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									                                             Command Alkon

                       4          C ncrete Plant Aut mati n

1 Corporate Overview
2 Ready-Mixed Concrete
3 Bulk Materials & Automation
4 Concrete Plant Automation
5 Quality Control
6 Business Integration Services
7 Dispatch Optimization
8 Integra Products
9 Concrete Products Automation
Concrete Plant Automation
Command Alkon is proud to provide
quality batch control systems and plant
automation products that lead the
industry in innovation and reliability.

Plant Watcher
Precision Water System
Command Alkon Moisture Probe
Automatic Bin Fill System

These products are are part of an integrated suite of
products that Command Alkon offers to the
Construction Materials Industry. Our goal is to
enable the enterprise wide integration of systems to
reduce or eliminate information and reporting gaps,
eliminate “double entry” of information, achieve
completely paperless transactions, capture billing
and production data automatically, and ensure
that key personnel are always up-to-date on the
company’s operation.

                                   Command Alkon offers an economical path to
                                   convert existing Command Alkon Batch
                                   Systems to COMMANDbatch. Electrical and
                                   scale systems do not change. This allows the
                                   conversion to be performed in just one evening,
                                   with personnel being trained and the plant fine-
                                   tuned in just a few days.

                                                  S O L U T I O N S
                                                                        TO BUILD ON

Command Alkon batch control systems and plant automation products are recognized
worldwide for helping producers improve their operational efficiency, quality, and profitability.

w   4,400+ COMMANDbatch systems in operation around the world.
w   10,000+ Command Alkon Moisture Probes in use at ready-mixed plants worldwide.
w   200+ Automatic Bin Fill Systems in use at plants around the world.

 is the industry leading plant automation
 solution. COMMANDbatch delivers
 superb plant performance while being
 very simple to use.

 Select tickets and fine-tune batches before they         COMMANDbatch makes concrete production
 are started. Prepare the next load and change            easier and saves your company money.
 settings on-the-fly, all from the same screen.
 Animated graphics show plant equipment weighing
 up and delivering material to the truck or mixer in
 real-time. Standard reports allow you to monitor
 inventory, material usage, and general lists of
 orders, tickets, and mix designs.

             “COMMANDbatch is accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use. There's lots of information that can be
             determined at a glance. Our batch personnel can adjust mixes and materials on-the-fly and they
             know immediately when something is out of tolerance. With COMMANDbatch there's no more

             Billy Carroll
General Features

                                                            Mix Design Control:
                                                            w Mix Design Modification Utility
Automatic Plant Control:                                    w Admix Designs allow Order to adjust mix
w 4-6 Aggregates, 3 Cements, 2 Waters (metered),            w Slump Tables by concrete type of Mix Design
    8 Admixes (metered) - (model RM200)                     w Total Allowable Water in Mix Control
w Additional Material and Scale Controls**                  w Slurry or recycled water compensation**
w Fast Multi-batch and Freewheel Batching Control           Recordation:
w Truck Charge Rate Adjustable On-The-Fly                   w Batch Weights Printing with archiving
w High Speed Weigh-Up Algorithm for Fast Plant              w Manual Material Activity Report
    Performance                                             w Bar Code Printing**
w Automatic Scale Tolerance Checking                        w Dot Matrix Printer, Laser Report Printer**
w Automatic Bin Switching on empty bin                      Quality Control:
w Automatic Bin/Silo Vibrator Control                       w Material Blending Sequence by Mix Type improves
w Scale Rate of Discharge Flow Control speeds truck             homogeneity
    loading                                                 w Access from anywhere for Plant Monitoring and Tune Up
w Scale Flow Control Dampening                              w Plant Performance Graphs track batch accuracy
w Continuous Batching / Continuous Discharge                w Plant Watcher Automatic Notification System**
w Connect with PLC Devices and remote sensors to            w Precision Water System reduces truck at plant time**
    extend reach of the system                              w Auto Consistence Slump Control for mixers**
w Central Mixer(s) Control**                                Order Management:
w Temperature Gun/Probe Interface**                         w Job/Project Entry with daily orders**
w Density Meter Interface**                                 w Third-Party Dispatch one-way Interface**
w State Certification Package (NY, CA, NJ, MN)**            w COMMANDconcrete two-way Interface**
w Other Optional Automatic Plant Controls Including:        Plant Management:
    Blower, Plant Dust Collector, Silo Shaker, Spray Bar,   w Truck Callboard Interface**
    Conveyor Controls, Mixer Controls, Telescopic Boot,     Administration & Integration:
    Recirculating Screw, Live Bottom Batcher, Dual          w User Permissions for Configuration/Editing
    Aggregate Discharge Gates, Bin Lamps, and Switches**    w Recordation/Logs of Changes
Remote Batch:                                               w Auto Archive, Auto Purge, and Auto Backup for all data
w Soft Manual Station (SMS) for plant control               w Ticket and Material Records Export Utilities to other
w Perform Batching and Mix Design Changes**                     systems
w Second Client for Order Management**                      w Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit), XP, SQL Server
Operator Controls:                                              Compatible
w Visual and Audible Notification Alerts                    w Enterprise Content Management Option for
w On-Hand Inventory Available At-a-Glance                       Electronic Access to Tickets/Batchweight Files**
w Low Inventory Notification to Prevent Load Start          w Custom Format Ticket File Export**
w Discharge, Weigh-Up, and Sequence Diagnostics             w Multi-Plant Support**
w Training Mode, Online Help, Operator Manuals              w Multi-Company Support**
w 17” or 19”** Flat Screen Monitor(s)                       w QuickBooks Interface**
w Dust Proof Enclosure**                                    Maintenance:
Plant Interlocks:                                           w Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
w Over/Under Material Tolerance Interlocks                  w COMMANDassist Automated Remote Assistant
w Scale Zero and Bottle Empty Interlocks                    w Maintenance Scheduling Feature
w Admix Pulse (Dual) Meter Crosscheck                       w Expendable Parts Kit and Plant Wiring Diagrams
w Scale In-Motion Detection                                 w One Year Priority One Batch System and Software
**Denotes Optional Feature

Remote Batching & Remote Client
 Do you have a remote plant that
 doesn't do the business of your high
 volume plants? With Remote
 Batching lower volume plants can
 be operated safely, reliably, and
 cost-effectively from a different
 location anytime. Once a truck is in
 position the remote batcher can load
 the truck then shut the plant back
 down. Soft Manual Station (SMS)
 controls allow operation of bins and
 hoppers, manual controls such as
 air compressor, boot up/down,
 washout water, etc., from the remote
 location with the click of a mouse.

                                          The Driver Authorization Box is standard with
                                          the Remote Batching configuration to tell the
                                          COMMANDbatch software when a remotely
                                          batched load is authorized by the driver for

Remote Client allows up to three additional remote users to access one COMMANDbatch system at the same time.
This means that plant monitoring, tune up, mix design management, diagnostics, and troubleshooting are possible any-
where, anytime! Remote Client users can perform tasks without interfering with normal operation. Master records can
be created, updated, or deleted for customers, mixes, other products, pricing, orders, etc. Plant automation can be
modified including bin tuning, discharge tuning, and device sequencing/material blending. Use built-in tools such as
Weigh-Up or Discharge Diagnostics, Sequence Tracer, Custom Equation Monitor, or Ticket Format Helper for
troubleshooting. Most reports can
be previewed or printed remotely to
the user’s location.  With the addition
of remote batching hardware, these
additional clients can perform
Remote Batching. Using the Remote
Client and Mix Manager features
together, Quality Control personnel
                                                        The Mix Manager screen allows a group of mixes to be selected by a filter
can update mix designs remotely
                                                        such as “Find all mixes starting with 250”. With a few clicks these mixes can
and distribute them enterprise wide                     have a material quantity adjustment (add or remove) or material substituted.
with a click of the mouse.


                                                                                                                    COMMANDbatch Remote Batching, Remote Client & COMMANDassist
                                                                          connects you directly with the
                                                                          friendly and knowledgeable
                                                                          service professionals at
                                                                          Command Alkon with just a click
                                                                          of the mouse.

                                                                          COMMANDassist provides secure
                                                                          transmission of information to and from
                                                                          a Command Alkon service technician
                                                                          via a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
                                                                          connection made through the Internet.
                                                                          COMMANDassist also facilitates
                                                                          access to COMMANDbatch software
                                                                          updates available for download on our
                                                                          UpdateCenter website.

                                                                          COMMANDassist allows you to receive
                                                                          technical support via your existing
                                                                          high-speed Internet connection using
                                                                          our secure VPN support network.
                                                                          Once connected, Plant Operators have
                                                                          the ability to create new support
                                                                          requests, modify existing support
                                                                          requests, and preview pending support
                                                                          requests. The included chat
                                                                          functionality allows communication
                                                                          with our Command Alkon support
                                                                          personnel while continuing production
                                                                          and without tying up the production
                                                                          facility phone lines.

                                                                          Using COMMANDassist, a service
                                                                          technician can troubleshoot batching
                                                                          issues, answer any questions on
                                                                          specific topics, manually download
                                                                          and assist with the installation of
                                                                          software updates, and modify plant

Benefits of COMMANDassist
w   128-bit encrypted data transmission using Public Key Infrastructure
    protects your information
w   Point-to-Point connectivity only when you request
w   Command Alkon has access only when you initiate a support request
w   Command Alkon can only access the machine requesting support
w   No need to provide Command Alkon with full access to your company network
w   Only one firewall modification required
w   All data travels outbound on port 1194 (Open VPN)
w   No need for dial-up modem or dedicated analog phone line
w   Uses your existing high-speed internet connection
w   Facilitates access to COMMANDbatch software updates available for
    download on our UpdateCenter website
Quality You Can Count On
As a producer, you know the only place to achieve predictable, consistent concrete is at the plant. The requirements for
high performance concrete at a minimum cost depends on the combination of the best raw materials and how these
materials are introduced during the loading process. COMMANDbatch provides tools unmatched by competitive systems
to ensure that the mix constituents are combined in a manner that deliver the maximum results.

                                                                                    The Material Sequencing capability of
                                                                                    COMMANDbatch ensures consistent
                                                                                    and predictable concrete homogeneity
                                                                                    load after load. Each class of mix
                                                                                    (grout, low slump, SCC, etc.) can have
                                                                                    a unique, specialized blending
                                                                                    sequence to ensure the ingredients are
                                                                                    blended at the precise time and at the
                                                                                    precise rate. Different sequences can
                                                                                    be specified when charging for each
                                                                                    individual truck or a mixer.

 Reduce the number of mix designs and the potential for          tomer. Adding hot water, calcium, or making the mix a
 error using Admix Design (modifier mix) capabilities. A         bit easier to finish for that certain customer is no longer
 small number of “base” mixes can be customized hun-             something that the operator has to remember. Since
 dreds of ways on a per order basis using these modifier         these requests are attached to the order you are sure to
 mixes. When the batcher selects the order to batch, the         be paid for these value added items. Finally, since the
 mix will automatically be customized based upon the             mix modification is captured by the order, the delivered
 order. This provides for a wide variety of mix combina-         concrete will be the same no matter how many plants
 tions without having to create a special mix for a cus-         are used to fulfill the order.

             “The Admix Design feature on COMMANDbatch allows us to downsize the number of mix designs and
             ensures that any changes made on-the-fly are billed accordingly. Admix Design allows us to limit the
             handling of changes made, resulting in fewer mistakes. Accounting is simplified and accuracy of inventory
             control is much better.”

             John Miller
             Tarmac/Titan America

                                                                                                                            COMMANDbatch Quality You Can Count On
            Plant Watcher Notification System
                                                                             is the “safety net” for all of your
                                                                             operations. Protect against bad or
                                                                             out-of-specification concrete from
                                                                             being delivered with real-time
                                                                             event notifications for out-of-
                                                                             tolerance situations or unauthorized
                                                                             mix design and material changes.

                                                                             Schedule Production , Efficiency , and
                                                                             Material Variance Reports to be auto-
                                                                             matically collected and e-mailed at the
                                                                             same time every day, freeing the operator
                                                                             from having to manually print and fax this

                                                                             Plant Watcher creates Profiles for each
                                                                             batch plant that you wish to monitor. It
                                                                             stores information about these plants
                                                                             including Events and Plant
                                                                             Performance data. When an event
                                                                             occurs at a monitored plant that
                                                                             matches the criteria defined in a
                                                                             Profile, an alert describing the event is
                                                                             instantly dispatched to all designated
                                                                             recipients. Alerts are delivered only
                                                                             once to each recipient and delivery is
       “Our organization depends on Plant Watcher to help us                 guaranteed in the event of network or
       manage and protect our business. We thought for sure                  other outages once the network is
       we knew how our plants were running, but the                          restored.
       information provided by Plant Watcher highlighted new
       opportunities for efficiency and cost savings. The real-              A Plant Watcher Server houses the Plant
       time notification by Plant Watcher of an out-of-specifi-              Watcher database, monitors events at
       cation load for a critical pour alerts our QC department,             designated plants, and sends alerts to
       day or night, to step in and prevent that load from being             the designated recipients. A Diagnostics
       placed! For companies who wish to be proactive about                  Console is used for configuration and
       Quality Control, Plant Watcher is a meaningful and                    troubleshooting. A Plant Watcher
       cost-effective addition.”                                             Configuration Utility allows the system to
                                                                             be configured for SMTP server identification
       Steve Wagener                                                         and authentication as well as Site, Profile,
       Kuhlman Corporation                                                   Recipient, and e-mail Setups from a remote

Benefits of Plant Watcher Notification System
w   Plant ‘Dashboard’ provides a near real-time view of plant activities
w   Automatic notification of “out-of-tolerance” allows interception of a bad or incorrect
    load before it leaves the plant
w   Instant notification of mix design changes or material substitutions
w   Automatic delivery of key production, variance, efficiency, and other reports keeps
    you informed about your business and allows the plant operator to focus on
    production and quality
w   Plant profiles assure that only the right individual(s) for each event are notified
w   Guaranteed delivery ensures notification after a network or other outage is restored

Precision Water System
is a fully integrated water management
system for COMMANDbatch that provides
the tools to simplify and automate the
management of moisture compensation!

Production of high strength, architectural, and
self-consolidating concrete requires precise
management of the total water in the mix to
achieve specified performance results. Only by
accurately measuring the moisture in all aggregate
materials can the desired specifications be
achieved load after load.

The Precision Water System can calibrate and
simultaneously measure up to 12 probes. The
system allows you to capture sample moisture
readings with the click of a button, has an easy
and accurate calibration process, and supports
multiple bin-material-probe combinations.
Through seamless integration with
COMMANDbatch, the Precision Water System
will reduce or eliminate time-consuming, costly,
and manual processes involved in sampling and
calibrating probes or adjusting water content
truck by truck.

While there are a number of competitive
moisture solutions offered ,many of these                              How does the Precision Water
have to be managed by a separate, stand-                                     System work?
alone program or require manual calculations
and/or a spreadsheet to calibrate.                                 Multiple samples for different materials can be
                                                                   captured with the information automatically stored
Why continue to struggle with loads that are not                   in the PWS application. The wet and dry weights
produced at the desired slump, increasing your                     of the sample are entered into the PWS. The
costs and potentially damaging your                                PWS automatically calculates the moisture
reputation and customer satisfaction?                              (compensating for absorption), performs an out-
                                                                   of-bounds check, and then stores the results
With the Precision Water System you are on
                                                                   permanently in the PWS database for each
your way to more consistent loads, better yield
                                                                   sample. As more and more bake-outs are
management, lower costs, and more satisfied                        accumulated the program adjusts the probe
customers.                                                         calibration to reflect the new data resulting in
                                                                   a very accurate calibration. Once calibrated,
                                                                   the system operates independently with no
                                                                   operator intervention required. The system
                                                                   comes with default calibrations for a variety
                                                                   of material types for immediate use.
What are the basic components?
     The Precision Water System (PWS) includes:
     w PWS Software Module
     w PWS Moisture Interface Controller Junction Box (MIC) with
         support for up to 12 Moisture Probes
     Additional equipment purchased separately:
     w Moisture Probes
     w Cables to connect Moisture Probes to MIC
     w Ethernet cable to connect PC to MIC

                                                                                                                  Precision Water System
w   Provides calibrated readings of up to 12
    moisture probes on a variety of materials
    up to 1-1/2” coarse aggregates. (Contact us
    regarding larger aggregates)
w   Stores a distinct calibration for each probe-
    bin-material combination.
w   Stores unlimited moisture samples and
    bake-out pairs for each probe-bin-material
w   PWS Dashboard allows an operator to
    review the value of each moisture probe in
    a variety of views: Active Calibration View,
    Current Moisture View, Calibration History
w   Operator can choose whether or not to
    recalibrate based on visual analysis of
    probe readings.
w   “Lock and Load” sample mode for
    automatic capture of probe readings for the
    next bake-out eliminates mistakes and
    saves time.
w   Automatic and manual modes.
w   Default calibrations for a range of materials
    allows for immediate use of the system until
    bake-outs and final calibration occurs.
w   Replacement probes can be calibrated with
    one bake-out.

                 Benefits of Precision Water System
                  w   Expanding the number of measured materials with PWS reduces unknown
                      sources of slump variability in a load.  This diminishes or eliminates the
                      need to overdesign mixes to compensate for unmanaged water.
                  w   You can use a single bin for a variety of materials. When the operator informs
                      COMMANDbatch that a different material is now in a bin, the system instantly
                      and automatically reconfigures itself to the correct material moisture calibration
                  w   Easy and accurate probe calibration.
                  w   Moisture sample capture at the click of a button.
                  w   Save time and money by reducing the frequency of bake-outs.
                  w   Reduce or eliminate time spent adding water to batches.

The Command Alkon
Moisture Probe
allows you to measure the moisture content
of your aggregates as they flow into a

The Command Alkon Moisture Probe has been proven to
measurably increase product quality and finish and reduce
overall batching times and material waste, resulting in
increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

COMMANDbatch is unique in that it can continuously
adjust the load water as the material flows over the
probe; a method that ensures consistent slump predictability
in high specification concrete and concrete product manufac-
turing. You will always know your moisture value because
this probe is consistently accurate to within ±0.3%. The
probe achieves this consistency through innovative self-
adjusting circuitry that detects and corrects changes caused
by time and temperature.

The probe is housed in a one-piece stainless steel casing
with increased steel thickness in the heaviest wear areas.
Mounted directly above the feed gate, the specially
designed probe collar makes it unnecessary to drain the
bin when installing, and the simple design eliminates any
need to fabricate complicated mounting brackets or pipe
assemblies. The probe can be installed and calibrated to the
material in a matter of hours. The smaller ceramic faceplate
further reduces vulnerability from accidental impact damage.

Tens of thousands of truckloads attest to the fact that the
Command Alkon Moisture Probe can virtually eliminate
“load doctoring” by delivering accurate and consistent
slumps every time.

                                                                  w   Size: 75 mm (3") dia. x 60 cm (23.25") long
                                                                  w   Weight: 7.25 kg (16 lbs.)
                                                                  w   Body Material: Stainless steel
                                                                  w   Face Material: High strength ceramic
                                                                  w   Measurement Range: Depends on material
                                                                  w   Operating Temperature: 2° - 49° C (35° - 120° F)
                                                                  w   Typical Accuracy: +/- 0.3%
                                                                  w   Connection: 6-pin type PT06 waterproof connector
                                                                  w   Cable: 6 conductor, 24 gauge, shielded

            “Command Alkon’s Moisture Probe is a proven performer. The probe is easy to install,
            easy to calibrate, and most importantly, provides reliable moisture measurements without
            further calibration load after load.”

            Cliff Morgan
            Potomac Construction Industries
                                                                                       Command Alkon

                                                                                                                            Command Alkon Moisture Probe & COMMANDcallboard
                                                                 is designed to expedite traffic flow
                                                                 around the batch plant.

                                                                 Using information sent from either COMMANDseries
                                                                 or entered directly into COMMANDbatch by the
                                                                 operator, the COMMANDcallboard automatically
                                                                 displays individual truck numbers, lane selection,
                                                                 delivery instructions, and/or other information to
                                                                 assist the driver in loading. When trucks are not
                                                                 being loaded, scrolling messages such as “Number
                                                                 of days since last accident: 161”, or “Be sure to
                                                                 empty your drum before loading” can be displayed.

                                                                 The Callboard includes 7-inch, red, alphanumeric
                                                                 characters utilizing ultra-bright LED technology to
                                                                 provide ease of readability in all lighting conditions
                                                                 including direct sunlight. The board is encased in a
                                                                 weather-resistant enclosure and is designed for wide-
                                                                 angle viewing. The standard COMMANDcallboard is
                                                                 3 characters by 3 lines. Different configurations
                                                                 (characters/lines) are available upon request.

                                                                 Data is transmitted to the board via Wireless RF from
                                                                 the system. The robust protocol utilizes frequency
                                                                 hopping, data encryption, and verified delivery. The
                                                                 typical range is 1,000 feet line of sight.

                                                                 Installation is simple. The only requirements are
                                                                 mounting the enclosure in line of site with the wireless
                                                                 portal and supplying AC voltage.
      Hardware Specifications
      Power: 85-264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 200 watts maximum (1.7 amps at 120 VAC)
      Enclosure: 32 H x 26 W x 10 D
      Weight: 55 lbs
      Display: 27 H x 21 W, three rows display 3-4 characters each
      Wireless RF Unit: 2-1/4 H x 6 1/2 W x 7 D
      RS-232 Cable: 15
      Power Cord: 4-1/2                Benefits of COMMANDcallboard
      RF Link: 915 Mhz, ISM band,       w Reduces lost in-yard time
                license free            w Helps to eliminate unnecessary truck traffic around the plant
                                        w Truck drivers do not need to leave their trucks
                                        w Truck drivers can now keep themselves in proper order
                                        w Cuts down on radio traffic
                                        w Automatically send messages to driver including:
                                            - Delivery Instructions
                                            - Lane Selection
                                            - Extra Product Information
                                            - Special Loading Instructions
                                        w Scrolling information messages serve as reminders
                                        w Wireless connection for ease of installation

"The truck callboards have improved our fleet efficiency at the plants. They have also significantly
reduced radio traffic related to truck staging. The callboards have been a worthwhile investment."

Barb Bailey
Central Pre-Mix Concrete Co.
 Productivity & Performance
                            COMMANDbatch Freewheeling
                            maximizes plant productivity by
                            weighing-up the next load as soon as
                            a device, such as a scale or bottle,
                            has completed its task for the previous
                            load. Up to three loads can be
                            running at the same time, maximizing
                            the use of plant equipment. This can
                            significantly improve plant throughput
                            with slow feeding materials such as
                            metered water or augered cement.

                         The Weigh-Up Diagnostics utility displays
                         a material’s open/close gate cycle so you
                         can troubleshoot feeding problems and
                         thereby improve plant production.
                         Navigating among the diagnostics forms
                         you can determine which feed cycle
                         (Fast, Timed, Jog, or Metered) was used,
                         why it was used, if it fed the expected
                         amount of material, and how drop times
                         and material-in-flight values were calculated.
                         The Discharge Diagnostics form monitors
                         scale flow rates, moisture settings, and
                         mixer relative power setpoints (for Auto-
                         Consistence). Any displayed information can
                         be saved for later retrieval.

                                                                                                                    COMMANDbatch Productivity & Performance
                                                                     COMMANDbatch comes equipped with
                                                                     standardized reporting procedures common
                                                                     to all ready-mixed concrete plants. Standard
                                                                     Reports include: Yards Per Driver Hour,
                                                                     Consolidated Order, Ticket Summary,
                                                                     Materials Inventory, Tickets by Customer
                                                                     Summary, and many others. Many reports
                                                                     can be exported into Microsoft Excel for
                                                                     further analysis.

Plant Performance Graphs help determine why a load took too long to complete or why it was out of
tolerance. The Load Times Graph shows Weigh-Up and Discharge times for each load. A Deviations Graph
shows tolerance information for each material batched. Right-click on a load code and select “Productivity” to
display Drop (elapsed) Times for each material.

 Administration & Integration
                                   Application administrators can define access rights for different classes of users to
                                   ensure business processes are enforced and that sensitive information is protected.

                                   COMMANDbatch is a Network Ready solution that can reside on static or dynamic IP
                                   networks. The COMMANDbatch system is very administrator friendly. Printers,
                                   Reports, Archives, Exports, and more can be assigned directly to output to a printer or
                                   to a shared directory location on the network. Files can be automatically time stamped
                                   as part of the file name so that they are never overwritten.

                                   Users are allowed access to the system based on their own personal login and pass-
                                   word. Administrators can grant Read Only or full Read/Write access to any form on
                                   the system. Remote clients inherit their permissions from their common
                                   COMMANDbatch database reducing setup time.

                                   End of Day operations can be preconfigured to deliver production and management
                                   reports in PDF format directly to shared folders on the network. Ticket output generat-
                                   ed by the batching process can be automatically saved in a text or PDF document and
                                   stored on a server. When combined with Command Alkon’s Enterprise Content
                                   Management (ECM) the ticket information, including actual batch weights, are instantly
                                   accessible by batching, dispatching, and back office personnel.

 Backup and disaster recovery processes are a requirement today.
 With Auto Archive, COMMANDbatch is capable of completing critical
 daily database maintenance “behind the scenes” throughout the busi-
 ness day, reducing the time required to perform end-of-business daily
 routines. Auto Archive moves your valuable batching related data
 from the active to an archive database, allowing the system to
 operate at peak performance. This gives you the confidence that
 all batching records are permanently stored for retrieval at a later
 date. Auto Archive eliminates the need to maintain and manage paper
 tickets, as archived tickets can be previewed and reprinted.

 With Auto Backup enabled, COMMANDbatch will automatically create
 a local and redundant off site backup of its database files every 24
 hours. This feature will ensure that an up-to-date system backup of
 business critical information, such as plant configuration, batching
 history, materials, mix designs, customers, and orders is available
 during the disaster recovery process resulting in minimal plant down
 time and data loss.

 Auto Purge also optimizes system performance by purging obsolete
 information, minimizing the amount of storage required for long-term
 data backup.

                                             Open Solution & vRTC

                                                                                                                       COMMANDbatch Administration, Integration, Open Solutions & vRTC
                                                                       The COMMANDbatch OS (Open Solution)
                                                                       creates additional flexibility for producers
                                                                       when implementing the world’s premier
                                                                       automation solution as part of their
                                                                       business. Whether the plant is a high
                                                                       production central mix or a job site
                                                                       portable, with COMMANDbatch OS the
                                                                       producer can choose to use commercially
                                                                       available hardware* and scale indicators* to
                                                                       connect the COMMANDbatch software to
                                                                       the plant. As such, the producer may be
                                                                       able to more readily utilize existing busi-
                                                                       ness partners (scale companies, electrical
                                                                       contractors, etc.) for support of the control
                                                                       hardware at the batch plant.

                                                                       With the Virtual Real Time Controller
                                                                       (vRTC) option, the entire COMMANDbatch
                                                                       application is consolidated onto a single
                                                                       PC, eliminating the Real Time Controller
                                                                       (RTC) connected to the E-Z CAL hardware
                                                                       system. This advancement is made possible
                                                                       by using TenAsys’ eVMTM for Windows with
                                                                       an embedded multi-core Intel®
                                                                       architecture-based system enabled with Intel
                                                                       Virtualization Technology.

                                                                       The additional processing power provided
                                                                       by the new multi-core Intel platform
                                                                       delivers a better user experience with
                                                                       increased speed for onscreen graphics and
                                                                       bin, scale, and admixture meter readings.

                                                                       * Contact CAI for approved devices.

                                                                                                  Moving to vRTC
                                                            If you currently have COMMANDbatch and want to
                                                            move to the vRTC option then only replacement of the
                                                            COMMANDbatch PC** is required. All other equip-
                                                            ment remains unchanged. You must also be running
                                                            COMMANDbatch Version or later.

                                                            Command Alkon offers a trade-in for old PC’s and
Benefits or vRTC                                            RTC’s against the price of the new, multi-core
w   Improves COMMANDbatch software responsiveness           COMMANDbatch PC. Alternatively, the old PC can be
w   Maintenance and support is required for just one PC     kept as spare parts for use in other plants.
w   Eliminates a network connection between an RTC and PC
w   Requires fewer spare parts                              **Note: The vRTC option is not available for
w   Lowers overall operating costs                          COMMANDbatch-Eagles, Spectrum Phase V, or sites
w   Improves software upgrade reliability to RTC            running dual plants.

 Concrete Production Manager
 links COMMANDseries to COMMANDbatch
 using our open integration platform,

 Concrete Production Manager provides an enhanced
 communications interface between COMMANDseries
 and COMMANDbatch delivering tighter integration,
 fewer setup errors, increased flexibility, and central
 control over mix-design specific data. The interface
 conforms to industry standards and increases the
 reliability, extensibility, and serviceability of these two
 integral pieces of your daily operations.

 Concrete Production Manager Features:
 w Direct system-to-system communication for data
    synchronization (drivers, trucks, materials, mix designs)
 w Centralized mix management ensuring that all mix design
    changes made in COMMANDseries are automatically
    synchronized with COMMANDbatch.
 w Delivery ticket information is automatically updated
    between dispatch and batch sysetms to ensure material
    usages, production quantities, and quantities/products
    shipped are synchronized in both systems for accurate and
    flexible ticket printing and centralized reporting purposes
 w Batch system notifications and alarms are transmitted from
    COMMANDbatch and stored in COMMANDconcrete
 w Unique Concrete Production Manager report that breaks
    down batch weights on a batch-by batch basis

                                                                                                                            COMMANDbatch Migration Paths & Automatic Bin Fill System
Automatic Bin Fill System
provides a fast, automated, and
cost-effective way to get materials
from underground storage bunkers
into overhead bins.

The system’s standard controls permit auto-
matic monitoring and replenishment for up to
six bins. The system allows priority-first
replenishment if materials from one under-
ground storage bunker are required more
often than others.

The system is designed to:

  w determine the need for a material
  w rotate the turnhead or shuttle
    conveyor into the correct position
  w turn on the feed belts as needed
  w open the correct feed gate on the
    underground storage silo
  w monitor the process until filling is

As the system sequences from one material to
the next the Automatic Bin Fill system will:

  w close the gate in use on the
    underground storage
  w determine the turnhead positioning
  w open the feed gate for the next
    material while ensuring the proper belt
                                                      “Command Alkon’s Automatic Bin Fill System fulfills a critical role
    delay to prevent cross contamination
                                                      within Florida Rock’s Ready Mix production operations. The
    of material bins
                                                      Automatic Bin Fill System consistently and reliably ensures the
                                                      right materials are always available in the plant to meet our
Any or all materials can be manually overridden
                                                      production needs. We own seven of them; more are sure to follow
at any time. An alarm indicator alerts the user
                                                      in the future.”
to plant malfunctions. The emergency stop
button halts all related plant motion in the
                                                      Terry Smith
event of a belt break or other hazard.
                                                      Florida Rock Industries

                                                  Benefits of Automatic Bin Fill System
                                                  w   Automates bin replenishment, allowing staff to concentrate
                                                      on more important and time critical operations in the plant
                                                  w   “Keep Full” ensures the batch plant bins remain full,
                                                      preventing production delays

Why COMMANDbatch?
                                            Benefits of COMMANDbatch
Quality You Can Count On                     w   Available with Precision Water System to reduce or
Superior Productivity & Performance              eliminate adjusting the slump after loading
                                             w   Remote Batching allows low volume plants to
Advanced Administration & Integration            operate cost effectively
Remote Plant Monitoring & Tune Up            w   Early identification of plant batching issues or trends
                                                 with Plant Performance Graphs
Remote Diagnostics & Troubleshooting         w   Prevent delivery to a job site of expensive out-of-
Remote Batching & Mix Design Changes             specification or batch “out-of-tolerance” loads with
                                                 Plant Watcher.
Migration Paths from Legacy Systems
                                             w   Get the first round in the morning out in less time with
                                                 COMMANDbatch Freewheeling
                                             w   Admix Designs (mix modifiers) allow the order to
                                                 automatically specify changes to the mix design (i.e.
                                                 adding Hot Water, super plasticizer, etc.)
                                             w   Save time and reduce data entry errors by using the
                                                 Mix Manager to adjust a large number of mixes at the
                                                 same time
                                             w   Automated Remote Assistance, including online
                                                 technician chat, keeps plant downtime to a minimum
                                             w   Automatic data archiving and backup reduces plant
                                                 shutdown tasks and time while safeguarding data

                                          Command Alkon offers an economical path to convert exist-
                                          ing Command Alkon Batch Systems to COMMANDbatch.
                                          Electrical and scale systems do not change. This allows the
                                          conversion to be performed in just one evening, with per-
                                          sonnel being trained and the plant fine-tuned in just a few

                                          “We have converted four Spectrums to COMMANDbatch.
                                          With Command Alkon’s attention to preserving existing
    Command Alkon Incorporated            investments, the process was straightforward and cost
             Headquarters                 effective. With these plants now converted to
 1800 International Park Dr., Suite 400   COMMANDbatch, we are using the advanced capabilities of
     Birmingham, AL 35243 USA             this system, such as Remote Batching, to be more efficient
          +1 (205) 879-3282               and lower costs more than ever before.”
        Fax: +1 (205) 870-1405            Rob Hawn               All Ohio Ready Mix Concrete

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