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Lack of well-chosen keywords and phrases on your Web site is a truly terrible mistake to
make. As search engine spiders depend on these to find your site; as well as search
engine users. If you have not targeted specific and precise keywords for your website,
then you will not be easily found. Period.

Lack of Targeted Keywords Equals Lack of Traffic

For example, if you sell used art textbooks and just insert the non-specific word “book”
into your Meta tags and site content, guess what? Not only will you probably not show
up in at least the first fifteen pages of search results, but users that actually find your
site by some quirk of fate will most likely turn around and leave as soon as they get there
(unless, again, by some quirk of fate, they are looking for used art textbooks. Not going
to happen.).

keyword tools can help you get a clear idea of what people are actually searching for, and
then you can use those words within your site copy and structure to attract more people to
your site. It's all about providing the better user experience - if people can't find your site,
no matter how great your service or site is, you're not providing that good user

Title Tags: The title tag is a great place to use your keyword phrases. The title tag
consists of those words you see at the top of your browser window in the blue space, and
it is what search engines grab for the title display in their search results; so obviously, it's
an important part of your search engine optimization strategy

Headline: Most people who read on the Web scan Web pages quickly. This is why
headlines are so important - they give your reader a chance to get what they need fast
with a minimum of fuss (again, back to that great user experience). Use your keyword
phrase again in the headline:

Content: Now you need to write your keyword phrases into your site content. This is
where it can get tricky, because it's easy to just write that keyword phrase wherever that
keyword phrase might fit into where the keyword phrase could go (see what I mean?
sounds terrible!). Be natural about it - easier than it sounds, but with practice you'll get it.

No doubt about it - if you're able to place well-researched keyword phrases into your site
content and structure, you will attract more searchers to your site, and provide a better
user experience because they will be able to find what they are looking for. More than
anything else - high rankings, increased traffic, etc. - the top goal should be to provide the
best user experience for every single person that comes to your site, and making sure
your keyword phrases serve their needs is a big part of that.
Avoid Becoming An Information Commodity
Providing lots and lots of information is not sufficient to “engage” the online
consumer and compel them to want to do business with you (and ideally,
only you!) A common complaint, visitors that simply take what their site has
to offer and then use someone else for their transaction. Information by itself
is simply not enough.
On the other hand, information that is perceived to be uniquely valuable
from your Website visitor’s perspective and wrapped in a context of
Interactive, personal engagement is an extraordinarily powerful way to
convert clicks to closes.

Three Essential Elements To Converting Online
It is all about successfully differentiating yourself. For anonymous online
visitors to want to do business with you they need to feel: “heard”, that you
offer unique value, comfortable with “connecting” with you as a person and
engaged to want to take action. In order to accomplish these objectives
consistently, your site has to have the following three essential elements:

1. Targeting - so you site content answers the question “What’s in it for
me?” for a specific target or niche market;

2. Engaging Copy - written in a way that is congruent with the emotional
profile of your target market and so they feel as though your site is speaking
just to them;

3. Irresistible Offers - which powerfully compels your site visitors to
interact with you, which is the first critical step to converting them to clients.
                     Choose A Target Market

A “target” market is simply a group of people that share very specific needs
and/or wants that can be fulfilled by your services. The more “finely” you
target your market, the more you are able to tailor your message to fit their
perspective precisely. Thereby answering the question “What’s in it for
me?”, specifically for them.

Lack of targeting is one of the primary reasons real estate professionals fail
to do well online. You have little control over who sees your message,
especially on the Web. By attempting to “speak” to everyone (i.e. “all buyers
and sellers”), your message becomes too “diluted” and you end up speaking
to no one.

A good target market has the following qualities:

a) Easily identified with unique needs and wants that you can satisfy with
your services;

b) Has the ability to pay for your services;

c) Can be easily isolated and “reached” for delivering your message.
Since real estate is geographical in nature, think in terms of sub-niches and
sub-sub-niches within your own region. Some examples of highly targeted
market groups include:

1: First-time buyers
2: Investors
3: Exclusive properties
4: Relocation
5: Baby-Boomers
6: People seeking Exclusive Buyer’s Agents
7: Sellers
8: Subdivisions
9: Market Area
10: Niches

Provide High Value To Target Markets
Three Ways To Engage Website Visitors Using Copy

Content in most real estate sales associate Web sites typically fall into one of
the following categories:

1. Image - it’s all about the sales associate and/or their properties. It does
not answer the “What’s In It For Me?” question from the perspective of a
target market;

2. Information - lots of information that may or may not be targeted for a
particular niche market;

3. Interaction - high-value targeted information written and presented in a
unique, personal way that invites visitors to “interact with you.

Interactive Web content is the most powerful means of engaging the visiting
Internet Empowered consumer and hence opening the door to a relationship
that has a much higher likelihood to result in closed transactions. Here are
some elements of highly interactive and engaging Web content:

• Personal - the copy “speaks to” the visitor in a very personal way, almost
as if it were a private conversation between you and them;

• Invites Interaction - the copy “asks” open-ended questions to get visitors
engaged in thinking about their own situation and then request additional
assistance from you;

• Reassuring - visitors immediately feel safe and assured that you are not
going to breach their privacy, take away their sense of control, or intrude
upon them. (Privacy Policy linked from your home page)
Irresistible Offers: The Ultimate Website Engagement Tool

An irresistible offer is a special package, piece of information, document, or
item that will likely be viewed as extremely valuable by your visitors. So
much so, that they will be eager and willing to complete A form on your site
for the privilege of receiving it (usually at no charge).

The whole purpose of the irresistible offer is to incentivize your visitors to
"engage" you by requesting the thing of value in the offer.

The types of irresistible offers you make on your site will totally depend
upon your target market.

 For example, if you specialize in working with golf properties, your site's
irresistible offers are going to be quite different than those found on a site
that focuses on helping first time buyers.

Ask For Something In Return
One form of the "Law of Reciprocity" states that anytime you give
something to someone they want to return the favor.

Here is how you apply this principle for maximum effect when using
irresistible offers. Whatever the offer is, it requires delivery via e-mail or
"snail" mail. In either case you will need to gather some contact information
before you can make the delivery.

Every irresistible offer needs to be connected to a form that the visitor
completes in order to receive the item of value. Now this is important:
Don’t force them to fill out anything more than they need to receive the
item, otherwise you may actually erode their trust.

However, by all means do give them the opportunity to tell more about
themselves, what their interests and concerns are, etc. You may be surprised
on just how much people will share with you online if your site approaches
them the right way.
This also means having a highly visible link to
Your privacy policy that assures them their information will be kept private
and not shared with anyone.

Structure Of A Successful Irresistible Offer

When you consider making an irresistible offer on your site make sure it
contains all of the following elements:

1: Targeted to a specific niche market

2: Is considered extremely valuable by members of your target market

3: Is unique to you (i.e. only you are offering it)

4: Has a name that can be trademarked

5: Uses an attention-grabbing headline

6: Uses a request form that invites the visitor to share their information yet
assures them it will be kept private

7: Online and offline delivery

8: Related follow-up drip campaign

Ideally, you want to have at least one or more irresistible offers on every
page of your site. Ironically, the
vast majority of real estate sales associate sites include no irresistible offers
               Irresistible Offers Idea Generator
Trying to come up with powerful irresistible offers can sometimes seem
intimidating. It certainly helps to
Start thinking like your target market in terms of what they would find
highly valuable. It also helps to
Know that most irresistible offers fit within a limited number of categories
as follows:

• Special Reports - consisting of custom written “how to” or special “inside
scoop” types of Information. This can be delivered both in e-mail (PDF) or
hard copy.

• Special Interviews - with noted local Attorneys, CPA’s, Financial
Planners, Golf Pros, School Athletic Directors, President of your local
Chamber of Commerce, School Principals, Etc. This can be delivered both
as a streaming audio or CD.

• Special Discount Packages - i.e. coupon book (with your brand) that
offers discounts from local restaurants, stores, mortgage lenders, etc. This
should only be delivered via US Mail with e-mail confirmation.

• Special Tours - limo driven luxury caravans, from the air helicopter estate
tours, etc. Suggest that this is delivered via special printed certificate /

• Special Package Benefits - VIP Program, offers made on non-listed
properties, etc. Delivered via password-protected access to a special section
of your site with e-mail and possibly snail-mail follow up.

• Special Information - access to comprehensive FSBO listings, soon to
expire listings, etc. delivered via password-protected access to a special
section of your site with e-mail and possibly snail-mail follow up.

• Special Services - custom branded mortgage, value and affordability
calculators etc.
• OTHER: anything you can dream up that is unique and high perceived

Take a moment now to list several ideas for irresistible offers
that only you can offer your target market:

NOTE: be sure to identify the target market for which the irresistible offer is
intended which category above it belongs

Target Market: ______________________________

Category: ___________________________

Irresistible Offer Idea #1:

Target Market: ______________________________

Category: ___________________________

Irresistible Offer Idea #2:

Target Market: ______________________________

Category: ___________________________

Irresistible Offer Idea #3:
Irresistible Offer Planner
Here’s your chance to “flesh out” one of the irresistible offer ideas you listed
on the previous page. To the best of your ability answer the following

Target Market: ______________________________

Category: ___________________________

Irresistible Offer Description:

On a scale of 0 - 10 (10 being the highest) how well targeted is this
offer?: ______

On a scale of 0 - 10 how valuable will your target market perceive this
offer to be?: ______

Why do you feel that this particular irresistible offer is unique to you?:

Give a headline can you use on your Website to draw attention to your
What kind of open-ended questions should be asked on the request
Is this irresistible offer deliverable in both online and offline versions?
(YES / NO): ______

Describe the follow up drip campaign for this offer: Theme: