The Greater Colorado Springs
                                   Chamber of Commerce
                                  2 0 1 0      B u s i n e s s      P l a n

                    The Chamber’s Mission Statement

 The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce strengthens the
economic vitality of the Pikes Peak Region to benefit our Members and to
          promote the common interests of our stakeholders.
The Greater Colorado Springs
             Chamber of Commerce
                      2 0 1 0   B u s i n e s s       P l a n
The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber Of Commerce is a dynamic and vital
organization with an expanding membership, a long list of major investors
and aggressive goals for serving members.

Entering its 118th year as an advocate for business and industry in our region,
The Chamber continues to serve our member businesses and our community
in preserving our area as a great place to work and live, promoting business
community involvement at all levels of government and advocating for
appropriate growth of our region’s military mission.

The Chamber influences public policy and military interaction, while
connecting and convening our members to support their own business
success. Add to that the return on investment available to members through
healthcare, workers compensation and office supply programs and The
Chamber is a “win-win-win” organization, helping large and small businesses
to survive and thrive in every economy.

In 2010, The Chamber will live by the promise of the words
Belong Connect Prosper
                          from the Chamber Chair...

                          The Chamber’s Business Plan is a ‘road map’ for our
                          operations in the year ahead. This Plan flows from our
                          Strategic Plan, which serves as the ‘compass’ to go
                          with the road map. The Business Plan will guide our
                          investment of time and resources in 2010 to serve our
                          members and promote the common interests of our

                          I invite you to join the Chamber in this journey. Moving
                          forward together, our region will realize the brightest
                          possible future.
       Dirk Draper
  Chairman of the Board
                          As the incoming Chair of the Chamber’s
                          Board of Directors, I heartily endorse this Business Plan.
                             from the Chamber                  President & CEO...
                              T he New Year begins with several exciting
                              changes. The Chamber’s new foundation,
                              The Center for Community & Entrepreneurial
                              Advancement, is now a reality. The Chamber
                              has assumed oversight of what was previously
                              the City’s Office of International Affairs, and we
                              now enjoy a long anticipated addition to our
                              Governmental Affairs and Public Policy staff.

                              W e are mindful that the Chamber is a reflection
   David P. Csintyan    of the needs of the business community serving
   President & CEO
                        our region and we will continue to be a proactive
player on your behalf. Whether that be the implementation of the
region’s strategic plan, “Operation 60ThirtyFive”, the continued growth of
regional business association alignment through the Southern Colorado
Business Partnership, or SEGway Gardens aimed at providing essential
resources to support the business community, we are in the game.

W e continue to grow our investor base to allow us to better serve you
in terms of both resources and capacity. We began the year with 69
investors on board and look forward to sharing with you the many reasons
this type of support is essential to The Chamber and, as importantly, the
return on investment to you!

A s the President & CEO, I am charged with organizational leadership,
The Chamber’s financial health, our team effectiveness, being our lead
messenger on issues affecting you, the Member, engaging actively in
our community, and staying closely aligned to the strategic direction set
by our board of directors. It is a singular honor to serve each and every
one of you in these regards and I welcome your feedback at any time to
ensure we have the best possible Chamber operating on your behalf.

H ave a great 2010…we will report back to you at year’s end!

                For more information, please contact David P. Csintyan at

Belong                       Connect                                 Prosper
    The Chamber Governmental
    Affairs & Public Policy Division
Collaboration and involvement from a cross-section
of business and community leaders is what makes
The Chamber’s Governmental Affairs & Public Policy
Division effective. Together, we strive to identify
opportunities and solve problems for the success of
our businesses and encourage the entrepreneurial
spirit in the Pikes Peak region.
Legislative advocacy and access to governmental
officials are cited as top values of Chamber
membership. The primary operational focus in
2010 will continue to be on advocacy, public                 Stephannie Finley
policy, community engagement and the political            President Govermental
                                                           Affairs & Public Policy
environment to create a more vibrant
business climate.
With the additions of another Governmental Affairs staff person and the
International Development Office, more synergies will be created for greater
value to our Members and the region.

The Chamber’s new foundation, The Center for Community & Entrepreneurial
Advancement, will help us create a rich environment for business growth and
promote and protect the quality of life in the region.
On-going Programs & Activities:
• Legislative Watch Council               • Health Care Council
• Chamber Advocacy Team (CAT)               • Business involvement in Health
• Chamber Political Action                     Care Strategies
   Committee (PAC)                          • Business voice in federal Health
• Regional Leaders Trip to                     Care Reform Debate
   Washington DC                          • Address infrastructure issues
• Connecting business to business            such as water, transportation,
   through public policy networking          education and quality workforce
• Cultivating and maintaining             • Troubleshoot for specific industry
   relationships with Elected Officials      sectors
   and other Key Decision-Makers
• Small Business Advisory Council
  • American Dream Recognition
                                           Belong Connect
  • Chamber University                          Prosper
  • Surviving Tough Times
                                               Major Initiatives:
                                             • Focus on advocacy providing
                                                a strong voice for the business
                                                community in the Pikes Peak
                                                Region during the 2010 Legislative
                                             • Promote Economic Vitality
                                                through public policy decisions
                                                on homegrown economic growth
                                                and leveraging institutions of higher
                                             • Encourage Small and Medium
    Business successes through the Small Business Advisory Council
•   Partner with key constituencies to support effective Local Governments in our
    region, including watching for barriers to business growth and working towards
    fiscal sustainability for core government services
•   Navigate the Political Environment to promote greater Chamber Member
    awareness and engagement in the 2010 Election Season, including ballot
    initiative review and recommendations and candidate endorsements
•   Participate in key
    community initiatives
    such as Operation
•   Bring together business
    and health care
    providers for greater
    understanding and
    collaboration in
    providing the best health care delivery system in the region
• Build further partnerships with
  K-12 career programs and higher
  education institutions to continue
  to create the quality workforce
  necessary to sustain economic
  opportunities for the region
• Enhance Regional Collaboration
  through partnerships with Pueblo,
  Grand Junction, and Northern
  Colorado and others to provide a
  united voice on behalf of business
                                                    Chamber Governmental Affairs and Public Polilcy Team
                                                    Jessica McMullen, Legislative Aide, Ernest House, Jr., Director
       For more information, please contact
                                               from left:
                                                of Governmental Affairs, Stephannie Finley, GAPP President, and
    Stephannie Finley at    Angela Joslyn, Director of the International Development Office
                            The Chamber Military Affairs Divison
                            The Division has a two–fold purpose in its
                            responsibilities to meet the strategic goals and
                            outcomes of The Chamber’s Strategic Plan.
                            Simply put, it is to sustain and cultivate the long-
                            standing tradition of support to our military and
                            their families and to advocate and facilitate local
                            industry and military mission sustainment and

                            To accomplish this, the Division will maintain
                               acute awareness of military issues, be a strong
                               advocate for our business community and military
           Brian Binn          and strategically interact with diverse community
    President Military Affairs
                               and military sectors. Our military is a valued
national asset and a contributing community partner on both local and
state levels.

S ince the Military Affairs Council (MAC) was established in 1941 to begin
to grow the military presence in Colorado Springs, The Chamber has
continued to be the recognized leader in the community and state on
such matters and other military issues.
The Division has a large and diverse portfolio of annual programs/activities
that speak directly to The Chamber’s Strategic
Plan. The division also looks to move forward on
other targeted initiatives in 2010.

Military Affairs Division

On-going Programs & Activities:
   • Small Business Outreach Program – Gateway to
     Government Contracting
   • Military Family Career Fair
   • Military Speakers Luncheons
   • Armed Forces Week Concert and Luncheon
   • Veteran’s Conference in conjunction with the
     State of Colorado
   • Fort Carson Regional Growth Plan
   • Colorado Space Coalition representation

Belong                      Connect                      Prosper
Military Affairs Council

The MAC membership is currently
made up of over 250 community
leaders that have banded together
since 1941. Under the leadership
of The Chamber, in strong support
of our military, MAC events and
programs bring our military and
community leadership together,
and provide an avenue for
community leaders to enhance their
understanding of the diverse missions
we have in the region.

On-going Programs & Activities:
   • Defense Mission Task Force                         • Annual Military Awards Programs
   • Military Spouse Career Committee                   • Veteran’s Day Celebration
   • Hail and Farewells/Membership                        Luncheon
     Meetings                                           • Base Orientation Visits

Major Initiatives:
• Support the Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Center
• Expand Military Affairs Council support to military organizations
• Develop and produce a relevant, useful, and comprehensive regional military
  informational document for our membership and other organizations
• Maintain contact with local, state, and federal elected officials on important
  military related issues and initiatives
• Develop a comprehensive, current, military issues paper in coordination with
  installation leadership
• Expand the MAC to include members of the Southern Colorado Buisness
• In coordination with Fort Carson, develop appropriate strategies and programs to
  further the economic impact of Fort Carson operations in SE Colorado
• Inform local and state agencies on the value
  and economic impact of Colorado’s military
• Work with the State of Colorado and other
  appropriate agencies to strengthen the perception
  of Colorado’s support to the military and their
• Lead Defense/Aerospace/Homeland Security/
  Cyberspace target industry group in support of
  Operation 60ThirtyFive Implementation Plan
                 For more information, please contact Brian Binn at
                                             The Chamber Member
                                     Member Services encompasses the core of
                                     Chamber operations with membership and
                                     events. It is where much of the fiscal responsibility
                                     for The Chamber is centered, with new members,
                                     member retention, outcome-driven events
                                     and value-based member programs. Member
                                     Services also leads team cohesiveness and
                                     community involvement for The Chamber.

                                     We expect the economy in 2010 will continue
                                     to be a challenge for Chamber Members – most
            Jenifer Furda
                                     of which are small businesses. However, this is
Sr. Vice President Member Services   exactly why The Chamber will be more important
                                     than ever in supporting our business community.
On-going Programs & Activities:
This year will see the Chamber staff and our Board focused on growing our
membership through new members and making sure our current members
are well served and remain with us. Membership growth and sustainability is
important to The Chamber and this community because the more members
we have, the stronger our business voice will be and the more influence we will
have with our political leaders locally and on the state and federal level.

                                         • Chamber Connect
                                         • Leads Groups
                                         • Business Leaders Round Table
                                         • Robust retention program supported by
                                           Ambassadors, Board Members, Retention Specialist
                                           and Senior Vice President of Member Services
                                         • Ambassador Club
                                         • Chamber Rising Professionals
                                        Major Initiatives:
                                        • Grow membership through new Member
                                           accession and increased retention
                                        •	 Grow The Chamber University program
                                        •	 Expand Chamber Connect to three Chapters
                                        •	 Expand the availability of value-based product
                                           and service savings programs for our members
                                 •	 Increase Member awareness of health care
                                    and workers comp saving opportunities for their
                                 •	 Expand collaboration of events with local and
                                    regional partnerships
                                 •	 Promote professional development, mentoring,
                                    networking and civic engagement in business
                                    professionals age 21-39 through board
                                    placements and programs and events targeted to
                                    young business professionals through our Chamber
                                    Rising Professionals program
                                Events and Programs
                                 Our events and programs will be about
                                outcomes, targeted educational programs,
                                and business-to business networking to help our
members sustain and grow their bottom line.
On-going Programs & Activities:               •	 Ambassador Club Events
  •	 Monthly Community Business After         •	 Taste of the Chamber
     Hours                                    •	 Women in Business Reception/
  •	 Women in Business Conference &              “Evening in Tuscany”
     Athena Award Luncheon                    •	 Women in Business Luncheon/
  •	 Springs Business-to-Business Expo           “Cultivate the Leader in You”
  •	 Breakfast with The Chamber               •	 Mike Shaw/Chamber Golf Classic
  •	 Chamber Rising Professionals Events      •	 Business and Arts Luncheon
                                              •	 Chamber Annual Dinner
Major Initiatives:

 • Establish and maintain
    event committees

The Ambassadors Club:
 •	 Increase community
    volunteer efforts
 •	 Increase completion of New
    Member visits to 100%
                                           For more information, please contact Jenifer Furda
Chamber Rising Professionals:                               at 719-575-4313
 •	 Increase membership
 •	 Partner with other organizations

Belong                    Connect                             Prosper
The Chamber Communications
               & Marketing
In order to communicate and document
Chamber and Member successes, recognize
contributors and community collaborations,
as well as promote activities and membership,
Chamber communications are continually

On-going Programs & Activities:
 •	 Monday Report E-newsletter
 •	 Voice of Business Page in The Gazette
 •	 Business Plan, Annual Report, Investor Newsletter
 •	 Print media advertisements
 •	 Media relations/advisories
 •	 E-mail alerts and e-invitations                           Polly Welden
                                                      Marketing & Communications
 •	 Event promotional and program materials                     Director
 •	 Membership support collateral
 •	 Website www.coloradospringschamber and social media

Major Initiatives:
  •	 Expand The Chamber Brand awareness
  •	 Continue and expand traditional and social media communications
  •	 Expand and create marketing opportunities for Members
  •	 Support all divisions of The Chamber

  Prosper    For more information, please contact Polly Welden at
                  The Chamber Finance & Operations
                                      As the “Voice of Business,” The Chamber has an
                                      obiligation to be the “Model for Business.”
                                                              Underpinning our daily
                                                              operations is a clear sense of
                                                              responsibility to operate The
                                                              Chamber in the most efficient
                                                              and effective manner possible.

                                                                    Major Initiatives:
                                                                    • Continually seeking best
                                                                      possible contractual
                                                                    • Embracing a healthy and
                                                                      respectful work environment
                                                                    • Be the model for business
                                                                      with a well-understood and
          Julie Swanson
                                                                      transparent business operating
  Administrative Assistant to CEO                                     model
                                            Bridget Foster          • Implementing “go green”
                                         Director of Finance          initiatives in our operations

    Belong                          Connect                            Prosper
The Chamber Staff                                       Skot Greene, Account Executive

                                                        Nora Hardin, Member Services Specialist
David Csintyan
President & CEO                                         Chris Hearn, Marketing Coordinator

Brian Binn, President                                   Jessica McMullen, Legislative Aide
Military Affairs
                                                        Rita Pantoya, Military Affairs Coordinator
Stephannie Finley, President
Governmental Affairs & Public Policy                    Veronica Quinones, Information Specialist

Jenifer Furda, Senior Vice President                    Dj Straight, Member Services Coordinator
Member Services
                                                        Bobbi Sutton, Account Executive
Polly Welden,
Director of Marketing & Communications                  Julie Swanson,
                                                        Administrative Assistant to the CEO
Bridget Foster, Director of Finance
                                                        Pam Vann, Account Executive
Ernest House, Jr.
Director of Governmental Affairs                        Sandy Wenger, Events & Program Manager

Angela Joslyn                                           Anna Whitaker, Finance Specialist
Director, International Development Office
         The Chamber 2010 Board of Directors
Executive Committee             John Baily
                                Global Underground
Dirk Draper                     Corporation
CH2M Hill                       Steve Bartolin
                                Broadmoor Inc.
Bill Hodgkins
Chair Elect                     Chris Blees
The Boeing Company              BiggsKofford, P.C.

Greg Mitchell                   Mark Bruning
Past Chair                      American Medical Response
Colorado Technical University
                                Debbie Chandler
David Csintyan                  Colorado Springs Health
President &                     Partners
Chief Executive Officer
Greater Colorado Springs        Shawnee Huckstep
Chamber                         Techwise

Dennis Yockey                   Mike Jorgensen
Secretary/Treasurer             Red Noland Cadillac, Inc.
                                Tim Leigh
                                Hoff & Leigh, Inc.

                                Dorothea (Dot) Lischick
                                World Arena-Pikes Peak Center

                                Lawrence (Larry) McEvoy, MD
                                Memorial Health System

                                Paula Miller
                                Pikes Peak Library District

                                Tom Neppl
                                Springs Fabrication, Inc.
Sherri Newell                    Susan Edmondson
Colorado Springs Utilities       Experience Colorado Springs
                                 at Pikes Peak/Convention &
Gary Peacock                     Visitors Bureau Chair
                                 Jeff Greene
Michael Pennica                  El Paso County
Pennica Financial Group, Inc.
                                 Nancy Lewis
Steven K. Pope                   LH Holdings, Inc.
The Gazette
                                 Dan Stuart
Randy Rocha                      GAPP Board Chair
5 Star Bank
                                 Amy VanDerbur
Margaret Sabin                   The Chamber Ambassadors
Penrose-St. Francis Health       Club Chair
                                 Charlie Whelan
Jim Salek                        Pikes Peak Work Force Center
                                 Donna Williams
Luke Travins                     Chamber Rising Professionals
Concept Restaurants              Chair

Linda Weise
Colorado Springs Conservatory

Martin Wood

University of Colorado at
Colorado Springs
Ex Offico Members

Don Addy
Military Affairs Council Chair

Scott Bryan

Colorado Springs Regional
Economic Development
Corporation Chair
                               Staff Contact List
Accounts Payable                           Bridget Foster           575-4338
Accounts Receivable                        Anna Whittaker           575-4310
Ambassador Club                            Dj Straight              575-4308
Annual Dinner                              Jenifer Furda            575-4313
Armed Forces Week                          Brian Binn               575-4325
  (Luncheon & Concert)               {     Rita Pantoya             575-4326
Athena Awards                              Jenifer Furda            575-4313
Business After Hours                       Sandy Wenger             575-4317
Business Citizen of the Year               Jenifer Furda            575-4313
Business Leaders Roundtable                Dj Straight              575-4308
CEO                                        Dave Csintyan            575-4309
Certificates of Origin                     Rita Pantoya             575-4326
Chamber Orientation                        Rita Pantoya             575-4326 rita@cscc .org
Chamber Rising Professionals               Sandy Wegner             575-4317
Chamber University                         Dj Straight              575-4308
                                     {     Jenifer Furda
                                           Sandy Wenger
EXPO                                       Jenifer Furda            575-4313
Finance                                    Bridget Foster           575-4338
Front Desk/Information/Relocation          Veronica Quinones        575-4301
Golf Tournament                            Sandy Wegner             575-4317
Governmental Programs                      Stephannie Finley        575-4331
   (Legislative Affairs)

Health Care Council
                                    {      Ernest House, Jr.
                                           Jessica McMullen
                                           Stephannie Finley
Health Care Plan (Humana)                  Jenifer Furda            575-4313
Human Resources/Facilities                 Julie Swanson            575-4306
International Development Office           Angela Joslyn            575-4314
Legislative Watch Council                  Stephannie Finley        575-4331
                                     {     Jessica McMullen         575-4327
Mailing List Labels                        Veronica Quinones        575-4301
Marketing/Monday Report                    Polly Welden             575-4371
                                     {     Chris Hearn              575-4318
Member Customer Service                    Nora Hardin              575-4330
Member Data Base/Info Changes              Anna Whittaker           575-4310
Membership Sales/Benefits                  Jenifer Furda            575-4313
                                (Sales Team: Skot Greene, Pam Vann, Bobbi Sutton)
Military Affairs Programs                  Brian Binn               575-4325
                                     {     Rita Pantoya             575-4326
Office Supply Discount Program             Dj Straight              575-4308
PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center)                      434-3470 www,
SCORE (Small Business Resources)                                    636-3074
Small Business Advisory Council            Jessica McMullen         575-4327
Website                                    Chris Hearn              575-4318
Women’s Programs                           Jenifer Furda            575-4313
Workers’ Compensation Program              Dj Straight              575-4308

                  Belong                   Connect                       Prosper

    When all is said and done, this Business
    Plan is about serving you…the business
    community. At year’s end, our final
    grade will be tied to how well we
    achieved this level of service.

    As we take this journey, teamwork and
    partnerships will minimize challenges
    and maximize outcomes. To this end,
    we encourage you to find meaningful
    ways to engage with us to “move
    the needle” toward a healthy and
    productive business climate!

                                The Chamber Staff

   Photographs are compliments of Paul D deBerjeois at
                  and Steve Carlin, Scarlin Photography.
                   Printing by Current Printing Solutions.
         The Chamber extends thanks to them all for their support.

Belong                Connect                                 Prosper
       6 South Tejon Street, Suite 700
        Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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