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									    Websites for ERC – Religious Culture, Aboriginal
              Culture, Ethics, and Dialogue
  Thanks to all of the ERC coordinators, facilitators, and consultants from English
              school boards across Quebec who contributed to this list.

                       Religious Culture Websites
Religious Culture Websites
Website                                         Content Reference        Elem.        Sec.
                                                                         Cycle        Cycle                                     Easter activities,       ECI          SCI                  information, word        family,
                                                searches, music          stories,
About.Com                                    Everything you want         ECI          SCI         to know about Islam!                     SCII
                                             Research database,          ECI          SCI
American Harvard Religious Pluralism         detailed                    ECII         SCII                     pictures of temples,        ECIII
                                             reliable and current
PBS                                          Details about religion      ECII         SCI & ethics                                 SCII
lp_traditions2.html                          Leads to other sites
                                             Judaism and other
Top Marks                                    Rituals and beliefs         ECI          SCI        Breakdown by subject        ECII
                                             and age                     ECIII
                                             Search engine
Sacred Destinations                          Pictures                    ECII         SCI          Geography of sites

Canadian Encyclopaedia                          Religious buildings in   ECII         SCI   Canada                                SCII
IMTL                                            Links to buildings in    ECII         SCI                                    Quebec
Main Christian Sanctuaries                      Christian buildings      ECII
Religious Buildings                              Excellent pictures of   ECII           holy buildings from
subjects/religious-buildings/                    every religion
Conseil Du Patrimoine Religion Du Quebec         Quebec heritage sites           SCI                   Mtl and QC religious
Saint Joseph’s Oratory                           Information on Saint    ECII    SCI                             Joseph
Registry of Stained Glass Windows In             Stained glass           ECII    SCII
Canada                                           windows in Canada                                and their artists.
Flood Stories From Around The World              Flood stories from a    ECII    SCII           variety of cultures
Canada Civilizations                             Creation stories per    ECI     SCI   Native group            ECII    SCII
resources-for-canadian-heritage/online-                                  ECIII
Aboriginal Canada Portal                     Search engine for           ECII    SCII                   Native groups in
Adherents.Com                                Religions in the world      ECIII   SCII                            (stats, geo, branches
CBC Religions Backgrounds                    Cdn site with               ECI     SCI interactive map!             ECII    SCII
tml                                          Current debates             ECIII
Belief Net                                   Inspiration,                        SCII                            spirituality, faith,
                                             practices, rituals and
                                             current issues.
Religious Tolerance (Canadian content)       Basic beliefs               ECIII   SCI                   Ethical topics                      SCII
Observatoire Des Musees                      Heritage works                      SCI
Cacouna Quebec                               Religious heritage and              SCI buildings in Quebec
Religious Heritage in Quebec City            Places of worship                   SCI           Religious sites
religieux.asp                                Sacred treasures/art
Judaism 101                                  Religious traditions                SCI
Jewish Encyclopaedia                         Religious traditions                SCI
Jewish and Muslim Names for God                Names and attributes    SCI    of the divine
Introduction To Buddhism                       Religious traditions    SCI
Names of God in the Qu’ran                     Names and attributes    SCI    of the divine – Islam
History of God                                 Names and attributes    SCI               of the divine
Gods/History/Deities (Hinduism)                Hindu gods and          SCI      attributes
Indopedia                                    Hindu knowledge           SCI                Reference and
Christian Community (independent churches) Religious renewal and       SCII     new movements
Hare Krishna                                 New religious             SCII           movements
                                             Hare Krishna
Journal For The Renewal Of Religion and      Renewal of religion       SCII
Jehovah’s Witnesses                          New religious             SCII movements
Mormon                                       New religious             SCII                        movements
                                             Articles of faith
Spiritualism                                 Spirituality              SCII
Existential Questions                        Existential questions     SCII The existence of the    divine    The meaning of life      and death
origins/index.html                           The nature of human
                               More Religion Websites
Religions in Canada (2003). Includes an extensive bibliography with links to many
websites. (Also available as a book - contact Department of National Defence.)
Excellent site for elementary school students. Use the matching cards to teach main
symbols to cycle one students and the worksheets may be used with higher levels. An
interfaith site covering 6 faiths (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism,
A great site for comparing religions. A lot of text and the topics are for older children.
Recommended for elementary cycle 3 and secondary students.
This site has “principles and guidelines for interfaith dialogue.” A very useful site many
teachers are already using.
This is another part of the Scarboro Missions site where you may order “The Golden
Rule” poster which states the golden rule for 13 faiths
Multi-faith calendar
Facts about major religions and links to more information
A Bow of the Head: Religions of the World
A Bow of the Head is about the five religions with the largest number of followers in the
world today. The site provides a general introduction to each religion and defines some
major concepts. It does not attempt to convert anyone to another way of belief or to
another religion. A viewer can learn more about any of these religions by following the
additional links provided. The site has been developed to encourage people of all ages to
learn about these religions and to show respect for them all.
Many lesson plans for elementary and secondary
Religions of the World – many links to interesting sites on a wide variety of religions,
webquests, websites for students, and more...
An overview pointing out the similarities of all religions, but also many links to sites for
information on specific religions and topics
A downloadable study file on Western Religions
United Religion Initiative: World religions
General information about religion and spirituality, information on specific religions, plus
links to teacher pages: activities, lesson plans, projects….
Student friendly site with information about major religions, many choices according to
student levels, religions, and topics

Specific Religions
General information
Information presented in an easy to read table
Student friendly information and links for teachers to get more in depth information

Student friendly information
Information presented in an easy to read table
Student friendly information
A lot of student friendly information, activities and teacher links
Student friendly information
Information presented in an easy to read table
Student friendly information
A lot of student friendly information, activities and teacher links

Information presented in an easy to read table
A lot of student friendly information, activities and teacher links
A diverse site on Buddhism. Has an online magazine, colourful photographs, and
educational information.
This is buddhanet’s kids’ page. It has Buddhist children’s stories

Interesting site which has some colourful images of Hindu deities. May answer some
questions students have since there is a lot of information here. Recommended for
elementary cycle 3 students and secondary.
Information and fun activities
Information presented in an easy to read table
A lot of student friendly information, activities and teacher links
Student friendly information
A guide to Sikhism
Sikhism at a glance
Student friendly information
United Religions Initiative – info for kids
The Kids’ Window – student friendly info
Children’s stories

All religions
Many video clips – elementary
Many video clips – secondary
Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online
This is a teacher resource site. Here you will find a multitude of holiday lesson plans and
resources. It even takes you to other links that may be useful for specific faiths or

 This page has poems, songs, and several Ramadan craft projects.
This site is great for teachers with its fact sheet. Plenty of activities and links to books,
video, and audio resources.
Native spirituality
Lesson plans for Pow Wow
Pow Wow information

Places of Worship
All Religions
Virtual tours of places of worship
Student and teacher resources

Quebec heritage sites
A variety of churches with photos


                Websites for learning about Aboriginal Culture
Official site of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Elementary & Secondary
Each of the illustrations represents an Aboriginal contribution or invention.
Guide to Native Spirituality for the Canadian Armed Forces
Guide to Native spirituality for RCMP officers
Audio narrated resource for learning about aboriginal knowledge and philosophy from 5
diverse First Nations of Canada in English and French.
Students, teachers and community members can find role models, news, puzzles and a
section about Ancestral Engineering on this Web site. Some stories of successful native people, newspapers articles.
Suitable for high school
The Confederation of Mainland Mi'kmaq have created a this site. Download posters on
colors, numbers, months of the year....
Canadian museum of nature. Ukaliq the Artic hare
Songs from Mi’ kmaw children translations and language lessons, vocabulary, interactive
talking books (suitable for elementary)
Mohawk language learning site

The two sites below compile Native literature; English and French titles
McCord Museum
Heritage and traditions of the Innu

                          Ethics websites
Website                                              Content               Elem    Sec
                                                     Reference             Cycle   Cycle
Wikipedia                                            Freedom                       SCI                 definitions and
                                                     types of
Wikipedia                                            Autonomy          SCI
PBS                                                  Social Order      SCI
Religious Tolerance (Canadian content)               Tolerance         SCII                           peace and
CBC Religions Backgrounds                            Tolerance and     SCII         current debate
ml                                                   (ethics)
Good Character                                       Tolerance         SCII (French)                                Tolerance in      SCI                                     Quebec            SCII
                                                     Social Order
The Youth Criminal Justice Act: Summary and          Justice           SCII
Forecasting The Future                               The future:       SCII              Database of
                                                     other sites
Moral Decision Making                                The               SCII                 ambivalence of
decision.html                                        human beings

                              More Ethics Websites
Lesson plans for elementary and secondary
The End Game: watch a video and look at values and ethical decisions
Real life problem solving with Arthur and friends (Elementary)
Lesson plans and ideas for all levels
Many links to information, lessons, and activities
Information and links: ethics and environmental issues
The Harmonies curriculum
Literature based character education for K-8
Many lessons and activities
St. James Ethics Centre – create a better world.
Free materials – Don’t Laugh at Me
Video: The Hate Machine. Shows how media is constructed to convey a message.
Students are interviewed and their responses are edited to completely change their
statements. Focus on stereotypes and generalizations.
Also - links to other videos

                                  Dialogue Websites
Ethical reasoning and the art of classroom dialogue
Ethical dilemmas for classroom discussion
The art of dialogue Go to Dialogue Group
Dialogue: Roots, practices, advocacy and inquiry, spaces of conversation
Quebec Student Debating Association – Many resources for debate
Canadian Student Debating Federation – Many resources for debate

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