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March 2005
Supersedes edition of March 2004
                                                      The complete range
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                                                      Brilliant Solutions with                                  Leather Technology from BASF
BASF products for the leather industry

Dear Customer,
The aim of this brochure is to help you to find your way
through our extensive range of products.
Each product in the range is listed with a brief descrip-
tion of its most important features in order for you to
select the most appropriate products for your
Please consult the technical information leaflets and
safety data sheets for individual products, and the
pattern cards for dyes and pigments, for more detailed
information. Our local technicians are available to advise
on matters that require special attention, or you can
contact us directly at

BASF products for the leather industry

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Wet end                                                  Finishing
Beamhouse          –   Soaking auxiliaries           6   Dyes and       – Dyes for spraying
                   –   Liming auxiliaries            7   pigments       – and roll coating                35
                   –   Deliming agents               8                  – Pigment preparations            36
                   –   Bating agents                 9
                                                         Binders        –   Acrylic binders               38
                   –   Degreasing agents            10
                                                                        –   Compact binders               39
                   –   Pickling agents              10
                                                                        –   Polyurethane binders          40
Tanning            – Mineral tanning agents         11                  –   Protein binders and top
                   – Auxiliaries for chrome                                 coats                         41
                   – tanning                        12
                                                         Lacquers and   – Solvent-free top coats          43
Retanning          –   Pretanning agents            13   top coats      – Nitrocellulose emulsions        45
                   –   Synthetic tanning and                            – Gloss and matt lacquers         46
                   –   retanning agents             13
                                                         Auxiliaries    –   Crosslinking agents           47
                   –   Polymeric tanning agents     16
                                                                        –   Fillers and waxes             47
                   –   Resin tanning agents         18
                                                                        –   Miscellaneous auxiliaries     49
                   –   Aldehyde tanning agents      18
                                                                        –   Pull-up oils and waxes        52
                   –   Tanning auxiliaries          19
                                                                        –   Handle improvers              53
Fatliquors and     –   Fatliquors, anionic          21
water repellents   –   Fatliquors, cationic         24
                   –   Fatliquoring auxiliaries     24
                   –   Water repellents             25
Drum dyeing        – Anionic dyes                   27
                   – Miscellaneous dyes             33
                   – Dyeing auxiliaries             33

4                                                                                                          5
Wet end         Beamhouse                              Wet end          Beamhouse
                Soaking auxiliaries                                     Liming auxiliaries
Basozym® S 20   Enzymatic soaking auxiliary for        Basozym® L 10    Enzymatic liming auxiliary. Can be
                green and salted raw stock. Activity                    applied in hair-save and hair-pulp
                approx. 2000 LVU/g, self-regulating                     processes on all types of raw stock.
                pH.                                                     Loosens hair roots, helps to open up
                                                                        the skin and makes hair and melanin
Mollescal® HW   Soaking auxiliary for hair-save and
                                                                        easier to remove. Activity
                hair-pulp processes. Prevents the
                                                                        approx. 1000 LVU/g. Very effective
                hair roots from being immunized and
                                                                        in combination with Mollescal® LS or
                enables hairs to be removed more
                                                                        Mollescal® AB.
                                                       Mollescal® AB    Liming auxiliary. Prevents pelts from
Mollescal® BW   Soaking auxiliary. Accelerates the
                                                                        swelling during liming and gives
                soaking process. Can be used for
                                                                        cleaner pelts. Promotes the penetra-
                salted and dried hides. Offers ad-
                                                                        tion of lime and prevents the
                equate protection against bacterial
                                                                        accentuation of growth marks.
                                                       Mollescal® AGN Slip agent used to reduce the fric-
Eusapon® OD     High-performance degreasing agent
                                                                      tion between pelts and the walls of
                for use on all types of leather and
                                                                      the drum. Helps to prevent mecha-
                fur. Excellent wetting power and
                                                                      nical damage such as chafe marks
                emulsifying action.
                                                                      and false backbones.
Eusapon® S      Wetting agent. Reduces the surface
                                                       Mollescal® LA    Liming auxiliary, used to make the
                tension of water, protects against
                                                                        hair easier to remove and to reduce
                bacterial attack and has a degrea-
                                                                        the tendency of pelts to swell. Gives
                sing action.
                                                                        very smooth, clean pelts.
Eusapon® W      Low-foaming surfactant used to
                                                       Mollescal® LS    Auxiliary for use in hair-save and
                speed up the soaking of salted and
                                                                        hair-pulp liming processes. Loo-
                dried skins.
                                                                        sens the hair and reduces swelling.
                                                                        Enables the COD and sulfide con-
                                                                        tent of the effluent to be reduced.
                                                                        Performs well in combination with
                                                                        Basozym® L 10.
                                                       Mollescal® MF    Liming auxiliary, free of sodium
                                                                        sulfide and amines. Can be used in
                                                                        conventional hair-pulp liming proces-
                                                                        ses and in hair-save processes.
                                                                        Gives very smooth, clean pelts.
                                                                        Pelts limed with Mollescal® MF form
                                                                        the ideal starting point for producing
                                                                        all types of leather.

6                                                                                                             7
Wet end           Beamhouse                                Wet end          Beamhouse

Mollescal® PA     Dispersing agent for liming              Decaltal® R      Very high solvent capacity for lime.
Liquid            chemicals. Solubilizes lime, promo-                       Especially recommended for deli-
                  tes the penetration of lime, opens up                     ming unsplit hides quickly in short
                  the skin and prevents the accentua-                       floats.
                  tion of folds and growth marks.
                                                           Bascal® S        Mixture of dicarboxylic acids. Pro-
Mollescal® SF     Liming and unhairing auxiliary with                       motes the action of other deliming
                  a pulping action. Opens up the skin                       agents. Can also be used without a
                  well and gives clean pelts. Can be                        float or in short floats.
                  used to replace all or part of the
                  sodium sulfide and sodium hydro-
                  sulfide that is usually used, giving a                    Bating agents
                  cleaner effluent. Minimizes the sul-
                  fide content of pelts, which makes       Basozym® B 6     Bating agent based on pancreatic
                  deliming and pickling safer. Impro-                       enzymes for use on all types of raw
                  ves the fullness and yield of leather                     stock. Particularly recommended
                  compared to liming processes that                         for use in all deliming and bating
                  employ sulfides.                                          processes that do not employ am-
                                                                            monium salts. Activity approx. 600
                  Deliming agents                          Basozym® C 10    Bating agent based on pancreatic
                                                                            enzymes for use on all types of raw
Decaltal®   A-N   Nitrogen-free deliming agent that
                                                                            stock. Activity approx. 1000 LVU/g.
                  makes sulfides easier to remove by
                  catalyzing their oxidation and con-      Basozym® CM      Bating agent, free of ammonium
                  tributes to increased safety. Quickly                     salts, for use on all types of leather.
                  penetrates through thick pelts and                        Especially recommended for use in
                  assists in the bating process on                          all deliming and bating processes
                  account of its weak hydrotropic                           that are free of ammonium salts or
                  action.                                                   employ only small amounts. Activity
                                                                            approx. 3000 LVU/g.
Decaltal® ES-N    For nitrogen-free deliming at
Liquid            pH > 8. Pelts are very clean and         Basozym® CS 10 Special enzyme preparation for
                  pale in color. Has a weak degreasing                    opening up small skins and fur skins
                  action.                                                 in acid media. Activity approx. 900
Decaltal® N/      Deliming agents with a complexing
Decaltal® N       action, based on non-swelling            Basozym® 1000    Universal bating agent for all types
Liquid            acids. Used to dissolve lime depos-                       of raw stock and all types of leather.
                  its and to clean pelts. Can also be                       Activity approx. 1000 LVU/g.
                  used in pickling.

8                                                                                                                     9
Wet end            Beamhouse                              Wet end      Tanning
                   Degreasing agents                                   Mineral tanning agents
Eusapon® OD        High-performance degreasing agent      Chromitan®   Trade name of the chrome tanning
                   for use on all types of leather and                 agents of our regional ranges.
                   fur. Excellent wetting power and
                                                          Lutan® BN    Aluminum tanning agent, approx.
                   emulsifying action.
                                                                       16 % Al2O3, approx. 50 % basicity.
Eusapon® S         Nonionic surfactant for degreasing
                                                          Lutan® CRN   Aluminum tanning agent that also
                   hides and skins. Can be employed
                                                                       contains chrome. For tanning white
                   with or without solvents.
                                                                       leather and retanning chrome-tan-
                                                                       ned leather. Promotes the pene-
                                                                       tration of mineral tanning agents,
                   Pickling agents                                     consolidates the fibre structure,
                                                                       and gives a tighter grain, a better
Picaltal® Flakes   Non-swelling acid for pickling. Used
                                                                       response to dyeing and a fine, short
                   alone, Picaltal® Flakes enable salt
                                                                       nap. Approx. 14 % Al2O3, approx.
                   to be dispensed with when pelts
                                                                       3.0 % Cr2O3; approx. 20 % basicity.
                   are pickled before being tanned in
                   a short float, which simplifies the    Lutan® FN    Aluminum complex tanning agent
                   process.                                            for white leathers and wool skins,
                                                                       approx. 17 % Al2O3, approx. 20 %
Bascal® S          Especially effective as a pickling
                   agent in quick, simple chrome tan-
                   nages. Improves the uptake and         Lutan® DZ    Zirconium tanning agent. Used to
                   fixation of chrome.                                 tan white leather and employed in
                                                                       retannages applied to chrome-tan-
                                                                       ned leather. Reduces stretchiness
                                                                       and improves the tightness of the
                                                                       grain without giving rise to a coarse
                                                                       grain. Also used to fix water repel-
                                                                       lents to waterproof leathers.

10                                                                                                          11
Wet end           Tanning                               Wet end            Retanning
         Auxiliaries for chrome tanning                                    Pretanning agents
Implenal® AP/     Salts of dicarboxylic acids for use   Basyntan® RS-3 Pretanning agent applied prior to
Implenal® DC      as masking and basifying agents.                     vegetable tanning. Accelerates the
Liquid/           These products promote the uptake                    penetration of vegetable tanning
Implenal® DN      and fixation of chrome, enhance the                  agents. Gives pale leather with a fine
                  fullness of chrome-tanned leather                    grain.
                  and improve its response to dyeing.
                                                        Basyntan® TM       Pretanning agent for lightening the
Neutrigan®        Complex-forming neutralizing agent    Liquid             color of vegetable-tanned leather.
                  and mild basifying agent. Gives                          Can also be used as a retanning
                  leather with a full handle, a tight                      agent for lightening the color of
                  grain and a good response to                             chrome-tanned leather.
                  dyeing. Can be used to inhibit the
                  formation of Cr(VI).
                                                         Synthetic tanning agents and retanning agents
Neutrigan® MON Basifying agent with low solubility.
               This product prevents large varia-       Basyntan® AN/      For retanning leather that is
               tions in pH, ensures very even           Basyntan® AN       intended to be dyed to full, intense
               chrome distribution and gives a fine,    Liquid             shades. Have a moderate effect
               smooth, tight grain.                                        on the fullness. Can be combined
                                                                           with chrome and aluminum tanning
                                                        Basyntan® ANF      Retanning agent that enables
                                                        Liquid             leather to be dyed to deep, level
                                                                           shades. For soft leather with mode-
                                                                           rate fullness.
                                                        Basyntan® D        Retanning agent for leather with a
                                                                           full handle. Can be used to lighten
                                                                           the intrinsic color of chrome-tanned
                                                                           and vegetable-tanned leathers.
                                                        Basyntan® DLE/ All-round tanning agents for full,
                                                        Basyntan®      soft leathers. Give leather with a full
                                                        DLE-T Liquid   handle and a very pale pigmenta-
                                                        Basyntan®          Lightfast syntan with a strong
                                                        DLX-N              tanning action and high fastness.
                                                                           Very appropriate for tanning wet
                                                                           white leather and reptile skins. Can
                                                                           also be recommended for retanning
                                                                           white leather and other types of
                                                                           leather that are required to have high
                                                                           lightfastness and high heat resis-
12                                                                                                            13
Wet end        Retanning                                 Wet end           Retanning

Basyntan® E    Synthetic retanning agent containing      Basyntan® I/      Solo tanning agents that can be
               chrome. Gives leather with a soft         Basyntan® IZ      used to speed up vegetable tanna-
               handle and a smooth grain.                                  ges, to enhance the color of the
               Levels the shade of dyed leather                            leather and to increase the yield.
               without lightening it to any signifi-                       They can be used in retannages
               cant extent.                                                applied to chrome-tanned leather
                                                                           in order to obtain leather with a
Basyntan® FC   Auxiliary tanning agent with a
                                                                           tight grain, a full handle and a good
               bleaching action and an excellent
                                                                           response to dyeing. Recommended
               dispersing action. Can be used to
                                                                           for all types of shoe upper leather.
               neutralize and retan chrome-tan-
               ned leathers with a delicate grain        Basyntan® MLB/ Especially recommended for all
               structure and can be employed in          Basyntan® MLB types of milled leather such as
               combination with vegetable tanning        Liquid         upholstery, automotive and garment
               agents.                                                  leather and nappa shoe uppers. The
                                                                        leather has moderate fullness and a
Basyntan® FL   Versatile synthetic retanning agent
                                                                        fine, even grain after milling. It can
               with a low formaldehyde content.
                                                                        be dyed to very level, intense sha-
               Gives leather with a full handle and a
                                                                        des and high standards of fastness
               very smooth grain that can be dyed
                                                                        can be achieved.
               to brilliant, level shades. Basyntan®
               FL can be used to retan all types of      Basyntan® N       Very appropriate for all types of soft,
               leather, but it is particularly recom-                      full leather. Has an excellent tanning
               mended for retanning upholstery                             action and gives a very full handle.
               leather, shoe upper leather, fancy
                                                         Basyntan® SL      Retanning agent with high fastness
               leather, splits and all types of buffed
                                                                           for use on soft leathers with a full
                                                                           handle and a fine, tight grain. Es-
Basyntan® HL   Compact tanning agent with a pro-                           pecially appropriate for shoe upper
               nounced effect on the fullness of                           leather.
               the leather, especially in the loosely
               structured areas of the skin. Spe-
               cially developed for leather that is
               expected to have a full, soft handle
               combined with a tight grain, such as
               softy nappa leather. Also recommen-
               ded for many other types of leather
               such as shoe upper leather, uphols-
               tery leather, garment leather, splits
               and all types of buffed leather.

14                                                                                                             15
Wet end         Retanning                                 Wet end       Retanning

Basyntan® SW    Performs very well in tannages and        Relugan® RF   Can be used to obtain leather with
Liquid          pretannages applied to all types of                     an extremely fine grain and substan-
                wet white, especially chrome-free                       tially improves the exhaustion and
                automotive leather. Also recommen-                      fixation of chrome tanning agents.
                ded for use as a retanning agent for
                                                          Relugan® RV   Improves the fullness of chrome-tan-
                all types of automotive and uphols-
                                                                        ned leathers and the tightness of the
                tery leather, and for garment
                                                                        grain, and reduces their elasticity.
                leather, upper leather for sports
                                                                        Very effective in combination with
                footwear and all varieties of white
                                                                        vegetable tanning agents. Speeds
                leather. Leather that has been retan-
                                                                        up vegetable tanning processes,
                ned with Basyntan® SW Liquid has a
                                                                        improves the fullness of the leather
                fine, tight grain, and can be dyed to
                                                                        and lightens its intrinsic color.
                brilliant, level shades. Extremely low
                residual phenol and formaldehyde          Relugan® SE   Alternative to conventional syntans.
                content.                                                Very effective in retannages applied
                                                                        to soft, milled leather that is expec-
Basyntan® WL/   For retanning all types of leather with
                                                                        ted to have high lightfastness and
Basyntan® WL    high fastness. The leather has a fine
                                                                        high heat resistance. Employed in
Liquid          grain and responds well to buffing.
                                                                        the “Elisa” process, which is used to
Basyntan® X     Universal retanning agent. Gives                        manufacture very elegant chrome-
                full, well rounded leathers with a fine                 tanned or chrome-free leather with
                grain pattern. Has a pronounced                         a natural appearance and extremely
                dispersing effect on vegetable tan-                     high fastness.
                ning agents.
                                                          Relugan® SM   Used to obtain leather with an ex-
                                                                        tremely full handle and a fine, tight
                Polymeric tanning agents
                                                                        grain. The leather can be dyed to
Densotan® A     Polymer with an above-average dis-                      deep, brilliant shades and high levels
                persing action. Can be used to steer                    of fastness can be achieved.
                and enhance post-tanning treatment                      Relugan® SM improves the buffa-
                processes. Excellent fastness, odor-                    bility of the leather, which makes it
                free, and low fogging, which makes                      a very appropriate choice for cor-
                it a very appropriate choice for auto-                  rected-grain leather. It is especially
                motive leather.                                         recommended for all types of leather
                                                                        with a firm handle, such as shoe
Relugan® RE     Can be used to improve the fullness
                                                                        upper leather, belt leather and bag
                and the tightness of the grain of all
                types of leather. The leather has a
                soft, round handle. Has little effect
                on the depth of shade of dyed

16                                                                                                         17
Wet end            Retanning                                 Wet end       Retanning
                   Resin tanning agents
Relugan® D         Lightfast resin tanning agent for all     Relugan® GX   Odorless aldehyde tanning agent
                   types of full-grain and corrected-                      used to retan chrome-tanned
                   grain chrome-tanned leather. Gives                      leather. Gives soft leather that can
                   a fuller handle and enhances the                        be dyed to very level, brilliant
                   buffability and tightness of the grain.                 shades. Excellent resistance to
                                                                           yellowing, which enables it to be
Relugan® DLF/      Employed in retannages to enhance
                                                                           used for white leather and leather
Relugan® DLF       the fullness of the skin, especially
                                                                           dyed to pastel shades. Can also be
Liquid             in the loosely structured regions. En-
                                                                           used to wet back crust without any
                   able the leather to be dyed to very
                                                                           ammonia having to be used.
                   level shades and have a negligible
                   effect on the depth of the shade.
                   Enhance the nap of nubuck and
                                                                           Tanning auxiliaries
                   suede and allow them to be dyed
                   to more brilliant shades. Particularly    Tamol®   GA   Neutralizing agent for all types of
                   recommended for all types of leather                    chrome-tanned leather. Improves the
                   that is required to have an especially                  fullness of the leather and the elas-
                   low formaldehyde content, such as                       ticity of the grain. Enhances the nap
                   automotive leather or children’s shoe                   on suede. Gives more level shades
                   uppers.                                                 when dyed, and speeds up vege-
                                                                           table retannages.
Relugan® S         Resin tanning agent with a disper-
                   sing and leveling action. The leather     Tamol® M      Dispersing agent used to promote
                   responds well to buffing and can be                     the uptake and enhance the distri-
                   dyed to brilliant shades.                               bution of vegetable tanning agents
                                                                           through the skin. Improves the
                                                                           penetration and leveling of dyes on
                   Aldehyde tanning agents                                 chrome-tanned leather.
Relugan® GT 50/ A 50 % and a 24 % solution of                Tamol® NA     The excellent buffering capacity of
Relugan® GT 24 glutaraldehyde. Can be used to tan                          Tamol® NA assists in the neutra-
                and retan all types of leather. High                       lization of chrome-tanned leather.
                dispersing capacity for fats. Give                         It can be employed in retannages
                soft, perspiration-resistant leathers.                     to disperse retanning agents and
                                                                           dyes, and the leather can be dyed to
Relugan® GTW       Modified glutaraldehyde tanning
                                                                           brilliant, level shades. Reduces the
                   agent. Has less intrinsic color, which
                                                                           formation of chromium(VI).
                   makes the leather easier to dye,
                   and enables it to be dyed to brilliant    Tamol® NNOL   Tanning auxiliary with a neutralizing,
                   shades. Gives leathers with high                        retanning and leveling action. Espe-
                   lightfastness and a fine, flat grain.                   cially appropriate for white leathers
                                                                           and leathers dyed to pale shades
                                                                           that are required to have high light-

18                                                                                                             19
Wet end        Retanning                                Wet end      Fatliquors and water repellents
                                                                     Anionic fatliquors
Bastamol® K    Fixing agent used to fix all types of    Lipoderm®    Versatile, all-round fatliquor based
               anionic tanning agents. Reduces the      Liquor 1C    on fish oil. Active content approx.
               water absorption of vegetable-tan-                    90 %.
               ned leather and the loss on washing.
                                                        Lipoderm®    Gives very soft leather. Odorless,
               Enhances the color of the leather
                                                        Liquor CMG   low-fogging and high fastness.
               and its perspiration resistance.
                                                                     Especially recommended for auto-
               Chrome-tanned leather has a fuller
                                                                     motive leather, upholstery leather,
               handle and a tighter grain.
                                                                     garment leather and nappa shoe
Bastamol® PF   Formaldehyde-free fixing agent used                   uppers. Active content approx. 60 %.
               to fix anionic substances to chrome-
                                                        Lipoderm®    Chrome-resistant fatliquor with very
               tanned and chrome-free leather.
                                                        Liquor A1    low odor. Resistant to yellowing by
               Bastamol® PF substantially improves
                                                                     sunlight and high temperatures, very
               the perspiration resistance and wash-
                                                                     low fogging. Lipoderm® Liquor A1
               fastness of all types of leather, and
                                                                     can be used to fatliquor all types
               the leather can be dyed to very level,
                                                                     of soft leather such as automotive,
               brilliant shades.
                                                                     upholstery and garment leather,
                                                                     nappa shoe uppers and soft, milled
                                                                     leathers. Active content approx. 70 %.
                                                        Lipoderm®    Polymeric fatliquor, mainly used in
                                                        Liquor FP    combination with other fatliquors.
                                                                     High fullness, high exhaustion, odor-
                                                                     less, low fogging, high yellowing
                                                                     resistance. For automotive leather,
                                                                     shoe uppers and leathers that are
                                                                     expected to be washfast and resis-
                                                                     tant to dry cleaning.
                                                        Lipoderm®    Gives the leather a soft, silky surface
                                                        Liquor LA    texture and a full, crushable handle.
                                                                     Recommended for all types of soft
                                                                     leather, especially upholstery leather
                                                                     and garment leather. The very high
                                                                     fastness and extremely low fogging
                                                                     of Lipoderm® Liquor LA make it an
                                                                     excellent choice for fatliquoring
                                                                     automotive leather. Lipoderm® Liquor
                                                                     LA needs to be employed in combi-
                                                                     nation with other fatliquors such as
                                                                     Lipoderm® Liquor A1. It can also be
                                                                     used as a handle improver for nubuck.
                                                                     Active content approx. 92 %.

20                                                                                                          21
Wet end      Fatliquors and water repellents            Wet end     Fatliquors and water repellents

Lipoderm®    Fatliquor for soft, stretchy leathers      Lipoderm®   Leather fatliquored with Lipoderm®
Liquor PN    with a tight grain, a slightly greasy      Liquor SP   Liquor SP is still very soft, even
             handle and high fastness.                              though it has a tight grain and a full
             Active content approx. 60 %.                           handle. It also has a low odor. Can
                                                                    be used to fatliquor all types of lea-
Lipoderm®    Lightfast, synthetic fatliquor for soft
                                                                    ther, especially wet-white shoe up-
Liquor PSE   leathers. High penetration, high
                                                                    per leather and automotive uphols-
             emulsifying power for synthetic oils,
                                                                    tery leather. Lipoderm Liquor® SP
             resistant to chrome.
                                                                    can be applied as the sole fatliquor
             Active content approx. 60 %.
                                                                    or it can be applied in combination
Lipoderm®    Completely synthetic, very versatile                   with the other fatliquors in our
Liquor PU    fatliquor that gives the leather a soft,               Lipoderm® range.
             pleasant handle. Lipoderm® Liquor                      Active content approx. 87 %.
             PU can be applied as the sole fat-
                                                        Lipoderm®   Sulfated fatliquor for leather with a
             liquor or it can be applied in combi-
                                                        Liquor SU   very full, firm grain. Can be applied
             nation with the other fatliquors in our
                                                                    as the sole fatliquor or it can be ap-
             Lipoderm® range. It is especially
                                                                    plied in combination with the other
             recommended for fatliquoring nappa
                                                                    fatliquors in our Lipoderm® range.
             leather, garment leather, upholstery
                                                                    Lipoderm® Liquor SU can be used
             leather and shoe upper leather. Can
                                                                    to fatliquor a wide variety of different
             also be used to dress furs.
                                                                    types of leather, but it is especially
             Active content approx. 60 %.
                                                                    recommended for shoe upper lea-
Lipoderm®    Especially recommended for                             ther, bag leather and fancy leather.
Liquor SAF   fatliquoring high-quality leathers                     Active content approx. 70 %.
             such as aniline, softy, nappa and
                                                        Lipoderm®   Reduces the water absorption and
             suede. Penetrates well and gives the
                                                        Liquor WF   wettability of the leather, enhances
             leather an oily handle and an elastic
                                                                    the fatliquoring effect, and gives
                                                                    a tight grain and a greasy handle.
             Active content approx. 80 %.
                                                                    Active content approx. 50 %.
Lipoderm®    Mixture of natural and synthetic
Liquor SC    oils. Can be used as the sole fat-
             liquor applied to shoe uppers.
             Active content approx. 70 %.

22                                                                                                       23
Wet end       Fatliquors and water repellents            Wet end            Fatliquors and water repellents
              Cationic fatliquors                                           Water repellents
Lipamin®      Lightfast, natural fatliquor, suitable     All BASF water-repellents mentioned below are light fast
Liquor NO     for use in multi-charge liquors, es-       and heat resistant. They do not contain organic solvents
              pecially on leathers that are vacuum       or organic halogen compounds, and so do not make
              dried. Active content approx. 60 %.        any contribution to the AOX content of the waste water.
                                                         The water-repellent effect can be generally improved by
Lipamin®      Lightfast, synthetic fatliquor.
                                                         fixation with metal salts.
Liquor SO     Resistant to yellowing at high tem-
              peratures, suitable for use in multi-      Densodrin® CD      Anionic water repellent for leather
              charge liquors.                                               that is expected to fulfill the highest
              Active content approx. 60 %.                                  standards of water resistance. Espe-
                                                                            cially appropriate for leather tested
                                                                            by the Maeser method. Contains
              Fatliquoring auxiliaries                                      silicone.
Lipoderm®     Native oil with an action comparable       Densodrin® DS      Anionic water repellent for lea-
Oil N1        to that of neat’s foot oil. Can be                            thers with excellent fastness that
              used as an additive to improve the                            are expected to fulfill moderate to
              deposition of fat on the surface. The                         high standards of water resistance.
              leather is soft and has a full, round                         Densodrin® DS can be used in the
              handle and a very smooth, fine                                manufacture of all types of water-
              grain. Recommended for use on all                             repellent leather and it is particularly
              types of chrome-tanned leather, es-                           recommended for use as the sole
              pecially shoe upper leather. Can also                         water-repellent fatliquor applied to
              be used to oil the grain of vegetable-                        shoe upper leather. Contains sili-
              tanned leather. Consists of 100 % oil                         cone.
              and contains no hydrophilic groups.
                                                         Densodrin® EN      Anionic water repellent for less
              Can be used in the Densodrin®
                                                                            demanding applications.
                                                         Densodrin® ENS Anionic water repellent with high
Lipoderm® N   Anionic emulsifier and stabilizer for
                                                                        fastness for leather with a moderate
              anionic fatliquors, with an additional
                                                                        to high degree of water resistance.
              fatliquoring action. Can be applied
                                                                        Especially appropriate for leather
              to washable leathers.
                                                                        tested by the Bally Penetrometer
Lipamin® OK   Stabilizer for cationic fatliquors, with                  method. Contains silicone.
              an additional fatliquoring action.
                                                         Densodrin® ES      Very cost-effective water repellent
                                                                            for less demanding applications.
                                                                            Densodrin® ES is paricularly recom-
                                                                            mended for upper leather for safety
                                                                            footwear and similar applications.

24                                                                                                                25
Wet end           Fatliquors and water repellents          Wet end             Drum dyeing
                                                                               Anionic dyes
Densodrin® PS     Densodrin® PS is an anionic polymer      The Luganil® and Lurazol® dyes can be used to dye all
                  that contains silicone. It forms the     types of leather. Information is given on the most appro-
                  basis of a new water repellent sys-      priate applications for the brown and black dyes in the
                  tem that offers an easier way            range. The range also contains a variety of chromatic
                  to manufacture water-resistant           dyes for fashion colors. The metal-free dyes and the
                  leathers with a firm handle. It is em-   iron-complex dyes in the range can be used for “wet
                  ployed in the “Elisa” process, which     white” leathers. Further information on our dyes is con-
                  is used to manufacture very elegant      tained in our “Color Information” publications.
                  chrome-tanned or chrome-free
                                                           Luganil dyes
                  leather with a natural appearance
                  and extremely high fastness.             Anionic dyes of uniform composition for all types of
                                                           leather. Excellent coloristic properties and high fastness.
Densodrin®   OF   Anionic, silicone-based additive for
                  use in combination with                  Luganil®            Clean, greenish yellow; metal-free.
                  Densodrin® CD, Densodrin® EN             Yellow G
                  or Densodrin® ENS. Enhances the
                                                           Luganil®            Yellowish orange.
                  water resistance and softness of the
                                                           Orange GGC
                  leather and gives a smooth, silky
                  handle. Can also be employed as a        Luganil®            Clean, yellowish orange; metal-free.
                  handle improver in finishing.            Orange NG
Densodrin® S      Anionic, silicone-based additive         Luganil®            Reddish orange.
                  used to boost the water repellency       Orange NR
                  of leather. Applied in an aque-
                                                           Luganil®            Deep, yellowish brown with excellent
                  ous float with Densodrin® CD,
                                                           Brown AG            resistance to migration for automo-
                  Densodrin® EN or Densodrin® ENS
                                                                               tive leather, upholstery leather and
                  as the main water repellent.
                                                                               shoe upper leather.
Densodrin® SI     Anionic, silicone-based additive
                                                           Luganil®            Deep, reddish, metal-free brown dye
                  used to boost the action of water
                                                           Brown AR            with excellent resistance to migra-
                  repellents, especially in combination
                                                                               tion for automotive leather, uphols-
                  with other Densodrin® types. Gives
                                                                               tery leather and shoe upper leather.
                  a silky handle when applied to crust
                  or finished leather as a handle im-      Luganil® Light      Pale, yellowish brown for all types
                  prover.                                  Brown NG            of aniline leather (shoe uppers,
                                                                               upholstery leather and garment
Densotan® A       Anionic polymer for very effective
                                                                               leather) with high lightfastness.
                  production of water-resistant leather.
                  Boosts the penetration of water          Luganil®            Pale, slightly reddish brown,
                  repellents, speeds up the process,       Brown GOL           especially recommended for all
                  reduces drawn grain and enhances                             types of aniline leather (shoe uppers,
                  the leveling and penetration of dyes.                        upholstery leather and garment
                  Helps to stabilize fatliquor emulsi-                         leather) with high lightfastness.

26                                                                                                                   27
Wet end            Drum dyeing                              Wet end           Drum dyeing

Luganil®           Vivid, slightly reddish medium           Luganil®          Dark, medium brown iron-complex
Brown NG           brown. Metal-free, especially recom-     Brown RL          dye. Especially recommended for
                   mended for finished garment leather.                       all types of shoe upper leather with
                                                                              high lightfastness, and for unfinished
Luganil®           Rich medium brown, recommended
                                                                              upholstery leather and garment lea-
Brown NK           for all types of finished leather.
Luganil®           Rich, yellowish medium brown,
                                                            Luganil® Red      Very reddish medium brown. Gives
Brown NGB          especially recommended for all
                                                            Brown NB          excellent results on aniline, nubuck
                   types of finished leather (shoe up-
                                                                              and suede shoe uppers, unfinished
                   pers, upholstery leather and gar-
                                                                              upholstery leather, garment leather
                   ment leather) and for nubuck and
                                                                              and automotive leather.
                   suede shoe uppers.
                                                            Luganil® Red NG Fiery, yellowish red; metal-free.
Luganil®           Brilliant, reddish medium brown, for
Brown MFR          shoe uppers (aniline, nubuck and         Luganil® Red EB Slightly bluish, metal-free red dye
                   suede), upholstery leather and gar-                      with relatively high lightfastness.
                   ment leather (aniline and finished).
                                                            Luganil®          Neutral bordeaux.
Luganil®   Olive   Yellowish olive brown. Iron-complex      Bordeaux B
Brown N            dye that can be used to enhance
                                                            Luganil® Blue NL Clean, vivid medium blue.
                   the lightfastness of all types of shoe
                   uppers, garment leather, upholstery      Luganil®          Neutral, vivid blue; metal-free.
                   leather and automotive leather.          Blue NGR
Luganil®           Yellowish medium-to-dark brown           Luganil® Blue N   Slightly reddish blue.
Brown NGT          iron-complex dye. Especially recom-
                                                            Luganil®          Navy blue; metal-free.
                   mended for all types of upholstery
                                                            Dark Blue NB
                   leather, automotive leather, garment
                   leather and aniline shoe uppers.         Luganil®          Vivid, yellowish green.
                                                            Green NG
Luganil®           Yellowish, dark brown iron-complex
Brown NT           dye. Especially recommended for all      Luganil®          Dark green dye with high color
                   types of shoe upper, upholstery lea-     Dark Green N      strength, metal-free.
                   ther and garment leather.
                                                            Luganil®          Yellowish shade of grey.
Luganil®           Slightly reddish dark brown;             Grey GC
Brown NR           metal-free, for finished, nubuck and
                                                            Luganil®          Reddish black. Especially recom-
                   suede shoe uppers and finished
                                                            Black CN          mended for improving the light-
                   upholstery leather.
                                                                              fastness of aniline, nubuck and
                                                                              suede shoe uppers and all types of
                                                                              upholstery, automotive and garment

28                                                                                                                29
Wet end           Drum dyeing                               Wet end            Drum dyeing

Luganil®          Intense, metal-free black dye.            Luganil® Black     Slightly greenish black. Recommen-
Black NT          Recommended for all types of shoe         TSU Liquid         ded for aniline shoe upper leather
                  upper, upholstery, automotive and                            and all types of upholstery, automo-
                  garment leather.                                             tive and garment leather with high
Luganil®          Clean, reddish orange
Orange 2R                                                   Luganil®           Reddish black with high lightfast-
Liquid                                                      Black SL Liquid    ness. Recommended for aniline
                                                                               shoe upper leather and all types of
Luganil®        Pale, slightly reddish brown with
                                                                               upholstery, automotive and garment
Yellow Brown CL high lightfastness. Especially recom-
Liquid          mended for all types of aniline lea-
                ther (shoe uppers, upholstery and
                garment leather).                           Lurazol® dyes
Luganil®          Dark, reddish brown with high light-      A range of anionic dyes that consists of dyes of uniform
Brown BL          fastness. Especially recommended          composition and of mixtures. Can be used to dye all
Liquid            for all types of aniline leather (shoe    types of leather.
                  uppers, upholstery and garment lea-
                                                            Lurazol®           Neutral, metal-free beige with excel-
                                                            Beige AF           lent resistance to migration. Espe-
Luganil®          Slightly bluish red.                                         cially recommended for automotive
Red GL Liquid                                                                  leather and shoe upper leather.
Luganil®          Neutral bordeaux. Recommended             Lurazol®           Neutral beige.
Bordeaux RB       for all types of finished leather (shoe   Beige LF
Liquid            uppers, upholstery and garment lea-
                                                            Lurazol®           Slightly reddish brown, especially
                  ther) and for nubuck and suede.
                                                            Brown N3G          appropriate for finished shoe uppers
Luganil®          Slightly reddish blue. Recommended                           and nubuck.
Blue MRB          for all types of finished leather (shoe
                                                            Lurazol®           Slightly yellowish, dark brown,
Liquid            uppers, upholstery and garment lea-
                                                            Dark Brown B       metal-free dye for finished garment
                                                                               leather, upholstery leather and shoe
Luganil®          Neutral or slightly bluish black.
Black AS Liquid   Distinguished by its excellent migra-     Lurazol® Red BN Slightly bluish red.
                  tion resistance and lightfastness and
                                                            Lurazol®           Violet shade of bordeaux;
                  very good perspiration resistance and
                                                            Bordeaux EBD       metal-free.
                  washfastness. Free of metals, AOX
                  and VOCs and virtually salt-free.         Lurazol®           Clean, vivid blue; metal-free.
                                                            Brilliant Blue S2G
                                                            Lurazol®           Clean, vivid blue; metal-free.
                                                            Brilliant Blue

30                                                                                                                31
Wet end          Drum dyeing                           Wet end           Drum dyeing
                                                                         Miscellaneous dyes
Lurazol®         Reddish blue; metal-free.             Lurazol®          Special, finely dispersed preparation
Blue EBL                                               Black P Liquid    of a metal-free, neutral black pig-
                                                                         ment with high color strength. Em-
Lurazol®         Neutral grey, metal-free dye with
                                                                         ployed in combination with black
Grey AB          excellent resistance to migration.
                                                                         dyes from the Luganil® and Lurazol®
                 Especially recommended for auto-
                                                                         ranges to improve the penetration
                 motive leather and shoe upper
                                                                         and color strength and to enhance
                                                                         the leveling, lightfastness and co-
Lurazol®         Neutral or slightly reddish black,                      verage of defects. Recommended
Black HS         metal-free dye. For all types of                        for all types of finished shoe upper,
                 leather dyed to deep black shades.                      upholstery, automotive and garment
Lurazol®         Reddish, metal-free black dye
Black VB         with excellent penetration.           Leather         Cationic, reddish black dye with
                                                       Black VM Liquid high color strength.
       Black     Slightly reddish black, metal-free
MRN New          dye. Especially recommended for
                 finished shoe uppers, nubuck and
                                                                         Dyeing auxiliaries
                 suede and for finished upholstery
                 and garment leather.                  Tamol®   GA       Lightfast anionic leveling agent for
                                                                         leather dyed to dark shades with an-
Lurazol®         Yellowish orange.
                                                                         ionic dyes. Mordant for basic dyes.
Orange EBR
Liquid                                                 Tamol® M          Anionic dispersing and leveling
                                                                         agent for improving the penetration
Lurazol® Black   Slightly reddish black. Especially
                                                                         of anionic dyes and tanning agents.
RS Liquid        recommended for aniline, nubuck
                 and suede shoe uppers and for all     Tamol® NA         Dispersing agent for retanning
                 types of upholstery, automotive and                     agents and dyes. Has a pronounced
                 garment leather.                                        buffering effect and enables leather
                                                                         to be dyed to intense, level shades.
                                                       Tamol® NNOL       Lightfast, anionic leveling agent for
                                                                         pale shades dyed with anionic dyes.
                                                       Tamol® PM         Anionic dispersing and leveling
                                                       Liquid            agent. Promotes dye penetration.
                                                       Tamol® R          Weakly cationic dyeing auxiliary
                                                                         used to promote penetration and to
                                                                         improve leveling on lightly retanned
                                                                         chrome-tanned leather. Negligible
                                                                         brightening effect.

32                                                                                                          33
Wet end        Drum dyeing                              Finishing            Dyes and pigments

                                                             Dyes for use in spraying and printing
                                                              processes and for shading finishes
Densotan® A    Anionic polymer solution used to
               boost penetration and leveling. Can
                                                        Eukesolar® 150 liquid dyes
               also be used to wet back crust.
                                                        The Eukesolar® 150 liquid dyes are special metal-
Bastamol® B    High-performance cationic fixing
                                                        complex dyes that are mainly applied by spraying, roll
               agent for all anionic dyes, fatliquors
                                                        coating and printing. Can also be used to dye and
               and tanning agents. Enhances the
                                                        shade finishes and to print designs on leather. Dyes of
               washfastness and perspiration resis-
                                                        this type are distinguished by their brilliance, their high
               tance of the leather.
                                                        lightfastness and their resistance to spotting by water
Bastamol® PF   Formaldehyde-free fixing agent           droplets.
               for fixing anionic products, espe-
                                                        Eukesolar® Yellow G                Greenish yellow
               cially dyes, to chrome-tanned and
                                                        150 Liquid
               chrome-free leather. Bastamol® PF
               enables the washfastness and per-        Eukesolar® Yellow R                Reddish yellow
               spiration resistance of all types of     150 Liquid
               leather to be increased. The leather
                                                        Eukesolar® Orange R                Neutral orange
               can be dyed to very level, brilliant
                                                        150 Liquid
                                                        Eukesolar® Red G 150 Liquid Neutral red
Eusapon® OD    Surfactant used to wet back wet
               blue and crust.                          Eukesolar® Red B 150 Liquid Bluish red
Eusapon® S     Nonionic surfactant used to wet          Eukesolar® Rubine B                Bluish red
               back crust.                              150 Liquid
Lipamin® OK    Cationic auxiliary used to reverse the   Eukesolar® Brown 2G                Yellowish brown
               charge and deepen the shade of an-       150 Liquid
               ionic dyes. Can also be used to fix
                                                        Eukesolar® Brown 5R                Reddish brown
               anionic dyes.
                                                        150 Liquid
Lipoderm® N    Anionic leveling agent and disper-
                                                        Eukesolar® Brown 2RG               Violet shade of brown
               sing agent with a mild fatliquoring
                                                        150 Liquid
                                                        Eukesolar® Brown R                 Dark brown
                                                        150 Liquid
                                                        Eukesolar® Brilliant Blue          Intense, deep blue
                                                        150 Liquid
                                                        Eukesolar® Royal Blue R            Intense, reddish blue
                                                        150 Liquid
                                                        Eukesolar® Navy Blue R             Slightly reddish dark
                                                        150 Liquid                         blue

34                                                                                                                 35
Finishing            Dyes and pigments                        Finishing          Dyes and pigments

Eukesolar® Black R                Deep, neutral black         Lepton® Deep Black BN            Dark, neutral black
150 Liquid                                                                                     used for shading and
                                                                                               for dyeing black
Eukesolar® Black 2R               Very deep, reddish
150 Liquid                        black
                                                              Specialities (for all types of leather)
Eukesolar® Blue FL Liquid         Slightly greenish blue
                                                              Lepton® Lemon Yellow N           Bright, greenish yellow,
                                                                                               free of lead chromate.
                     Pigment preparations
                                                              Lepton® Yellow GN                Bright, neutral yellow,
Lepton®   Colors N                                                                             free of lead chromate.
Aqueous, casein-free pigment preparations with high           Lepton® Golden Yellow N          Bright, reddish yellow,
coverage, high wet rubfastness and very high lightfast-                                        free of lead chromate.
ness and resistance to migration. The Lepton® Colors N
                                                              Lepton® Garnet Red N             Yellowish red, medium
can be used to formulate finishes with a natural ap-
                                                                                               brightness, free of lead
pearance, excellent ageing resistance and very high
fastness. The finished leather has a very fine grain. They
are recommended for use on all types of leather, in           Lepton® Red BN                   Very clean, slightly
aqueous finishes for aniline leather as well as in highly                                      yellowish red, medium
pigmented finishes.                                                                            brightness, free of lead
All of the products in the range can be applied as full
shades. There are no restrictions on their miscibility with   Lepton® Red Violet RN            Very bluish, relatively
each other, which makes it possible to match virtually                                         dark red.
any shade. The Lepton® Colors N are very effective for
                                                              Lepton® Blue N                   Dark, neutral blue
matching shades with a low level of metamerism.
                                                              Lepton®   Opal Green N           Dark, bluish green
Standard colors (for all types of leather)
Lepton® White N                   Neutral white, resistant
                                                              Specialities based on lead chromate pigments
                                  to yellowing. Does not
                                                              (for all types of leather except automotive leather)
                                  chalk on ageing.
                                                              Lepton® Yellow N                 Pale, neutral yellow
Lepton® Caramel N                 Bright, yellowish
                                                                                               based on lead
Lepton® Brown GN                  Yellowish brown,
                                                              Lepton® Red N                    Pale, neutral red based
                                  medium brightness.
                                                                                               on lead chromate
Lepton® Dark Brown N              Bluish brown,                                                molybdate.
                                  medium brightness.
                                                              Special product
Lepton® Black N                   Neutral black. Very
                                                              Eukesol® Brilliant Black HSN Deep black for clear
                                  economical when used
                                                                                           glazed finishes.
                                  for shading.

36                                                                                                                       37
Finishing             Binders                                  Finishing          Binders
                      Acrylic binders                                             Compact binders
Corial® binders                                                Lepton® binders
All of theCorial®   binders are aqueous acrylic polymer        The Lepton® binders are compact binders, i. e. they
dispersions.                                                   are specially formulated from a combination of binders,
                                                               waxes and fillers, which makes it possible to simplify
Corial® Binder        Finely divided, flexible and water-
                                                               the processes used to apply standard finishes.
IF                    resistant. Used in impregnation and
                      in pigmented coats.                      Lepton® Binder     Compact binder that has been spe-
                                                               AE                 cially developed for use in base
Corial®   Binder      Forms a soft, low-tack film. Can be
                                                                                  coats applied to corrected-grain
ON                    thickened with ammonia.
                                                                                  upholstery leather. The leather re-
Corial® Binder        Very soft binder with excellent                             sponds very well to embossing at
DN                    flexibility at low temperatures. Gives                      temperatures of up to approx. 100 °C
                      finishes with a good fill and high                          without any danger of the plate cut-
                      flexometer values.                                          ting through the film.
Corial® Binder        Forms a tough, elastic film with         Lepton® Binder     Compact binder with a very
BAN                   low tack. Used in very elegant fin-      SD                 pronounced filling effect on full-grain
                      ishes with a natural appearance and                         leather and on splits. Very high fast-
                      high fastness.                                              ness and easy to use. Especially
                                                                                  recommended for full-grain shoe
Corial® Micro-        Finely divided polymer dispersion for
                                                                                  upper leather.
binder AM             aniline and semi-aniline finishes with
                      a natural break that does not ac-        Lepton® Binder     Binder formulated from an acrylic
                      centuate defects in the grain. High      SPC                polymer and polyurethane. Used in
                      water resistance.                                           finishes with high coverage and ex-
                                                                                  cellent flexibility that respond well to
Corial®               Soft, non-tacky binder with excellent
                                                                                  embossing. Especially recommen-
Ultrasoft NT          hiding power for defects in the grain.
                                                                                  ded for use on high-quality splits
                      The leather has a natural break after
                                                                                  and corrected-grain cattlehide, such
                      it has been milled, it has high fast-
                                                                                  as bag leather or shoe upper leather.
                      ness and it responds very well when
                      it is embossed.                          Lepton® Binder     Very finely divided compact binder
                                                               NA                 for finishing full-grain leather. Does
Leather               Acrylic polymer solution. Penetrates
                                                                                  not impair the natural appearance or
Ground F              deeply into the leather and tightens
                                                                                  the handle of the leather.
                      the grain. Impregnating agent for
                      full-grain and corrected-grain lea-      Lepton® Binder     Compact binder with a good filling
                      thers.                                   PA                 effect for use in very elastic finis-
                                                                                  hes with high fastness. Particularly
                                                                                  appropriate for finishing corrected-
                                                                                  grain cattlehide.

38                                                                                                                     39
Finishing           Binders                                     Finishing          Binders
                    Polyurethane binders
Astacin® finishes                                               Astacin® Finish    Dispersion of polyurethane and a
                                                                PFM TF             matting agent. Forms a tough, dry,
All of the products in theAstacin® range of finishes
                                                                                   non-tacky film. Finishes formulated
consist of aqueous polyurethane dispersions. The suffix
                                                                                   with this product fulfill the highest
“TF” indicates that these products do not contain any
                                                                                   standards of fastness, and they have
alkyl tin compounds.
                                                                                   a good fill and a very good response
Astacin® Finish     Finely divided, solvent-free                                   to embossing.
ARU TF              polyurethane dispersion. Forms a
                                                                Astacin® Finish    Dispersion of a soft polyurethane.
                    soft, elastic film with low tack and a
                                                                PW TF              Forms a tough film with high water
                    good fill. Does not accentuate de-
                                                                                   resistance and excellent fastness.
                    fects in the grain. Especially recom-
                                                                                   Especially recommended for use in
                    mended for finishing shoe uppers,
                                                                                   finishes applied to full-grain and box
                    upholstery leather and garment
                                                                                   calf shoe uppers and bag leather,
                                                                                   nappa leather and soft splits.
Astacin® Finish     Aqueous, solvent-free polyurethane
                                                                Astacin® Finish    Fulfils the highest standards of
PUD                 dispersion for use in highly elastic fin-
                                                                SUSI TF            fastness. Astacin® Finish SUSI is
                    ishes with high fastness.
                                                                                   distinguished by its softness and
Astacin® Finish     Soft, solvent-free polyester-poly-                             flexibility. Particularly recommended
PUM                 urethane dispersion. Forms a film                              for use in very elegant finishes with
                    that is very effective for filling and                         a natural appearance. Free of sol-
                    sealing the surface of the leather.                            vents.
                    Gives finishes with high cold crack
                                                                Astacin® Ground Improves the adhesion of finishes
                    resistance, excellent adhesion and a
                                                                UH TF           applied to oily or water-repellent lea-
                    good response to embossing.
                                                                                thers without impairing their water
Astacin® Finish     Solvent-free dispersion of a soft                           repellency. Free of solvents.
PUMN TF             polyester-polyurethane. Has a good
                    filling action and helps to seal the
                    surface of the leather. Finishes                               Protein binders and top coats
                    respond very well when they are
                                                                Luron®   Binder U Thermosetting binder and top coat
                    plated or embossed, and they have
                                                                                  for plated and glazed finishes. Im-
                    high cold crack resistance and ex-
                                                                                  proves the resistance of finishes to
                    cellent adhesion.
                                                                                  acetone and their resistance to pla-
Astacin® Finish     Forms a tough, dry, non-tacky film.                           ting at high temperatures.
PF TF               Finishes formulated with this product
                                                                Luron® Lustre E Elastic, thermosetting binder for gla-
                    fulfill the highest standards of fast-
                                                                                zed finishes.
                    ness, and have a pronounced filling
                    effect. They do not stick and they          Luron®             Elastic, thermosetting binder for
                    respond very well to embossing.             Lustre TE          glazed finishes. Reduces the tack of
                                                                                   polymer finishes.

40                                                                                                                     41
Finishing        Binders                                   Finishing       Lacquers and top coats
                                                                           Solvent free top coats
Luron®           Compact binder for glazed finishes        Astacin®        Matt polyurethane dispersion. Finish-
Lustre CO        applied to corrected-grain leather.       Matting HS      es based on Astacin® Matting HS
                                                                           are resistant to hydrolysis, which
Luron® Matting   Matting agent for thermosetting fin-
                                                                           makes it especially appropriate for
                 ishes. Can also be used as a filler for
                                                                           finishing automotive leather and high
                 many types of plated finishes.
                                                                           performance upper leather for sports
Luron® Top       Tough top coat that responds well to                      footwear.
                 embossing. Especially appropriate
                                                           Astacin®        Polyurethane dispersion. Aqueous
                 for use in finishes applied to aniline
                                                           Matting MA TF   matt top coat that is difficult to repo-
                                                                           lish. Very high cold flex resistance.
Luron® Top AC    For glazed finishes with very high                        Can also be employed in base coats.
                                                           Astacin®        Polyurethane dispersion. Gives a
                                                           Matting MT      more matt, water-resistant finish
                                                                           with a pleasant handle and high cold
                                                                           flex resistance.
                                                           Astacin®        Polyurethane dispersion. Aqueous
                                                           Matting MTB     matt top coat with high water re-
                                                                           sistance. For use in finishes that are
                                                                           required to be very resistant to age-
                                                                           ing. Very high cold crack resistance.
                                                           Astacin®        Matt polyurethane dispersion for use
                                                           Matting LV TF   in aqueous top coats. Does not
                                                                           contain N-methylpyrrolidone and
                                                                           has an extremely low VOC content.
                                                                           Can be used to finish all types of
                                                                           leather. Especially recommended for
                                                                           finishes for automotive leather that
                                                                           are free of NMP and have an elegant
                                                                           appearance and high cold crack re-
                                                           Astacin®        Innovative polyurethane-based
                                                           Novomatt GG     matting agent. Gives a matt finish
                                                                           that cannot be repolished. The
                                                                           leather has a soft, waxy handle
                                                                           and fulfils the highest standards of
                                                                           fastness. Astacin® Novomatt GG is
                                                                           especially recommended for use on
                                                                           upholstery leather and automotive

42                                                                                                              43
Finishing      Lacquers and top coats                    Finishing      Lacquers and top coats
                                                                        Nitrocellulose emulsions
Astacin® Top   Polyurethane dispersion for lightfast     Corial® EM     For top coats with a pronounced
UT             top coats with medium gloss, high         Finish Black   filling effect and excellent fastness.
               fastness and high cold crack resis-
                                                         Corial® EM     Nitrocellulose emulsion that can
                                                         Finish G       be used as a top coat or as a
Astacin® Top   Polyurethane dispersion. Forms a                         cobinder. Gives leathers with a ple-
GA TF          soft, flexible film with low tack. Used                  asant lustre, a natural handle and
               as the gloss component of aqueous                        high fastness.
               top coats that fulfil the highest stan-
                                                         Corial® EM     Gives a soft, silky handle. Especially
               dards of fastness. Can also be used
                                                         Finish ES      appropriate for finishing all types of
               in base coats.
                                                                        garment leather.
Astacin® Top   Polyurethane dispersion for use in
                                                         Corial® EM     Nitrocellulose emulsion that can be
LH TF          high-gloss top coats. Can be used
                                                         Finish KN      used as a top coat or as a cobinder
               for patent leather.
                                                                        in combination with polymer dis-
Lepton®        Gives a very matt finish with a pleas-                   persions. Leather finished with this
Matting T      ant, dry handle and a settled appea-                     product has a very high gloss, ex-
               rance. Difficult to repolish. Mainly                     cellent wet rubfastness and a natural
               used in solvent-free top coats, but                      handle.
               can also be empoyed in emulsion-
                                                         Corial® EM     Nitrocellulose emulsion with a matt-
               type finishes that contain solvents.
                                                         Finish M       ing effect. Gives a matt or silky
Lepton®        Polymer dispersion for use in aque-                      matt finish with high fastness and a
Top LB         ous, high-gloss top coats. Gives                         smooth, pleasant handle.
               finishes with high fastness and a
               smooth, pleasant handle. Easy to
               use and does not need to be fixed.
               Can also be crosslinked with Corial®
               Hardener AN or Astacin® Hardener
               CN if above-average demands are
               made on the fastness of the finish.

44                                                                                                           45
Finishing      Lacquers and top coats                 Finishing     Auxiliaries
               Gloss and matt lacquers                              Crosslinking agents
Corial®        Soft lacquer with very high fastness   Astacin®      Highly concentrated isocyanate
Lacquer AW     and high gloss.                        Hardener CN   crosslinking agent for use in aque-
                                                                    ous finishes. Very easy to mix into
Corial® Matt   Gives a silky, matt finish with a
                                                                    finishes. Fulfils the highest standards
Lacquer NW     supple handle in combination with
                                                                    of fastness.
               gloss lacquers.
                                                      Corial®       Crosslinking agent for polymer
Corial®        Nitrocellulose emulsion with a
                                                      Hardener AN   binders and aqueous top coats.
EM Top SL      pronounced filling effect for use in
                                                                    Causes a substantial improvement
               water-resistant top coats with high
                                                                    in the fastness of finishes, especially
               gloss. Gives a smooth, waxy handle.
                                                                    their wet fastness.

                                                                    Fillers and waxes
                                                      Lepton®       Filler and plate-release agent for
                                                      Filler CEN    base coats applied to soft, natural
                                                                    leather. Improves the leveling of
                                                                    the finish and gives leather with a
                                                                    settled appearance and a natural,
                                                                    pleasant handle. Recommended for
                                                                    use on all types of soft leather such
                                                                    as full-grain and corrected-grain
                                                                    upholstery leather.
                                                      Lepton®       Acts as a filler and gives leather
                                                      Filler FCG    with a smooth, settled appearance.
                                                                    Especially recommended for use
                                                                    in finishes with high hiding power
                                                                    applied to corrected-grain cattlehide
                                                                    and splits and for upgrading leather
                                                                    made from low-quality raw stock.
                                                      Lepton®       Gives finishes with a good fill and
                                                      Filler K      a settled appearance on many diffe-
                                                                    rent types of leather. Improves leve-
                                                                    ling and acts as a thixotrope.
                                                      Lepton®       Modified wax emulsion for
                                                      Filler H      improving the leveling and fill of fin-
                                                                    ishes. Gives a silky, waxy handle.

46                                                                                                        47
Finishing    Auxiliaries                                Finishing      Auxiliaries

Lepton®      Reduces the gloss of aqueous top           Lepton®        Concentrated wax emulsion for
Matting AL   coats to give a matt finish with a         Wax P 60       use in base coats. Gives very high,
             very settled appearance and a                             even coverage, which makes it par-
             pleasant handle. Enables very matt,                       ticularly effective for upgrading fancy
             deep black shades to be obtained                          leathers, shoe uppers and uphols-
             without any haziness.                                     tery leather made from low-quality
                                                                       raw stock.
Lepton®      Used in base coats to fill the surface
Matting MF   of the leather and to obtain a very
             matt, non-tacky finish. Can be emp-
                                                                       Miscellaneous auxiliaries
             loyed in pigmented and semi-aniline
             finishes applied to full-grain and cor-    Amollan®       Special auxiliary that makes it
             rected-grain leather.                      Decoprint PE   possible to create attractive two-
                                                                       tone effects and printed patterns
Lepton®      Cationic wax emulsion. Improves
                                                                       simply and effectively without affec-
Wax A        the handle and fill of finishes, and
                                                                       ting the fastness of the leather. Very
             prevents the leather from sticking
                                                                       appropriate for use on fashionable
             when it is plated or piled. Gives a
                                                                       garment leather and shoe upper lea-
             waxy handle.
                                                                       ther. Can also be used to upgrade
Lepton®      Nonionic wax emulsion. Improves                           low-quality crust by enhancing the
Wax B        the handle and gives a smoother                           coverage of defects, especially on
             surface. Excellent plate-release                          nubuck and aniline leather.
             action. Especially appropriate for
                                                        Amollan® IP    Used to enhance the penetration
             use in finishes based on thermo-
                                                                       of impregnating agents applied to
             plastic binders.
                                                                       corrected-grain leathers and finishes
Lepton®      Employed in base coats and top                            applied by spraying.
Wax 11       coats as a plate-release agent and
                                                        Amollan® VC    High-performance leveling agent for
             to improve the response of the finish
                                                                       all types of finishes. Particularly ap-
             to glazing. Used in base coats as a
                                                                       propriate for use in highly viscous fin-
             pull-up wax after polishing or pla-
                                                                       ishes applied by forward and reverse
                                                                       roll coating.
Lepton®      Plate-release agent for use in
                                                        Amollan® VM    Wetting agent used to improve the
Wax 16       base coats and aqueous top coats.
                                                                       leveling of all types of finish. Prevents
             Gives a soft, muted handle.
                                                                       the formation of fish eyes caused by
Lepton®      Plate-release agent for use in base                       insufficient wetting of the substrate.
Wax 20       coats and aqueous top coats. Does                         Does not impair the gloss or the phy-
             not impair the wet rubfastness of the                     sical properties of the finish.
             finish. Used in base coats to obtain
             a slight pull-up effect after polishing.

48                                                                                                           49
Finishing        Auxiliaries                             Finishing      Auxiliaries

Amollan®         Glazing agent for nubuck and            Lepton®        Auxiliary used to boost the coverage
Lustre VN        suede. Used to increase the             Enhancer CP    of aqueous base coats. Small
                 strength and brilliance of the shade.                  amounts can be added in order to
                                                                        obtain very high hiding power for
Lepton®          Foam stabilizer used to formulate
                                                                        defects in the grain without impai-
Filler AF        finishes applied by the BASF Air-
                                                                        ring the natural appearance of the
                 foam System.
                                                                        leather. Improves the response of
Lepton®          Used to adjust the viscosity of                        the leather to embossing. Especially
Paste VL         aqueous finishes. Very effective for                   recommended for use in base coats
                 use in finishes formulated with poly-                  applied to low-quality crust (upgra-
                 urethane binders.                                      ding).
Lepton®          High-performance additive for           Lepton®        Used to reduce squeaking noises
Additive TL      finishes. Provides a simple and         Protector AS   and to obtain a soil-repellent finish.
                 efficient means of adjusting the                       Gives a large reduction in the un-
                 viscosity of finishes applied by all                   pleasant noise that is generated
                 methods. This product maintains                        when leather is rubbed against plastic
                 the viscosity constant over very long                  or other leather surfaces. Reduces
                 periods, which ensures that the best                   soiling and makes the leather easier
                 results are obtained. Improves the                     to clean.
                 leveling of finishes, has a defoaming
                                                         Lepton®        Added to top coats in order to
                 action and makes finishes easier to
                                                         Protector SR   obtain a soil-repellent finish. Helps
                 apply to all types of leather.
                                                                        to prevent soil from being deposited
Lepton®          Boosts the hiding power of pigments                    on the surface of the leather and
Intensifier IN   without affecting the fastness of the                  makes the leather easier to clean.
                 finish. Gives very level shades and                    Recommended for use on all types
                 improves the quality of all types of                   of leather dyed to pale shades and
                 pigmented leather.                                     sensitive shades, especially automo-
                                                                        tive and upholstery leather.
Lepton®          Filler that expands when exposed to
Enhancer CE      heat. Has an excellent filling action   Eukesol®       Plasticizer for casein-based
                 without overloading the surface of      Oil SR         pigmented coats and binders.
                 the leather. The finish has a much
                                                         Eukesol®       Cationic oil emulsion, capable
                 better response to plating and
                                                         Oil Ground     of being dyed with basic dyes. Com-
                 embossing at a temperatur of 120
                                                                        patible with anionic binders. Redu-
                 – 130 °C. Lepton® Enhancer CE is
                                                                        ces the absorbency of the leather
                 recommended for use on all types
                                                                        and improves its elasticity.
                 of leather made from low-quality raw
                 stock that are upgraded by applying
                 a highly pigmented finish with high

50                                                                                                         51
Finishing   Auxiliaries                           Finishing        Auxiliaries
            Pull-up oils and waxes                                 Handle improvers
Eukesol®    For pronounced pull-up effects.       Corial® Wax EBT Handle improver for aqueous and
Oil 4070                                                          solvent-based finishes. Gives a
                                                                  slightly tacky handle.
Eukesol®    For pronounced pull-up effects with
Oil 4080    a waxy handle.                        Corial® Wax G    Handle improver. Makes the surface
                                                                   of the finished leather smoother,
Eukesol®    For pull-up effects on water-
                                                                   silkier and softer. Can also be used
Oil HP      resistant leathers. Free of organic
                                                                   to increase the rubfastness of the
            solvents. Does not impair the water
                                                                   leather in many cases.
            resistance of the leather. Can also
            be used as a handle improver for      Corial® Wax H    Water-repellent wax dissolved in
            suede.                                                 organic solvents for application by
                                                                   spraying. For nappalan, nubuck and
Eukesol®    Solid, solvent-free wax for
                                                                   suede. Can be used in all types of
Wax SFB     pronounced pull-up effects. Gives a
                                                                   solvent-based finishes.
            dry handle and does not impair the
            water resistance of the leather.      Lepton®          Silicone-based product used to
                                                  Wax WN           improve the leveling of finishes
Corial®     Pull-up wax dissolved in an organic
                                                                   applied to all types of leather. It
Wax SV      solvent.
                                                                   also boosts the performance of the
                                                                   leather in the Taber abrasion test,
                                                                   and has a very beneficial effect on
                                                                   its wet rubfastness. The leather has
                                                                   an attractive smooth, silky handle.
                                                                   Lepton® Wax WN does not contain
                                                                   N-methylpyrrolidone or any other
                                                                   solvents and it is free of volatile or-
                                                                   ganic compounds.
                                                  Lepton®          Handle improver for aqueous
                                                  Wax CS           finishes. Gives a soft, smooth handle
                                                                   and improves the wet rubfastness.
                                                  Corial® Wax TA   Used to improve the wet rubfast-
                                                                   ness of all types of finish tested by
                                                                   the Taber method.

52                                                                                                      53
Safety                                                  Note
The information and advice given in our Safety Data     The data contained in this publication are based on our
Sheet should be observed for all the products descri-   current knowledge and experience. In view of the many
bed here. Due attention should also be given to the     factors that may affect processing and application of
precautions necessary for handling chemicals.           our products, these data do not relieve processors from
                                                        carrying out their own investigations and tests; neither
                                                        do these data imply any guarantee of certain properties,
                                                        nor the suitability of the products for a specific purpose.
                                                        Any descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, pro-
                                                        portions, weights etc. given herein may change without
                                                        prior information and do not constitute the agreed con-
                                                        tractual quality of the products. It is the responsibility
                                                        of the recipients of our products to ensure that any
                                                        proprietary rights and existing laws and legislation are

                                                        March 2005

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