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									            Learner Profile Lesson Ideas 7th grade

   Introduce the learner profile vocabulary by completing a card sort – matching the
    definitions to the vocabulary.

   Match famous people with different traits.

   Create prompts for their weekly reading logs using the learner profiles. Ex: Pick the
    learner profile that best matches your main character – give three actions that the
    character does which supports this learner profile.

   Discuss each Learner Profile characteristic. Take 2 column notes on each
    characteristic. Make posters illustrating each Learner Profile trait with a partner.

   Reinforce Learner Profile Characteristics when talking about characters in books

   Align traits/Literature Circle jobs and assign jobs in Lit Circles based on Learner
    Profile Characteristics

   Align Learner Profile Characteristics with PBS/3 R‘s slips. When slips are passed
    out to students, identify the characteristic they are exhibiting

   Incorporate Learner Profile characteristics/vocabulary into the daily learning

   Include Learner Profile characteristics when recommending students for AVID.

   Include Learner Profile characteristics in the ACMS yearbook!
            CHAMPS Learner Profile Lesson

   Technology—students will fill out the page from the student agenda with a person
    they know that exemplifies each trait, and they‘ll provide an example as to why they
    believe this.

   Instrumental Music—throughout the trimester, Mr. Argotsinger will continue to
    reinforce the traits ―caring‖ and ―communicator‖ in his class and at performances.

   Vocal Music—Mr. Bridges will begin a discussion about what kind of risk it takes to
    perform for audiences in his Chorus Classes. (Risk Taker) He will work with/discuss
    being open to other cultures and styles of music in his Music Design classes. (Open

   ELA Elective—Mr. Jiminez will introduce students to the Learner Profile
    characteristics by using a ‗Frayer Model‘ chart, and putting descriptions of each
    characteristic in student friendly language, illustrating each characteristic, and
    providing an example of a classmate who exhibits each characteristic

   Language B—Ms. Montelongo will introduce students to the Learner Profile
    characteristics by using a ‗Frayer Model‘ chart, putting descriptions of each trait in
    student friendly language, providing an example of someone who exemplifies that
    trait, and illustrating the trait.

   Visual Arts—

   Reading Elective—Ms. Briscoe will post the 10 Learner Profile Characteristics and
    ―catch students exhibiting these traits. Also, she‘ll help students explore each trait by
    having all students will role play one trait per day.

   PE—Ms. Whitney and Mr. Doddridge will help students explore each Learner
    Profile characteristic by having them role play one characteristic per day
        8th grade Learner Profile Lesson Ideas

   In Literacy Block, students will match the description given in the student agenda to
    the specific Learner Profile trait. They will then match characters in the books
    they‘re reading to a Learner Profile trait. These traits will also be illustrated with
    Comic Strip characters.

   Classrooms will have character traits and definitions displayed. Throughout the year,
    when reading a story, character names will be added to each Learner Profile trait

   When doing character development in Advisory class, a Learner Profile characteristic
    will be applied to each character development lesson. (Ex. Thrifty= Critical

    Cluster 8B will put students into small groups and assign each group a Learner
    Profile characteristic. The group will need to come up with a short skit to act out the
    characteristic. The rest of the class will guess which characteristic they are acting out.

   After all 10 groups have participated in the charades game, a poster of each
    characteristic will be displayed in the classroom. Each student will find a picture or
    example (a person they know or a character from a book) for each of the 10
    characteristics and affix it to the poster.

   Using Shel Silverstein poetry books, compare Learner Profile traits with the traits
    exhibited in his poems. Focus on similarities and differences.
            6th grade Learner Profile Lesson Ideas
All sixth grade teachers committed to introduce students to Learner Profile characteristics
on Friday, October 5 during Literacy Block. They will do this in the following ways:
          Kristin Edwards, Liz Westcott, and Sarah Illingworth will make flip books
             showing a learner profile characteristic on one page and a description/illustration
             on the opposite page
          Matt Schwartz will have students make collages
          Sarah Horn will conduct a group discussion with students introducing the
             Learner Profile characteristics
          Students in Rita Rosenberger’s class will make posters
          Damien Kunda and Kathy McGill will help students learn the traits by
             identifying famous people who exhibit each trait.

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