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					                                          THE COLLECTOR AUCTION
                                                           6.00pm – Thursday
                                                             15th July 2010
                                          Viewing: Wed. 10am – 6 pm & Thurs. 10 am – 6 pm
                                            25 Melbourne Street, Murrumbeena, Vic. 3163
                                             Tel: 03 9568 7811 & 22 Fax: 03 9568 7866
                                              BIDS accepted by phone, fax or email.
                                          NOT ACCEPTED after 6.00pm on day of sale
                                         Please submit absentee bids in increments of $5
                                            Photos emailed on request, time permitting
                                       Payment by Credit card, cheque, money order or cash
                                    Please pay for and collect goods by Friday following auction
                                                20% buyer premium + GST applies
                                             2.2% charge on Credit Card and Eftpos
                                    AUCTIONS HELD EVERY THURSDAY EVENING 6.00pm
                                               AUCTIONEER – ADAM TRUSCOTT

lot_no                                                               Description                                                           estimate
   1     Vintage Pyrox VICTOR projector
   2     Box lot - incl 2 x PIANOLA ROLLS, Sheet Music, Ephemera, Cutlery, Lesney Models Of Yesteryear Diecast TRAINS, Vintage
         MILK BOTTLE etc
  3      Group lot PULP FICTION Paper backs all published by Pan, Corgi, and Penguin
  4      Box lot - 7 x vintage PIANOLA ROLLS - incl. That feeling in the moonlight, I THREW A KISS IN THE OCEAN etc
  5      Box lot Vintage & Modern MAD MAGAZINE items inc - Books, 70's - current magazines etc
  6      Box lot - 2 x wooden jig-saw puzzles incl. Peg Maltby (a/f), Popeye pillow case, basketball game & 60's Oz pottery
         burgundy/grey Vase
  7      Box lot vintage KIDS BOOKS - incl. Annuals, Stories of the Prophets, OUR FAVOURITE STORIES, Daily Mail annual,
         Packman's Pipe etc
  8      Box lot MIXED - incl. Commodore VL series service MANUAL, Set of 6 x Guinness GLASSES, VB tray & coffee cup, plastic
         TOYS, computer games, CDs etc
 9       3 x Vintage Spirit Levels inc. John Rabone & Sons 4ft Level, etc.
 10      Group Lot inc. Road Sign, Wooden "Thomas" Sign, Large Herald Sun Promotional Competition Photo etc.
 11      2 x Boxes - incl Louis Vuitton Style HANDBAG, Interior Design BOOK, Retro MEN'S TIES, Men's Clothing, Collapsible MUSIC
         STAND, Fold-Up KEYBOARDS, RAAF Trench coat, Masonic Apron etc
 12      2 x Vintage leather SUITCASES - Green with gilt initials to top.
 13      Box lot MIXED - incl. LP & 45rpm records, Whiteboard SKETCH PAD, books, CD, Wildlife magazines etc
 14      Box lot MIXED - incl. 3 x Swinnertons DUOS, jelly mould, TOAST RACK, cruet sets, BIRD figurines etc
 15      2 x Boxes - 100+ 1980's Australasian Post Magazines and 1950's Newspapers.
 16      Box Lot Modern Kids Toys/Games inc. Harry Potter, The Mummy, etc.
 17      7 x Boxes Assorted Books inc. H/cover, Non Fiction, Fiction, inc. Fly fishing Annual, Collecting Rocks and Fossils, Spycatcher,
 18      2 x boxes BLOKEY items - incl. RADIOS, shavers, MUD FLAPS, Melways, portable TV, clock, wallets, POSTCARDS, hole
         punch etc
 19      Group lot - box lot, cane basket, ladies leather boots, linen, china, snake skin, Masonic satchel, apron, etc.
 20      2 x boxes MIXED - incl. ephemera, MAGAZINES, Perspex card STANDS, kaleidoscope, TRAYS etc
 21      Very long vintage bench seat with woven cane top & sprung seat, 270 cm long.
 22      Group Lot, 2 x Sets Golf Clubs and Bags - Wilson and Billy Dunk & Flymo Hand Mower.
 23      Group Lot - 2 x Wine Tables, one with leather insert to top & Round Occasional Table.
 24      Large group lot - 4 x boxes MIXED - incl. Glasses, blow up MATTRESS, kitchen items, HANDBAGS, videos etc
 25      Fantastic Hand built Carpentry Apprentice House.
 26      2 x Boxes Assorted Contemporary Decorator items inc. Framed Oriental Paintings, Glass Vase, Photo Frames, Decorated
         Plates, etc.
 27      Large group lot - incl. 2 x SCOOTERS, high chair, light fitting, plastic TRAIN SET, Geelong WEG posters, modems, AFL cards
 28      4 x boxes mostly vintage BOOKS & SHEET MUSIC - incl. Novels, A dictionary of modern ballet, ATOMIC ENERGY, Master
         Melodies, framed PRINTS etc
 29      4 x Boxes + Assorted Boxed & other Household items inc. Massage Pillow, Double Hot Plate, Trays, Bowls, Jugs, etc.
 30      Box Lot Quality Vintage Tools inc. Monkey Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Oil Stones, Calipers, Surf Forms, etc.
 31      2 x Boxes Vintage Radio & Telephone books/Manuals and Volt meters inc - Bound magazine volumes, Phillips Radio &
         Telephone manual, Manual of Transistor circuits etc
 32      Group lot - incl. boxed TRAIN SET, wooden cased MICROSCOPE, large ART GLASS vase, china vase, model SHIP,
         TURTLE figure, soft toy RABBIT etc
 33      Large Edwardian Beaconsfield Kauri Pine Wardrobe, with Veneer To Drawers, Beveled Mirrors, carved detail to centre small
 34      5 x boxes LP & 78rpm RECORDS - incl. Elton John, DIRE STRAIGHTS, Jimmy Barnes, BILLY JOEL, The Cure, Hoodoo
         Gurus etc
 35      7 x Boxes Assorted Books inc. H/Cover, Fiction, Non fiction, inc. The Artic, Bertrand Russell, Bradman, etc.
36   2 x boxes MIXED - incl. vintage TRUNK, books, SUNGLASSES, mobile phones, Bendigo pottery WINE BARREL, filing trays
37   Box lot Vintage & Modern items inc - Vintage kids books, Michael Jackson cassette, Alcohol bottles & contents etc
38   Box lot of retro fabrics, daisies, Paddington Bear, etc.
39   Large lot modern board games inc - Scrabble, Vintage monopoly with some metal pieces, Battleships, etc
40   2 items - vintage brass table lamp & brass & porcelain light fitting
41   Box lot Vintage items inc - Wooden display cabinet, Beta video recorder, Vintage boxed soda syphon, Shorter & Sons, Vanity
     items etc
42   2 x Boxes Assorted items inc. Various Desk Lamps on Adjustable Arms, Spray Gun, etc.
43   Box lot books mainly Art incl. Impressionism, Taos, El Greco, NGV., Rubens, novels Patrick White, Penquin Books etc.
44   2 x boxes mostly 90's plastic character figurines inc - Roger Rabbit, Dinosaurs, Disney, Noddy, Warner Brothers, Troll etc
45   6 x reproduction Oriental ADVERTISEMENT colour POSTERS
46   2 x boxes REFERENCE & practical book - incl. ART, cooking, SPORT, gardening, WWII, stamps, china painting etc
47   Box lot MIXED - incl. Beatles ABBEY ROAD LP, Picturesque England book c.1890, BASKETBALL CARDS, carved figure,
     wooden ducks, leather SATCHELS etc
48   2 x Vintage Vinyl Travel Bags - Ansett ANA and National Bank Travel.
49   2 x boxes modern NOVELS - incl. Robert Ludlum, COLIN FORBES, Robert Harris etc
50   3 x boxes MIXED - incl. boxed electronic GAMES, wire mesh soda SYPHONS, carved wall mask, vintage adding machine,
     self help CASSETTE sets, hunting print, BOOKS etc
51   4 x Boxes 80s+ Womens accessories inc - Heaps of Shoes, Bags, hats etc
52   2 x Boxes Vintage Art and History Books inc. Durer, David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, etc
53   Box lot BOOKS - 18 x h/c volumes Works of CHARLES DICKENS - incl. Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, PICKWICK PAPERS
54   2 x boxes KIDS/gaming items - incl. Remote control SPEED BOAT, joystick, computer STEERING WHEEL & pedals etc
55   Box lot SPORTING items - incl. TEST MATCH cricket board game, V8 supercars CLOCK with Easter eggs, BOOKS, Steve
     Waugh autobiography, ESSENDON, Soccer annuals, RUGBY etc
56   Large group lot - 5 x boxes BOOKS - incl. Hardcover classic NOVELS, Readers Digest condensed novels, biographies,
     SPORT, Tim Allen, Bert Newton, modern NOVELS etc
57   3 x Boxes - incl Portable TYPEWRITER, Turntable, VIDEO RECORDER etc
58   2 x Boxes Assorted Vintage Tools inc. Soldering Irons, Hand Saws, Electric Saw, Drill, Multi Charge Unit, etc.
59   Box lot BOOKS - 22 x hardcover volume set of CLASSIC NOVELS - incl. Marie Antoinette, The last great empress of China,
60   Box lot vintage books, Playboy mags., 1958 Photographic Almanac, Illusts. Family Doctor, Life of General Napier etc.
61   Box lot Vintage and modern gaming/blokey items inc - Brittains figures, Hot Wheels games, Mini Lab Lamp, 30's Mosaic game
62   Box Lot Blokey items inc. 2 x VDO Speedo's, Early Holden Glove box panel, Drive In Speaker, etc.
63   Box Lot Assorted Vintage and other items inc. Shell Trinket Box, Glass insulator, Costume Jewellery, etc.
64   Box lot BOOKS - incl. Anne Geddes, BRIDGES OF THE WORLD, Singer sewing book, AUSTRALIANA, novels, The
     Automobile etc
65   Unusual 1950s SLAZENGER 'Combi by Pilgrim' golf BAG & Buggy
66   Vintage leather bound vol. The complete works of Robert Burns & poetical works of Sir Walter Scott, publ. By Wm. Collins,
     illust. With engravings
67   H/c Book - The Sponge divers by Clift & Johnston, 1st edit., 1956 with d.j
68   Mint AUSTRALIAN BICENTENNIAL Stamp Collection - 5 x softcover Volumes with Stamps in Slip Case - Complete
69   4 x 1950's h/c Books - James Jones "From here to eternity" & "Some came running", "Not as a stranger" by Thompson, & "Let
     no man write my epitaph" W. Motley , all with d.j's
70   Group lot Vintage Sci-Fi Books inc - Agatha Christie, Dennis Wheatley, The story of man & his drugs, Case of the waylaid wolf
     etc - Some 1st ed with dj
71   H/Cover Book "The Cockatoos" by Patrick White, pub 1974 by Jonathon Cape, with D/J.
72   H/c 1st edit. Book - The Dead the dying and the Damned by D.J. Hollands, 1956 with d.j.
73   2 x Vintage h/c books LOOKING IN JUNK SHOPS by John Bedford - with dj
74   5 x Vintage HOLDEN BOOKLETS inc - 1944 General motors, 1959, 1962, 1963 and 1965 Holden Owner Manuals - g/c
75   4 x OZ ART reference books - incl. J.Colin Angus LANDSCAPES, Australian landscapes in colour, COLONIAL painters &
     Impressionist painters
76   H/c 1st edit. Book - The Very man by Stanley Kauffman, 1956 with d.j.
77   1930 Victorian Municipal Directory and Gazetteer.
78   1967 National Gallery of Vic. & N.S.W. exhibition catalogue - Two Decades of American Painting
79   5 x 1950's h/c books with d.j's incl. MacLean H.M.S. Ulysses, Uris, Battle Cry, The Mary Deare, The Sixth of June & Germans
     under my bed
80   Fab reference book THE WEEKLY - by Denis O'Brien featuring Fab vintage images of Womens Weekly magazines
81   2 x hardcover volumes - I SEE ALL - the worlds first picture encyclopedia edited by Arthur Mee, Amalgamated Press, 1929 -
     vols. 3 & 4
82   Group lot MOVIES related BOOKS - incl. Best of Warner Bros., WAR FILMS, The Movies, Star Wars storybook, Academy
83   9 x vintage KIDS ANNUALS - incl. 6 x 1950s/60s GIRLS CRYSTAL annuals, Joy Days, Monster Book for Children &
84   5 x Vintage Books inc. German Atlas circa early 1900's, International Poster Annual 48-49, The People of India pub 1915,etc.
85   Group lot - approx 70 x 1980s/90s Sun & Health NUDISM magazines
86   8 x 1950's h/c Book most with d.j's incl. The Leonard Merrick Omnibus, Man Overboard, As Time to love and a time to die,
     Bright river, 20,000 leagues under the sea, Gone with the wind etc.
87   Box lot Vintage Sci-fi & Pulp Fiction s/c books inc - Marvel pocket books, fab covers
88   H/c vol. NORMAN ROCKWELL'S Christmas book with dj
89   Group Lot Vintage Wooden items - 2 x Large Cotton Spindles with metal Bands and Block.
90   Pair of c1900 Serving Platters with raised enameled decoration and coat of arms to center.
91   Woolen plaid Scottish hat with pompom to top - Perfect for a hit of Golf on a Sunday
92   2 x vintage China Condiment/Spice Sets in Wooden Holders,
93   Group lot PRACTICAL & technical books - incl. Code for Pressure Piping, CHIMNEY DESIGN manual, The specification of
     Meehanite Metal etc
 94     2 x Books - Audels Wiring Diagrams for light & power, 1953 & Australian air mail labels & Vignettes 1920-1960
 95     Vintage 1920's Citizen's RADIO CALL BOOK ' A complete Radio Cyclopedia with heaps of Tube radio diagrams
 96     Group Lot Vintage Ephemera inc. Bowen & Pomeroy CALCULO, Frings Check Figure Reckoner, etc.
 97     Small group lot - incl. ORIENTAL items, 2 x brass DUCKS, crystal ATOMISER, alabaster jug, ELEPHANT etc
 98     Boxed Wedgwood Plate, "Stately Homes 1996"
 99     Group Lot Melamine Kids Bowls/Plates inc. Peter Rabbit, Bunnikins, Melmac, etc.
100     H/c Book - Graham Sutherland, Ambassador Editions, 1st edit. 1950
101     Group lot - incl. H&K Tunstall Crinoline Lady plate, ROYAL ALBERT Gossamer TRIO (af), 2 x glass VASES, chamber pot &
        TRINKET box
102     Small box lot incl. Books, Gilltraps' Australian Cars from 1879, 50's+Motoring mags., RACV pamphlet, box Peerless
        Championship draughts etc.
104     Bundle of mixed vintage OZ ephemera incl. 1949 Walkabout Magazine, 8 pages 1873 The Argus, approx. 17 x early 20th C
        Melbourne receipts from cabinet makers, ironmongers, etc.
105     Group lot Vintage RELIGIOUS books inc - Prayer books with pretty covers, Bibles, Picture stand etc
106     4 x 1980s LAMPS - incl. brown adjustable DESK LAMP, twin floor lamp, adjustable black lamp with CLAMP & another
107     Vintage wooden SEWING BOX & Contents - Sectioned into 3 - Latches to front
108     Small Box SPORTING items - incl Miniature Ashes 89 Gray Nicholls CRICKET BAT, Mini COLLINGWOOD FOOTBALL sgd
        by Nathan Buckley, Cricket CARDS, Shane Warne STUBBIE HOLDER etc
109     Box Lot Assorted Vintage USSR Ephemera, inc. Manifesto Of the Communist Party, Art Books, etc.
110     Box lot 60's/70's Italian Glass CHANDELIER DROPS
111     Large yellow tin Buddy L Mack dumpster truck
112     Group Lot Vintage Peach Glassware inc. Wine, Sherry, all with twist design to body.
113     Group Lot Framed Pictures inc. Oil Paintings, Prints, etc.
114     Vintage Map of Kyneton issued by The Kyneton Progress Association with Dunlop and Shell Advertising, circa 1930's.
115     Vintage Gents Leather Overnight Bag with Textured imprint.
116     Group lot FARM & practical related BOOKS - incl. Laying Cages, Self-Sufficiency Handbook, popular mechanics FARM
        MANUAL, Home rabbit keeper, SOLAR ENERGY etc
117     Group Lot inc. Books "Millergrams" by Prof. Julius Sumner Miller, Life & "Death In Belgium" pub. 1917, Torpedo Bottle,
        Raynham Lustre Vase, etc.
118     Group lot BOOKS & Historical records - incl. 3 x sets BALLARAT cemetery & hospital MICROFISH records, practical books,
        SPRAY PAINTING, Terrier Engine MANUAL, woodcraft etc
119     Vintage Small Hat Box (a/f) and contents inc. Carved Trinket Box, Fans, Crochet/Beaded Milk Cover, Crystal Craft Vase, etc.
120     5 x Vintage Children's Books and Annuals inc. Lewis Carroll, Enid Blyton, Collins Bumper Play Book, The Treasure Box For
        Boys & Girls.
121     Box Lot inc. Victorian Continental Porcelain Trios, EP Hot Water Jug & Egg Cups, Xylonite Trinket Box, etc.
122     2 x Boxes BLOKEY items inc - Tools, China Lion, Green glass, Matchboxes, etc
123     Oval Framed ADAM KUTA Pencil Drawing - NUDE STUDY - L.24cm
124     3 x items - incl. wooden & brass CANDELABRA, handpainted BOOMERANG & Carl Angel-5 pencil sharpener
125     6 x Vintage (circa early 1900's) Oz Railways Wooden Carriage Panels with Art Nouveau Pressed Tin Inserts, & Railways By
        Laws Sign "For Better Traveling", Stamped with numbers and marked A Aspinall to rear.
125.1   Large cream book shelf - with back - 240 cms H
 126    2 x framed Australian School PENCIL DRAWINGS - Cat study & Horse study. Both approx 26cm H, 38cm L.
 127    Group lot - incl. REFERENCE magazines, ART booklets, auction catalogue, CHINA, blue & white etc
 128    Box lot incl. Children's Books, Comics, patterns for children's clothing, Our Girls Annuals, Enid Blyton, Number one album,
        Disney, Donald Duck, stamp album etc.
129     Vintage Australian Army woolen GREAT COAT with 'Australian Military Forces' BUTTONS
130     Group Lot 10+ Framed and Mounted Prints, pictures, Brass Rubbing, etc.
131     Vintage Leadlight Panel in Wood Frame, Birds on a Gum Tree, 97 x 36 cm
132     Large framed Vintage colour Lithograph ONE SHEET MOVIE POSTER - George Montgomery in PAWNEE, featuring great
        Cowboy and Indian images - Numbered to margin - 100 x 67cm
133     3 x framed OIL PAINTINGS - incl. 2 x landscapes & FARM HOUSE - all signed
134     16" Crash Cymbal on Stand.
135     3 x decorative Lamps inc - Large ceramic with figural decorative cherubs, Piercework lamp and Metal.
136     Vintage DURST 609 photographic ENLARGER
137     2 x Pces FURNITURE - Queen Anne Style COFFEE TABLE with Black Glass Top and Timber STANDARD LAMP
138     Box Lot Assorted items inc. Oz Pottery Jugs, Vases, Containers, TG Green Mixing Bowl, Wooden Tie Mould, etc.
139     Large Handmade 1960's Timber DOLL HOUSE on Castors
140     3 x items - 2 x FLOOR LAMPS with shades & white painted wooden COAT RACK
141     Box lot RECORDS mainly LP's incl. Graham Kennedy sings the shows, Ronstadt, Abba, Aretha Franklin, Steeleye Span, G &
        S., etc.
142     Group lot LADIES items inc - Linen, Shells, Costume Jewellery, Hat pin, The Milkyway housewife's book, wooden tray etc
143     Wicker BASKET & contents - incl. oil lamp BASE, Oz pottery, Leaning tower of PIZAS, framed print, brass PLAQUE etc
144     Box lot Vintage items inc - 78 and LP Records, Measurement weights etc
145     1960's/70's HMV Radiogram with auto turntable, stylish shape.
146     Box lot LP Records incl. Elton, Denver, Baez, Jolson, Lopez, Streisand, Pitney, Dolly, King Henry V with Richard Burton etc.
147     Modern SQUIER by Fender 'Bullet Strat' red & white ELECTRIC GUITAR with soft case
148     Group Lot Glassware - Triangular Tray and 6 x Large Wine Glasses.
149     1970's/80's TOSHIBA "Black stripe" COLOUR TV
150     Group lot GLASS & CHINA - incl. 3 x Colclough TRIOS, heavy glass DECANTER & 6 x RCR crystal sherry GLASSES
151     6 x pces pretty CHINA - incl. Carlton Ware VERT ROYALE oblong BOWL (af) Beswick leaf dish & 4 x ROYAL WINTON dishes
        incl. LEAF, floral etc
152     Small group lot - incl. 6 x glass MILK BOTTLES with wire basket & boxed AVRIL battery operated KEYBOARD
153     8 x vintage BOOKLETS - mostly travel GUIDES incl. Sweden, FRANCE, Italy, England etc
154     Group lot - Mint International Stamps - Sth.Africa, Singapore, Nauru, etc - Uncut sets, all in Pkts
155     Group lot - incl. STAMP reference books, stamp COLLECTING KIT, Australian boy SCOUT DIARY book & Mickey Mouse

156   Folder & Contents inc - Vintage cardboard cutouts from CEREAL BOXES & others inc - Disney, animals, Kellogs, Oz animals,
157   Group Lot Vintage items inc Large Eastern Style Copper Tray, Art Nouveau Letter Slot, Door Bell, Handmade Copper Panel of
      Egyptian Lady, etc.
158   Islamic prayer MAT with small attached COMPASS pointing to Mecca
159   Group Lot modern boxed JEWELLERY sets, bracelets, Glitzy Chokers, Necklace Earring Sets, etc.
160   Fab Rubber ALI G MASK and another plastic mask.
161   Group Lot Glassware inc. Champagne Glasses Etched with Hollow Stems, Etched, Decanters, etc.
162   Small group lot - incl. 3 x LIMOGES miniature wall PLATES, Carlton Ware ROUGE ROYALE trinket box base, EP sugar
      scuttle, glass souvenir INK WELL etc
163   Small group lot - incl. Victorian, glass & CRYSTAL, hobnail bowl, dishes, EP candlestick etc
164   Large English blue WILLOW meat platter - 47cms W
165   Group lot - Mint Australian STAMP Miniature SHEETS - Stamp Week 76, 80, 50th Anniversary Trans-Pacific Flight 1928-1978,
166   Group lot costume jewellery, ladies watches, diamontes, earrings, bracelet etc.
167   Small 1930s framed SOUVENIR from ADELAIDE featuring an image of a KOOKABURRA - made from OPAL chips - 9 x 7cm
168   Group lot Carlton Football Club Memberships - 1985, 1989, 1991 & 1991 Social Club
169   Group lot costume jewellery - Marcasite leaf brooch, diamante brooch & pink stone necklace & earrings
170   Small LALIQUE Crystal flower shaped DISH - signed to base & with makers STICKER - 10cm wide
171   Miniature SPODE China CUP and SAUCER with Gilt Cupid Decoration
172   Replica Ancient ROMAN COIN
173   2 x Victorian Ebony round wooden cylinder RULES
174   Group lot vintage costume jewellery - Pink diamonte necklace & matching earrings & string of knotted black French jet beads
175   Group lot Vintage RELIGIOUS cards with fab colour plates
176   3 x Vintage Ivory Elephants in Descending size, Large 2.5 cm high
177   4 x Mint Australian STAMP Booklets - 2 x FAMOUS AUSTRALIANS incl. Ed.v68/3 & 2 x 5 Cent overprint Queen Eliz. Head
      Ed.v67/1 & Ed.g67/3
178   2 items - silver cable chain necklace with fob bar set with tiny black stone & hand made Silver wire Bracelet
179   The "Conway" No. 60 Sterling silver propelling pencil
180   5 x Mint Australian STAMP Booklets - PRIME MINISTERS - 2 x Ed. G71/3, 2 x Ed. V69/3 & Ed. V71/3
181   Small pretty Victorian TIN featuring girl holding basket of cherries
182   Large ornate Silver Cross pendant set with oval amethyst on fancy silver curb link chain
183   Small group lot BLOKEY items - incl. HMV half tone yellow gramophone NEEDLE TIN, Imperitype ribbon TIN, qty fountain
      PEN NIBS & 2 x part propelling PENCILS
184   2 x vintage pencils Wahl Eversharp gold filled propelling & s/plated with amethyst to end
185   Group lot mainly Silver JEWELLERY incl. Wide bangle, bracelets, rings etc.
186   Large Group Lot Vintage and other Marbles inc. Tombowlers etc.
187   Group lot Vintage ephemera inc - King Edward V11 Funeral documents c1910, Building forms, Cowboys & Indians kids book
188   Group lot - boxed packs vintage playing cards incl. Regal "Twindex" Blue Girl & the Garden, twin pack Galleons, Alpine
      flowers etc.
189   Group lot kids toys/Action Figures, inc - Batman, GI-Joe & TMNT weapons & accessories, Shazam comic etc
190   Group Lot Music items - Ebony and another Flute, assorted packaged Guitar Strings, Small Drum, Rolling Stones Cassettes.
191   3 x items - Hanley Bowl, Sake Bottle and Villeroy & Boch Vase on Silvered Base.
192   Group lot - Mint Uncut STAMP SHEETS - Nauru year of the Child set, Aust. Antarctic Territory 2 cent Penguins & 5 cent Seals
193   Group lot Vintage MILITARY items inc ACDC Volt meter, books inc - RAAF Instruction Manual, Wireless Telegraphy Vol1 & 2,
      and list of experimental wireless stations
194   2 x vintage TRANSISTOR RADIOS in leather cases - incl. Sanyo Transcontinental & another
195   Fab Vintage STAMP Album & Contents - Mint uncut sheets of AUSTRALIAN & Australian Territory Stamps - all c.1960's
196   5 x Pieces 60s/70s GENERAL MOTORS HOLDEN Motoring ephemera inc brochures
197   2 x Vintage LP Records with fab RISQUE 1950's covers
198   Large vinyl soft toy LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE
199   Small Group Lot Vintage Blokey items inc. Dental items, EP Trophy, Bakelite Ashtray, Oil Tin, etc.
200   3 x Vintage English boxes & tobacco tins inc - Lloyds Bondman, Royalty and another
201   Fab s/c reference Masterpieces of FANTASY ART featuring Frank Frazetta
202   Group lot - 3 x Uncut Sheets Mint AUSTRALIAN Stamp Sets - WALTZING MATILDA - 12 x Sets of 5, 22 Cent Value each
203   Transistor Radio in the Shape of a Fosters Lager Can.
204   ROYAL ALBERT china cabinet PLATE - 'Summer Song' from the Country Walk Collection - 22cm
205   2 x LP Records by Blaster Bates - TNT for Two & Laughter with a Bang
206   Ornate Vintage Brass twin Branch Wall Sconce.
207   Group lot DISNEY items - incl Aladdin Vacuum FLASKS, Plastic MICKEY and MINNIE MOUSE FIGURES and Matchbox
      Disney Series DIECASTS
208   Small group lot SPORTING items - incl. 1978 VFL Finals Fever book, FOOTY FAVOURITES lp record, Melbourne Tigers
      basketball guernsey & pair CYCLING SHOES
209   3 x vintage WOOD CARPENTERS PLANES - incl. MARDA, E.C.E & another
210   Group lot COMIC / Illustration BOOKS - incl. Phantom issue 1000, The art of DISCWORLD, Superman Sunday classics etc
211   Box lot Vintage CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS inc - Fold out paper hanging ornaments, Bird clips, Glass hanging Santa's etc
212   2 x boxed sets BILLIARD BALLS - incl. Belgium made ARAMITH complete set & Vitalite set of 3 x WHITE BALLS
213   Ladies beauty case & contents incl. Charm necklaces, beads, trinket box, Perspex earrings stands etc.
214   Group lot vintage PACKAGING - incl. Actil SHEETS, Candlelight figurine CANDLES, Streets super scoop CUP, Flower
      Fashioners etc
215   4 x MOVIE related items - incl. Back to the Future & Young Einstein LP SOUNDTRACKS, Indiana Jones & Get Smart Again
216   4 x 1940's Oz Pottery Vases/Bowls, most marked to base.
217   Group lot Vintage COMICS - Mostly Classic Illustrated, Crime Busters, Kirby etc
218   Group Lot Vintage Coloured Glassware - Carnival Glass Lidded Container, Amber Tumblers, Bubble base bud Vase, etc

219   Framed Vintage Pair of FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSTRUCTION POSTERS, 33 x 40cm
220   Vintage Disney soft toy PLUTO! Felt eyes and tongue
221   Group lot - Mint uncut sheets of Australian 35 cent "BERNBOROUGH" Stamps
222   Vintage Boxed "Renewal" Brand Model Kit of a 1957 Ford T Bird, looks to be complete, 1:48.
223   Group lot Vintage MOTORING items inc - 1952 Australian motor racing, Esso educational map, Popular mechanics and
224   Vintage Tin "G.U.D." Rubber Lubricant with original paper label and metal spout to top.
225   2 x Modern LORD OF THE RINGS sound activated figures inc GOLEM with spare head & fish, and elephant
226   Vintage hardcover PEG'S FAIRY BOOK by Peg Maltby - with 15 x full COLOUR PLATES - printed by PC Grosser & Co
227   Small Group Lot 50's/60's Oz Pottery inc. Sombreros, Penguin Pen Holder, Ramekins, etc.
228   Vintage cream PLANET style adjustable DESK LAMP with twin fluorescent light FITTINGS
229   Vintage AWA Radiola mantle RADIO with light yellow plastic CASE - model 586 MA, working (case af)
230   Vintage metal cased FERRIS (M106) portable car/home radio
231   Large leather bound volume - Victoria GOVERNMENT GAZETTE - from 1st July to 31st December 1865
232   Box lot Vintage CIGARETTE CARD Albums - All empty - Lovely covers inc raised poppies
233   7 x Assorted Car Number Plates incl. S.A., A.C.T.
234   Box lot vintage FISHING items - incl. Bakelite REELS, lead sinkers, KNIFEE, line, FISH RULE, lure etc
235   Group Lot inc. Wooden Port Barrel on Stand, Assorted Oz Pottery inc. Large Flagon, Raynham Shell Vase, Hanstan Bowl, etc.
236   2 x items - vintage OLIVER Tournament International wooden TENNIS RACQUET & small size 'U-Punky' SKATEBOARD
      KANGAROO Point - all Signed in pencil on margin, 2 in frames, I unframed
238   4 x Vintage Decanters all with Stoppers inc. Etched etc.
239   Old Looking Modern HEMP BEER TIN SIGN, 60 x 40cm
240   Group lot CHINA - incl. part Japanese black with PINK roses TEASET , 6 x fine china GILT TRIOS & Soho pottery JUG
241   Fab Vintage painted metal weighted Racehorse and Jockey Toy with Stand.
242   25 x pces MIDWINTER part dinner set in the 'STONEHENGE' pattern - incl. Plates & BOWLS
243   4 x Vintage China items - Shorter & Son Oblong Tray, Royal Winton Shell Dish, Wade, etc.
244   Group lot Vintage Packaged KID'S TOYS - incl Kaleidoscope, Space Gun etc
245   2 x pces OZ Pottery - incl. LOWE serving PLATE/BOWL with circular grey glaze & PETER SMITH chamber stick - both signed
      & dated
246   2 x vintage metal CRUCIFIXES - 31cms & 14cms H
247   S/Cover Book - The Magic Mirror of M.C. ESCHER, by Bruno Ernst, Pub 1976.
248   2 x Stamp Albums & Contents - all c.1970/80's Mint AUSTRALIAN Stamps - Uncut sheets of 4 & Individuals - Series incl .
      Explorers, Olympics, Flight, etc
249   6 x 1950's/60's Issues of "The Studio" International Art Magazine.
250   1970's items - Large Enameled Bowl, lovely Red/Orange Glaze, signed to base & Set/4 Décor Plastic Mugs.
251   Boxed part set of Jean Paul Gaultier miniature perfumes
252   Group Lot Colourful Art glass, Dolphin, Fish, etc. some a/f.
253   2 x Pieces Salt Glaze post war OZ POTTERY inc - Eric Juckert candlestick w/ daisy detail, & Rathjen vase w/leaf detail (af)
254   Large Boxed OTAKI Japanese 1/50 Scale Plastic MODEL KIT - Modern Steam Locomotive C571 - complete with instructions,
      decals and all parts still in plastic
255   Group lot Inc - incl. 6 x piece GRINDLEY dessert set, FOWLER yellow jug (af), MILK SAVER, 2 x Royal Doulton coffee CUPS,
      2 x quartz ladies watches - Felicia g/plated cocktail & Citizen with leather strap, etc
256   3 x pieces pretty china inc - Crinoline lady dish, and 2 x 3D plaster ware wall plaques
257   1970's OZ POTTERY VASE with incised and pierced decoration, H.35cm
258   Colourful vintage LAUREL OIL p.o.s.. specials advertising board
259   Group lot Vintage FISHING items inc - Daiwa, Major, etc and fishing tackle bag
260   Box lot incl. BA 1977 Jubilee airline bag & qty. 1950's Oz newspapers, Argus, The Sun etc.
261   3 x Old rubber HOT WATER BOTTLES - One with sheepskin cover.
262   Group lot Vintage KIDS items - incl. Fisher Price SESAME STREET play house, Masters of the Universe SINGLE PARTY
      PACK & The Houndcats board GAME
263   Group Lot Vintage items - Mulgawood Calendar with Aboriginal Decoration, Mulgawood Ashtray with Chrome Kangaroo, &
      Metal Flat Iron.
264   Mounted Australian School Oil Painting "Cronulla Beach" circa 1910, signed RW to lower right, details verso, 10 x 46 cm
265   Novelty wooden woman nut cracker
266   Oz Pottery Stylised Figure, signed G Neil to back. 17 cm high
267   Group lot 60s/70s GTR-X Holden Torana Motoring ephemera
268   2 x Vintage Books on Lettering - Practical Lettering and Layout, pub. By Black Ltd. 1935, & A Basic Guide to Lettering, pub
269   2 x LADIES items - incl. Sterling SILVER bangle & Deco HAND MIRROR with green backing & beveled glass
270   5 x vintage SMURF figurines - Soft body with ROLLING EYES & 4 x hard rubber incl. PAPA SMURF, brushing teeth etc
271   2 x pces Australiana - incl. handpainted BOOMERANG with Kangaroo & PORT ARTHUR, Tasmania BRICK
272   2 x reprinted May Gibbs GUMNUT BABIES softcover books - Wattle Babies & BORONIA BABIES
273   Group lot mostly Vintage DISNEY items inc - Bradley Mickey Mouse Alarm clock with arms as hands, Mini flip book, Plastic
      figurines etc
274   1980's Star Wars Return of the Jedi STICKER ALBUM - Complete
275   4 x blue & white ORIENTAL china SNUFF BOTTLES - all with RISQUE scenes - all marked to base
276   Beswick Beatrix Potter figure - MUNCA MUNCA - 1985-88
277   1926 FORD owners MANUAL - Domestic & Overseas edition
278   Group lot STAMPS - mostly OZ pre decimal FIRST DAY COVERS - incl. Australian Red Cross Society, Royalty, Centenary of
      first POSTAGE STAMPS etc
279   Group lot FOOTBALL related 45rpm singles - incl. Carlton & North Melbourne THEME SONGS, Mike Brady, PETER
      McKENNA, One Day in September etc
280   5 x ORIENTAL china SNUFF BOTTLES - incl. 3 x colorful FLORAL & 2 x cream & blue - all with markings to base
281   2 x Vintage DINKY TOYS Military Vehicles - Daimler Armoured Car and US Jeep
282   2 x Pces Contemporary AUSTRALIAN ART GLASS - VASE, sgd and dated to base, H.11cm and Small Square DISH with

283     Vintage Micro Models diecast Repair Hoist (GB/14) Red and White
284     Vintage h/c book - The first book of SHERLOCK HOLMES stories - publ. 1965
285     Beswick Beatrix Potter figure - TOMMY BROCK - 1989
286     Group lot - incl. Set of RETRO yellow S&P shakers, 6 x packs GLASS MARBLES & novelty GOLF ashtray
287     2 x Vintage h/c reference books inc SILVERWORK & Jewellery, and Carpentry cabinet making
288     Group lot inc SCI FI Comics & Mags, kids toys/Action Figures, inc - Batman, GI-Joe & TMNT weapons & accessories, etc
289     5 x LP Records - Alice Cooper Goes to hell, BEATLES, White, Greatest hits 1, Band on the run, Please please me (some
        water damage to 3 covers)
290     2 x Vintage Toys - HUBLEY Diecast and Tin Convertible Car & Mayr & Fessler Salvation Army Doll with sleep eyes.
291     2 x 1950s TOYS - incl. Joy Toys soft toy TERRIER & small plastic BABY with moulded hair & SLEEP EYES
292     Group lot incl. Tall white milk glass comport, display replica 1981 Krugerrand & 4 vintage books, Fairy Tales, 1945 Radio Fun,
        Grimm's etc.
293     Vintage red SIMPLEX fire EXTINGUISHER with brass plaque to front
294     Fab Vintage Homemade Pedal Car Style Truck, with Steering Rod, 110 cm long.
295     Victorian Cast Iron Fire Surround with Decorative Band
296     Small Group Lot - Assorted Oil Lamp parts inc. Burners, Stands, etc. & Barometer in S/Steel Surround.
297     Group Lot Retro & 1970's items inc. Round Flower Power Tray, Melmac Steak Plates, Anodized Picnic Cups in Red Vinyl
        Holder, Green Glass Brandy Balloon, Art Glass Dishes, etc.
298     2 x Vintage Electrical items - 1930's Amp meter by Paton Elec Sydney P/L, & Philips Reel To Reel Dictaphone/Recorder in
        case with microphone.
299     Group Lot Vintage Glassware inc. Juicer, Vase, Small Dishes, etc.
300     1980's Cast Metal GUM BALL MACHINE
301     Group lot MIXED - incl. matching EP teapot & water jug, U.S. belt buckle, CRYSTAL BOWL, transistor radio, cream MESH
        handbag etc
302     Basket of vintage linen incl. Crochet, embroidered cloths, doyleys, box embroidered hankies etc.
303     QUEEN ANNE twin pedestal 4 draws - DRESSING TABLE with winged mirror
304     Vintage Industrial "Mobilite" Adjustable TABLE LAMP with Heavy Metal Base
305     Fab 1940s Russian made Bakelite DESK LAMP with adjustable base & top - makers mark to base, 45cm high
306     Large 1930's GRAFTON CHINA Part TEA SET, Blue & White with Gilt Trim, incl Sugar Bowl, Creamer, Cake Plates and Trios
307     5 x Pieces Lovely Depression Glass - Pink Glass Plate & Pair Green Glass Vases & Dishes.
308     Group lot Vintage travel ephemera inc - Photographs, Postcards, Postcard album, Raj British India h/c and other books etc
309     Group lot CHINA - incl. Victorian, sectional dish, TRINKET BOXES, plates, ring holder etc
310     Boxed Royal WEDDING of Prince Charles & Lady Diana STAMP set & Folder, complete with Stamps, all Paperwork, Pages,
311     1940s Golden Voice HEALING cream Bakelite mantle RADIO - model 402E, working
312     Tin Consulate Cigarettes Advertising Sign, "Cool Clean Consulate"
313     Large Folder & Contents - Official Collection of WORLD WILDLIFE 1st DAY COVERS - c.1976, complete
314     4 x MASON'S pink & cream "Vista" plates - c1900, 27cms D
315     3 x Pieces vintage decorative items inc - 2 x lead light shades inc art nouveau, & Figural Cherub bird bath/feeder
316     Hammersley "Howard Sprays" three sectioned serving dish with handle - 22c ms W
317     Vintage STAMP ALBUM & Contents - c.1960/70's Mint AUSTRALIAN Stamps - Some stamp sets, uncut sheets, all Hinged in
        Album incl. Cook Bicentenary set, some other Mint Pacific Islands stamps also
318     Vintage brass DESK LAMP with curved neck & GREEN glass SHADE
319     Vintage RAMBLER solid state mantle RADIO with cream plastic case - model TR6000, working
320     S/c Book - Images 1 - Contemporary Australian Painting by N. Drury
321     Ornate Victorian Philip Ashberry & Sons s/plated DESK stand with crystal ink pots, 1 lid missing
322     Large 1930's ALFRED MEAKIN "Caledonia" Imari Pattern Part DINNER SET - incl Creamer, Dinner Plates, Bowls, Cups,
        Saucers etc
323     3 x Victorian items - Wooden Handled Corkscrew, Miniature Mandolin with MOP & Tortoiseshell style Decoration, Wooden
        Novelty Figure in a Barrel.
324     3 x items - 1920's oval pink china trinket box with décor. featuring swans & Victorian green china toothbrush holder & saucer
        with applied white garlands
 325    Vintage PATES OZ POTTERY Square COMPORT - Brown/Green glaze - 23cm square
325.1   Group lot LIMOGES China Miniatures - incl Vases, Plate, Table and Chairs, Ashtray etc
 326    2 x Vintage items - Hobnail pressed glass & EP decanter with Brandy collar, and wooden desk calendar
 327    Framed Victorian Embossed RELIGIOUS VERSE - "God is our Refuge" - 29 x 35cm
 328    Uncut sheet of 60 Mint Australian Pre Decimal Stamps - Int. Telecommunications Union - 5d value
 329    2 x English china VASES - incl. Cream CANDY WARE ribbed vase & small pale blue POOLE vase
 330    3 x Victorian items - Display plate with geisha design, Lustre vase, and Prism with h/p details
 331    Pretty Edwardian Continental Part COFFEE SET, black with Rose Pattern with Gilt Trim - incl Cups, Saucers etc
 332    3 x pces OZ Pottery - incl. Green RATHJEN pierced VASE, Bendigo green & brown GLOBE VASE & Diana mottled VASE
 333    1960s Russian industrial style DESK LAMP - blue/grey finish with adjustable BALL JOINT base - 40cm high
 334    Framed Peter Graham (British school c1930's) etching Lynmouth Lighthouse - sgd & titled in pencil on margin - 13 x 24 cms
 335    1930's CARLTON WARE POSY RING VASE in yellow and grey tones, d.24cm
 336    BESWICK Beneagles Scotch Whisky GOLDEN EAGLE Decanter - 27cms H - restoration
 337    Lovely Cloisonné Vase, Green Ground with Floral Decoration, 16 cm high.
 338    Vintage Brass Cloisonné vase - Flower pattern in Purples - 13cm high
 339    Hardcover volume - BURLESQUE/Fetish and the art of the TEESE - by Dita Von Teese, publ. 2006
 340    2 x vintage CLOCKS - incl. wooden cased TEMPO Electric (cut cord) & wind up WESTCLOX Baby Ben alarm CLOCK
 341    Beswick bird - STONECHAT - mod. 2274 - 7.6 cms H
 342    BESWICK Beneagles Scotch whisky flask - otter - MOD. 2686 - 1981-86
 343    Vintage KAURI PINE hanging kitchen CUPBOARD with chip carved front - 44cm high
 344    SYLVIA SIMON Bisque Fired PORCELAIN Figural Group - The Roman Minstrels - signed and dated 2001, H.35cm
 345    Vintage BAKELITE 2 x speed FAN HEATER - Some cracks but working - c1930's in square case
 346    Vintage Portable wind up Gramophone "Rehoport Prismaphonic" complete in working order with qty of 78 rpm records.
 347    2 x Hammersley "F. Howard" floral oval dishes with handles - 19.5 cms W
 348    Victorian brass Candlestick with pierced work to base & blue & white porcelain column

349     Vintage MOORCROFT teapot & water jug SET with speckled BLUE glazes - both stamped to base
350     Vintage 1930's stylish shaped wooden MANTLE CLOCK - Chrome ball feet - (af) - Chimes on the hour
351     Set of 4 Beswick brown RABBITS - mod. 823, 824, 825 & 826 - 1940-70
352     Vintage Shorter & Son TOBY JUG - black trim wearing pink coat - 9.5 cms H
353     Royal Doulton "Temple Garden" lidded basin
354     Lovely Boxed Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Boudoir clock.
355     H/c 1st edit. Book - Purple & Blue - The history of the 2/10th Battalion, A.I.F. (The Adelaide Rifles) 1939-1945 by Lt. Col. F.
        Allchin, 1958
356     Large Vintage Cut CRYSTAL BASKET
357     Beswick Bird - BLUE TIT - mod. 992B - 5.7 cms H
358     Late 18th Century pink lustre porcelain Cup & Saucer - hand painted featuring strawberries (crack)
359     Small REMUED Oz pottery VASE - Yellow/Blue drip glaze - Numbered to base
360     Pair Vintage Continental Lustre Porcelain Novelty Egg Cups, Kittens on Boots.
361     Vintage RATHJEN Post War Oz Pottery salt glaze vase - Piercework detail to top - Applied rose detail to sides - Signed to
        base - 20cm high
362     Royal Doulton series ware Bowl - Nursery Rhymes A, scene 11- 1903-1939
363     BESWICK Beneagles Scotch whisky flask - BADGER - mod.; 2687 - 1981-86
364     Cute Vintage Japanese plaster ware RAGGEDY ANNE Figure - Not a moneybox though it has it's orig stopper! - Cute hand
        painted face - Wool hair with a bell
365     Retro GERMAN pottery VASE - yellow glaze with impressed SUNFLOWERS around body, unglazed base - 25cm high
366     BESWICK FIGURE - Dachshund - mod. 1460 - tan gloss - 7cm H
367     1960's/70's Art Glass Leaf Shaped Dish with Copper Flecks through body.
368     BESWICK figure - LIONESS - mod. 2097 - 1967-84 - 14.6 cms H
369     Vintage WEMBLEY WARE Oz Pottery Souvenir ASHTRAY - Map of Tasmania featuring Apples to centre, L.13cm
370     Beswick Bird - GOLDCREST - mod. 2415 - 7.6 cms H
371     1950's SYLVAC vase with raised oak leaves in autumn tones
372     Pair pretty Hammersley "Howard Sprays" lidded urns - 16.5 cms H
373     Fantastic STAMP ALBUM & Contents - Heaps MINT Australian Pre Decimal STAMPS - Uncut sheets of 4, Individuals, etc -
        some later decimals incl. Famous Paintings
374     Vintage AIR INDIA plaster ware advertising figure - bowing Indian man - Details to base
375     Beswick KITTEN - mod. 1436 - grey shaded - 8.3 cms H
376     Lovely Victorian Hand Blown OPAQUE GLASS VASE with white enamel floral decoration, H.19.5cm
377     Vintage Royal Doulton blue & white OCTAGONAL JUG in the 'Norfolk' pattern - 11cm high
378     Lovely Victorian H/painted PLATE featuring STRAWBERRY HILL Villa, titled verso, d.23.5cm
379     Continental porcelain figurine of a RAM - 14cms H - marked in blue
380     Australian Art Glass Vase Hexagonal Shape with Flattened Top, with White through clear body, signed to base, 11 cm tall.
381     Vintage ERIC JUCKERT Post war Oz Pottery Vase - Blue glaze - Signed to base - 10cm high
382     Beswick Bird - CHAFFINCH - mod. 991B - 7cm H
383     Maling Ware "Venetian scene" dish - unusual shape- cream lustre ground - 19cms W
384     Unusual Vintage BENDIGO POTTERY vase c1930's - Trumpet shaped with bright blue/pink/white mottled glaze - Impressed
        mark to base - 20cm high
385     Early MOORCROFT pale speckled blue VASE with ribbed center - impressed Potter to HM The Queen, 1928-1949 - 19cm
385.1   Vintage Oriental metal Musical desk smoking set - Blue glass insert - Orig Lighter - Oriental scene with Mt Fuji, raised
        Pagodas, temple etc
386     William MOORCROFT flambé lidded jar - blue/green ground (slipper) ORCHID pattern - impressed Potter to HM The Queen,
        1928-1949 - small chips to edge of lid
387     Small framed Alice Hambidge watercolour - sgd. Lower left, titled verso "Semaphore" S.A. 1893 (beach scene with ships) 7.5 x

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