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									                                                                                    Janesville Noon Kiwanis
                                                                                                          November 11, 2004, Vol. XXIIII, No. 6

                                                             Janesville Patriotic Society
‘04-‘05 BOARD

President                                                                               Program: Tom Stehura,
Tom Waller
758-1229                                                                                Janesville Patriotic Society
President Elect                                                                         A very appropriate Veteran’s Day Program was
Dr. Kevin O’Leary
758-2004                                                                                presented by Tom Stehura of the Patriotic Society.
                                                                                        Tom talked today about the Medal of Honor
Past President                                                                          Walkway that is in the process of being planned at
Jim Leeser                                                                              Traxler Park. This is to honor all veterans, but
                                                                                        especially the 6 Medal of Honor recipients from
Secretary                                                                               Janesville. In history there are 3600 Medal of
Ed Pulliam                                                                              Honor Recipients total. The memorial will be a
752-8322                                                                                beautiful black granite with bricks lining the
Treasurer                                                                               walkway in honor of veterans. The bricks are for
Eric Scherdell                                                                          sale for between $50 and $95 depending on how
752-5835                                                                                much text is put on the brick. The bricks
                                                                                        containing names of veterans will be in a separate
Stu Charland ‘05                                                                        color for easy recognition. 1500 bricks need to be
Rev. Judi Huseth ‘05                                                                    sold by the end of the year. If you would like to
Robbi Seales ‘05                                                                        donate, mail your request and donation to :
Floyd Kowal ‘06
Andy Frelich ‘06
Joshua P. McCarthy '06                                                                        Janesville Patriotic Society
David O’Leary ‘07                                                                             PO Box 1845
Jim Holmstrom ‘07                                                                             Janesville, WI 53547-1845


Bingo                         Guests:                                                     to the word “service” in service club. Tour of
Dr. Kevin O’Leary                                                                         Lights, Breakfast with Santa, Salvation Army
                                1.   Parker Key Club members Andy Bright and              Bell Ringing as well as our regular Bingo night
Rev. Judi Huseth                     Allan Tourdat                                        and other commitments--- a lot of people count
                                2.   Students of the Month – Nicole Holden and            on us before Christmas. Be prepared to help out.
Breakfast with Santa                 Zach Peterson from Parker and Jim
Dave Calverly
                                     Kuerschner from Craig.
Christmas Tour of               3.   Notable welcome back to Dave Green and
Lights                               Irene Stewart
Bob Elliot
                                                                                                     Happy Dollars:
Linda Mellenburger
                                                                                   1.          Dave Green, back after an absence,
                                               Ace of Hearts Drawing:                     explained that the night of the installation dinner
Floyd Kowal                                                                               when he was presented with the Hixon award
                              Lon Haenel helped build the pot some more, $250             and was asked to say some nice words about our
Sponsored Youth               rolls over.
Jim Leeser
                                                                                          other Hixon honor George Mark, he didn’t
                                                                                          realize it was for a Hixon but thought we were
Key Club - Craig              Announcements:                                              roasting George instead.
Dave Wimann                                                                        2.          Irene Stewart, glad to be back from
                         1.     Newsletter: Still need some help with the                 surgery healthy and happy.
Key Club - Parker
Kevin Apfel                     bulletin! Please consider joining the team of      3.          Michelle Evans was also happy to be back
                                pseudo-journalists and help out by taking notes           among us after an absence.
Mother’s Day                    once every five or six weeks. Let Zach or Tom      4.          George Mark, recognizing Elmer Grams
                                know if you can help.                                     and George Parker for all the great things they
Bob Elloit &
Zach Goswick             2.     Christmas Program: A couple of openings left              have done for the community.
                                for our group at the Fireside on December 9.
Meals on Wheels                 6:00 pm dinner followed by famous Christmas             UPCOMING PROGRAMS:
Dave Calverly
                                show. Let Tom Waller know if you would like
Membership                      to come.                                                11/18 - Mark Fontaine, OSHA Small Business
Angela Bernhardt &       3.     Please notice the newly formatted sign in sheet,        Assistance and Consulting
Kevin Apfel                     please make Ed’s job easier by signing in each          11/24 - Dale Halverson, Clergy reflection, Day of
                                week for attendance.                                    Thanks
Pancake Day
Jim Stoa                 4.     FEST OF ALE : by the time you read this                 12/02 - Alvin Schuetz, Blackhawk Golden K, on
                                another hugely successful night will have come          behalf of Agriculture Cooperative Development
Programs                        and gone, report next week.                             International
Dr. Kevin O’Leary
                         5.     Just a heads up that Christmas is coming and
Scholarships                    the weeks before Christmas is when we live up
Bob Elliot

Social Events
Irene Stewart

Spiritual Aims                          Thank you to Jim Damrow for taking meeting notes. Members having
Dale Halverson
                                      information for future newsletters can email editor@janesvillekiwanis.org.
Terrific Kids
Nancy Verhoven                                                 Janesville Kiwanis
                                                     P.O. Box 51 – Janesville, WI 53547-0051

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