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									Whenever the debate on Social Security is finally approached, there are some relative
questions that need to be asked of those bent on unfixing and re-fixing Social Security.
As you are aware, the ENRON rip off proved to all of us that the stock market is a risky
business where fortunes disappear and those who are responsible are basically given slaps
on the wrist for abusing the public trust. Privatizing Social Security takes the social and
moves it to private, while taking the security and moves it to un-security. So to rename
Social Security to private un-security, causing members of the group that are awaiting
their fair share of benefits is another example of this administration’s eagerness to take
advantage of the people. Any student of economics can clearly see that this notion about
Social Security failing in 2040 is based upon the growth of jobs and the economy. So in
other words, if we have an administration that will grow jobs more than the current 1.9
percent, then this talk about Social Security failing in 2040 will fall to the ground and not
live. The general public does not understand that aspect and shame on our legislative
representatives who have not offered any type of knowledge in regards to this. You must
understand that Social Security does not need overhauling. This is another attempt at
misinforming the public to effect personal gain for a select group of privatizing investors.
We have universities here in Louisiana that have economics departments. Ask them about
the facts we just revealed and see if the economy grows at 2.8 percent will there be a
need to touch Social Security. The answer will clearly be no. Yet those we have trusted
with representation for the people do not tell us this. It is no wonder that those that are
asked to debate Social Security use the notion that they are incumbent and should not risk
debating someone just starting out, but I say unto them that justice demands that
information regarding Social Security is so vital to this retirement community that a
debate is imperative. If you are for privatizing Social Security then say so. If not, then say
so. We just need to know if the issues will ever be addressed and backroom politics put to
rest. The Bible teaches us, from the teachings of Jesus, that the truth shall set you free.
Our seniors and other recipients of Social Security should not be forced to accept any
agreement that will take away their ability to maintain a decent living. Should the truth be
told, why are we not discussing how we can get more money to seniors and recipients of
Social Security because we are the richest country in the world. You should call your
representatives and explain to them that they should be working on a solution that does
not risk what you are already receiving and come up with a viable way that you can
receive more money to offset the rising costs of food, utilities, and such like. Every
recipient of Social Security we have talked with desired to help their loved ones as they
did when they were employed. As great as this nation has become, we should be thinking
about our citizens here and not placing the citizens of Iraq ahead of our own. Please
contact your representative and ask the questions regarding the issues raised here today.
You will be surprised how they waffle around this.

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