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					                                                                              4-23%488-12( 1)

        FM Stereo
        FMAM Receiver                                                                          ’
        Operating          Instructions

        Owner’s Record
        The model and serial numbers are located on the rear panel. Record the serial number
        in the spaceprovided below. Refer to them wheneveryou call upon your Sony dealer
        regarding this product.
        Model No. STR-DE98WDE885                               Serial No.

        0 2002 Sony Corporation
                                                               - Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
                                                               - Increasethe separationbetweenthe equipmentand
     To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not
                                                               -Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit
     expose the unit to rain or moisture.                        different from that to which the receiver is
     To preventfire, do not cover the ventilation of the       - Consult the dealer or an experiencedradio/TV
     apparatuswith newspapers,  table-cloths, curtains, etc.     technician for help.
     And don’t placelighted candleson the apparatus.
     To preventfire or shock hazard,do not place objects       You are cautioned that any changesor modification
     filled with liquids, such as vases,on the apparatus.      not expressly approved in this manual could void
                                                               your authority to operatethis equipment.
                        Don’t throw away the battery with
                                                               Note to CATV      system    installer:
                        generalhousewaste, disposeof it
                @       correctly as chemical waste.           This reminder is provided to call CATV system
                                                               installer’s attention to Article 820-40 of the NEC that
,~          0                                                  provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in
     Do not install the appliancein a confined space,such      particular, specifies that the cable ground shall be
     as a bookcase built-in cabinet.                           connectedto the grounding systemof the building, as
                                                               close to the point of cable entry as practical.
     For customers      in the United     States               For customers      in Canada

                                                               TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT USE
                                                               THIS POLARIZED AC PLUG WITH AN
                                                               EXTENSION CORD, RECEPTACLE OR OTHER
                                                               OUTLET UNLESS THE BLADES CAN BE FULLY
                                                               INSERTED TO PREVENT BLADE EXPOSURE.
                                                               For customers      in the United         States   and

                     This symbol is intended to alert the          n           ENERGY STAR@is a US. registered
                     userto the presenceof uninsulated
                     “dangerousvoltage” within the             w               :I$ ENERGY STAR@        partner,Sony
                     product’s enclosurethat may be of                                                    that
                                                                               Corporationhasdetermined this
                     sufficient magnitude to constitute a                      productmeetsthe ENERGY STAR0
                     risk of electric shock to persons.                        guidelinesfor energyefficiency.
                     This symbol is intended to alert the

                                                               This receiver incorporatesDolby* Digital and Pro

                     userto the presenceof important
                     operatingand maintenance(servicing)       Logic Surround and the DTS** Digital Surround
                     instructionsin the literature             System.
                     accompanyingthe appliance.                * Manufactured under license from Dolby
                                                                  “Dolby ” / “Pro Logic” and the double-D symbol are
     WARNING                                                      trademarksof Dolby Laboratories.
     This equipmenthasbeentestedand found to comply            ** “DTS”, “ES’ and “DTS Digital Surround” are
     with the limits for a ClassB digital device, pursuant        registeredtrademarksof Digital Theater Systems,
     to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are                 IllC.
     designedto provide reasonableprotection against
     harmful interferencein a residential installation. This
     equipment generates,   uses,and can radiate radio
     frequency energyand, if not installed and used in
     accordancewith the instructions, may causeharmful
     interferenceto radio communications. However, there
     is no guarantee interference will not occur in a
     particular installation. If this equipment does cause
     harmful interferenceto radio or television reception,
     which can be determinedby turning the equipment
     off and on, the user is encouragedto try to correct the
     interferenceby one or more of the following
                                                                       ;^L    -IlliI-.EI.^I-II-.~P_               .--   “,.ll-“lllli-“Ixl   _-_/I-~~_x_

                                                                   Receiving                                   Broadcasts
                                                                             Direct tuning ........................................ 40
   Main unit ............................................... 5               Automatic tuning ................................. 40
                                 .. ,~._l>;“.l;,,i”--‘~~>_-l-~
 .... I_.....X.~~.ICltYI~~*...“..“.....l_                                    Preset tuning ........................................ 41
Hooking          Up the Components                                 ”                                  ,..“..
                                                                                                         ,;    -,.-,..“-..___. -l_l. I~i(i_i”“IX~
                                                                   Other Operations
   Required cords ....................................... 6
   Antenna hookups ................................... I                     Naming preset stations and program
   Audio component hookups .................... 8                                sources ........................................... 42
   Video component hookups .................. 10                             Recording ............................................ 42
   Digital component hookups.. ............... 11                            Using the Sleep Timer ......................... 43
   Multi channel input hookups ............... 13                            Adjustments using the CUSTOMIZE
   Other hookups ..................................... 14                        button ............................................ 44
                                                     ,,.,,._“_,”             CONTROL A 1II control system ......... 46
H:okin~ Up and Setting                            Up                                                “.--_” - _-” .--_^_. “_xl_as”_
                                                                             “,-.“- .lll.,,~ _.“.-._“_
the Speaker System                                                 Operations Using the Remote
                                                                   RM-PG411 l) and RM=PP411*)
  Speaker system hookups ..................... 17
  Performing initial setup operations ..... 19                               Before you use your remote ................ 48
  Multi channel surround setup .............. 19                             Remote button description .........-..... 48
  Checking the connections .................... 25                           Selecting the mode of the remote ........ 52
          .............                                                      Programming the remote ..................... 52
Basic Operations                                                             Learning the commands of your
                                                                                 components3) ................................. 55
  Selecting the component ..................... 26
                                                                             Performing several commands in
  Listening to the sound in
                                                                                 sequence automatically
      another room’) ............................... 28
                                                                                 (Macro Play)3)................................ 57
  Changing the display ........................... 28
                                                                               .-;         _~“*___
                                                                   ,,-- -“_I^..^ ~.,“,_ .-..     -._-_, c--~--x-~~--
      1”1“..“.._ ...........              “.X”.-X-.X_f.....
                                                                   Additional                                  Information
Enjoying          Surround            Sound
                                                                             Precautions .......................................... 58
  Automatically decoding the input
                                                                             Troubleshooting ................................... 58
      audio signal ................................... 29
                                                                             Specifications ...................................... 61
  Selecting a sound field ........................ 29
  Using only the front speakers                                              Tables of settings using SURR,
      (2 Channel Stereo) ......................... 32                            LEVEL, EQ, SET UP and
                                                                                 CUSTOMIZE buttons ................... 63
  Enjoying stereo sound in multi channel
      (Dolby Pro Logic II) ..................... 32                          Adjustable parameters for each
  Selecting the surround back decoding                                           sound field ..................................... 66
      mode (SURR BACK
      DECODING) ................................ 33                1) STR-DE985 only
  Understanding the multi channel                                  2) STR-DE885 only
                                                                   3) RM-PG411 only
      surround displays .......................... 34
  Customizing sound fields .................... 35
About This Manual                                         Note for tne suppuea         remote
The instructionsin this manual are for models
STR-DE985and STR-DE885. Check your model                  For RM-PG411 (STR-DES85 only)
numberby looking at the lower right corner of the         The MPXDUAL and 12 buttons on the remote
front panel.In this manual, the STR-DE985 is used         are not available.
for illustration purposeunless statedotherwise. .4ny
differencein operationis clearly indicated in the text,   For RM-PP411 (STR-DE885 only)
for example,“STR-DE985 only”.
                                                          The AUX, SOURCE, MPXDUAL, 12 and ON
                                                          SCREEN buttons on the remote are not
    About   area codes                                    available.
    The areacodeof the receiver you purchasedis
    shownon the lower portion of the rear panel (see
    the illustration below).

                                            Area code

    Any differencesin operation, according to the
    areacode,areclearly indicated in the text, for
    example,“Models of areacode AA only”.

The instructionsin this manual describethe controls
on the receiver.You can also use the controls on the
suppliedremoteif they have the sameor similar
namesasthoseon the receiver. For details on the use
of your remote,see
l pages48-57 for RMPG411 (STR-DE985 only)
l pages48-55 for RMPP411 (STR-DE885 only)
      ‘8E ‘SE H
 ‘W‘Zt- ‘LE ‘OZ) <I>
  tz9 ‘6E‘Sz ‘61) 0 (JaMod)
The following cords                are required when you hook up the components (pages X-15).

                                                                       Yellow (video)
                                                                       White (!-/audio)
                                                                       Red (R/audio)

                  Yellow (video)   -J>,                    .\,m: #j    Yellow (video)

               Black (control S)                                       Black (control S)


* Turn off the power to all components before making any connections.
* Do not connect the AC power cord until all of the connections are completed.
* Be sure to make connections firmly to avoid hum and noise.
0 When connecting an audio/video cord, be sure to match the color-coded pins to the appropriate jacks on
  the components: yellow (video) to yellow; white (left, audio) to white; and red (right, audio) to red.
0 When you connect optical digital cords, insert the cord plugs straight in until they click into place.
* Do not bend or tie the optical digital cord.
* The shapeof the connector varies dependingon the areacode.

@ To prevent noise pickup, keep the AM loop
  antenna away from the receiver and other
* Be sure to fully extend the FM wire antenna.
* After connecting the FM wire antenna, keep it
  as horizontal as possible.
3 Do not use the rh SIGNAL GND terminal for
  grounding the receiver.

If your turntable has a ground wire, counect it
to the & SIGNAIJ GlW terminal.
   * For STR-DE985, you can disnlav the SUKR, LEVEL, EQ SET UP and CUSTOMIZE parametersand selected
     sound field by pressingON SCREEN.

                                                      video cord (not supplied) to connect to the
  You can connect your TV’s audio output jacks
  to the TV/SAT AUDIO IN jacks on the                 When using the S-video jacks instead of the video
  receiver and apply sound effects to the audio       jacks, your monitor must also be connectedvia an
  from the TV. In this case,do not connect the        S-video jack. S-video signals are on a separatebus
                                                      from the video signals and will not be output through
  TV’s video output jack to the TV/SAT VIDBO          the video jacks.
  IN jack on the receiver. If you are connecting a
  separateTV tuner (or satellite tuner), connect
  both the audio and video output jacks to the        * If you make COMPONENT VIDEO connections,
                                                        nothing is displayed on the on-screendisplay
  receiver as shown above.                              (STR-DE985 only).
  If you have a TV, satellite tuner, DVD player,      * On this receiver, the componentvideo signals are
  or LD player with COMPONENT VIDEO (Y>                 not compatible with S-video signals or video
  B-Y, R-Y) output jacks and a monitor with             signals.
~~CO~~O~NT VIDEO input jacks, use a
Connect the digital output jacks of your DVB player and sateBitetuner (etc.) to the receiver’s digit&
input jacks to bring the multi channel surrotmd sound of a movie theater into your home. To fully
enjoy multi charmetsLl~oundsound, five speakers(two front speakers,two surround speakers,and a
center speaker)and a sub woofer are required. For 6.1 channel surround sound, you will also need a
s~u~ound  back speaker(S~~~~E~~5) or refer page 18 (S~~-D~~$5). You can also connect an LD
player with an RF OUT jack via an RF demodulator, like the Sony MOD-RF1 (not supplied).

You cannot connect an LD plaveis DOLBY DlClTAL RF OUT jack directly to this unit’s digital input jacks.
Yoo must first convert the RF signal to either an optical or coaxial digital signal. For details, see
‘“rroubleshooting” on page 5X.
Connect the digital outlxt jacks            or DAT deck to the receiver’s digital input jack and
connect the digital input jacks 0          r DAT deck to the receiver’s digital outpot jack. These
connections allow you to make digital recordings of TV broadcasts,etc.

0 You cannotmakedigital recordings       when the sourceis a multi chamxl digital source.
e All the OPTICAL and COAXIAL jacks are compatible with 96 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz and32 kHz saqling
0 It is not possible to record analog signals to the componentsconnectedto MD/DAT (STR-DE983 or MD/TAPE
  (STR-DE8S.S) VIDEO jacks with only digital connections.To record analog signals, make analog
  connections.To record digital signals, make digital conuections.
0 The sound is not output when you play a SACD disc on the SACD player connectedto the CWSACD
  OPTICAL IN jack on this unit. Connect to the analog input jacks (CD/SAW INjacks). Refer to the operating
  instructions supplied with the SACD player.
Although this receiver incorporatesa multi channel decoder, it is also equipped with multi channel
input jacks. These connections allow you to enjoy multi channel software encodedin formats other
than Dolby Digital and M‘S. If your DVD player is equipped with multi channel output jacks, you
can connect them directly to the receiver to enjoy the sound of the DVD player’s multi chamlel
decoder.Alternatively, the multi channel input jacks can be used to connect au external multi channel
To fully enjoy multi channel surround sound, five speakers(two front speakers,two surround
speakers? a center speaker)and a sub woofer are required. For 6.1 ch,annelsurround sound, you
will also need a surround back speaker(SIR-DE98S) or refer page 18 (SIR-DE&X). Refer to the
operating instructions supplied with your DVD player, multi channel decoder,etc., for details on the
multi channel hookups.

       using the connectionsdescribedbelow, adjust the level of the surround speakersand sub woofer from the
  DVD player or multi channel decoder.
* Seepage 17 for details on spcakcrsystemhookup,

;gSTR-DE985 only
* STR-DE985 only

                                                      If your CD changer’s ~~M~~          MODE
                                                      selector can be set to CD 1, CD 2: or CD 3,
                                                      be sure to set the command mode to “CD 1”
                                                      and connect the changerto the CD jacks on
   supplied) to comrect the CONTROL Al II             the receiver.
  jack on the CD player, SACD player, tape            However, if you have a Sony CD changer
  deck, or MD deck to the CONTROL A 1II               with VIDEO OUT jacks, set the command
  jack on the receiver. Refer to “CONTROL             mode to “CD 2” and connect the changerto
  Al II control system” on page 46 and the            the VIDEO 2 jacks on the receiver.
  operating instructions supplied with your CD
  player, SACD player, tape deck, or MD deck
  for details.

  If you make CONTROL Al11 connectionsfrom
  the receiver to an MD deck that is also connected
               do          the      while
  to a computer, not operate receiver
  usingthe“SonyMD Editor” software. may
  camea malfunction.
If you have a S-LINK CONTROL S-
compatible Sony TV, satellite tuner, monitor,
DVD player or VCR, use an audio/videol
control S connecting cord (supplied) or a
monaural mini-plug cord (supplied) to connect
the CTRL S (STATUS) IN (for TV, satellite
tuner, or monitor) or OUT (for VCR, etc.) jack
on the receiver to the appropriate S-LINK jack
on the respective component. Refer to the
operating instructions supplied with your TV,
 satellite tuner, monitor, VCR, etc., for details.
The following illustration is an example of
 S-LINK C~~TRQL S hookups between the
 receiver, a TV, a VCR; and a DVD player.
 When your TV is connectedto the receiver as
 shown below, the TV input mode will change
 to video input whenever you turn on the
 receiver. When you connect the receiver as
 shown below, input mode of the receiver
 changesto VIDEO 1 or ~VD~D whenever
 you play your VCR or DVD.
 The following connectionswill also changethe        * WI the video cord away from the supplied audio/
 input mode of the receiver to TV whenever you         video/control S cable.
 operateyour TV.
                                                     Refer to the operating instructions supplied with YOUI
                                                     TV for details regarding the operationsyou can
                                                     control from your TV.

                                                     You can use the 2ND ROOM OUT jacks to
                                                     output the audio signals of the selected
                                                     component to a stereo amplifier located in
                                                     another room (page 28).
                                                      Make sure that the total power consumption of the
                                                      component(s)connectedto the receiver’s AC
                                                      OUTLET(s) does not exceedthe wattage stated on the
                                                      rear panel. Do not connect high-wattageelectrical
                                                      home appliancessuch as electric irons, fans, or TVs
                                       r car          to this outlet.

* The configuration, shape,and number of AC outlets
  van according to the modal and cotmtrY to which

Before counecting the AC power cord of this
receiver to a wall outlet, connect the speaker
system to the receiver (page 17).
Connect the AC power cord(s) of your audio/
video componentsto a wall outlet.

If you connect other audio/video componentsto
the AC OUTLET(s) on the receiver, the
receiver will supply power to the connected
component(s),allowing you to turn the whole
system on or off when you tnrn the receiver on
or off.

   /~&a~~~~~~~//                                                              Surround speaker   11 Surround back   1   f

   I          (W          I/        6-j         II        (RI            II           (0         II
   I                      II                    II                       II       I              II

I”,.- Active sub woofer   /    / Front sptgker l3‘* 1 / Front sl;;;ker    B’* 1 / Center speaker ]

+ STR-DE985 only.
*‘*If you have an additional front speakersystem, connect them to the SPEAKERS FRONT B terminals. You can
    select the front A or B speakersusing the SPEAKERS A/B button (page 27).
  Twist the stripped ends of lhe speakercords about
  10mm(20 inch). Be sure to match the speaka
  cordto theappropriate   terminalon thecomponents:
  + to + and- to -. If thecordsarereversed, the
  soundwill bedistorted will lackbass.
* If youusespeakers low maximum          inputraring,
  adjustthevolumecarefullyto avoidexcessive
  outputon the speakers.

The receiver lets you enjoy 6.1 channel
 surround sound when you connect the
receiver’s SURR BACK jack to the INPUT
jack on another power amplifier with a
monaural audio cord. For details on the use of
sound field, seepage 33.

To enjoy the 6.1 charmelsurround sound. set the
SURRBACK parameter “LARGE” or “SMALL’

Short-circuiting of the speakersmay damage
the receiver. To prevent this, make sure to take
the following precautions when connecting the
speakers.                                               If no sound is heard from a speakerwhile
                                                        outputting a test tone or a test tone is output
                                                        from a speakerother than the one whose name
                                                        is currently displayed on the receiver, the
                                                        speakermay be short-circuited. If this happens,
                                                        check the speakerconnection again.

                                                        Make sure that you turn dawn the volume
                                                        before yoo tom off the receiver. When you turn
                                                        on the receiver, the volume remains at the level
                                                        you turn off the receiver.
                                                       Before using your receiver for the first time,
                                                       adjust SET UP parametersso that the receiver
Once you have hooked up the speakersand                correspondto your system.For the adjustable
turned on the power, cle<ar receiver’s                 parameters,seethe table on page 66. Seepages
memory. Then specify the speakerparameters             20-25 for speakersettings.
(size, position, etc.) and perform any other
initial setup operations necessaryfor your
‘To check the audio outputduring settings (to set up
while outputting the sound), cheek the connection
(page 251.                                             For the best possible surround sound, all
                                                       speakersshould be the samedistancefrom the

                                                       Rowever, the receiver lets you to place the
Before using your receiver for the first time, or          ter speakerup to 1.5 meters (5 feet) closer
when you want to cle<ar receiver’s memory,
                       the                                 ), the surrou       eakersup to 4.5 meters
                                                            feet) closer        nd the surround bat
                                                       speakersup to 4.5 meters (15 feet) closer
                                                       to the listening position.
                                                       The front speakerscan be placed from 1.Oto
      ~‘~EMORK CLEARING”, then                                       (3 to 40 feet) from the listening
      “PRIORY CLEARED” appearsin the
      display and all of the following items are       You can place the surround speakerseither
      reset or cleared:                                behind yw or to the side, dependingon the
        * All preset stations are reset or cleared.    shapeof your room (etc.).
        * All sound field parametersare reset to
          their factory settings.
        e All index names(of preset stations and
          program sources)are cleared.
        * All SET UP and CUSTOMIZE
          parametersare reset to their factory
        0 The sound field memorized for each
          program source and preset stations <are
        e The master volume is set to VOLUME
   When placing surround speakers to your side

                                                             The setting is entered automatically.
                                                                              2s                        ve set

    When placing surround speakers behind you

                                                          CENTER                          LARGE
                                                          SURROUND                        LARGE
                                                          SURR BACK                       LARCiE’VNO*’
                                                          SUB WOOFER                      YES

                                                          -__. P0SI.j
                                                          SURR         -...         ___-. SIDE
                                                          SURR HEIGHT3’                   LOW--
                                                          SURR BACK HGT.“’                LOW
                                                          FRONT Xx.X fee@                 16 feet
                                                          CENTER Xx.X feet’)              16 feet
                                                          ---.-.       ____---
                                                          SURROUND XX.X ceet3’            16 feet
                                                          SIJRR BACK Xx.X feet”           16 feet
When you set up the surround back speaker,set the         SUB WOOFER Xx.X t’eetl’         I6 feet
speakerat least 1 meter behind the Iistcning posilion.                                    feet-..___
                                                          DISTANCE U%Il?’
                                                                      -~       __-
It is recommendedto place the speakerat an equa1
distancefrom the surround left and right speakers.If      FRONT SP > XXX Hz”              STD ( 120 Hz)
there is no spacebehind the listening position, set the   CENTER SP z XXX Hz3’            STD (120 Hz)
speakerabove the listening position by placing it on a
stand or hanging it from the ceiling. To prevent          SURROUND SP > XXX Hz”           SIB (120 Hz)
speakerdamageor injury in casethe speakerfalls,           SURR BACK SP > XXX Hz.‘”        STD (120 Hz)
make sure that it is properly fixed in place.
                                                          L.FEHIGH CUT > XXX Hz”          STD (120 Hz)
                                                          SW PHASP                        NORMAL
                                                          -                        ___     _______
Do not place the center speakerfarther away from the
                                                          1) STR-DE985 only
listening position than the front speakers.
                                                          2) STR-DE885 only
                                                          3) You can set this parameteronly when you set
                                                            “MENU EXPAND” to “ON” in the CUSTOMIZE
                                                            menu (page 44).
If you connect large speakers that will             “1-T correspondto the following Dolby Pro Logic
effectively reproduce bass frequencies, select      modes
“LARGE”. Normally, select “LARGE”.                  *l NORMAL
                                                    “2 PHANTOM
@‘the sound is distorted. or you feel a lack of     +3 3 STEREO
surround effects when using multi channel
surround sound, select “SMALL” to activate
the bass redirection circuitry and output the
front channel bass frequencies from the sub         You can set this parameter only when you
woofer.                                             make SURR BACK hookup (STR-DE885)
When the front speakers are set to “SMALL”,         (page 18) or conuect a surround back speaker
the center, surround, and smmund back               (STR-DE98.5)(page 17).
speakers are also automatically set to                                            that
                                                    * If you counecta large speaker will
“SMALL” (uuless previously set LO“NO”).                  effectively reproduce bass frequencies, seleGl
                                                         “LARGE”. Normally, select ‘LARGE”.
                                                         However, if the front speakers axe set to
If you connect a large speaker that will                 “SMALL”, you cannot set the surround back
effectively reproduce bass frequencies, select           speaker to “‘LARGE”.
“LARGE”. Normally, select “LARGE”.
However, if the front speakers arc set to           e If the sound is distorted, or you feel a lack of
“SMALL,“, you cannot set the center speaker to        surround effects when using multi channel
“LARGE”.                                              surround sound, select “SMALL” to activate
                                                      the bass redirection circuitry and output the
If the sound is distorted, or you feel a lack of      center channel bass frequencies from the front
surround effects when using multi channel                       (if
                                                         speakers setto “LARGE”) or subwoofer.
smTound sound, select “SMALL” to activate
the bass redirection circuitry and output the       * If you do not make SURR BACK hookup
center channel bass frequencies from the front        (STR-DE885) or connect a surround back
speakers (if set to “LARGE”) or sub woofer.*’         speaker (STR-DE98.5), select “NO”.
If you do not connect a center speaker, select
“NO”. The somld of the center channel will be       Internally, the LARGE and SMALL settingsfor each
output from the front speakers.“2                   speakerdetermine whether or not the internal sound
                                                    processorwill cut the basssignal from that channel.
                                                    When the bassis cut from a channd, the bass
If you connect large speakers that will             redirection circuitry sendsthe correspondingbass
                                                    frequenciesto the sub woofer or other “LARGE+’
effectively reproduce bass frequencies, select
“LARGE”. Normally, select “LARGE”.
                                                    However, since basssoundshave a certain amount of
However, if the fmnt speakers are set to            directionality, it is best not to cut them, if possible.
“SIv¶ALL”, you camiot set the surround              Therefore, even when using small speakers,you can
speakers to “LARGE”.                                set them to “LARGE” if you want to output the bass
If’ the sound is distorted, or you feel a lack of   frequenciesfrom that speaker.On the other hand, if
                                                    YOU using a large sueaker.but urefer not to have
surround effects when using multi channel
                                                    bass  frequenciesoUtp;t from that speaker,set it to
surround sound, select “SMALL” to activate          “SMALL”.
the bass rediiection circuitry and output the       If the overall sound level is lower than you prefer, set
surround channel bass frequencies from the sub      all speakersto “LARGE”. If there is not enough bass,
woofer or other “LARGE” speakers.                   you can use the equalizer to boost the basslevels. To
lf you do not connect surround speakers, select     adjust the equalizer, seepage 38.
                                                   your surround and surround back speaker(s)for
* If you do not connecta subwoofer, select         proper in~plemeiltatiotl of the Digital Cinema
  “NO”. This activates bassredirection
                        the                        Sound surround modes. Refer to the illustration
  circuitry andoutputsthe LFE signalsfrom other    below.
  speakers.                                        * Select“LOW” if the location of
* In order to takefull advantage the Dolby           speakers              to
                                                              corresponds section
  Digital bassredirectioncircuitry, we             * Select“HIGH” if the location of your surround
  recommend    settingthe subwoofer’s cut off        speakers              to
                                                              corresponds section
  frequencyas high aspossible.

The parametersbelow are for the advanced
speakersettings. They appearin the display
window only when you set “MENU EXPAND”
to “ON” in the CUSTOMIZE menu (page 44).

This parameterlets you specify the location of
your surround speakersfor proper                   4 These        are            when
                                                          parameters not availabIe
implementation of the Digital Cinema Sound             “Surround speakersize (SURROUND)” is se1to
surround modes. Refer to the illustration below.       “NO”.
                                                   *:k This parameteris not available when “Surround
e Select“SIDE” if the location of your surronnd        back speakersize (SURR BACK)” is set to “NO”.

L- Select“BEHIND” if the locationof your

  This parameter availableonly when the
  snrroundback speaker is setto “NO”.
     sulround/surround speaker   position
parameter designed             for
                    specifically implementation                                    ur listening position to
of theDigital CinemaSound        with
                          modes virtual
elements.                                                 the surround speakers.Surround speaker
With theDigital CinemaSound  modes, speaker               distance should be set fro
position is not as critical as other modes.All modes      the front speakerdistant
                   were     underthe
with virtualelements designed                             distance4.5 meters (15 feet) closer to your
premise that the surround spenkerwould he located         listening position ( on page 20). When this
behind the listening position, but presentationremains
                                                          range is exceeded, display flashes.If you
fairly consistenteven with the surround speakers
positioned at a rather wide angle. However, if the        make the setting while the display flashes, you
speakersare pointing towards the listener from the        cannot fully enjoy the surround effect.
immediate left and right of the listening position, the
sound fields with virtual elementswill not bc
effective unlessthe surround speakerposition
parameteris set to “SIDE”.                                                              ening position to
Nevertheless,each listening environment has many          the surround back speaker.Surround back
variables, like wall reflections, and you may obtain
better results using “BEHIND” or “MIDDLE” if your         speakerdistance should be set from
speakers located high above the listening position,
           are                                            equal to the front speakerdistance (
even ii’ they are to the immediate left and right.
Therefore, although it may result in a setting contrary
to the “Surround speakerposition” explanation, we
recommendthat you playback multi chzumelsurround
encodedsoftware and listen to the effect each setting     you make the setting while the display flashes,
has on your listening environment. Choosethe setting      you cannot fully enjoy the surround effect.
that provides a good senseof spaciousness thatand
best succeedsin forming a cohesivespacebetween
the surround sound from the surround speakersand
the sound of the Frontspeakers.If you are not sure                 lslance from your listening position to
which soundsbest, select “BEHIND” and then use            the sub woofer.
the speakerdislance parameterand speakerlevel
adjustmentsto obtain proper balance.

Set the distance from your listening position to
the center speaker.Centesspeakerdistance
should be set fro      distance equal to the front
speakerdistance        on page 20) to a distance
 1.5 meters (5 feet) closer to your listening
position ( on page 20). When this r‘angeis
exceeded,the display flashes. Tf you make the
setting while the display flashes, you cannot
fully enjoy the surround effect.
Pi                                                         crossoverfrequency when the center speakeris
The receiver allows you to input the speakerposition       set to “SMALL”.
in terms of distance.However, it is uot possible to set
the center speakerfurther than the front speakers.
Also, the center speakercannot be set more than
1.5 meters (5 feet) closer than the front speakers.
Likewise, the surrmmd and surroundback speakers            L&s you adjust the sunroundspeakerbass
czmnot be set farther away from the listening position     crossoverfrequency when the surround
than the front speakers.And they can be no more than       speakersare set to “SMALL”.
4.5 meters(15 feet) closer.
This is becauseincorrect speakerplacementis not
conducive 10enjoy surround sound.
Pleasenote that, setting the speakerdistance closer
than the actual location of the speakerswill causea
                                                           crossover frequency wheu the surround back
delay in the output of the sound from that speaker.In
other words, the speakerwill sound like it is farther      speakeris set to “SMALC’.
For example, setting the center speakerdistance
                                                             ou can set the FRONT, CENTER, SURROUND
 I-2 m (3-6 feet) closer than the actual speaker
                                                           and SURR BACK parameterswhen the speakersize
position will createa fairly realistic sensationof being
“inside” the screen,If you cannot obtain a satisfactory    is set to “SMALL,“.
surround effect becausethe surround speakersare too
close, setting the surround speakerdistancecloser
(shorter) than the actual distaucewill create a large1
sound stage.                                               Lets you select the cut off frequency of the
Adjusting theseparameterwhile listening to the             LFE channel high cot filter. Normally, select
soundoften results in much better surround sound.          “STD”. When using a passive sub woofer
Give it a try!                                             powered by a separatepower amplifier, it may
    i~ta~~~ unit (                  m                      be better to changethe cut off frequency.
    you select either feet or meters as the unit
of measurefor setting distances.
                                                           Set the sub woofer phasepolarity. There is
                                                           usually no problem when the sub woofer phase
              the front speakerbasscrossover
Lets you adjust
                                                           polarity is set to “NORMAL”. However,
frequency when the front speakersare set to                depending on the type of front speakers,the
“SMALL”.                                                   position of the sub woofer, and the cut-off
                                                           frequency of the sub woofer, setting the phase
                                                           polarity to “REVERSE” may produce better
                                                           bass.Besidesbass reproduction, the richness
                                                           and tightness of the overall sound may also be
                                                           affected, While listening from the main
                                                           listening position, select the setting that best
                                                           suits your environsnent.
Use the remote while seated in your listening
position to adjust the level of each speaker.
                                                      * You caa adjust the level of all speakersat the same
    te                                                  time. Turn MASTER VOLUME ou the main unit or
The receiver incorporatesa new test tone with a         pressMASTER VOL +/- on the remole.
frequency ceateredat 800 Hz for easierspeakerlevel    * In step 3, you can select the mode usiug the jog dial
                                                        on the receiver.

                                                      * The adjustedvalue are shown in the display during
                                                      * Although these adjustmentscau also be made via
   “‘TEST TOI%” appears in the display and              the front paael using the LEVEL menu (when the
   you will hear the test tone from each                test toue is output, the receiver switches to the
   speakerin sequence.                                  LEVEL menu automatically), we recommendyou
                                                        follow the proceduredescribedaboveand adjust the
                                                        speakerlevels from your listening position using the

bode         Thetesttone~UtpMt
NORMAL       The test tone is oulput from each
             speakerin sequence.
PHASE        The test tone is output from two         After connecting all of your componentsto the
             speakersat a time in sequence.
             (There is no sound output from the sub   receiver, do the following to verify that the
             woofer.) You can also acIjustthe         connections were made correctly.
             balancebetween speakers.
2CH SwAP* You can adjust the speakerlevels while
          listening to the source(not the test
          toae). Turn ou the conuected
          component, start playbxk, then tom
          FUNCTION to select the compouent
          (except when connectedto the MULTI
          CH IN** jacks). The sound for the
          front L/R speakersis output from the
          surround R/L speakers.You cau adjust
          the level of surround speakersfrom the
          listening position.
                                                      If you do not obtain normal sound output after
   You cannot select “2CH SWAP” wheu “ZCH             performing this procedure, see
   ANALOG DIRECT” is selected(page27).                “Troubleshooting” on page 58 and take the
d* For STR-DE985, MULTI CH IN 1 or 2.                 appropriate measuresto correct the problem.

   Press LEVI%    to adjust the balance and
   level of speakers.For details on the LEVEL
   menu, seepage 37.
   While adjnsting, the test tone is ootput from
   the speakerwhose adjustment is performed.
                                                   PressINPUT MODE to select the input mode
                                                   for your digital components.
                                                   Each time you press the button, the input mode

Turn ACTION     control to select the                                             -_
component you want to use.                         AUTO 2CH     .-       Give priority to digital
                                                                         signals when there are both
To   select             borate to tight
                                                                         digital and analog
VCR                     VIDEO 1* or VIDEO 2*                             connections.If there are no
Camcorderor             VIDEO 3*                                         digital signals; analog is
video game                                                               selected.
DVD or LD player        DVDiLD*                    COAXIAL FIXED          Specify the digital audio
TV or satellite tuner                                                     signals input to the
                                                                         DIGITAL COAXIAL input
Tape deck               TAPE (SIR-DE985)                                 jacks.
MD or Taoe deck         MD/TAPE (SIR-DE8851
                                                   OPTICAL FIXED     Specify the digital audio
MD or DAT deck
            --.         MD/DAT (STR-DE985)                           signals input to the
CD or SACD player       CDiSACD                                      DIGITAL OPTICAL input
Built in tuner                                                       jacks.
                                                   ANALOG WI-I FIXED Specify the analog audio
Turntable               PHONO
                                                                     signals input to the AUDIO
                                                                     1Ii (L/R) jacks.
After turning on the component you selected,       When the MULTI CH’) is assignedto a specific
select the component and play the program          function using CU~~O~IZ~ menu (page 44)
source.                                            the followings are displayed instead of “AUTG
* After selectingVCR, camcorder, video game,       ZCH” and “ANALOG 2CI-I PIXED”.
  DVD player,or LD player, turn on the TV and      Select               TO
   setthe TV’s video input to matchthe             AUTO MULTI CH”’      Give priority to digital
  component selected.                                                   signals when there are both
                                                                        digital and MULTI CR INZ)
                                                                        connections.If there are no
                                                                        digital signals, MULTI CH
Pressto select and play another video/audio                             IIF is selected.
sourcein combination with the selected             MULTI CH FIXED4’     Specify the analog audio
component.                                                              signals inpnt to the MULTI
Each time you press the button, the display                             CH INa jacks.
changescyclically as follows:
                                                   1) For STR-DE985 MULTI CH 1 or 2.
VISUAL: XX~       -+ AUDIO: XXXXXX                 2) For STR-DE985, MULTI CH IN 1 or 2.
-+ Selectedcomponent                               3) For STR-DE985, AtJTO MULTI CH I or 2.
                                                   4) For STR-DE985 MULTI CH I (or 2) FIXED.

                                                   When INPUT MODE is set to “AIJTO 2Cw” or
                                                   “AUTO MULTI CH”, the receiver may not operate
VISUAL: XXXXXX          Any video sourceto enjoy   correctly. In this case,set the INPUT MODE
                        with the audio from the    manually.
AUDIO: XXXXXX           Any audio sourceto enjoy
                        with the video from the
                                                       Each time you press the button, the display
                                                       changescyclically as follows:
Press~ULTI/2CH ANALOG DIRECT to                        SPEAKER A 4 SPEAKER B -+
enjoy the audio source connected to the
                                                       SPEAKER OFF
MULTI CH INI) jacks or analog 2 channel
input jacks. Only volume control and the front         To drive                 Seiect
speakerbalancecan be adjusted when set to              SpeakerSystem A          SPEAKER A
2CH ANALOG DIRECT. When set to MULTI                   (Connectedto the
CH DIRE*), you can adjust balance and                  SPEAKERS FRONT A
level of all the speakers.When this function is        terminals)
on, the surround effects are turned off.               SpeakerSystemB            SPEAKER B
                                                       (Connectedto the
                                                       SPEAKERS FRONT B
MULTI CH            Enjoy the audio source             terminals)
DIRECTZ’            connectedto the MULTI CH
                    n\r’j jacks. MULTI CH IN”
                                                       When you select “SPEAKER OFF”, no sound
                    indicator lights up in the
                    display. This mode is suitable     will be output from your speakersand “SP.
                    for enjoying high quality analog   OFF” lights up in the display.
2CH ANALOG          Enjoy the audio source
DIRECT              connectedto analog 2 channel
                    jacks. This mode is suitable for   PressMUTING to mute the sound.The muting
                    enjoying high quality analog       function is canceledwhen you turn the power
                -____-                                 on or turn the MASTER VOLUME clockwise
                                                       to turn the volume up. You can also press
1) For STR-DE985, MULTI CH IN 1 or 2.                  MING        again to cancel the muting function.
2) For STR-DE985, MULTI CH 1 (or 2) DIRECT.

                                                       Use to connect headphones.
                                                       When the headphonesare connected,speaker
This indicator lights up when the unit is              output is automatically canceledand “SP.
decoding signals recorded in a multi channel           OFF” lights up in the display.
format.                                                When the headphonesare connected,selectable
                                                       soundfields are ~ADPHO~         (2CN),
                                                       ~ADPHQ~         (DIRECT), IIEADPHONE
                                                       (~~TI)3) and ~~P~O~            (THEATER)
 Press§PBA~R§ A/B button to output the                 (pas 32).
 sound from the speakersconnectedto the
 ~~~A~~~     FR0IVT terminals.
                                                        When “HEADPHONE (MULTI)s)” appearsin the
                                                        display while the headphones connected,only the
                                                        front L/R signals of the multi channelsare output
                                                        from the headphones.

                                                        3) For STR-DE985, HEADPHONE (MULTI 1) or
                                                           HEADPHONE (MULTI 2).
                                                  Each time you pressDISPLAY, the display
                                                  changescyclically as follows:
                                                  Index name of the component* -+ Selected
                                                  component -+ Sound field applied to the
                                                  program source

                                                  Index name of the preset station* --+
                                                  Frequency -+ Sound field applied to the band
                                                  or the preset station
                                                  B Indexnameappears whenyouhaveassigned
                                                     oneto thecomponent preset     station(page42).
                                                     Indexname  doesnot appe~whenonly blank
                                                     spaces been             or              as
                                                                      entered, it is the same the

Press2ND ROOM repeatedlyto select the             PressDEMUR repeatedly to adjust the
analog audio signals for output to a stereo       brightness of the display (5 steps).
amplifier in another room. For det~ails the       When set to the dimmest setting, the display
connection, seepage 15.                           and the blue LED are turned off. However,
                                                  when you press any button, the display
Each time you press the button, the audio         becomesthe brightest setting temporary.
sourcechangescyclically as follows:
*’ Theaudiosignals thecurrentfunctionis output.

  Even if 2ND ROOM is set to “SOURCE?‘,    the
  soundfrom front speakers not outputwhen
  Only signalsfrom components             to
                                connected the
  analoginput jacks areoutput throughthe 2ND
  ROOM OUT jacks. No signalsare output from
  components            to
              connected only the digital input
You can take advantageof surround sound
simply by selecting one of the receiver’s pre-
                                                   Cinema Studio EX A               A STUDIO EX A
programmed sound fields. They bring the
exciting and powerful sound of movie theaters
and concert halls into your home. You can also
customize the sound fields to obtain the sound
you want by changing the various surround          Cinema Studio EX C       CINEMA STTJDIOEX C
To fully enjoy surround sound, yon must            Mono Movie               MONO MOVIE
register the number and location of you            Stereo Movie             STEREO MOVIE
speakers.See “Multi channel surround setup”        Digital Concert Hall A   D. CONCERT HALL A -
starting from page 19 to set the speaker           Digital Concert Hall B   D. CONCERT HALL B
parametersbefore enjoying surround sound.                                   CHURCH
                                                   Opera House              OPERA HOUSE
                                                   Jazz Club                JAZZ CLUB
                                                   Disco/Club               DISCO I CLUB
                                                   Live Concert             LIVE CONCERT
                                                                                    .__-                 a-
                                                   Arena                    ARENA
                                                   Stadium                  STADIUM
“AUTO ~~~~D~~           appearsin the display.     Game                     GAME
This mode automatically detectsthe type of         Headphone(2CH)           HEADPHONE (ZCH)          _
audio signal being input (Dolby Digital, IX’S,     HeadphoneDirect          HEADPHONE (DIRECT)
or standard2 channel stereo) and performs the      HeadphoneMulti           HEADPHONE (MULTI)”
proper decoding if necessary.This mode
                                                   HeadphoneTheater         HEADPHONE THEATER
presentsthe sound as it was recorde~e~coded,
without adding any effects (e.g. reverberation),
Rowever, if theseare no low frequency signals      1) For STR-DE985, HEADPHONE (MULTI 1) or
(Dolby Digital LIZ, etc.) it will generatea low       HEADPHONE (MULTI 2).
frequency signal for output to the sub woofer.

                                                   selected,“Digital Cinema Sound” indicator in
You can enjoy surround sound simply by             the display lights up.
selecting one of the pre-produced sound
                                                   In collaboration with Sony Pictures
fields according to the program you want to
                                                   Ente~~nment, Sony measuredthe sound
listen to.
                                                   environment of their studios and integrated the
                                                   data of the measurementand Sony’s own DSP
                                                   (Digital Signal Processor)technology to
                                                   develop “Digital Cinema Sound”. In a home
                                                   theater, ‘“Rigital Cinema Sound” simulates an
                                                   ideal movie theater sound environment based
                                                   on the preference of the movie director.
                                                    Cinema Studio EX consists of the following
                                                    three elements.
                                                    * Virtual Multi Dimension
                                                       Creates5 setsof virtual speakers
Cinema Studio EX is ideal for enjoying the             surrounding the listener from a single pair of
movie software encodedwith multi channel               actual surround speakers.
format, such as the Dolby Digital DVD. This         e ScreenDepth Matching
mode reproducesthe sound characteristicsof
Sony Pictures Entertainment’s studios.                 In a movie theater, sound seemsto come
                                                       from inside the image reflected oo the movie
                                                       screen.This element createsthe same
The selectedsound field is indicated in the            sensationin your listening room by shifting
display.                                               the sound of the front speakers“into” the
                                                    e Cinema Studio Reverberation
Reproducesthe sound characteristicsof the              Reproducesthe reverberationspeculiar to a
Sony Pictures Entertainment “Cary Grant                movie theater.
Theater” cinema production studio. This is a        Cinema Studio EX is the integrated mode
standardmode, great for watching most any           which operatesthese elementssimultaneously.
type of movie.
                               ine             io      can select Cinema Studio EX by pressingMODE
                                                    (SOUND FIELD) repeatedly.
Reproducesthe sound characteristicsof the
Sony Pictures Entertainment “Kim Novak                The effects provided by the virtual speakersmay
Theater” cinema production studio. This mode          causeincreasednoise in the playback sign,&.
is ideal for watching science-fiction or action       When listening with sound fields that employ the
                                                      virtual speakers,you will not be able to hem any
movies with lots of sound effects.                    soundcoming directly from the surround speakers.

Reproducesthe sound characteristicsof the
Sony Pictures Entertainment scoring stage.
This mode is ideal for watching musicals or
classic films where music is featured in the
                                                   Reproduces the acoustics of a stone church.

                                                   Reproducesthe acoustics of an opera house.
                                                   Reproducesthe acoustics of a jazz club.
                                                                         isc     we)
Software with multi channel surround audio                               its     discotheque/
signals is played back according EO way it
                                                   dance club.
was recorded. Software with 2 charmel audio
signals is decodedwith Dolby Pro Logic (0
create smround effects.                                                              seatlive
                                   from movies                   racy)
with monaural soundtracks.                         Reproducesthe acoustics of a IOOO-seat
                                                   concert hall.
                   e environment from movies
recorded with stereo soundtracks.                  Reproduces(he feeling of a large open-air

Reproducesthe acoustics of a concert hall          Obtains maximum audio impact from video
using multi-speaker system and JD sound            game software.
imaging for software with 2 channel sigmals
like CDs.
s D. CONCERT HALL A reproduces the sonic
  character of the CO~C~RTGEBO~         in
  Amsterdam, which is famous for its large sound
  stage due to its reflectivity.
* D. CONCERT HALL B reproduces the sonic
  character of the MUSI~VB~~        in Vienna,
  which is famous for its hall resonance and
You can select directly by pressing the buttons
on the front panel.
                                                       “ZCH STEmW appearsin the display.
                                                       This mode outputs the sound from the front left
Standard2 channel (stereo) sourcescompletely
                                                       and right speakersonly. Standard 2 channel
bypassthe sound field processing.Multi
                                                       (stereo) sonrcescompletely bypass the sound
channel surround formats are downmixed to 2
                                                       field processing.Multi channel surround
                                                       fo~lats are downmixed to 2 chanuel.

                                                       No sound is output from the sub woofer when “2Cl-I
Outputs the analog signals without digital             STEREO” is selected.To listen to 2 channel (stereo)
processingby the equalizer, sound field, etc.          sourcesusing the front left zmdright speakersand a
                                                       sub woo&, Press DEC to select“AUTO

         e front analog signal from MULTI
CH IN’ jacks.

Allows you to experiencea theater like
environment while listening through a pair of
                                                       The receiver can reproduce the stereo sound in
                                                       multi channel through Dolby pro Logic II. You
1) For STR-DE985,HEADPHONE      (MULTI 1)or            can activate the decoder using the
2) For STR-DE985,MULTI CH IN 1 or 2.                   CUSTOMIZE menu. For details, seepage 44.
* Thereceiver you applythelastselected
            lets                     sound
  field to a program sonrcewhenever it is selected
  (Sound Field Link). For example, if you listen to
  CD with “JAZZ CLUB” as the sound field, change
  to a different program source,then return to CD,
  “JAZZ CLUB” will be applied    again.
* You can identify the encoding format of program
  sofware by looking at its packaging.
  Dolby Digital discs are labeled with the pQw
  logo, and Dolby Surround encodedprograms are
  labeled with the ~~~~~~~~~~1logo.
0 When sound signals with a sampling frequency of
  96 kHz are input, the sound signals are output in
  stereoautomatically, and the sound field is turned
                                                   The Surround EX Systemused in movie
                                                   theatersemploys a matrix system to produce
                                                   6.1 channelsfrom a 5.1 channel film
                                                   soundtrack. The matrix systemreproducesthe
 You can select the surround back decoding         soundtrack as intended by the filmmaker. All
mode to reproduce the surround back signal         DVD software encodedwith Dolby Digital,
 and enjoy 6.1 channel surround sound.             DTS-ES matrix 6.1, and DTS-ES Discrete 6.1
 PressSURR RACK D~C~D~G to select the              includes the 5.1 channel soundtrack designed
 surround back decoding mode. “SB                  for use in movie theaters.Therefore it is
DECOYING XxXxXx” appearsin the                     possible to change the soundtrackto the one
display and SB DEC indicator lights up.            designedfor use in movie theaters.
   When setto “AUTO”, the receiverperforms
   6.1 channelmatrix decodingonly if the 6.I
   channelsignalsdecodeflag is ON.
                                                                            a        back
                                                   a If you do not connect surround speaker.
   When setto “MATRIX”, the receiverperforms         You canstill enjoy6.1channel   surroundsound
   6.1 channelmatrix decodingonly if the                                        a         back
                                                     evenif you do notconnect surround speaker.
   surroundsignalsare 2 channel,regardless theof     Press SURRBACK DECODINGwhenyou select
   6.1 channeldecodeflag.                            “CINEMA STUDIOEX A-C” to usethe
   When setto ‘“OFF”, the receiverdoesnot            “VIRTUAL MATRIX 6.1” playback       function.The
                                                     sound               of
                                                           charateristics CINEMA STUDIOandthe
   perform 6.1 channelmatrix decoding.               3D sound                 a
                                                               imagingcreate virtual surround  back
   When the 6.1 channelmatrix decodingis                      and                    the
                                                     speaker, you canexperience surround        effect
   performedandthe surroundback speaker set  is      asif you arein a real theater.
   to “NO”, you can enjoy the surroundback           Select“AUTO” or “MATRIX” usingtheSURR
   signalswith virtual 3D technology,even            BACK DECODINGbutton.
   without an actualsurroundback speaker(the                        a          back
                                                   0 If you connect surround speaker.
                                                     When“NORMAL SURROUM)”is selected,          press
   box aroundSB doesuot light up). If the            SURRBACK DECODINGto select“MATRIX” or
   surroundback speaker setto “YES”, the             “AUTO”.
   surroundback signalsare output throughthe
   actual speaker(§B andthe box lights up).
This function works only for the multi channel
format [3/2].
This function is effective for the following
sound fields.

                             back    mode
You canalsoselectthe surround decoding
usingtheSB DECODINGparameter thein
CUSTOMIZEmenu(page      44).
            : Lights up when the source signal is a                 .: Lights up when the disc being played
      digital signal being input through the                 back contains the LFE (Low Frequency
      OPTICAL terminal.                                      Effect) channel. When the sound of the LFE
             Lights up when the source signal is a           chamtel signal is actually being reproduced,
            ignal being input through the                    the bars underneath the letters lights up to
      COAXIAL terminal.                                      indicate the level. Since the LFE signal is not
                                                             recorded in all parts of the input signal the bar
Eil        LB          ): Lights up when MULTI
                                                             indication will fluctuate (and may turn off)
      CH Ed (For STR-DE985, MULTI CH IN 1 or
                                                                  ng playback.
      2) is selected.
l3l            : Lights up wheu MPEG signals are
                                                        q         : Lights up when sub woofer selection is
                                                             set to “YES” (page 22) and the audio signal is
      input.                                                 output from the SUB WOOFER jacks.
                                                        El               ch                 r$: The letters
      Only the front 2 channelsare compatible with                       c.)                nels being
      MPEG format. Multi channel surround soundis            played back. The boxes around the letters
      downmixed and output from the front 2 channels.        vary to show how the receiver dowmixes the
Elm                 : Lights up when the receiver is         source sound (based on the speakers settings).
      dec           als recorded in the Dolby                When using sound fields like “DIGITAL
      Digital format.                                        CONCERT HALL”, the receiver adds
                     : Lights up when the receiver           reverberation based on the source sound.
      applies Pro Logic processing to 2 channel              L (Front Left), R (Front Right), C (Center
      signals in order to output the center and              (monaural)), SL (Surround Left), SR
      surround channel signals. However, this                (Surround Right), S (Surround (monaural or
      indicator does not light if the center and             the surround components obtained by Pro
      surround speakers are set to “NO”, and                 Logic processing)), SB (Surround Back (the
      “AUTO DECODING” or “NORMAL                             surround back components obtained by 6.1
      SURROUND” is selected.                                           obz))

      Pro Logic decoding does not function for MPEG          Recording format (Fron~Surround): 312
      format signals.                                        Output channel: Surround speakers absent
                                                             Sound Field: AUTO DECODING
ml            ~~~~~~~:   Lights up when using the
              tunein radio stations,etc. See
              1 for tuner operations.
            Lights up when sleeptimer is              By adjusting the surround parametersand the
   activated.                                         equalization of the front, center, surround, and
                                                      surround back speakers,you can customize the
a               np when the equalizerfunctions.
                                                      sound iields to suit your particular listening
@I             : Lights up when dynamicrange          situation.
   compressron activated.Seepage38 to
   adjustthe dynamicrangecompression.                 Once you customize a sound field, the changes
                                                      are stored in the memory indefinitely. You can
         Lights up when DTS signalsare input.
                                                      changea customized sound field any time by
                                                      making new adjustmentsto the parameters.
     When     playinga DTS formatdisc,be surethat     Seethe tables starting from page 66 for the
       youhavemade                     and
                      digitalconnections that         parametersavailable in each sound field.
       INPUT MODE is NOT setto “ANALOG 2CH
       FIXED” (page  27).
El             F: Lights up when headphones  are
       insertedor the SPEARERSA/B button is set
       to “SPEAKER OFF”.
                                                      Position your speakersand do the procedures
(liiil LIDi:Lights up when Dolby Digital signalsare
                                                      described in “h4ulti channel surround setup”
                                                      starting from page 19 before you customize a
                                                      sound field.

                                                      The SURR menu contains parametersthat let
                                                      you customize various aspectsof the current
                                                      sound field. The settings are stored in~vidually
                                                      for each sound field.

                                                         The button lights up and the first parameter

                                                            e setting is enteredautomatically.
                                                     inside the image reflected on the movie screen.
                                                     This parameter lets you create the xarue
parameter              Initial a@~in~                sensationin your listening room by shifting the
EFFECT                 (deoendson the sound field)   sound of the front speakers“into” the screen.
WALL S.J-H1’           Midpoint                      “DEEP” provides the greatestamount of screen
REVERB S-I-L”          Midpoint
SCREEN DEPTH”          MID                           Allows you turn to the virtual speakerscreated
VIR. SPEAKERS”         ON                            by “CJNl3VIA STUDIO 33XA, B, c” on or off.

1) You can set this parameteronly when you set
   menu @age44).

Lets you acljust the “presence” of the current
surround effect.

Lets you control the level of the high
frequenciesto alter the sonic characterof yam
listening environment by simulating a softer (S)
or harder (H) wall. The midpoint designatesa
neutral wall (made of wood).

reflections to simulate a sonically longer (L) or
shorter (S) room. The midpoint designatesa
standardroom with no adjustment.

This parametercan be used when ‘3.
CONCERT HALL A, B” is selected.This
parameterlets you adjust the amount of
reverberationsto add to the front signals
according to the original reverberationsin the
* To increase tionc reverberations, select “WET”.
* To decreasefront reverberations, select “DRY”.
                                                    and right speakers.
The LEVEL menu conlains pammetersthat let
you adjust the balance and volumes of each
speaker.The settings are applied to all sound
fields.                                             Lets you adjust the Ievel of the center speaker.

                                                    Lets you adjust the level of the surround left
                   its up and the first parameter
   is displayed.
                                                    Lets you adjust the level of the surround right

     e setting is entered automatically.
                                                    Lets you adjust level of the surround back
                                 Initial behind
FRONT L-1-R                      Center
CENTER LEVEL XXX dB              OdB                            ust the level of the sub woofer.
SURR L LEVEL XXX dB              OdB
SURR R LEVEL XXX dB              083
SURR BACK LEVEL XXX dB           0 dR
                                                    Lets you attenuatethe level of the LFE (Low
S. WOOFER LEVEL XXX dB           0 dB
                                                    Frequency Effect) channel output from the sub
LFE MIX LEVEL XXX dB”            OdB                woofer without effecting the level of the bass
n RANGE COMP. XXX”               OFF                frequencies sent to the sub woofer from the
                                                    front, center or surround channelsvia the
1) You cansetthisparameter
                         only whenyou set           Dolby Digital or DTS bassredirection
   “MENU EXPAND” to “ON” in the CUSTOMIZE           circuitry.
                                                    e For LFE mix level, ‘0 dB” outputsthe full LFE
                                                       signal at the mix level determined the
                                                    a To mutethe soundof the LFE channelfrom the
                                                       subwoofer, select“OF. However,the low
                                                       frequencysoundsof the front, center,or
                                                       surroundspeakers output from the sub
                                                       woofer accordingto the settingsmadefor each
                                                       speakerin the speaker   setup(page19-22).
                                                  display lights up when the equalizesis turned
                                                  on. When you adjust the equalizer using the EQ
                                                  parameters,the settings are stored separately
Lets you compressthe dynamic range of the         for each sound field and can be reproduced
soundtrack. This may be useful when you want      whenever you tnrn on the equalizer.
to watch movies at low volumes late at night.
We recommendusing the “MAX” setting.
* To reproduce soundtrack with no
   compression, select“OFF”.                                              and frequency of bass.
e To reproduce soundtrack with the dynamic
   rangeintendedby the recordingengineer,select
                                                  Lets you adjust the gain and freqnency of
* To compress dynamicrangein small steps          midrange.
   to achievethe soundyou desire,select“O.l”-
0 To reproducea dramaticcompression the
   dynamicrange,select“MAX”.                      Lets you adjust the gain and frequency of
Dynamicrange            is       with
              compression possible Dolby
Digital sources
                                                                   e gam and freqnency of bass.

The EQ menu lets you adjust the equalization
of the front, center, surround, and surround
back speakers.The settings are stored             Lets you adjust the gain and frequency of

                                                  Lets you adjust the gain and frequency of
   The button lights up and the first parameter
                                                  * You can setthe parameter frequencyonly
                                                    when you set“MENU EXPAND” to “ON” in
                                                    the CUSTOMIZE menu(page44).

   The setting is enteredautomatically.
Lets you adjust the gain and frequeucy of bass.

                                                       Initialize” appearsin the display and
                                                  ah sound fields are reset at once.

Lets you adjust the gain and frequency of
* You can setthe parameter frequencyonly
   when you set “‘MENU EXPAND” to “ON” in
   the CU~~O~~E menu(page44).
Before receiving broadcasts,make sure YOU          * If you do not rememberthe precise frequency, press
have connectedFM and Al@ antennasto the                                                    the
                                                     TUNING + or TUNING - afterentering value
receiver (page 7).                                                         you
                                                     closeto thefrequency want.Thereceiver
                                                     automaticallytttnesin thestationyou want.If the
                                                     frequency        to
                                                               seems be higherthantheentered
                                                     value,press TUNING +, andif thefrequency    seems
                                                     to belowerthantheentered   value,press
                                                     TUNING -.
                                                   e If “STEREO”flashes thedisplayandtheFM
You can enter a frequency of the station you         stereo          is           FM
                                                           reception poor,press MODE to ch;ltige
want directly by using the numeric buttons on       to monaural (MONO). You will not be able to enjoy
the supplied remote. For details on the buttons     the stereo effect,but thesoundwill bc less
used in this section, seepages48-57 for remote      distorted. To return to stereomode, pressFM
F&%-PC41 and pages48-55 for remote
           1                                        MODE again.
                                                   The tuning scale diffcrs dependingon the areacode
                                                   as shown in the followingtable. For details on area
                                                   codes, seepage4.
   The last received station is tuned in.
                                                   Afwl code                FM          A
                                                   U, CA                    100 kHz     10 kHz*

                                                   * TheAM tuning scalecan be changed(page 62).

   Example 1: FM 102.50 MHz

                                                   If you don’t know the frequency of the station
                                                   you want, you can let the receiver scan all
   Example 2: AM 1350 kHz
   (YOUdon’t have to enter the last “0” when the
                                                   available stationsin your area.
   tuning scale is set to 10 kHz.)

   Make sure you’ve enteredthe right
   frequency. If not, repeat steps3 and 4.            PressTUlWJG + to scan fkom low to high;
   If the enterednumbers still flash, the             press TUNING - to scan from high to low.
   frequency is not used in your area.                The receiver stops scanning whenever a
                                                      station is received.

                                                      Scanning is repeatedin the samedirection.
                                                     Do steps 1 to 6 to preset a new station to the
After you have tuned in stations using Direct
Tuning or Automatic Tuning, you can preset
them to the receiver. Then you can tune in any
of the stations directly by enteriug its
2-characterpreset code usiug the supplied
remote. Up to 30 FM or AM stations can bc            You can tune the preset stations by either of the
preset.The receiver will also scan all the           following two ways.
stations that you have preset.
Before tuning to preset stations, be sure to
preset them by performing stepson “Presetting
radio stations”.

                                                                                   utton, the receiver
   The last received station is tuned in.               tunes in one preset station at a time, in the
                                                        corresponding order and directiou as

   “~~~OR~      appearsin the display for a
   few seconds.
   Do steps4 to 6 before “MAYORS goes
                                                                                    rform the
                  to ~~~~~                       e   following operations.For details on the buttons
                                                     used in this section, seepages48-57 for remote
               ou press SHIFT, the letter “t\“,      ~-P~411 and pages4%S5 for remote
   “‘B”, or “‘G” appears in the display.

                                                        The last received station is tuned in.
  the preset number, start again from step 3.
                              to St

             ORu” goes out before you can
   store the station, start again from step 3.
 You can enter a name (index name) of up to 8       When MULTI CH DIRECT (for STR-DE985,
 charactersfor preset stations and program          MULTI CH 1 (or 2) DIRECT) is selected,“NAME
 sources.These names (for example, “VHS”)           IN?” does not appearin the display.
 appearin the receiver’s display when a station
 or program sourceis selected.Note #at no
 more than one name can be entered for each
 preset station or program source.
 This function is useful for distinguishing         Before you begin, make sure you’ve comrected
 componentsof the samekind. For example,            all componentsproperly.
 two VCRs can be specified as “VHS” and
  “8MM”, respectively. It is also handy for
 identifying componentsconnectedto jacks
 meant for another type of component, for
  example, a secondCD player connectedto the        You can record on a cassettetape or MiniDisc
 MDlDAT jacks (STR-DE985) or MD/TAPE                using the receiver. See the operating
 jacks (SIX-DE885).                                 instructions of your cassettedeck or MD deck
                                                    if you need help.

     The last station you received is tuned in.        player.
     If you are not familiar with how to tune in
     preset stations, see“Tuning to preset
     stations” on page 41.

     Turn the jog dial to select a character,then
     press > to move the cursor to the next
     Turn the jog dial until a blank spaceappears

     Press < or > repeatedly until the character
     to be changedflashes, then turn the jog dial
US   to select the right character.
* You cannot record a digital audio signal using a      You can record the soundfrom any audio sourcemlto
  componentconnectedto the analog TAPE OUT or           a videotapewhile copyingfrom a videotapeor laser
  MD/DAT OUT jacks (STR-DE985) or the analog            disc. Locate the point where you want to start
  MD/TAPE OUT jacks (STR-DE885). To record a            recording from anotheraudio source,select the
  digital audio signal, connecta digital componentto    program source,then start playback. The audio from
  the DIGITAL MD/DAT OUT jacks (STR-DE985)              that wurce will be recordedonto the audio track of
  or the DIGITAL MD/TAPE OUT jacks (STR..               the video tape instead of the audio from the original
  DE885).                                               medium. To resumeaudio recording from the original
0 Sound adjustmentsdo not affect the signal output      medium, select the video sourceagain.
  from the TAPE OUT or MDiDAT OUT jacks
  (STR-DE985) or the MD/TAPE OUT jacks
  (STKDE885).                                           * Make sure to make both digital and analog
* Some sourcescontain copy guardsto prevent               connectionsto the TV/SAT and DVD/LD inputs.
  recording. In this case,you may not be able to          Analog recording is not possible if you make only
  record from the sources.                                digitai connections.
0 The analog audio signals of the current function is   * The analog audio signals of the current function is
  output from the REC OUT jacks.                          output from the REC OUT jacks.
* When MULTI CH IN (for STR-DE985, MUL,TI               * When MULTI CH IN (for SIR-DE985, MULTI
  CH IN 1 or 2) is selected,the analog audio signals      CH IN 1 or 2) is selected,the analog audio signals
  of the current function is output from the REC OUT      of the current function is output from the REC OUT
  jacks.                                                  jacks.
L*No signals are output from DIGITAL OUT jacks
                                                        You can set the receiver to turn off
                                                        automatically at a specified time.

You can record from a VCR, a TV, or an LD
player using the receiver. You can also add
audio from a variety of audio sourceswhen                             u pressthe button, the display
editing a video tape. Seethe operating                  changescyclically as follows:
instructions of your VCR or LD player if you            2:00:00-+1:30:00-+1:00:00--+
                                                        The display dims after you have specified the
                                                        time. While using Sleep Timer, “SLEEP” lights
                                                        up in the display.

   For example, inset-tthe laser disc you want
                                                        * PressALT on the remote before you press SLEEP
   to record into the LD player.
                                                          (page 51).
                                                        * You can freely specify the time. After pressing
                                                          SLEEP, specifythe timeyou wantusingthejog dial
                                                          and cursor buttons (< or >) on the receiver. The
                                                          sleep time changesin 1 secondintervals. You can
                                                          specify up to 5 hours.
                                                        * To check the remaining time before the receiver
                                                          turns off, press SLEEP. The remaining time appears
                                                          in the display.
                                                 Lets you specify the type of decoding for the 2
                                                 chatmel source.This receiver incorporates with
                                                 Dolby Pro Logic PI which has movie mode and
                                                 music mode, and the receiver can reproducethe
                                                 2 chamd sound in 5.1 cbmel tbmugh Dolby
                                                 Pro Logic II.
                                                    When setto “PRO LOGIC, the receiver
                                                    netimms the Pro L&c decodinp.The source
                                                    recordedin 2 channelis decoded 4
                                                    When setto “TL li; MOVW, alhe  receiver
                                                   p-forms the Pro Logic 3 movie mode
                                                   decoding. This setting is ideal fm the movies
                                                   encoded in Dolby Sunound. Besides, this mode
                                                   can reproduuce sound in 5.1 channel when
                                                   watching the videos of old movies or in tbe
                                                   dubbed language.
                                                    Wncn set to “PL E IMUSIC”, the receiver
                                                    performs the Pro Logic E music mode
                                                    decoding. This setting is ideal for tbe norm&
                                                    stereo sowces, such as CDs.

                                                 = Dolby Pro Logic ‘[4does not function for DTS or
s. FIELD LINK xxx           QN                     MPEG format signals.
POWER SAVE XXX              OFF                  0 “2CH MODE“ only appearswhen yoo select
                                                   “NQWMrZI SUWRQUnlD” or “AUTQ
AUTO FUNCTION xxx           OiJ                    DECODING”.
QSD xxxxxxxxxx2’            COLOR
QSD V.PQSITZQN xX2’         4

1) For STR-BE%% MULTI CH 1 or 2 XXXXXXX.
2) ST&DE985 only.

                        m           “OFF’
(default setting). When set to “    ‘, you can
select alI adjustableparametersfor SET UP,
s      , LEVEL and EQ buttons and do tbe
advancedsettingsfor each menu.
                                                the Sony componentsconnectedvia COmOL
page 33.                                        Al cords (seepage 14) automatically when the
                                                               onent is set to play mode.

Lets you assign a function to WI
STR-DE985, MULTI CN 1 OF2). You cannot
assign 7YWNER PHfXTO.                           display.
FOF S’IX-DE985, you cannot assignthe same
function to both      TICHland2.

                                                Lets you adjust the position of the on-screen
           apply the last selec             a   display horizontally.
           sowrcewhenever it
           if you listen to CD

program source,then return to CD, STADIWM
will be applied again.                          Lets yaw adjnst the position of the on-screepl
                                                disphy vertically.

Lets you tm-0on the receiver automatical8y
when the component connectedvia CCXVEXX.        Lets yaw select the command mode of the
AI cords (seepage 24) is turned on and the      remote. Change the comd       mode when yon
playback is started.                            use 2 Sony receivers in the sameroom.
When set to “4>pa”,you can save the power
consumption of the receiver dwring standby
                                                                           Al control systemhas been
                                                          updatedto the CONTROL AlIl which is the
                                                          standardsystem in the Sony 300 disc CD changer
                                                          and other recent Sony components,Components
                                                          witb CONTROL Al jacks are compatible with
                                                          componentswith CONTROL .AlII, and can be
                                                          connectedto each other. Basically, the majority of
                                                                        available with the CONTROL Al
                                                          the funfunctions
                                                          co~troi system will be available with the
                                                          COhTROL AiLI control system.
                                                          However. when making counectionsbetween
                                                          componentswith CONTROL Al jacks and
                                                          componentswith CONTROL AlEi jacks, the
                                                          number of functions that can be controlled may be
                                                          limited dependingon the component. For detaiIed
                                                          information, refer to the operating instructions
                                                          suppiied with the component(s).

                                                         Connect monaural mini-plug cords in seriesto
                        OX. Al IH connections
                                                                     OL Al II jacks on the back of each
provide a path for the transmission of conlrol
                                                         ampone&.    You can connect up to 10
signals which enable aumnaFic operatim and
                                                                      Al 11 coqatibb  components in
control feaFuresusually associatedwith
                                                         my order. However, you cm connect ody one
integm.Fed system.
                                                         of each type of component (Le., I CD player, 1
                    CK. Al E corrections                 MD deck, 1 Fape deck md 1 receiver).
                                                                       able to connect rmxe than one CD
                                                                       deck, depending on tie model.
                                                         Refer io the operating ~ns~~~Q~s supplied
                                                         witb tie respective componenF for details.)


s The CONTROL AlHI Control System is designedto          Amplifier CD                  Tape      Other
  maintain upward compatibility as the Conbcol           (Receiver) player FEk         deck      component
  System is upgradedto handle new functions. In this
  case,however, older componentswill not be              In the COhTROL Al Xl contrd system,ebe
  compatible with the new functions.                     control signals flow both ways, so there is no
* Do not operatea 2 way remote control unit when
  the CONTROL AlII jacks are connectedvia a PC
                                                         disFinctionof IN and OUT jacks. K a
  interface kit to a personalcomputer   running“‘MD      component has more than one CCNTROL
  Editor” or similar application. Also, do not operate   Al iI jack, you can use either one, or connect
  the connectedcomponent in a manner contrary to         &EerenFcomponentsto eachjack.
  the functions of the application, as this may cause
  the application to operateincorrectly.
Jacks and connection examples
                                                 * You must connect a CONTROL Al compatible
                                                   amplifier (receiver) using a monaural mini-plug
                                                   cord in order to take advantageof the automatic
                                                   function selection feature.
                                                 * This function only works when the componentsare
                                                   connectedto the amplifier (or receiver) inputs
                                                   according to the nameson the function buttons.
                                                   Certain receiversallow you to switch the namesof
                                                   the function buttons. In this case,refer to the
                                                   operating instructions supplied with the receiver.
                                                 s When recording, do not play any componentsother
                                                   than the recording source. It will causethe

                                                     s function lets you conduct synchronized
It is possible to make connectiohlsbetween       recording between the selectedsouxe and
CWTROL A                          AllI jacks.      corder components.
Pm &s.i~s reg                     omections or
set up options, refer to the operathg
instructions suppEedwith the connpone~~t(s).

ax.2supplied with a connecting cord as an
accessory.In this case,use the connecting cord
for ymr connection.
When using a connmerciaDy available cord, nse
a monaural mini-plug cord less than 2 tieters
long, with no resistance(such as the Sony

The CONTROL Al II functions will operate as
long as the component you want to operate is
turned 0~1,even if ii@of the other connected     e Do not setmorethanonecomponent the pause
componentsare not tmned on.                       IllOde.
                                                 * Certain recorder componentsmay be equipped with
                                                   a special synchronizedrecording function that uses
When you connect a COEVTROLAPE                     the CONTROL AID Control System. such as “CD
                                                   Synchro Dubbing”. IInthis case,refer to the
compatible Sony ampliEer (or receiver) to          operating instructions supplied with the recorder
other Sony componentsusing momurd mini-            component.
plug cords, the fmctim selector on the
amplifier (or receiver) ~utomaticdly switches
to the correct input when you press the play
button on one of the connectedcompoxxents.
You can use the

to operate the components in your system.

1mee-F (size-AA) batteries wilh the f and -
properly oriented in FhebatFerycompa.rFmenF.
When ‘ng Fheremote, point it at the remote
           on the receiver.

                                                        EXECUTE   I_

     er normal conditions, the batteriesshou?d for
about 6 months. When the remote no longer operates
the receiver, replace all batteries with new ones.

 e Do not leave the remote in an extremely hot or
   humid place.
 * Do not use a new battery with an old one.
 * Do not exposethe remote sensorto direct sunlight
   or lighting apparatuses.Doing so may causea
 s If you don’t use the remote for an extendedperiod
   of time, remove the batteries to avoid possible
   damagefrom battery leakageand corrosion.
                                                       The tables below show the settings of each
                                                       button cmmon to both remote I&M-P641 1 and
                                                       RM-PP41 t .

                                                       I/O        Receiver
                                                                             Turnsthe receiveron or off.
                                                       SLEEP      Receiver   Activates the sleep
                                                                             function and the duration
                                                                             which the receiver turns
                                                                             off automatically.
Remet@       ~~~~~~i~~s         ~M~~i~~
VIDEO 1      Receiver           To watch VCR.                t/+
                                                             -.          Receiver      Select a menu item.
                                (VTR mode 3)                 +/-%.       Receiver      Makes adjustment or
VTDEO 2      Receiver           To watch VCR.                                          changethe setting.
                                (VTR mode 1)                 MASTER      Receiver      Adjusts the master
-.                        _-^
VLDEO 3      Receiver           To watch VCR.                VQL +/-                   volume of the receiver.
                                (VTR mode 2)                 MAIN        Receiver      Pressthis button
DVDILD       Receiver           To watch DVD or laser        MENU                      repeatedlyto select one
                                disc.                                                  of the five cmsor modes:
TV/SAT       Receiver           To watch TV programs                                   EQ, SWRR,LEVEL,
                                or satellite receiver.                                 SET UP and
CDISACD Receiver
____                            To listen to compact disc.
                                                             ON          Receiver    To display the menusof
TUNER   Receiver                To listen to radio           SCREEN                  the receiver on the TV
                                oroerams.                                            screen.
                                                                             .“.-.-                         ..-
PHQNO    Receiver               To listen to turntable.      AV a/e      TVNCIU      Turns the audio and
MULTI CH Receiver               Se&s MULTI CH IN*                        CD player/  video componentson or
                                source.                                  VCD player/ off.
SOURCE       Receiver                                                    LD player/
                                Selects2ND AV output.
                                                                         DVD player/
TEST         Receiver           PressLO output test tone.                MD de&
TONE                                                                     DAT deck
PRESET       -‘Receiver         Selectspreset sound field    SYSTEM      ReceiverTTVl Tnrns off the receiver and
                                (e.g. Cinema Studio          STANDBY     VCR/Satellite other Sony andioivideo
                                EX A. B. C).                 (Press      tuner/CD      components.
AUTO DEC Receiver               SelectsAUTO                  AV r/O      player/VCD
                                DECODING mode.               and m!l     playerfIX piayed
                                                             at the      DVD player/
MPXDUAL Receiver                SelectDual Mono or
                                                             sametime)   MD deck/DAT
                                BilingnaI soundof Dolby
                                                             ___.-...-   deck/Tape deck
                                Digital or DTS, etc.
                                                             1-9 and     Receiver      Use with “SHIFY button
ANALOG       Receiver           Selects2CH AlALOG
                                                             Oil0                      to select tuner preset
DlRECT                          DIRECT.
                                                                                       station numeric input
2CH          Receiver           Selects2CH mode                                        during DIRECT
MODE cl-     Receiver           Selectssoundfield mods.                                TUNSNG or MEMORY
SHIFT        Receiver           Pressrepeat&y to select
                                a memory page for                        CD player/      Select track numbers.
                                presetting radio stations                VCD player/ 0 selectstrack 10.
                                or tuning to preset                      LD player/
                                stations.                                MD deck/
                                                                         DAT deck
D.TUNENG Receiver               Tuner station direct key-
                                in-mode.                                 TVNCW           Select channel numbers.
                                                                         Satellite tuner
MUTING       Receiver           Mutes the sound from the

* For STR-DE985, pressrepeatedlyto seiect MULTI
  CK IN 1 or 2.
                                                              VCR/           Skips tracks.
                                                              CD player/
                                                              VCD player/
            CR player/   Select track numbers                 ID player/
            VCD piayer/ over 10.                              DVD player/
            LD player/MD                                      MI.? deck/
            de&Tape deck                                      RAT deck/
                                                              Tape deck
AUDIO       TV/ VCR/     Changesthe sound to
            DVD player Multiplex, Bilingual or                CD player/     Searchestracks
                         Multi channel TV Sound.              VCD player/    (forward or backward).
                                                              DVD player!
SWAP~I      TV            Swapsthe small and                  LD player/
ANGLE                     large picture.                      MD deck
            DVD player To select viewing angle                VCR/           Fast forwards or
                       or changesthe angles.                  DAT deck/      rewinds.
JUMP/       TV            Toggles between the                 Tape deck
TIME                      previous and the current            VCIU           Starts play.
                          channels.                           CR player/
            CD player/  Shows the time or                     VCR player/
            VCD player/ displays the playing time             LD player/
            RVD player of disc, etc.                          DVR played
PRESET/     Receivei-   Scansand selectspreset                MD deck/
cw                      stations.                             RAT deck/
                                                              Tape deck
DSKIF +A TVIVCW          Seiectspreset channels.
         satellite tuner                                       VCR/          Pauses play or record.
                                    _-.                        CD played     (Also startsrecording
         CD played       Skips discs (m&i-disc                 VCR player/   with componentsin
         VCD player/ changeronly).                             LD player/    record standby.)
         DVD player/                                           DVD player/
         MD deck                                               MD de&f
ENTER    TVNCW           After selecting a channel,            DhT deck!
         satellitetuner/ disc or track using the               Tape deck                     .-_____
         LD player/      numeric buttons, pressto              VCR/          Stops play.
         MD deck/        enter the value.                      CR player/       -
         DAT de&I                                              VCD player/
         Tane deck                                             LR player/
DISC     CD player/      Selectsa disc directly                DVD player/
         VCD player (multi-disc changer                        MD deck/
                         dy).                                  RAT deck/
ANT         VCR            Selectsoutput signal                Tape deck
                           from aerial terminal: TV   DISPLAY TVivCW         Selectsinformation
                           signal or VCR program.             VCD player/    displayed on the TV
                                                               LD played     screen.
* only for Sony TVs with the picture-in-picture                DVD player
  function.                                                    MD Deck       Selectsinformation on
                                                                             the display.
Remotci   0peratlons      Function                      Remote  Operations        Fumetim
Buttton                                                 E%MQrm
~TlJRN/   VCD player/     Returnsto the previous        USEMODE Remote            To set up the remote.
EXIT      LD player/      menu.                         AVl and   Remote          Select the command
          DVD player                                    AV2                       mode of the remote.
          Satellite       Exits the menu.               ALT       Remote          Changeremote key
          f,l”CT                                                                  function to activate those
SUBTITLE DVD player       Changesthe subtitles.                                   buttons with orange
--..-...-                                                                         orintina.
CLEAR     DVD player      Pressif you made a
                          mistake when you press
                          the number button or
                          pressto return to the
                          continuous play etc.
SEARCH DVD player         Seiect searchingmode.
MODE                      Pressto select the unit for   TAPE       Receiver       To Men to audio tape.
                          search(track, index, etc.)    MDfDAT     Receiver       To listen to Minidisc or
TOPMENU/ DVD player       Displays DVD title.                                     DAT deck.
GUIDE   Satellite tuner   Displays          ZND        Remote         Select the command
                                         ..-                                      mode of the remote.
AV MENU VCR/Satellite     Displays menu.
        tuner/                                          Ml and     Remote         To perform several
        DVD slaver                                      M2                        commandsin sequence
        VCD playcrl       Returns to the previous                                 automaticallv.
        LD player/        menn or exits the menu.
        DVD slaver
+f+ld*  VCRfSateilite Selectsa meno item.
        DVD player
                                                        MD/TAPE     Receiver      To listen to Minidisc
ENTER/ VCRfsateliite Pressto enter the
                                                                                  or audio tape.
EXECUTE tuner/        selection.
        DVD player                                      AWX         Receiver      To listen to an audio
TV I/O  TV            Turns the TV on or off.
_ __
 f      TV            Selectsthe channelentry
                      mode, either one or two
                      digit.                            0 Some functions explained in this section may not
TVVOL   TV-           Adjust the volume of the            work dependingon the model of the receiver.
                                                        e The above explanation is intended to serve as an
                                                          example only.
TV CH +f- TV              SelectpresetTV                  Therefore, dependingon the component the above
                          channels.                       operation may not be possible or may operate
TV/        TV             Selectsinput signal: TV         differently than described.
VDEQ                      input or video input.         a To activate the buttons with orangeprinting. press
                                                          ALT first before pressingme buttons.
WIDE       TV              Selectsthe wide picture      * The MPXfDUAL and 12 functions are not available
                           mode.                          for set operation @J&P641 1 only). The AUX,
                                                          SOURCE, MPXDLJAL, 12 and ON SCREEN
                                                          functions are not available for set operation
                                                          (RM-PI311 only).
                                                        e Before you use the sBf+f~f=+fENTERfEXECLJ’i”E
                                                          buttons for receiver operation, pressMAIN MENU.
                                                          To operateother components,pressTOP MENUf
                                                          GUIDE or AV MENU after pressingthe function
                                                     Press USE MODE. You cm check the remote
                                                     by the idicator.

Set tie retnote mode using the USE MODE              AVI                        once
button and the remote mode buttons.                  AT?                        twice

YoLncan switch the c5rmna~d mode (AW or
AWj of the remote. If the commancImode of
the receiver and the removeis &Eerent, yore
cmnot me the remote to operatethe receiver.

                                                     The indicator lights 3 times, then goes OR.
The indicator lights once (twice for AV2) _then
the command mode switches.

                                                     You can program the remote to c~ntml non-
You can use the remote CO  select the function
for the 2nd room (2nd mom modee).    You can         Sonay  componentsby changing the code. Q)nce
use the function buttoas o&y for the 2nd mom.        the control signals have been memorized, you
                                                     can use those compon.entsas part of your
                                                     Furthermore, you can also program the remote
                          Me, then the mode          for Sony componentsthat.the remote is tmable
switches to the 2nd room mode.                       to conthol. Note t&Z the remote can only
                                                     coplt.rolcomponentsthat accept infrared
e If you press functionbuttonwhilepressing
              a                             down     wireless coritrol signals.
  SOURCE, cansdectthefunctionfor the2nd
  roomeventhoughthemodeis not setto the 2nd
0 If you press
             SOURCE    only, you canoutputthe           The indicator lights.
  source signalof thecurrentfunctionof thereceiver
  to theamplifierin the2ndroom.

                                                        Pm example, if you are going to control a
                                                        CD player, press CD/SKIP.
                                                        mThe indicator turns off while a valid button is
                                                        * In step 2, if several function buttons are pressed,
                                                          only the last pressedbutton is valid.
                                                        4 In step 2, if you pressTV I/O, only TV VQL +/-,
                                                          TV CH +I-, TVNDEO and WIDE buttons are
  Seethe tables on pages54 and 55 for                     reprogrammed.
  information on the numeric code(s)                      In
                                                        @ step 3. if a function button is pressed,the new
  correspondingto the component and the                   function is selectedand the programming procedure
  maker of the component (the first digit and             returns to the beginning of step 3.
  the last two digits of the numetic code               a For the numeric codes,oniy the first three numbers
  correspondto the category and the maker’s               enteredare valid.

                                                        To clear all programmed ad learned signds,
   Once the numesic code has been verified,                the
                                                        dc3 foollowingto reset the remote to factory
   the indicator slowly flashes twice and the           settings.
   remate automatically exits the programming
                                                                  ator flashes 3 times, then goes off.

PressUSE MODE during any step. The
rermte automatically exits the programming
                                                        Use the rmumericcodesin the tables below to
                                                        controf non-Sony componentsand also Sony
                                                        componentsthat the remote is normally unable
                      ed button to activate the         to comd. Since the remote signal that a
function you wani.                                                                           on
                                                        component acceptsdiBers de-pending the
                                                        model and year of the component, mose &an
                                                        one numeric axie may be assignedto a
                                                        component. If you fail to progsamyolar semote
0 If the indicator doesnot light up in step 1, the      using me of the codes,try usirmgother codes.
  batteries are weak. Replaceboth batteries.
e If the indicator flashes4 times in quick succession
  while entering tbe numeric code, an error has           Thenumeric    are   on
                                                                    codes based thelatest
  occurred. Start again from step 1.                      information available for each brand. There is a
                                                          chance.however, that your compotlent will not
                                                          respond to some or all of the codes.
                                                        * AU of the functions on this remote may not be
                                                           available wher used with your pa.&xlar
                                                         SONY               601,602,603
                                                         PropJEER           606

SONY                      101.102,103
DENON                     104,123
JVC                       105. 106,107
KENWOOD                   108,109.110
MAGNAVOX                  111.116
MARANTZ                                              -
ONKYO                     112.113,114                    Maker              code@]
PANASONIC                 115                            SONY               701.702,703.704,705,
                                                         AIWA               710,750,157,758
TECHNICS                  115.118,119                    AKAl               707.708,709,759
YAMAHA                    120,121.122                    BLAUPUNKT          740
                                                         EMERSON            711.712,713,?14,715,
                                                         FISHER             717.718,719.120
                                                         GENERAL ELECTRIC   721,722.730
SONY                      203                                                                  _-.-.-
                                                         GOLDSTAR           723.753
PIONEER                   219
                                                         GRUNDIG            724
                                                         WlTACHI            722.725,7'9.741
                                                         ITT/NOEUA          717
                                                         JVC                726.727,7'8,736
SONY                      301                            MAGNAVOX           730,731,738
DENQN                     302                            MHTSUBISI-IIIMGA   732.733,734.?35
JVC                       303                            NEC                136
KENWOOD                   304                            PANASONIC          729.730,137,738.739,

                                                         PMLLPS             729.130,?31
                                                         PIONZER            729
SONY                      201,202                        RCAmROSCAN         722.729,730.731,741,
DENQN                     204.205
                                                         SAMSIJNG           742,743,744,745
KENWOOD                   206,207,208,209                --..
NAKAMICI-II               210                            SANYO              717,720,746
                                                         SHARP              148,749
PANASONIC                 216
PHILIPS                   211,212                        TELEFUNKEN         751,752
PIONEER   __-      -..~   213,214                        TOSHIBA            747,755,756
                                                         ZENITH             754
TECHNICS                  215,216
YAMAHA                    217,218
Maker                   CQd~S)
SONY                    401,402,403
PANASONIC               406,408
kILIPS                  407               .~
PIONEER                 409                          By using the Leaning function, it is possible
                                                     for this remote to perform learned commands.
TOSHIBA                 404
DENON                   405

                                                     presets stored in the remote, it is possible for
--                                                   the remote to learn the code using the Learning
SONY                    501                          function.
DAEWOG                  504,505, SOfJ507.515,
                        544                                        I/O            ressln
FISHER                  508
                                                        The indicator lights.
GRUNDIG                 517,534
IiaTACHl                513.514,515.544
ITT/NOKIA               521,522                         For example, if you are going to lean3a.n
--                                                      operation for a CD player, press CDISACD.
JVC                     516
MAGNAVOX                %3,518,544
MITSUBISNI/MGA          503,519.544              -
NEC                     503.520,544
                                                        is pressed, then blbks slowly.
PANASONIC               509,52Lt
PHILIPS                 515,518
PIONEER                 509.525.526.540
kk/PROSCAW              510,527.528,529.544
SAMSUNG                 503.515,531.532,533,
SANYO                   508.545
SHARP                   535
TELEFUNKEN              523,536,537.538                                         5-l
THOMSON                 530,531,539    ..____
TOSHIBA         -       535,540,541
ZENITH                  542.513

 SONY                    801.802
 JERROLD/G.I.            806,807, X08,809,810.
 PANASONIC               818
 RCA                     805,819
 S. ATLANTA              815.816,817
                                                                              cd button to activaie the function

                                                            Press USE MODE d            g imy step. The remote
   Ligkltly pressing the bwxon once shcpnldbe
                                                            autornattica3ly exits the learning mode.
   If learhg is completed successfnlly, the
   indicator slowly Bashes twice and the                                                         ) press
   ret-note automa?icicallyexits the leamtig                TV I/O f5r more than 2 seconds. The indkator
   mode.                                                    liglats twice siowly and the learned code is
   When learning is not conlpleteed                         cleared. If TV Vf$ is pressed less than 2
   successful3y, the indicator Washes 4 times in            seconds, the leaming procedure returns to the
   pick succession md the proced3xe returns                 beginning 0% step 5.
   to step 5.                                               When a learned code is cleared, if the button
   If tb.c mem5ry of the remote is already 8.113,           was previously programmed    for another
   the indicator Washes 8 times in quick                    function, the progranuned code 6~ that button
   succession and the remote autom&icaGy                    cm be used.
   exits the iearning mode.
                                                            To clear 11 pqyammed       and learned signals,
* You can program mo~cthan 80 keys for the
  Learning function. In some may ~IO?be           do &a followiklg to reset the rem&    t5 factory
  able to program even if you have not programmed           set&1gs.
  85 buttons. The number of buttons you can prograin
  fOi each PUNCTIOW button iire shown in the
  following table.
                                                                                   3 times, then goes off.

  VIDEO 3. TV/SAT,               78 keys
  MDDAT, CD/SACD,                78 keys
  PMONO, ?aJ.Lm CB               52 keys
  TV buttons (TV I/O,            7 keys
  TV VOL +I-, TV CH +i-,
  rnE. TYNDEO~

e In steps2 and 3, the indicator turns off while a valid
  button is pressed.
* In step 3. if several buttons that can be used for
  leaming are pressed,only the last pressedbutton is
  valid. The indiactor blinks slowly, it turns ON while
  a valid button is pressed.
0 In step 5, if a button that can be used for learning is
  pressed,the new button is selectedand the learning
  procedurereturns to the beginning of step 5.
                                                                       oen                   .
                                                            PressUSE MODE during any step. The remote
                                                            automatically exits the macro setting mode.

                                                                           om step 1. In step 3,
                                                                           (TV/SAT) when the macro setting

                                                            e PressM2 (TAPE) when the macro setting is
The Macro Play function lets you link several                 M2.
  codesin a sequentialorder as a single
LBp                                                         1 seconddelay is programmed at this program
mmnmd. The remote provides 2 macro lists                    step. The indicator lights twice slowly, then the
(ML and MZ). You cm specify up to 10 IF.                    remote automatically exits the macro setting
codesbr each macro list.                                    mode.

                                                            e PressMl (TV/SAT> whet3the macro setting
     The indicator lights.                                    is Ml.
                                                            e PressM2 (TAPE) when the macro setting is
      For example, to program step I, press 1.              The B code is cleared. The indicator Bights
      The indicator blinks slowly.                                       then the remote automatically
                                                            twice slowbj~,
                                                            exits   the macro   setting   m5de.

                                                            If the Macro Pky function does not work properly,
                                                            program a delay betweeneach operation. See“To
                                                            delay theoutputof an IX code”.
                 ssing the button once should be
      K learning is completed successfully, the
      iadicatm slowly flashes twice and the
      remote automaticalilyexits the learning
      When leaming is not completed
      successfully, the indicatm flashes 4 times in
      quick sarccessiorm the procedure retm-ns
      to step 4.

If             is          check
     programming unsuccessful, thefollwing:
     - If the indicator doesnot light up in step 1, the
       batteriesare weak. Replaceboth batteries.
     - If the indicator lights 4 times in quick
       successionin step 3, an error has occured.   Start
       again from step I.
       any solid object or liquid faIi into the cabinet,
unplug the reccivcr and have it checked by qualified
personneIbefore operating it any further.

                             . check that the operating
  voltage  is identica! with your IocaI power sapply.
  The operating voltage is indicated on the namepplate
  at the rear- the receiver.                               Shwe is no sound or only a rgwy l5Wkw&        swnd
* The unit is not disconncctcd from the AC power           no mettsr whi& ~5~~~~~~~    is selected.
  source(mains) as long as it is connectedto the iall        * Gleik that the speakersand componentsare
  outlet, even if the receiver it&f has been turned off.       connectedsecurely and correctly.
e If you are not going to use the receiver for a long        e Check that both the receiver and all the
  time, be sureto disconnect the receiver from the             componentsare turned on.
  wall outlet. To disconnectthe AC power cord.
                                                             * Check that the MASTER VOLUME conlroi is
  grasp the plug itself; never puU the cord.
                                                               not set at VOLUrn MIN.
0 (Models of areacode U, CA only)
  One blade of the plug is wider than the other for the      e Check that the SPEAKERS A/B button is not set
  purpose of safety and witl fit into the wail outlet          to ‘SPEAKER OFF” and is set accordingly to
  ordy one way. If you are unable to insert the plug           your SPEAKERS FRCXVT       system (page 27).
  fully into the outlet, contact your dealer.                e PressMUTING to cancel the muting function.
5 AC power cord must be changedonly at the                                                 are
                                                             0 Check that the headphones not connected.
  qualified service shop.                                    e The protective device on the receiver has been
                                                               activated becauseof a short circuit (“PROTECT”
                                                               flashes). Txn off the receiver, eliminate the
Although the unit heats up during operation, this is
not a malfunction. If you continuously use this unit at        short-circuit problem and turn on the power
a large volume, the cabinet temperatureof the top.             again.
side and bottom rises considerably.To avoid burning        There is no soland frcm a specmc component.
yourself, do not touch the cabinet.
                                                             * Check that the componentis connectedcorrectly
                                                               to the audio input jacks for that component.
           e recemerin a location with adequate              * Check that the cord(s) used for the connection is
  ventilation to prevent heatbuildup and prolong the           (are) fully inserted into the jacks on both the
  life of the receiver.                                        receiver and the componem.
e Do not place the receiver near heat sources,or in a        0 Check that you have selectedthe correct
  place subject to direct sunlight, excessivedust or           comnonent on the receiver.
  mechanical shock.
* Do not place anything on top of the cabinet that
  might block the ventiiation holes and cause

Before connecting other components,be sure to turn
off and unplug the receiver.

Clean the cabinet. panel and controls with a soft cloth
slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do
not use any type of abrasivepad, scouring powder or
solvent such as alcohol or benzine.

If you have any question or problem concerning your
receiver. pleaseconsult your nearestSony dealer.
                                                              There Is ne, swnd from the actlwe sub QmQfer.
                                                                There is no sound output from the SUB WOOFER
     Connect a pair of headphones the PHONES jack
                                     to                         terminal dependingon the sound field (page 67).
     to verify that sound is output from the headphones
                                                              The s.wrrownrBeffect canna be ~~tai~e~.
                                                                Make sure the sound field function is on (press
     If only one channel is output from the headphones,
                                                                MODE (SOUND FIELD)).
     the component may not be connectedto the
     receiver correctly. Check that all the cords are fully
     inserted into the jacks on both the receiver and the
     component.                                                 0 Check that the playing DVD, etc. is recorded in
     If both channelsare output from the headphones,              Dolby Digital or DTS format.
     the front speakermay not be connectedto the                - When connecting the DVD player. etc. to the
     receiver correct&. Check the connection of the               digital input jacks of this receiver, check the
     front speakerwhich is not outputting any sound.              audio setting (settings for the audio output) of the
me I&f and right sasunrgs w&xdence?dor
                             are                                  connectedcomponent.
rewsrsed.                                                     Remxding cannot be &me.
    0 Check that the speakers*and  componentssre                * Check that the componentsare connected
      connectedcorrectly and securely.                            correctly.
    QAdjust balanceparametersin the LEVEL menu.                            the
                                                                e*S,elect sourcecomponent with FUNCTION
mere IS sewere kwm c?rmisc.                                       control.
    - Check that the speakersand componentsare                  * Make sure that INYii MODE is set to
      connectedsecurely.                                          “ANAIDG 2CH FIXED” before recording from
                                                                  a digital component connectedto the analog
    * Check that the connecting cords are away from a
                                                                  MDlDAT or TAPE terminals (STR-DE985) or
      transformer or motor, and at least 3 meters away
                                                                  the analog MDfTAPE terminals (STR-DE885).
      from a TV set or fluorescent Iight.
                                                                0 Make sure that INPUT MODE is set to
    * Move your TV away from the audio components.
                                                                  “COAXIAL FIXED” or YF’IZ4L          FIXED”
    - Make sure you have groundedij, SIGNAL GK;D                  (page 26) before recording from a digital
      terminal (only when a tumtabIe is connected).               component connectedto the DIGITAL
    - The plugs andjacks are dirty. Wipe them with a              MIYDAT OUT terminals (STR-DE%%) or the
      cloth slightly moistened with alcohol.                      DiGITAL MD/TAPE OUT terminals
                                                              ~ (STR-DE885).
                                                                         ... .._

     - Make sure the sound field function is on (press
       MODE (SOliinrD FIELD)).
     * Select a sound field containing the word
       “CINEMA STUDIO EX’: (pages29-30).
     * Adjust the speakerlevel (page25).
     0 Make sure the center or/and surround speaker
       size parameteris set to either “SNt4LL” or
       “LARGE” (page 21).
                                                        mere is no pwx8re or an m&ear     plow@ eppeers
                                                        a-2 the  ecr@@nOk monilor.
                                                          4 Select the appropriatefunction on the receiver.
To conned   en bD gleyer via en RF demoduletor.           * Set your TV to the appropriateinput mode.
  Connect the LD player cothe RF demodulator,             = Move your TV away from the audio components.
  then connect tbe RF demodulator’s optical or
  coaxial dig&I output to the receiver’s jack. When             does: function.
                                                        Thsremote   not
  making this connection, be sure CO INPUT
                                    set                   e Re MPmUAL and 12 buttons ORthe remote
  MODE manualiy (page 26). The receiver may not             are not available (RWPG41 I only).
                             MODE is set to
  operatecorrectly if %i‘p’PGT                            * The AUX, SOURCE, MPXBAUL, 12 and ON
  “AUTO 2CH”. For details on DOLBY DIGITAL                  SCEEN buttons on tbe remote are not available
  RF hookups, seethe operating instructions                 (RWFP411 only).
  sunalicd with your RF demodulator.                      * Point the remot2 ar the remote sensor on the
  Use a 7%ohm coaxial cable (not supphed)to               * Check that the mode of the remote corresponds
  connect the receiver to an outdoor FM antennaas           to that of the receiver (page 44 and 52).
  shown beIow. IT you connect the receiver to an          * Remove any obstacks in the path between t&e
  outdoor antenna,ground it againstlighming. To             remote and the receiver.
  prel:ent a gas expiosion. do not connect the ground     * Replaceboth batteries in the remote with new
  wire to a gas pipe.                                       ones, if they are weak.
                                                          a Make sure you select the cotmct function on the
Out&or                                                    @ PressMAIN MENU on the remote before you
                                                            use the 2/+/+/+ buttons for receiver operation
                                                            (page 51).

                                     Ground wire
                                     (not supplied)
                                                        Toclew                         see
                                                        Ali menodz2d settings          page 19
                                                        Customized sound fields        page 39

Radio       cairenot ‘sun
     e&ctlone     be
   - Check that the antennasare connectedsecurely.
     Adjust the antennasand connect an external
     antennaif necessary.
   * The signal strength of the stationsis too weak
     (when tuning in with automatic tuning). Use
     direct tuning.
   * Make sure you set the tuning interval correctly
     (when tuning in AM stations with direct tuning).
   * No stationshave beenpreset or the preset
     stations have been cleared (when tuning by
     scanningpreset stations).Presetthe stations
   * PressDISPL.4Y so that the frequency appearsin
     the display.
                                                    DVDiLD (Coaxial)         Sensitivity: -
                                                                              Impedance:75 ohms
                                                                              S/N: 100 dB
                                                                              (A, 20 kHz LPF)
                                                    CWSACD, TV/SAT,           Sensitivitv: -
                                                    MD/‘DAT2’, MD/            Impedanie: -
                                                    TAPE3’, VIDEO 3           s/N: 100 dB
                                                    (0gtical)                 (A. 20 kr-rz LPI?

                                                    MD/DAT*’ 1TAPF”
                                                                  I           Voltage: 250 mv
                                                    MiXTApE~’ (OUT).          Impedance: 10 kilohms
                                                    Yrlx.0     1.2
                                                    (AUDIO OUT)
                                                    SUB WOOFER,               Voltage: 2 v
                                                    SURR BACK.                hnpedance: I kilohms
                                                    2ND ROQW

                                                             uts (   ital)                         -^
                                                    MD/DAT*‘,     ..          Sensitivity: -
                                                    MD/TAPE3! (Optical)

FRONT”:                    100 Wlch
                                                    2-I STR-DE985 only.
CENTER?                    1OOw
SURR?                      100 With                 3) YTR-DE885 only.
SURR   BACK"":             iOQW                     4) INPUT SHORT.
                                                    5) Weighted network, input level.
1) Depending on the sowid field settings and ihc
   source,there may be no sound output.

~r~~~~~c~ response                                                            121 steps)
                                                                              198 Hz-10 kHz
FrmNO                     RI‘%%equalization curve                             (37 steps)
                          rO.s dB _-.....
                                      -             TREBLE:                   I.OkHZ-lOE&
MULTI CK IN (1 2)“‘.       !O Hz - 70 kl32                                    (23 steps)
CWSACD. TAF&              +0.5/-2 dB (with sound    Gain levels:              *IO d.3, 1 dB step
MD/p>hT~‘. MD/            field and equalizer
TAPF’ . TV/SAT,           bypassed)
YHDEB 1I 2,3

                          Sensitivity: 4 mV
                          Impedance:50 kiiobms
                          s/l+: 86 dB (A, 4 AIP)
                                       -. ..~       SMb$%iW~
MULTI cw IN (1, 2)2’,     Sensitivity: 250 mV       Mono:                     18.3 dBf, 2.2 pVf75 ohms
CDfSACD, TAPEa,           Impedan&: 50 kilohms      Stereo:                   38.3 dBf, 22.5 pYi75 OhR?S
MD/DAT2’, MD/             sfw: 96 dB
TAPP , TVRAT,             (A. 2.50 rn‘%iy             sable aenai”alwlty      11.2 dBf. 1 pv/75 ohms
VIDEO I, 2,3                                                                  76 dB
                                                    Stereo:                   IO dB
                                                      u                     STR-DE985: 26.5W
                                                                            STRBE885: 210 W
                                                      CA                    STR-DE985: 360 VA
                                                                            STEP-DE885: VA

                                                                                  2 switched, 120 W/IA

                                                                                  430 x 157.5 x 369 mm
                                                                                  (167/8Xh2/8X     144f8
 sable sensitisrity      50 dBfm (at 1,000kHz or                                  including projecting parts
                         999 ah)                                                  and controls

                                                      FM wire antenna (1)
                                                      AM loop antenna(1)
                                                      Remote commander ( 1)
                                                           * RM-PG411 (STR-DE985 only)
                                                           = RIbWP411 (SIX-DE885     only)
                                                      R6 (size-AA) batteries (2)
6) You can changethe AM tuning scaleto 9 kHz or       Audio/video/control S cord (SIX-DE985 only) (1)
   IQ kRz. After tuning in any AM station, turn 0%    Monaural mini-plug cord CSTR-DE985  only) (11
   the receiver. Hold down PRESET TUNING + and
   press b’&. All presetstations will be erasedwhen       For details on the areacode of the component you
   you changethe tuning scale.To resetthe scaleto         are usmg, seepage4.
   10 k& (or 9 Wz), repeat the procedure.
                                                      Design and specifications are subject to change
                                                      without notice.

                          1 vp-p, 75 ohms
S-video:                  Y: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms
                          C: 0.286 VP-p, 7.5ohms
ComponentVideo:           y: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms
                          Ps B-Y 0.7 vp-p,
                          75 ohms
                          PRR-Y: 0.7 Yp-p,
                          75 ohms

Video:                    1 Vp-p, 75 ohms
S-video:                  V: 1 ‘Q-p, 75 ohms
                          G: 0.286 vp-p, 75 ohms
ComponentVideo:           Y: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms
                          PFSB-Y: 0.7 vp-p.
                          75 dxns
                          WR-y: 0.7 vp-p,
                          75 ohms
SURR           EFFECT                           dependson the sound field (21 steps)
               WALLS I; R”                      -8 to +8 (1 increment stem)
               REVERB S-IJ.”                    -8 to c8 (1 increment steps)
               FRONT REVERB I)                  DRY, sm. WET
               SCREEN DEPTH”
               VIR. SPEAKERS”                   OFF. ON
GVEL           FRONT L-1-R                      -8 dB to +6 dB (1 dB steps)               31
               CENTER LEVEL XXX dB              -10 dB to +lO dB (1 & steps)
               SURR L LEVEL XXX dB              -10 dB to +lO dB (1 d3 steeps)
               SURR R LEVEL xxx     za          -10 dB to +lO dB (1 dB stew)
               SLJRRBACK LEVELXXX da            -10 dR to i10 dD (1 dB steps)
               S. WOOFER LEVEL XXX dB           -10 d3 to +I0 dB (1 dB steps)
               LWiWXLEVELXXXd%”                 OFF, -20 dB to 0 dB (1 dB stetx)
               D. R-A&GE COMP. X?Z”             OFF, 0.1 to 0.9 (0. I steos),STD. MAX

I) You can set this parameteronly when you set “lvGENUEXPAND” to WN” in the CUSTOMIZE menu (pagz
Pree;%         Preese <   or >   to Select                 mm    jog dies to eelet3            Page

EQ             FRONT BASS GAIN                             -16 dB ta +lO dB (1 dB steps)       35
               FRONT BASS FREQUENCY’)                      99 Hz to 1.0 kHz (21 steps)
               FRONT MID GAIN                              -10 dB to +lQ dB (1 dB steps)
               FRONT MID FREQUENCY”                         198 Hz to 10 kHz (37 steps)
               FRONT TREBLE GAIN                           -10 dB to +lO dB (1 dB steps)
               FRONT TREBLE FREQUEN&“’                      1.0 kHz to 10 kHz (23 steps) -
               CENTER BASS G.?.IN                           -10 dB to +lO dB (I dB steps)
               CENTER BASS FREQUENCY”                       99 Hz to I .OkH2 (21 steps)
               CENTER MD GAIN                               -10 dB to +lO dB (1 dB steps)
               CENTER MD FREQUENCY”                         198 Hz ta 10 MIZ (37 steps)
               CENTER TREBLE GAM                            -10 dB to +lQ dB (1 dB steps) .-
               CENTER TREBLE FREQUENCY’!                    1.QkHz to 10 kHz (23 steps)
               SURROUND BASS GAIN                           -10 dB to +lO dB (1 dB steps)
               SURROUND BASs FREQUENCY”                     99 Wz to 1.0 kHz (21 steps)
               SURRCXJNDTREBLE GAIN                         -10 dB to +iO dB (1 dB steps)
               SURRQUND TREBLE FREQUENCY”                   1.0 MIz to 10 k&    (23 steps)
               SURROUND BACK BASS GAIN                      -10 dB to 110 dB (1 dB steps)
               SURROUND BA&BASS FREQUENCY”                  99 I-k to I.0 kHz (21 steps)
                SURROUND BACK TREBLE GAIN                   -10 dB to +lO dB (1 dB steps)
                SLXRQUND BACK TREBLE FREQUENCY’)            1.0 l&z tb IQ kHz (23 steps)

1) You can set this parameteronly when you set “MENU EXPAND” to “ON” in the CUSTOMIZE menu (page
                SURR BACK                       NO, SMALL. LARGE
                SUB WOOFER                      NO, YES
                STJRRPOSI.”                     SIDE, MIDDLE, BEHIND
                SURR HEIGHT”                    LOW, HIGH
                SURR BACK HGT.”                 LOW. HIGH
                FRONT Xx.X feet”                3 feet to 40 feet (1 foot steps)”
                CENTER XX.X feet”               3 feet to 40 feet (i foot steps)*)
                SURROUND Xx.X feet”             3 fee6to 40 feet (1 foot steos)zl
                SURR BACK xxx       feel”       3 feet to 40 feet (1 foot stem)*’
                SUB WOOFER Xx.X feet’)          3 feet to 40 feet (1 foot steps)”
                DISTANCE UNIT”                  meter, feet
                FRONT SP z XXX Hz”~’            40 Hz to 200 Hz (10 Hz steps)
                CENTER SP > XXX Hz”~            40 Hz to 200 Hz (10 Hz stem)
                SJRROUND      SP z xxx   Iw3’   45 Hz to 205 Hz (10 Hz steps)
                SURR BACK SP > XXX Hz”j’        40 Hz to 200 Hz (10 Hz steps)
                LFE HIGH CUT > XXX Nzl’         40 Hz WI200 Hz (10 Hz steps)
                S.W PHASE’)                     NORMAL, REVERSE
cusToIYfxzE    - MENU EXPAND                    OFF, ON                                          44
                 2CH MODE                       PRO LOGIC, PL E MOVIE, PE n MUSIC
                SB DECODING XXXXXXX             OFF. AUTO. MATRIX
                MULTI CH XXXXXXX1’                                      for
                                                NONE,Everyfimction(except TUNERandPNOWO)
                S.FIELD LINK XXX                OFF, ON
                POWER SAVE XXX                  OFF, ON
                AUTO FUNCTION XXX               OFF, ON                              - --.~.-.
                OSD xxxxxxxxxx~’                COLOR, MONOCiiROME
                                                0 to 64 (1 steps)
                -.-.. H.POSITION XT)
                am V.POSITION xX5’              0 to 32 (1 step)
                COMMAND MODE XXX                AVl, AV2

1) You can set this parameteronly when you set “‘MENU EXPAND” to “ON” in the CUSTOMIZE meno (page

2)   Or 1 meler to 12 meters (0.1 meter steps).
3)   When the speakersare set to SMALL only.
5)   STR-DE985 only.



2) For STR-5X985. TvKJLTlCM IN I or 2.
                                  <                                  LWEL                                          >
                                 FRONT CEKER SURR
                                                L          R          WOOFER LFE
                                                       SURR SIiRRBACKS.                               DR‘4NGE
                                  ML       LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL    Mu(‘)                      COMP”

&rY’EMA STUDIO EX C                                                                                         ---


LIVE HOUSE                                                                             2)



1) Theseparametersmay not operatedependingon the sourceor adjustment%. detaiis. seeeach item ix
   “Adjusting the level parameters” (page 37).
2) When these sound fields are selected.there is no sound output from the sub woofer if the front speakersize is
   set to “L.4RGE”. However. soundwill be output from the sub woofer if the digital input signal contains L.F.E.
                            <                              FRQNT                         >
                             BASS       BASS        MID             MID   TREBLE   TREBLE
                             GAIN       mo          GAIN           FRED    GAIN     FREO



___... -...-.



1) For STR-DE985, HEADPHONE (MUL’ll    1) or HEADPHONE   (MULTI    2).
2) For STR-DE985 MULTI CB IN 1 or 2.
                            a                                          Eea                                       >
                            <                                        CENTER                                      >
                             BASS        BASS                 m               m                  TREBLE    TREBLE
                             GAIN        FREQ                 GAIN           FJ=Q                 GAIN      F=Q



WEADPWOrn     (2CH)
                                ~                         -
                                          __- .. . . . ..._                        -...-..- --      -..-


I) For STR-DE985, EIEADPHQNE (MULTI     1) or EEADPEQNE          (MULTI      2).
2) For STR-3x985, MULTI CA IN 1 or 2.
                                 <                             EQ                           >

                                BASS               BASS                   TREBLE   mE3LE
                                GAM                FEE0                    GAIN     FREcg




1) For STR-DE985, HEADPHONE W7JLTI      1) or HEADPHONE   (MULTI    2).
2) For STR-DE985, MULTI CH IN I or 2.
Sony Corporation   Printed in Malaysia
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                                                                      CD Players/Mini c)isc Players/Audio Systems

Sony Electronics Inc. (“Sony”) warrants this Product (including any accessories) against defects in material or
workmanship as follows:

    1. LABOR: For a period of two (2) yearfrom the date of purchase, if this Product is determined to be defective,
Sony will repair or replace the Product, at its option, at no charge, or pay the labor charges to any Sony autho-
rized service facility. After the Warranty Period, you must pay for all labor charges.

   2. PARTS: In addition, Sony will supply, at no charge, new or rebuilt replacements in exchange Cardefective
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To obtain warranty service, you must take the Product, or deliver the Product freight prepaid, in either its original
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                                          Sony Direct Response Center
                                              12451 Gateway Blvd.
                                              Fort Myers, FL 33913

For an accessory or part not available from your authorized dealer, call:

                                                                                                           Printed in Malaysia
                                                                                                                            Un cortoc&cui*o nei cavi diffusori silemia Yemissiane
                                                                       A short-circuit in the speaker cords will mute the   de1suono dai diffusori, e potrebbe persino danneggiare
                                                                       speakers,and may even damage the receiver (or        il ricevifore (0 l’amplificatore). Per evitare cib, fare
                                                                       amplifier). To prevent this, refer to the left       riferimento all’illustraeione a sinistra e collegare i cavi
                                                                       illustration and connect the cords correctly.        correttamente.
                                                                       When connecting the stripped ends of the             Quando si collegano i capi denudati dei cavi
                                                                       speaker cords, make sure the ends do not             diffusori, accertarsi cbe le estremita non si tocchino
                                                                       touch each other or neighboring terminals.           l’una con I’altra e the non tocchino i terminali vicini.


                                                                       Un court-circuit des cordons d’enceintes aura pour   Ein KurzschlieBen der Lautsprecherkabel kann die
                                                                       effet de eouper le son des enceinteset peut          Lautsprecher stummschalten und sogar den Receiver
                                                                       endommager l‘ampli-tuner (ou l’amphficateur).        (oder Verstarker) beschadigen.Urn dies zu vermeiden,
                                                                       Pour &her de ce probleme, consultez I’illustration   beachten Sie bitte beim AnschlieGen der Lautsprecher
Remove   about 10 mm (‘116 of insulation at the end of the cord,
                          in.)                                         de gauche et raccordez correctement les cordons.     die Abbildung links.
then twist the exposed wires.                                          Lorsque vousinserez les extremites denudies          Sicherstellen, daR die abisolierten Enden der
Connect the stripped ends of the cords to the terminals. taking care   des cordons d’enceintes, assurez-vous qu’elles       Lautsprecherkabef nicht mit den abisolierten Enden
to avoid mutuai contact between the cords.                             ne se touchent pas et qu’elles ne sent pas en        anderer Lautsprecherkabel oder der falschen
                                                                       contact avec les borne5 woisines.                    Lautsprecherklemme in Beriihrung kommen.

                                                                       Un cortoeircuito de 10scablesde altavoces puede
                                                                       apagar el sonido de 10saltavoces y puede in&so       resulteren in wegvaalend geluid en ever&eel zelfs
                                                                       dafiar el sintoamplificador (o amplificador). Para   schade aan de tuner/versterker (of versterker)
                                                                       evitarlo, consulte la figura de la izquierda y       toebrengen. Om dit te voorkomen, volgt u de links
                                                                       conecte correctamente10scables.                      getoonde aanwijzingen voor het aansluiten van de
                                                                       Cuando coneite laspuntas despeladas de 10s           luidsprekersnoeren.
                                                                       cables de altavoz, asegurese de que las puntas       Let op dat de gestripte uiteinden van de
                                                                       i-80se tocan entre si Motros ~erm~~a~es
                                                                                                             vecincs.       ~uids~rekerdrade~ elkaar niet taken; last ze niet
                                                                                                                            zover uitsteken dat ze kortsluiting met andere
                                                                                                                            aansluitpunten   kunnen maken.

                                                                       Urn curto-circuito dos cabosde altifalante
                                                                       emudeceria os altifalantes e ainda poderia causar    Om hijgtalarkablarna kortsluts forsvinner ljudet ur
Stripped speaker cord touching      Stripped ends of speakers cords    danos ao receptor (ou amphficador). Para evitar      hljgtalama och det firms risk att receivern (eller
another speaker terminal.           in contact with other due to       isso, observe a ilustrac%oB esquerda e efectue a     fiirstlrkaren) skadas.Var noga med att ansluta
                                    excessive removal of insulation.   ligacao dos caboscorrectamente.                      htjgtalarkablama pa ratt satt enligt figuren till vanster
                                                                       AO conectar a extremidade descascada dos
                                                                                                                            for att fiirhindra detta.
Make sure the cords are firmly connectedto the speak9 and receiver     cabos de altifalante, certifique-se de que cada
                                                                                                                            Kontrollera   n;ir du s$tter i de avskalade Lndarna av
(or amplifier) terminals.                                              uma delas nlo toque na outra nem nos
                                                                                                                            ~~~ta~arkab~ar~aatt Lndarna inte kommer i kontakl
                                                                                                                            med varandra     eller med nS4g~t annat b~~ta~ar~~a~.
                                                                       terminais prbximos.
Sony Corporation       0 1999      Printed in Malaysia                                                                                                              3-866-764-9 I(1 )
                                                                                                                                                                 i cawii
                                                                                                                                                           ~~~~~~~a~a sari
                                                                                                                                  Un cortocircuito nei cavi diffusori silenzia l’emissione
                                                                                  rt-circuit in the speaker cords will mute the   de1mono dai diffusori, e pot&be persino danneggiare
                                                                           speakers,and may even damage the receiver (or          il ricevitore (0 !‘amplificatore). Per evitare cib, fare
                                                                           amplifier). To prevent this, refer to the left         riferimento all’illushazione a sinistra e collegare i cavi
                                                                           illustration and connect the cords correctly.          correttamente.
                                                                           When connecting the stripped ends of the               Quando si cdlegano i capi denudati dei cavi
                                                                           speaker cords, make sure the ends do not               diffusori, accertarsi cbe le estremit2 non si tocchino
                                                                           touch each other or ~a~~hbo~~~~ terminals.             I’una con I’altra e eke non tocchino i terminali vicini.

                                                                           Un court-circuit des cordons d’enceintes aura pour     En Kurzschtiei’sender Lautsprecherkabel kann die
                                                                           effet de couper le son des enceintes et peut           Lautsprecher stummschalten und sogar den Receiver
                                                                           cndomnmger l’ampli-tuner (ou l’amplificateur).         (oder Verst&rker) beschldigen. Urn dies zu vermeiden,
                                                                           Pour &i&x de ce probEme, consultez l’illustration      bcachten Sie bitte b&m Anschliellen der Lautsprecher
Remove about 10 mm (‘1~ in.J of insulation at the end of the cord,         de gauche et raccordez correctement les cordons.       die Abbildung links.
then twist the exposed wires.                                              Lorsque vousinserer     les extremitos   dCnudCes      Sicherstellen, da0 die abisoliarten Enden der
Connect the stripped ends of the cords to the terminals, taking care       des cordons d’enceintes, assurez-vous qu’elles         Lautsprecherkabel nicht mit den abisoherten Enden
to avoid mutual contact between the cords.                                 ne se touchent pas et qu’elles ne sont pas en          anderer Lautsprecherkabel oder der falschen
                                                                           contact avec ler bornes voisines.                      ~a~ts~recberklemme in Beriihrtmg kommen.

                                                                           Un cortocircuito de 10scablesde altavoces puede        Kortsluiting in de luidsprekeraansluitn   kan
                                                                           apagar cl sonido de 10saltavoces y puede incluso       resulteren in wegvallend geluid en even&eel zelfs
                                                                           da&r el sintoamplificador fo amplificador). Pam        schadeaan de tuner/versterker (of versterker)
                                                                           evitarlo, consulte la f&ma de la izquierda y           toebrengen. Om dit te voorkomen, volgt u de links
                                                                           conectecorrectamente 10scables.                        getoonde aanwijzingen voor het aansluiten van de
                                                                           Cuando conecte las puntas despeladas de 10s            luidsprekersnoeren.
                                                                           cables de altavoz, asegirrese de que las puntas        Let op dat de gestripte uiteinden van de
                                                                           no se tocan entre si u otros terminales vecinos.       luidsprekerdraden    elkaar niet raken; laat ze niet
                                                                                                                                  tover uitsteken dat ze ko~s~~~ting met andere
                                                                                                                                  aansluitpunten    kunnen maken.
                                                                           aqua@                                                  Far                   tt ~~~~a~          arna ~Q~S~M~S
                                                                           Urn curto-circuito dos cabosde altifalante                                                      ner ljudet ur
                                                                           emudeceria 6s altifalantes e ainda poderia causar      Olll                  a kortsluts
                                                                                                                                  hijgtalama och det firms risk att receivern (eller
                                                                           danos ao receptor (cmamplificadorl. Para evitar
another speaker terminal.           in tontact with other due to           isso, observe a ilustra@o i esquerda e efectue a       f&st&+karen) skadas.Var noga med att ansluta
                                    excessive   removal   of insulation.                                                          hZjgtal&ablarna pd r;itt sHti enligt figuren till v;inster
                                                                           liga@iodos cabosconectamente.
                                                                           Ao conectar a extremidade descascada dos
                                                                                                                                  f&r att f&rhindra detta.
Make sure the cords are firmly connected to the speaker and receiver                                                              Konhoflera nSr du s&tar i de avskalade andarna av
(or amplifier) terminals.                                                  cabos de altifalante, certifique-se de que cada
                                                                                                                                  h~~alarkabtarna  att tindarna inte kommer i kontakt
                                                                           tuna delas nao toque na outra flem nos
                                                                                                                                  mad varandra elter med r&got annat h~talar~a~
                                                                           terminais proximos.
Sony Corporation       0 1999      Printed in Malaysia                                                                                                                   3-867~197-l-i(l)
,~I,   -


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