was an absolute
genius. She knew what she was building long before she
started. I do not doubt that her machine would work. In
fact with the skills you inheritated from her you would
be able to make it to and back safely.” Rhys nodded as
Yoda looked at them “who would volunteer for such a
mission” Virgo turned her gaze to him, “For the best of
the Republic yes” she said knowing it might upset Rhys.
“I will as well” Rhys said. Virgo looked at him,
“Someone needs to stay here and take care of my
children Rhys. If for some reason I‟m not able to return
at least they would still have you” She said knowing
again he wouldn‟t like to hear such talk as failure. He
shrugged “I doubt you will fail if I am there as well”
Master lore nodded, “You‟ve to much of your mother in
you to Fail Master Virgo.” Yoda nodded “Well that is
all settled then” he said. Virgo sighed, “the mission
must be told to the senate” Yoda looked at her “I don‟t
believe the senate needs to know of such a mission” She
tilted her head, “We‟ve never hideen our missions from
the senate before. Sence something Master?” he
nodded “that I do I sense a disturbance in the force this
mission should not be told about till it is completed” She
nodded, “Very well, I will begin work on my mothers
Machine. When we leave will will return a moment
after we left so it would be as if we where only gone for
a second” Yoda nodded “that we know Master
Starchaser”She nodded sitting back in her chair, “I
should prepare my shuttle for the senate meeting. Not a
word will be spoken of this mission” she said. Master
yoda nodded “go see Senate” She nodded standing
slowly. “master, if… I do not return, I wish that the
care of my children go to you.” Master yoda nodded
“lety it be so” She nodded, “Pardon me” she said
turning to the door and left followed by Rhys. “Fail she
will not, I forsee it” Master Lore said. Master yoda
looked at him “I hope your visions come true” He
looked at Yoda and nodded.

After the senate was over Ravyn and Dale found
themselves stepping out onto a huge patio at the home
of Denithore. Dale went over to the door knocking on it
and ringing the door bell. An older Ryuujinn came to
the door using a cane for his limp. “ah professor
Denithore” he said. He looked at them, “I don‟t go by
that name any longer” Dale nodded “if that‟s what you
wish but we have to have a few words with you” He
grumbled slightly, “come in come in” he said moving
aside limping, an old injury he sustained in work. Dale
and ravyn soon found their ways inside. He turned
looking back at them as he sat down on his poofy couch.
“Please sit… and tell this old timer what you have to
say” Dale sat down and looked to Ravyn letting her
speak. Ravyn looked at him, “Your one of the 4
scientests who began the Starchaser project” She said.
He sighed, “I don‟t speak about it now” Dale looked at
him “well you will talk about it now” He nodded, “I
suppose I will talk about it now” he said. “what was the
main goal of the project” He looked at them, “The
objective was always the same. My good friend
Starchaser was a direct desendant of the man who
originally created the Nerya Race. He believed in his
ancestors work and e got the approval of the jedi
council to begin Project Zodiac. Because the Nerya race
could adapt to anything we took a drop of blood from
every Nerya born for almost 10 years. We took their
best Genetic DNA codes and melded them into one large
one. Enough DNA codes to create a single life form. So
we Created Pisces. In a way a Super being is what we
where hoping for. A breed that was very smart, very
strong, and could over ome complications that held
back most everyone else.” Dale nodded “any thing
else?” Ravyn nodded, “What made the Starchasers so
special?” She asked as he chuckled, “The Starchasers
carry the key to just about any desease in the Republic.
Their blood is nearly all Anti body. They normally
don‟t get sick and when they did it didn‟t last nearly as
long as anyone else. They where very furtle which was
also the key to helping women who couldn‟t have
children, have them. They where the keys to unlocking
lifes mystery. The Starchasers were the only ones of the
Nerya Race who kept all of the Ryuujinn‟s best
features. The DNA for that came from me” Dale
nodded “interesting so they are very much like ryuujin

He nodded, “Yes they are, my beloved Clara was the
one who even carried both Pisces and Sagittarius.
Unfortunatly the second birthing sucked the life out of
her and she passed away only a few short years later.
Dale nodded “how unfortunate for you but that would
mean the starchaser family was all inbred” He shook
his head, “Oh no, the DNA for Sagittarius was
completely different then Pisces. We used a second
batch of Gathered DNA. In the end they really didn‟t
have any gene‟s in common. It was Sagittarius who
desided to have children not any of us” he nodded “ah
alright then” He sat back looking at them, “Jedi master
Tyva was one of our better scientists. He care took all 10
of the children to study their medaclorian levels along
with their vital signs” Dale nodded “so the jedi were
apart of this so called scientific experiment” He nodded,
“Oh yes, but they didn‟t support it. Mostly Tyva was
there for observation, the Jedi council were afraid that
super beings would be to un-natural that something on
a physical and mental level could go wrong. I suppose it
did 17 years ago” Dale looked at him “what went
wrong 17 years ago?”

He looked over at Dale. “Pisces began to experience
unplesent visions in her sleep. She mentioned on several
occasions they where frightening. Death, pain and
suffering to those she so deeply cared about. The
reblucs Ryuujinn chansilor at the time desided to
medicate her on a new Ryuujinn drug, but what
happened after was like a nightmare itself. Paranoia set
in, along with anger, sadness and guilt. She nearly even
took the life of one of her own children once, trying to
drowned them in the bath tub. The experance left her
scarred and the trauma forced a suppression of this
memory. She wanted only to remember the good. Pisces
started to fall apart. She couldn‟t concentrate, saying
she could hear voices all the time and there was never
peace. She attached 16 photonic bombs to the outer
carrage of her and her husbands science vessel and
when in space she blew herself and Sagittarius to bits.
Nothing but fragments of tissue where recovered, and
the republic used it as an opportunity to accuse the
outer rim sith for the explosion. The others thought
Pisces was dysfunctional. But Tyva and I think it was
the drugs the chansilor had her on. She was just fine
before, but when she tried to drowned virgo….” He
looked at the floor and sighed, “It took hours to revive
her, to remove the water from her lungs. When she
came to she seemed as if nothing had even happened.
With the death of her parents her older brothers
wanted her placed in their care. But Tyva said he had a
vision of greatness in her future if she was to stay here
on Corasant at the Jedi Temple. Her brothers pressed
the Republic senate to place her custody into their
hands, being the childs rightful family. Dispite the fact
the jedi council believed her Mediclorian level was to
low, they agreed to allow her to stay. As she got a bit
older her medaclorian levels nearly tripled, as if her
super breeding had the ability to give her higher
medicloran count every time she began to learn
something new. Because Pisces had few daughters I
feared that if it was not the drugs, they too could some
day become dysfunctional and life threatening.” Dale
nodded “very interesting stuff there doc”

Ravyn looked at him, “You say the child Pisces
attempted to murder was Virgo?” She asked. He
nodded. “It‟s hard to recall now but she was screaming
something about her destroying a strong force.
Something about needing to stop her before everything
they worked for would be gone” Dale nodded “it was
like She thaught Virgo would be a force of destruction
instead of what she is now” He shook his head, “Oh no,
she was screaming about virgo destroying an evil force
not becoming one. It‟s the reason Jedi Master Tyva kept
her here. He claimed he felt a bright future for her. It‟s
been so long since I‟ve seen little Virgo, but the republic
has banned me from coming with in a 100 feet of her”
Dale nodded “that is too bad that the republic did that
to you isn‟t it” he said not knowing what else to say.He
sighed as Ravyn looked at him, “Do you believe Virgo is
a threat to the republic?” She asked. He looked up at
ravyn surprised, “Oh no! I was the one who first held
her when I brought her into this world. I see her on TV
all the time grew into quiet the Jedi it appears. But I am
old and nearing the end of my life span. I am preparing
myself for it, not ready yet. Into the history books I will
be but not forget the treason I committed to my people
by making the Starchasers.” Dale nodded “Well thank
you for your time Professor” he said standing up and
nodding to him before walking to the door. Ravyn
followed and soon both of them made their way home.
Ravyn stepped off the shuttle knoticing Virgo
meditating on the patio. Rhys soon approached her “so
how are things going” he said to virgo. Virgo slowly
opened her eyes looking out over the city. “Everything
is set, our mission begins at dawn” Dale stopped
listening as Rhys looked at her “what shall we expect
from this mission any how?” he asked her. She sighed
slightly, “A time jump is very dangerous Rhys, my
mother‟s Machine has been recaibrated by me and I
know it will work. How ever we are going back to a time
period long befor any intergalactic federation was ever
established. Earth will be in the middle of a
technological break through era. Everything will be
large and bulky, out of date to us but very up to date for
the humans. Records show these are the 2 we are
looking for” she said putting up on screan acient photos
of a young red headed woman with lovely blue green
eyes and a handsom young man with long brown hair
and brown eyes. “The young woman is Michelle
sunstedt and the young man is believe it or not Dale
Sabrehaven. It is said one of these two are the ones who
created the Sith, the other who created the jedi… how
ever I am unsure if they knew to the extent it was going.
We must find the one who opens a path to the dark side
and end it quickly. So when we return to this moment in
time the Sith should be non existent” Rhys nodded
“well alright then” he said as Dale looked to Ravyn
Intreguided. Ravyn gasped softly, “If there is no sith I
wont exist” she said in a whisper to Dale. Virgo nodded,
“Our ship is already ready for departure. The Council
was kind enough to replicate us clothes that where
fasionable at this time” Rhys nodded “then we should
go get ready” he told her as Dale looked to Ravyn “we
better do something to stop them or change it so the jedi
aren‟t created either way” he said whispering to Ravyn.

Ravyn watched as Virgo sighed, “This mission disturbs
me. I feel that we shouldn‟t even be embarking on such
a mission. Good cant survive without Evil, and Evil
can‟t survive without Good. If the jedi didn‟t have the
sith, we‟d pretty much be out of a job.” Rhys looked at
her “well the sith could be easily replaced by a stronger
evil or a lesser evil who knows” She climbed to her feet
and turned towards him, “We‟ll fly to the ship docked
at the Republic council center in the morning. Both of
us need our rest, and time to see good by to our children
until we return. To them it will seem like only a
moment… to us… it could be years” he nodded “that it
could be so its best to say good bye to them since who
knows when we will see them next” he told her leading
her into their place. Ravyn blinked before rushing into
their apartment, “How can this be? People can‟t go
back in time…” Dale walked into the apartment behind
her “its been theorized by many scientists but none have
knew how to finish it” Ravyn looked at him, “A woman
who could make custom parts for me that no other
scientist knew how to work has good chances of making
a time machine.” He nodded “I suppose she would I
guess she figured out the finals of it” he told her.

Ravyn turned looking back at him, “We can‟t allow this
to happen. If she stops the Sith from becoming then I
wont exist anymore, you will be a boring Ryuujinn
politician and you‟d be all alone without me or any of
your children” he nodded “very true thenwe will have
to find a way to use her time machine then wont we?”
She looked at him, “Stow aboard the ship she has
docked for time jump” he nodded “I guess that will
work with those medaclorian cloaks you have for us”
She nodded, “We will also need holoappearances for at
least me, you can change your hair and I will give you
the injection to change your eyes.” He nodded “sounds
fine by me then but I might wanna get a holo
appearance as well since my facial features will still be
the same” She nodded pulling two out of a storage unit.
“We can‟t bring Robyn… we will have to leave her
here… if we fail you wont ever see her again” he
nodded “I know so we better not fail then should we” he
told her. She shook her head turning her
holoappaerance on and started to randomly change
them till she looked like a 18 year old human girl. She
had Brown hair and green eyes. Dale played around
with his until he reappeared to be a young 18 year old
boy with long red hair and hazel eyes “there hows
this?” She smiled, “you sorta look like that girl we need
to find” he shrugged “ah well can‟t be too choosey
about appearances you know I could change it to look
completely female and throw them off period” She let
out a low growl, “Yeah if you never want to see me
again” she threatened him. He laughed “picky picky
aren‟t we ravyn?” She looked at him sternly. “Shut up
and let‟s go, I‟m hiring a sitter to come over I‟ll let them
know the door is unlocked.” He chuckled some more
following her out and about letting her lead the way.
They went to the ship that was at the dock at the Senate
launch as Virgo said. Ravyn managed to open a
compartment for them to climb in. Dale soon climbed
in with her and closed the compartment it was a tight
squeeze but they were both in just as Rhys and virgo
entered the ship. Virgo took her seat in the piolet‟s
chair and let Rhys sit in the co piolets chair. “Shifting
all systems go” she said as the engines flared up and it
hovered up off the ground. “Leaving Atmosphere” she
said as it shot forward as the window was now showing
blackness and stars. Rhys looked over his commands
“all systems normal ready for time space deployment”
he told her. She nodded flipping switches on, “Time
jump in 5… 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…” She said as the ship
jolted feeling as if it when into such a fast warp they
could literally feel the g forces inside when it had never
been felt before. Virgo closed her eyes. Rhys gritted his
teeth the G-forces were intense it felt like they were
tearing through their bodies his hands gripping the
arm rests on his chair while stars flashed by even
quicker then light speed. Virgo kept her eyes closed and
her body loose dispite it‟s intensity as it suddenly all
stopped as they came out of the time jump the long
since distroied planet earth glowing before them. Virgo
opened her eyes and looked out. “It worked” Rhys
nodded “turning on cloaking device don‟t want their
primitive sensors catching us” he said flicking the
switch on. She nodded flipping switches “Short ignition
boosts will help us slow down in the atmosphere. We are
looking for a country called… Canada” he brought up
old maps as he looked them over “land markings mark
it to the north” he told her. She nodded, “Looking for a
North Bay Ontario Canada” She said as the maps
pointed out its location. “Alright let‟s go it shows we can
land in some woods outside the city” he nodded finding
a suitable spot “here is one” he told her pointing on the
map. She nodded bringing the ship down and landed it
easily in the woods. “We best get some clothes here…
Our replicators had nothing in the data base about
fasion in this time frame… it was to long ago” he
shrugged “guess we will have to steal something since
we don‟t have any of their currency” he told her as well.
She sighed, “I suppose if we can find a piece of their
curancy we can replicate more of it” he shrugged “well
unforutnatly they have something against doing that
called security messures since our replicators can‟t
change them it would only be the same bill over and
over again, I guess history class did something for me”
She sighed, “Then we will have to hope someone will
take us in” she said opening the hatch and stepping off
the ship dressed in her jedi robes. He stepped out of the
ship looking at her as he was not wearing his robes “I
am sure we will look very stranges espically with you
and your pink hair and pointy ears and me with white
and blue hair” She turned and looked at him, “Oh
shit… I forgot holoimmiters” she said using the force to
bring her two of them. “Here put this on” she said
tossing him one as she strapped her‟s to her ankle and
began shifting through all her options until she was a
stunning pale blone with teal colored eyes and normal
ears. He puit his on till he shifted through turning his
hair colo black with green eyes “well you look good”
She smiled up at him, “so do you” She said. He smiled
“Well lets get moving no time to mess around” he said
closing the ship up as they got off.

Ravyn and Dale got off later when they where safely
gone. Virgo stepped out into the city watching cars
wizzing by. “Almost stone age” she said. He smiled
“well this is the Growth age as they were just creating
high tech gadjets in mass quanities as its what lead to
their planet exploding due to massive quantitys of
garbage from one device being slightly better then the
next and consumers buying it and waiting till the next
one came out” She nodded, “But if it wasn‟t for the
Humans the Ryuujinn would still be apes and the Nerya
would never have been” She said looking down at her
hand held computer. “We better start looking for these
two… perhaps some sort of system that has addresses
and communicating frequencies in them” he shrugged
“well I think they have directories for stuff like that but
I believe it was some sort of book” She nodded, “then
let‟s find this book” She said looking around. “Hmmm
their form of language is very old but I can read it…
That sign down there looks like… Price… Choppers”
she said tilting her head. He shrugged “maybe looking
there will help” he said walking towards it as people
looked at them strange “wow look at the freaks going to
see the next starwars movie dressed in full costumes”
one said. Virgo blinked looking at them. “Rhys what‟s
their definition of Freak?” She asked not realizing she
said it loud enough to be heard. They all looked at her
strangely as Rhys looked at her “freak is a term for one
person who is not apart of their civilization” She
nodded. “Ah… I suppose it is best to adapt to their
customs and traditions until we can go home” she said
turning to one of them. “Excuse me, perhaps you could
tell us where we can find a book of contacts in this
city?” he looked at her “what the hell is wrong with you
a phone book is right ove rthere” he said pointing to a
phone booth. Virgo turned looking back at the phone
booth before looking back at him. “Does it cost
anything?” Rhys shook his head “I don‟t think so” he
said walking over and waiting for the doors to open
“damn thing is broke” he saide pushing the doors open
and taking the phone book. Virgo turned and caught up
to him, “Ugh this is going to be difficult” he opened it
up seeing torn pages in it “huh very difficult” he said
looking up the names in the phone book. She looked
around at all the people going inside who stopped to
stare at them for a moment. “People seem to be pointing
at us” he nodded “better find some money fats and get
some clothes to fit in” he told her “ah there is one of
them” he told her ripping out the page. She looked at
him, “I agree, but where are we going to get money?”
he shrugged “I have no clue really….” He said. She
sighed, “Well lets find the one you found perhaps they
will have something to lend us if we befriend them
properly.”he nodded “well it says 994 fraser street
where ever that is maybe we should find a map some
where” She nodded, “Perhaps there is one in that book”
she said. He flipped through it “nope no map here” he
said. She sighed, “Dang perhaps we could ask
someone.” She said moving towards the doors where
people where coming in and out. “Excuse me.. could
someone please tell me where I might find Fraser
street?” a woman looked up her “about five blocks that
way and you can get there off fifth street across from
tim hortons” She nodded, “Thank you” she said
motioning for Rhs to follow. “What the hell is a tim
hortons” she whispered to him. He shrugged as he
started going the way they pointed seeing plenty of cars
whizzing by them. She looked around walking until she
saw a sign that said tim hortons “Look theres tim
hortons… it‟s a doughnut shop” he nodded “oh so they
ment a galactic tims remember that place on coresant
this must be its roots” he told her. She looked at him,
“Well we don‟t have any money for food” she said
seeing Fith Street. “Good now all we got to do is cross
the street” she said stepping out into the middle of the
streets as cars threw on their horns and breaks. Rhys
grabbed her and pulled her back letting the numerous
cars go by “well unfortunately they don‟t stop for
pedestrians here” She grumbled, “that is very rude of
them then” she said waiting till it was clear and both
crossed the street together. “Hmm this building says
994 but it appears to be a store” he looked “yes but
there is a stair case on the side with a mail box saying
994” he told her. She turned looking at it, “that must be
it” she said moving up the stairs and knocked. The door
opened as a tired looking red haired woman answered
the door. “Yeah?” She asked as Virgo looked at her.
“Excuse me miss but we don‟t have any shelter or
curancy we where hoping you could give us a hand.”
She shook her head, “Sorry but I‟m broke too… hmm
you look like starwars fans, if you‟d like to come in for a
while your welcome to” Rhys shrugged “Sure why not
sounds good to me” Michelle stepped aside letting them
go up and shut the door, before going to her shut
bedroom door and poked her head in, “Dale get up a
couple of starwars fans showed up on our door step”
Dale got up and brushed his shoulder length brown hair
out of his face “your letting in stray nerds again”

She smiled, “Can‟t say no to fans of a good movie” she
said as Virgo smiled at him standing beside Rhys. “I‟m
virgo” She said holding her hand out to him. He shook
her hand looking at her oddly as Rhys nodded to him
“I‟m Rhys” he told him as Dale raised an eye brow
“well strange names for both of them” Michelle smiled
at them, “I‟m Michelle and this is my boyfriend Dale.
Make yourselves comfortable. Your names remind me
of old RP characters Dale and me useed to have” Rhys
looked at her “such a strange coincence” he told her.
She shrugged handing each of them a soda. “Eh they
are real names just uncommon ones.” She said looking
at Dale, “Dale go put on a shirt” she said. Dale sighed
going and putting on a shirt. Rhys looked at the can
funny. Virgo looked at the can figuring it would open if
she lifted the tab and it fized when she did. She sniffed it
first then sipped it, “Ack the fizzies are in my nose” she
said as Michelle smiled, “not a big soda drink I take it”
Rhys looked at Virgo as he opened the can taking a sip
“strange stuff” Michelle shrugged, “it‟s no name brand
stuff” she said. “So you guys are here for the new movie
but don‟t even have a place to stay?” she asked Virgo
shook her head, “No sadly all of our luggage was stolen
along with our acomidation passes and all of our
money.” Rhys nodded as Dale came back into the room
with his new shirt on. Michelle turned looking at Dale,
“Dale they had all their stuff stolen and they don‟t have
any place to go” Dale shrugged “not really our problem
now is it” he told Michelle. She looked at him, “Oh
don‟t be such a grumpy ass” She said looking at Virgo
and Rhys, “You guys can stay here, he thinks he‟s all
goth and stuff” she said as virgo looked at the shirt Dale
had put on. She saw a shirt with two old revolvers and
some roses on it with the words guns N Roses under it
“we got no where they can sleep” Dale told her.
Michelle smiled, “If you don‟t mind the floor we have
plenty of place in our living room” she said pointing at
it. “I can move the computer and stuff” virgo nodded,
“Thank you Michelle it is very kind of you” she said
Michelle nodded, “it‟s in my nature” Dale sighed “ugh
fine well I have to go to work here soon you know”
Michelle took his hand, “Oh you got plenty of time,
clean up in there a little and I‟ll make you lunch” he
sighed going into the living room to clean up while Rhys
and virgo sat in the kitchen. Michelle went to work on
making Dale lunch, “he‟s sorta grumpy since he really
doesn‟t like people.” She said as Virgo looked at her,
“But he likes you” She said as Michelle nodded, “Yeah I
guess I found that heart of stone of his. It‟s soft for me
but hard to anyone else” Rhys shrugged “Well it
happens a lot I do suppose” Rhys told her. Michelle
smiled putting a sandwhich together, “you guys a
couple? Married? Or just friends?” Rhys looked to
Virgo letting her answering that not wanting to give an
answer and have her do something to him for answering
the wrong thing. Virgo spoke up, “We are married,
recently this is our honeymoon” She said. Rhys nodded
“yes and so far its not too good with our stuff getting

Michelle looked at them, “Wow I wish Dale and I could
get married, I‟m from the States so he and I can‟t get
married without a visa” she said as she looked at Virgo,
“You asutralian? You sound it with your accent” she
said as Virgo nodded not even knowing where it was.
Rhys nodded as well “yes We enjoy the old out back” he
said knowing a few things about that. Michelle nodded,
“I think it would be great to live there. So your
honeymooning in Canada? That‟s something” she said
hearing dale gripping about not being able to find his
work pants. She shook her head with a smile, “Hanging
in the closet hun” Dale grumbled some more getting his
pants and going into the bed room to put them on. She
looked out at him as she put his lunch in hi sback pack,
“Work is a part of life hun” she said to him. He sighed
“well it‟s a bad part” he told her putting a few more
thing sito his back pack. She smiled looking up at him,
“You have a good day at work and I‟ll pick you up at
midnight” she said resting her hands on his chest. He
leaned down and kissed her before leaving to go to

After arriving at work he noticed 2 other strange
looking Star Wars fans, a stunning Brunnette and a
Red headed guy. Dale shook his head “so many star
wars freaks out today and the movie just opened up a
few days ago” Ravyn recognized him immedatly from
the holo images she saw Virgo have. “Look Dale that‟s
him” she said softly. Dale nodded “so it is him what
should we do now?” he asked her. She looked at him,
“Bond with him you‟re a guy!!” she said nudging him.
“We know Virgo and Rhys are here we‟ll have to go by
new names. I‟ll be… Anna” he Shruged “I guess I will
be Bob” he told her. She laughed, “No way that‟s such a
gross name! you can be Lance” she smiled. He shrugged
“ugh that‟s a stupid name something a moron would
name their kid” She looked at him, “better the bob… if
not lance how about Zach, or Rune” he sighed “I
suppose Zach is okay” he told her. She nodded, “Good
now bond… I‟ve looked into this guy on the computer
archives. He‟s this really deep depressive guy, and was
all Gothic like” he shrugged “so how do you bond with
a guy like that?” he asked her. She looked at him, “This
guy is the Real Dale Sabrehaven. The one who‟s name
you took, he should like dark stuff and dark music” he
shrugged “Well whats considered dark in this time
period?” She scanned through a few things in her her
programmed files, “Metal music, like a band called
Children of Bodom or Iced Earth according to my
programming. Death and depression” Dale looked
around well this place looks dead and depressing but no
music” She smiled, “Go on” she said seeing Dale
picking up garbage and grumbling to himself. Dale
walked over to Dale looking at him “wow such a dirty
job and very disgusting as Dale looked at him “eh better
then washing dishes I suppose” he told him. Ravyn
looked at him, “I agree that‟s what I do for a living” she
said looking at his shirt, “Kick ass guns n‟ Roses shirt, I
have all their albums” Dale smiled to her “well thank
you so do I” he told her “whats your favorite song?”
She smiled “Paitence” she said scanning through her
mind archives she downloaded. He smiled “yes a very
good song wasn‟t it” he said. She nodded, “I also have
all of Ozzy‟s CD”s and Zach here has the entire Iced
Earth and Children of Bodom collection” Dale nodded
“well good to see other people with good taste although
your clothes are questionable star wars geeks?” She
laughed, “Actually we sorta stole these clothes, we
where skinny dipping in the lake last night and some
jerks made off with our clothes so Zach beat up some
kids and we took their clothes to cover ourselves. Those
ass holes took off with all of our shit” Dale nodded
“well that‟s unfortunate for you guys isn‟t it” She
nodded, “They even took our veichal, so we‟ve been
wondering around stranded in this city. We aren‟t from
this country” she said sounding as if she was from
England. He looked at her “English people huh well I
suppose you can come visit with me and my girl friend I
suppose” She smiled, “Awesome! I‟ts about time there
is a hot guy around here with good tastes” she said
curling some of her curly brown hair around her finger.
He nodded “yah maybe we should find you some new
clothes those are very ugly clothes” She nodded, “As
long as it‟s black and something that makes my cute ass
look even cuter” Dale sighed taking out his wallet “here
take some money and find something since I know
Michelle doesn‟t have any thing like that but you will
have to stick around for abit I am not done work for a
while” She nodded taking the money, “Totally, Hey for
being so good to us, we‟ll stick around and give you a
hand so you boss don‟t see” she said. He shurged “that
sounds good to me the less work I have to do the better”

She nodded, “Anything to give a fellow rocker a hand”
she said. “We‟ll be back in a flash” she said with a smile
as she and Dale went and got some new clothes. She got
a super hot black miniskirt and a Ozzy belly shirt that
was low cut and had the arms cut off it. She got some
fishnets and a garter belt to hold them up so the belt
straps where showing. She got some knee high leather
boots with big buckles. “How do I look Dale?” she
asked her man. He looked at her “deffinatly different
but still very hot” he told her. She smiled, “And you
look great in those goth pants. The Fear Factory shirt is
the greatest touch for your outfit” he nodded “well
thank you I do try for this gothic thing but I understand
why it never caught on in coresant” She smiled, “Don‟t
know but my brain is working over time finding all this
info out” she said paying for their clothes and then
headed back to see the other Dale. They found him
cleaning toilets on his hand and knees. She came in and
stood beside him, “Here let me give you a hand” She
said all he could see where her extremely sexy legs. He
looked up at her “nah best not to get you dirty these
things are full of crap” She grinned, “So are homeboys
and trendwhores” he nodded “that they are I just wish
they would give us a month of homeboy hunting with
high caliber weapons or automatics” She laughed, “We
pick em off with sniper rifals out our window” she said
looking over her shoulder at her ass. “Damn this dress
makes my ass look good Zach what do you think?” he
smiled “yes looks very good baby” he told her with his
head tilted up the side staring at her ass. She smiled,
“Come on let‟s help our new rocker pal out now.” She
said grabbing a mop and started to wash the floor. “Oh
by the way I‟m Anna” she said with a smile. Dale went
around wipping down sinks for him as Dale kept
cleaning toilets. “So how come your girlfriend don‟t got
anything cute and sexy to wear? Or was it about her not
having anything black?” he shrugged “she wears to
many pants I like seeing skirts on women” he told her.
She looked voer at him as she mopped, “Then why you
still with her? Im sure there are lots of rocker girls out
there who where skirts” he shrugged “too lazy to look
sin ce I work here all the time and I need to save my
“That‟s not much of a reason you make it sound like
you are to lazy to find another woman” she said to him.
“I picture her wearing a lot of white and into those
more trendy looking clothes” he shrugged “probly am
alittle lazy” he said. Ravyn smiled, “Aren‟t we all” She
said putting the mop in the bucket. “You seem like the
kind of guy who could use a few women instead of just
one.” He shrugged “I wish I was that much of a ladies
man” he told her. She smiled, “Im sure you are” she
said thinking he might be the one who begins the sith.
He shrugged “but I‟m not I am too nervous around
people I don‟t know unless they approach me first” She
looked at him, before glancing at her watch, “Yikes it‟s
almost midnight, We‟ve been here a lot longer then I
thought” he nodded “yah its time for me to get going
home here now and mIchelle has those two star wars
geeks there with her too Australians I think” She looked
at him, “Ah well this certainly should be fun” she said
putting a hand on her hip. Dale nodded as he soon took
them home with him after he was done work. Michelle
seemed ok with two more guests as they arrived Virgo
and rhys looked up from the tv to Ravyn and Dale.
“riends?” Virgo asked Michelle. “Dale found two more
stranded people” Dale nodded “yah they got stranded
here too so I thaugth Michelle woundn‟t mind more
guests till they get on their feet again” Michelle smiled,
“Of course! I love to help people” she smiled as Ravyn
looked at Dale. Dale smiled back to here “well better
get shanty town in our living room two more beds”
Michelle looked at him with a smile, “Oh come on Dale
it‟s good to help people out” she said as virgo nodded,
“Im virgo and this is Rhys” She said to Ravn Ravyn
nodded. “I‟m anna and this is Zach” she said. Rhys
nodded “well a pleasure to meet you anna and Zach”
Michelle smiled, “You all should get some rest, We need
to go to bed since Dale works 8 hour shifts” she said as
she went into her and Dale‟s bedroom. Dale nodded
going into the bed room with michelle being tired as
well. Michelle sat down behind Dale and gently
messaged his shoulders and sore back. “I baught you
some new video games today she said softly to him. He
smiled “Well good I am glad you did I needed some new
ones to play” She kissed his neck gently, “I got you that
new StarOcean game, and YS and Pokemon Emerald
for your gameboy” She said relaxing his sore aching
back. He smiled “good I wanted to play those” he told
her with a smile groaning from the relaxation she was
giving him. She smiled at him, “I got some take out
pizza if you‟d like me to get you some and some
chocolate milk” she said stroking his hair. He nodded
“that would be nice of you baby”

She got up and got him a plate and a glass full noticing
the 4 chatting quietly in the living room as she went
back into the bedroom. “I … got some nighty‟s from
LaSenza while you where gone” he smiled “well good I
can‟t wait till I see them” he said. She smiled, “Eat up
and I‟ll change” she said reaching into her LaSenza bag
and slipped on a white teddy that had a fluffy feathery
top around her chest and a lace thong to match that had
fuzzy tie on. He smiled watching her eating his pizza
and drinking his chocolate milk. She smiled looking
back at him, “So… what do you think?” She said
blushing slightly looking a lot like she was wearing a
sexy angel outfit. He smiled “you look very sexy
Michelle” he told her. She smiled and sat down on her
side of the bed, “I saw it and thought it was perfect for
me” he nodded “Well you look very good and it does
suit you” She smiled laying down on her side, “It‟s been
a few weeks since you gave me that look Dale” he
looked at her “and whats wrong with that?” She looked
at him, “Well I‟ve just felt you haven‟t found me
desrable lately. It‟s why I baught this” he looked “well I
am stressed from work its hard to clean toilets and feel
horney after wards” She nodded curling up against
him, “Im trying Dale, I keep it clean here, you have a
hot meal and a back rub to come home to” he cuddled
up with her “well I am sorry that I am not horney
enough when I get home” She looked up at him, “Not
even now?” She said. “I even baught lolli pops and put
them in my nightstand” he shrugged “I am a little bit
horney seeing you dressed up like that” She smiled,
“And I was waiting all afternoon to show it to you” she
said laying her head against his chest. He ran his
fingers through her red hair “well I am glad you did
show it to me” She smiled, “I was hoping we‟d get to use
it. I… even baught a black one… Just for you” she said
looking up at him. He smiled pulling her up over top of
him “Well we will get to use them” She smiled looking
down at him. “For some reason I was abpt to buy a red
one with a devil horn head band that came with it. I
baught it because it reminded me a lot of you. Even if
your not a devil kinda guy” he shrugged “ah well
nothing wrong with that” he told her with a smile. She
smiled down at him, “I love you, that‟s all that matters,
and someday we‟ll get married” she said with a smile,
with the way the over head light had no cover and her
head blocked out most of the brightness it looked like
she had a halo. He smiled sliding her thong aside and
rubbing her. She moaned softly as she leaned down
kissing him deeply running her fingers through his hair.
“I think they can hear us” she whispered. He smiled
“oh well” he said rolling her under him as he whipped
out his hard member and forced it into her tight pussy.
She cried out as Virgo lifted her head up, “What the…”
She said as Ravyn smirked, “sounds to me like Dale is
scoring” Dale nodded “he certainly is” he said with a
smile Rhys shook his head looking over at Virgo. Ravyn
chuckled, “So where you guys from?” She asked as
Virgo looked at her. “Australia” she said. Ravyn leaned
back and looked up at the dark cealing. “Were from
England” she said hearing Michelle utter another loud
cry. Dale smiled “well from the sounds of it Michelle is
enjoying her self” he said looking at Rhys who just
shook his head. Ravyn laughed. “Who wouldn‟t have
fun having sex. I heard you guys are here on your
honeymoon, must suck not being able to have sex right
now” She said as Virgo shrugged, “We manage” Dale
nodded “I know that‟s not something I could do” he
said with a smile looking at Ravyn. Ravyn nodded,
“Yeah me and Zach are thinking about getting married
but we go at it like fucking gerbils” She said as Virgo
looked at her. “To each their own I suppose. Rhys and I
are happy with each other even if we can‟t have sex”
Rhys nodded slowly in agreement with Virgo as Dale
smiled watching them. They heard Michelle scream as
Ravyn chuckled, “Damn it must be pretty good to be
screaming like that. But she didn‟t seem like the type of
girl who‟s have sex before marrage.” She said as Virgo
looked at Ravyn. “We‟ve been married for a week and
we are both still virgins” Dale shivered “how do you
live like that sex is very spiritual and makes you feel

“Sex is mearly an act, it is possible to love without it”
Virgo said as Ravyn grumbled, “Damn you sound like a
friken Jedi” she said as Virgo turned quickly towards
her, “what did you just say?!” Dale shook his head
“sorry we just finished watching the last star wars
movie” Ravyn nodded, “Yeah you guys are all dressed
up just like from the movie.” She said scanning the info
she got from the mall on it. “Yeah that movie was
great!” she said as Virgo glanced at Rhys. Rhys nodded
“oh yah very good movie I was thrilled by every
moment” Virgo tilted her head when she head Dale
getting Michelle to call him master as she cried it out
and Ravyn smiled. “Sorta makes me wish Zach and I
were at a hotel right now. I wonder if Dale and Michelle
would let us join” Virgo blinked, “that would be rude
we just met them” Dale shrugged “you never know
they might like the idea” he told her. Virgo looked at
them, “I don‟t think that‟s much of a good idea” she
said listening for a moment “it‟s quiet now I think we
should all just get some sleep” she said. Ravyn rolled
over against Dale as Virgo laid beside Rhys. Dale
wrapped an arm around Ravyn as Rhys did the same to
virgo. Over the next few days the group got to know
each other and Virgo and Ravyn couldn‟t help but
notice Michelle and Dale having an argument. “I really
think you should invite your father to dinner Dale. I
have been with you for years and I‟ve never met him,
not once” Dale shrugged “well I never met your mother
either when am I going to meet her?” he replied.
Michelle looked up at him, “You know she lives reall far
away, how would she ever get here” Michelle said as she
sighed. “Perhaps it doesn‟t even matter” she said. He
looked at her “so my father lives very far away as well
so it doesn‟t matter either”

She looked up at him as she turned her head back
slightly towards the window noticing a young woman
motioning for her to come outside. She was in a light
blue tank top and white pants and white shoes, and had
golden blonde hair. “Hang on a moment” she said
rushing outside to meet with the woman. “One of her
friends?” Ravyn asked eating some pizza. The young
woman not someone Dale had ever seen before. Dale
looked out the window “not one I ever met before” he
said. The young woman handed over a white envelope
as Michelle opened it and looked inside before
seemingly speaking to the young woman. She slipped
the envelope and it‟s contents into her butt pocket and
turned to go back inside the woman looking around.
Virgo passed by the window blocking their view for a
split second and in that second the young woman was
gone, and there was no sign of her walking down the
street. “huh what the hell happened she was there just
a second ago” Ravyn blinked, “that‟s nuts… she just
disappeared” she said as Michelle came back up the
stairs. “Sorry about that. Anyone up for Chinese?”
Dale shrugged “sure why not it would be a different
change” Ravyn looked at her, “Who was that?” she
asked as Michelle smiled. “An old friend” she said as
Ravyn looked at her. “In Northbay? I thought you are
from the States?” She said as Michelle thought for a
moment, “Uh… well yeah she‟s up visiting” she said. “It
was weird she looked like she just went poof into thin
air” she said as Michelle smiled, “Oh yeah she tends to
creep up on you without you seeing her and can leave
really fast” Dale shrugged “well why didn‟t you bring
her here so I could meet her?”

Michelle sighed, “She had other matters to attend to.
She‟s really busy girl. She watches kids… lots of them”
She said as Ravyn tilted her head, “Wow, a baby sitter
huh?” She asked as Michelle nodded, “Yeah at a huge
day care” Dale shrugged “oh whats her name any
how?” he asked. Michelle smiled, “Maria, knew her in
highschool” she said. He shrugged “well not a friend I
ever heard about from you talking about when you
were back in school” She shrugged, “Suppose I forgot”
she said. “besides you talk to those creepy hooded goth
guys who randomly stop buy and you never invite them
in to meet me either” he shrugged “because I know you
wouldn‟t like them around they smoke too much pot
and you hate the smell of it” She looked at him, “You
not smoking again are you Dale? You know it makes me
hard to breath” he shook his head “no I am not
smoking it again so no worries” She nodded, “Good”
she said kissing his cheek.

A week passed and then two and things started to get
fairly weird around Dale and Michelle‟s place. For
nearly 8 days it had been cloudy and there had been lots
of earth tremors, but then always a strange calm right
after. Michelle had secretive friends stopping buy as
often as Dale did. It was late night when Michelle
picked up dale from work and had baught groceries
when the tremors came again only this time enough to
knock everyone to their feet. Rhys looked at virgo as he
signed her when is the planet going to go?” She looked
at him, “It shouldn‟t be now” she whispered to him,
“Not for many many years” she said looking out the
window as Michelle fell into the dirt dropping her
grocery backs as a huge crack opened up in the middle
of the road. Rhys rushed down to help her quickly.
Michelle looked over at Dale since he was there doo,
and Virgo followed Rhys along with Ravyn and Dale.
“Michelle gasped looking up as a demonic looking man
came up through the glowing cracks in the earth. Dale
looked on waiting for the demonic man to announce
himself. He growled, “There you are you bloody boy”
he said looking at Dale humans running in panic. “why
do you come like this for fuck sakes use a man hole or
something and a disguise” Michelle looked from Dale to
the demonic man to Dale again, “What Is this.. Dale!”
she asked looking scared. The demonic man looked at
her. “Fucking hell what is she doing here!!” he said
seemingly knowing who Michelle was. Dale looked at
her then back to the demon “well remember she is my
girl friend not my fault you poped up when we were

He growled, “Your father will not be pleased with this
thing you‟ve chosen as your eternal queen” He said as
he used his hand to lift Michelle off the growned and
toss her 40 feet like a rag doll. Virgo gasp, “Stop that!”
she called out as Michelle groaned, “A demon” she said
as he turned his attention towards Michelle as a bigger
larger demonic man came from below dressed in dark
robes with long jet black hair and horns coming
through his forehead, “Your highness… it‟s Michelle”
he said as he looked at Michelle then at Dale. “What is
wrong with you boy, did I teach you nothing!?” he
looked at him “actually you didn‟t teach me any thing”
He grumbled, “I‟ll take care of this foolishness!” he said
firing a huge fire blast at Michelle as it was suddenly
dispelled by a white field around her that faded as soon
as it dispealled the attack. Dale watched on looking at
Michelle wondering how she defended her self. “Didn‟t
I tell you to find yourself a human bitch to be your
queen boy? Isn‟t that the reason I sent your lazy ass up
here” he said looking at Dale. He looked at her “well
Michelle is human isn‟t she?” He turned firing another
blast at Michelle only a elongated one her hand going
up another transparent white shield surrounding
herself to hold back the attack. “Like hell she is. The
second and only remaining child of God, the young
woman written out of the human bible, was even there
when her older half brother jesus was crucified” he said
as he put up another hand to intensify his attack as
Michelle looked up at Dale no longer holding it back she
raideated a pale white glow as large beautiful angel like
wings sprouted from her back, her body in white
clothes. “Stupid boy, she lied to you to get you to lower
your guard to destroy us” he said as his attack was
deflected and Michelle‟s shield dropped. Virgo looked
at Michelle who was on her hands and knee‟s in the
middle of the road. “Whoa…” Ravyn said watching.
Dale was so confusaed not knowing what to do as he
just watched on with Rhys and the other Dale standing
back and watching. “Dale… why does he know you…”
She said sounding sad. “He‟s my son” The demonic
man spoke. Michelle shook her head, “No… he can‟t be
the son of satan… it‟s just not possible” she uttered.
“And so you know that He could never love a disgusting
angel like you… Where is god to save her only child.
Where are your angels now Michelle.” He said to her.
Dale just looked up at the demon as hewatched Michelle
take care of her self. He looked at Michelle, “Your kind
have been trying to destroy the evil we are since we both
arrived. I refuse to let you play my son” He said
throwing out his biggest fire attack as She threw up her
hands to protect herself. “Dale.. that‟s not true” she said
seemingly struggling to keep the holy shield up. “Dale
does this change anything?” Dale shrugged “not really
no as long as your not trying to kill me or any thing”
She shook her head “I didn‟t even know… I.. I thought
you where humans” she said as Satan growled “You
lying little bitch” he said as she gasped finding it harder
to keep the holy shield up. “That‟s not true…” She said.
“Then why did you hide what you where, being all
secretive!!” he said as she couldn‟t answer. Dale raised
his hand firing a fire ball back at the demon “let her
answer” he said as another one formed on his hand
ready to fire again. “I do not deny it was a secret. But I
thought he was human, there was no need for anyone to
know” she said holding up her hands to shield herself.
“You made him fall for your tricks!” he said forcing a
huge wave of fire fling at her as she groaned unable to
hold the field much longer, “Dale it‟s not true… I didn‟t
know honost… I love you” She said as her hands fell
and the blast of evil hit her hard sending her backwards
where she skidded on her back and laid on the ground.
Dale is still extremely confused as he remembered what
his father kept telling him he looked back and forth
unsure what tto do releasing the energy he had for the
fire ball. From the sky white beams of light fell and
faded leaving behind two angels who rushed to
Michelle‟s side. One was the blonde woman they had
seen only a few weeks earlier, and the other a brunette
male in white. He lifted her slightly in his arms cradling
her with one of his wings. “Dale how can you just stand
there and do nothing!” Virgo said looking at him. He
looked at Virgo “stay out of this you know nothing of
whats going on”

Michelle groaned slightly, “Dale” she said as the
brunette looked up at Dale. “Gabriel it‟s no use.. he‟s to
much of a demon to care” the blonde said. “No… he
cares about me” Michelle uttered as Virgo clenched her
fist not wanting to draw her lightsaber. Dale growled as
he fired five fire balls at the large demon. Satan
deflected them, “Don‟t be stupid boy” he said as
Michelle whispered something to Gabriel as he looked
up at the blonde then over at Dale. “Gabriel” The
blonde gasped looking at Michelle. Gabriel looked down
at her and closed his eyes for a moment. “She‟s dead…
satan killed her” he said looking up at the demon. Dark
clouds began to roll in quickly the sound of thunder in
the distance and the wind picking up. Dale growled as
he walked over to make sure they sp[oke the truth first.
Gabriel looked up at Dale holding Michelle who‟s light
had faded. She looked dull and lifeless her inner light
left her when she died. “She said… she was pregnant”
he said to Dale as the blonde angel shook her head
looking around. “God comes…” Dale yelled up into the
sky his clothes shreading away as a thick armor
appeared spikes growing out of it while a huge double
bladed swallow appeared “your mine father” he said as
he charged the blades on the swallow igniting into a
blue flame as he slashed hard across satans legs. Satan
faught back being fast and just as skilled as his son.
Virgo‟s hair blew on the heavy winds that now came as
virgo watched. “Good… and Evil… like the Jedi and
the Sith… but if Dale is the evil that made the Sith…
why does he fight against evil?” She said softly to rhys.
As a flash of white light appeared forcing Dale and
Satan apart both shielding their eyes from the intense
light. “Enough!” boomed a womans voice as a woman
dressed in white appeared. She had long flowing white
hair and gold eyes, her appearance shocking virgo as an
Ancient alien race that should have been long extinct
even by this time. Satan held up his arms to shield his
eyes as the woman approached Gabirel. “I am god” she
said turning to face Dale. The humans who where on
looking fell to their knee‟s in prayer, even the scared
looking goth kids where on their hands and knees
before God. He looked at her “alittle late aren‟t we
could have shown up earlier to save your daughter or is
it true that your too lazy to prevent ones death” She
simply smiled, “Michelle lives in all of us” she said as
Gabirel lifted Michelle up off the ground and held her
in his arms. “Gabriel give her to me” She said as
Gabriel handed Michelle into her mothers arms,
“Michelle died because no one believed in her ablities, it
is the reason she lived in the middle world as a human.
Though as great as her half brother Jesus she brought
her good will to the people without using her powers.
Satan knew from her birth she would bring the
downfall of his underworld kingdom, but not by her
hand would he fall, but by the hand of his own son.”
She said looking around as she slowly knelt down
holding Michelle. Satan threw out his hands to fire at
God while she was down but strong shields of holy
power surrounded herself and her angels. Gabriel
places his hand on Gods right hand shoulder while th
Blonde placed her hand on God‟s Left Shoulder. “Only
your love can save Michelle” Dale looked at her “well
what am I supposed to do then?” he said confused. God
looked at him, “Give her life” She said to him before
looking down at Michelle. He looked at her “all I have
is thew power of death that would not help her” God
smiled, “You have so much more then that” she said as
the blonde looked up at Dale. “Dale… my son… you
have the gift of life, but to use it, you must destroy
death” she said as Gabirel nodded. Satan growled,
“Shut up you little blonde witch, he wont fall for your
tricks!” Daler turned looking at satan as he charged in
once more his swallow twirling around rapidly as it
sliced into his ankles Dale flipping it around once more
pole vaulting up onto satans back as he twisted and
turned trying to knock Dale off he stabbed it into his
back the blade coming out of the other side of his chest
as the blade turned into a hook so it couldn‟t be pulled
out that way. He howled in pain Slashing about as the
blonde spoke up, “Use the holy energy inside it once it
passes through him he will be gone forever!” Dale
yelled as a bright light charged up inside satan as it was
pure holy energy soon causing him to explode the force
of it threw dale hard threw a building his skin was
burned since the holy energy hurt him as well. The
blonde turned and rushed to his side as she reached
down and helped him, “You did it! Im so proud of you”
she smiled at him. He winced his hands almost melted
to the bone “that hurt like a bitch you know” She
smiled pressing her hands against his making him feel
like her touch was setting him on fire, thought she was
reconstructing his hands. “Never knew you had holy
power did you” she said to him. He looked at her “no
and I didn‟t like the feel of it either it felt dirty and
disgusting” She looked down at him with her beautiful
brown eyes. “You can‟t deny that it is part of you… I‟m
your mother you can harnis holy power if you learn to
use it.” He shivered “ew if you‟re my mother I been
having sex with my sister that is very nasty” She
laughed, “Michelle is not your sister, I am mearly a
born servant to god. Gabriel is my brother, God is my
guardian and Michelle is your life. If you don‟t save her
then she will be lost to us forever. So will your own
child. You‟re the product of good and Evil, your son
will bring balance to both worlds and if you don‟t save
her it will be a million years before God can force
herself to carry a pure holy born again” he shrugged
“well what I have to do then I have no clue I defeted
death” She nodded, “Hold her to you, let your love
bring back her life. She died for you, and freed you of
your sins” he went over and picked her up into his
arms holding her close to him. Her head laid against his
chest her body looked dark from the light that had gone
out with in her. “come on Michelle wake up” he said to
her. His hands glowed with holy power this time
unharming him as the light faded from his hands into
her body and her light with in began to glow brighter
until she was glowing all over, her eyes opening slowly
as God smiled. Virgo blinked in wonderment. “well
least she is alive once more” Dale said. Michelle looked
up at Dale and smiled softly, “Dale… you… came to my
resue” she said her soft wings brushing up against his
arm. He nodded “yah I did I suppose” She nuzzled her
face against his chest gently as she glanced at the
blonde, “Thank you Geziel for showing him the way”
She said. Geziel shrugged, “He‟s my son I wasn‟t about
to just let him get you both killed” She said. Dale
looked at them “no way am I going to be completely
pure like you guys I can‟t stand that” God stood and
looked at him, “No one here expects you to” she said as
Gabriel watched Michelle. “Thank you Mother…” she
said as God nodded. “You‟re a cardenian” virgo said
looking at God. God turned and faced virgo. “Now
there Is a name I haven‟t heard in millions of years…”
she said as she smiled at virgo. Rhys looked on “huh a
cardenian figures one might be alive back here” he said.
Virgo nodded as God approached them, “How do you
know about me?” she asked as Virgo looked up at her.
“We know a lot… but your homeworld was distroied
almost 1200 million years ago…” She said as god
nodded, “I am the last original of my kind, Michelle is
the second last. I created her from my own body, and
the will to have a child” she said softly. Virgo nodded,
“But how did you end up on earth?” She asked. God
smiled, “Somethings are better left in history. But now
with the Underworld in Dale‟s hands heaven no longers
has to worry about the invasion of the middle world.”
She said looking back at Dale and Michelle. Virgo
blinked, “The baby” she said as god smiled, “A child
born of light and dark. Like his father, will bring
balance to good and evil. Only one there will be, and
here in middle world will he rein. It is their time now…
mine is finally over” She said as Virgo shook her head,
“I don‟t understand the humans have come to know you
all as angels Angels of heaven, and Demons of hell” She
said as God smiled looking back at Virgo, “There is
always angels, and there are always demons. But
without good and Evil there is no existence. One can not
live with out the other, like Dale could not live with out
Michelle, or Michelle without Dale. No matter how evil
one is, there is always love. And that love is the thing
that bonds good and Evil together.” Virgo looked at
her. “I had It all right then… there was no need for this
mission” she said. God smiled, “when you return, you
can find Dale and Michelle still keeping the balance
with their child in the Vata System.” She said as Virgo
looked confused, “But how do you know about all that.”
God smiled. “Because I am god” she said pushing off
the ground and rose into the sky. Gabriel followed
moments after and Geziel smiled at Dale before
following Gabriel. Dale nodded letting them leave.
Michelle looked up at Dale as she held onto him. Virgo
approached them quickly, “Don‟t appologise for
anything” Michelle said to virgo. “It is understandable
from your point of view” Dale nodded “good luck on
your journey back to where you came from” Michelle
nodded as Virgo looked at them. “I don‟t understand
how I could have missed it all before. Our problems
weren‟t because of you Dale” she said as Michelle
smiled. “Intresting that your from space” she said as
virgo nodded tapping her ankle allowing the holoimage
to drop and reveal her true form which was so much
more attractive. He looked at her “we always have to
keep a balance between things no one side can ever win

Virgo nodded, “Indeed, and to my elders I‟ll inform
them of such. How ever… our ship is on the outskirts of
town, if we could get a ride that would really make
things so much easier.” She said her ears twitching
slightly sencing a strong disturbance in the force.
“Unlikely that will be happening” she heard a mans
voice from the building side, several Sith followers had
found a way to replicate a time jump machine. “We
must kill the red head in order to prevent the jedi from
coming to power. The empire must be saved” he said
trying to be a hero to his followers. Virgo pulled
forward her lightsabers ignighting them. “Then you will
have to fight 2 jedi in order to get to them” Virgo said.
Ravyn blinked almost laughing inside. Dale shook his
head slowly standing poutting Michelle on her feet
“don‟t bother with them” he said as he moved his hand
out and suddenly ripped their skeletons right out of
them their flesh falling onto the ground in a heap of
blood and gore “I have the power of death remember”
Virgo smiled looking back at him, “Death is a part of
life, obviously they weren‟t prepared to die” she said,
switching off her lightsabers and put them into the
loops on her hip. “So about that ride?” she asked as
Michelle‟s feathers ruffled, “of course!” Dale flicked his
fingers as all six of them appeared outside the ship
“take these two back with you” he said motioning to
Ravyn and Dale. “and don‟t answer why as I can not
tell you, just do it and make me happy” Virgo looked at
them oddly, “It‟s against Republic federation to bring
people to the future if they don‟t belong… but I‟ve
already broken protocall by dropping my holoimage so
I suppose they‟d be happier there” Dale nodded “well
enjoy your trip back” he told her with a nod. Michelle
nodded, “I‟ll come to the Vata system and vist you upon
my return, and introduce you to my own children” she
said looking at Rhys, “okay everyone on board, this
stonage world is driving me nuts. This place is no place
for a Nerya” she said teasing Rhys. Rhys nodded
getting on board Dale and Ravyn behind them Rhys sat
down in the co pilot chair “all systems norma;” he told
Virgo. Virgo nodded, “Beginning launch” she said as
Michelle and Dale stepped back as the ship came
uncloaked and began to rise off the ground. “Do you
think we‟ll ever see them again?” she asked Dale. Dale
shook his head “who knows it‟s a big universe” he told
her. Virgo and Rhys found themselves in familure space
once out of the time jump. Ravyn pretending to act all
freaked out. Dale did the same as they soon returned to
their own time Rhys letting Virgo bring them back
home. They dropped Ravyn and Dale off with the
senate thinking they would take care of them before
returning back to their apartment. Scorpio sat up
seeing them, “damn did you guys forget something?” he
asked thinking they had only been gone for a few
minutes Rhys shook his head “nope we are all done” he
said going to check on the kids. Virgo nodded going into
the childrens room and smiled at her sleeping little ones.
“Oh my little ones how I missed you” she said softly.
Rhys smiled looking at them “well least they are all safe
and sound” She nodded smiling, “I‟m going to meet
with council in the morning and fly to the Vata system.”
She said looking up at him he looked at her “I think I
should go as well” he told her. She nodded, “We‟ll bring
the whole family” she smiled at him. “But now we must
rest” she said going to their bedroom. Next door Ravyn
and Dale had just got in and releaved the sitter of their
duty. She rushed into Robyns room and picked her up
holding her close. “Oh my little Robyn” she said kissing
Robyn all over her face. Dale smiled watching her “well
least we know they can‟t get rid of uis that way now” he
told Ravyn. She nodded before passing Robyn to him.

The next morning Rhys and Virgo found themselves
sitting in the jedi council. “The mission was not
completed” Virgo said. Rhys nodded “the balance
could not be destroyed as one could not be gotten rid of
with out the other” Rhys said. Virgo nodded, “I did
discover that it was neither Michelle or Dale who
created the sith, their baby is the one who created both
jedi and Sith, because the Sith was born from corrupted
Jedi. As promised both are keeping the balance.” Rhys
nodded “yes the last of their kinds in an abandoned
system” Master Lore looked at them, “I see… I suppose
we must find ways to keep the sith small and under
control then” He said as Virgo nodded. “Master Yoda,
with your permission Rhys and I would like to Trave to
the system where Michelle and Dale have taken
sanctuary.” Yoda looked at them “yes you may travel
we would like to know more of these two” She nodded,
“Wonderful, I will bring a gift from the jedi as to keep
good standing with them. Michelle is a cardenian, and
Dale is a Lothoren” She said knowing the council would
be shocked that such an ancient race would still even be
in existence, since no one had seen one in millions of
years. Yoda looked at her “strange there race was
excitint over many millions of years ago it is surprising
that one of each species still remains” Virgo nodded,
“Its been almost 4 billion years since their homeworld
was distroied between their wars. I remember the
history lesson Master Tyva gave me on them, They are
the ones who first stepped into space, and broguth
order so many other worlds, but could not bring order
to their own. Hating each other so much they distroid
one another, but a cardenian named God and a
Lothoren named Satan found their way to Acient Earth,
and it is there they found ways of survival, and brought
order to the universe even though unknowing it” Yoda
nodded “yes we heard of those names in history books
never knew their races though well good luck in your
travel to this system” She nodded to him, “thank you
Master Yoda. I look forward to helping teach
younglings at the temple when I return. I hear a great
many where discovered right here on Corasant” Yoda
nodded “yes a lot were which is surprising enough” he
told her. She smiled, “Well a good life the will have with
us. There is no place I‟d wrather be” she said. Master
lore looked at her. “How is the development going on
your son Leo?” he asked. She smiled, “Un suprsing. He
is as smart as his older siblings” She said as he nodded,
“We‟d like him to come in for a Sample Mediclorian
extraction” he said as Virgo looked at him. “We did
that to Pisces, she screamed so much I had a hard time
meditating it off” she said as he sighed, “it must be done
Master Virgo.” He said as she nodded. “Yes Master
Lore, I‟ll bring him in this afternoon” Master yoda
nodded “we will give you two days until your son needs
to be tested” She nodded, “Thank you Master Yoda”
She said “But I‟d prefure to do it before I leave for the
the System, It will mean I will be gone for at least a
week or two” she said to him. “Better do do it right
away and then let him relax, I know it will be painfull.”
Yoda nodded “fine then at your closest convience then
Master Starchaser” She nodded, “thank you Master”
She smiled. “Im curious to know the results of the
breeding of two jedi, and what that could mean for our
future” Yoda nodded “the council is wondering that as
well” he told her. “Then if there is no further issues to
discuss let us adjurn and meet again next week, I will
broadcast over a holoemitter” She said standing as did
the others. “I‟m bringing Leo in now, I want his pain to
be over with and not procrastinated” Rhys nodded as
Yoda nodded as well “alright the medics will be waiting
for him” She nodded leaving.

On the shuttle Ride to the Temple Leo was babbiling
and playing with a rubix cube that he managed to solve
already. Rhys smiled watching Leo play with the toy
“Well this is going to suck just like how it went with
Pisces” She looked up at him, “Rhys… I know it kills
you inside to hear your children scream in such agony
as Pisces did but it needs to be done maybe then we
wont have to live a secret” he sighed “it just hurts so
much knowing they are in pain” She nodded laying her
head on his shoulder, “I know… but it needs to be
done… for the good of us all” she said as the shuttle
landed and they stepped off. She carried leo to the
medical wing where he was taken by a medic and Rhys
and Virgo where asked to remain outside. Rhys sighed
watching the medical door as Leo was inside. Virgo took
a seat on the floor and closed her eyes. No sooner had
she closed her eyes he started screaming at the top of his
lungs. Rhys paced back and forth hearing Leo scream.
From the way Virgo was trembling she was having a
hard time dealing with it as well. She could hear him
sobbing crying for Rhys in between screams and caughs
from his sobs. Rhys hit the wall not very happy that
there was nothing he could do for his son. Virgo opened
her eyes hearing him hit the wall. “Rhys” she said
looking up at him, “please calm down” he sighed “I am
trying to” he said looking at her. She sighed softly, “Im
sorry Rhys…” She said softly as another blood curdling
scream rang out literally making her heart leap up into
her throat. She found it hard to swallow as she put a
hand to her forehead. “ugh you would think they would
find a less painful way of doing this” She whimpered,
“it‟s to hard to do it any other way.. this is the only
unleather way of extracting. I would wrather have him
in agony then dead” he looked at her “why not invent
something to do it another way?” he asked her “you did
make a time machine after all” She looked at him, “I
only fixed the one my mother had started” She said
with a sigh hearing leo‟s screams dull down to painful
whimpers the medic door opening, “you can come in
now” a medic said as Virgo stood up. Rhys went into
the room going to Leo‟s side. Leo‟s eyes where
bloodshot from sobbing and his voice was hoarse from
screaming as he held his arms out to Rhys wanting to
get off the table so badly. He had a levitating IV in his
arm regain his levels. Rhys picked Leo up holding him
close rocking him back and forth trying to comfort him
“its alright Leo Daddies here for you” He curled up
against Rhys as Virgo stepped up beside him brushing
back Leo‟s hair, “it‟s alright now Leo… no more pain”
she said kissing his forehead. “Daddy would kill a
billion people to prevent you from pain.” She smiled.
Rhys nodded “that I would do for you and your sisters”
he told him.

She nodded, “And your brother” she said as Leo
sniffled closing his eyes and laying against Rhys. “He‟s
free to go home” a medic said moving the IV from the
childs arm without pain. Rhys nodded carrying Leo out
and taking him home. Virgo got him some special
chocolate milk for him to have when they arrived home
so he would feel a bit better. Rhys sat back holding Leo
letting him drink the chocolate milk rocking him gently.
Virgo smiled at Rhys, “There there your son is a strong
boy and will be brave and powerful like his handsome
father.” He nodded “yes he will be he is taking it like a
man didn‟t cry half as much as Pisces did” She
chuckled, “Pisces is also a little girl, she like most little
girls don‟t expect to be put in such situations” she said
as Leo looked up at Rhys sucking on his bottle. He
smiled as Rhys looked down at him “don‟t mind
mommy you‟re a brave boy” Virgo approached them,
“I know that Rhys” she smiled. “I remember the look
on your face when Yoda first told us our second child
would be a boy… you had an overwhelming look of
excitement in your eyes, as if the idea of having a son
brought you a greater thrill then a daughter.” He
looked at her “I knew we would have a son as well but
yes I wanted a son of my own who would learn a lot
from me”

She smiled, “you get the pleasure of training our
children and I get the pleasure of training Dales… how
happy am I” she said rolling her eyes. “It‟s actually
much easier to love them as if they where my own
mostly because when I look at them I don‟t see that
monster. Just you” he nodded “well that‟s good I do
suppose but they are more of our children then his” She
nodded, “Because we love them. And they are smart
like you.” She smiled kissing Leo‟s forehead. “I have no
doubts all of our children will grow into honorable
young people. I wont argue if any of them wish to leave
the Jedi teachings to persue another life. And if it
happened to be one of our daughters you would most
likely have to one day cut the abilical cord and face the
man they bring home.” He nodded “can I give him a
light saber circumcision?” She smiled, “NO!” She
laughed, “If you where my father and I wanted to
marry a guy like Rhys Xanthus how would you react”
She said. He shrugged “light saber circumcision” She
smiled, “Oh shh stop being so protective.” She said
kissing his cheek.

With in a few days they where coming out of warp in
the vata System, using her scanners to scan for life
forms. Rhys looked around “hmm only 2 or three
planets able to support life” She pointed at the small
green planet, “There, I‟m picking up 3 life forms” she
said. “On the north west side of the planet, let‟s take her
in” She told Rhys making sure Scorpio had the children
settled for landing. Rhys nodded looking back seeing
Scorpio had them secure “alright lets land it” Virgo
pressed buttons as they entered the atmosphere. On the
surface Michelle looked up from the gardning she was
doing to noticing a blink in the sky. “Look at that” she
said to Dale and Xavier who where outside. Dale
nodded “ah we have guests we have not seen in a
millennia or so”Michelle smiled slightly appearing to be
older then her son, “They kept their word” she said
softly seeing the ship come into view as it slowly made
it‟s landing just outside the garden. Michelle stood up
slowly as the hatch opened and Lysander Pisces and
Hope ran out off the ramp, “Slow down there!” scorpio
called chasing after them as Pisces Lysander and hope
stopped when they saw Michelle in the garden. Virgo
walked down the ramp and into the sun setting light.
Rhys got up going down after her while Dale stood there
beside Xavier and Michelle. Virgo was holding Leo in
her arms as Michelle smiled at them, “Sight for sore
eyes” she said approaching them. Virgo smiled, “For
you maybe for us only a few days” she said as Michelle
smiled. “These are my children, This is Pisces, my Son
Lysander, and Hope, and this” she said smiling at leo.
“This is my son Leo” she said as leo stared at everyone.
Dale smiled looking at him as he looked back at Xavier
“this is Xavier Sabrehaven Founder of the Jedi order
although he is a major slacker who sits around in his
under ware watching Galatic TV all day” Virgo smiled
and nodded. “I knew the moment I heard Michelle was
pregnant that He would be the one to found the jedi
Order. If it wasn‟t for the three of you, none of us would
be here now.” She said. Michelle looked at her. “I
thought Jedi weren‟t allowed to have children, like
warrior priests.” She said. Virgo sighedmotiong for her
oldest children to go play. “My three oldest are product
of rape by the Sith leader when I was on a under cover
mission. Leo is my son with Rhys here, he was test tube
created…” She said knowing she had to stick to the
story. Michelle smiled, “It‟s alright you don‟t need to
tell the stories you had to make up to save them. We
never have visitoris and no one to tell” she said
knowing. Virgo sighed releved. “Good because I hate
having to lie about it. Lysander and Hope are the only
ones truly related, Rhys is their uncle by blood. Pisces
and Leo are both Rhys and Mine.” She said as Michelle
nodded, “I sence you had a lovely wedding too. And
your children are adorable” she said as Virgo smiled at
Xavier, “I see your‟s grew up with his father‟s looks”
Dale nodded “yes well I would hope so” Michelle smiled
as Virgo smiled back. “Im sure you remember Rhys,
he‟s on the Jedi Council now as a high master” she said
proud of that. Dale nodded “he was a high master
when we met him as well” Dale told her. She nodded,
“Couldn‟t really say it though, it would have been
against protocall” She said looking around. “So why
choose the Vata system? There isn‟t anything or anyone
here… not even animals” Dale looked at her “no one
would hunt us out this way plus TV reception kicks ass
out here over 2500 channels” She chuckled “I barely let
my kids watch cartoons. Don‟t need any of that rubbish
clouding their minds and their judgment” She said as
Pisces ran over to Them, “MOMMY! Lysander put a
worm in my hair!” she said as Virgo looked down at
her, “Kick his ass then” she said plainly. “NU HUH!”
She head Lysander call. “She couldn‟t beat me up.” He
said as Virgo tilted her head, “She could break you In
half lysander” she said teasing as he grunted. Rhys
looked at Virgo “stop incouraging them” Virgo looked
back at him, “What!? I‟d like them to learn earlier then
later. Besides you should be proud our child is stronger
then your brothers” she said watching Pisces slip a
worm back into Lysander‟s hair for pay back. “Scorpio
says I don‟t let them be kids” She said as Scorpio
crossed his arms. “You don‟t” She looked at him,
“Don‟t you have a book to be reading for your book
club?” she asked as he gasped, “Uh.. me.. in a book
club” he said trying to look all manly. Dale looked at
him “last book you read was bridges of Madison
county” He grumbled, “Damn you mind readers I hate
you all” he grunted going over to the kids. Virgo smiled,
“Never would make good jedi material” he looked at
her “neither does Grave diggers for the heart and soul”
Leo whimpered as he struggled a bit in Virgo‟s arms,
“Okay calm down you he‟s here” she said holding him
out to Rhys. “Force forbid if he is held by me to long”
Rhys smiled taking leo from her “well he just prefers
being held by me for some reason” She looked at him,
“Because you slip him chocolates and ice cream when
Im not looking” she said as Leo grinned and giggled at
her comment. “Busted” Michelle smiled. He shrugged
“oh well” he said giving Leo a candie to suck on. Virgo
looked at him, “You‟ll rot out his teeth and I‟ll blame
you” she said as Michelle chuckled, “Why don‟t you all
come inside and make yourselves at home. We‟ll let the
children bunk with Xavier” she said as he groaned not
liking that idea. “And you and Rhys can stay in our
never used guest room” Rhys shrugged “if that‟s what
you want we do have living quarters on the ship
though” Michelle smiled, “I insist.” She said as virgo
nodded, “thanks” she said. “Come on guys it‟s school
time” she said as they all stopped, “oh come on
vacation!” they cried as Virgo put her hands on her
hips, “And what have I told you?” She said as they
stood there and spoke together, “Jedi never go on
vacation.” She nodded, “That‟s right, now go get your
helmets off the ship, dad will get the spar androids” she
said. Rhys went and got the spar androids out for them
after handing Leo to Virgo. Virgo took Leo who looked
on as the three children where given their lightsabers.
“Best gift they‟ll ever get” virgo said as the kids used
their eyes to block the small stun attacks. “Good you
three will be ready to do it without seeing the androids
soon” Rhys nodded “Well get to it kids show us what
your made of” he said sitting down on a chair. The
three watched their own androids as Pisces pulled the
visor down over her eyes using her saber to block the
stun beams. “Not so fast Pisces, feel don‟t think, use the
force to see for you” she said as she felt out the android
suddenly blocking 6 stunbeams shot at her. Rhys
nodded “very good Pisces just don‟t get too over
confident” She moved with her lightsaber as the
android did. “She‟s not” virgo said watching as
Michelle blinked watching them. Rhys looked at her
“there is still a chance she might” he told her. Virgo
shook her head, “I don‟t feel that all from her.” She
said as Pisces blocked more stun beams. “Hope,
Lysander put down your visors” she said as they slipped
down their visors. Rhys watched as it took more time
for Lysander and Hope to get accustom to blocking with
the blast shields down. Virgo looked at them, “slower
Hope, your not thinking, reach out with your feelings
don‟t think you‟ll just be able to do it” she said as Hope
blocked a few beams. “Pisces is your padawans not
mind Rhys” she said. Rhys turned watching Pisces as he
took out his own light sabers and turned them on
training more as he charged in surprising Pisces as she
barely managed to block his sabers his twirling around
with the android made it hard for her to defend her self
but the training became hard for her as it was what she
needed a foe that wasn‟t as easy to predict. She
suddenly help out her hand as Virgo tossed her the
second lightsaber as she ignighting it, using one to block
the android and the other to block Rhys as she moved
with her feet to make the fight easier. Virgo watched as
Pisces felt Rhys movements, her ears picking up soft
sounds easier then human ears hearing the sound of
Rhys lightsaber and the movements of the android.
Rhys made it harder for her as he took out his second
light saber igniting it on safty mode as he flipped it
backwards letting it strike up and under stinging her on
her one hand making her loose one of her light sabers.
She gasped falling backwards over her own feet as she
was hit but several stun beams. Virgo was rather
impressed Pisces manged to fight back as much as she
did for someone as young as her. “Rhys… not even
padawans at the ages of 10 to 15 could have held you
back.” Rhys stopped back flipping backwards as he
turned his sabers off “well I am not even going at it full
force either I am letting her learn a few things by taking
it easy on her can‟t give her my full power right away
you know” She looked at him, “She‟s three years old,
Im impressed” she said as Pisces climbed to her feet
keeping her visor down and used the force to bring her
second saber to her hand ignighting it and lunging at
Rhys while blocking the androids fires. “What the…”
virgo said seemingly surprised Pisces got up to fight
back. He turned his on at the last second parrying her
attack as he faught back with her once more his sabers
parrying her attacks with ease as he kept his second
turned off letting her face him with only one of his
sabers. She was young and had little skill but she was no
doubt good at blocking his attempts. She twirled her
blade upward as it cut a small hole in the shoulder of
his clothes as she jumped back using one saber to block
the stun beams and the other Rhys. Rhys used his saber
to make quick weak attacks on her to make it harder
for her to block once more making them unpredictable
and harder to detirmin where they were going. She
stepped back their spar drawing attention as Hope and
Lysander stopped and lifted their visors to watch as
Virgo waved her hand for their androids to temporarily
shut down. The androids off gave Pisces a bit more
leavrage no longer needing to block it‟s attacks and
moved her arm around to use the second saber she had
to help defend his movements. Rhys kept his second
one off as he let her og on the offensive his single saber
enough to block every one of her attacks with ease his
long hair twirling around with his quick movements.
She was having a hard time but wanted so badly to
show she could do it. “Wow” hope said softly as pisces
slipped under Rhys between his legs and twirled her
hand upward sencing his saber ready to parry as it
usually did. He brought it down twisting it to the side
disarming her of one of her sabers with a quick twist.
“don‟t try any thing flashy yet your still learning” he
told her. Virgo tilted her head to the side as Pisces
jumped back throwing out her hand a small burst of
force energy knocking his saber from his hand. He used
the force ripping her last saber from her hand into his.
She felt it get pulled from her and ready‟s her saber.
“Enough Pisces” Virgo said as she tilted her head in the
helmet, “but im trying” she said as virgo shook her
head, “I said stop” she said looking at Rhys as Pisces
put her lightsaber down and lifted her visor. Rhys
turned off her light saber retrieving his lost one “you
did good Pisces” Virgo looked at Rhys, “Im very
impressed that Pisces held up well against you but I am
disappointed that you forced her into a spar to early in
her training. You should know better” she said. “Go
back to practicing with the android Pisces, your master
should learn to be peicent” he looked at her “she was
ready for the next level the android is no trouble for her
plus she is my padawans not yours” Virgo looked at
him, “She‟s 3 Rhys, you should know better then
suprising her with such training. What if there was a
mistake and you injured her?” She asked as Pisced
looked at virgo, “It‟s okay mom” Virgo shook her head,
“No Pisces it‟s not, combat skills are something you
need to learn by watching holoimages on certain
techniques before attemping a spar with your master. It
was foolish to engage in a spar this soon anyway. It
would appear you master still has things to learn” she
said. “Code number 461” he looked at her “Bah code
461 is a stupid code” he said “go watch some holo
images Pisces” Piusces sighed going onto the ship. Virgo
looked at him, “Don‟t say things like that infront of
her… She needs to learn the way the rules work, just
because you can‟t live by the codes doesn‟t mean your
padawans cant. I‟d like her to pass the trials some day”
she said seemingly upset. Michelle looked at Virgo. “I
think I should go put dinner on… and leave you to
trinning” she said turning towards their large home.
Rhys shrugged “well I am trying to teach her how I See
fit but you don‟t want her to become a great jedi too
soon your holding her back” She sighed “Hope
Lysander go inside with Miss Michelle and help her
make dinner” she said as hope and lysander left leaving
Virgo and Rhys alone. “I‟m not holding her back, she
should be learning by the Jedi Codes not your random
ways of thought. She‟s already confused as it is.” He
sighed “well I guess I am not cut out to be any ones
master as I am trying to teach them how I see fit” She
looked up at him, “You worried me Rhys, she‟s our
daughter, she could have gotten hurt, and I don‟t think
even you could live with that” he looked at her “I
would have stopped before she got hurt you don‟t trust
me do you” She looked at him, “How can you say that
Rhys of course I trust you! It‟s her abilities I don‟t
trust, not yet. Please rhys use non harmful weapons to
spar in place of the lightsabers, for me?” She saided
looking into his eyes. “I couldn‟t handle loosing either
of you, especially you, not again” She said with a soft
whimper. He looked at her “mine has a safty feature
built in only stuns her” She whimpered softly putting
her hand on his arm gently and her other on his chest as
she looked up at him. He sighed “fine we will use
wooden sticks next time” he told her. She leaned up and
kissed him gently. “I know you‟ll teach her better” she
said softly as Pisces interrupted. “Daddy” she said as
Virgo cleared her throat looking over at Pisces as she
blinked, “Oh I mean master… I watched those
holomovies” he nodded “well good go relax and help
Michelle with dinner with your brother and sister” he
told her. She nodded running into the house. Virgo
looked up at him, “We should spar after dinner, it‟s
been a very long time since both you and I had a good
work out.” She said with a smile. “Perhaps letting our
children watch will allow them to learn skill, trimph
and defeat” he nodded “fine We will have to replicate
some wooden swords then since its what we will have to
use” She laughed, “Not when it‟s only you and me
fighting, I don‟t worry about injury when we fight with
our lightsabers.” She said. He smiled “if you say so
then” he told her. She took his hands gently in hers and
looked up at him. “Let‟s go inside… Im thirsty” she
said looking towards michelle‟s house. He nodded
taking her into Michelles house with him as dinner was
soon ready. Michelle was in the kitchen as the 4
children where clinging onto Xavier making it hard for
him to move around. They all sat down as Dale set
dinner on the table with Michelles help “there we go
dinner is ready” The kids leg go of Xavier as they
rushed to the table to sit as Pisces helped Leo sit in the
highchair. “there we go leo” she said with a smile before
sitting beside him in a chair. Scorpio looked at the table
notcing soup in only 2 bowls on the table knowing
Michelle prepared the meal for him and virgo. Virgo
took a seat beside Scorpio. “This soup looks very good,
how did you know Squash Soup was out favorite?”
Virgo teased. Michelle chuckled, “your brother has a
weak mind” she said sitting beside Dale. Scorpio looked
at her, “damn you too? Am I the only one who doesn‟t
think I have a weak mind!?” he asked as Pisces waved
her hand, “I love squash soup it‟s my favorite” she said
a scorpio suddenly looked like he forgot what he was
doing and suddenly spoke, “I love Squash soup it‟s my
favorite!” he said before eating a big spoon full. Rhys
and Dale chuckled “I can see why you keep him around
he is very funny” Dale said to Virgo. Virgo smiled
slightly, “He‟s all the family I have left, with my entire
planet now distroied and all the Nerya gone, I suppose it
is better to keep who is left close.” He nodded “well least
your not trying to repopulate the species with him that
would be akward” She blinked as Scorpio looked up
from his soup, “She‟s not allowed to you know what”
He said as Virgo nodded. “But Scorpio is my brother
and the very thought of doing that with him is
nauseating” she said as Scorpio grumbled, “I‟ll have
you know I am the hottest Nerya you‟ll ever see!” he
said as Virgo nodded, “Because you‟re the only Nerya
I‟ll ever see” she said drly as pisces giggled slightly.
Rhys smiled and shook his head at Pisces “mind your
manners My padawan” Pisces nodded, “Yes master”
she said biting into her dinner as virgo smiled eating
slowly. “Rhys will you help the carnivore cut his meat?”
she said as Lysander tried to eat his steak whole. Rhys
leaned over cutting up Lysanders meat for him so he
could eat it easily. “Thanks dad” he said to Rhys as
Hope smiled at Michelle, “thank you for dinner Miss
Michelle it is very yummy” she said eating some
vegetables. Michelle nodded, “your welcome hope” she
said. Rhys nodded “yes this dinner is very good as well”
Rhys said eating his. Michelle nodded, “Thank you
again, I would know what you Ryuujinn like… I made
the Ryuujinn” she said softly. Virgo looked up, “Excuse
me?” She asked. Michelle looked at her, “I did make the
Ryuujinn, an attempt to cross breed dragons and
humanoids resulted in elemental humandoids. They
where so over emotional I was wondering if I should
have medicated them on Prosac.” She said making a
joke. Dale chuckled “heh You been waiting eons to use
that joke Michelle” She smiled happily, “It feels nice to
finally get to use it.” She said. “So how much do you
actually know about us?” Virgo asked. “Only the
information we gathered from Scorpio‟s thoughts when
you got off the ship, You, Rhys and your children are to
strong minded for us to read.” She said. “So you made
the Ryuujinn?” Virgo asked as Michelle nodded, “Yes, I
was trying out the new powers I had gained when my
mother passed on and left onto me her abilities. She
made humans when she came to the lava pit of earth, so
when I passed by Dragonia I used the beasts that
already roamed the land to create life. I did this with
hundreds of planets between earth and the Vata
System. Now I can no longer use my abilities or we will
be senced out. A find like Dale and I are rare…
especially since we are the last of our kinds. But you
would know all about what that is like” She said. “We
must remain in solitude along with our son” Virgo
nodded, “The fear a hunt will begin. Thrill seakers
flocking to cash in on you.” She said. Michelle nodded
with a sigh, “I almost like living as a normal human…
but our powers are so great now that is no longer
possible. I am old… and though I don‟t look it im really
starting to feel it…” Dale smiled “oh come on your not
that old” he told her. Michelle looked at him, “I‟m older
then you… I was born in 12 B.c. as in before Christ.
I‟ve felt like somewhere inside im slowly shutting down”
She said as virgo looked at her. “But your race allows
you to live for as long as you like” She said as michelle
nodded, “True, but the longer we live the older we feel.
There are things I could do when I was younger that I
can‟t do now. Flying is no longer an option, my wings
have ached when I do. My eyes tire out, and grow short
of breath some times when I excersize. I never learned
the secret to god‟s youth. She was almost as old as me
when we first met. And she was still very li mber and
able to move about” She said as virgo thought, “if you
let me run some tests on you using my ships medical bay
I might find a way to treat your condition” She said
michelle looked up. “Can you do that?” she asked as
Virgo nodded, “I come from a line of bright inventors”
Rhys nodded “she is the one who finished the time
machine to meet you int eh firstplace” Virgo nodded,
“Well most of that credit goes to my mother, she made
it, I finished the schematics to make it work” she said.
Michelle smiled, “Well now, you here that boys We
have a inventor” she said as Virgo smiled, “I think your
whole place could use a make over with new
techonology, your about 600 years out of date, but we‟ll
help with that” Rhys nodded “the replicator should be
able to upgrade most of your stuff” he added. Virgo
nodded, “I have more then enough Froton crystals to
replicate many homes. But it will have to be come
morning, Rhys and I are to fight after dinner” Rhys
nodded “it should be an interesting show of might”
Virgo blinked looking at him, “No using both sides of
the force because you‟d be cheeting, you know I can‟t
use both” he looked at her “I thaught you wanted to
face me at full power” She looked at him, “Only using
the jedi part of the force, you know I can‟t even come
close to defeating you if you use both sides. That is a
power I can not use and could never use. It‟s a power
you should never of learned at all” Dale looked “why
not he is an anomaly of good and evil something
Michelle and me wanted to make along time ago” Virgo
looked at Dale, “you did… Xavier… besides it‟s not the
jedi way, and it nearly cost him and I our marrage. If he
had continued to use the dark side he could have been
thrown in jail and he‟d never get to see me or his
children again. He tried getting me to embrace this
power but I knew it was wrong, I wouldn‟t be a High
master and on the jedi council if I had. I would have
been expelled from the program” Dale shook his head
as he looked at Xavier Xavier sighed “the Jedi were
created to use both sides of the force not just one as
either way they would be corrupted by it there were
supposed to bring order to the galaxy and keep the
peace but one side got more powerful and punished the
weaker side as the Sith as they are now called are
renegade jedi using one side of the force when they
should use both sides like Rhys” Virgo looked up at
Xavier sadly, “Things have changed in the time you
founded the Jedi order. Now the masters are to teach
their students to loose their emotions. Train themselves
to be fearless, and selfless. Fear, selfishness, greed are
all paths to the dark side, and it‟s a side we can‟t go
anymore. I know Im one of the most valued members of
the jedi as it is, embracing both sides would have me
packing my bags and leaving the Temple forever, when
I know there is so much good I can do.”Xavier sighed
“then my creation has failed and is destroyed if only one
man follows that way and no one else is willing to let
any one else reach that position”

She looked up at him, “Not even master yoda believes in
doing such and already as let Rhys and I bed Jedi Code.
He married us himself, he gave Rhys a high master
position after the council agreed to ban him from
reaching any higher levels. There isn‟t much I can do to
change their minds. Even bringing up such a topic in
council would probably demote me for even suggesting
it” Xavier sighed “well unfortunately they wont believe
the creator of the jedi soit is not worth going there”
Virgo looked at him, “Right now the jedi are for the
people, to protect them from harm… the Sith have done
horrible things… even to me…” She said softly. He
nodded “well least they are doing something right” he
told her “as both sides are giving balance to the force”
She looked at him, “No person should suffer through
the things the Sith are doing. They blew up my entire
planet. Billions of men women and children all died at
the same moment. They commited vile acts on me,
attempted to implant cybernetics into my brain, tried to
kidnap and kill my children. And now Rhys is having
visions of them killing all the younglings at the Jedi
temple…” Dale got up “here let me fix that for you” he
said walking over to her as his hand wwent right
through her skull not even piercing her flesh as she soon
saw him take out what cyberentics she had in her skull
with out damaging her “there we go that‟s the problem”
She blinked looking up at him, “thank you so much..
not even our surgens could remove those” he looked at
her “I had to repair your brain tissue so of course they
could not do that no technology could do what I did”
She nodded, “Thank you Dale, I can think so much
clearer then I could the last few years.” He nodded “no
problem just watch out for green haired women with
needles” She smiled, “Well she‟s dead now so I don‟t
worry about it. I‟m sure you got that when you stuck
your hand in my head.” She said softly. “I wish we
could have at least saved her, she was only doing what
he master told her to do” Dale shrugged not saying any
thing as he went and sat down once more. Michelle
looked at virgo, “I suppose the sith has gotten a bit
more out of hand then then they originally used to. We
don‟t hear a lot about what goes on since news is barely
spoken” She said. Virgo nodded, “We‟ll update
everything so you can get the special channels for the
polotics and Republic news.” Dale shrugged “Well as
long as you give me codes to block those channels out on
certain days Michelle gets too emotional if she hears to
much bad news” She nodded, “I can do that” Virgo sad
as she glanced at Scorpio. “Scorpio… the bowl is dead..
your not getting anymore soup out of the bottom” she
said seeing scorpio licking the bowl.

 Rhys shook his head as he finished his meal. After
cleaning up the table she sent Scorpio to start additions
to Michelle‟s home as virgo slipped off her cloak and set
it on a patio chair wearing hardly anything under it as
she normally did. Michelle blinked in surprise at how
little Virgo wore. Rhys took off his robes and used the
force to bring his light sabers to his hands. Virgo
slipped both of hers out of the loops on her hip as their
children rushed out to watch, Pisces holding Leo as she
sat down. Virgo looked at him, “Rules?” Virgo asked.
“stun mode only since I don‟t want any more holes in
your body or mine” She nodded switching the strength
of her weapons, “No dark side tricks” she added. He
nodded igniting the blades “fine by me” he said. She
ignighted her own as she looked over at him, watching
him closely. He charged in fiercly his blades swinging
around as they began to twirl like fans the blue and
green blade seemed almost like energy shields. Her
bright purple blades blocked his attacks as she moved
just as fast as him, her blades twirling as she faught
back. Michele watched them, “wow.. they are fast”
michelle said to dale. Rhys flip back and planted his feet
on a wall leaping over Virgo his light sabers striking out
at her over head. She lifted her sabers as she turned
quick enough to slip out of the way as she jumped up
over his sabers and then ducked low to avoid another
blocking his blades as she rushed forward sliding on her
knees under him before flipping up and attacking him
from behind. His sabers reached behind his back
blocking her with one blade as his leg swept out under
her legs in a quick leg sweep. She forced her back down
fast kicking her legs up forcing herself into a complete
flip until she was on her feet again as she jumped
forward disappearing into thin air and reappaeared
behind him attacking. He ducked under her swinging
sabers as the force told him where she would appear his
saber twirling around and striking at her stomach while
her hands were streatched outwards. She pushed up
with her feet sencing his sabers flipping over the top of
him narrowly avoiding his blade and pushed off a tree
to land about 10 feet away throwing up her hand to hit
him with a force wave. He was hit but used it to his
advantage as his body flipped and twirled around
pushing off another tree both hands coming out and
sending an even bigger force wave back at her. She felt
it knock her bas as she turned her whole body forcing
herself to land on her feet. She raised her arms to attack
again as she suddenly dropped her lightsbaers as a hand
came to her chest as she dropped to one knee. He ran
over toi her turning of fhis light sabers to see what was
wrong with her. She was shuddering, “so much pain”
she gasped putting a hand against the ground. Michelle
looked at her using her powers to search the problem,
“she has a small mechincal device attached to the side of
her heart, it was working with the metal that was in her
brain but since it‟s gone now it can‟t function” She said
quickly as Virgo gasped collapsing. Rhys sighed as Dale
walked over and pulled the device out quickly repairing
her heart like he did with the one in her brain “any
more inside her?” Michelle shook her head “No” she
said as Virgo finally felt the pain in her chest ease as she
leaned against Rhys. Dale looked at them “She should
take it easy her body will have to get used to not having
those devices in her” Virgo forced herself climb to her
feet, “Im fine” she said staggering slightly forcing
herself to be steady.” She said as Pisced looked at her,
“Momma you need to sit down you could go into shock”
she said. Rhys nodded as he picked Virgo up into his
arms and carried her over to a couch and sat her dsown
on it. Virgo sighed, “Bloody cybernetics” she said as she
forced her legs into a meditational position, “train with
pisces let Michelle watch Leo” she said softly closing her
eyes. “What is she doing?” Michelle asked as Pisces
looked up at her, “meditating, she does that regain back
strength she lost, and calm her body in ways that
medical bays can not” Rhys looked at Pisces “come on
lets go do some more light saber training go practice
with three of the druids at once” Michelle lifted leo into
her arms as Pisces got up and went over to Rhys picking
up Virgo‟s sabers that where still on stun only. Michelle
cradled leo gently over joyed to hold a baby again. Rhys
took the sabers from pisces and took her off to train
with the andoirds. Michelle watched Hope and lysander
climb onto the counch beside Virgo and follow her lead
into meditation. Michelle turned looking at Dale as leo
sucked on his thumb. He smiled looking at her as he sat
back in his chair. Michelle took a seat beside Dale as leo
looked up at Michelle innocently. “Holding a baby feels
so weird” he smiled “oh I know your trying to give me
clues that you want another” She smiled, “me? Im to
old” she said shaking her head. He smiled “well alright
then if you say so” She smiled at leo, “Hi there leo” she
said softly as he smiled at Michelle. “Oh he is such a
handsome boy!” she said nuzzling him as leo squealed
happily. “Oh I wish Xavier was still this small… he
grew up to fast and got lazy to soon” Dale nodded
agreeing “yah he did all he did was create the jedi and
after that he took to watching TV” She nodded, “Maybe
if their medical bay can help me not feel so old…” she
said glancing at him. He shrugged “well that‟s all up to
you I suppose” She smiled looking back down at leo
who pointed at virgo, “Mumma” he said before
burping. Dale nodded “yep that‟s your momma”
Michelle looked at him, “Her and Rhys are really damn
good with those swords…” he nodded “yes they are it
takes a lot of practice to get that good” She nodded “it
shows doesn‟t it? I never truly believed it was possible
to be that good, I must say Leo and Pisces have very
powerful parents. Especially since they are only mortal.
Could it be? My mother once spoke that there would
one day be mortals with as much power as we, never
thought it could happen until now” She said looking
over at Virgo who was deep in meditation. “And image
having to live like that. Keeping your love a secret from
everyone for ever… living without emotions, without
ever feeling want, or lust. Perhaps the Jedi gave it all up
to keep their focus. I don‟t think I could ever live a life
like that… the way she spoke of loosing her family,
loosing her planet, and people having to push aside all
that sadness and smile through it all. Perhaps… I have
one last merical to pull off” she said looking at virgo
and held a hand out slightly as it glowed and then faded
as she set her hand down. Dale nodded “you sure you
should be doing that?” Michelle smiled, “I will write her
a letter, and tell her to leave it un opened until…
harmony has graced her.” She said looking back at
Dale. “She will be of only virgo, no father, only a
mother the same way my mother had me. One last hope
for the Nerya race.” He nodded “Well alright then
maybe you should tell her then what you did to her with
out her concent” She smiled, “all will be fine” she said
softly looking down at leo. “yes.. all will be fine” he
looked at her “your avoiding the situation, like usual
and don‟t think you can make me do it for you” She
smiled, “Oh calm down.. everything in my letter will
explain to her the situation.” She said looking back at
virgo, “The Nerya race was a peaceful one.. and she was
right about all those who died when the sith distroied
her homeworld. Everything will be fine” she said. He
shrugged “if you say so Michelle I wont say any thing”
Over the next few days tey enjoied the time they spent
with michelle and Dale, but finally at the end of the
week it was time to say their goodbyes and return to
Corasant. “We will come vist you again soon” Virgo
said as Michelle nodded “I have no doubts about that…
oh before I forget” she said putting a sealed letter in
virgo‟s hand. “Read it only when Harmony has come to
your life” she said speaking a riddle as Virgo looked at
it oddly, “Alright” she said slipping it into her pocket.
Dale chuckled as he put his feet up. Virgo smiled
motioning everyone on board and then boarded herself.
Michelle looked up as the ship rose off the ground and
left the surface and was gone. Virgo looked over at Rhys
and smiled, “set a corse for home and jump warp as
soon as our core is ready. 7 days warp jump from
home” she smiled. He nodded setting course and
readying the engines for the trip home as they soon
lifted off and left the almosphere and hitting light speed.
Not long after arriving back on Corasant virgo and
Rhys where back in Jedi council discussing polotics
when Master Lore turned looking at Virgo. “Master
starchaser you look very pale.” Rhys shrugged “it was a
long journey she had those cybernetic devices taken out
of her and she hasn‟t been feeling to well since” Virgo
nodded swallowing hard, “I just feel a bit dehydrated
and a tad ill” she said softly. Rhys nodded “We should
convene for today and let her get some rest” he told
them. The other master‟s nodded as Virgo stood and
bowed to them before stepping out into the hall. Rhys
stood and nodded as well leaving with virgo and taking
her back home. Virgo went to bed when she got back
her children pleading with her to train them today.
Rhys looked at them “mommy isn‟t feel well today kids
I will take you out to do some training” The sighed
going to bug scorpio some as virgo looked up at rhys. “I
feel so shitty today” he nodded “well maybe we should
get a medic to look you over” She sighed softly and
nodded, “only a jedi medic I dislike those republic
medics they do to many unessisary tests” she said
grabing the bucket at her bedside to get sick. He got on
the com and called master yoda to send jedi medics
over. In about an hour the medics arrived and took a
few simple tests and used their hand held devices to
anilize it. Rhys waited for a response from it. A medic
approached him, “She‟ll be fine im sure the council is
the ones who approved of this?” she asked looking at
Rhys. Rhys looked at him “approved of what?” he
asked not having a clue what he was talking about. She
nodded, “Her pregnancy, she has just come down with
Nerya morning sickness, our scanners show she‟s been
only pregnant for just over a week” she said. Virgo had
her eyes closed resting, her and rhys hadn‟t had sex
since before they even went to the vata system. Rhys
looked at her “that‟s imposible” he said looking down at
Virgo. The medic shook her head, “Well our scanner‟s
are very clear master xanthus. That is the cause of her
illness” She said turning putting her things away. “I
have another master to tend to, Master Bata tore open
the bottom of his foot, doing something foolish no
doubt” she said leaving the room as scorpio showed her
to her shuttle. Rhys sighed looking at Virgo sitting with
her. She groaned rolling her head to the side and
opened her eyes. “Oh I guess I nodded off” she said
looking up at him.

He looked at her “they say your pregnant again” She
looked up at him, “Oh… I suppose we are being blessed
a third time” he looked at her “yes but you got
pregnant a week after we had sex the last time” She
looked up at him confused, “I don‟t understand… what
are you saying Rhys?” she asked. “A week ago we
where in the Vata system with Michelle and Dale” he
shrugged “maybe they did something because that child
in no way could be mine” She shook her head, “it has to
be Dale” she said softly feeling tired. “They aren‟t like
Dale and Ravyn… they wouldn‟t do anything to me…”
she said looking up at him. “We never made love while
we where in the vata system.” He sighed “get some rest
Virgo we will figure it out when your feeling better” She
nodded closing her eyes. Later that night Master Yoda
came after hearing the news. “Heard the news I did” he
said seeing the kids where all in bed and so was scorpio.
Rhys nodded “Well the child is not mine this time” he
told yoda. He looked up at Rhys, “this suprises you?” he
asked. He nodded “I do not know what is going on” He
looked up at Rhys, “From another this child was
made.” He said looking in on Virgo who was sleeping.
He looked at Yoda “whose is it then?” he asked. Yoda
looked up at Rhys, “Answer this virgo must” he said. “I
sence you feel betrayed” he sighed “not really sure
what I should feel” Yoda nodded, “Lost trust in virgo?
Unwilling to care for a child not yours?” he looked at
yoda “now all your doing is putting words into my

“You not speak what you think, Only ask I can” he said.
“If not lost trust, or unwilling to care for virgo‟s child,
then what think you?” he asked. He shrugged “no clue
really we will have to wait and see” He nodded,
“Perhaps easy to explain this it will be, once will virgo
is” he said turning to go to his shuttle. He nodded
watching Yoda leave standing there. He left in his
shuttle. About 2 hours later Virgo woke feeling the need
to put something in her stomach. “Rhys..” she called for
him. He came into the room and sat down on the bed
beside her as he brought her a tray of food and
something for her to drink. She ate slowly to keep it
down as she looked up at him. “what‟s wrong” she
asked. He looked at her “not really sure” She sighed
softly, “if your thinking I had sex with dale your
wrong….” She said. He looked at her “never said that
now did I” She glanced at him, “but you thought it” she
said softly she said. “Certanly not harmonious” he
looked at her “actually I never thaught ity he was to
close to Michelle why would he try and ruin it with
you?” She shrugged, “He wouldn‟t… be he was the only
other male there other then you and Scorpio” she said
as Rhys communicator went off. Rhys picked up the
communicator “yes Rhys here” he said into it. “master
Rhys this is Shela from the Jedi Medical bay, Master
Starchasers blood results are finally in, the baby is to
our surprise, pure Nerya” she said. “Just thought
Master Virgo would like to know” she said
disconnecting the communication. Rhys looked at
Virgo knowing she over heard “I also doubt the kid is
Scorpios too” She looked at him, “that‟s disgusting…
but a woman can‟t get pregnant on her own… but a
pure Nerya… that‟s just not possible, not without
Scorpio… maybe Michelle never washes her toilet
seats” she said. Rhys made the nasty look “I doubt that
as well maybe ask Michelle?” She shook her head, “We
have no communication with her unless we go to the
vata system, which we no longer have time for..” She
said thinking. “Wait.. that letter Michelle gave me” he
looked at her “well maybe you should read it” he told
her. She nodded reaching into her nightstand and took
it out and opened it. “Dear Virgo, I‟m sure by the time
you read this you‟ll already be confused as to why you
give birth to a Pure Nerya child. I‟m also sure strange
and unpleasant thoughts have run through Rhys mind.
I had little mericals left, but I had one good one left in
me. I used it to take a part of you, and conform it with
my power, to create a pure Nerya of only your flesh and
blood. There is no father, just as I had none. The child
that you carried is of you, and only you, the last hope I
could give to help bring your people hope. I wish I had
enough power to restore your homeworld, and all the
people on it, but alas I can not. But I could give the
Nerya this last chance to survive. Perhaps a better
match for scorpio then none at all. Raise Harmony
well.” Virgo said reading outloud. Rhys looked at her
“well that explains a lot” he told her. She looked at him,
“She made a child for Scorpio?” he shrugged “yah how
unfortunate for her” Virgo put a hand over her
stomach. “So there is no father of this child. Only a
purpose” She said closing her eyes. “I understand…
when Harmony comes into my life… it makes sence”

Rhys nodded “Well that does make sense I suppose but
I have no clue really” Virgo laid back turning onto her
side, “The council is going to be so mad at me…” Rhys
shrugged “who knows it wasn‟t your fault really” She
sighed softly, “I can‟t handle much more of this.. 5
children Rhys… I know I have a lot of money but if this
continues… we wont have any money at all” Rhys
shrugged “maybe we should get you fixed after this
one” he told her. She looked up at him, “And 50 years
down the road when all of them are grown up and Im
ready to do it all again?” Rhys shrugged “I am sure in
50 years it will be able to be reversed” She sighed, “Not
something I am willing to chance… We will have to
make do. But the council will never agree to letting one
of us take a third padawans… I will have to request a
master for them.” Rhys nodded “well alright then you
will have to prepair to inform them of the situation and
how to deal with it then” She nodded tiredly, “send a
message out I will meet with the council in the
morning…” he got up and went out messaging the
council for her letting her rest more.

In the morning though she didn‟t feel well she took a
shuttle with Rhys to the jedi Temple. Once sitting virgo
held the letter in her hand. “As you‟ve all now heard I
am once again… with child” she said as Master lore
looked at her, “this is going to bring a bad reputation to
the jedi” he said looking at her sternly. “I know.” Virgo
said softly. “But I have in my hands the explination of
this, and I‟d like you all to understand not even I new
about this” she said opening the letter. “This was
written by the only remaining Cardarian remaining.
You are all fully away of the powers the Cardarian‟s
possessed and it will all maske sence in a moment”
Virgo said as she read the letter to the council. Most the
masters sitting back looking a bit shocked when they
heard the child had no father and was a pure Nerya.
Yoda looked at her not knowing what to say to such a
thing as Rhys sat quietly letting all the other masters
their chance to talk. Virgo looked up at the masters, “I
am prepared to conseal this child, how ever my hands
are already full with the 4 children I attend to now. I
will take the responsibility of raising her until the age to
brgin Padawan training, but… I would like to
personally ask… Master Yoda to be their master.” She
said softly. Master Yoda looke at her “I suppose I could
no mother or father has ever decided who should train
their child but since you are of the council we will go
with your decision” She nodded, “I feel horrible things
are to come if it remains with me… there only one
master here who I‟d feel more comfortable with. Master
Yoda has been like a father to me in my time at the
temple.” She said as Master lore sat forward. “What if
their medaclorian level is to low, then what?” he asked.
She looked at master Lore. “The last time you said that
it was about me… You said my levels where to low, not
truly fit to be trained as a jedi, but Master Tyva pushed
and look where I am now. I sit on the jedi Council as a
High master. I completed my training far younger then
most other jedi, the first woman ever on the council and
still it does no change the fact when I was young and
stood before all of you, not even I was considered
enough” Yoda looked at the council “the child will be
tested for medaclorian levels when born they will, as for
jedi training it will be given even if her level is slightly
under the required” Master lore looked at Yoda,
“Master Yoda are you sure?” he asked. “Why do you
question Master Yoda‟s abilities?” Master bata said
looking at Lore. Lore shook his head, “that‟s not what I
meant.” Virgo sighed, “Please let‟s no quaral over
something so trivial. I understand that there will be
long periods of time I may not get to see this child. But
in master Yoda‟s good care there is no doubt in my
mind they will grow into the sort of person fit for the
Jedi.” She said as master bata looked at her, “I
personally think this hild is a blessing. This is the big
chance to save what is left of the Nerya race.” Rhys
nodded “yes there is a chance to save the Nerya race by
letting this happen” Virgo nodded as Master Nomen sat
forward usually being fairly quiet. “I agree, so much
can be done, the public has some what lost faith in the
jedi‟s abilities to help the people. Perhaps this would be
good publicity in the end. Parents wont be so afraid of
letting their children tested for Medclorian levels.”
Yoda nodded “then we will let this hapopen as it will
open faith into the Jedi once more” Virgo closed her
eyes for a moment before opening them again. “I will
continue me dutuies at the temple daily, to help with the
younglings here. Short on masters we are. As I have
already agreed to help.” She said. Master Yoda nodded
“that would be apprictated” he told her.

“As for the beginning training of Lysander and Hope,
both are doing very well with the sences training,
Master Xanthus has some good news to report on his
padawan‟s training” Rhys nodded “Pisces is extremely
strong in the force already excelling in light saber
combat and her sense training is almost completed
already” Master bata blinked, “that‟s a incredible
record, Something we‟ve never achieved at the temple
before. Perhaps you can bring her before us for a
example?” Rhys nodded “that can be arranged” he told
them. Master Lore nodded, “Yes if she is as advanced in
combat training as you claim a demonstration before
the council would be in order.” He nodded “that I will I
will even be her sparing opponent to show you how well
she has become” Master Bata looked at him, “Perhaps
allowing some of the younglings to sit in and watch,will
help encourage them to stay focused on their training.”
Rhys nodded “it probly would encourage them it
encouraged Virgo‟s padawans as well to try harder just
from seeing me an Pisces train” Master lore looked at
him, “How many Androids was she using for her sence
training?” Rhys looked at him “last time she did it
three, as she was also fighting me at the same time”The
masters sat back looking at him, “This is very good for
us” Master Lore said as Virgo nodded in agreement.
“I‟d like if the council will allow it, displace this
demonstration to the sentate. For some reason they are
losing as much faith in us as the people of the republic.
A broad cast showing that there is children who are
capable to jedi training could bring very good publicity
back to the jedi. Perhaps even more younglings. We
could use all we can get.” Yoda looked at her “like a
double edge sword this is as it would bring many
unwanted publicity to Pisces but wanted publicity to the
Jedi Order” She nodded, “I am aware of how the people
will react to Pisces power, but Master Xanthus is her
master it is truly his decision.” Rhys nodded “it is best
for the jedi order so we will do it Pisces will

Virgo nodded, “as for Pisces I‟m sure she would be
willing to par take in such an event.” He said as Master
lore nodded, “then it is agreed b the council. We will
return in 3 days time in the combat hall of the temple.
Master Virgo if you could ready a group of combat
ready younglings to view the demonstration, and
Master Xanthus prepare your padawan. We want to see
her at her full strength.” He nodded “youy will see her
at full strength do not worry” he told him. At long last
the council had adjurned and Virgo was able to return
home. Over the next three days she put together a full
list of Younglings who where ready for combat and
even younglings who where already in combat training
to view the demonstration. Pisces seemed pleased to do
it but at the same time was very nervous of looking
stupid. Rhys did more intense training with her after
he had Scorpio modify her sabers for a stun setting to
face him with out injury. Pisces was starting to get good
predicting his movements with her visor down. She
couldn‟t see him at all while they would fight. Virgo
watched knowing if Pisces could see this battle would
get heavy. Rhys knew the same as he continued battling
Pisces with only one light saber not wanting to make it
too hard on her. By the day of the demonstration Virgo
had washed up Pisces outfit so it would look clean and
pulled her hair back so it wouldn‟t be in the way.
“Daddy im nervous” she said looking up at hm in the
shuttle. He shook his head “don‟t be Pisces, this is part
of your training there is no reason for you to be
nervous, as you will not be able to notice their presence
at all you will only concentrate on the force” She looked
up at him, “But what if I trip and fall and everyone
laughs at me?” he sighed “you wont trip and fall you
will be perfect just like all our other training sessions”
She nodded, “okay…” she said as Virgo smiled having
Lysander and Hope ith them to take part in the viewing.
When they got there Rhys took Pisces into the ring
showing her every thing she could barely see the
cameras and the three druids he had ready for her
training where there as well. She was given a special
visor that was a lighter weight that would block out her
sight for the demonstration. She took a deep breath as
she put it on and took out one of the altered lightsabers.
Like Rhys she had a second one handy should it get as
intence as it did when they trained alone. The
holocamera‟s starting filming as pisces signaled she was
ready. Rhys turned the androids on as they swooped in
first challenging her while he ignited his saber watching
first letting her get accustom to the androids first. She
knew the where set on their high setting so she would
need to block more shots more often. Her saber
ignighted with the fure of blasts that where shot at her,
one hand easily blocking ever sot fired at her waiting to
sence Rhys approach. Rhys charged in swinging his
saber around at openings making her move her sabers
up to block him his twirling rapid movements gave her
enough time to parry him and parry the andoirds with
her one saber but it was growing more intense for her.
She kept to one saber until his movements got to fast
and she pulled her second saber to defelect only one.
Virgo watched seeing one saber being used to deflect the
three androids and the other only for Rhys. Rhys and
the andoirds kept working together for her to defltect
his attacks the whole world of coresant was watching
amazed never really seeing a jedi battle let alone
training before. Pisces was sencing his movements
before he even made them, most of her focus and
training had been pushed to that.. She didn‟t seem to be
having much problem as Pisces signinalled to turn it up
some. Rhys pushed his intensity making it even harder
on Pisces using some of the force to help him. She was
working the same as him, using the force to pushing off
the floor to jump over him and attack from behind,
something she had often seen virgo pull off. Rhys so
used to the move blocked it with ease twirling around
her and almost hitting her with his light saber to her
exposed back. She bent just enough for it to swing over
her and dropped down swinging her leg around kicking
his out from under him. When she did that he used the
force to flip him around making him land on his feet
once more, since he was using a lot less of the force then
she was it made her moves harder to predict for him.
Virgo looked down at the hand held tv in her hand
watching the broad cast and what was being said.
“Remember Corasant Padwan Pisces is completely
blinde” the announcer reminded the viewers. Rhys kept
at the battle using the low amount of the force as he was
making it extremely hard for Pisces to focus. She used
that moment to swin up one of her blades hitting on of
the android so hard it smashed into the wall and broke
cutting down on the androids giving her a bit more
focus on Rhys. Rhys used one of the androids to his
advantage as he started deflecting lasers off his saber
back at Pisces. She swung up her saber forcing it at one
of the other anadroids leaving them with only one and
Rhys. Rhys attacked her more using even more of the
force now since she was being able to do better having
taken out two of the androids. She spun slightly hitting
the last android and moved to use both of her saber‟s on
Rhys, the tip of one hitting him in the back of the leg.
He winced feeling the stunning pain as he faught her
back his saber swinging more knocking one of her
sabers clear out of her hand and then knocking the
other out soon after “trainined finished for today
Pisces” he told her. Knowing she was defeated she
bowed in respect. “battle win for master” she said
pulling off her visor her hair soaked. He smiled to her
“well go hit the showers kid and get nice and clean for
the ride home” he said turning off the cameras.Virgo
turned looking at Master Yoda to see what he had to
say. Master yoda looked at her “very impressive she
reminds me of Master Xanthus when he was 12” Virgo
got up and went down to the washroom to help Pisces
clean up. Ravyn was glued to the TV, “For fucks sake
she‟s disgustingly good!” Dale nodded “well that‟s
because she is my daughter why else do you expect
that?” Ravyn glanced at him, “She‟s so good… ours is
stil weting herself and drooling on you when you hold
her and your perfect little princess child is showing up
jedi three times her age.” He shrugged “well we all
can‟t be perfect I suppose” he told her. She crossed her
arms, “if I didn‟t know any better I‟d say that wicked
grin on your face means your proud of the little wrech”
he shook his head “not really just being cocky” he told
her. “Oh bullshit Dale, I know when I‟ve been shown
up. I‟ll admit it, your kids are better when they are with
her. You should just have them with her and not with
me. I hate having dumb kids” he looked at her “oh that
isn‟t true we just have to find Robyns Nitchee that‟s all”
Ravyn looked at him, “Oh shut up your digging
yourself deeper” she said. Looking at the TV. “We have
a second special demonstration coming to you live from
the Jedi temple where Jedi high master Starchaser will
spar with her padawan son” He said as they showed
virgo preparing to battle with Lysander. Dale sighed
“well they are showing something else now” he told her.
She grumbled, “ugh it‟s virgo and Aries” she said
seeing the battle begin. “Holy cow! It‟s obvious that Jedi
High master Starchaser has two extremely talented
young padawans. Her second padawan will not be
demonstating today do to an injured ankle.” The
announce said as Ravyn gawked at the screen watching
how fast Lysander was while blind. His moves where
very fast and fairly original. Dale watched on
“interesting he is using a staff saber and is mildly
talented with it” Ravyn watched as he pulled off a move
that seemingly surpised virgo who was hit with his
saber in the arm dropping one of her sabers from the
stun of it. “He‟s almost as brilliant as his sister.” Ravyn
said. Dale shrugged “I didn‟t notice” he told her.She
threw a vase at him, “STOP LYING TO ME DAMN
IT!!” he caught it with the force setting it down “fine he
is pretty good for a kid his age” She nodded seemingly
happy now as she turned to watch more as Virgo
disarmed him. “Battle win” she said as the cameras
jumped to it‟s speaker, “For the first time ever a live
actual training battle has been aired to the public! This
is exciting news!” Dale yawned “any thing else on
because this idiot is going to talk for like 2 hours about
how rare this was and obey the jedi crap” She turned it
off and sat down on the couch. “Robyn is officially
usless” Dale looked at her “Well because your not
willing to program her to do stuff you do that and she
will do more stuff” She looked at him, “I don‟t want to
think of her as a robot” she said with a growl. He sighed
“well then she will be a drooling annoance” She looked
away gruffly hearing the shuttle pull up at virgo‟s
apartment. Virgo stepped out as ravyn rushed to watch
them as Lysander and pisces climbed off the shuttle
“Okay you guys calm down and go do what ever it is
you do” she said climbing off the shuttle. Rhys got off
the shuttle after her as he carried the training light
sabers with him. She looked back at him, “I think this
went well” she said to him. “I thought it was a tad odd
when Master Yoda asked to see his skills but I didn‟t
argue” she said putting a hand to her head feeling dizy.
“I wasn‟t at my best today” she said. He sighed “Well
you go lay down and relax for a little while alright your
still not feeling well that‟s all”

“It‟s this unexpected pregnancy Rhys… I can‟t deal
with this much more” she said as Ravyn smile to
herself, “Dale come here” she said using her mind. He
soon came out as Rhys looked at her “Well
unfortunately you already said you would deal with it so
you better lay down and relax till your feeling better”
he told her. Virgo sighed “Alright but at least get me
some medication Not even the others made me feel like
this” she said going inside. Ravyn turned to dale. “She‟s
pregnant. Again!” Dale nodded “I heard how many kids
she up to now 5?” She nodded, “this will make 5 yes”
she said blinking. “I think she‟s nuts” Dale nodded “me
too that is nuts having so many kids around the same
age” She came inside again, “Her body has to be sore”
she said. “Perhaps nows a good time to make an
appearance.” He looked at her as he went inside “an
apprance for what?” he asked her. She looked at him.
“Of you and me.. make Rhys suffer just a bit. I say we
nab one of the little brats” he shrugged “you sure you
would want one of those little bastards as you put it?”
She looked at him, “they betrayed us, we‟d only be
repaying the favor and you‟d get one of your precious
prodigies” he sighed “they are not really my prodigies
as I didn‟t raise them but which one do you want to
take” he asked. She shook her head, “never mind
you‟ve gotten soft like a limp penis since we went under
cover” she said going into the bedroom. He followed
her into the bed room “I am just saying I don‟t think its
worth the effort let them finish their jedi training then
corrupt them” She made the bed. “soft like a pot of
whipped mashed potatos” she said fluffing the pillows.
“maybe you and I should just live normal lives.” He
shrugged “that‟s up to you I have many key supporters
now and even some forming a military unit in the outer
reaches with out the jedi knowing”

“What is it all worth dale, we had a huge thing going on
before and the jedi came in and crushed it like as if it
was a person stepping on a bug. Now it‟s even smaller
then it ever was and you think we stand a chance?” he
shrugged “eh the military is a diversion let them think
some one else is doing it while I corrupt the senate to
elect me chancellor then just end up making some fake
war to gain more power” She shook her head, “do what
ever you want Mr Xylona I have a planet to govern” she
said strangly acting like a forbian. He sighed “what
ever you wish Mrs Xylona”

On the day of meeting council for the senate Virgo took
the floor as she normally did. “I hope you where all
pleased with demonstration shown on my children‟s
abilites” they nodded as one spoke up “yes very
pleasing it brings new hope to the jedi order” one said
as a wookie spoke next saying that it was good in its
own language. She nodded and paused for a moment
knowing she had to inform them about the pure Nerya
inside her. “The other news is… a strange anomaly has
accured…” she said bracing herself. The chancellor
spoke up “oh and what is that Master Starchaser” She
looked up at the senate. “I am with child… but this time
it has brought great confusion to even the jedi council.
For this child has no father” she said. A senator spoke
out, “But how can any person carry a unfathered
child?” She looked around the senate as Ravyn‟s ears
perked up hearing that strange news. “We were
completely baffiled but the pregnancy, for nothing was
done to create it. The child im going to bare… is a Pure
Nerya…” Senatores were in an uproar trying to figure
things out as Dale spoke up “well this is good there is
chance for the Nerya race to repopulate then” She
nodded, “Not even the wisest Jedi master can explain
how this has happened. But… there was a prophecy
once” she said as a senator interrupted her. “The one
who would bring order to the republic! The child with
no father, the child created by the force itself” He said
as another spoke out. “Where is proof of such a
anomaly” He said she placed a chip into the over head
scanners as her test results where displaied. “As you can
see here the child is pure Nerya… It‟s DNA does not
even match mine or the remaining Nerya.” Dale looked
on finding it strange as senators talked among
themselves. “It‟s long been discussed with my brother,
the only Male Nerya left in existence that this childs
duty will be to him. Hope for the Nerya race has come
in a Mysterious way. “This is so bizarre the DNA isn‟t
even a match to you, it‟s as if your carrying someone
elses child” A senator spoke out. Virgo nodded, “I know
how confusing this may seem to all of you. It is to us as
well. I‟ve desided to carry until she is born and care for
her until she is ready to undergo specil training with
Master Yoda” the council looked at her “then if she
becomes jedi she will not be able to save the Nerya

“Scorpio has agree‟d to Test tube children using her
DNA after she‟s old enough to do so. The age difference
between them is already far to great for a couple to…
fall in love I believe the term is. Scorpio is nearing his
45th birthday as it is, By the time she‟s old enough to
even produce young he will be nearing 60 years old. He
understands the situation.” The senate agreed as they
talked on it for a few more minutes before the topic
changed. Virgo sat down to rest beside rhys. “I need to
rest” she said closing her eyes. He nodded letting her
rest her head on his shoulder. After at the after party
Virgo had rested enough to take questions from the
senate. She looked up seeing ravyn and Dale fast
approaching. “Afternoon Senators” Dale nodded to her
“afternoon Master Starchaser” Ravyn nodded at her as
well. “You put up a wonderful point about Forbian
taxes” Virgo said to Dale. Dale nodded “well thank you
Master Starchaser I wasn;t sure if you were paying
attention or not” Virgo smiled, “Just because one closes
their eyes does not mean they don‟t hear.” She said to
him. “I loved your speech on the trading companies.
Real top notch” he nodded “well thank you again I am
glad some one liked it” She smiled, “Perhaps you‟d be
interested in writing a motivational speech for the
Temples younglings. Your such a powerful speaker,
they would adore you” he shrugged “maybe I might
consider doing that” he told her. She smiled at him as
Ravyn looked at her, “so your really pregnant with a
child that isn‟t yours and has no father?” she asked as
Virgo nodded “Yes believe me when I heard I thought
someone was playing a practical joke on me” Dale
looked at Nyx and back at Virgo “well at least your
happy about having another child are you not?” She
sighed, “Honostly all of this birthing has me stretched
thin. I can not care for this child myself. I will take the
responsibility until she is weened and then I will be
giving her over to master Yoda. We desided to name
her Harmony” Dale nodded “such a nice name I am
sure it will suit her well” She nodded, “and How is little
Xyn?” She asked. Ravyn looked at her, “Can‟t seem to
get her potty trained” She said as Virgo smiled as
Ravyn chuckled, “I‟m thinking about telling her that
children who pee their pants get eaten by huge toothy
monsters” Virgo blinked.Dale chuckled “she is just
joking don‟t worry” he told Virgo even though he knew
Ravyn wasn‟t. Ravyn tilted her head to the side, “So do
you like showing off your children like smut or do you
just get jollies off making the senate squirm” she said as
Virgo looked at ravyn offended. Dale shook his head
“she just hates it when people show off their children
like clothes in a fasion show” Virgo looked at Ravyn,
“Im sorry if it displeased you but the Jedi council felt
that it would help replenish some hope in parents to
come forward and have their children tested” she said
as Ravyn looked at her, “you always where a poor lier,
good dresser and had the best tastes in men but you
haven‟t won the war” she said turning her back to virgo
to mingle with other senators. Virgo blinked seemingly
confused. “Pardon me for saying this Senator… but… is
your wife on drugs?” Dale nodded “yah she is on some
morphine for a injured ankle” he told her lying about
Ravyn. Virgo looked at him, “I would suggest
decreasing the dose… she is acting like a drunk
skipping rehab” she said hearing Ravyn call the
chanssilors wife a skank. He nodded “oh don‟t worry I
plan on doing that when I get home” Ravyn climbed
onto the buffet table “Excuse me can I have you
attention” she said as everyone turned to look at her. “I
just wanted you all to know that eating peanutbutter
every day can help prevent organge desease
commoninly found in Cotton. Oh and who ever owns
the red hutter hover car your lights are on and your
engine stripped. Thank you and goodnight” she said
jumping off the table. “Senator you might want to take
your wife home before she get‟s you both removed from
your positions” virgo said. He nodded going off and
taking ravyn out of there.Ravyn bitched all the way to
the shuttle. “Don‟t you know I was havine fun
doughnut!” she said to him. He looked at her “your
malfunctioning Ravyn” he told her. She crossed her
arms. “Allot of Groovy you are” she said. He sighed as
he turned off her speech so she would stop sounding like
an idiot. Her lips would move but nothing would come
out. And it was seemingly upsetting her. But she was the
quietist she has ever been. He got her inside his home
and wheeled out her hidden devices and hooked her up
searching out for the problem. He couldn‟t seem to
locate the virus itself but tracted it down to her
vocabulary system. The best way to deal with the
problem was run a daily system restoral to keep her
normal each day or whipe it clean and have her learn to
speak from scratch which was bad since she had to play
a senitor. He ran a system restoral on her to restore her
speech turning it on once more. She turned looking at
him, “I think my vocabulary system is fried” he looked
at her “it has a virus that‟s all we will have to run a
system restoral every 24 hours unfortunately” She
sighed, “now if we had virgo she could fix this in a heart
beat. I bet I got it when I was downloading that set of
600 alien languages the other day.” He shook his head
“I am betting she was the one who planted the virus”
She shook her head, “No I bet she didn‟t I have my own
self made detaector. I put it in myself when she fucked
me over the first time. Besides she thought you where
going to kill Rhys she wouldn‟t have risked it.”

He looked at her “Well I think she did do it why else
would it be there now on a delay, and I doubt your
detector doesn‟t work as well” She shrugged, “it did
detect something when I dounloaded those langagues.
But I normally ignore it. I downloaded a cyber virus
effecting movement in my right arm, but I fixed that. I
swear people put viruses in all those downloadable
programs for androids.” She said. He sighed “fine be
more careful then” She looked up at him, “Im sorry
Dale you know I don‟t think about that sort of thing
before I download.” She said. He looked at her “well
think before downloading because you almost ruined
our cover tonight” She sighed laying back on their bed
hearing Robyn calling for Dale. “daddy!! Daddy!!!” she
called from her room. Dale went into Robyns room to
see what the problem was. “Booboo” she said holding
up the flap that had opened and she saw some of her
cybernetics. “Er…” she whimpered softly. He sighed
sitting down beside her as he closed the flap “its nothing
robyn just an open compartment” She looked up at
him, “up up” she said holding er arms out for him
seeming adorable and not a complete nightmare for
once. He nodded bending down and picking her up “so
did you use the potty yet?” he asked her holding her.
She shook her head, “no” she said trying to pull the
pretty pink barrets out of her hair that Ravyn put in. he
reached over and took them out for her “well you
should big girls always use the potty only babies use
diapers” She looked at him, “No like scarry potty. Lid
fall and hurt my hand” he chuckled “well you know
what you do you jump on that lid and sit on it” he told
her “that will show it a thing or two” She looked at him
and shook her head, “no wanna daddy” she said looking
up at him. “You should use the potty because if you
don‟t learn the Corasant closet monster will come in the
middle of the night and bite your head off and use your
bones as tooth picks and drink your blood to survive”
Ravyn said as robyn started to cry and clung to dale.
“No!!” Dale rubbed Robyns back and shook his head
looking at Ravyn “well if you learn to use the potty
Daddy will buy you a new toy, because you look foolish
still wearting a diaper”
She cried out, “I use potty just don‟t let monster eat my
head” she said crying. He nodded “deal I will protect
you from the monster as long as you use the potty”
Ravyn smiled, “Fair more effective” she said as Robyn
cried, “I use potty now!! Don‟t want monster commin”
she said. Dale put her down and let her go to the potty
on her own. She ran into the washroom and shut the
door as Ravyn nodded, “See scaring the shit out of her
works” he shrugged “I suppose you scored one for
parenting today”

Days went by, and then months. Virgo gave birth to a
healthy pure Nerya girl. She was the talk of Corasant,
and looked nothing like virgo. She had beautiful blue
and green hair, and stunning green eyes. Her ears long
and pointy with violet tips. Rhys took care of Virgo and
harmony while the recooperated at home keeping up
with the childerns training. Ravyn seemed fairly
interested in Harmony and was a bit in awe at the
resemblances between her real self and Harmony. Dale
noticed that as well and found it odd but nknew Nerya
DNA changed a lot as well. Virgo had taken some time
to herself away from the senate, taking care of the 5
children and teaching younglings in her free time at the
Temple. She was tired no doubt, and knew it would only
be a matter of time before Harmony was put into
Yoda‟s care. Rhsy helped her out letting her rest when
she got the chance letting life go on as usual. Virgo
found herself gasping as she sat up in bed one night
uttering soft cries as she gasped putting a hand over her
chest as she swallowed hard and looked around the
dark bedroom. Rhys sat up in bed looking at her “whats
wrong Virgo?” he asked her curious as he rubbed his
tired eyes. She turned her head and shifted her gace to
him, “I had a horrible nightmare” she uttered running
her fingers through her hair. “about what?” he asked
her putting an arm around her. She leaned up against
him, “your brother…” she said easing her breath. He
looked at her “what about my brother?‟ he asked her
gently rubbing her back. She rubbed her face against
his chest, “he was alive… and I can‟t even bare to think
about it” she said. He sighed holding her close “there is
no way he could have survived I pierced his heart with
my light saber then the rogue moon blew up hun” She
nodded, “it was just a nightmare” she said laying her
hand on his chest as a quick imaged flashed before his
eyes of pisces crying. He shivered feeling the vision but
letting it pass She looked up at him “you shivered are
you cold” she asked as it came again, long enough for
him to see she was around 17, and she was face down on
a mattress crying before it flashed away again. “Rhys?”
she asked. He nodded “yes just alittle cold” he told her
trying to wipe the image from his mind. She pulled the
covers around them and laid back down. He laid back
down with her holding her in his arms while they laid
together. 2 days passed and he was in the middle of
showering when the visions came again. This time he
could hear her sobs and see her hands bound behind
her with photon shackles. He was wondering what was
going on with her completely unsure of it. It flashed in
and out over the next few moments each time it was
zoomed out a bit more to see a larger area. She was
crying and kept saying the words “no” and “stop” until
it was painfully clear that something disgustingly
unsacred was happning to her. He was disturbed by the
visions not wanting to see more and wanting to do what
he could to prevent them. He found himself standing in
a now cold shower and Virgo banging on the door
“Rhys!? Rhys answer me!? Are you alright!?” he
nodded “I am fine” he said opening the shower door.
Virgo stood outside the washroom door, “why didn‟t
you answer me… I‟ve been calling for you almost 4
minutes I was about to break the door down!” he
looked at her “I didn‟t hear you that‟s all hun I am fine
just getting out of the shower now” he said turning it off
and drying off. Pisces cries for help and graphic images
where stuck in his head as if they where haunting him.
He tried going through out the day with out picturing
what was happening in the visions. But it was like
asking the sun not to rise they where horrible images
that he never wanted his child to experience and knew it
was bad enough virgo had already been through it. He
made sure to look after pisces doing her training
through out the day. Pisces was getting better, but her
consintration on multi tasking with the force needed
some work. He tried to continue multi tasking with the
force for her seeing it as her week point. On Harmony‟s
first birthday Virgo was beginning to loose it. She
hadn‟t been sleeping since Harmony was practically
nocturnal. He was exhausted from temple work and
training Lysander and Hope at the same time. She knew
it was time for Yoda to take Harmony. Harmony sat on
the patio with Pisces who was reading her a story while
Virgo packed her belongings. Harmony looking up at
Rhys as if she knew they where giving her away. Rhys
sighed sorry to see her go since she was like another
daughter to him but they had to let her go.Virgo had a
bag prepared for Harmony as she loaded it onto the
shuttle. “Dada” harmony said tilting her head as Hope
tied pink boes into her hair. Rhys nodded “yes
Harmony?” he asked her. She blinked at him unsure as
to what was going on. Leo walked out of the apartment
building holding his toy lightsaber. “Will we get to see
her still?” he asked as Virgo nodded, “Yes you will see
her with master Yoda all the time, so it‟s not really
goodbye.. She‟ll know who her mummy and daddy is,
Master Yoda wouldn‟t keep it from her, it will be the
same only she wont be living with us anymore.” Hope
sighed, “Why does she have to go?” she asked as virgo
sat down beside her. “Mommy and Daddy can‟t afford
to keep this up little one. Harmony doesn‟t sleep at
night, and Mommy had to stay up all night with her and
then all day with you and the other Younglings. This is
a very good reason why Celibusy is one of the major
codes of the jedi. And why Jedi don‟t get married.” She
said as Pisces looked at her, “Then how come you got to
have babies?” she asked as virgo smiled, “Sometimes
things happen in life that are unfair… even crule some
times. But you‟ll never have to worry about what
happened to me happening to you” she said kissing
piscces forehead causing Rhys to remember his visions.
He shivered slightly so Virgo wouldn‟t see as he went
over and picked Harmony up “don‟t worry Daddy will
come vist you every day in the temple when he has
time.” Virgo nodded “Already… everyone inside the
shuttle” she said making sure her 4 children got on as
she and Rhys and Harmony got on as well. When they
arrived at the Temple Master Yoda was waiting for
them. Rhys got out carrying Harmony with him as they
approached Master Yoda. Virgo bowed to master Yoda.
“Here is a bag of her belongings.” She said setting it
down and looked at Rhys. Rhys handed Harmony to
Yoda slowly “and here she is” he told him alittle sad
that he had to let her go growing attached to Harmony
over the last year. Virgo set her hand on his shoulder
for support. Harmony looked at Master yoda as he held
her and she looked up at virgo and Rhys. “Momma?
Dadda?” she asked in a half cry. “This is Master Yoda,
he‟s going to be like a second daddy to you” She said as
Pisces put a little charm bracelet on Harmony‟s hand.
“This way you‟ll always know where your family is”
She said. Rhys nodded “now you be a good girl for
master yoda” he told her kissing her forehead. She
whimpered as virgo looked at her, “it‟s alright” she said
and then looked at yoda. “We know you will be a
wonderful mentor” she said. “Best get to our training”
Rhys nodded “yes I will be back to check on her later to
see how she is doing” he told Yoda as they soon left.
Virgo and Rhys spent their time in the training rooms
together. Lysander and Hope learning consintrative
skills such as balancing on their hands whil lifting
objects with the force. Pisces still continued to learn
multi tasking with the force as it was one of her weaker
subjects. Pisces was hand standing like her siblings only
on one hand using her other hand to lift much heaver
objects and stack them neatly while meditating at the
same time. Rhys sat back watching her as he had young
leo trying to just learn how to levitate objects. He like
his sister had the same early learn skills and was
excelling at them like pisces did. Rhys was enjoying
how fast his padawans learned their skills. Leo was
born with special talents that Pisces didn‟t know right
away. He could foresee actions moments sometimes
even days in advance. Leo even already had perfect
sence abilities, his first day with stun andrioids had him
fending off nearly 12 of them at once, and easily. His
reactions where quick, but unlike his sister he did not
know how to use mind trick right away or levitate. Leo
was turning into an excellent warrior type jedi but his
other skills lacked as Rhys tried to teach him other
skills as well. Leo looked down at the small rocks and
stones he was practicing on as Pisces kept her eyes
closed her hand slowly moving as she attempted to lift
one of the battle machine simulators. Leo turned
looking at her, “Don‟t try it” he said as pisces struggled
to stay straight up balanced only on one hand. “Im
trying to consintrate leo” she said as he looked down at
his rocks, “fine break your arm” he said moving a rock
into a pale and another out as Pisces lifted the machine
about 7 inched off the floor before there was a snap and
she cried out falling to the floor. Virgo looked up as
Pisces sat up slightly holding the arm that had been
holding her up. “Ow! It hurts” she said. Rhys rushed
over to her “Pisces how many times have I warned you
not to do that now you got a broken arm” he said lifting
her up into his arms “now we have to get you to a med
bay” Leo looked up at her, “told you” he said. As she
whimpered from the pain as virgo shook her head.
“You should learn your limits Pisces, pace yourself
don‟t try to rush your training” she said. Rhys soon
took her off to a med bay so they could mend her
broken arm. The medics seemed to have seen it when it
happened being jedi themselves as they had a table
prepared for her already. Rhys laid her down as he sat
down in the waiting room with Leo waiting for Pisces to
be sent out. Leo looked down at his boots as he swung
them back and forth seemingly quiet but the one who
forsaw her injury. “well least you have senable thoughts
not to do stuff like that” he said to Leo. He looked up at
Rhys, “She thinks I don‟t know anything” he grumbled.
He looked at him “don‟t let her think that you are a
very smart individual for your age” He sighed, “But I
don‟t think I‟ll be a good jedi” he said. “I didn‟t get all
the special skills Pisces lysander and hope did when
they where my age. I still don‟t know how to use mind
trick and they get me to blow snot bubbles with it. It‟s
not fair, how come I don‟t have special talents?” He
said. He looked at him “you do have skills you are a
much better warrior then they are they couldn‟t even
face half the amount of battle druids as you did at your
age” He shrugged, “that‟s just easy stuff. They have all
the better skills, I want to be good too” he sighed “you
will become good some day as well Leo it takes time” He
looked up seeing pisces come out with her mended arm.
“Broken bones are such a snap to fix these days” the
medic smiled at Rhys as Pisces looked up at Rhys. “I‟ve
given her a codine make sure she takes one tomarrow
and one the day after to prevent pain. The bone will be
sore but it‟s completely mended. Perhaps having her
use her other hand for the next few days might be in
order.” He said. Rhys nodded “we will do that wont we
Pisces” he said looking down at her. She nodded, “yes
master” she said as the medic patted her head. “Let‟s
not have anymore vists” he said turning and back into
the room as Pisces looked at Leo. “I guess I should have
listened to you” she said as leo nodded. “You where
right im sorry Leo” she said. Rhys nodded “well I am
glad you admit you were in error but let us return to the
others” he said going back to the training room. The
followed him back to the training room. Virgo had both
Lysander and Hope in Multi tasking now. In the same
positin as pisces once was they were using the force to
do many tasks at once. He looked to leo “back to
training Leo Pisces will have to sit this one out” he
nodded going back to what he was doing as pisces
looked at him, “what am I to do master?” she asked
rhys. He looked at her sit back and think about what
you did wrong” he told her. She looked up at him, “I
know what I did wrong but I want to do something” she
said not liking her task. He shrugged “you must learn
paitnce that‟s what you will have to do for your task”
She sat down on the floor doing nothing as virgo looked
over at them for a moment as she instructed Hope and
Lysander. Rhys looked back at herbefore going on and
instructing Leo one what he should do. Pisces seemed to
be rather irritated with the fact she was sitting around
doing nothing at all. Leo looked at her and desided to
keep his thoughts to himself Rhys kep Pieses doing
nothing as she had to learn patience as she already tried
to push her self to far to soon. Leo looked up at Rhys,
“Im tired” he said as Lysander fell over “Ow what the
heck was that!” he said rubbing his chest as he picked
up what looked like a paper clip. Virgo looked at him.
“what do you have there Lysander?” Rhys looked at
Leo “alright take a break leo” he told him “and have a
snack as well” Leo went over to his lunch bag and got
out the sandwhich he had made himself. “You need to
learn that there is always distractions Lysander don‟t
think” she said. “retake your position” she said Rhys
sat back with his padawans while Leo took his
break.Pisces laid back on the floor as Virgo looked at
Rhys, “Why is she loafing around? If a master see‟s that
we could catch heck” Rhys looked at Pieces “get up and
stop loafing around sit at attention and watch your
brother and sister train”

Pisces sighed sitting up as training continued for the
day. When ti was over Virgo and Rhys took them to the
mess hall to eat dinner with the other padawans. Rhys
and Virgo went to eat in the masters hall. Virgo set her
plate down on the table and sat down. “Im not
impressed with your decision for pisces today” he
looked at her “she has no patience she injured her self
because of it I did what any master would do I put her
aside and made her watch others train so she could
learn patience your just being all up tight because I
choose a path with her when you would have just put
her back into training with out saying a word” Virgo
picked at her food, “That‟s not true” she said leaning
her head on a hand and pushed around her food with
her fork. “you know it is why what is wrong with me
teaching her patience she is trying to rush through
training and do things she isn‟t ready for” She looked at
him, “The real point is she felt comfortable with the
thought of being ready. Now she will be discouraged to
move forward afraid that if she can‟t pull it off you will
sit her aside again.” He looked at her “well that is
unfortunate for her but I am her master and you should
abide by my decision”

She looked at him, “And I am her mother… perhaps
this is the reason why Jedi never have children.” She
said pushing her plate aside something seemingly
wrong. He looked at her “whats wrong?” he asked. She
put her head on the table, “I worry about them being
unprepared for the future. I‟d feel better if they could
protect themselves early.” She said sounding as if she
knew something he didn‟t. he sighed “well no matter
what we do they might never be ready” She lifted her
head and tossed her plate into the trash. “I‟ve been
having horrible visions about Hope… seeing crude
disgusting acts being done to her and then slipping
down a path I cant follow. I don‟t understand it, it‟s
different every time, and not just her but Pisces too.”
Rhys nodded “I have seen similar visions it is
unfortunate but I can not detirmn how or who” She
turned towards him, “So then you‟ve seen him… the
one…” he shook his head “I have not seen him” he said.
She ran her fingers through her hair, “it‟s him.. it‟s dale
he‟s alive I can feel it. I know those eyes that face and
voice. It was like reliving what happened all over again
only watching it happen to my children.” She said
sounding slightly hysterical as she kept her voice down.
Her long nights of not sleeping and long days of not
sleeping where heavily weighing down on her mind. He
sighed “there is no way he could have survived what
happened to him your just not feeling well due to lack of
sleep” She sook her head wiping her tears away, “I
can‟t help but have this overwhelming feelings lik he‟s
breathing down my neck. Watching my every day life,
watching our children.” He patted her hand “just calm
down and get some sleep when we get home you will feel
a lot better then”She took a deep breath to calm herself
and nodded.

That night she passed out when they returned home.
Falling asleep easily when she laid down on their bed.
She slept all that night, and all the next day. By the
second day Scorpio was getting worried about her. She
haden‟t even gotten up for a drink since she had gone to
sleep and was consurned. “I think you need to get her a
medic or wake her up or something rhys… She hasn‟t
even had anything to drink since she went to sleep the
other day. She‟s so exhausted her body isn‟t ready to
wake up yet.” Rhys sighed getting up and going into
the bed room shaking Virgo to wake her.She groaned
rolling over not wanting to get up. “come on time to
wake up you been asleep for almost 2 days now” She
rolled over opening her eyes looking up at him. He
helped her sit up “do you at least feel better now
Virgo?” She whimpered leaning against him rubbing
her face against his chin. He rubbed her back gently
“you want something to drink?‟ he asked her. She
nodded, “some juice would be nice” she said sounding
tired. He went over to the replicator in their room and
got her some juice helping her drink it down. She
sucked it back and then leaned against him, “what time
is it” she said softly looking around trying to wake up.
“5pm Tuesday” he told her. She looked up at him, “I‟ve
been asleep a long time” she said rubbing her eyes. He
nodded “yep almost two days” She slowly climbed out
of bed standing up. “I feel so sore” he nodded “well you
been sleeping for too long” he told her.She nodded, “I
need a shower” she said taking hold of his hand. He
helped her to the shower stripping her down and
turning it on for her. She looked back at him and let out
a soft whimper. He got undressed and joined her in the
shower. She moved up against him and laid her head on
his chest, “How is it I could foresee so much but I
couldn‟t foresee us together like this” he held her close
as he shrugged “whjo knows just weren‟t trying to
predict this” She sighed softly, “I could stay like this
forever” she said closing her eyes. “Funny, I cared for 5
children but of them only 3 of them are actually mine”
Rhys nodded “strange huh” he said rubbing her back
gently. She shook her head and just laid against him.

Next door Ravyn was beginning to grow odd, playing a
forbian woman for so long she was literally starting to
believe she was one. She had gone so long without seeing
her real self, or Dale‟s or Robyns that she was acting as
if she was a real forbian. Every night she made forbian
meals, sang Robyn forbian lullabys. Even took up
certain forbian arts such as forbian music with their
instruments. There home had been completely
redecorated with all forbian made products, and exotic
plants she had shipped in from Forbia. Dale didn‟t seem
to mind it helped them blend into every thing and make
every one believe they were forbian not wanting to blow
their cover. It seemed harmless at first until Ravyn no
longer called Robyn by her name, not even in private
places. Always refuring to her as Xyn, and even accused
Dale of sleeping around when he refured to her as
Ravyn. Ravyn‟s brain was adapting to the life change
and her implants where telling her nothing was any
different. Dale was letting it slide growing used to this
life as well no trouble no one trying to control him and
he had plenty of freedom he soon forgot about his sith
plans. Robyn was finally walking talking and being like
a big girl at long last. She was fairly excited that her
first day of kindergarden was approaching and Ravyn
was just as excited as she was, knowing she‟d finally get
the day to do what she wanted.

Ravyn was sitting out on the patio one evening watching
Virgo‟s children play together on their own patio. She
simply smiled at them seeing them get along so well and
have so much fun. She had completely forgotten how
much she had originally hated them, and seemed to no
longer even care. The following Day Dale woke to find
his apartment empty, Ravyn and Robyn no where to be
found, which was odd because eRavyn always was
cooking breakfast when he woke and Robyn was
usually on his bed watching cartoons. Dale looked
around trying to find her looking in every single room
then went out onto the patio. Scorpio was across the
way reading a book. “good morning Senator” Scorpio
said to dale. Dale nodded “good morning Scorpio have
you seen my wife?” he asked him. Scorpio looked up
from his book, “Yeah I saw her go down the garden
loby about an hour ago with Xyn.” He nodded “well
thank you” he said going down there to see if he could
find her. He found Ravyn sitting beside virgo in the loby
as they chatted to themselves, Virgo‟s 4 children playing
with Robyn in the grass, seemingly having a blast.
Ravyn started laughing at a joke Virgo told as virgo
smiled. Dale walked over to them “ah I see you two and
the children are enjoying your selves” Virgo looked up
at him, “good Morning Senator” she said as Ravyn
smiled at him, “Eryx come sit with us” she said with a
smile. He nodded sitting down with them “good
morning to you Master Starchaser”

“Daddy watch this!” Robyn yelled as she did a hand
stand before falling over. Dale smiled as he clapped
“very good Xyn” She smiled as Lysander smiled, “Show
him the cartwheel!” he said as she did a poor cartwheel
but was proud of it anyway” he clapped for her again as
she was showing more improvement with her motor
skills then before. She got up and ran over to him as she
put her small hands on his. “Did I do good? Did I do
good!?” She asked with a smile. He nodded “of course
you did my baby girl” he told her. “Your son looks so
much older then his sisters” Ravyn smiled, “But boy‟s
go have groth spirts” she said with a chuckle. Virgo
nodded, “that he does. He grows like a weed” she said
as Robyn smiled looking back at Lysander, Hope and
Pisces in the grass. Then looked back up at Dale,
“Lysander taught me isn‟t it cool!” she said as Lysander
called for her. “Hey Xyn come on we are going to play
red rover” he said as she smiled turning and running
back to the others. He looked over to Virgo “I thaught
you told me his name was Aries?” he asked her. She
nodded, “It is, Lysander is his middle name, I was not
going to dishonor his dead father. Rhys had a serious
problem with my decision. But after having to betray
another‟s trust I felt is the the honorable thing to do”
she said with a sigh. “You you gave him his real father‟s
name for his middle name?” She asked as virgo nodded.
“Wow that is something” she said patting Virgo‟s back.
“Well I think it wonderful” he shook his head “strange
I do suppose” he told her “but it is your decision I
guess” She tilted her head, “Does that bother you
senator?” She asked. He looked at her “no it doesn‟t
like I said its your decision to name your kids the way
you see fit” She smiled at him and then looked over at
them playing. “Someday when he‟s old enough to
understand I‟ll explain what really happened. But for
now it better to keep him focused” She said as Ravyn
looked at her. “I know had it been me I wouldn‟t name
him after someone who made me suffer” she said as
virgo chuckled. “Perhaps to each their own. He looks a
lot like him, and as I said before I wont dishonor the
dead. Good or Bad.” Dale looked at her “it almost
sounds like you liked him”

She turned her gaze to him, “He was rhys‟ brother,
perhaps had he been a kind sole yes I suppose so. But I
do feel he could have changed his ways” Dale nodded
listening to her “well I better go find something to eat
and get ready for my paper work” he said standing up.
Ravyn looked up at him, “Oh nonesence I‟ll go get
something from the bakery down here sit down and
keep an eye on Xyn” she said. He sighed sitting down “I
am capabnle of doing that my self you know”She looked
at him, “it‟s the wifes job” she said as virgo chuckled, “I
wonder how my life would have been if I had become a
politician instead and ended up a at home mom.” Dale
Shruged “eh better you made the decision you have now
and not to think of the alternates” She looked at
Lysander do a back flip, “Good job now try it again”
she said as he smiled, “Dad taught that to me” he said.
Dale nodded “well your kids are certainly talented” She
smiled, “They come from good stock” she said softly as
Lysander rushed over to her, “Mom I picked this for
you” he said handing her a tulip. “Thank you dear” she
said taking it. Dale sat there watching her. She smiled,
“Go on hun show Senator Xylona what you learned
yesterday” she said as he smiled. “Do I gotta it‟s sorta
imbarrising.”Dale looked at him “why what is it?”
Virgo smiled, “He an manipulate objects, break down
their matter and form them into another shape.”
Dale nodded “ah very interesting” Lysander looked at
her, “Can we go to the pool later?” he asked as she
nodded, “yes but not for long we are going to see
Harmony tonight”Dale llistened to them as they talked
to one another.Ravyn came back and gave him some
fresh pastry‟s they where baking. “Here you go dear”
Ravyn said as she sat down. He nodded “well thank you
hun” he said eating the pasties. Virgo looked over at
him as Lysander went back to play. “Those have so
much fat in them… I never buy anything from that
bakery.” He looked at them “they may have a lot of fat
in them but they are good” he said taking another bite.
The smiled, “I‟m glad I can‟t eat solids” she said as
ravyn looked at her, “you miss out on so much!” she
said as virgo shook her head, “Don‟t really care about
taste honestly” Dale sighed as he got up “well Ladies I
have paper work to get done” Virgo nodded, “good day
Senator” she said as ravyn pouted, “always paperwork!
You never spend time with your daughter anymore” he
looked at her “I will spend time with her once work is
done I have to make money to put food on the table do I

“That is what you said yesterday and you bloody fell
asleep at your desk. She needs you now in this
developmental stage” Ravyn said. Virgo looked away
trying to stay out of their argument. He sighed “I don‟t
have much work today” he told her. She crossed her
arms, “go over there and play with your daughter or so
help me I wont cook for you for a week”he sighed going
over and playing with Robyn. “Dad!” she said jumping
onto his leg and didn‟t let go. He walked around like
that not able to move that legh much. She looked up at
him, “Dadd lift me up high!” she said with a smile.
Pisces smiled at them, “Your dad play Starfighter with
you too?” She asked as Robyn tilted her head,
“Starfighter?” she asked as pisces nodded as hope
jumped up, “it‟s when your dad lifts up up real high
and swings you around like a starfighter jet” Dale bent
down and picked her up high and moved her around
like a star fighter. She laughed “WEE!” she said
happily as Ravyn smiled looking at Virgo, “He‟s a good
father when hes actually around” She said. Dale
continued to swing Robyn around beforemoving her
chasing the others around as Robyn made laser shot
sounds at them. They squeeled running around as virgo
smiled, “Careful now you guys, I don‟t want you getting
all filthy before we leave” Dale stopped chasing them
around. Robyn held tightly to dale after and buried her
face against his shoulder happy to be held. “Okay you 4
let‟s pack it in and settle down now” Virgo said
standing up. Ravyn looked up at her, “We should play
date again this weekend, how about the little ones stay
at our place for a sleep over?” she said with a smile.
“Virgo smiled back “I would like to but their training is
going to be intensifying. Perhaps pisces could though
since shes not my padawan” She said. Dale shurged “I
guess we would have to ask her master then” Virgo
smiled “Leave him to me, Pisces would you like to stay
at Xyn‟s house on Saturday night?” Pisces smiled with a
nod, “Yeah!” Dale nodded “I guess its settled then”
Dale told her. Virgo nodded, “We all really need to get
to doing our duties for today” she said. “Already you
four let‟s go” She said motioning for them to hurry over
to her. Pisces, Lysander, Hope and Leo rushed over to
her as virgo lifted her head sencing Rhys approaching
fast. “Pisces, Leo your master has arrived” Rhys looked
down at them “alright you two time for your training”
Virgo looked up at him, “Bring the shuttle around I
wont have them jumping walls again” she said. He
sighed “fine but that‟s prt of their training you know”
She crossed her arms saying to him telepathically. “Not
yet it‟s not”

 he went and pulled the ship around for them to get on.
Virgo bowed the Ravyn and Dale before stepping on
with her four children. After they had gone Ravyn
picked up Robyn in her arms, “Momma did you see
how good I did” she said as Ravyn nodded “Yes I did
Xyn you where wonderful” Dale nodded “yes you were
very wonderful” She smiled at him, “Daddy I want a
brownie” she said as Ravyn gasped, “oh no no sweety
Forbians don‟t eat lots of chocolate it is bad for our
tummies” she said as Robyn whined, “Hows about I
make you some pasta when we go upstairs?” Dale
looked at her “maybe a brownie for desert hun” Ravyn
looked at him, “Eryx don‟t incourage her” she said as
she started towards the elevator. Dale followed behind
her as they got on the elevator together. She looked at
him as Robyn cried out, “Daddy will you hold me?
Mommy is being mean!” he sighed taking Robyn from
Ravyn as he looked at her “you should settle down with
all this forbian nonsense Ravyn” She looked at him,
“What the hell are you talking about Eryx you know we
are forbian” she said stepping off the elevator. “Im
starting to wonder about you and where your heart
lays” she said taking Robyn away from him, “And I
don‟t need you trying to confuse our child” she said
stepping through the door of their apartment. He
walked in behind her as he looked at her “you having
another malfunction?” She looked at him, “What? How
could I matfunction” she said setting Robyn down on
the couch, “would you like a juice pop Xyn?” she asked
as Robyn nodded no longer used to even hearing her
own name. Dale sighed sitting down at his desk and
starting on his paper work believing this a futile fight.
Around noon Robyn tugged on his shirt slightly, “daddy
im hungry” he picked her up and sat her on his lap
“well what would you like hun?” She looked up at him,
“Some chips n dip?” she asked tilting her head to the
side. He carried her into the kitchen and got her some
chips and dip from the replicator and sat her in her
chair at the table and sitting with her while she ate. She
smiled, “mumma ish napping I dun think she feels
good” she said, Ravyn never napping during the day.
Dale nodded “better go check on her then” he said
leaving Robyn at the table and going in and checking on
Ravyn. Ravyn was laying on the bed seemingly asleep.
He went over and checked her out opening her back
panel up and looking over her systems. Her systems
looked just fine as she groaned slightly he closed her
panel as he looked down at her “are you all right?” She
rubbed her eyes rolling over looking up at him. “I don‟t
feel well” he looked at her “whats wrong then?” he
asked feeling her forehead. She was slightly over
heating which was odd since her coolent systems usually
kept her balanced. He sighed “your burning up” She
looked up at him, “perhaps you should get a doctor?”
he looked at her “a doctor wouldn‟t be very helpful for
you” She shook her head, “If you don‟t think im sick
enough for a docter I suppose.” She said as Robyn
poked her head in the door. “Momma?” she asked as
Ravyn looked at her. “It‟s alright Xyn sweety” Dale
nodded “yah its alright momma just needs some rest”
She looked at Dale tilting her head, “Does this mean it
wont hurt her if she sleeps?” robyn asked. He looked at
her “what wont hurt her?” She stepped into the room
walking up to the bed and put her hands on the edge.
“Baby” She said. Dale looked down at Ravyn “you
mean she is pregnant?” She nodded, “I can hear it” she
said leaning her ear against Ravyn‟s stomach. “Heard it
few days ago when I slept with momma and you” he
nodded “probly why she didn‟t feel well then” he told
her. Ravyn groaned, “It was supposed to be a surprise”
he nodded “well I am surprised and happy hun” he said
kissing her forehead. Ravyn looked up at him, “I want
our baby to be born back home on Forbia” she said as
Robyn smiled, “I wanna go!” he sighed “but Nyx we
aren‟t forbian I am ryuujin and you are A Nerya
Cyborg” She put her hands over her ears, “No more of
this nonsence.” He sighed opening a port on the side of
her arm “see look for your self” She looked away, “get
away from me” she said pulling her arm away from
him. Robyn looked confused having grown up to believe
only what Dale and Ravyn had told her.
 He sighed “these are only disguised your programming
made you believe something your not” She sat up, “No
more lies Eryx… we are who we are” she said as Robyn
whimpered as Ravyn picked her up. “Your crazy
Eryx…” she said as Xyn looked at them. He sighed
changing his hair back to his normal colors “I am not
lying to you and I am sick of you believing something
we are not you need to come back to reality” She looked
at the floor, “this is my reality… can‟t you just eat what
happened and move on… there is no point in anything
anymore. Your Eryx Xylona now… you better act like
it” he sighed “fine then if that‟s the way you want it
then I guess I have no other oppion” he told her. She
looked up at him, “There is nothing left” she said
holding Robn as if Robyn was made of glass. Something
was scaring Ravyn so bad she didn‟t want to leave the
world she created in her mind. Dale petted the side of
Robyns head “oh its alright Xyn nothing bad is going to
happen” She looked up at him, “You don‟t know
anything!! You don‟t see it coming!!!” She yelled at him

He looked at her “fine I am wrong for trying to comfort
my daughter happy now?” Xyn started to cry from all
the yelling as Ravyn used her hand to smother her cries
by muffling her mouth. Dale got up and left the room
tired of Ravyn yelling at him. Robyn cried until they
came to a complete stop and all was silent in the
bedroom. Dale sat in the living room noticing Robyn
stopped crying. Ravyn emerged soon holding Robyn in
her arms, Robyn was limp like death and her eyes open.
Dale looked at her getting up quickly “what
happened?” he asked. Ravyn carried her into Robyn‟s
room as Ravyn laid her onto her bed. Dale walked into
the room watching her “what happened she looks dead”
Ravyn stood up looking down at her, “She is” Ravyn
said turning slightly to look back at him. “I deactivated
her” she said softly. He looked at her “why the hell did
you do that?” he asked her. “She cired to much.. it hurt
my ears” she said looking away. He sighed “go lay
down” he said going over to Robyn and turning her on
again. Her systems botted up but none of her organic
parts seemed to be reacting. Dale looked at Ravyn
“restart her organic parts” he told her. Ravyn stopped
her back to him, “I don‟t know if I even have the will to
continue this double life… you had to ruin it for me, I
was finally happy being a sobebody, forgetting about
being a lie, forget about being defeated.” He sighed
“fine I will be eryx and forget who I am just to make
you happy” She turned around looking at him, “For so
long it didn‟t even matter to you, you where loving this
life more then the old one ever since this morning when
you came down to the park you have suddenly be the
old you… what in corasants name could have changed
your mind?”he looked at her “the fact that the boys
name is lysander” She put her hands on her hips, “Big
deal his middle name is lysander I think somewhere in
her she liked you enough to give him your name” he
sighed “youf orget we named our first son Lysander
and she was there when we did that” She looked at him,
“Our son is dead, I have is remains in a urn. I didn‟t
even believe it was him until I did an analisis of the
remains” She said. He sighed “I still think we should
analyze blood samples or DNA from her children you
also mentioned he looked older then the rest our son
would have looked his age by now” She looked at him,
“I said he looked bigger not older. He looks the same
age as the rest of his sisters. Besides, it‟s on record” she
said pointing at their computer. “It even shows He and
both his sisters have the same genetic codes, positive
matches for both you and her.” She said.

 He looked at her “codes can be changed documents
altered hell I used to do it all the time when I was
senator Sabrehaven” She looked at him, “If they
believed you died what point would there be to doctor
DNA samples” she said making a very good point. He
looked at her “because I want to know if they are mine
or Rhys‟ because if they were Rhys it would be a perfect
cover up” She looked at him, “I suppose it‟s time for me
to prove you wrong… again!” she said using her
systems to jump start robins. “Next time she can die”
Ravyn said going to the computer. Dale sighed “well
least your acting like your old self” She grunted as she
typed on the computer, “Let‟s see last known injury for
a starchaser… Pisces had a broken arm, and…” she
said reading on, “ah Starchaser, Aries Lysander had a
concusion last week during training.” She opened a few
more files, “Computer open gentic patern Virgo
Starchaser.” She said as a 3 dementional hologram of
her genetic code came up. “Computer use the recent
injury documentation taken by the jedi medic androids
and display the recent gentic patern for the Starchaser
children” she said as 5 genetic pattern‟s popped up in 3
demntional form. “Now please open last documented
gentic patern of Senator Sabrehaven and Jedi master
Rhys Xanthus” she said as 2 more popped up.
“Computer run for most common matches between all
gentic Patterns” She said as the computer spoke. “16
gentic matches found for Rhys Xanthus, and Senator
Dale Sabrehaven” it said. “Yeah brothers” she said as
the computer scanned more. “1 genetic match for
Harmony Hope Starchaser and Virgo Starchaser” she
nodded, “so it‟s true harmony has no father…” she said
as the computer scanned again. “14 genetic match for
Leo Rhys Starchaser and Rhys Xanthus and Virgo
Starchaser.” Ravyn nodded, “yep their kid.” She said as
the computer scanned again. “16 genetic matches for
Pisces Annora Starchaser and Senator Dale Sabrehaven
and Virgo Starchaser. 16 Genetic Matches for Gemini
Hope Starchaser and senator Dale Sabrehaven and
Virgo starchaser. 16 Genetic matches for Aries
Lysander Starchaser and Senator Dale Sabrehaven and
Virgo starchaser.” Ravyn nodded. “Computer are all of
these the current?” she asked as the computer spoke,
“Afermiative, all records where documented by Medical
Androids.” Ravyn nodded, “have any of these records
have approval by a jedi council member?” she asked as
the omputer responded. “Negotive, all records are
complete without approval.” Dale groaned “well fine
then nothing I can do we will go back to living the sham
life we were”
She turned looking at him, “A name doesn‟t change
who he is” he shrugged “I suppose not your right I am
wrong we will leave it at that” She got up from the
computer as she staggered as both her hands came
down on the desk before one went to her stomach. He
went over to her “whats wrong” he asked her. She
whimpered, “pain” he helped her to sit down as he
looked her over gently rubbing her stomache. She
looked at him and he could feel slight movement and a
small pudge where there had never been one. He smiled
“well I can feel the baby moving but maybe we should
get you laying down again” he said picking her up into
his arms and carried her back to the bed room laying
her out on the bed. She looked up at him, “I wish she
hadn‟ told you…” he sighed “well I was worried about
you and how you were not feeling good”

She sighed as well, “She needs you more now then we
do” he nodded going in to check on Robyn. Robyn‟s
eyes where closed now her organic organs restarted but
she seemed to be fine. He picked her up into his arms
and cradled her sitting on the edge of the bed. She
slowly opend her eyes looking up at him tired like.
“daddy?” she said quietly. He nodded “yes its me baby”
he told herkissing her forehead. She whimpered, “you…
look so different” she said curling against him. He
cuddled her in his arms “I know baby I know” She
rubbed one of her eyes and looked around the room.
“Did I have a nap?” he nodded “yah you had a nap you
were very tired” She pulled a bit on his shirt, “Can we
get ice cream later?” she asked with a yawn. He nodded
“of course baby any type you want” She smiled slightly,
“Strawberry” she said looking up at him. “you look all
sad” he shook his head “I‟m not sad at all baby” she
smiled a bit more at him, “good, you look nice when you
happy” he smiled back to her “why don‟t you get some
more sleep and we will go get ice creame once your
rested” She nodded with a yawn “hold me tell I go back
to sleep?” she asked closing her eyes. He nodded “of
coruse my baby girl I will do that for you” She smiled
and eventually fell asleep in his arms, her hands
sometimes twitching. He gently laid her down on her
bed and went back to check on ravyn. Ravyn was up
putting new sheets on the bed, and wipping the dust off
everything. He looked at her “feeling better are we?” he
asked her. She shook her head, “No” he sighed “then
why are you up and moving around lay back down.”
She looked at him, “nothing is going to clean its self” he
looked at her “I don‟t care about that right now you lay
down it can wait till your feeling better” She sighed
sitting down on the edge of the bed, “Still pushy as
ever” he nodded “well because you need a pushy man to
boss you around” She grumbled slightly as she laid
down, “this is all because you know im pregnant” he
nodded “I know so you relax and ask me if you need
any thing and I will get it for you”

She looked over at him, “What do you suppose we name
her?” he looked at her “how do you know it‟s a she?”
She looked at him, “I am mostly cyborg do I not know
every nook and cranny in my body?” he shrugged “I
guess we could call her Fayt?” She nodded, “that‟s a
pretty name” she said softly . he nodded “I thaught you
would like it” he told her “its spelt with a y instead of
spelling it f-a-t-e” he said. She nodded, “I like it very
much, you like the letter Y don‟t you” he shrugged
“well only because you do as well” She looked at him,
“you‟re the one who named me” he shrugged “well you
are the one who wanted to name her Robyn” She
shrugged, “it was my turn to pick a name?” he smiled
“well it was your turn but you still like the letter y just
as much as me” She shrugged slightly rolling onto her
side. “The senate will be pleased about me expecting”
he nodded “yes they usually like to hear about stuff like
this don‟t they” She nodded, “when it isn‟t about virgo
yes” he laughed “yes they are quite sick of hearing
about her giving birth” She nodded, “but the first time
and the last time she didn‟t have a choice” he shrugged
“ah well no one is perfect but you, yhour pretty damn
close” She looked at him, “Pretty close to what?” he
shook his head “to being perfect” She snorted, “yeah
right” he chuckled “well your allowe dto think what you
wish” She nodded, “I know this” she said before
groaning slightly.

He sighed “still not feeling good?” She shook her head,
“I‟ve forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant… I‟ve
been pregnant as many times as virgo now…” he
nodded rubbing her forehead “well this could be the
last one if you want” She looked up at him, “I was made
to be able to reproduce.” He shurged “well you have
the choice now don‟t you” She nodded, “but it is not
what I want… it has taken so long for this one as it is”
she said rolling onto her side. He rubbed her back
gently “well alright then”

Later in the week Virgo heard the news as she brought
Pisces over for a sleep over. “I brought Gemini hope
over as well she was feeling a bit left out.” She said to
Dale when he answered the door. Both girls had back
packs with toothbrushes, and things to wear. He
nodded letting them into the room “we will take good
care of them” he told her. She nodded, “both of them
have communicators if they need to reach me, and both
know if they want to come home they can” he nodded
“well alright then we will see you tomorrow then” he
told her. She nodded, “hey where are my hugs and
kisses” she said as they ran over to her and hugged her
together, “by mom!” they said as she hugged them
gently and kissed their foreheads, “Mind your mannors
for Senator Xylona” she said before leaving. He looked
into the living Room “xyn Pisces and Gemini are here”
Hope turned and looked up at Dale, “you can call me
just Hope, I like it better then Gemini” she said with a
smile as pisces smiled. He nodded “alright Hope” he
told her. She nodded as she went to play with Robyn
and Pisces. Ravyn watched them playing from the living
room. “heh… hope” she said to herself glancing over at
one of the two urns she had. Dale went into the living
room as he let the girls play looking at Ravyn “what are
you thinking about?” She looked up at him, “Virgo
really likes the name Hope… 2 of her children have that
name for middle names” he shrugged “I suppose she
does doesn‟t she” She nodded, “that‟s the name she
gave our little one” she said softly, “and two of her
children have the name hope. That makes three times
she‟s given the name. Oh well.. I suppose she‟s welcome
to it, it is virgo‟s middle name as well so” he nodded
“yah she is welcomed to it then isn‟t she” he told her
rubbing Rvayns back. She nodded watching the three
girls play. He smile d watching her giving her a soft
massage. Eventually things settled down and everyone
gathered to eat dinner. Of them pisces was the only one
who wasn‟t really eating, like virgo only drinking but
Hope seemed to be stuffing her face. Dale sat back
eating the wonderful meal Ravyn had made as he soon
finished “ah such a great meal Nyx” She nodded, “of
course I am a good cook” she said as Hope nodded,
“this is so much better then what uncle Scorpio makes!”
Dale nodded “of course Nyx is an excellent cook” She
nodded drinking some milk as pisces looked at her,
“slow down” she said with a smile. “My mom cooks
uber good!” robyn said with a smile. Dale smiled
listening to them “you might want to save room for
desert” Pisces looked at Dale, “I‟ll pass” she said as
hope groaned, “Yeah I should to our mom doesn‟t like
us loading up on junk” Dale nodded “well we feel desert
can be earned by doing good deeds and isn‟t junk”

Pisces shook her head, “We can‟t don‟t want to slow
our training down” she said as spoke more like a adult
then a young child. Hope looked at her, “maybe we
could” she said. “and not tell mom” she said as pisces
looked at her. “Don‟t think like that hope” she said as
hope nodded, “alright alright” Dale looked at her
“choclate cake never slowed any one down” She shook
her head again, “I‟m sorry Mr. Xylona but we‟ll have to
pass” she said. He sighed “alright then I guess more for
me and Xyn then” Xyn smiled, “Yay!” she said with a
happy smile. Ravyn got up and got the girls some milk.
Dale and Robyn enjoyued the cakeas Pieces and Hope
watched. After that the girls went to watch some TV as
Ravyn cleaned up the kitchen. Dale stayed and helped
Ravyn clean up. Ravyn was fairly quiet while they
cleaned up sometimes pausing just to watch the girls
play. He looked at her “whats up with you?” he asked
her. She at first didn‟t hear him. “Hmm? Oh what?” he
looked at her “whats running through your mind?” he
asked her. She looked at him, “Oh.. nothing just
watching the girls play” he looked at her “oh
something is running through that evil mind of yours”
Se shook her head, “Not evil” she said with a sigh and
leaned on the counter. He looked at her rubbing her
stomach “oh yah then what are you thinking about” She
looked back at him as she sighed, “just thinking how it
would have been” he sighed “yah I know hun but we
are where we are now” She shook her head, “nothing
would have stopped the jedi from coming. I was just
thinking how it would have been if my little lysander
and un-named daughter would have been like. If they
would have been smart, or handy. Perhaps even good
little warriors. Maybe even let them be jedi if they
wanted” he shrugged “I Am sorry we wont ever know
that hun” She nodded, “there is nothing that can be
done about that now…” she said turning. “I should
have Xyn take her bath” he nodded “alright then” he
said looking at her. “Xyn sweety bath time, Pisces…
hope dress for bed” she said as Xyn grumbled, “I hate
baths!” she said. “I wont do it!!” Dale looked at her
“well if you don‟t get clean the monsters will smell you
and eat you when you sleep” She gasped running into
the washroom as she smiled, “Eryx help the girls” she
said following Robyn into the bathroom. Dale nodded
going to help Pisces and Hope get dressed for bed.
Pisces sat down on her sleeping bag as hope pulled her
night shirt on over her head. Dale looked at both of
them “you two all set?” They nodded at him as Hope
turned her head and looked up at Dale in a way Ravyn
often used to before coming to Corasant. He nodded
“well alright then Xyn will be in shortly” he said going
out of the room. Ravyn was in the kitchen putting
dishes away while xyn played in the tub. Ravyn turning
and looking up at him the same way hope had just done
in the other room. Dale tilted his head to the side “huh
hope just looked at me the same way” She blinked
looking at him. “Hmmm?” she asked turning from the
counter to face him. He looked at her “hope moves a lot
similar to you” She smiled, “Oh well sometimes I notice
Virgo do things that remind me of you” he shrugged
“well alright then I guess its nothing” She smiled, “Im
sure it is nothing… I don‟t know why it bothered you”
she said. He shrugged “just another coincidence”

She smiled at him as Xyn came out of the washroom in
her nighty as Ravyn picked her up and set her on a
stool and started to comb out her blonde hair. Dale
smiled watching them sitting on his chair as well. She
set down the brush and put Robyn on her feet. “There
now go get in bed” she said as robyn rushed into her
room. Ravyn went to the doorway, “No chatter now it‟s
bed time” she said looking at them. “Yes Mrs. Xylona”
pisces said as she and hope laid down into their sleeping
bags. Dale stood behind her looking in “have sweet
dreams” Dale soon added. Ravyn closed their door
slightly and stepped away from it going to her own
room. Ale followed her into the room sitting on the bed.
She went to her closet and quickly changed into a
nightgown for bed. He got undressed and crawled
under the covers. She climbed into bed under the sheets
with him and laid down, “only a few more weeks” she
said rolling her hands over the now noticeable pudge.
He nodded “yah I know shouldn‟t be too long now” She
nodded, “I know dear… I know” she said closing her
eyes. That night it wasn‟t the starchasers riddles with
the foresight of the future. For the first time Dale found
himself standing inside the jedi temple. He had never
seen the inside, it‟s inner halls only for the eyes of
younglings and padawans, but it was clear as day and
seemd so real. But passing younglings passed right
through him as if he was some sort of invisible spirit.
Dale looked around walking as he felt like a ghost but
soon realized that this was a vision. The temple shook as
a door opened to the side as a familure two toned young
jedi ran from the room. Her robes flowed behind her as
she ran right out into the hall where Dale was. It shook
again the sound of fire on the temple. She heard Rhys
call from down the hall. “Master!” she called to him as
she turned coming face to face with Robyn. But not the
small blonde haired golden eyes robyn. She was tall like
her mother, and had long wavy dark blue hair and red
eyes. Her clothes where blacks and reds as it seemed to
suit her. In her right hand she had the same sort of
weapon Ravyn was learning to use long ago, the Sythe
Saber. “Pisces!” a youngling cried out for her as Robyn
tore through them as if it was nothing. Pisces drew her
lightsabers seeing the fallen child now sprawled out on
the floor in two. “What sort of monstery is this!” Pisces
said to Robyn as Robyn smirked evily. “You‟re the
monster here not I” Robyn said. Dale smiled seeing
Robyn fight enjoying the vision so far. Robyn took a
battle stance as did Pisces as Robyn noticed Rhys
rushing to her rescue as Robyn raised her hand
throwing a barrier up on 4 sides of herself and Pisces
blocking Rhys out who slid to a stop before it. “Your
daddy can‟t save you here Starchaser” she said as
Pisces watched her Robyn attached pisces both egaged
in an intence bettle confined to a small space. Dale
walked into it to get a better view interested in the
outcome. In less then 10 minutes into the battle Pisces
extremely developed skills slighed Robyn‟s weapon in
half as pisces held a saber up just inches from Robyn‟s
chest. “This battle is over, you are under arrest” Pisces
said as Ravyn looked up as if she saw something in the
windows over head. He turned to look to see what
Robyn saw. He could see himself standing on the open
window sill looking down at her as she lowered her gaze
to Pisces. “He can not help you here, put your hands up
where I can see them and lower the shield” Pisces said
as Robyn looked at her. “I have failed you father”
Robyn said softly as pisces looked at her oddly. Dale
watched on as he was wondering why he did not come
to help. Robyn looked up as Dale could hear himself
telepathicly speaking to Robyn. “Run Robyn” he could
hear himself say as Robyn closed her eyes for a moment
as pisces spoke again, “Put your hands up” she said as
Robyn opened her eyes with tears in them and threw
herself forward as the tip of Pisces lightsaber was
forced through Robyn‟s Chest as Robyn‟s mouth fell
open in sheer pain. Pisces eyes wided surprised by the
womans suicide as she flicked off the saber as Robyns
eyes rolled back and closed as she collapsed and Pisces
caught her, the shield suddenly dropping as Pisces took
her vital signs. “Master.. I didn‟t do this” she said
looking up at Rhys knowing he saw what happened.
Dale looked down as robyn threw her life away and he
didn‟t do a thing to help his own daughter. He could see
himself standing there on the ledge before simply
turning away as if her death meant nothing to him.
Pisces picked up Robyn‟s body seeing flickers of light
with in the hole in her chest. “She was part cybrog”
Pisces said as Virgo appeared from the stairs. “Pisces!”
she said rushing over to her seeing robyn as she looked
up at Rhys knowing. Dale sighed as the vision turned
depressing. Pisces handed the body off the the medics as
others gathered the dead youngling. “So it has come to
this” Virgo said as Pisces looked at her. “I don‟t
understand mother what has it come to? What is going
on” She said as Virgo looked at her. “I think it‟s time
you understand the truth” she said as pisces looking
oddly at her then at Rhys. “That woman was part
cybrog… just like that green haired Nerya looking
woman who blew herself up taking nearly 100 jedi with
her her… what is going on!” she said as Virgo rested
her hand on Pisces shoulders. “This is not going to be
easy for you to except… come.. we will talk about this
before the council” she said looking at Rhys. Dale
sighed “even Ravyn is gone….” He said with a sigh. He
saw the scenery and people morph into another as he
saw himself sitting alone in a chair on a large ship. He
looked deep in thought and a bit sad and angry at the
same time. He walked around himself looking down at
him in wonder. The doors of the bridge opened as a
young man about the age of 16 walked in. He had hair
that reached his feet that was dark green like ravyns
but blue eyes like Dales. He was dressed in black and
armed with a modified lightsaber. “Master where is
Robyn?” he asked addressing dale as a crew member of
the ship. Dale looked at the stranger in wonder
thinking he might be his son or something of the sort.
Dale didn‟t answer as the young man approached Dale,
“How can I ever learn as a personal apprentance if you
barely ever talk to me?” he said as Dale turned his gaze
to the boy, “she‟s dead” he said as the young man
looked down at Dale sitting in the chair, “The jedi killed
her?” he asked as Dale shook his head having a distance
gaze, “No she impailed herself upon a lightsaber” Dale
sighed as it sounded so depressing. The young man
looked out the window and down at Dale, “what should
I tell the crew master?” he asked as Dale slowly looked
up at him. “Tell them to continue what they where
doing, this loss will not effect us” he said as the young
man paced angerly behind Dale. “Not effect us? That‟s
what you said when my mother blew herself to pieces!
Now my sister kills herself to avoid being tortured to
talk… then what the fuck does effect us!? Huh father
answer that” he said raising his voice. He looked at him
“total anniihalation we are still at war here and we have
not loss yet your mother killed numerous jedi same with
your sister now when will you take action like they

He glared at Dale, “I wasn‟t born to be your kamikaze.
Im your son!! Not just some spare part you can simply
throw away when your done. Robyn was trained far
longer then I and she was defeated so easily? That she
would die wrather then find another way? To loose to
some… prophecy jedi prodigy?” he asked as Dale
turned in his chair, “that prodigy is your sister and I
have yet to figure out how to turn her.” He said as the
boy nodded, “So when you get your precious prodigy
you wont need me anymore.” He looked back at him
“you will always be by my side my son I will always
have use for you I told Robyn to run but she threw her
self on her light saber I tried talking your mother out of
dying the way she did she did it any way” The boy
grabbed a chair and flung it across the room with the
force because he was so angry. “THAT‟S NOT GOOD
ENOUGH” he said before running his fingers through
his hair. He smiled “your anger gives you strength my
son you must use that to your advantage” He looked at
Dale, “but you never let me fight!! You agrivate me
with all this bullshit!! You tell me I have everything it
takes to be great but never once let me into real combat
unless it‟s against stupid androids or unharmed
humanoids.” He said. He looked at him “I am savbing
you letting you build up your strength for the right time
can‟t let them face you yet as they do not know you exist
I want them to continue thinking that” as the other Dale
looked on so he is my son he thaught to himself. He
grumbled as he paced slightly, “Fayt you need more
time, your like a secret weapon” he said as Fayt looked
at Dale, “And how many other of your children need to
die before you unleash me as you so often put it. How
about your only loyal daughter left? Will she have to die
for you too?” he shrugged “no she will remain where
she is as my spy they have not figured her out yet and
she wont die you are almost ready to defeat the prodigy
I just want one more chance to convince her to join us”

He growled as her punched the wall indenting it greatly.
“IM sick of you old man” He said drawing his
lightsaber. He slowly stood up and drew his own light
saber igniting it “then defeat me and take my place as
you are destined to do” he said with a smile. He glared
at Dale, “I‟ll kill you and end this war” he said looking
up at dale. “Your only mistake was trusting the wrong
people I want to be a jedi, get real training” he nodded
“you talk but lets see if you can manage the task you set
forth you are too old to become a jedi son your path is a
dark one” He jumped at Dale as their saber‟s connected
as they simplely kept them there as Fayt sighed and
then stepped back turning off his lightsaber. “you are
weak its why you are not ready to face real jedi boy you
will stay by my side” Dale said turning his light saber
off and sitting in his chair once more. He lowered his
head, “I should have run away from you… a shitty
father to me you‟ve been. Always putting my sisters
ahead of me, making me sleep on the floor, not even
letting mother hold me when I was scared… I hate you”
He said angery. He nodded “your anger is strong
maybe you are ready to prove your self to me” as the
other Dale watched seeing how much of an asshole he
was to his own son. The boy turned and stepped out of
the bridge leaving dale alone. He found himself
suddenly in a dark room himself in his large empty bed
sleeping as a red glow of a lightsaber ignighted and tore
through his body. There was no screams but Dale‟s eyes
now frozen open in death had at least saw the one who
stuck him down in his sleep, Fayt looming over him.
“Your war is over… you should have thought better
sending my sister in as a spy… when your own son was
a spy under your own nose.” He said turning away from
Dale‟s body, “Oh as for mother, for being the uncaring
witch she was because of you, her distruction was
because of me. I‟m going to bring the foundation
back… Yeah sure you taught me everything you knew,
and in the end it was your own who distroied you.” He
said the dreaming having come to a horrifying point, his
own son a spy for the jedi was almost to much to bare
and ended with him sitting up in horror. Ravyn
groaning as she rolled over looking at him, “Eryx it‟s 3
in the morning” he sighed laying back down not saying
any thing to her about the dream. She looked at him,
“Eryx?” she said softly laying her head on his chest. He
wrapped an arm around her as he sighed “it will be
alright hun just a bad dream” She closed her eyes
snuggling against him, “you never have bad dreams”
he nodded “well there is a first for every thing” he told
her snuggling eith her.

In the morning he woke to a full bed. All three girls
where watching cartoons on his bed and Ravyn was
braiding their hair. “well guess I was the last to wake”
he said sitting up in bed looking at them. They smiled at
him as Robyn jumped on him, “Morning Daddy!” she
said happily. “Good morning Mr. Xylona” Pisces said
as Hope nodded as well. Dale tickled Robyn as he
smiled good morning to you too” She laughed hugging
him tightly and kissing his cheek as Robyn smiled at
them. “Pisces Hope go get dressed I‟m sure your mother
will be here soon” she said as Ravyn left the room with
the two girls as Robyn smiled at Dale. He smiled back
“you go get dressed to Xyn” he told her. She sulked,
“Awe!! But I wanna stay in bed with you!” she said
curling up in his arms like an infant. He cuddled up
with her “oh fine you can stay in bed with me” She
squealed curling against him as she curled some of his
long blonde hair around her fingers. He smiled
watching her as they curled up together watching
cartoons. After a little while Ravyn came into the room,
“Virgo came by and picked up the girls” she said as she
smiled at Dale and Robyn, “well maybe I should just
leave you two love birds alone” she teased as Robyn
gasped, “EW!! Boys are yuckie” Dale looked at Robyn
“even your dad?” he asked her. She scrunched up her
nose, “your not a boy you‟re my dad” he looked at her
“oh alright then” he told her. She smiled nuzzling her
nose against his as Ravyn looked at them, “alright
alright get up now Robyn you have school” Dale
nodded “yah you gotta go to school if your not smart
enough you may fall into a monsters trap and become
stew” She gasped jumping up and running to her room.
“Most effective teaching I find” Ravyn said as she
slipped into a Forbian dress she had baught the day
before and it made her look unbelievably stunning. He
smiled looking at her as he got dressed in his senate
robes “well you look stunning today” he told her. She
blushed slightly as she put her hair up all nice like. He
fixed his hair as well “so whats on the callander for
today baby” he said patting her butt. She smiled,
“Actually after Xyn is at school we have a meeting at
the Jedi Temple. We‟ll be the first non jedi to ever be
inside” he nodded “sounds fun get to hear them preach
and stuff” She smiled, “Actually we have been invited to
join the jedi council for brunch and discuss the first
ever trade unit between Forbia and Corasant. He
nodded “and they decided to hold it in their temple they
better not try and intimidate me” She smiled, “they
have never shown any hostile or intimidation torwards
us before. I think it will be fine” she said putting earings
in. he nodded “well alright” he said checking his
midclorian cloak first. Se smiled, “don‟t worry you
perfectly hidden, just keep your mind focused and block
out all your memories or the will see them” he nodded
“easier said then done but I have fooled Virgo and rhys
for so long one day shouldn‟t be so hard” She looked at
him, “Actually on many ocations I‟ve used my
cybernetics to force a mind block between us and them.
Had I not done this they would have seen right through
you” he sighed “quiet you” he told her. She smiled as
she put a bit of make up on and then turned towards
him. “theres my beautiful forbian wife” he said looking
at her. She put her arms around his shoulders, “years
later and you have still yet to truly marry me” he
looked at her “hey I did try but the jedi ruined it” She
looked up at him, “Soon” she said softly laying her head
on his chest “We‟ll go to forbia and have a wedding to
show pictures to our senate friends” he nodded “yes I
do suppose we could try calling it a renewal of our

 She nodded, “really? You‟d do that for me?” he
shrugged “sure why not if it would make you happy”
She smiled, “it would it would” He smiled and nodded
“well good I guess we will have to make arrangements
then wont we” She nodded, “As long as it doesn‟t
interfear with our jobs” she said turning and went to
see if Robyn was dressed yet. Dale walked out after her
checking in on Robyn. Robyn had put on her school
uniform as Ravyn smiled, “get your back back xyn we
need to go” Dale nodded “yes you do not want to miss
every edumicated second” Ravyn punched him in the
arm, “stop that” she said as she took Robyn‟s hand and
lead her to their shuttle. Dale boarded the shuttle as
well as they soon left to drop Robyn off at school. When
they arrived at the jedi temple Virgo was there to escort
them to the Council chambers. “good morning again
Senators” she said. Dale nodded “good morning Master
Starchaser” She nodded, “Come there is much ground
to cover before reaching the elevator to take us to the
high tower” he nodded to her “lead the way then” he
told her. She nodded as Ravyn walked beside virgo as
she lead them through the doors into the temple. The
main hall was fairly large and the first cealing was
almost 5 stories up, but there where walkways on each
floor that could look down into the main hall. Dale
looked around “Ah such a huge place” Virgo smiled,
“This is only the main hall” she said as many
younglings walked the halls going from specific training
classes to another. “The second floor to the fith floor is
nothing but accomidation rooms for the younglings.
Each room holds 6 and each room has their own
washrooms.” Dale nodded “I suppose that is essential”
he told her. She nodded, “We have 14 major rooms on
the ground floor, these rooms consit of battle arena‟s
for spar training, The Cafitorium for the jedi in
training, The masters Cafitorium, and several indoor
pools for training as well.” He nodded “ah very
interesting” he told her. She smiled as Ravyn looked
around, “wow all that on just this floor?” she asked as
Virgo nodded. “Below us are 7 adittional floors that are
used as emergency hold. If for some reason the temple
was to fall under attack or there ws a large accident
everyone would proceed to the sub levels for
evacuation.” Dale n odded “makes sense I suppose what
keeps people out of the sub level?”
“Actually the sublevels are sealed by emergency doors,
if a door was open it would sound a temple wide alarm
to inform everyone to proceed to the basement. How
ever in all the years the temple has been here we‟ve
never had to use the sub levels, or had any curious
younglings attempting to look. The temple its self is
surrounded by 2 force field generators that only lowers
when shuttles are coming and going. This prevents run
away shuttles from slamming into the temple. These
generators have kept it safe on many occasions. Why
just last week a bus shuttle hit the side of the shield.”
Dale nodded “yes I heard that how were the passangers
on that bus I heard that it almost exploded on impact”
She nodded, “though it is regrettable that the shield has
taken shuttle passenger lives in the complete facts it
saved more lives then taken. Had there been no shield
the bus would have hit several youngling rooms, and
tore through to the ledge here leading into the main
hall. It would have killed far more then it did. The bus
shuttle was also out of control. There are reasons why
skyways aren‟t close to the temple” Dale nodded “for
safty reasons” he told her as they continued to walk.
She nodded, “Indeed, Above the housing floors there is
the medical bay, Master‟s chambers, Meditational halls,
and library. From there the top floor has 4 wings each
wing leads to an elevator to take you to the top of the
four corner towers, and one in the middle to take you to
the council chambers” he nodded “ah very interesting”
he said looking around. She smiled as young jedi in
training passed them, “good morning High master
Starchaser” they would say as they passed. “there are so
many here” she said looking around. “Currently we
have 847 younglings in training to become Jedi. We
have 412 fully trained jedi, 87 Master Jedi, and 13 High
master Jedi, the high masters are the only ones who sit
on the council” she said.

Ravyn blinked. “that‟s 1359 people in the building.”
She gasped. Virgo smiled with a nod, “Yes and every
day we get more younglings.” Dale nodded “amazing it
is too bad half the younglings usually drop out as they
become unfit for full jedi training” Virgo looked at him,
“Actually many times it‟s the childs decision to
continue. Sometimes the ones chosen for padawan
training don‟t complete their training due to the fact
their masters feel there futures lay down another path.
But most of the time our students graduate. For
example, today we have 67 who will be graduating as
jedi. Dale nodded “well alright then” he said letting her
correct him. She lead them up some stairs. “We‟ve been
trying to allow masters to take on as many as 3
padawans at a time, to help speed up the process. Some
of the younglings wont ever be picked for padawan
training. The lucky ones will be chosen to be padawans
when they are still very young, others after they have
graduated to jedi rank. Some will never be masters
because there isn‟t enough masters to train jedi” Dale
nodded “well alright then makes sense I do suppose”
She nodded, “No student is left behind. And we are firly
selective about the children who are excepted to the
temple. Just because a child has a high Medclorian
count doesn‟t mean they have the skills needed for
training. Those the medical bay finds high enough for
testing come before the council where we test their
abilities. If their abilities lack then they are denied
training.” Dale nodded again “ah just like how Xyn
was unable to be trained” Virgo smiled at him, “The
key skill we look for is telepathy. Most worthy jedi are
born with that talent and know how to use it
automatically.” He looked at her “of course that is
how” She lead them up the levels and through several
elevators before reaching the 4 winged hall. “Right over
here senators” she said moving torwards another
elevator almost instantly getting off one. Dale followed
her quite bored now but not showing it. She stepped
onto the elevator, “The council is already sitting in our
wait” she said as their elevator rose to the top floor of
the tower and they stepped off, “The council is
expecting you High master Starchaser” a jedi soldier
said as he stood guard outside the doors. Dale looked at
him as Virgo lead them into the room. 2 rotating chairs
had been set up in the middle of the councils circle.
Virgo smiled at the others as she stepped inside.
“Senators Xylona of the planet Forbia” she announced
them before taking her seat. Dale helped Ravyn into
her seat before taking his own “well my first question is
why should Forbia send our youth to the jedi”

Master bata looked at him, “It would be a great honor
for young forbian children to represent their planet as
members of the jedi order” Dale looked over at master
bata “yes but that reduces our population by sending
our youth off to another planet to never return to our
own” Virgo nodded, “Most of it would be mearly
testing. As of recently we‟ve set up small embassy‟s on
Republic federation planets, where the jedi stationed
there check mediclroian count there. Only the ones with
high enough counts are sent to Corasant for testing” he
turned his chair looking at Virgo “ah yes but the testing
should be optional the parents choice if it should be
done as they have the right to choose for their child” he
said Master Yoda looking at them “the parents choice
matters so as they choose weather or not to do the
medaclorian testing and aid the republic with their
youth they do”

Another master nodded, “I agree, how ever forbia is
realitivly new to the Republic, do you not think it best
for your strong children to attend the jedi order?
Currently we don‟t have any forbians here” he turned
to the master “after what happened to Master Finn with
his heart attack it put fear into many Forbians he was
still just 40 which is not even middle age for a forbian
and he had a heart attack a very rare death for forbians
as our lungs usually expolode before our hearts and the
fact his padawan learner he was just assigned
disappeared after with no sign ever found”

Virgo looked at him, “Actually small remence of flesh
had been discovered in the sub levels of the city. “It was
as we suspected the child fell to her death. As for master
Fin, he had long ignored his aling health. I understand
well that 40 in forbian years seems very little but in
generic years he was reaching near 300. A prolonged
life due to his Jedi training. His death was unfortunate
but is foolish to dweel upon the coming when we
already as a council know that there are many Forbian
children who have what it takes to become strong
talented jedi.” She said as Master lore nodded, “I sence
an unusall amount f discomfort from you Mrs. Xylona”
he said as Ravyn looking up, “I must say I‟m fairly
excited to be one of the first non jedi ever inside the
temple. How ever this subject is fairly unessisary. As a
new member of the Republics Federation Forbia would
most likely agree to a embassy on the planet. It would
save parents much time in trips to Corasant. How ever
ever Parents would have the say if their child should be
tested. Like it already is here and on all the other
Republic federation planets.” She said. Virgo nodded,
“We would not treat Forbia differently from the
others.” Dale nodded “you will have guaranteed testing
over all orphans and parental consent testing of other
newborns that is the best I can do as fopr your embasy I
will have to go to my planet personally and have them
set aside some land for you”

Ravyn nodded, “I agree as well, Eryx and I already
have plans to return to forbia as Im sure Master
Starchaser has told you I‟m expecting” he nodded “yes
I have been informed of such an event and planned to
do this as well as a renwal of our wedding fvows while
we were there” Rhys nodded looking at them
“congradulations” virgo and the other nodded, “In
close contact we will keep you then” Virgo said. “Now
as for the trade between Coarasant and Forbia. Im sure
there has been such discussions in the senate already”
Dale nodded “yes trading our cybernetic developments
and inventions for ship schematics so we can build
better star ships for our race” Virgo looked at them, “A
great loss it was to you then when Faun, one of your 8
large moons was distroied by the sith. I know much
training was done between them both” he nodded “yes
it was unfortunate but it is what caused us to join the
republic as we needed more protection so another
disaster like that would never happen again a lot of
people were killed and wounded when asteroids from
the destroyed moon hit our surface” Virgo nodded, “At
the time I was still a padawan and unaware of it‟s
distruction, how ever the force told me something
wasn‟t right about it. We can not appologise for the
actions of the Sith, but they are no longer a threat
currently. It is impossible to live life without evil, there
can never be one without the other. Or life would cease
to exist. Forbia is in good hands now that is part of the
republic. There is no need for Forbians to fear the jedi
arts” Dale nodded “there might not be a need for it but
it can not be totally gone it will take time for forbia to
accept the jedi due to their fear of the force but I am
sure time will heal the wound”

Master lore spoke up, “Currently we are under going a
experiment allowing all of our excepted youngings t