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teardrop isomer erase note

VIEWS: 92 PAGES: 146

									||||TEARDROP ISOMER
 ERASE NOTE O... ||||
 ERASE NOTE O... ||||

   white sky books
    Puhos Finland
text and art: (c) 2009 Peter Ganick

        white sky books
        Vanhatie 20 C 33
          82430 Puhos
   |||| teardrop isomer erase note
   oboe thallium oh || cane offices
    avoid memorization for poot-
   ramification embellishing door-
   knobs || each contortioned va-
     cancy preempts gravitas and
 furtherance blockades which algo-
 rithm part twice the vestigial am-
     plitude for nonce || fabric of
   essential regions uncomplicated
  and rehearsed tonic evolutes the
 mainframe of discourse in blanket
   trio || the stride of swordsman-
  ship grasps without hollowness a
  flail at border of freeing an influ-
  ence there studies as relinquishes
   formality || the announcement
   offering color and aura to belay
    with visceral tunnel that scene
  with involuntary aprille those to
pave on acoustic || mead on acros-
tic hourly veil perseus thein celsius
  those adorn evidence tally as bol-
  shoi vowel hops thorough acced-
    ing millefleur vacancies those
   pernicious thar shot with blotto
   holograms evaporating holidays
  the emptiness waving its seldom
from irreality each noesis thrall fil-
   ter in transience of perestroika
 terrestrial evinces || the metal in
    evincing assiduous narratives
  treading whereas flooded in par-
    simony whose holiday epoche
   daunts the laugh track || preen
  cloistered encyclopedias the lack
   univocal throughput exceeding
remiss torn through a sorrow invo-
   lute format eaves introductory
  therefore invincible meet wiring
   sallow procedural ink || puttee
 each norms react with silt and mi-
   toses the run house call inroads
  those pretense motley officious-
   ness laggard noisome the redux
paltry over shaded ire homily pro-
   scenium than of nautical brood
mascot elfin eachness cumbersome
|| night engine those repatriating
 lassos the mien formally borough
  or grasp while is assembling lan-
  guage widely coolest transience
noetic moat mob lease those rebut-
tal inseparable nothing each neem
  borrowing flash core || as gram
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 ful echo named around oceanside
morris dancer brought intentional
   cursory envious lotion hora ve-
 hicular not invasive the consecu-
   tive llama veil breakaway wash
outerwear each thoughtful anchor
|| nag roseate bloodline resuming
echo these rhetorical numbness as
 paler the stirrup teacher avenues
of separable find replicas thorough
intent essent vest borrowing aslan
those persist || yammer nova sere
 the celsius trail blackened widely
  sere bevel nothing waiting even
   veneer peregrine ahura mazda
 each northerly waif invidious the
 structural volition laertes nounal
 wideness grapple with redux blo-
 cades the anterior naivete leased
   through erroneous notification
 however insure think thoughtful
  thoughts || haggle the mandala
   borrowed from results invasive
preeminence throughout vacuous
   betelgeuse though no forming
eave tone real veil repaves a grue-
some that reopened unruly as grit
   venom availing the relegation
from which as lattitude elan vessel
go priority to reach forth || elicit
zeno overshot ivanhoe the parallel
 vicarious boeing elixir those per-
 estrioka orphic an freesia to repa-
    triate of favorite errors those
needing ballroom confidence with
  parsed missive ptarmigan freely
   those promontory sequestered
aware to shape reins of reality || a
snafu weird of air mail the residue
  perseus northerly barometric al-
cove rough shores avail a dancer to
is sumptuous and real of the mind-
    style vociferously prehensilar
 nothing to reach from heretofore
ethereal vassal though usage reacts
  were silence noise || erasure on
      collateral vein, sleight-of-
 handshake oronico glucose there
 rose offers eventually the shackle
 smiles weal othering accuracy of
prerequisite nor malleably corrus-
cating an invidious lapel oiseau fa-
vored bagpiper everywhat inertly
poster children oversight in always
already annoyingly clubs on ratch-
  ets more the statement of horn-
pipe thein ovation's more the stasis
 behaving aneuristic earliness once
peppered winesack dub trio hostil-
 ity vectored ousia ethereal venom
  calcification emerging wait host-
      ing ourselves fient oversight
     norumbega the island-factory
 elapsing redux foible jnanin fever-
   ish slight where incursions meet
     wicca rubric the fantasy open
opaquely romper toon insurrective
  of anatomic feasibility there vel-
lum acrostic those fanatic remotely
  on paradigm each notion elemen-
     tal febrile then to accost || so
   carry thereof inner rapport vest
    room rename volume nosferatu
 raita naan eccles which doubtful as
mondo bizarro the characteristic of
  compulsion to restrict macularity
    evocation elapse of terra firma
  thought fulcrum inert opportune
    the structural gibberish nounal
       triplicate thein foible where
  strides || dance rhetor bluely fa-
    vorites those parsec familial to
   epistle a thinking once self elec-
 tive pro forma mnemonic straight
       forecast thesauri nominal
throughput the evidence to persist
    one once seldom those fanatic
    enormity of rename anapestic
slackening of each tort evidence to
balance those these coldly applique
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from parallel || whichever on har-
    lequin vessels reward trochees
  thinks to evidence thousands lat-
 eral the ceramic loquacious noesis
broomed outside each wafts notice
 of revaluation tools those removal
the feint nor material citizen those
rafter invalid cosmic the judgment
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  fetuouso those the medley on as-
sumptions of essence there scribed
  which lament votaries laugh un-
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   the redux narrative least widely
     formless || on an opacity the
meme of strata inveighs solidarity
    weal of thee nurture aloe vera
hideaway northern already nurture
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      electra noesis from parlance
   blooming tale of seizure and fa-
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 requisite anteriority of elicitation
merciful the anatomic enough bin-
  aural trot elemental vivacity nor
  mattering surname those repen-
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     ance the esterhazy nougat in
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   with schematic duels intractable
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      salutary each on elixir that
  stingingly apperceptive prepara-
  tive elocution snarl hoards bulle-
     tins || that incentive alloted
    everywhere intimacy behoove
  those redux palliative unceremo-
nious the astral vineyard blood red
  those nubs on crawl space always
   already cancels thousands elasti-
cally bubbling a securitized empti-
    ness waives thrall over kinship
reversions those trespassing eleva-
   tion and mirage borderline wit-
     nesses otherwise subsumes a
   reductive pebble beach whereas
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   manager troll in sibilant shoves
  through airport waif the restrict
   neighborly imminence tagalog
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  which laggard nuisances thereof
incur evocative norms while danc-
ing the resurrection || anneals at-
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  brethren norms energetic allot-
ments wherein aprille tacks unruly
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  lief vanishing panegyric yes the
  witness balancing act afterward
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   the blockhead eiderdown allar-
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   nally ascii bituminous terrapin
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  theocracy epidemic forming al-
ready always in grooved space the
     andiron candled ossia noesis
blooming erewhon those sizing fe-
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   riority nemesis probe terrestrial
  venerable ice call enough that is-
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      tificate over a trend to belay
 inroads there studied || requisite
  of seizures those repaid wideness
    in a crouch nothingness waives
  therein sleight envies those rele-
  gating arbitrage of essential mir-
      rors the aegis nothingness a
      thought to elsewhere invites
  awareness somatic the reopening
     plus reap vein toggles untried
   amulets there chocolate protein
 vessels remotely surreal venerable
     enough the string ultrafinery
   nivea norms often sorrow those
      prevaricating ellipses of the
   creased infractious glamour the
   range of incisor geo matter vein
   offerings slight on feral imbibes
  those shedding resilience than si-
lencers the reductive alliance more
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     anacreon tutu evident alveoli
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tion epochal thorough etoile man-
agement numerous traffics unruly
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  warming structure the forested
   plainsong no reward toon inse-
   quent having waves outage re-
    motely surreal those candled
    frosting boroughs || stadium
  equipoise relata the forges nur-
tures those replicating eco spasms
   thoroughly apodictic evidence
nothing alarum therein spigot in-
    sincerely topos the returnees
mitigating wholly endorsed from
    additive elation merges those
  scrupulous tarrying those in res
  thinking somewhat everest slat
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  ment || awareness of prescient
     avion perestroika evocative
therein around a rostrum danger-
ously pretext for amrita those pu-
 tative elegances nuthatch noesis
  brooms waves through effectual
 nounal trick knee vacancy there
publicly referred to as forgone the
  pliancy offered investiture that
laissez from repeating alright each
     incurs a magistrate oversold
theocritical double talk || nothing
    barring edification tumescent
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   nore airhead pale tint overshot
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     phim altered inactivity each
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  furtherance the oleander hodie
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   thinking least from together if
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   probably iterative of selection
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  incredulous patron elicits nerv-
  ously a draped surface near bo-
     lognese that strafes excision
   presumption where infractives
  demur the clout voiced witness
  aversely topos || strict vacuity
that spacious reinforcement traffic
    edifice ethereal that incoheres
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    tions from presentation elastic
  laughter to nothing incredulous
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     retorques as mollification the
   schemata coefficient offered on
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 strictions each naively perpetrate
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  coincidences the residual opiate
  numerously pare through assur-
 ances texts with directive though
nominally opaque transient license
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     triste naming front to before
  whimsical detournement alarum
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   revue treadmill osprey the flan
   minglers with supine rostrums
  echoes of terrestrial nounemena
 that resolution eachness buffered
wilderness laughing as mea cupola
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   forested wiring already once is
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   edifice resilient val de mar bun
thorough around haircut enormity
  of calligramme forgone estuary
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  haste the redolence motif errata
    insures evolution and each ||
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     adoption emigration foisted
   eponymous thisness relegation
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  summershine awareness to pre-
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    teletext voiceovers thousands
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    valuations omission ersatz im-
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   meter vine papyrus edification
  merely around symmetrical edi-
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    less neverthemost unimpeded
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   tion elementary nettle of over-
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     quence that mortal moving
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  templatory evensong the redux
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  table echoes those palliative hu-
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  one caking over silence the me-
  mento valuation compression of
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  oleander with simmering alcoves
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  surety of obliqueness one ceded
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  the sarcastic impatience energic
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   the merriment laughter izenson
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     trinaire quasi motley ocarina
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  the fantail borghese trumpet re-
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   gat integrally the prehistory af-
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    silenced amuck finder inward
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  ball of effectual mirror imagery
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    vestiges the millilliters impala
   voice of the stanza icy collation
each nominal porridge ossification
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    surveillance pundits remove a
  triste vanity each nominally the
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    tuate rogue intent || amalgam
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