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					Name:______________________________________                          Quiz 1: History of Computers
Period:_____________________________________                         Date:___________________

True/False: Circle T or F to indicate whether the statements are True or False.

1. T      F    The Pascaline was an electronic device.

2. T      F    Electro-Mechanical devices used gears and electricity.

3. T      F    The Mark 1 was the most elaborate electronic computer ever build.

4. T      F    An integrated circuit is made of silicon upon which microscopic circuits have
               been inscribed.

5. T      F    Vacuum tubes were replaced by transistors, decreasing the computers size.

6. T      F    The first chips usually performed many functions.

7. T      F    The abacus was perfected by the Germans.

8. T      F    Electronic computers were replaced by electro-mechanical devices.

9. T      F    The first microprocessors were built in the 1980’s.

10. T     F    The Colossus was used in WWII to decode encrypted messages.

Multiple Choice: Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank space provided.

11. _____ What is the proper chronological order of the of the categories of how computers
    evolved (What is the right order of computer inventions)?
          a. Mechanical, Electronic, Electro-mechanical, Electronic
          b. Manual (hands), Electro-mechanical, Mechanical, Electronic
          c. Manual (hands), Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Electronic
          d. Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Electronic, Manual

12. _____ Instead of mechanical gears and switches, the first electro-mechanical computers
          a. Microprocessors                     c. Vacuum tubes
          b. Transistors                         d. Relays

13. _____ Gottfried Leibniz improved the Pascaline by adding which functions?
         a. Addition and Subtraction             c. Multiplication and Subtraction
         b. Multiplication and Division          d/ Addition and Division
14. _____ What modern day company is a descendent of Herman Hollerith’s Tabulation
    Machine Company?
         a. Apple Computer                            c. Microsoft
         b. International Business Machine (IBM)      d. Texas Instruments

15. _____ The machine that simplified the the U.S. Census in the late 1800’s was created by:
         a. Pascal                                c. Babbage
         b. Hollerith                             d. Smith

16. _____ The ENIAC was one of the first _______________ computers
         a. Mechanical                         c. Electrical
         b. Electro-Mechanical                 d. Manual

17. _____ The concept of punch cards was introduced with the __________________.
         a. Pascaline                           c. Tabulating Machine
         b. Analytical Engine                   d. ENIAC

18. _____ The ________ was one of the most elaborate electro-mechanical computers ever
    built and was 51 feet long.
           a. Mark 1                           c. TI-83
           b. ENIAC                            d. Pascaline

19. _____ The______ was a faster, smaller, and more reliable alternative to the vacuum tube.
         a. Capacitors                           c. Transistors
         b. Resistors                            d. Multiplex

20. _____ What is your programming teacher’s name?
         a. Mrs. Rudd                          c. Mr. Goff
         b. Mrs. Barrant                       d. Mr. Payne

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