Sprays CW Carnauba Wax by mikesanye


									              CARNAUBA WAX                                                              CARNAUBA WAX
                    SPRAY MOLD RELEASE                                                               MOLD RELEASE
                       SPRAY #CW-165                                                        BLOCK OR POWDER
                                                                                          AN EXCELLENT MOLD SURFACE
                                                                                                RELEASE AGENT
     ULL                                      SOL CHEA                                     MOLD WAXING PROCEDURE
  A F UNCE                                        VEN P
                                                     TS                   1) Make sure the mold is clean and free of plastic.
 16 O ILL
                                                                          2) Bring mold up to within 25°F of molding temperature. All mold
                                                                              surfaces should be within 5°F of each other. You can use a
                                                                              surface pyrometer to check this temperature.
                                                                          3) Wax the mold with carnauba wax. Wax all surfaces of the
   ont A
  C D
                                                                              mold, including ejection pins.
      F ved                                         N                     4) Bring the mold up to the correct temperature for molding.
        o     x                                  SIL O N -
     ppr ba Wa                                      ICO                   5) Run at least four shots, waxing the mold after each shot or until
   A u                                                  NE                    the parts release easily from the mold.
                                                                          BLOCK SYNTHETIC CARNAUBA                                            3-1/4"

                                                                          - SPECIFICATIONS-             1-3/4"
                                                                          Melt Point: 181.5°F/83°C TALL
                                                                          Flash Point: 1058°F/570°C
                                                                          Color: Yellow
 IDEAL FOR APPLICATIONS THAT REQUIRE                                      Saponification Value: 78-88
                                                                          (the process to convert                                   NG
       A DRY WAX POWDER SPRAY.                                                                                                 7" LO
                                                                           glycerylesters to soap)
                                                                          19 oz. Wax Block
  •   16 oz. volume, 16 oz. fill weight
  •   Higher concentration
                                                                          Part No. 90017 ................................... $21.65 ea.
  •   Handy can size
  •   Paintable
  •   Plastic fan spray valve                                             REFINED BLEACHED CARNAUBA #3 POWDER
  •   Lubricates ejector pins
  •   FDA approved: Carnauba Wax is FDA approved                          - SPECIFICATIONS-
      under 21CFR 184.1978 & 175.320and is CTFA Listed.                   POWDER CARNAUBA
                                                                          Melt Point: 181.5°F/83°C
FORMULA:                                                                  Flash Point: 590°F/310°C
                                                                          Color: Yellow
  PPE Carnauba Wax Spray CW-165 is a special blend of pure                FDA Approved under 21CFR
  Carnauba Wax suspended in solvents suitable for aerosol                 184.1978 & 175.320 and is
  packaging. It is an ideal release agent for injection molding,          CTFA Listed.
  casting or encapsulating thermosets, epoxies and phenolics.             Saponification Value: 78-88
  It is also widely used in the electronics industry in the               (the process to convert
                                                                           glycerylesters to soap)
  manufacturing of semiconductors, capacitors, resistors,
  transformers, connectors, etc. Our aerosol system dispenses             Dip paintbrush into the powdered carnauba wax and paint all
  a fine mist on your mold surfaces which allows an excellent             mold surfaces or dust it on with a clean rag or bellows.
  release coating. Carnauba is an excellent alternative to
  silicones or fluoropolymer type releases.                               5 lb. Box
                                                                          Part No. 90016 ................................... $38.50 ea.
PRICES: (F.O.B. Shipping Point)                  ISO-9001                 55 lb. Fiber Drum
                                                MANUFACTURED IN A
                                             QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFIED
  SPRAY NO. CW-165                                   FACILITY.            Part No. 90018CB ............................ $375.00 ea.
                         PER             PER
                        DOZEN            CAN                                       IDEAL FOR
       1-11 CANS           —            $5.60                                     THERMOSET
       1-3 DOZ.         $64.20            5.35
       4-11 DOZ.          61.20           5.10
                                                                            CLEAN - SAFE - DRY
       12+ DOZ.           58.20           4.85                             REQUIRES NO SOLVENTS

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