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 • Very adept at translating basic ideas into dynamic graphic presentations • Experienced in advertisement layout and production, magazine
 and newspaper layout, as well as promotions, marketing and sales techniques • Knowledge of Pre-Press and Pre-Flight processes
 • Well versed in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Quark Xpress, and possesses a working knowledge
 of Dreamweaver and Flash • Possess excellent communication, organizational and co-ordination skills

                                               WORK EXPERIENCE
                                                  2009 – Present        Production Artist, Composing/Traffic Department
                                                                        Metroland Media Group
                                                        • Ad Creation and Design

de·sign                                                 • Creation of In-house advertisements and take away pieces for clients
                                                        • Retrival of and Trafficking of Advertisements to Metroland Newspapers
                                                        • Creation of creative pieces such as Flyer Jackets, Big Box ads, Post-it notes
: to create, fashion, execute,                            and Door Hangers
or construct according to plan                          • Direct liaison with Sales and Sales Support staff
: devise, contrive.
2 a: to conceive and plan out in the mind.        2007 – 2009       Production Co-Ordinator, Graphic Artist
b: to have as a purpose : intend.                                   The Now EMC, Your Community Newspaper
c: to devise for a specific function or end.            • Ad Creation and Design
3: to indicate with a distinctive mark,                 • Layout and Completion of weekly Newspapers, Preflight of finalized files for
sign, or name.                                            Prepress Operators
4: to make a drawing, pattern, or sketch of.            • Creation of In-house advertisements and take away pieces for clients
                                                        • Creation of creative pieces for Community events, such as banners, flyers,
                                                          magazine advertisements and billboards
                ~ Merriam-Webster’s dictionary          • Direct liaison with Sales and Editorial staff

                                                  2005 – 2007     Graphic Artist, Graphics Department
OBJECTIVE:                                                        CBU Publications
                                                        • Graphic Design and Type Setting • Advertisement creation and layout
To work in a challenging                                • Preparation and proofing of advertisements
environment that will use my                            • Administrative support including answering phone and email, filing
talents in graphic design,                                and question fielding
advertising and marketing                         2004 – 2005     Marketing Assistant
and communications.                                               Village Square Family Chiropractic
                                                        • Graphic Design
                                                        • Community Outreach Relations
                                                        • Public Advertising
                                                        • Client Calls
                                                        • Newsletter and Brochure Creation
                                                        • Administrative support including appointment booking, answering phone
                                                          and email, filing and question fielding

                                                  2003 – 2003      Intern
                                                                   Blackbird Publications, Communications and Design
                                                        • Design, layout and production of brochures, newsletters and magazines
                                                        • Designing of advertising posters and signage
                                                        • Design, layout and maintenance of websites
                                                        • Design of special occasion invitations
                                                        • In charge of Office while boss was out
                                                  2002 – 2003      Durham College Chronicle Production
                                                       • Creation of sales kits
                                                       • Solicitation of support from local businesses

Jennifer Grimes                                        • Completion of creative request forms for ads
                                                       • Advertisement quality assurance
                                                       • Creation of electronic advertisements

416.727.9886                                           • Staff co-ordinator                                                                 design in the crosshairs

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