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inlevel view April 2011


Report about inlevel service visitors activities in April 2011. It shows the most popular business parameters which people use to find modern enterprise applications.

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									                         inlevel view - April 2011
                visitors activity in April 2011.
                allows to find modern enterprise applications using business
                         language. Charts show the most popular business parameters which were
                         used by inlevel visitors performing search in April 2011.

                   Business Benefits                                              Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
 Improve customer service processes                                         customer care performance

           enhance client experience                                                service performance

           improve sales processes                                                  direct contact quality

              reduce financial costs                                              target market coverage

                       reduce costs                                                          sales cycle

       reduce human resource costs                                                     sales opportunity

                                                      Business Processes
                            perform customer and market intelligence analysis

                              understand markets customers and capabilities

                         develop customer service segmentation prioritization

                                          market and sell products and services

                                       manage environmental health and safety

                                                     manage financial resources

                                                          Solution Type
                                       application hosting/SaaS/Cloud

                                   enterprise application softw are

                                        auxiliary sof tw are categories

                                                         open source

                                                  inf ormation security

                         project management portfolio management

Conclusions, opinions and analysis related to inlevel, customers activity and software trends are
published on inlevel blog at:

Business parameters definitions and descriptions are available at:
About inlevel

Inlevel, an Internet company, is developing an online platform
connecting users and vendors of business software.

Inlevel’s idea is to create one place where business professionals
can find software solutions for most of their business problems
using business language.

Instead of going through all the marketing babble and technical
specifications, one can find business software based on the
expected business benefits, one’s particular industry, what
business process needs improvement etc.

Inlevel provides a novel way of shaping relations with software
vendors to assure you get what you expected.

Founded in 2010, inlevel is an Internet platform linking business
software users and software vendors around business concepts
such as benefits, processes, performance measurements in
context of industries and business functions.

For more information and news from inlevel, please visit For additional assistance you may contact
inlevel at

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