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                                               IMPORTANT INFORMATION
This award summary outlines the major provisions of the Plaster, Plasterglass and Cement Workers' Award . It applies
only to employers and employees who are in the Western Australian state industrial relations system and who are
covered by this state award. Major changes to legislation in 2006 mean that some employers and employees who were
previously covered by state awards are now covered by the national system for industrial relations. From 1 January 2010
many of these employers and employees will be covered by national modern awards created under the Fair Work Act
2009 . If you are unsure if you are in the WA state system, please contact Wageline or visit our website

The Department of Commerce has prepared this state award summary to provide information on pay rates and major
award provisions. It is provided as a general guide only and is not designed to be comprehensive or to provide legal
advice. The Department of Commerce does not accept liability for any claim which may arise from any person acting on,
or refraining from acting on, this information.

For more information please contact Wageline on 1300 655 266.

Award Summary:                 Plaster, Plasterglass and Cement Workers' Award
                                                                         38 hr week
Effective from:                (1) Effective on and from the commencement of the first pay period on or after 1 July 2010
                                   (Order No.2/2010) – State Wage Case Decision
The rates of pay under this award in some cases fall below those prescribed by the Minimum Conditions of
Employment Act 1993. Where this is the case the legally required rate of pay payable is listed next to the
current award rate .
                                                All rates on this summary are gross (before tax)
ADULT EMPLOYEES                                          WEEKLY                           HOURLY         CASUAL        TOOLS

Modeller                                                 $670.70                           $17.65         $21.18         $1.44
Plaster casters                                          $647.95                           $17.05         $20.46
Plaster casters (Mechanical)                             $624.15                           $16.43         $19.71
Labourers                                                $603.90                           $15.89         $19.07
Cement Worker                                            $600.05                           $15.79         $18.95
Trainee Casters - Up to 40% proficiency                  $587.20                           $15.45         $18.54
Plant Operator, Bagger, Washer,
Front End Loader, Fork Lift Driver                       $587.20                           $15.45         $18.54
                                                                          MIN CON
JUNIOR EMPLOYEES                                         WEEKLY                           HOURLY         CASUAL
                                                                        (See above)
Under 19 years of age                                    $402.70           $411.10         $10.82         $12.98
Under 20 years of age                                    $457.10           $469.80         $12.36         $14.84
Under 21 years of age                                    $513.35           $528.50         $13.91         $16.69
APPRENTICES                    % of Tradesperson         WEEKLY                           HOURLY
1st Year                               42%            $282.30      *                 $7.43
2nd Year                               55%            $369.68      *                 $9.73
3rd Year                               75%            $504.11      *                $13.27
4th Year                               88%            $591.48      *                $15.57
                                    * The above weekly rates include tool allowance
Apprentices aged 21 and above receive the minimum adult wage of $510.75 per week or the prescribed
apprenticeship rate, WHICHEVER IS THE HIGHER, for ordinary hours of work. This rate is payable on
superannuation and during any period of paid leave prescribed by this award. Where in the Award an additional rate is
expressed as a percentage, fraction, multiple of the ordinary rate of pay, it shall be calculated upon the rate prescribed
in this Award for the actual year of apprenticeship.

    Plaster Award.xls                                        1                                                     30/06/2010
In addition to the appropriate total weekly wage prescribed by the award a leading hand shall be paid if placed in charge of :
             not less than 3 nor more than 10 other tradespersons                     $13.89
             more than 10 and not more than 20 other tradespersons                    $21.95
             more than 20 other tradespersons                                         $29.35
* Where the leading hand works under the supervision of a foreperson or of the employer for the major portion of the
day, the extra rates set out above shall be halved.

Full Time Employees: Are employees engaged on a weekly basis for an average of 38 ordinary hours per week. The
ordinary hours of work may be worked on any or all days of the week, Monday to Friday. Except in the case of shift
employees, ordinary hours shall be worked between 6.00am to 6.00pm. The ordinary hours of work shall not exceed
10 hours on any day. The spread of hours may be altered by agreement between the employer and the majority of
employees in the employer’s premises.

In establishments where shift work is performed, such hours shall commence not earlier than 7.00am and shall finish
not later than 12.00 midnight. Provided that where shifts are worked, an interval of not less than thirty minutes shall be
as a meal break. When an employee is engaged on afternoon shift he/she shall be entitled to be paid at the rate of
15% in addition to the rates prescribed.

Casual Employees: A casual employee being a person who is engaged or employed for a period of less than one
week shall be paid for the time so engaged at the rate of 20% in addition to the rates prescribed.

Apprentices: Apprentices to the Modelling Branch of the Fibrous Plaster trade may be taken in the ratio of one
apprentice to every two or fraction of two (the fraction being not less than one) tradespersons and shall not be taken in
excess of that ratio.

Overtime: All work performed outside the normal limits of the hours of labour shall be paid for at the rate of time and
a half for the first two hours and double time thereafter. Provided an employee who commences at or after midnight
shall be paid double time until 6.00am the following morning. Note: the normal limits of the hours of labour shall be
ascertained by reference to the time of commencement and time of finishing generally observed in regard to the
employee in question for the particular job on which he/she is engaged. Any employee who is called upon to continue
working for more than two hours beyond his/her usual ceasing time shall be provided with any meal required or shall
be paid an allowance of $7.10 in lieu thereof.

Meal Breaks: Each worker is entitled to a meal break of not less than thirty minutes or more than sixty minutes. If an
employee is required to work during the recognised meal period so that the commencement of the meal period is
postponed for more than half an hour, that employee shall receive payment at double time rates until released for the
meal break.

Annual Leave: Full time and part time employees are entitled to 4 weeks paid annual leave (plus a loading of 17.5%)
per 12 month period. Annual leave accrues weekly at the rate of 2.923 hours per completed week of service for a full
time employee, and on a proportionate basis for a part time employee. Full time and part time employees who leave
their employment, or are terminated, may be entitled to be paid their unused annual leave. This includes annual leave
accrued in an incomplete year of service.

Sick Leave: Full time, employees and apprentices are entitled to paid sick leave if they are unable to attend or remain
at work because of ill health or injury (other than illness or injury compensated under the Workers Compensation and
Injury Management Act 1981 ) and if they have sufficient sick leave credits. Sick Leave credits accrue on weekly basis
of 1.461 hours for every week of completed service. This accrues proportionately for part time employees based on
the average number of hours worked each week.

Carer's Leave: The Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993 permits an employee to take paid carer's leave in
certain circumstances. Such leave is to be deducted from an employee's personal leave (commonly known as sick
leave); it is not a separate leave entitlement. There is also an entitlement to unpaid carer's leave in certain

Parental Leave: Parental leave entitlements will be governed by the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993 .

    Plaster Award.xls                                       2                                                30/06/2010
Long Service Leave: An employee's entitlement to long service leave under this award will be as prescribed by the
Long Service Leave Act 1958 . Under this Act, an employee is entitled to 8.667 weeks long service leave after 10
continuous years of service. An employee who has completed at least seven continuous years of service may be
entitled to pro rata long service leave on termination. For further information, or to obtain a copy of a publication
regarding long service leave, please contact Wageline on 1300 655 266.

Contract of Service: Except in the case of casual employees, the contract of service shall be weekly and shall be
terminable by one week’s notice on either side or by the payment or forfeiture of one week’s pay as the case may be.
In the case of a casual employee the contract of service shall be hourly and shall be terminable by one hour's notice
on either side or by the payment or forfeiture of one hour's pay. Note: Employers wishing to give notice to
employees would be advised to check the termination provisions prescribed in the federal Fair Work Act
2009 . For further advice telephone Wageline on 1300 655 266.

Termination, Change and Redundancy: This award is subject to the Termination, Change and Redundancy Order of
the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission. This General Order prescribes for many employees an
entitlement to severance payments of up to 16 weeks of pay. This entitlement does not apply if the employer has fewer
than 15 employees. Other mandatory requirements on termination or introduction of change in the workplace include:
* written notice of and discussions with employees about significant change in which job restructuring, changing of
hours or location or operational changes in the business may occur;
* time off of up to one day's paid leave during each week of the notice period to search for other employment; and
* if requested by the employee, a statement specifying the period of employment and classification or type of work

Time and Wages Records: Each employer bound by this award shall maintain a record at each establishment,
containing information relating to each worker. A Times and Wages publication is available on the Department of
Commerce website explaining the way time and wage records are maintained and the rules relating to inspection of
these records. For further advice please contact Wageline on 1300 655 266.

Superannuation: The federal Government’s Superannuation Guarantee Charge Act 1992 requires that all employers
(including companies) shall make superannuation contributions of 9%, at least quarterly, to an approved fund for most
employees with gross earnings of more than $450 per month. Further information is available from the
Superannuation Hotline on 13 10 20.

SCHEDULE 1 - Parties to the Award
Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union - Western Australian Branch
  Contact Details
  Telephone (08) 9221 1055
  Facsimile (08) 9221 1506

For further information regarding annual leave entitlements, please contact Wageline on 1300 655 266.

    Plaster Award.xls                                     3                                               30/06/2010
(1) “Operative Fibrous Employee”, “Operative Plasterglass Employee” or “Manufactured Cement Goods
Employee” means an employee engaged in -
           (a) architectural modelling;
           (b) the manufacture of architectural ornaments of fibrous plaster, plasterglass plaster or cement;
           (c) the manufacture of fibrous plasterglass goods or portable articles of reinforced cement or concrete,
               cement pressed work, baths, wash tubs, troughs, sinks, pillars, ornaments, and other miscellaneous
               goods, including floor beams, partition blocks, lintels and acoustic tiles (but excluding cement roofing tiles);
       (d) any phase or phases of items (a) to (c) inclusive.
(2) "Modeller" is defined as an employee who prepares the ground work or who makes models and/or moulds,
whether of gelatine, plaster, wax, plasterglass cement or fibreglass, or other suitable materials.

(3) "Fibrous Plaster Caster" is defined as an employee who prepares the benches or moulds for casting, prepares
and applies plaster face gauges (whether for fibrous plaster boards, moulding, or other fibrous plaster products),
prepares and applies plaster back gauges, places reinforcement into position, imbeds the reinforcement either by
hand, or with rollers, rules off the sheet, trowels the sheet back, cleans the bench or mould rules, removes the
manufactured article from bench or mould and places same in drying area. Keeps his/her working area, tools and
appurtenances in a clean and workable condition and transfers plaster into the bin.

(4) "Labourers" may be employed on all or any of the following work, namely:-
(a)             filling of plaster bins, water troughs and fibre bins;
                removing from benches or moulds fibrous plaster products, placing same in drying areas, changing moulds
(b)             with the assistance of casters when necessary;

(c)             maintaining appurtenances such as tubs, troughs, bins, drains, etc. in a clean and workable condition;
(d)             maintaining floor in a clean condition;
(e)             removing fibrous plaster products from drying areas into stores;
(f)             carting plaster

Junior employees shall not be employed on labourers' duties in any factory in which labourers are employed on the
work set out in subclause (4) hereof, except such juniors as may be agreed upon between the union and the employer
from time to time.
(5) Carting plaster: For the purpose of the schedules to this award the term "carting plaster" shall not include the
work of transferring plaster into the bin, from stacks adjacent to the bin nor the cartage of the gauge from the bin to the
table. A stack shall be considered adjacent to the bin if it is within a radius of twelve feet from the bin.

      Plaster Award.xls                                            4                                              30/06/2010

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