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					Ted Bundy
 Becca Bumgarner
Fast Facts
   Legal name: Theodore Robert Cowell
   Aliases: Chris Hagen, Ken Misner, Richard
    Burton, Officer Roseland, James Thurston
   Born: November 24, 1946
   Died: January 24, 1989 (42)
   Cause of death: execution by electric chair
   Number of victims: 26-57
Theodore Robert Cowell
Early Childhood
   Born at Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers,
    Burlington, Vermont
   Unknown father, birth certificate lists Lloyd Marshall
   Grandparents claimed ted as their son to avoid social
   Grew up believing his mother was his sister
   Unclear when he learned who his mother really was
   1950: Bundy and his “sister” moved to Washington,
    named changed to Nelson
   1951: Bundy’s mother met Johnnie Culpepper Bundy,
    soon married, adopted Ted
University Years
   Graduated Woodrow Wilson High, 1965
   Attended a small university before
    transferring to University of Washington
   Earned a degree in psychology (1972)
   Enrolled in law school in 1974, dropped out
College Relationships
   He began a relationship with fellow university student
    Stephanie Brooks (fake name), 1967
   She ended it in 1968 shortly after graduation, traumatic
   Started dating Elizabeth Kloepfer, dated for 6 years until
    prison for kidnapping in 1976
   Began dating Stephanie again in 1973 while still dating
    Elizabeth, neither knew
   Proposed to Stephanie, he ended the engagement
    abruptly, New Years 1974
   A few weeks later Bundy began the Washington murders
Washington State Murders
   Girls began disappearing at a rate of roughly one a month
   Reported to having had his arm in a cast and would ask
    girls to help him carry books to his car
   After one murder, witnesses report seeing a man in a leg
    cast struggling with a briefcase
   Abducted two women in broad daylight, arm sling
   After seeing a police sketch on the news Bundy’s girlfriend,
    one of his professors, and a co-worker reported him as a
    possible suspect
   Many tips per day led to no special attention to or
    investigation of the clean-cut law student
   9 victims
Utah and Colorado Murders
   One victim was last seen riding in Bundy’s
    Volkswagen Beetle
   Murderd the 17 year old daughter of a police chief
   Posed as a cop to get girls to accompany him back
    to the “police station”
   1975: began committing crimes in Colorado
   In the process of being investigated for
    Washington murders, Utah arrest
   9 victims
1st Arrest
   Arrested on August 16, 1975, Salt Lake City, failed to
    stop for a cop
   Car search revealed what was thought to be burglary
   Utah detective connected Bundy to missing girls
   Search of apartment revealed incriminating evidence
   Identified during a line-up
   Sentenced to 15 years in Utah State Prison
   Extradited to Colorado for Colorado authorities to
    pursue murder charges
Mug Shots
   1980, the day after he was      1975, Utah, following his first
    sentenced to death for the       arrest for possession of
    murder of Kimberly Leach         burglary tools
1st Escape and Recapture
   During court recess in an Aspen courthouse, Bundy was
    allowed to visit the library
   Jumped out of second story window, broke his right
   Made it to top of Aspen Mountain with no detection
   Soon lost sense of direction and came face to face with
    gun-toting citizen who was looking for Ted Bundy
   Bundy talked his way out
   Stole car, pulled over for dimmed headlights and
    weaving in lanes
   Recognized him, taken back to jail, 6 days
2nd Escape
   Somehow acquired hacksaw blade and $500
   Sawed through ceiling and dieted until small enough to fit
    through hole
   Informant in prison told guards Bundy was moving around
    in the ceiling, not investigated
   December 30, 1977: packed books/files under blanket,
    climbed into crawlspace
   To jailer’s linen closet, jailer out for evening, walked out
   Caught flight to Chicago, 17 hours before discovered
    missing, already in Chicago
   Train for Chicago to Ann Harbor, stole car
    in Ann Harbor, abandoned in Atlanta, bus
    to Tallahassee (arrived January 8, 1978)
   Entered Chi Omega sorority after 2.5 years
    of no murders
   Lake City, murdered Kimberly Leach, stole
    car and drove to Pensacola
3rd Capture, Chi Omega Trial
   Checked license plate, came up stolen
   Struggled with police officer till subdued
   Gave name Ken Misner at booking, finger
    print identification made early the next day
   Immediately transported to Tallahassee for
   Later taken to Miami to stand charges for
    Chi Omega murders
Chi Omega Trial
   June 1979
   Acted as own attorney despite having 5 court-
    appointed lawyers, cross-examined witnesses
   Two key pieces of evidence:
       Witness saw Bundy leaving Chi Omega House
       Bundy left bite marks on one victim, forensic match
   Convicted on all counts and sentenced to death
Chi Omega
   Sheriff Ken Karsaris,
    reads Bundy the
    indictment for the Chi
    Omega murders on
    July 27, 1978
   Bundy in Tallahassee
   Bundy’s car
Death Row
   While on death row, confided in FBI agent
   Confessed many details that were
   With appeals exhausted, contracted detective and
    confessed to 8 official unsolved murders in
    Washington State, prime suspect
   Detective described Bundy as the kind of man who
    was “born to kill”
   Hoped for another stay of execution with partial
Final Plan, Night Before
   Legal advocate for Bundy asked victims’ families to write
    letters asking for mercy for Bundy in order to find the
    remains of their loved ones
   Bundy promised more details if he were given “more time”
   All families refused, executed on schedule
   Night before execution, made repeated claims as to the
    pornographic roots of his crimes
   Said violent pornography helped “shape and mold” his
    violence into “behavior too terrible to describe”
   Said there were “more Ted Bundys out there”
   Contemplated suicide in days leading up to execution
The Execution
   At 7:06 a.m. local time on January 24, 1989, Ted
    Bundy was executed in the electric chair at Florida
    State Prison in Starke, Florida
   Last words: "I'd like you to give my love to my
    family and friends."
   More than 2,000 volts were applied across his
    body for less than two minutes
   Pronounced dead at 7:16 a.m
   Several hundred people were gathered outside the
    prison and cheered when they saw the signal that
    Bundy had been declared dead
Patterns in the Crimes
   Would approach a potential victim in a public place
   Had various ways of gaining a victim's trust
   All victims were white females, most middle class background
   Almost all were between 15 and 25
   Many were college students
   Most of Bundy's victims had long straight hair parted in the
    middle — just like Stephanie Brooks
   Every recovered skull, except for Kimberly Leach, showed signs
    of blunt force trauma
   Every recovered body, except for Kimberly Leach, showed signs
    of strangulation
   Many of Bundy's victims were transported a considerable
    distance from where they disappeared
Criminal Profile
   Acts whenever, even in broad daylight
   Victims were all white, thin girls with
    straight hair parted in the middle
   All but one was strangled and had blunt
    force trauma
   Disposes of body in one place
   Leaves an area after a few offenses
   Offender is smug, manipulative
   Abusive family members: grandfather was
   Traumatic breakup with college girlfriend
    may have lead to killing spree
PCL-R Rating
   glib and superficial charm-2       early behavior problems-1
   high estimation of self-2          lack of realistic long-term
   need for stimulation-2              goals-0
   pathological lying-2               Impulsivity-2
   cunning and                        Irresponsibility-2
    manipulativeness-2                 failure to accept
   lack of remorse or guilt-2          responsibility for own
   shallow affect-2                    actions-1
   callousness, lack of empathy-      many short-term marital
    2                                   relationships-0
   parasitic lifestyle-0              juvenile delinquency-2
   poor behavioral controls-1         revocation of conditional
   sexual promiscuity-2               criminal versatility-2
   Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful
    behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts
    that are grounds for arrest
   Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of
    aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
   Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead
   Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated
    physical fights or assaults
   Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
   Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated
    failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor
    financial obligations
   Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing
    having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another
PCL-R Rating vs. DSM-IV APD
   PCL-R
       40 maximum, 30 to be diagnosed as a
       I scored Ted Bundy as a 31
       3 out of 7 are required for diagnosis of APD
       I scored Ted Bundy as a 4
   I think Ted Bundy is a psychopath
   Qualified as both, psychopath fits better
   More characteristics and symptoms fit for
   Has been diagnosed as a manic depressant
    by professionals
1973                                    Laura Aime
  Unknown hitchhiker                   Carol DaRonch (survived)
1974                                    Debra Kent
  Joni Lenz (survived)               1975
  Lynda Ann Healy                      Caryn Campbell
  Donna Gail Manson                    Julie Cunningham
  Susan Elaine Rancourt                Denise Oliverson
  Roberta Kathleen Parks               Lynette Culver
 Brenda Carol Ball                    Susan Curtis
  Georgeann Hawkins                  1978
  Janice Ann Ott                       Lisa Levy
  Unknown hitchhiker (confessed        Margaret Bowman
   before his execution, no remains     Karen Chandler (survived)
   found)                               Kathy Deshields (survived)
  Nancy Wilcox                         Cheryl Thomas (survived)
 Melissa Smith
                                        Kimberly Leach
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