Comparing Health Insurance Plans

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					                           Comparing Health Insurance Plans
It is important to compare health insurance plans from different sources. In this assignment, you
will obtain and evaluate information on three different types of health insurance policies.

In the table below, there are columns for three different health insurance providers. Visit the
National Health Information Center's web site. ( You will need to
choose one health maintenance organization (HMO) that does business in your area. Your
second provider should be a private insurance company; you can find companies in the phone
book under Insurance. Find out about the individual policies that the company offers. Your third
provider should be a local business that offers a plan to its employees. Contact the Human
Relations department at that business to get information about its group policies for employees.

For each provider, find out which kinds of insurance it offers, what its premiums are, and how
much the deductibles and coinsurance are. Enter your answers in the table below.

                                                             Private     Group
                   Provider                        HMO
                                                             Policy      Policy
Hospital Expense Insurance
Surgical Expense Insurance
Physician Expense

Major Medical Insurance

Comprehensive Major Medical Insurance
Other benefits (dental, vision, long-term care,

Now, type a paragraph explaining which policy would be best for you, and
why. When you've finished, save this document as an RTF file. Use the link on
the lesson page to upload your file for grading.