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									U                                                                                                                                 Routine Health
       nderstanding your risk of developing health
       problems is a first step toward good health.
       Getting high-quality preventive care is also an               Included in this brochure are guidelines

                                                                                                                               Screening Guidelines
important part of staying healthy.                          for routine health screenings and exams as well as basic
                                                              health care recommendations obtained from national
   Regular physical exams and routine health screening              health groups and government agencies.
tests are an important part of preventive health care.                This information is not intended to be
They can help ensure that common, serious health                 a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for care
concerns and conditions like diabetes, cancer, or heart                    by a health care professional.
disease are detected — and treated. During checkups,
your health care providers can also suggest ways to make
lifestyle changes. These changes may help you to become
healthier and prevent future problems.                                      Interpreter and translation services
                                                                  are available free of charge. If you have special needs,
                                                                    this document may be available in other formats.
What is Routine Health Screening?
  Routine health screenings are done to assess your
general health and to look for
signs of health problems. Your
primary care doctor (the doctor
you usually go to first when you
are sick or need advice about your
health) should ensure you are up
to date with routine vaccinations
and screening exams. These
screenings can include:

¡	Check-ups and tests (e.g. checking weight, blood
  pressure, cholesterol levels, and looking for signs of
  cancer and heart disease)                                                      2240 EastRidge Center
                                                                                  Eau Claire, WI 54701
                                                                                                                               Recommendations for regular physical exams
¡	Immunizations (also called vaccines or shots) such as                        (Voice/TTY) 715-838-2900                               and health screening tests
  those for flu and pneumonia                                                   Toll Free: 800-842-1814

¡	Assessment of health risks and healthy lifestyle                                  Branch Offices
  counseling about:                                                     Chippewa Falls •	Menomonie •	River Falls
	 •	the	importance	of	regular	exercise
	 •	diet	and	eating	habits
	 •	smoking
	 •	drug	use                                                           Community Health Partnership, a program of
	 •	heavy	alcohol	use                                            Partnership Health Plan, Inc., and Community Family Care
                                                             are programs associated with Community Health Partnership, Inc.
	 •	birth	control
	 •	sexually	transmitted	diseases                          Form 109 Rev 9-08
 ROUTINE HEALTH SCREENING & EXAMS                                                                  BASIC HEALTH CARE RECOMMENDATIONS
  SCREENING                                                       IMMUNIZATIONS                      FREQUENCY                          HEALTH
                                FREQUENCY                                                                                                                                   FREQUENCY
    EXAMS                                                          Tetanus, Diphtheria     Once every 10 years                        EDUCATION
                     Check weight annually if Body Mass             Measles, Mumps,                                                                     Annually. All adults at increased risk
                                                                                           Please ask your medical provider.             HIV/STD
                     Index (BMI) is within normal range              Rubella (MMR)                                                                      and pregnant women screened for
                                                                                                                                     Risk Assessment
                     (more frequently if participating in a                                Non-immune adults - two doses                                STD/HIV infection at enrollment.
                                                                  Varicella (Chickenpox)
                     weight loss management program).                                      delivered 4 - 8 weeks apart.                                 All automobile occupants should
 Obesity/Weight                                                                                                                        Seat Belt Use
                                                                   Influenza (Flu Shot)    Annually                                                     wear their seat belts!
                     Talk with your CHP Interdisciplinary                                                                                               Ask your CHP Interdisciplinary Care
                                                                                           Once every five years for all adults
                     Care Team and medical provider about            Pneumococcal
                                                                                           over age 64, and younger adults               Smoking        Team for help to quit smoking
                     maintaining a healthy weight.                (Pneumonia Vaccine)
                                                                                           with chronic illnesses.                                      today!
                     Check annually with each medical                                                                                                   Discuss with your Interdisciplinary
                                                                       Hepatitis B         Three shots for persons at risk.
  Blood Pressure     history review and physical if blood                                                                          Alcohol/Other Drugs Care Team and/or your medical
     Screening       pressure is less than 120/80. Check                                                                                                provider...we can help.
                     more frequently if higher.
                                                                      LABORATORY                                                                        At least 20 minutes - 5 times per
                     Monthly self-breast exams. Annual                                                  FREQUENCY                        Exercise       week or as recommended by your
                     mammogram and clinical breast exam                SCREENING                                                                        medical provider.
                     for all females - ages 40 through 69 or                                     A fasting cholesterol every
  Breast Disease                                                                                                                                        At least 1200 mg calcium, including
                     younger if high risk. After age 70 or                                       five years for men age 35
                     older - exams & screenings at provider/                                                                                            supplements, daily and Vitamin
                                                                                                 and older and women age 45         Calcium/Vitamin D   D - 800-1000 units daily for post-
                     patient discretion.                              Lipids/Cholesterol         and older without risk factors                         menopausal women and men age
                     Colonscopy at age 50 and then every                                         or men and women age 20                                50 and older.
                     10 years; or sigmoidscopy or barium                                         and older if risk factors are
  Colon Cancer       enema every five years plus annual                                          indicated.                                             Each year you should review your
                     stool test for blood - more frequently if                                                                                          family medical history with your
                                                                                                 Fasting blood glucose (blood     Family History Update
                     at high risk.                                                                                                                      CHP Interdisciplinary Team and your
                                                                           Diabetes              sugar) every three years.                              physician.
                     Regular pelvic exams with PAP tests                                         Annually if at high risk.
                     every one to three years for women                                                                                                 Review your medications and
 Cervical Cancer                                                                                                                  Medications/Allergies any allergies with your medical
                     who are sexually active to age 65 or
                     older if history of cervical cancer.                                                                                               providers at every visit.
                     Digital rectal exam and PSA test               Each individual needs to make choices about what is                                 You should have an open discussion
 Prostate Cancer     annually for all males 50 years and                                                                                                regarding any vitamin and herbal
                                                                 best for his/her own health. This brochure provides steps              Vitamins &
                     older.                                                                                                                             supplement use with your CHP
                                                                 to good health, including standard screening tests used to        Herbal Supplements
                                                                                                                                                        Interdisciplinary Team and your
                     Every two to four years until age 65,       look for signs of a particular disease. Information provided                           medical provider.
                     then every one to two years. Annually if
     Screening                                                   is not intended to be a tool for self-diagnosis or as a                                An important part of health care
                     at high risk (diabetes).
                                                                 substitute for your doctor’s advice.                                                   planning is to be sure your loved
Audiology/Hearing                                                                                                                                       ones know your wishes for your
                  As needed.                                                                                                        Advance Directives
       Test                                                                                                                                             end-of-life care. Review your
  Dental Exam     Annually (or as needed if full dentures).        Talk to your doctor and your
                                                                                                                                                        advance directives at least once a
                  DEXA scan for post-menopausal women
                                                                 Community Health Partnership                                                           year.
  Osteoporosis                                                   or Community Family Care Team
                  age 65 and older and for men age 70
                  and older or younger if at high risk.          about which screenings and
                  Discuss mood and memory concerns               recommendations are right for                                    Sources: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), Centers for
                                                                                                                                  Disease Control (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS),
  Mental Health   with your CHP Interdisciplinary Care           you to make routine                                    Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, (MHQP)
                  Team and medical provider.                     health care and screening a
                                                                 regular part of your life.

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