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Leila is an American student


									Leila is an American student. Read the story and label the pictures showing the
musical instruments Leila played.
1) Choose the correct word:
Piano, drums, guitar, violin, trumpet, viola, clarinet, synthesizer, xylophone,
saxophone, bass( guitar).
2) What’s her favourite musical instrument?

At twelve, Leila Josefowicz has performed all over the US, and has even played
for the President.
It is hard for Leila to remember the time when she did not play the violin. Because
she loved music so much, Leila’ parents let her begin lessons when she was three.
Leila has played the trumpet, viola and piano. But the violin is her favourite,
“because of the sound”, she explains.
Leila loved to recordings of classical viola music long before she could player
favourite pieces. She used to make up stories to go with the pieces. Now Leila is
twelve. She has played her violin in concerts with adult orchestras all over the
United States. She has been on television many times, even in England, and has
played for the president of the United States. Often when Leila plays in a concert,
the audience stands up to clap for her. That makes Leila especially happy. It means
the listeners were very much impressed with her music .Leila practices her violin
about four hours every day. On school days she gets up at 6 o’ clock to practice
before going off to Lake Lindero Middle School near her home in southern
California. After school Leila spends more time with the violin and does some
homework. She likes math and reading, and does well in sports. Leila sometimes
misses school, but she always makes up her work and gets good grades in her
classes. Her favourite part of the school day is the time set aside for silent reading.

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