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									                                        Raymond F. Bednar

Summary of Qualifications
A senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of industries and technical
environments. Strong communications skills and a team player that can also work alone. Project
management and team leadership experience.

Software - Windows 95/98 ,2000 and NT, UNIX, OS/2, MVS, COLDFUSION, JAVASCRIPT, ASP,
Hardware – PC , MAC , IBM 3090 , Prime , Symbolics and SUN.

Professional E x p e r i e n c e

CASIO US. 3/2008 - Present. Webdeveloper supporting ecomerce and marketing websites. , , , and
Work using ColdFusion and PHP. Work with the SQL Server and MySQL databases.

Montville Township New Jersey School District. 4/2007 - 3/2008 I was a web and database
manager supporting the and internal intranet sites. I supported internal software and
database applications that used Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.

JR Cigars Whipany New Jersey 2/2006 - 4/2007. Web developer supporting the
website and the website. Developed and maintained websites written in coldfusion ,
perl and php. Worked with the SQL Server and MySQL databases. Interfaced with customer service
and marketing departments.

Independent Consultant                                   2/ 2002 to 2/2006
Making enhancements to the New York State Higher Education Opportunity Program extranet
Site. This has involved SQL Server database changes as well as ColdFusion template changes.

Merrill Lynch , New York City 8/2000 – 2/2002. Assistant Vice President/Senior Web Developer.
Provided web development and site maintenance for investment banking division.
 Maintained and enhanced an Intranet application that processed and reported on travel and
   entertainment expenses incurred by 1000 Investment Bankers.
 Created load-balancing software to allow a smooth transition to a new release of the intranet
   application. Designed and delivered a security layer around the intranet to allow users with
   different levels of authority to use the system.
 Supervised, coached and trained inexperienced programmers to do web development.

Independent Consultant                                        1996 to 2000

Sapient Technologies (2000) Consultant

   Designed and Developed an Internet site for The State of New York’s Higher Education Opportunity
    Program, used by private institutions to keep track of students that receive
    funding to attend private colleges and universities.
   Developed an interface to the site to allow certain users to access the site using a
    secure wallet.

Deutsche Bank (1999 - 2000) Consultant
 Created Marketing Documentation and procedural intranet sites used by approximately 2,500
  traders world wise.
 Collaborated closely with business unit representatives to design and deliver Intranet sites.

Merrill Lynch (1996 – 1999) Consulant
 Led Y2K project team that designed and coded an intranet application that tracked Y2K
  components and activities for five systems.
 Designed and coded utilities that identified and corrected hundreds of Y2K problems on client
  server, intranet and legacy systems.

Metlife New York City / New Jersey 1989 to 1996 Senior Software Developer

   Created the (now web pages that displayed information for over
    1,000 tri-state physicians and providers.
   Project managed an application that provided claims and eligibility information to over 300
    customer service representatives.
   Internal consultant working in the Expert Systems Technology Group to Integrate, design and code
    expert system applications. Designed and delivered an expert system that detected coding
    fragmentation fraud on medical insurance claims.

AT&T New Jersey 1984 to 1989 Software Developer.
 Internal consultant in the Knowledge Based Systems Group using AI technology to solve business
 Designed and delivered one large Knowledge Based system that allowed 15 sales force teams to
   sell autoplex equipment(mobile phone cell sites).
 Supported the COBOL, Fortran and PL/1 compilers through out twelve AT&T data centers. Solved
   hundreds of production problems for developers by pointing out alternate coding strategies to get
   around system failures.
Additional Experience
Adjunct lecturer in the Computer Science Department of Keane College for 6 years.

The City College Graduate School of Engineering (New York City) M.S. in Computer Science.
Hunter College (New York City) B.A. in Philosophy/Mathematics.

 Member of the Association of Computing Machinery
 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


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