; A timeless message for the ages
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A timeless message for the ages


The author's honest approach to "the dark side of faith" also makes Ecclesiastes valuable for those within the believing community, [Douglas B. Miller] says. "He understands those who are disappointed with God, whether they are pondering in silence or crying out in their pain." Miller adds that the author's "unrelenting questions, sometimes scathing criticisms and refusal to accept simplistic or comfortable answers," also make Ecclesiastes a welcome travelling companion for those outside or on the boundaries of faith.Not according to Douglas Miller, professor of biblical and religious studies at Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kan. "A major issue in Ecclesiastes studies is the Hebrew word hebel" says Miller, author of Ecclesiastes, the newest addition to the Herald Press Believers Church Bible Commentary series. "It is often translated as Vanity,' or, more recently, 'meaningless.' But it literally means 'breath' or 'vapour.'"

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