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									Healthy Eating: Getting Started

Who said healthy eating needs to be boring? Our focus at Health is eating delicious, fresh, whole foods
to achieve your ideal weight. We also strive to bring you the best, most reliable and up to date
information on new changes and studies in nutrition and health. Eating healthy is an important
component to living a long and healthy life. But what we want you to understand is that any healthy diet
also allows for some indulgence. Although changing your lifestyle can be challenging, we are here as
your personal resource, only a click away from great answers about nutrition and cooking.

When you’re considering changing your eating habits there are a few things you should work to
incorporate into your diet. First, whole fruits and vegetables are an important part of any healthy
lifestyle. They are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that help you lose weight, help slow
aging and will give you lots of energy. Plus, there is a ton of variety. Start out slow with some fruits and
veggies that you know and love, but gradually work to incorporate new ones. It will keep you from
getting bored and will help you get different vitamins and nutrients. Next work on substituting fatty
protein sources with lean meat, fish or beans. Protein is key because it keeps you full and satiated and
can be a great way to get zinc and omega-3s in your diet. Avoiding overly processed foods will also help
you shed pounds. White sugar and white flour have no nutritional value so working to limit their place in
your diet will be an easy way to slash your overall calorie count.

One of the most important things to remember is portion control. No matter how healthy you eat, if you
are eating too much you will have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight. The good news is that there
is no need to go crazy measuring and obsessing about everything that goes from your plate to your
mouth. Take a look at your dinner plate. First make sure that it is in fact a plate and not a platter, the
size of dinner plates have increased making controlling your portions more difficult. You want half of
your plate filled with veggies, a quarter filled with protein and a quarter with carbohydrates (we heart
whole grains).

Don’t be nervous about what to make with all of these new ingredients. We’ve got that covered too. We
have thousands of recipes that will make sure you are eating delicious meals, salads, sandwiches, soups
and even desserts. Each of our recipes are easy to follow and get good food on the table fast. For
example, our salad of the month always offers a new spin on the old staple. These recipes will up your
confidence in the kitchen and will hopefully inspire you to make them your own.

No worries about eating out though. Going out to dinner or lunch shouldn’t be stressful or cause you to
gain weight. By incorporating some of our healthy tips and by eating the correct size portion of your
meal (hello leftovers) you can eat out whenever you have to without worry.

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