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eye spy


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									                                                                                          Educational supplement provided by VSP and Chicago Tribune News in Education

                                                                          eye spy
                                                                                                  danger to my eye
Of the thousands of eye injuries that occur every       never throw a pointed object at another person.         brim can block out as much as 50 percent of
day, about 90 percent could be prevented by                                                                     UV radiation. Many styles of sunglasses offer
wearing the proper eye protection or following          Getting hit in the eye while playing sports can         UV protection. Avoiding long-term exposure to
safety rules. Eye injuries can happen at home,          damage the eyeball and the bony eye socket              direct sunlight by staying in shady areas will
on the playground, in the classroom, at the park        that protects the eye. Sport eye injuries include:      also reduce the chance of UV damage.
or the beach and even out in the sun. Knowing           • scratches on the cornea
what the dangers are, being prepared and                • inflammation inside the eye                           Long hours in front of a computer screen playing
understanding what to do when eyes are injured                                                                  games or searching the Internet can result in a
                                                        • bleeding into the eye
can help avoid serious and permanent damage.                                                                    number of uncomfortable eye conditions
                                                        • traumatic cataract                                    including dryness of the eyes, excessive
There are many potential dangers to the eyes.           • fracture of the eye socket                            blinking, headaches and pain in the muscles
Some of the most common are:                            • swollen or detached retina                            surrounding the eye. It is important to take short
• getting poked in the eye with a pointed object                                                                breaks every 30 to 60 minutes to allow muscles
• being hit in the eye while playing sports like        These kinds of injuries can result in blurry            and organs to recover. During a break, look out
  baseball or basketball                                vision, headaches and blindness. To prevent             the window or down a long hallway to relax the
                                                        these injuries and for general eye protection,          eye muscles you use to focus up close.
• having soap or other chemicals get into
                                                        face and eye guards or masks should be worn
  the eye
                                                        when playing sports where balls and/or other            Built-in Protection
• spending too much time in bright sunlight             equipment are thrown.                                   The location of our eyes, their surrounding
• spending long hours in front of a                                                                             features and internal functions help protect
  computer screen.                                      Ultraviolet radiation, or UV, is a kind of              vision. Eyes sit in bony sockets that act like
                                                        light that is needed for vision. Just like skin, if     hard frames around the eyeball and help
Pointed objects include things like fingers, pencils    eyes are exposed to UV light for too long they          prevent bruising and scratching of the eye.
and straws. When a person gets poked in the             can get sunburned. Sunburned eyes can lead              Eyelids and eyelashes help keep unwanted
eye with a pointed object, part of the eye can          to cataracts. Macular degeneration is also a            materials like dust, out of the eyes. Eyebrows
be punctured or torn. Even if the pointed object        risk. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the            help shade eyes from light. Tears act like
isn’t very sharp, germs or bacteria on the              sun without eye protection may be causing               sprinklers to keep eyes moist or wash away
object can infect the eye, causing pain and             damage to their eyes.                                   anything that might irritate the eye. Blinking
affecting vision. The best protection against                                                                   cleans and refreshes our eyes, and provides
being poked in the eye is to make sure pointed          Protecting the eyes against UV damage is as             protection against unwanted bacteria.
objects are carried with the point down. Also,          easy as putting on a hat! A hat with a wide

                Fashionable Eyewear                                                                  Protective Eyewear
                 Vocabulary                                                                          Vocabulary
                 Fashionable               Functional                                                Bacteria            Cornea             Retina
                                                                                                     Cataracts           Punctured          Ultraviolet radiation
                 After reading the Eye Spy Danger to My Eye article above:                           Directions


                 – Invent new fashionable but functional protective                                  After reading the Eye Spy Danger to My Eye article above:
                   eyewear (e.g., sunglasses, goggles, etc.).                                        – Review the Sports section of the Chicago Tribune.
                 – Draw a picture of the new product or construct a                                  – Label a piece of paper “Protective Eyewear” and
                   prototype of the product.                                                           make a list of 5 different sports.
                 – Brainstorm a name for the new product.                                            – Under each sport, list the type of eyewear an
                 – Look through the Chicago Tribune and note the                                       athlete in that sport should wear.
                   style in which ads are written.                                                   – Write a sentence or two about the potential danger
                 – Design an ad selling the new eyewear using                                          to the athlete in each sport if protective eyewear is
                   the ads as a sample.                                                                not worn.

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